TO: Visiting Athletic Trainers and Teams by A343R5


									                                        Athletic Training and Sports Medicine

September, 2011

TO: Certified Athletic Trainers

FROM: John Davis, MS, ATC - Coordinator of Athletic Training and Sports Medicine Services

One or more of your teams will be playing against MSU teams during the upcoming year. When your
teams play at MSU an athletic trainer will be on site or available at all home games. (Non-traditional
events are difficult to cover onsite, as I am sure they are at your institution. A qualified individual will
be available on campus when an out of season event is played at MSU.) Unfortunately MSU teams
will be traveling without an athletic trainer. We will try to contact you if there are any special

Available to you and your teams when they visit Montclair are the following:
 Ice & Water (bottles) and Emergency Supplies (splints, etc) will be available on the bench.
 Hydrocollators, Tables, Whirlpools, and other Modalities are available in the Athletic
   Training Facilities in Panzer Athletic Center, Yogi Berra Stadium, and Softball Stadium.
   Please feel free to make use of our athletic training facilities for taping and treatment needs, if your
   squad is small.
 Assistance from our certified and student staff.

Our team physicians are on call at all times. Two hospitals, Mountainside and St. Joseph’s are nearby.
If your team is traveling without an athletic trainer we will be happy to provide your athletes with
whatever care they need while at MSU. Please send along a kit, tape, and specific instructions
regarding treatment for your athletes. Ultrasound and Electric Stim treatments will not be given unless
absolutely necessary and accompanied by a note or a phone call from a certified athletic trainer or
physician. We will not tape visiting athletes unless they provide their own tape. If we can be of
any help, please call:

Staff - John Davis, Head Athletic Trainer: 973-655-5250, 973-655-5436 (fax)
        Cindy Dormann, Assistant Athletic Trainer: 973-655-6869
        Joseph Savoia, Assistant Athletic Trainer: 973-655-3423
        Jamie Scala and Anthony Andreadis, Part-time Assistant Athletic Trainers

Team Physicians - Douglas Borkowski, M.D.: 201-262-2010
                    Doctor’s Express, Paramus, NJ

                     Vincent McInerney, M.D.: 973-614-0990, 0334
                         McInerney Institute for Sports Medicine, Wayne, NJ

Hospitals - St. Joseph’s Hospital: 973-754-2000, 754-4217 ER
                 Paterson, NJ

             Mountainside Hospital: 973-429-6000, 429-6200 ER
               Glen Ridge, NJ

Parking – If you or a member of your staff is traveling separately to MSU, please be prepared to pay
for parking in the Red Hawk Deck.

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