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									Goreville, IL.   618-995-1992                  

Galen Henderson
                     I have and MCSE certification, and am Microsoft Certified in Visual Basic 6.0, SQL
                     Server 2000 Administration, Windows NT Server and Workstation, Exchange Server
Background           5.5, and Microsoft Networking Essentials. I have been developing apps in VB for over
                     15 years now and have been developing applications in VB.Net since 2002. I have
                     been administering and/or developing against SQL server since version 6.5. I have
                     considerable MySql experience as well although I have not used it recently.

                     I currently maintain 5 Windows Server 2003 servers, a Windows Server 2008R2 and
                     an Exchange 2003 server at my office in Southern Illinois.

                     3/2010 – Present  Henderson Systems, Inc. / Goreville, IL
                     President / Software Developer / Systems and Service
                             Run day to day business.
                             Build custom computers.
                             Build Laptops.
                             Repair all brands.
                             Develop custom software and websites for business.
                             Maintain 3 SQL Server 2005 and 1 2008R2 SQL Servers.
                             Internet presence and website hosting services.
                             Developing in VB.Net,, C++, Managed C++, Java, and

                     8/2008 – 3/2010   Biomedical Systems, Inc / Saint Louis, Mo
                     Application Developer
                             Design and develop applications to meet the needs of various
                             Construct and maintain applications in Visual Basic 6, Visual,
                              Visual C++ 6 utilizing SQL Server 2000 databases.
                             Draft design documents for new software applications to support
                              projects such as pharmaceutical drug trials, extracted data from
                              various medical devices, or as a part of Research and Development.
                             Validate and test existing program codes.
                             Document code consistently throughout the development process.
                             Collect detailed specifications for the development of clinical and non-
                              clinical databases.
                             Interact proactively with Data Managers/Programmers and other
                              personnel to ensure project objectives are met and understood.
                             Perform code review / program verification of peer programming.
                             Lead or co-lead on special projects for the department and any other
                              specialized areas.
                             Stay current with advances, developments and programming
                             Serve as an expert resource for database development, programming
                              concepts, standards and processes.
                             Other duties as deemed necessary to ensure high quality service.

                     2/2008 – 4/2008 Lincoln Industrial / Saint Louis, Mo
                     Programmer Analyst
                             Contract work for a world-wide manufacturer of lubrication and fluid
                              handling systems.
                             Developed Intranet applications in ASP.Net / &
                             Developed stored procedures on SQL Server 2005.
                             Developed in-house desktop applications in VB.Net And SQL Server

8/2007 – 10/2007 Northrop Grumman / USPS Saint Louis, Mo.
Business Systems Analyst Programmer III
      Contract work for the US Postal Service.
      Granted government secret clearance.
      Developing DTS Packages on SQL Server 2000 for ETL from various
      Developing Stored Procedures, views and T-SQL scripts for data
      Worked with several database servers spread out over a large area.

12/2005 – 8/2007       Henderson Software Consulting Goreville, IL.
      Administering two SQL Server 2000 servers and one SQL Server 2005
      Tuning and optimizing several databases.
      Developing numerous stored procedures, functions, views, and DTS
      Developing applications in VB.Net for sale over Internet.
      Developed VB.Net solution for a cell phone company in California. All
       phones were entered into the database via barcode scanner. Labels
       were printed for the phone boxes.
      Migrated legacy VB6 and VBA applications to VB.Net.
      Developed a website for the state of Texas for use in registering and
       tracking teams and tournaments. Written in / SQL 2000.
      Developed a website for a real-estate company. Complete property
       searching and automatic update of listings from RE/MAX’s mainframe.
       Written in PHP/MySql.
      Developed a website for nannies to find work in their area.
       Geographic search for nannies was implemented. / SQL 2000
      Developed a search engine for an advertising site. Properties are
       searchable with full statistics gathered on searches and clicks. / SQL Server 2005.
      Developed online reservation and ticketing system for a playhouse.
       Integrated with paypal for online ticket sales. / SQL 2000
      Hosting websites with both Windows Server (IIS) and Linux (Apache).
      Developed several websites in ( utilizing SQL server
       2000 and 2005 stored procedures.
      Installed and maintaining a T1 line utilizing a Cisco router.

12/2005 – 6/2006  Ulrich Medical Concepts                        Paducah, KY.
Software Application Developer (Contract)
      Administered a SQL server 2000 Server.
      Tuned and optimized databases.
      Assisted in administering our client’s SQL servers and databases.
      Developed production web-based applications in ASP.NET 2.0. Responsible
       for all phases of development from inception to hosting/release.
      Developing multiple desktop business applications and utilities in VB.Net
       (Visual Studio .Net 2003 and 2005).
      Built a website in that allowed the customers to customize their
       database before the application was installed on their systems. This
       reduced the amount of paperwork needed for new customers.
      Wrote application to import data from the website into the customer
       database. XML was used to transfer the data.
      Developed legacy VB6 applications.
      Assisting in the development of a large-scale production application written
       in Visual C++ 6.0. Responsible for enhancements and bug-fixes.
      Assisting the IT department and Database Customization departments with
       applications to improve their productivity and enhance their job

2/2004 – 12/2005          H&H, Inc.                                 Goreville, IL
IT Manager
       Tuned and optimized databases.
       Developed stored procedures, functions, and views.
       Installed and configured POS system for this convenience store.
       Installed and administered SQL Server 2000.
       Implemented backup and recovery procedures for SQL server.
       Wrote stored procedures, views, DTS packages and import/export scripts.
       Wrote accounting/billing and inventory control systems in VB 6.
       Wrote flat file parser and database module to import data from POS
        terminal into SQL server. Also written in VB 6.
       Created private credit cards for use at the pumps and in the store. The
        parser collected transactions and moved them to the accounting system
        where statements were automatically issued.
       Developed and implemented applications in PHP4 & 5.
       Responsible for inventory control and UPC code database.
       Installed workstations and servers and maintained network connectivity.
       Installed security cameras and monitoring/recording equipment.
       Worked with vendors to obtain new inventory items and improve our
        product line.

8/2003 – 2/2004 ABN AMRO Mortgage/                       Sunrise, Fl
Business Analyst
    Administered a SQL Server 2000 instance.
    Tuned and optimized databases.
    Developed desktop applications and distribution methods in VB 6.
    Wrote numerous stored procedures, UDFs, and DTS packages to automate
        repetitive tasks and support our desktop applications for the marketing
       Developed software and methods to scrub our contact lists against the
        National Do Not Call Registry. Several million rows of phone numbers were
        included in the DNC registry.
       Developed back-end software to analyze web traffic and loan applications
        to identify those applications that needed assistance and further
        processing. Loan applications were automatically assigned to a manager
        and tracked through completion in the work queues. An Integrated CRM
        solution was implemented with call tracking. Written in VB6
       Compiled a database of bank information and related applications to target
        banks meeting specific criteria for our Financial Institutions product.
        Worked directly with Freddie Mac consultants on this project.
       Performed ad-hoc reporting tasks and assisted in the design of direct
        marketing campaigns.

2/2002 – 12/2002 Universal American Mortgage Co.                  Clearwater, Fl
Systems Developer
       Primary job function was developing client-server, fat-client, and Terminal
        Server business systems in Visual FoxPro 6 & 7 utilizing SQL Server for
        database storage.
       Used T-SQL statements in SQL server stored procedures, DTS Packages,
        and Agents and was an administrator on an SQL 2000 server.
        Integrated functionality in our applications to detect their environment
        and adjust their interfaces accordingly. Allowed for wide deployment of
        our applications on both Terminal Server and Desktops without code
       Developed ASP scripts to make Terminal Server apps resolution
        independent and deployable from the intranet site using Internet Explorer.
       Implemented code in ASP scripts to automatically update our applications'
        executable files to latest version without downing the Terminal Server or
        disconnecting clients.
       Performed some light HTML, JavaScript and VB Script.
        Performed a great deal of Import/Export and Data Manipulation on SQL
        Server 2000.
       Worked with a team of developers tackling general issues in the IT
        department. Most notably, I provided the solution to problems in E-Mail
        integration within 20+ existing applications that were broken by the MS
        Outlook address book patches and our subsequent migration to Lotus

6/2001 – 12/2001          Merchant Central, Inc.                    Tequesta, Fl
Programmer/System Admin
       Developed and enhanced Perl applications on Linux using MySql.
       Worked daily with SQL queries and databases.
       Optimized tables and improved database structures.
       Supported 12 RedHat Linux servers running Apache with 4 servers also
        running MySql.
       Improved efficiency of email delivery system by over 350% by changing
        table structures, application strategy and implementation of new ideas.
       Assisted in development of e-commerce engine and supporting software to
        offer products online and automate customer service functions.
       Provided network troubleshooting when needed including DNS, firewall,
        and switch/routing issues.
       Developed software in VB to maintain VPN connectivity and improve
        reliability of VPN dependant applications.
       Developed ad-hoc applications in VB to support ever-changing business
        needs and direction.
       Provided network monitoring and graphing through custom applications
        and MRTG.
       Developed C based Perl extension for MySql connectivity improving SQL
        query execution time by 40%.
       Devised techniques that allowed our applications to be compiled into
        native machine code resulting in dramatic decreases of server loads and
        faster response times.
       Worked daily with Apache, MySql, Sendmail, NFS and several other Linux

 2/2000 – 12/2000          General Dynamics, Inc.                       Marion, IL.
Consultant Programmer Analyst
       Began working with General Dynamics in February of 2000 as a consultant.
        Hired as full time salaried employee shortly thereafter.
       Administered 2 NT 4.0 servers, 2 Microsoft SQL 7.0 servers, 2 RedHat 6.2
        and 7.0 servers.
       Installed and administered Cisco routers.
       Built, installed, and managed a RedHat 7 server in addition to the 6.2
        servers already in place.
       Assisted Network Administrator in day-to-day maintenance of 4 Microsoft
        NT servers and an Exchange 5.5 server.
       Used SAMBA, IIS, and Apache to link NT and Linux platforms to allow for
        information sharing across both platforms.
       Linked hundreds of existing SOP's and Forms on the NT servers to the
        Linux servers and provided intranet access to them via Apache.
       Integrated HT::Dig to provide full text search capability to the many SOP's,
        forms, and WebPages.
       Used Visual SourceSafe, CVS, and WinCVS for revision control and
        maintained separate environments. Code was rolled from the development
        environment to the production environment according to SOP.
       Developed stored procedures, views and queries for the accounting
        department that were accessible through custom VFP front-ends and
        Microsoft Access.
       Improved and tweaked existing MS Access databases and applications.
       Migrated existing Access applications and data to SQL 7.0 servers and
        developed new VFP and VB apps that utilized the SQL 7.0 servers.
       Implemented ScriptLogic in the NT environment, automating logon scripts,
        allowing great control of the workstations configurations and logon
       Implemented Intranet based help desk system allowing users to post
        trouble tickets to be assigned to MIS technicians.
       Provided workstation repair and software support to existing machines and
        installed/removed machines from the network.
       Deployed software to allow us to remotely control and install software on
        our 150+ workstations. Deployment was automated through ScriptLogic
        avoiding a visit to the individual desktops.
       Provided workstation auditing and software license compliance reporting.
       Developed company wide SOP's for integration of Linux, backup and
                                recovery procedures, and failed hardware replacement.

                      I left the company just after Christmas and began arranging my relocation to
                      Florida. Upon selling my consulting company and ISP, I moved to Jupiter Florida
                      around May 2001

                      1994-2001                      SonData Systems                          Goreville, IL.
                               Built the company from the ground up.
                               Installed equipment to provide Internet access to the local community.
                               Provided dial-up, hosting, website design, and related services.
                               Provided hundreds of custom built workstations and servers to local
                                schools, colleges, and government agencies.
                               Provided network installation, consulting, and administration to many of
                                the clients that purchased my workstations and servers.
                               Installed various connectivity devices, routers, and dedicated circuits.
                               Provided end user technical support and troubleshooting.
                               Developed ISP software suite and connectivity applications in VB that
                                allowed real-time broadcasts and alerts to my online customers,
                                automated installation and configuration, and decreased my initial
                                technical support by over 90%.
                               Developed custom software solutions including a VFP application for the
                                911 office and Sheriff’s office to keep track of arrests, charges, court date
                                Info, incarceration information, and personal descriptions of all offenses
                                within the county.
                               Integrated custom PC’s in the 911 department and installed satellite based
                                real-time DSN weather tracking system for their use.
                               Developed application for a Southern Illinois community’s Water
                                Department’s billing and usage accounting. Also written in VFP.
                               Administered Novell networks ranging from 2 to several hundred nodes at
                                local schools, small businesses, and government agencies.
                               I implemented our area’s first live RealAudio broadcast from SonData's

Skills - Experience   I have been working with computers and related technologies since I was old
                      enough to reach a keyboard. I started out with a VIC/20 and began learning BASIC.
                      I progressed through several machines and finally got my first “Real” computer, an
                      APPLE II in the early 80's. I learned Motorola 6502 assembly language as a means
                      to try and get some speed out of the old Apple. I then progressed to the PC Clones
                      and discovered Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual FoxPro, and other languages. Since
                      then, I have developed several applications using these languages. I am familiar
                      with different languages and can jump from one to the other. I do not have much
                      trouble learning new languages and can quickly become proficient in a new language
                      or technology.

                      I attained Microsoft Certified Professional certifications in 5 tracks in 2001 and
                      received my MCP in Visual Basic in 2003. I received my MCP in SQL Server 2000 and
                      my MCSE in 2005. I have 15+ years experience installing, administering, and
                      maintaining Windows NT servers and networks. I am very comfortable with NT/2000
                      and Linux. I utilized both platforms during the operation of my ISP in Illinois.

                      I am knowledgeable in the Internet and related technologies. I built my ISP using
                      various products and working with diverse technologies such as Frame-Relay, DCS
                      Channelized T1s and T1 circuits, Cisco routers, server-based routing adapters
                      (DIGI), Compaq Microcom digital modem banks, Livingston Portmasters, Adtran
                      CSU/DSUs, Ethernet and fiber optic hubs, switches, and transceivers to name a few.

                      I have worked with SQL server 7.0, 2000, 2005, and 2008 quite a bit and can
                      perform solidly as a developer writing stored procedures, queries, and applications.

                      2/2001    Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer     Redmond, WA
                      I obtained MCP status in the following 8 professional tracks:
                               Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
                               Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Administration
                               Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
                               Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Workstation
                     Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Server
                     Microsoft Windows NT 4 in the Enterprise
                     Microsoft Windows Networking Essentials
                     Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5

             You can always view or download my current resume from my website,
             I have several current references from my most recent employment. Please contact
             me if you would like me to submit these references.

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