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									         East Pennsboro Area School District
                              Board Highlights
                                                   OUR VISION
                                 World class performers and productive citizens . . .
                                                                                                        October 8, 2007

 At its October 4, 2007 meeting, the East Pennsboro Area Board of School Directors took the following actions:

Written Request to Address Board
 Mrs. Walker expressed satisfaction and gratitude                Noted intent to retire letter from Alice Long,
  that East Pennsboro Elementary will have its                     Second Grade teacher at West Creek Hills
  Halloween parade this year.                                      Elementary School, effective the last day of the
                                                                   2007-08 school year.
Public Comment
 Mrs. Dudek, PTO President, reported that events                 Noted intent to retire letter from Barbara Gaige,
  are planned to bring the two elementary schools                  First Grade teacher at West Creek Hills
  together, beginning with a skating event on                      Elementary School, effective the last day of the
  October 14, 2007.                                                2007-08 school year.

Presentation                                                     Policy Review Commitee
 Mary Rodman, Director of Cumberland Perry Area                  Approved the following policies for 30-day public
  Vocational-Technical School, and Shannon Urich,                  review:
  an award-winning student from CPAVTS’ Child                         Policy 204 – Attendance
  Care program, gave reports regarding CPAVTS’                        Policy 218 – Student Discipline
  achievements and curriculum.                                        Policy 227 – Drug and Alcohol Abuse
                                                                      Policy 233 – Suspension and Expulsion.
 Approved additions to the substitute list for the               Approved the following policies:
  2007-2008 school year.                                             Policy 103 - Affirmative Action Program for
                                                                        School and Classroom Practices
 Approved Christopher Gingrich, Long Term                           Policy 146 – Student Services
  Substitute Special Education Teacher, at the East                  Policy 221 – Dress and Grooming
  Pennsboro Area High School.
                                                                 Pupil Services
 Approved Sara Snavely, Custodian, at the East                   Received information regarding the reorganization
  Pennsboro Elementary School.                                     of the full-time learning support classroom at East
                                                                   Pennsboro High School.
 Approved of Magdalena Cruz, Instructional Aide,
  at the East Pennsboro Area High School.                        Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
                                                                  Approved disposal as per Policy 712 of
 Approved extra-duty contracts for the 2007-2008                  designated Mathematics textbooks.
  school year.
                                                                  Approved out-of-state field trip by the French Club
 Approved Robin Amend, Personal Care/Emotional                    to New York City on Saturday, April 5, 2008, to
  Support Aide at West Creek Elementary School.                    see Broadway show “Spamalot.”

 Approved transfer of Lidia Lucas, Personal                      Approved, retroactively, out-of-state field trip to
  Care/Emotional Support Aide to new position at                   University of Maryland on Saturday, September
  East Pennsboro Elementary School.                                29, 2007, for Varsity and Junior Varsity Field
 Hockey Teams to watch field hockey game.              Committee Reports
                                                        Received reports from various committees.
 Received information on professional meetings
  and conferences.                                     Board President’s Report
                                                        Approved resolution for Charles Gelb, School
 Mrs. Ziegenfuss gave a presentation of the             Board Member, on the birth of his son, Brady
  Kindergarten “Sneak Preview” program report.           Michael.

Student Activities and Athletics                        Approved resolution for Sheri Miller, Social
 Reviewed School Event Security Administrative          Studies teacher at East Pennsboro Middle
  Procedures document.                                   School, on the birth of a daughter, Ella Katie.

 Reviewed Facility Use Requests report.                Approved resolution to Cumberland Valley School
                                                         District on the death of Dr. Jean Walker,
 Approved facility fee waiver requests for Capital      Superintendent.
  Area Dance for use of High School Auditorium for
  performances in November/December 2007 and            The Board will host a dinner for the District’s
  June 2008.                                             foreign exchange students at the Board’s October
                                                         15, 2007 meeting.
Support Services
 Approved disposal of six AEDs per Policy 711.

 Approved E.A.P. contract with Mazzitti & Sullivan,
  effective for 2007-2008 school year.

Business Administration
 Reviewed resolutions for establishing accounts
  with PNC Bank for the PASBO Purchase Card

 Voted to deny approval of the Local Wellness
  Policy Amendment.

 Reviewed Budgetary Transfers (information only).

              SCHOOL DISTRICT                                     NEXT REGULAR MEETING
               890 VALLEY STREET                                THURSDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2007
              ENOLA, PA 17025-1599                                ADMINISTRATION CENTER
              Web Site: www.epasd.org                                    7:30 P.M.

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