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                            The Top 3 Questions About Dish Network Satellite TV Offers
                                                          By Renfred Larkin

    Learn the answers to three most common questions about free Dish Network satellite TV offers:

What exactly do I get for free, and what do I have to pay for?

You get all the equipment you need - a satellite TV dish, up to four satellite TV receivers, and next-day
installation in up to four rooms, for free. Digital Video Recorder (DVR) equipment is free in the first two
rooms. However, to get all this, and the lifetime warranty, you have to make an 18-month commitment
as a subscriber to Dish Network programming. This means that you only pay for programming, not for
the equipment. It is possible not to make an 18 month commitment at all. Also, there's an activation fee
you'll have to pay when you sign up, it is about $50, but this fee will be refunded on your first bill. DVR
monthly fees are low, about $6.

What is the best satellite TV programming package?

Dish Network offers several different programming packages. Programming packages aimed at family
viewing are cheap - you can get top 40 satellite television channels for only $20. This is the monthly
cost of Dish Network's entry-level package America's Family. America's Top 100 channels package is
recommended if you want to save money. This option is the most economical programming package
that is offered by Dish Network at the moment. Dish Network's top-of-the-line America's Everything
programming package costs about $100, and includes virtually every single channel you can think of.
Sirius satellite radio channels are only included in some programming packs, for example in America's
Top 200 channels.

Where can I buy satellite TV?

The best satellite television deals are always found online, because online dealer's operating costs are
lower, compared to brick and mortar stores. Choosing a dealer for Dish Network satellite TV system is
not easy and you'll have to avoid dealers with poor customer service and hidden service fees. The key
word is "authorized". You should buy only from an authorized Dish Network dealer.

Want more information about satellite TV? Visit: http://www.satellitetvguide.org

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                                           Guide to Mounting your Satellite Dish
                                                                 By Adam

Guide to Mounting your Satellite Dish by Adam

The Dish Network satellite dish is only about 2 feet in diameter. Very much a space saver when it
comes to mounting the satellite dish on a wall, fence or garage!

Since the satellite dish is small, it is also light and not bulky in size, this also makes it easier to mount.

Satellite dishes have two antennae's which are pointing back to the dish and shooting off into the blue

These 2 receiver antennas help bring in a signal to your dish and display the signals they receive on
your television.

If you purchase a satellite dish brand new, you won't have to worry about mounting it, because your
local satellite installation crew will do all the installing for you. They don't want you trying to climb up a
10 foot ladder to mount their dish, so they'll do it for you, which is usually free anyways.

But if you do have to mount your dish yourself, make sure you have the Dish Network satellite pointing
directly into the sky away from trees, little children and buildings.

By following this step, you will be able to receive the most premium possible signal from your satellite
dish. This will also provide quality viewing on your television screen!

If you wish to not mount the dish on your home you can also go another route. Most satellite dish
providers have tripod stands for you. This is a great alternative if your apartment or condo complex
doesn't allow you to nail anything to their exterior walls.

One downfall with the tripod is it can be very finicky. Make sure you put the tripod and satellite dish in
an area away from people and dogs or any animal of either species for that matter.

I have had some problems with guests bumping and every so gently tapping the tripod and the TV
goes blank..."Looking for signal" is what you'll see on your television. Even the slightest nudge could
result in you jumping out of bed in your pajamas and slightly tapping the satellite dish until the signal is
received again.

What's funny about that is the slightest tap can effect the signal its receiving, but rain, snow nor wind
won't usually effect the signal...go figure?

For more great information on a Dish Network or Direct Tv satellite dish and providers of the services
mentioned, go to http://www.DishNetwork-vs-DirectTv.com for more information.

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