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					                                          Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital Trust

                                          Trust Board Meeting - Executive Summary

Report/Paper:                   PEAT Assessment 2009

Date:                           22 July 2009

Purpose of Paper:               Inform the Board on the PEAT assessment results for 08/09 financial year
Summary of Paper:               The annual PEAT assessment was carried out on the 19 March 2009.

                                This year, for the first time in a number of years, the Trust was allocated an
                                external validator.     The following areas were assessed for cleanliness,
                                environment, infection control, access, food service, privacy and dignity.

                                          Spinal Cord Injury Centre
                                          Jackson Burrows Ward
                                          Ward 4
                                          Paediatrics
                                          Adolescent Ward
                                          Alan Bray Unit
                                          Outpatients
                                          Coleman Unit

                                Improvements noted this year was the installation on the majority of the wards of a
                                standard design curtain enabling easier change over/cleaning. A new window
                                cleaning contract is in place.

                                The external validator commented on two issues to do with the food service – no
                                portion control possible with Steamplicity and no garnish on the plate.

                                The patient’s representative also commented on the lack of privacy in the OPD
                                clinic rooms and the fact that conversations could be overheard from the adjoining
                                clinic rooms.

                                The Trusts score this year is Good for Environment, Good for Food and Acceptable
                                for Privacy & Dignity.

                                Although the results are still favourable, the Food and Privacy and Dignity scores
                                are down on last year.

Action Required by              None – For information only
the Board:
Recommendation                  N/A
from Legal Advisors
(if applicable):
Author and position             Lynne Wilson, Facilities Manager
of Report/Paper
Lead Director                   Mark Masters, Director of Projects, Estates and Facilities
Links to Assurance Framework, Local Performance Targets and Corporate Strategic risk register:
This paper/report links to the following principal objectives, local performance targets and the corporate
strategic risks: - (please tick as appropriate)
                                                 Principal Objectives                                               Tick as
Principal Objective One - Maintaining clinical excellence                                                        √

To be the pre-eminent, effective, efficient and safe provider of orthopaedic and musculoskeletal services,
providing the highest standards of care.

(Linked to performance target Q1,Q2,Q3, Q4, Q5, P1, P2, P3, P4 and corporate strategic risk: 463)
Principal Objective Two - Re-development and capital investment                                                  √

To redevelop the RNOH Stanmore campus to provide a modern healthcare building and facilities.
To effectively use capital investment to improve the working environment and health and safety. To improve and
sustain business activity.

(Linked to corporate strategic risks: 463, 467, 470, 472))
Principal Objective Three - Finance

To achieve financial balance and maintain liquidity and increase turnover.

(Linked to performance target F1 and corporate strategic risk: 468)
Principal Objective Four - Leadership and workforce

To ensure that the workforce is fit for purpose and supports the Trusts service and financial plans.

 (Linked to performance target M&L1, M&L2, M&L3 and corporate strategic risk: 465)
Principal Objective Five – Governance

To implement, embed and monitor effective arrangements that reflect current Trust business

(Linked to corporate strategic risks: 464, 466)
Principal Objective Six - Achievement of access/activity targets

To achieve access targets and to deliver the activity targets.

(Linked to performance target A1, A2, A3, A4, P1, P2, P 3, P 4 and corporate strategic risk: 463)
Principal Objective Seven - IM&T

Develop and implement a cohesive and integrated IM&T strategy.

(Linked to corporate strategic risk: 471)
Principal Objective Eight - Foundation Trust

To achieve Foundation Trust status.

(Linked to corporate strategic risks: 463, 467, 469, 472)
Q – Quality targets
A – Access targets
D – Financial targets
M&L - Management & Leadership targets
P – Productivity targets

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