speek in english by sandunwalagambahu


									               Simple English


               Subject   can     Verb   object

01.   I can write letters.
02.   I can read a book.
03.   I can bathe.
04.   I can help you.

01.   You can help me.
02.   You can teach us.
03.   You can pass the exam.
04.   You can forget her.

01.   We can dance.
02.   We can sing songs.
03.   We can buy it.
04.   We can run around the tank.

01    He can write books.
02    He can drink arrack.
03    He can sleep this time.
04    He can bring it.
01.   She can love you.
02.   She can forget him.
03.   She can kill it.
04.   She can teach you.

01.   They can kill it.
02.   They can wash dresses.
03.   They can love her.
04.   They can help me.

01.   It can run in the jungle.
02.   It can eat rice.
03.   It can fly.
04.   It can drink water.

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