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                  For over a decade Chaos Group’s flagship rendering software, V-Ray®,
                  has set the standard for speed, reliability, ease of use, and render
                  quality. With V-Ray 2.0 for Autodesk® 3ds Max® and Autodesk® Maya®,
                  we have raised the bar once again.

                  Here are the Top 10 features included in V-Ray 2.0, soon to become
                  an integral part of your workflow.

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      V-Ray® RT
      Streamline setup time

      V-Ray RT is a revolutionary new
      rendering engine that leverages
      the power of CPUs and/or GPUs
      to provide instant feedback,
      streamlining the process of
      setting up lighting and materials.
      V-Ray RT is built upon the same
      solid core as V-Ray 2.0, making it
      seamless to transition between
      the two.

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      Simplify the creation of highly detailed and multi-layered car paint materials

      V-Ray 2.0 introduces the intuitive
      new VRayCarPaintMtl, offering
      controls for base paint, clear
      coat, and metallic flakes within
      a single, optimized shader.
      The VrayCarPaintMtl simplifies
      the creation of complex,
      multi-layered automotive paints.

Image courtesy of                                                                  www.chaosgroup.com
                    original backplate and hdri by moofe.com
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      Achieve new levels of realism

      In V-Ray 2.0, the VRayMtl includes
      Dispersion, providing the ability to
      trace and refract light based on its
      wavelength. Realism relies on
      details, and we have added
      Dispersion to help achieve even
      more believable results.

Image courtesy of Chaos Group                www.chaosgroup.com
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      VRayLightSelect Render Element
      Render once and control lighting in post-production

      With the VRayLightSelect render
      element in V-Ray 2.0, it is now
      possible to separate the
      contribution of any combination
      of lights into separate passes.
      This offers the ultimate flexibility
      of rendering once and adjusting
      the lighting completely and
      realistically in post-production.

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      Lens Analysis Tool
      Accurately match the lens distortion of live footage

      With the new Lens Analysis Tool,
      it is possible to measure and
      calibrate the lens distortion of
      live footage and match it virtually
      with the VRayPhysicalCamera.
      Camera profiles can be saved to
      a file and loaded any time the
      same lens is used.

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      VRayPtex node for
      Autodesk® Maya®
      Incorporate the next generation texturing tools into your workflow

      V-Ray 2.0 for Autodesk Maya
      supports the innovative texture
      format Ptex with the new VRayPtex
      node. Ptex greatly simplifies the
      texturing process by efficiently
      storing any number of textures
      into a single file and eliminating
      the need to assign UVs.

Image courtesy of Marek Denko                                              www.chaosgroup.com
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      Helper and Shademap for
      Autodesk® 3ds Max®
      Optimize your stereoscopic pipeline

      V-Ray 2.0 introduces the new
      VRayStereoscopic Helper with
      Shademap technology, optimizing
      the production of stereoscopic
      imagery and reducing render times
      for depth of field and motion blur

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      V-Ray® Proxy
      Render a virtually unlimited amount of geometry

      VRayProxy is an indispensable
      tool for managing scene memory
      and efficiently rendering massive
      amounts of geometry. To enhance
      viewport performance, VRayProxy
      now includes the ability to
      specify a separate preview mesh.

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      VRayLight Dome
      Simplify image-based lighting

      The VRayLight Dome provides a
      simple, artifact-free solution for
      creating image-based lighting.
      Its powerful importance sampling
      analyzes HDR images to optimize
      light tracing and GI precision.

Image courtesy of Chaos Group              www.chaosgroup.com
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      V-Ray® Displacement
      Add detail efficiently

      V-Ray Displacement implements
      a unique solution for geometry
      handling at render time, making
      it extremely fast and memory
      efficient. Additional options such
      as Water Level provide methods
      of creating elaborate geometry
      from a simple plane.

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                      Companies that choose

                      At Chaos Group we work closely with our customers from
                      around the world to ensure we are creating the best tools
                      for their workflow. Inspired by their imaginative creations,
                      we passionately pursue advances in rendering technology
                      and continue to improve the software needed to
                      communicate their vision.

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