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									                             JARROD IRWIN
Date of Birth:        8th August 1984                 E-mail:      jarrod.irwin@gmail.com
Visa / WP held:       Tier 5 valid until March 2013   Mobile:      07780163039
Nationality:          New Zealand                     Portfolio:   http://www.jarrodirwin.com
Postcode:             TBA                             Linkedin:    http://nz.linkedin.com/in/jarrodirwin


2005-2007       Bachelor of Information and Communication Technologies (BICT)


PHP and web developer with 3+ years commercial experience across the complete SDLC while
developing, and maintaining web applications. Primary technologies used are PHP, (X)HTML,
CSS, JavaScript, XML, AJAX, and SQL. Have developed and worked on both the front-end and
back-end of the system in all projects.

Experienced working for a leading web solutions company in the public sector. I have recently
been involved in the creation of numerous successful websites based in New Zealand.

Team player with strong learning and problem solving skills, excellent communication skills, both
written and verbal.

Seeks contract and/or perminant work being available immediately for interviews for most
locations within London having arrived from New Zealand in April 2011.


Languages/Scripting:            PHP, SQL, JavaScript, XML , C#, Perl

Database Layer:                 MySQL, MS Access

Presentation Layer:             JQuery, Scriptaculous, JavaScript, HTML, XHTML, AJAX, Web
                                services, CSS, DHTMLX

Frameworks/CMS:                 JQuery, Scriptaculous, DHTMLX Wordpress, Easymanage

Software and Tools:             Subversion, Tortoise SVN, Notepad++, Editplus, PHP Zend
                                Editor, MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint, Putty, FileZilla FTP,
                                Photoshop, Windows Help and Manual, Content Management
                                Systems, Wordpress


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                                      JARROD IRWIN


February 2008 – February 2011                                                      FACE Limited
FACE Limited is a leading web solutions company offering the complete range of web solutions
including Design Development and Hosting. Clients include BRANZ, Viaduct NZ, Eftpos NZ, Red
Cross, Smartfuel, Paystation and Netspace .

PHP Developer
Worked at FACE Limited as a PHP developer for 3 years as part of a development team of 4. This
role required me to work along side the other members of the team on some projects while
individually taking on others. Was involved in numerous projects which covered a wide range of
development technologies, including PHP, Object-Oriented PHP, database management, CSS
styling and HTML creation. Includes creation of new websites/web apps and modifications to
existing. Responsible for maintenance and changes to the sites at project completion, resolving and
implementing bug fixes and other changes in a timely manner.

   Development of sites using PHP, OOPHP, HTML, CSS, C#, XML, Javascript, JQuery and
   Wrote numerous web/shell scripts in PHP and Perl
   Integration of the FACE Limited Easymange backend/CMS system for the sites, including
    custom development of plugins, modules, extra features and helped re-write and develop v2 of
    the Easymanage CMS including the entire shop module.
   Working with the Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin APIs to create custom feeds from these
    social media platforms and integrating them into the website.
   Ensuring Cross Browser Compatibility.
   Maintaining Documentation and Help files.
   Testing and delivery of projects to end clients.
   Providing customer support through email and telephone
   General web maintenance and setup tasks such as email accounts and CMS logins.
   Submitting sites to search engines, and SEO related tasks.
   Quoting on new projects/project alteration costs.

Projects Undertaken
 See portfolio for projects http://www.jarrodirwin.com

 Successfully create and launch numerous websites into test and live environments
 Integrate payment solutions for many online shops with different payment gateways
 Learn and develop in different languages including PHP, JavaScript, C# and Perl
 Co-develop the Easymange CMS
 Understand and adapt others code.

Technical snapshot:
PHP, OOPHP, HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, Perl, XML, MySQL, Web services, JQuery,
DHTMLX, Wordpress, Twitter API, Facebook API, Linkedin API, Subversion, Tortoise SVN, MS
Office, MS Excel

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