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Andrew Alan (Andy) Corman by 0y3UmzEf


									                                     Andrew Alan (Andy) Corman
               – 206-719-1658 –

   Full-Service Web Developer and web application programmer with six years of experience developing
   everything from small family-business websites to large-scale online applications for corporate and public
   enterprises. Enjoys being challenged and helping people accomplish more of their business on the World Wide

Professional Experience:

   Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. - Web Designer/Developer – May 2010 to Present
   Fully developed many websites from beginning mock-up in Photoshop to implementation in static HTML,
   Wordpress, application development in CakePHP, or the company's own custom CMS. Performed various
   other functions including assembling print ads, creating small Flash elements, troubleshooting hardware,
   mobile site development, and the conversion of flash elements to HTML5's Canvas environment.

   Johnson Computing – Tech Support Specialist – September 2009 to May 2010
   Specific duties varied immensely depending on clients’ particular needs. Regularly was dispatched to
   troubleshoot computers, networks, or printers as far north as Everett and as far south as Tacoma. Duties
   included occasional construction of small websites for small businesses, and setting up/tailoring Google
   AdWords for online advertising campaigns.

   FGI Seattle – Web Development Intern (Paid) - July 2008 to January 2009
   Worked on many large-scale corporate websites. Specific duties ranged from basic fixes/maintenance, the
   development of brand new websites, and coding custom CMS modules in Coldfusion. Clients included Valley
   Medical Center, Real Networks, Northwest Harvest, and many other large local companies.

   City of Newcastle - Web Development Intern (Paid) - October 2007 to August 2008
   Worked on existing website to eliminate broken links and locate misplaced city documents. After the initial
   overhaul, duties changed to include site maintenance/updates, the assembly of monthly site statistics reports
   using Google Analytics, and the implementation of new features, such as a custom site search and an
   anonymous police tip submission form.

   Independent Development - July 2003 to Present
    Designed and maintained several websites for both family and friends, including a landscaping company, a
      high-end eyeglass boutique, and a few for my father, Renton City Councilman Randy Corman, for his
      communication with citizens and his successful re-election campaigns.
    Put together two heavily database driven projects, that include many advanced features, such as user
      authentication, online image editing, password recovery, and interacting with a database via Ajax.
    Created several game prototypes in Flash using Actionscript 3.0.

Technical Skills:

   Used Extensively: (X)HTML, CSS, XML, Javascript, jQuery, Ajax, PHP, MySQL, Actionscript 3.0, LAMP,
   Adobe Photoshop, SVN (both Tortoise and terminal), text editing in Vim, and performing basic tasks in a unix
   terminal environment.
   Familiar with: Coldfusion, Actionscript 2.0, Adobe Flash CS3, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Illustrator.


   Bellevue Community College - September 2003 to June 2005
   Associate of Arts in Gaming with high distinction (3.8 GPA)

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