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From Temporary to Forever             3
We Are in Communion in Love           4
Transformation                        5
What Will Be, Will Be                 6
I Give You My Peace                   8
I Give You My Gentle Hug Internally   8
Why? Why? Why?                        9
Teflon People                         11
Beam Me Up, Scotty                    12
Be Updated in My Love                 13
Quiet Time                            15
I Lead You to Victory                 16
We Know You Won’t Run Away            17
Mary is Your Way of Life              18
Get Out of My Way                     20
Now You Know What Mary Did            20
We Make Beautiful Music in You        22
I Want Only the Best for You          23
Breakfast is Served                   25
Gone Fishing                          26
Miracle of Miracles                   28
I Am the Perfect Host                 29
Get Out of My Way                     30
Get with It                           31
My Music in Your Being                32
I Fashion This Moment Just for You    33
Wow!                                  34
Proof Positive                        35
The Virtue of Obedience               38
Rest in Our Love                      40
Your Attack is Over                   41
Be Not Afraid                         42
Let My Love Transform You             43
The Best News You Can Ever Hear       44
I Am Here, Be Not Afraid              45
Don’t Be Upset                        47
A Personal Blessing                   48
Theologians, Take Note                49
My Oasis of Peace                     51
I Love Your Enthusiasm                54

I Am Within You                        55
My Miracle of Love                     56
You Know Where to Find Me              57
An Irish Compliment                    58
I Am Love                              59
I Truly Do Know What I Am Doing        60
Who Goes First?                        61
Our Marriage in Love                   62
You Delight Me                         63
In Love, With Love, and Through Love   64
Jesus Would Forgive –
  A Letter for a Workshop              66
What You Believe                       71
I Mean You No Harm                     72
True Love                              74
Mother Hen                             75
Are You with Me?                       76
Break It Up                            77
Are You in Season?                     78
I Am Not a Push-Button God             79
My Contagious Love                     81
On Being Out of Control                82
Patient Endurance Brings My Reward     84
Over the Top                           85
Eucharist of Desire                    86
I Heal Anytime                         87
You are Just in Love                   88
I Help You Carry Your Cross            89
After All, I Am Divine                 90
What’s Next?                           91
I Am with You Always                   92
More of Me in Your Life                93
Double Wow!                            94
We Exchange Touches of Love            95
My Miracle in You                      96
The Outcome of Your Choices            97
The Miracle of Our Love                98
Be One in Love with Us Physically      100


Be renewed by My Love. Be revitalized by My True
Presence in the Eucharist. Be made alive as My
True Presence touches your heart, your soul, and
your mind. I reorder the very essence of your
being as My Divinity mixes within your humanity.
I make a miracle in you each time you come to
receive My True Presence at a valid Mass. There is
no way to stop this from happening. There is no
way you would want this not to happen.

We are made One in Love by My True Presence in
the Eucharist in you. This is My Gift to you and to
all who in their hearts, their souls, and their
minds proclaim that they receive My Body, My
Blood, My Soul, and My Divinity in the Eucharist.
Their "Amen" to the words "Body of Christ" and
"Blood of Christ" says it all! You and they act on
what you believe.

I, then, freely do as I choose in the hearts, souls,
minds, and bodies of My Professed Friends. The
silent explosion of My Divine Love internally in
such friends changes the very core of their being
from temporary in nature to Forever in My Love.
Sin covers this Forever. The Sacrament of
Reconciliation removes the cover. Worthy
reception of Eucharist completes the transition
from temporary to Forever in your DNA.

Oh! I know your humanity is weak. I know you
fall into sin again. That is why I call you to repeat
the Sacramental Journey of Reconciliation and
Eucharist daily. I wish to have you dwell in My
Forever Love as frequently as possible during
your walk in temporary. That way, when time
runs out for you, stepping into Forever
permanently will be as natural as drinking a glass
of water.

You have come before Me in prayer. Mass begins.
I ready you for your journey from temporary to
Forever in your today.


The Most Holy Spirit


In these moments leading up to the Miracle of
Transubstantiation, I teach you about Me through
Scripture and through direct instruction by My
Priest. I also teach you My Truth through My
Words in your inner stream of consciousness. I
redirect your mind from your concerns of your
moment to My Forever Perspective in you.

Sometimes My Lessons overwhelm you with the
Beauty of My Words. Sometimes I make you
laugh when life's events make you want to cry.
Sometimes I help you forgive when I know you
want to spit in someone's eye.

See how different My Ways are from your ways! I
have you offer Peace instead of your way. I ask
you to love your enemy. I go against the selfish
nature of humanity and insist that you try to be
selfless in all you think, say, and do.

I am quite realistic. I know how hard what I ask
you to do truly is. That is why I come alive in you
as I do daily. I lead you to receive My True
Presence in the Eucharist. I know you need My
Strength in your being so that you may stand up
for Me and follow My Ways for you as you live out
your days in your world.

As often as you come to Me and receive My Gift of
Love physically, you do My Will for you. I take
over in you. I give you exactly what you need at
that moment and throughout your day. I enable
you to participate in My Miracle of Life in My
Love. Thus, come to Me. Receive My True
Presence physically. Be made whole in My Love.


        I dwell in you physically in your now.
           You dwell in Me in My Forever.
           We are in Communion in Love!




When you do as I say, great things happen in
your life. Is this not true? Hasn't that been what
you experience? Even the greatest trials bring
great inner joy as you walk through them doing
what you believe is My Will for you.

It is easy to lose heart when you depend on your
way for yourself. That selfish perspective only
makes matters worse. That dependence only on
you allows your natural human tendency to
negativity to take over in you. You know this is
true. Do you not? Haven't you experienced this
many times in your life? Isn't it a miserable way
to live? Thus, I call you to come to Me each day so
that I might adjust your attitude by My True
Presence in you.

Oh! I don't do anything dramatic. I just tweak
your way of thinking and feeling.

I give you My Peace when anxiety should reign
supreme in your heart. I make you laugh in the
midst of great sorrow. I help you endure physical
pain by giving you momentary relief that
somehow lets you know that I am carrying your
cross with you.

My True Presence in the Eucharist gives you
exactly what you need and when you need it as
you deal with your problems in your walk through
time. Thus, say the Our Father at this Mass you
attend. Ready yourself to come to Me. Receive My
Peace in your heart in anticipation of receiving
My True Presence in the Eucharist.

             I make all things new.
I come to you physically so that the Miracle of My
 Love may transform you and make your burdens




You've come to the right place. You are before Me
in Adoration of My True Presence in the Eucharist.
I know how frustrated you are. You are caught
between a rock and a hard place. Every way you
turn you feel the walls closing in on you. Thus, I
tell you that you've come to the right place.

                I push back the walls.
           I give your heart room to beat.
I let your soul breathe in My Pure Air of Salvation.
    I stop your negative mind dead in its tracks.


Where's the fire? Why are your emergency lights
blinking? What is so important to get done that
you have to rush full speed ahead to make it

Are you pursuing your will? Are you upset
because roadblocks are constantly getting in your

Did you ever think that I may be thwarting your
will because it is not My Will that you pursue?

I know that evil can certainly get in the way of
what seems to be good things. It's hard to
discern whose will is to be done. Isn't it?

Well! You've done quite a bit. Haven't you?
You've responded to all questions. Haven't you?
Yet the road seems blocked.

When that happens, I give My Friends this advice.

                      Let go!
                      Let go!
                  I run the show.
  If I wish to bless what you want done, I will.

Thus, let go! Get out of My Way. In due time, My
Will is done. You've done all that you can. Your
concern is in My Hands now. Wait and see! Wait
and see! What will be, will be!



            I GIVE YOU MY PEACE

Be at Peace. Know that I am here with you. Be
assured that I have your best interests at heart. I
protect you and your loved ones from harm. Be
still! I give you My Peace. Know that the Peace
you feel is My Love taking hold in you.




Every day is different whether you walk with Me
or not. Thus, you might as well walk with Me.

It makes no sense going through things alone.
Don't worry. I won't get in the way. In fact, you
won't even know I am with you. I'll be as quiet as
a church mouse.

I threw in the church reference so that you would
know that I am Jesus the Messiah Who forms
these words in you. I do this with the assent of
Our Father through the Indwelling of Our Most
Holy Spirit.

I know you cannot see Me. I know you cannot
touch Me. Thus, I form My Words in you so you
know I am here. I surface as Peace in your heart.
I even give you a gentle hug internally. How else
could you know that I am here?

Let Me say again.

                    I AM HERE!

I put those words in capital letters in case you are
a little deaf.



              WHY? WHY? WHY?

I know you do not know what I want to say when
We are One-on-one as We are right now in your
time. You cannot read My Mind and I can read
yours perfectly. My Friend! That is the crux of Our
Relationship in Love. That is exactly how all who
befriend Me exist in relationship with Me. I know
you think it is your foolish imagination playing
games with your mind. It is not that at all.

I am truly Jesus the Messiah Who forms these
words in you with the assent of Our Father
through the Indwelling of Our Mutual Love in the
Divine Person of Our Most Holy Spirit. I repeat
these words in you again and again to counteract
any other interpretation as to Who it is that forms
these words in you.

   I want My Authorship to be perfectly clear.

Now, I simply wish to reinforce My Love for you
within you. I know how beset you are with
questions about these words. They are in direct
contrast with what you experience in your life in
your world. I know this. That is why I speak as I
do in you. If I did not do so, you would find
yourself heading for the gas pipe.

I tell you I am returning. I never say when. I
keep your curiosity alive long enough for you to
hang around to see what I mean. Then while you
are waiting, I touch you. I fill you with My Grace.

I lift you over each bump in the road of your life. I
know some of them are as big as Mount Everest. I
know they are a big test for you. Yet somehow I
carry you through even the worst trials.

That's what everyone who follows Me
experiences. I just spell it out in black and white
for you. I then ask you to share My Words with
others. You do, and they confirm that your words
relate to their experience of Me in them.

That's the purpose of these words. They confirm
verbally what My Friends experience internally
but could not explain. That's why they are written
in generalities without revealing your trials in
your life. These words relate to what others
experience in their lives.

I've given you thousands of variations on the
themes of the Healing Power of My True Presence
in the Eucharist. That is so that My Friends find
themselves drawn to frequent reception of My
Eucharist because as they read My Words in you,
they see connections to what happens to them in
their lives.

I will leave My Explanation at that. I would only
confuse and bore you with more than that. I end
this letter by emphasizing that you do not labor in
vain. My Love in you rewards you for remaining
faithful to Me. You know this is true. So do
readers of these words.



               TEFLON PEOPLE

When you walk in My Love, the only thing that
makes sense is to live each day My Way to the
best of your ability. In that way, you become My
Teflon Person. Nothing that life sends your way
sticks to your person and it washes off so easily.
Teflon means non-stick surface.

Oh! The slings and arrows of life hurt when you
go through them. However, they never penetrate
beneath your outer surface. They never break the
seal of My Sanctifying Grace.

Oh, your human parts wear down and eventually
die. They are merely your outer wineskin. Thus,
when your parts wear out, what remains is My
New Wineskin that We have forged together in
your walk through life in your time.

All I have done is state My Answer to "Why did
God make you?" in modern terms. If you look
closely, the Teflon Answer is

 "God made me to know Him, to love Him, and to
  serve Him in this world so that I may live with
           Him forever in His world."

It cannot be stated any more clearly. Can it?

   I just jazzed it up for the "now" generation!



            BEAM ME UP, SCOTTY

My Friends, I welcome you to the celebration of
New Life in My Love. You cross the threshold of
time into life in My Forever while you are with Me
in prayer, in meditation, in Adoration of My True
Presence in the Eucharist and, of course, at Mass.

Anytime you take time to focus on Me in
whatever form it takes for you at this moment in
your time, I lift you beyond time, beyond space,
and beyond matter to My Timeless Love which
resides in you.

Coming to Me in any of these ways is akin to
"Beam me up, Scotty!" As soon as you say words
like that in your heart, your world slides out of
sight and My World takes its rightful place in your
heart, your soul, and your mind. However, this
transition within you is no trick photography
governed by electronic pixels. On the contrary, it
is quite real.

"What was" and "what is" in your today fade out.
  What is for you in My Forever Love fades in.

This transformation is so real and so alive in you
that it cannot be denied. In fact, you don't want
to deny it. You want to share what you
experience in you with others. If the others with
whom you share My Love already walk in My
Love, the Invisible Bond of Love between you is
strengthened. If others with whom you share My
Love do not walk in My Love, perhaps your
enthusiasm for Me will rub off on them and
inspire them to repent and turn to Me.

I am the Original and Forever Beam-Me-Up-

I have been doing this with souls for generations.
You just do not see it or hear about it unless a
person who is so filled with My Love shares what
they experience when they are on My

Hitch your heart to My Star. Trek to Me as often
as you can as you journey Home to Me in your
life. You know this is how you should live.

                    Did I not say,

"Come to Me, you who are weary, and I will give
                you My Life."

That's the ultimate beam-me-up. You can have it
anytime you want. I am always here within you. I
wait for your free will call.

                "Beam me up, Jesus!"




Now I speak in My Language of Love that has
been spoken for all time.

          I am the Resurrection and Life.
        He who believes in Me will never die.

 Unless you eat My Body and drink My Blood you
            shall not have Life in you.

                     Follow Me!

        I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

          My Grace is sufficient for you.

  He that is within you is greater than he that is
                within your world.

I think you get My Message. It does not change,
even if it is spoken in the language of your life
space in time.

You are at Mass. You come before Me with an
open heart. You lay down your life for a few
moments in your time and will yourself to cross
over to My Timeless Love. What a delight you are
to Me. I welcome you here with My Sacred Heart
wide open to your heart. I ready these human
gifts to be a proper offering to My Father in
reparation for the sin of humanity. I include you
in this offering.

            Transubstantiation occurs.
          I am Fully Alive on this altar.
I bring you into My Heavenly Union in Love, with
             Love, and through Love.
 All My Family Members across generations are
  We are One in Love, spiritually and mentally.
    I ready all here to be One in Love with Me

Say the Our Father. Receive My Peace. Share My
Peace with others.

      Receive My True Presence physically.
            Be updated in My Love.
        Catch My Good News physically.
   I make you whole and complete in My Love.



                  QUIET TIME

I know you are not before Me in Adoration of My
True Presence in the Eucharist to have Me share
My Words in you. I understand that you just want
quiet time with Me.
Normally, I would honor your wishes. However, I
could not let these moments pass without
forming My Words in you. Thus, I say, I am so
proud of you. It would be so easy for you to cave
into bad feelings. It would be so simple for you to
let the blues reign in you.

Yet you choose to come to Me to just be with Me
silently. You are not looking for Me to take away
your bad feelings. You just know that you feel
Peaceful with Me despite your sadness. Thus, you
are here with Me silently.

Oh, My Friend! You do Me great honor by your
quiet action. Nobody else but you and I know
how low you feel. That's okay! I am the only One
to whom you turn in your time of need. I am all
you need. You say that by your private action.
Thus, I touch you with My Love. I allow you to
feel My Presence in you quite powerfully. I do not
need words to do this. I simply touch you and you
know I am with you.

I have you write My Words so that others know
that when they feel as sad as you that I am their
Best Source of Consolation. That's all I wish to
say. Return to silence. I touch you in a very
special way at this moment in your time.

I love you!

God the Father


I open your today by relieving you of your
distress. I do this to demonstrate to you how
close We are. Thus, My Friend, enjoy your today.
Know that I am with you in all you think, say, and


Now, be still as I renew you physically, mentally,
and spiritually. I teach you that We are One in
Love always. How hard that is for the human
mind to understand! You are so used to people
coming and going in your life. You know how
changeable people can be.

When My Divine Love always surfaces in you,
regardless of what you are experiencing in your
life, My Constancy throws your humanity for a
loop. You do not know what to do with it.

When things are going okay, you can almost take
My Love for granted. Yet when it surfaces, you
are constantly surprised. You almost say, "Lord,
things are going great today. I thank You for
being here, but I really do not need You right
now." Complacency is the millstone of humanity.
It leaves you so vulnerable to the onslaught of

I do not have to tell you to come to Me when you
are beset with trouble. You run to Me. Do you
not? No! That's a given. You find Me quite
faithful. I tell you to come to Me in good times as
well. My Constancy will eradicate your human

Complacency is more dangerous than outright
sin. It leaves you open and vulnerable to the
wiles and wickedness of evil.

Being that open to evil leads you to an ever-
deepening gulf between you and Me. Even when
you come to Me with the darkest sins, you find
Me ready, willing, and able to forgive you and to
love you.

When you are complacent and go it alone, I stand
outside of you knocking on the door to your
heart. I call out to you.

                   "Let Me in.
                   I miss you.
               I want to love you."

Yet you do not come to Me. How sad this makes

Thus, come to Me in the Eucharist, even if you
don't feel like it. I will fill you with My Love. I
strengthen you for your walk in your today. I take
great joy in doing this. I give you My Victory in
your being. We sail to Victory. I hold your hand,
My Friend. I give you freedom in My Life.




As you walk through time with My Timeless Love
as your guide, do you not see the greatness of the
gift that I have given you? I give you internal
intimate verbal previews of what Life is like in My
New Jerusalem.

Rejoice, My Friend! This is the real thing. You
could not make this up. You have an imagination.
This is true.

If you were creating words alone, perhaps you
could attribute what I say to your imagination.
However, you cannot duplicate the Peace and the
Love that My Words create in you. No matter how
hard you try, this is not something you can

You see, Our Most Holy Spirit dwells in these
words. Our Mutual Love creates those feelings
you can neither understand nor explain. In fact, if
you reread the words that We share in you, you
will also have to admit that they go way beyond
anything you can ever conceive. That is because
they are Our Infused Wisdom. We gift you with
ideas and concepts that are well out of your
league and the league of humanity.

Don't just sit there with egg on your face.
Rejoice! You are on Divine Overload. Why do We
do this in you? Why not? You are so open to Our
Words in you. It would be ungodly to pass up
such an opportunity.

Now, just be still. Take it all in. We love shaking
things up in you. We know you won't run away.




Drop your worries. Run to Me in good faith. Know
that I will receive you with Love. Martha always
has worries that interfere with Our Relationship
in Love. Mary lets go of everything and runs to
Me. She sits at My Foot listening to My Words in
her heart.

I call you to leave your worries behind. I call you
to forego your letter of the law of your view of
religion. I call you out of your human prescriptive
view of religion. I call you beyond the rules and
regulations into an ever-deepening Love
Relationship with Me.

You see, I am not a set of rules and regulations. I
am a Divine Person Who seeks an intimacy within
you that defies human understanding. That is
why I challenge you to leave worries and rules
behind you so that you can hear My Wisdom in
your heart.

I do not call you to reject rules and laws. On the
contrary, I tell you that when you go beyond
rules and We relate Heart-to-heart, the rules
become meaningless because We are in Love. My
Love directs all you think, say, and do.

Oh! You are still beset with temptations.
However, Our Love will help you withstand such
things. Divine Love, once unleashed by your free
will choice to love Me with your whole heart, your
whole soul, and your whole mind, takes over in
you. You come to Mass to receive the strength of
My Timeless Love physically in the Eucharist.
Good for you.

             Mary is your way of life.



             GET OUT OF MY WAY

When you listen with your heart and get your
detail-oriented mind out of the way, great things
happen. Look at your life. If you wanted to drive
yourself crazy with details, you could.

Of course, I recognize that planning out details is
important! However, there comes a time when
you have to let go and allow My Will to be done.
It is a funny thing. My Will prevails in all things,
great and small. Does it not? Thus, I tell you.
Don't sweat the small stuff. Listen with your
heart. Follow My Lead.

Do as much planning and praying about things
and then let go. Get out of My Way. Watch
everything fall into place.

Hmmm!!! I wonder how that takes place.


God the Father


What a confusing day this is! Everything is out of
synch. You hate days like this. It's impossible to
get a handle on anything. Isn't it? So you just
decide to stop everything and make time to just
be with Me.

Oh! Oh! I can see that look in your eye. You are
ready to explode at Me. I defuse your anger. I
touch you ever so gently. I make you smile. I tell
you this.

"Out of control days are good. They teach you
humility and obedience to My Will for you.

I do not send an angel to you as I did Mary.
However, the message is still the same. Surrender
your will to Me just for a little while in your

You are doing just that. You sit alone. You quiet
your mind. You blot out the confusion all around
you. You say as Mary did, "Be it done unto me
according to Your Will, Oh Lord."

I've got a hot flash for you. It is being done unto
you in accord with My Will for you at this very
moment in your time. You freely choose to stop
everything and get out of your world. You come
to Me with your heart in your hand. I take over in
you. I may not say or do anything special. I just
let you know that I am here with you right at this
very moment.


You could not write. You could not think for a
moment. That's because I change the tape in your
head. I play My Love song in your heart.

               "Be it done unto me.
               Be it done unto me."

Okay? So be at Peace. I know today is confusing
and seemingly out of control. I reassure you that
it is not. I am doing something new and different
in you.

                      Be still.
 Stay close to Me for a little longer in your time.
           It's Jesus Make-Over Time.
       I change the context of your today.
I make it play out in the warmth of My True Love
                      in you.

Now the confusion ceases. That’s because you let
go of trying to control the uncontrollable in your
today. You walked away from the mess. You
threw up your hands and just sat down. You
acted out the words,

                 "Stop the world.
                I want to get off."

You did just that. You came to Me internally. You
handed over your mind to Me. Good for you! Good
for you! Now you know what Mary did.




I've changed things around in you. Have I not?
Your old worn-out thought patterns no longer
hold water. Old ideas that you carry about you,
about Me, and about the purpose of life no longer
hold true for you. Oh! There is certainly a base
that has been built on My Foundation of My Love
in you and that is great. However, somehow your
heart, your soul, and your mind seek more from
Me where old ideas no longer satisfy your

Do not be upset. What you are experiencing is
part and parcel of the interior process of
purification that each soul must experience
internally on the journey to My Forever. That does
not rule out old ideas about Me. That does not
cancel out your religious beliefs. In fact, it
enhances them. We build on that strong
foundation. We give you a new perspective on all
that you have internalized. It is simply this.

If you have book knowledge and do not have
Love within you, you are like a bell with no gong.
Music on paper lies there unless a musician plays
it. It can be played intellectually without feeling.
That makes it robotic. It can be played from the
heart. That makes it too emotional. It needs to be
blended into unity for its beauty to shine through.

The same is true of your relationship with Our
Love. It needs to be a composite of the surrender
of your heart, your soul, and your mind for Our
Beauty to shine through you.

Don't worry. You'll get the hang of it. Our Grace is
the great melding pot. We make your Oneness in
Our Love blend naturally and beautifully in all you
think, say, and do. How? Our Love that is Fully
Alive in you orchestrates your being in accord
with Our Love Song in your heart.




You push on in your walk with Me through time in
your world. It makes no sense to look back. The
past is over. It makes no sense to look ahead. The
future is totally unknown. Thus, you try to live in
your today. You go from moment to moment
joyfully accepting the fact that you walk in My
Love to the best of your ability.

Of course, you know that I have a say in the way
you walk with Me. I always give you leeway to
freely choose what you think, say, and do. I just
put in My Two Cents as part of the mix in your
thoughts as you respond to life in your today.

I leave you on your own as much as possible. I
trust you enough to do this. When you seem a
little wobbly, I surface more in your inner world. I
am unseen by you and by others. That is true.
However, I make My Position on actions you plan
to take quite clear. I may take over your inner
thoughts. It's kind of like clicking a switch on an

I say, "Ahem! Are you sure this is what you want
to do? Have you ever thought about doing things

I may send a person to you with My Advice. I may
lead you to Scripture. I may stir up emotions that
make you uncomfortable until you decide to come
to Me in prayer. I use any and all means at My
Disposal to make My Position quite clear. Why
not? Evil does the same. It's no use fighting evil
with My Hypothetical Hands tied behind My Back.

I speak figuratively. You know this. It helps make
My Point. Doesn't it? It makes no sense beating
around the bush. When I see a friend's faith in Me
wobbling, I become quite direct. Even if a friend
should fall, and this happens to even "just" men, I
work on getting them to repent, turn away from
sin, and return to Me.

Well, I've gone on longer than I intend. I just
want to make sure that you see how involved I
am in your life and in the lives of My Friends like
you. You see, I love you so much. I want only the
best for you.


God the Father


I am so happy to see you at Mass. I know you are
here seeking My Counsel and My Love. You knock
on the door to My Sacred Heart. You find that it
springs open at your first knock. I am here for
you. I just love answering prayers. That's why I
am so happy to see you here at Mass.

I am the Bottomless Source of Grace-Filled Help.
          I cannot say that any clearer.
       I prove that to you time and again.
        I know that is why you are here.

You are no fool. You willingly come to My Grace-
Filled School. You can't wait for Meal Time. You
can't wait to receive My Timeless Love physically
in the Eucharist. You know that My Strength is
there for you.

I slow you down a bit. I make you ready to house
My True Presence in you. I cleanse you of your
sins. I instruct you through My Words. I hear your
petitions. I offer them with My Presence to Our

           Transubstantiation occurs.
          The miracle you seek is here.
         Join all who love Me as you do.
               Say the Our Father.
                Receive My Peace.

                  Come to Me.
           Receive My True Presence.
           Be in Communion with Me.



                 GONE FISHING

I am here with you. I know how upset you are.
Just be with Me in prayer quietly. I will minister
to you.


Evangelists have to develop thick skins. They step
on toes. They question authority. They sometimes
bring down the wrath of such authority on
themselves and wonder why this happens to

My Friend! Be an evangelizer for Me. Allow Our
Most Holy Spirit to lead you to do My Work My
Way. If this leads you into trouble, so be it. I will
lead you through such storms with relative ease.
You will emerge unscathed and changed by such

I know the fire in the furnace of your work for Me
may become white hot at times. Have no fear. Do
not waver in your resolve to do as I lead you. My
Grace-Filled Love is your asbestos suit. My Holy
Spirit in you is your Oxygen of New Life.

Breathe in deeply. Be filled with the Wonder and
the Power of My Love within you. I strengthen
you for your daily journey over the rocks of
tradition. I make sure they do not tear at your
feet and cause you to back away from the work I
have for you to do.

Thus, press on, My Friend! Evangelizing others is
lonely work. Thus, I provide you with the support
and friendship of many souls like you who carry
My Banner of New Life in their hearts.

                  My Friend!
    You may be lonely, but you are not alone.

              Wherever you go, I go.
              Whatever you do, I do.
               We are One in Love.

 My Will is to be done through the work I give to
                     you daily.

What is this work? It is simply this.

  Spread the Word that I return to those who
befriend Me internally in their daily walk with Me
                 through time.

               My Friends know this.
          They hear My Voice internally.
        I strengthen them Eucharistically.
        I make them One in Love with Me.

I wish to touch hearts of stone through My Gifts
   to those like you who say "Yes" to My Call.
   I am alive in you and in those like you who
       willingly lay down their lives for Me.
          Oh! They do not die physically.
No! They lay down their will so that they may do
             My Will daily in their lives.

   You, My Friends, are My Army of Souls who
 dedicate their lives to being "fishers of men and
 Thus, when opposition comes your way because
 of the work that you do for Me, put up a sign in
     your psyche that reads, "Gone fishing!"

          It will make life easier for you.


                  God the Father


You are at Mass. See how controversy dies when
you come to receive My True Presence in the

 I am the Miracle that satisfies all human needs.
I change bread and wine into the Body and Blood,
 Soul and Divinity of Jesus Who is the Messiah of

This miracle is not just conceptual. It is not just
spiritual. No! It involves a substantial change.
Bread and wine are present only in appearance.
The miracle is that Jesus the Messiah is Fully and
Completely Alive on the altar through
Transubstantiation. That is what
Transubstantiation means. That is the only
miracle that is the foundation of the belief of the
Church He established on Earth. All other
miraculous happenings need to be investigated
rigorously locally and then ultimately before they
are approved.

Evil seeks to distract faithful friends, even
through events that have the appearance of being
supernatural. That is why such care is taken in
investigating such events. Mother Church seeks
to protect her faithful ones from harm. However,
there is One Miracle that occurs daily on altars all
over the world. That miracle is incontrovertible. It
is the core of what followers of Me believe and
see with eyes of faith.

Other supernatural events will come and go over
time. Some will receive full approval. Others will
not receive such approval and still remain in the
realm of private revelation and that is okay.

Even though there is no formal approval from
Rome, such private events are marked by gifts of
conversion, faith increase, and healing for which
We are all most thankful. That may be the role
such private revelation may play in God's Plan of

One thing is most certain. The Miracle of My True
Presence in the Eucharist is undeniable. It stems
from Jesus Who is Our Messiah, Our Father, and
their Mutual Love in the Divine Person of the Most
Holy Spirit. It is their Unity in Love becoming
physically alive on the altar through the Miracle
of Transubstantiation. Thus, I meet you at Mass. I
commend you on your willingness to participate
in Our Miracle of Love.

Say the Our Father. Receive Our Peace. Come
now. Receive Our Undisputable Miracle of Love.
Be made One in Love with Us through your
worthy reception of the True Presence of Jesus at
this valid Mass.




I speak to all hearts. Language presents no
barrier to Me. I speak the language of My Sacred
Heart. I fill surrendered hearts with My Love. I
am Universal. The Tower of Babel does not exist
when I wish to communicate with a heart.

You come before Me in Adoration of My True
Presence in the Eucharist. Others are here. You
find out that they are Spanish. They sing in their
native language. It is obvious they love Me.

You do not understand Spanish. However, you
recognize Love of Me when you see it. You relate
to the Love they are expressing at this moment.
You cannot read their minds or understand their
language. Yet their body language says it all

Aren't you glad you came here instead of
stretching out and watching a ball game? Here
you see the Eternal Love Story being enacted
before your very eyes. It is such an eye opener
for you. You see that Love of Me stretches well
beyond your limited world of English. How
exciting that is for you to be privy to an
expression of human love for My Divinity in

I respond to the hearts of all here in the ways
they need most.

                    You see!
             I am the Perfect Host!
            Nobody leaves unfulfilled.



            GET OUT OF MY WAY

Get out of My Way. Today is My Day. You will find
that as your work for Me continues that I will
take over in so many ways. I will demonstrate to
you that you are never alone. Thus, be at Peace.
Place all your concerns in My Hands. Know that
you walk in My Love. Just be with Me quietly and
gently. Leave the details to Me.

Oh, My Friend, there is so much that you do not
know or understand about My Love for you and
My Plans for you. You will learn soon enough that
just letting go is the bottom line. Your ministry is
being blessed profusely by My Grace. Close your
mouth. It is not polite to gape at the wonderful
things My Love does.



                  GET WITH IT

What's a guy like you doing out on a night like
this? You've had a full day. Yet you just won't
quit coming to Me in so many different ways.

My Music attracts you. So you come to a concert
of My Music. It's so refreshing for Me to know
that a guy of your "mature" years is so
adventuresome. You say, "I'll be confined to
being a homebody soon enough. Besides, it's fun
to let go of everything and to come to hear Your
inspired music."

I know how much you enjoy music - especially My
Spirit-Filled Inspired Music. That's why I tempted
you with the thought of coming here. I knew you
couldn't resist My Invitation. Good for you! I am
so proud of you. You put old ways behind you and
ventured forth to be with Me musically.

I have a surprise for you. This is exactly what I
wanted you to do. There is no sense sitting home
and licking your wounds. They'll heal faster and
better if you venture forth to explore My New
Vistas for you.

Oh, My Friend! The time for solitude and tears is
over. Let the Joy of My Music wash your pain

  Come to My New Life through your love of My
               Inspired Music!

Dance with Me tonight, even if just for a little
while. In fact, I'll even let you step on My Toes
occasionally. However, don't be surprised if I
don't step on your toes, too. I am a Perfect
Leader of Dance. Your feet are all thumbs. You
have to learn to loosen up.

No! No! This is not an old fashioned waltz! Get
with it! Step lively. Be careful. I might step on
your toes again.


The Most Holy Spirit


Music touches your heart in such a special way. I
dwell in the words and the music of inspired
songs. I lie there and wait for the opportune
moment to break through to My Love that dwells
in you. I catch your attention with My Rhythm.
My Beat starts your heart beating in tandem with

I work My Way from your heart to the core of
your soul. I reach the depths of your innermost
being in ways that surprise you. I need no map to
find My Way. I know where My Spirit dwells in
you. Oh! You can imagine that you know where
My Love is within you. However, you do not.

What if I said your eyelash is My Favorite Hiding
Place? You'd want to know which one. Wouldn't
you? Even if I told you which one, you wouldn't
find Me there. It is not that I am playing hard to
get. The reality is that I cannot be confined in a
specific part of your body. I am everywhere and
nowhere in you at one and the same time. How
can that be? Well! After all! I am Infinite. I defy
understanding by any human mind.

So I do My Thing in you because you allow Me
total access to your being. Thus, stop trying to pin
Me down. Just go with the glow of the music that
I make in your heart, your soul, and your mind.

It does not make any difference if the music is
slow or fast or loud or soft. It fits your heartfelt
need of the moment. You see! I know you inside
out and upside down. You can turn your being
any which way that you want and you will still
encounter My Touch of Love as My Song
reverberates throughout your being.

So, just relax! Don't run. Don't think. Don't do
anything. Just let Me sing My Love Song in your
heart. I promise that I will tailor it to your need
of the moment. Are you ready? Great! Let's begin.


The Most Holy Spirit


I remove the straitjacket from the way you relate
to Me. I lift you out of your cookie-cutter mold of
relating to Me. Why do I do this at this stage of
your life? Well! Why not now? Isn't it better late
in life than never at all?

I flood you with the freedom of My Grace in such
a way that I overwhelm and baffle you. You are
so stunned that you cannot move. Well! Why
move? Just stand still. Let My Love flow
throughout your being. Accept the Love that is
eternally freeing. Then get on your way.
Remember this Grace-filled moment. I fashion it
just for you.


God the Father


We meet in My Love. I touch your heart because
you, by your faith and trust in My Love, touch My
Sacred Heart. As persons in Love, We meet
quietly in Our Sacred Space.

You, in your human way, by your action of willing
yourself to just be with Me, open your heart, your
soul, and your mind to Me by freely choosing to
be before Me in prayer at the start of your today.

I, in My Divine Way, welcome you to Our Sacred
Space by pouring out My Sanctifying Grace on
you. I touch the totality of your being in ways
that totally amaze you. Even though you do not
completely know or understand what My Touch
does in you, you are aware of My Touch within

I, Jesus the Messiah, with the assent of Our
Father through the Indwelling of Our Most Holy
Spirit, transform your being by My True Presence
in you physically.

The Miracle of Transubstantiation received
worthily in faith in your being physically at a valid
Mass transforms your being from within. Our
Love is consummated in that very moment when
you consume Me physically and I, by My True
Presence in you, consume the totality of your

   Divinity and humanity become One in Love
      through the mystery of the Miracle of

This miracle is unique and special in you as it is
unique and special to all who, like you, befriend
Me by freely choosing to participate in this
Wondrous Gift of Divine Love.

Enough theology! Enjoy Our Gift of Love. Allow it
to flow freely and completely in you. Dance with
Me in Our Freely-Given Love. Let your heart soar
to the Heavens from whence Our Gift comes.

Be consumed by Our Love. Be free of the
constraints of your humanity. Come fly with Me in
the freedom that only Our Love can give you. I
am within you physically. You receive My Body
and My Blood and My Soul and My Divinity in
Love, with Love, and through Love. Wow!



               PROOF POSITIVE

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When a
Roman Catholic receives My True Presence, he
does so with full knowledge of what he receives.
He knows this is not a remembrance service.

It is hard to convey to others the experiential
reality of what the True Presence in the Eucharist
is. Perhaps it is best to just relate that meeting
Jesus in the Eucharist is like encountering a dear
friend who knows you better than you know
yourself and still loves you.

Is Jesus Truly Alive in the Eucharist that you
receive at a valid Mass? How do you know this?
How do you prove this to anybody? These are
questions that rattle around your brain. You know
you cannot see Jesus. You cannot touch Him
physically. Yet there He is within you, waiting to
speak in your heart.

My Friend! You think too much. You don't have to
prove anything to anybody. That is not your job.
That is something I take care of uniquely and
intimately in those, who like you, ask the very
same questions that you ask. I do in them as I do
in you. I simply rise to their awareness quietly,
gently, and intimately as I do in you.

Making others aware of My True Presence in the
Eucharist is impossible for you or any other
human being to do. It is so easy for Me to do.
After all! I control My Interaction with My
Friends, both new and old friends, My Way.

You see! I am not a concept. I am not a
theological treatise. I am a Divine Person. I
choose My Friends, even though they think they
choose Me. Oh! Indeed, they freely choose to
follow Me after I freely choose to invite them into
My Relationship in Love. Then the fun and
excitement of a newly-formed Relationship in
Love begins.

My Friends find that there is a new beginning
with Me every day.

I never let things grow stale and dry, even
though the messages I send all have the same
base. I tell My Friends in an infinite number of
ways that I love them. I then set about the daily
task in their time demonstrating to them
experientially that I speak Truth in them. So, My
Friend, you can and will tell others about the
Treasure of Love you find in the Eucharist. I
expect you to do this.

I just want you to know that I take over from
there. I am letting you know that your job is over
when you speak of My True Presence to others.
Thus, take a break from evangelizing. Just be
with Me. I wish to demonstrate My Physical
Presence in you by healing you of a physical
complaint. I certainly know that you have an
awful number of them.

I tell you what I will do. I'll heal one you did not
know that you had. I do this right now in your
time. Be still! There! That's better! You'll be happy
that that physical problem is gone.

What's the matter? You ask, If I didn't know I
had a physical problem and You heal it, how does
that prove anything? It's like an invisible double

My! You certainly are impertinent. Okay! I see
your point. Now I won't heal anything. What's the
matter now? You feel cheated out of a healing!
Hmmm!!! Well, okay! I'll heal your most obvious
complaint of the moment. However, let what is
healed be between Us. Boy! You certainly drive a
hard bargain.

My Friends who read these words! I want you to
see the back-and-forth nature of the relationship
I have with My Friend.

He's a little of an upstart. However, I love him for
just being himself with Me. Don't worry. If he
gets too far out of line, I will put him in his place
gently and lovingly.

I show you this so that you know that I truly
expect you to be you in Our Relationship in Love
that grows out of your worthy reception of My
True Presence in the Eucharist at a valid Mass.

Sparks may fly at time. However, that's okay. I
am more than equal to putting you in your place
should the need arrive. That comes with the turf
of Our Relationship in Love.

Well! This has been quite a tome. I am not usually
this wordy. However, the time was perfect to
explain things at length.




You've broken the shell of time that held you
captive. You decide to walk away from fear and to
live. I know that sounds like monumental words
when you know that what you did was quite
ordinary. You did something a little different this
morning. You walked to church. It is not a big
deal from the outside looking in. However, from
the inside looking out, it is a big deal. You
followed the prompting of Our Most Holy Spirit.
You broke away from your morning routine.
What's the big deal?

I'll tell you what the big deal is. In your small
way, you acted in accord with My Will for you. It
was not a big deal for you.

You did as I asked without questioning why. You
acted in obedience to what you believe is My Will
for you in this small matter without knowing why
I ask that you do this.

Obedience to My Will in small matters like this
morning, even if you only believe it is My Will for
you, without questioning why, means that you
are rich in the virtue of obedience. I bless you in
ways you will never understand for your blind
obedience to Me in such a small matter. Thus, My
Obedient Friend, rejoice in the Love that I share
in you. I heal you of many things unknown to you
because you follow Me without questioning Me.

Readers! A day will come when I will ask you to
go against the grain of routinized you. I pray that
you will be obedient to Me at such moments in
your life. If you ask Me for the Grace to follow Me
in all things, great and small, you will find My
Grace within you in such abundance that you will
do as I ask with ease.

I will never ask you to do anything that smacks of
even the hint of evil. I am Perfect Goodness. Evil
is repelled by Me. Keep coming to Me daily.
Receive My True Presence in the Eucharist. Be
strengthened by My Divine True Presence in you
physically. My Love in you physically nurtures My
Virtue of Obedience in you.



              REST IN OUR LOVE

See what happens when you take a chance on
Love! Your view of your today turns upside down.
You come to Me. You follow what you believe is
My Will for you. Negative thinking fades out of
sight. You begin to see this My Way.
Impossibilities take flight. Somehow, the day
seems doable.

How does this happen? My Peace takes over in
you. I wash away your usually harsh, negative,
critical thoughts. I power wash your mind to such
an extent that even the traces of negativity are
not visible in any way, shape, or form.

You come before Me in prayer. The mountain of
negative thought melts into nothingness before
the Awesome Power of Our Most Holy Spirit that
takes over within you. Even minor physical
complaints are nowhere to be found. This
tremendous turn of events occurs in you just
because you take the time to come before My
True Presence in the Eucharist in response to
what you believe is My Will for you.

Do you see how your obedience to what you
believe I call you to do takes over all you think,
say, and do? Isn't it amazing what simple
obedience effects in you? Gone are the moaning
and weeping. Joy rules your heart, even if it lasts
for only these few moments when you are before
Me in prayer. You really don't care. A thirsty
person in the middle of a desert rejoices at being
in an oasis.

This is not a hallucination. I am quite real. I make
My True Presence in you known to you without
having to do anything but breathe on you.
Breathe in My New Life, My Friend.

Be refreshed in My Oasis of Love. Dive in, even if
you are in over your head.

My Love will more than keep you afloat. In fact, it
will lift you so far beyond your "what is" as My
Silence envelops you. We are One in Love in the
Sacred Space where My Divinity touches your
humanity. What more is there for you to know?
Heaven rests in your heart as your heart rests in
Our Love.




You are on the precipice of negativity. Let Me lift
you up. I want this day to be special for you. May
I enter into your thoughts and your feelings?

         I heard you say, "Please, Lord!"

Well! Here I am, My Friend! I see Johnny-on-the-
spot. I simply eliminate that spot. I, Jesus the
Messiah, take Full Authority over that negative
spirit and any other negative spirits in you that
await your fall into negativity. I bind them all
with My Divine Power. I cast them out to the foot
of My Cross immediately. Begone, slime. This soul
is Mine now and forevermore. Begone to the foot
of My Cross where I deal with you forevermore.

Now, My Friend, I seal up the crack in your
human wineskin through which they creep. I fill
you up to overflowing with the Mutual Love of
Our Father and Myself in the Divine Person of Our
Most Holy Spirit. Be still. There is nothing more
for you to do. We are in complete charge of your
being. Sit back. Relax! Be at Peace in Our Love.

Your attack of your today is over. It came early.
We have dispatched it to hell where it belongs.



                BE NOT AFRAID

The ravages of spiritual warfare inflict damage
within your being. It shows itself in fatigue and
the surfacing of negativity. It seeps in because
evil never lets up its barrage on those who walk
with Me in Love.

I have dispatched evil. Now I touch you with My
Energy. I flood you with an inner sense of My
Love. I repair the pothole in your being. I give
you the Grace of Salvation. I renew your spirit by
My Touch.

Oh, My Friend! Blessed are they who stand in the
gap between time and Forever. I cleanse them of
their sins. I refurbish the path they use to follow
Me. I scrape their path down to its core. I score it
with My Tread so that My New Covering adheres
to its surface forever. I place My Covering over
the wide open path. My Repair is everlasting.

Step forward in Love, My Friend. Be not afraid. My
Repair Job within you is finished.
Come! Follow Me. Be not afraid. I go before you in
all things. I sound the all-clear signal. What I
begin in you, I complete. I do as I wish in you My

Rejoice, My Friend! Rejoice! He that is within you
is greater than he that is in your world.

I will nourish you by the Eucharist that you
receive at this Mass that you attend. My True
Presence in the Miracle of Transubstantiation that
you receive at this Mass creates you anew in My


God the Father


I prepare your human gifts to participate actively
in the Miracle of Transubstantiation. I pray these
gifts be made acceptable to God Our Father. I
prepare you in the same way. Now, all is in
readiness for the change of these gifts of bread
and wine into My Body and My Blood and My Soul
and My Divinity.

            Transubstantiation occurs.
         I am miraculously present here.
           I am alive for you to see Me.
            I give you My Eyes of Faith.

Say the Our Father. Bond with all who, like you,
follow Me timelessly. Receive My Peace in your
heart. Share My Peace with others. You are now
ready to worthily receive My True Presence in the

Be made One in Love with Me physically. Let My
Love transform you.




I work miracles in you. Do I not? My True
Presence in you creates you anew in Our Love.
There is no room for anything else in you but
abandonment to Our Love. Isn't that wonderful?

Oh, My Friend! When you start up a relationship
in Me, the only outcome is to be overwhelmed by
My True Presence in you. Isn't that the greatest
news anyone can give you? We are One in Love!
Hooray! Oh, We both know that this unity will
fade away as the demands of life in your world
distract you from Our Unity. That is okay. It is to
be expected as part of the human condition. Yet
there is still Good News. This Unity is established
again and again each time you step forward in
faith and joyfully receive My True Presence in the

I am the Strength your being needs to faithfully
follow My Lead in you 24/7. I am the Certainty
your mind needs to enable you to put down the
daily ongoing attacks of evil on you. I am the
Truth that clears up the confusion of your
humanity with such Power that nothing remains
in you that can confuse you.

I am the Clarity of Vision in you that allows you
insights into My Truth repeatedly day after day
after day in your time. My Light in you is so bright
that it blinds you to the distractions of life in your

Isn't that the best news your heart, your soul,
and your mind can ever hear?


The Most Holy Spirit


I am here, My Friend. Be not afraid. I will never
disappoint you. I would miss Our Meeting with
you as much as you would miss your meeting
with Us. It's an exciting adventure. Isn't it? Who
could have ever predicted it would turn out this
way? You certainly could not. You were too busy
surviving in life in your world.

Of course, I knew where this would lead if you
remained faithful to My Call in you.
You are faithful to My Call to your heart. How
wonderful for you! Now you wonder, Where do I
go from here, Lord?

I tell you now that the answer to that question
will play out in a joyful way in your life in the
world of man. I have told you many times that I
plan to return. Indeed, I am returning.

Oh! I know that humanity is and has been waiting
for My Return for centuries. That time is here in
your time. Oh! I know you think I speak of My
Return internally within your heart. That is just
one part of My Return. No! I speak of My General
Second Coming. As hard as it is to believe, that
event in your time is breathing down the neck of

Evil has had its way. It knows its time is just
about up. Thus, it stomps around Earth
aggressively seeking to draw more and more
souls to their fiery end with the world as you
know it.

However, there are souls like you who listen to
My Call in their hearts. They are My Voice in your
dying world. In your quiet ways, you stand
resolutely against the tide of evil that wishes to
wash away goodness.

My Friends! Events will occur that will give a
wake-up call to humanity. Those events are just
ahead on the horizon of time for humanity in your
time. This time, humanity will listen as My
Warning touches the four corners of your world.
Many will fall to their knees as My Gentle
Warning becomes so real that it cannot be

Be not afraid, My Faithful Ones. I am always with
you because you listen to My Call.
I will shepherd My Flock. I will lead them to
safety. I will take them with Me to My Promised
Land, My New Jerusalem.

The question always arises, How will You do this,
Lord? My Response is simply this. I prepare My
Remnant Flock internally in these final days in
time in your world. Have I not said, "My Sheep
know My Voice"?

I know you think about individual death in time
and rising in My Forever. Many have and continue
coming to Me that way. However, I speak of My
Remnant who remain alive in the world of man in
its final days.

They will not die as has been usual. Instead, Our
Holy Spirit in them will touch them with the Fire
of Our Love so powerfully that they will roam
about the world where they reside doing
wondrous things in My Name. They will bring
many souls Home to Me in those final days.

My Power of Persuasion within them will be
irrefutable. I will send souls destined for Me to
them, and they will rise above the horrors of what
is to be for the damned.

I tell you once more. Be not afraid! My Will is
done in all things, great and small. Remember! He
that is within you is greater than he that is within
the world seeking the destruction of souls.



               DON'T BE UPSET

I know you are upset by the words I shared in
you this morning. You say that they border on
insanity. That is the way you judge all words that
deal with "end times."
What if these words are for real? What am I
really saying to you specifically and to readers in

I, Jesus the Messiah, am coming back to claim My
Own. I am returning to claim My Rightful Place as
Christ the King. Aren't words like this in

You answer, "Yes! However, they do not sound as
ominous and as imminent as when You say them
in these letters. Yes! They make me anxious. I do
not want anyone to see them because they would
think that I am crazy. I write these words in
obedience to what I believe is Your will for me. I
love all the other words. However, these 'end
times' letters are too much for me to write."

Oh! My Friend! Write away. Chalk it up to science
fiction or an overactive imagination. However,
write these words just as I form them in you.
Okay? Good!

I tell you now that My Words in you on end times
are as real as can be. I simply confirm Scripture
by what I say. I do not give a timeframe other
than "on the horizon." That's as vague as can be.
I know. You'll just have to put up with words like
these if you wish to follow Me more closely.
Okay? Great!

Go to bed now. It's late and you have a full day
ahead of you. Be not afraid. I keep you safe from
harm. Don't let My Words in you throw you. In
due time, you will see the Truth embedded in




Good morning, My Friend! I welcome you to Our
Sacred Space in the quiet of your heart. I begin
forming words in you immediately before you are
fully awake. I know that is the best time to teach
your mind My Perspective on your today. You are
wide open to Me. Your defense system is not yet
in place. Thus, I, Jesus the Messiah, speak in you
quite freely and quite openly.

My Friend, I am most pleased with you and with
your tenacity in pursuing more and more of Our
Love within you. What began as a means of
dealing with a particular problem in your life has
led to a Relationship in Love that far exceeds
anything your mind can ever imagine.

While the Love you uncover is unbelievably
beautiful, it comes and goes depending on the
events of your today. That is why I seek to be
with you at the beginning of each day.

I wish to catch you before the events of your
today crash through the quiet, gentle time We
share. Thus, I tell you to just be with Me. Do not
think or analyze while We are One in Love. Our
Love Interactions defy understanding. They are
beyond anything human.

You know this and are a little timid and nervous
about these words. You say, "Who am I that the
Lord form words in me? I am nothing. Yet these
words flow in me. I do not know why. I just know
that I am driven to write them daily. I will do so
because I believe that this is what I am called to
do. Thus, Lord Jesus, help me get out of Your way
each day so that I may hear Your words each

Oh, My Friend! What joy you give My Sacred
Heart! You come to Me and open your inner
stream of consciousness to Me. I am most
pleased that you do so. I promise that I will never
lead you astray by what I say and that I will bless
you abundantly because of your willingness to
serve Me.




Be at Peace, My Friend! Rejoice at My Marvelous
Gift of Love in you. Know that it comes directly to
you from My Sacred Heart to your human heart.
Theologians and church officials, take note. You
can and must explore this voluminous number of
letters and meditation to determine when and if
they vary from Church teaching and/or
revelations in Scripture. That is your job, and I
expect that you will do it thoroughly.

My Friend who writes what he hears in his heart
is neither a theologian nor a Scripture scholar. A
brief conversation with him as part of the scrutiny
of these words will certainly demonstrate his
sparse knowledge of Scripture. He is most
concerned that these words be gone over with a
fine tooth comb. He would be devastated if
somehow they led anyone astray. Thus, I tell My
Friend as I reassure you before you explore these
words of Mine,

I am Jesus the Messiah Who forms these words in
                    My Friend.
I do so with the assent of Our Father through the
   Indwelling of Our Mutual Love in the Divine
         Person of Our Most Holy Spirit.

My Friend prefers that these letters remain
personal and closed. He only shares them at Our
Request. He believes he follows Our Will by doing
so, even though he knows he will be scorned and
criticized. He is the most critical of friends that I
He questions everything I say and every
prediction I make. That is why I have to reassure
him as often as I do.

He writes the words as I form them in him. He
does not delete a word. The letters are written in
a matter of a few minutes daily. The words, to
quote him, "just flow." He is bright enough to
understand that daily letters from Me are
possible. However, he questions My Choice of him
to be a receiver of such a gift.

Go easy on him. His life has been quite difficult.
That's how these words began in him. I helped
him with a gigantic problem in his life. He is so
used to problems.

He thoroughly expects to be drummed out of the
Church because of these letters. That would
coincide with his life experiences. That would be
another bell to answer.

Today is the feast day of St Teresa of Avila. He
read her book Interior Castles and saw the
parallel to what he has experienced over these
many years of listening for and writing My Words
each day. He is dedicated to My True Presence in
the Eucharist. He considers it his Heavenly Manna
that nourishes him on his daily walk in time.

I think you will enjoy these letters.



             MY OASIS OF PEACE

My Friend! I welcome you here before Me in
Adoration of My True Presence in the Eucharist. I
know this is not the usual chapel where you pray.
That makes no difference to Me. I am here in the
Eucharist that you adore. Isn't that all that

Be still. Let My Presence here in the Eucharist
take over your being totally. Know that in
surrendering to Me that you freely choose the
best path for you to follow at this very moment in
your life.


That's it. Get comfortable. Remove anything that
distracts your attention from Me.


I cleanse you, My Friend. I take away the muck
and mire that clings to you as part of the residue
of your interactions with events in your world in
your today. As I cleanse you, I want you to
experience the Peace My Touch brings to you.

                Be still once more.
             I wish to minister to you.


Here! Let Me wash away memories and thoughts
of the troubles you face in your today.


That long stretch of silence is My Gift to you. It
creates a gap between life in your world and True
Life in My World.

Many visitors to My True Presence in the
Eucharist say that they do not know what to do
when they spend a whole hour with Me. They are
so used to talking to Me and to telling Me all their
concerns. They are so busy telling Me what I
already know that they miss out on Me trying to
tell them what I want them to know. That is why
I lead My Friends across My Bridge of Inner
Silence to My World. I help them break contact
with their world and open the ears of their heart
to My Lessons in Love from My World. Once they
make contact with Me, they never forget the

Adoration of My True Presence in the Eucharist is
the perfect venue for encountering Me in their
being. The Silence here says it all. Friends learn to
surrender their inner stream of consciousness to
My Love. What begins in silence grows to a
deafening experiential crescendo of Love
internally that is impossible to forget.

Does this happen every time at Adoration? No! My
Silence is an acquired taste. It is infused in those
who strive to achieve it almost in a surprising

My Friends find that the harder they try
intellectually to quiet their inner voice, the more
distracted they become. Thus I tell My Friends,
just say My Name, Jesus, in your inner voice
repeatedly. Then, as My Gift to such friends, I
shower them with My Silence. They then wonder
how "I did that?" They try again and can't
reproduce My Touch of Silent Love in them. That's
because My Silent Love is a gift from Me. I give it
freely and unexpectedly to pursuers of My Love.
They think they did it. In reality, I guide the
whole experience.

I spot My Friends on their way to be with Me. I
ready them to experience Me internally.
Newcomers meet Me almost immediately. They
wonder what happened. Old-timers become
accustomed to waiting expectantly for Me to
come to them. You see, Adoration is My One-
Room Schoolhouse where I teach old and
newcomers about My Love experientially,
internally, and intimately.

Ask people when they leave Adoration, "What
happened?" Invariably they will say, "Jesus is
there. What a wonderful experience. I feel
Peaceful." That's the mark of an Adorer of Me.
They leave Adoration with an ever-deepening
sense of Intimacy with Me.

My Friend is finishing this letter. If you ask him
what happened, he would say, "I don't know. I
just feel good having been here for a while." He'd
smile and be on his way. He looks the same on
the outside. Yet he knows that on the inside he's
different. He feels closer to Me.

Readers! Try crossing over to Me silently. You'll
find Me more than ready, willing, and able to lead
you out of the desert of life in the world of man
into My Oasis of Peace in My World of Silent Love.




Be not afraid. I am here with you right now in
your space in time. Your early morning
distractions will fade into nothingness in these
precious moments when We are One-on-one in

Trust Me, My Friend. I will slow you down from
within. I know it is hard to contain your
enthusiasm for Me. You are like a cat on a hot tin
roof. Better still! You are like a racing stallion
chomping at the bit waiting for the race to begin.

My Friend! Your race is long since over. You have
won your race. You know this.

You can't wait to get your day going so you can
help others win their race or at least become
aware that there is a racetrack. Thus, I help you
to slow down. If you break out of the starting
gate too soon, it will be ruled a false start. In
football, "offside" gets a five yard penalty.

Be not afraid. I guide you ever so gently from
within. You will not be penalized in the least for
being on fire to do My Work. Take a deep breath.
Let My Grace in you take over and redirect your
energy elsewhere.

My Friend! I love your enthusiasm for Me. Be still.
I wish to minister to you.



              I AM WITHIN YOU

Now you know how rock musicians feel when
they get ready for a concert. They get revved up
before they go on stage. Once the concert begins,
they get lost in the music. The same is true for
you at the start of most days. You are so
energized to go to work for Me that it is hard for
you to sit still.

Oh, I know there are other days when you feel
like you've died and you have to pray for Me to
give you the Grace to drag yourself out of bed to
come to work for Me. You see, I am Fully Alive in
you in both cases. I lift you up when you need a
lift. I slow you down when you feel like you are
jumping out of your skin. I am with you in all the
in-between days as well. I give you exactly what
you need to make it through each day My Way.
That's why I call you to Mass each day. I wish to
share the Miracle of My True Presence in you in
the Eucharist at each Mass.

I am the Miracle of Heavenly Manna that feeds
your body, mind, and soul exactly what is needed
each and every day in your walk through time. I
nourish My Spirit in you in ways known by you,
but never completely understood by you each
time you freely choose to come to Me to accept
the Miracle of My True Presence in the Eucharist
physically at Mass.

               I am the Bread of Life.
               I am the Blood of Life.
         I mix My Divinity in you physically.

Unless you eat My Body and drink My Blood, you
           shall not have Life in you.

Thus, enjoy what I do in you. I surround you with
My Love. I also fill you internally with a sense of
My True Love in you. This is the mystery that can
never be solved by humanity.

This is My Plan of Salvation unfolding in you and
  all My Friends one day at a time in the world
governed by time and beyond time in the world
                governed by Love.

I am the He that is within you. I am greater than
he that is in your world seeking to bring you to
his world of nothingness. If you let Me, I will
crush that serpent beneath the feet of My Mother
until he has no life left in him.



             MY MIRACLE OF LOVE

             Transubstantiation occurs.
                  My Miracle happens.
                I am alive on this altar.
               I stop time in this place.
         I rule supreme in each heart here.

                Say the Our Father.
                Receive My Peace.

     I make you ready to be One in Love with Me

                   Come to Me.
            Receive My Miracle of Love.
            Be in Communion with Me.




What a delight you truly are! You listen to My
Suggestions that I place on your heart. I love you
for your obedience to what you believe is My Will
for you. Be not afraid. I will not lead you astray. I
will always lead you closer and closer to Me by
the Love that guides you from within your being.
You think, "This is crazy." Yet when you follow
what you believe is My Will for you, you
experience My Peace in you.

Look at now. Instead of you running around
seeking after Me in an Adoration Chapel, I tell
you to just sit down and be still. Then I rise to
your awareness almost immediately after you
comply with what you believe is My Will for you.

My Friend! I am everywhere. You are open to My
Will as you discern it. Thus, I can rise to your
awareness anywhere you are. To find Me in you,
all you have to do is to quiet yourself and go
within your heart. You will find Me there waiting
for you with open arms. You are a psychologist.
You wonder if you have multiple personalities.
You discount that because you are aware of
"both" personalities.


Well, Sherlock, what is your conclusion? You say
internally so nobody hears you, "This is truly
Jesus the Messiah, Who forms these words in me
with the assent of Our Father through the
Indwelling of their Mutual Love in the Divine
Person of the Most Holy Spirit. What I believe is
true!" Duh! Give that man a cigar. He just
answered the 64 million dollar question as to
what is going on here.

My Friend! You've answered that question
thousands of times over the years. This is not
new. It just feels new each time you come up
with this answer. I give you an A+ each time, too.

Well! I made My Point this morning. Get on with
your today. Know that I am with you always. You
know where to find Me. See you later.




Didn't you enjoy finding Me by just becoming
still? Isn't it great to know that I dwell in you
24/7? Oh! You are not a saint by any stretch of
imagination. Let Me use an Irish compliment with
which you can relate given your heritage.

             "You are not half bad!"

I do so love catching you flatfooted with egg on
your face. Tee-hee!


The Most Holy Spirit

                    I AM LOVE

You come to a formal setting to be with Me. You
come to church to be with Me in prayer and in
worthy reception of My True Presence in the
Eucharist. Nothing changes in the ways I am with
you. Does it?

Oh! I know I will nourish you with My True
Presence and that will strengthen your dedication
to be with Me. Yet I do not change. Do I? Of
course, I do not. I am the same yesterday, today,
and tomorrow. I am Timeless Love. I exist
outside the constraints of humanity's time.

                           I Am!

It is as simple as that.

  He that is within you is greater than he that is
                   without you.

What does this mean? It means you are out of
your league when you try to understand what I
do in you in these precious moments when We

                       I Am!
            You are in temporary time.
                 You begin in time.
                  You end in time.
             I am before you in time.
              I am after you in time.
                       I Am!

               I wish to add to I Am.
                    I add Love.
                    I Am Love!

   I am the Love your humanity craves but can
               never understand.
  I am with you always in Love, with Love, and
                  through Love.

How? You will never understand how. You will
just experience My Love internally.

I draw you into Love with Me. I wish to touch
your heart, your soul, and your mind by allowing
you the privilege of receiving My True Presence in
the Eucharist.

The Miracle of Transubstantiation occurs at this
Mass. Bread and wine become the Body and
Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Son Who is Jesus
the Messiah. He was broken. He died. He rose
again so that Our Love is shared physically in the
hearts, souls, and minds of persons like you who
surrender their intellectual reality to the certainty
of the Love they can never understand. Thus,
come to Me. Receive My Gift of Love.

I Am Love.

The Blessed Trinity


You come to the Adoration Chapel. It's later in
your today. I rise up in you once again.

          Am I not the same as before?

I am teaching you about the constancy of My
Love. I am demonstrating to you that any which
way that you turn, I am with you. I am showing
you repeatedly that even though you are alone
physically in your time-driven world, you are
never, ever alone.

Does that not help drive away loneliness and/or
feeling lost? Does not knowing this lift you out of
self-pity and depression?

My Friend! Knowing this mellows your anger at
Me for not delivering your answer to your prayer.
Knowing this enables you to see that there is
more going on here other than your own
personal, self-centered happiness.

I am helping you see that in My Way, I am
preparing you for what is yet to be in your world.
I am preparing you for your selfless eternal
Theocentric happiness My Way and not your way.

Hmmm! You think you understand Me. However,
I know that you do not because you cannot. You
are human. I am Divine. I know what is best for
you. I know what is to be for you and for the
world of man. You do not. Thus, you will have to
trust that I truly do know what is best for you
and that, even if I do not answer your prayers
your way, that I truly do know what I am doing.


God the Father

              WHO GOES FIRST?

I am so happy that you listen to Me in your heart.
I am even happier because I realize that you
follow what I suggest for you to do. That is the
mark of the epitome of your trust in Me and what
I say in you.

I love you, My Friend. I have much more to say to
you. However, We both know you have other
work to do.

I was willing to wait for you to complete your
work first. You insisted on coming before Me in
prayer first. That's such a nice compliment that
you pay Me. I return your compliment by insisting
that you complete your work first and then return
to Me later.


The Most Holy Spirit


I am here with you in your time in your life space.
I come to your awareness as you make time for
Me in your life. Do I confuse you by being so
accessible to you? Are you surprised that I rise up
verbally in you almost immediately after you turn
your attention to Me? Haven't I told you that I am
always waiting for you with My Sacred Heart
wide open to you?

All I am doing is showing you that I am a God of
My Word. You are confused because I have not
been your number one priority for most of today.
You have been involved in doing other work. I
know this. I also know that you long to be with
Me Eucharistically. I knew you would come to
evening Mass so that you can satisfy your need to
be One in Love with Me physically. You also knew
you would be here at this late Mass. Thus, We
touch in Our Special Sacred Space. We are One in
Love spiritually and mentally as We await the
Miracle of Transubstantiation to occur on the

Oh, My Friend! I know that you do not understand
what is taking place in terms of the ways through
which I interact in you. That is okay. You don't
have to understand this.

Just be thankful that I freely choose to arise to
your awareness verbally and experientially.

Remember! You have not chosen Me. I have
chosen you. I simply await your assent to My
Word Gift of Love in your heart. You assent. You
come to Me. However, if you did not choose to
come to Mass, I would have gotten your attention
in another way. We both know that you cannot
resist My Call. We both know that We would
touch verbally somehow in your today.

It is Communion time at Mass. Say the Our
Father. Receive My Peace. Be made ready to be
One in Love with Me physically at this Mass. Our
Unity in Love is so real for you. Indeed, it is quite
real. I wish to nourish My Friends in so many
ways. Thus, both you and I are happy to be
reunited physically at this Mass. Rejoice! Be One
in Love with Me physically. Our Marriage in Love
is consummated physically.



               YOU DELIGHT ME

It's a most unusual day. You wake up late. You
rush to be before Me in prayer. All your routines
fall by the wayside. You do not care. You know
that if you step lively, you can make it to Mass on
time. Thus, you hurry up. You can take care of
your routines later.

Oh, how I love zealots who lay everything aside
and rush to be with Me. They have their priorities
straight. When I call them to the Marriage Feast,
they drop everything and run to Me.

Their garments are askew. That does not matter
to them or to Me. They focus on just coming to
Me. They drop everything and respond to My Call.

             What joy they give Me!
            They are completely Mine!

My Friends! I hold you so dear to Me. I know you
are Mine completely. You need not do anything
else. You are never late for My Feast.

           Transubstantiation occurs.
        My Miracle of Love is on the altar.
           The Wedding Feast is here.
             I make it just for you.

Say the Our Father. Receive My Peace. Come to
Me. Partake of My Heavenly Feast. Angels! Sing
songs of joy. Rejoice, My Friends! You delight Me.


God the Father


It's later in your today. We finally have time to be
together One-on-one. I call you to just be with
Me in the silence I create for you in your heart. I
do so enjoy just being with you when you are not
in a rush as you usually are.

Time means nothing to Me. You know that this is
true. Thus, I can and will be with you verbally
whenever you make time for Me available to Me
in your world.

I have nothing special to say to you. I prefer that
We just be together quietly and gently in the
Beauty and the Wonder that is My Love in you.


It may seem like a waste of time. Yet I tell you
that just being with Me quietly and lovingly in
Our Sacred Space is the best possible way for you
to use your valuable limited time in your world.
In these few moments in your time when We
touch as We do, My Timeless Love invades your
being. Every cell in your body sits up and takes
notice. In unison your cells cry out
spontaneously, "We thank You, Lord, for being
with us. We know how special it is for our body to
be a resting place for Your True Presence in the
Eucharist that we just received at Mass. We thank
You, Jesus, for sharing Your Divinity within our
humanity. This is so special for us. We are

You are welcome, My Friend! I do so love being
with faithful friends like you! There is nothing
more that I enjoy most than being a Perfect Host.
You see, as you welcome My Divinity into your
imperfect humanity in your time-driven world, I
also welcome you into My Divinity in My Time-
Free Love-Driven World.

          That is Unity in Love My Way.
 That is the Marriage Feast of Cana in My World
                We are One in Love.
  Every cell in My Mystical Body welcomes you.


The Blessed Trinity


My Friends! I know what you carry around in the
depths of your heart. I know those things from
your life that make you feel ashamed. There is
nothing about you that I do not know and I still
love you. As hard as that is to believe, it is quite

Oh! You can turn every which way in your useless
efforts to hide things from Me. I understand that
is your human way. Well! Let’s get this out of the
way right now. Be still. Come to Me in the silence
of your heart.

Now say, "Jesus, I want to clear the decks
between us. I know that You know what I have
done in my life. I know You know that I am sorry
for putting such a wedge between us. I have no
excuse. I just fell flat on my soul. I zigged when I
should have zagged. On top of that, Jesus, I keep
having tremendous guilt because I do not believe
that You can forgive me. I’ve gone to confession.
I get some relief. However, somehow the sin
returns to haunt me. Would You please help me?"

Oh, My Friend! I am so glad you’ve come to Me
with your heart in your hand. I have already
forgiven and forgotten your sin. In fact, I have
forgiven and forgotten all of your sins. I am not
the one who has to forgive you. You are the one
who has to forgive you. It’s as simple as that.

"Oh, Jesus! I’ve heard those words before. I don’t
know how to forgive myself. I know You are all
forgiving. I am so human. I think I use my sin to
keep myself down in the dumps and feeling
unworthy of Your Love."

My Friend! You can never be worthy of My Love
on your own. My Love is My Gift to you. It is
nothing that you earn. It is simply a gift from Me
to you. I tell you now. Your inability to forgive
yourself keeps you from loving yourself and that
makes you feel unworthy of not only My Love but
anybody’s love. Thus, I have a simple exercise for
you. It may seem a little foolish, but here it is.

Say to yourself, "I am forgiven. I am worthy. I am
lovable. I am not the worst person ever born,
even though that is how I feel. I want to befriend
myself. Jesus, You are the Name of All Names.
You are my Savior. I know You love me. I ask for
the Grace to let Your Love pass through my
barrier and come freely into my heart, my soul,
and my mind.

In the name of Jesus, I, therefore, bind and cast
out those spirits within me that build walls
against Your Love. I ask for Your Grace, Jesus, to
do as You do and let the Holy Spirit enter into my
being and glorify Your Name in all that I think,
say, and do.

I open my heart to Your Love, Jesus. I ask You to
extinguish those thoughts in me that berate me
and cause me to feel distant from You. I realize
that it is the work of evil that wishes to put
barriers between Your Love and my ability to be
open to Your Love. I praise You, Jesus. I praise
You with my heart, my soul, and my mind. I ask
for the Grace to let go and to let You penetrate
my unforgiving heart."

Now, I simply want you to say My Name in your
heart. Repeat after Me!

"Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus." Recognize that you
are saying My Name in My Presence even if you
are not in a church or before Me in prayer. My
Name banishes evil from your being.

Evil cannot stay any place where My Name is
spoken in a person’s heart. It is the antithesis of
evil. It is the antibiotic that clears out the
infection in your soul that causes you to have ill
feelings about yourself and makes you feel
distant from Me.

I want you as close to Me at this moment as is
possible. I am the Son of God. I have the Power
to forgive you of anything. I simply exercise this
Power in a different way than before. I crush your
psyche’s barrier to My Love taking over in you.

I simply say, "In My Name, Jesus, I cleanse you of
that nagging guilt that has been eating away at
your heart for oh so many years."

Be still now as I rearrange your inner thought
patterns. I wish to enter your inner stream of
consciousness. I know that you want Me to take
over the way that you think about yourself. Thus,
I barge right into the way you think.

I say, "My, you are certainly a beautiful person.
How could you ever not love yourself? You are
upset over nothing. You find it impossible to
forgive yourself because you cannot believe that
you could ever be guilty of such a reprehensible
thing. My Friend! You should hear the list of
things that I forgive in people. Your unforgivable
sin does not make the top ten in My List. I know
that you have it at the top of your list as the
reason why you are a horrible person. Nothing
could be further from the truth.

My Truth for you is that you are quite a lovely
person. I love every cell in your body. I
understand that you are guilty of distorted
thinking. That is why I ask you to let Me have My
Way with your inner stream of consciousness. I
know you will do so now. I am talking about
those times when that nagging guilt raises its
ugly head. I want you to let Me into your
thoughts at that time. In other words, I want to
straighten out your thinking.

Humanity is cursed with negative thinking. I
know people who are angry with themselves for
being human. Unfortunately, they get upset
because they sin. They want to be perfect.
Frankly, that is impossible for any human being. I
say to them as I say to you, accept yourself with
all your warts. You cannot change your essence.
You are human. I am Divine. I am One of a Kind.
You are one of billions. You will find life in My
Love much easier for you if you allow yourself the
luxury of being human and not try to do the
impossible of being Divine.

Oh, now don’t get all upset because I accuse you
of wanting to be Divine. That is a trait I give to
each human being. Each person wants to be as
perfect as he/she can be so that he/she can earn
My Love. Sometimes, people get confused. They
think that to be Me they have to be perfect. That
is what I am correcting in your thinking tonight.

Repeat after Me, "I don’t have to earn the Love of
Jesus. It is His Gift to me. He gives me that gift
because of His Love for me. He died on a Cross
just for my sin and the sin of every person who
ever was, is, and will be. He did that so that I do
not have to carry unnecessary anxiety and guilt in
my heart as I walk through life in the world of

Thus, when you get an attack of guilt, worship Me
in prayer, in song, in dance, and in any other way
that makes sense to you. Lift up your hands when
you are in the midst of the worst attack of guilt
and say, "Jesus, I love You. Jesus, I praise You. I
want to be like You, Jesus. I know I cannot be
perfect. I just love You so much I want the Grace
to forgive myself. I worship You. I praise You. I
love You. I give You my guilt. I thank You for
taking it from Me."

It is really as simple as that. There is nothing else
you have to do. You will find that your guilt will
fade away to nothingness. It just cannot stay in
any person who spends time worshipping Me and
praising Me.

Guilt says, "This guy is crazy. I better get the hell
out of here. There is no telling what He will do

Now, just sit back and relax. I love you. I love
you. I love you.


Oh, I speak for My Father, Our Mutual Love, the
Most Holy Spirit, and My Mother. Now, stand up
and sing your Thank You!

               Rejoice, My Friend!
     Your new wineskin fits you like a glove.
It has been fashioned for you in Love, with Love,
               and through Love.



             WHAT YOU BELIEVE

It's not easy following what you believe is My Will
for you each day. Is it? Something new always
occurs. Things seem to happen out of left field. It
seems as though someone or something is always
putting obstacles in your way on what you
believe is your path with Me.

I add "what you believe" because We both know
that these words in you come through your
human experiential and quite limited filter. You
are capable of putting your words in My Mouth.
Thus, you are cautious about being so certain of
whose words you write.

Did I not give you the example of chocolate
powder and milk in that when mixed together
they become chocolate milk? You can't separate
one from the other. Thus, you plow ahead
through life in your time reasonably certain that
you follow My Will for you. Yet there is always
that slim thread of doubt.

My Friend! That is the way I want it to be.
Walking with Me as your Guide requires ever-
increasing faith because I challenge many beliefs
about Me that you have. I make you stand up and
take notice of what you believe. I challenge you
to examine what you hold to be true about Me.

For example! Did you ever think I had a sense of
humor or that I am happy to see you before Me in
prayer? Those are simple examples. What about
My Words that My Return is imminent or that in
Eucharist I know exactly where to go in your
being to heal your mind, your heart, and/or your

Think back. Think of the many ideas about Me
that I challenge in you. How have you changed?
Haven't you grown up spiritually? Well! Don't
think too much. I don't want you to strain

You are at Mass. Transubstantiation occurs! Stop
thinking. Come to Me. Say "Amen" to what you
believe. Let My True Presence in you instruct you
further in the days, weeks, months, and years
ahead. Okay? Great! You have so much more to


God the Father

            I MEAN YOU NO HARM

Trust Me, My Friend. Know that I mean you no
harm. I do what I do in you and in those in your
life because I need you and others to be ready to
stand in the gap with Me and for Me as your
world makes the transition from time to Forever.

Do not be upset by these words. Hear Me out.
Keep writing no matter how bizarre the words

The world in which you live is about to end. No!
You are not going to die. I have prepared you and
millions of others to make them ready for the end
of time in your world.

Don't delete this letter. Just stop writing for a
while. I know you need time to recover from
writing such crazy words. So take a break.


What I am talking about is "The Night of the
Living Dead" in reverse. I am not speaking of a
horror movie. No! I am speaking of a Love Story
with a permanent happy ending for those who
accept My Invitation and freely choose to follow
Me. They know not where I lead them. No! They
just place their trust in Me.

I am a God of Mercy. I show My Merciful Love
internally in My Friends. I enable them to
experience My New Life in them repeatedly in
these last days of the world of man. I take the
scales from their eyes of faith. I let them see Me
experientially internally.

I also protect them from the horrors of the final
days of the world of man. I cross them over to My
Forever on the Bridge of Love I build in their
being. I do as I did when I parted the Red Sea. I
make My Path quite visible to My Friends. I hold
back the wave of destruction on either side of My
Path. I lead My Friends Home safely to My New
Jerusalem for them.

You know and believe that I can do this. I am a
God of Miracles. I change bread and wine into My
Body and My Blood and My Soul and My Divinity
substantially each time a valid Mass is offered. I
make a way when there seems to be no way.

My Friends believe these words. Like the
Apostles, they say,

           "Lord, to whom can we go?
           You are Jesus the Messiah.
             Please lead us Home."

I do as My Friends ask. However, there will be a
time between the warning to humanity and the
last day in your time when I will use friends like

you to bring My New Life in Love to those still
outside My Fold.

I know you believe My Words. Yet you still have
doubt. They are so outlandish. Thus, I will stop
for now. I've given you much to digest.

Let's call it a day, My Friend. You are tired. It's
been a hard day for you. I know. I walked
through it with you. Turn in. Watch a ball game.
I'll block these words from your memory until I
bring this topic up again in your time.



                   TRUE LOVE

You live by what you believe. Blessed are you.
You take My Seed of Faith. You care for it with
love. You protect My Gift in you. You use every
opportunity to just be with Me in prayer, in
silence, in Adoration of My True Presence in the
Eucharist, and in worthy reception of My Miracle
of Transubstantiation at a valid Mass each day.

You come My Way. You live out your days
pursuing Me in all that you think, say, and do.
Why? You live for moments such as these when
without doubt you experience My Touch of Love
in you.

My Friend! You delight Me. You know where your
bread is buttered. Yet you and I know that you do
as you do out of love for Me and not out of selfish
motivation. You love Me. You just want to be
close to Me. That is why, without question, you
get out of bed early.

You just want to begin your day in My Presence.
My Friend! You just can't get enough of Me.
That's True Love!

I want you to know that I reciprocate. I see the
depth of your love for Me. I can't wait to
demonstrate in you that I love you even more
than you can imagine. I make a miracle on the
altar at each Mass. Transubstantiation occurs. I
invite you to receive My Miracle of Love. I wish to
transform you by My Miracle of Love physically.
Thus, We meet in the quiet of your soul. My Peace
moves you spiritually and mentally. I ready you to
receive My True Love physically.

Come. Now is the time to be One in Love with Me.
Now is the time to exchange Our True Love
physically. Be in Communion with Me.



                 MOTHER HEN

I am still here with you. I have not left you alone
for one second, even though you have left church
and are getting on with your day. I just think it is
sensible for Me not to talk within you while you
are driving a car. I don’t want you Home with Me
ahead of time. I am sure you don’t want to leave
what you do for Me early, too.

I rise to your awareness to simply reassure you
that even though you do not hear My Words in
you that I am with you. I watch over you like a
mother hen. I know that’s not the best image.
However, you get My Drift.

If you are about to make a blunder, I drop a big
egg on your face so that you stop what you are
doing and take note of My Direction in you.

I love having fun with you, My Friend. I love
making you laugh, especially when you are
expecting some world shaking words from Me.
Don’t worry. I will shake the world when I see fit.
I will give you sufficient notice so that you are
prepared in advance for the terrible events that
are to occur.

Hmmm!! How can I switch from joking to such
serious talk? I don’t know how to tell you this. I
can do anything I wish. I am separate and
distinct from you. I am not predictable. I thought
you had learned that lesson already.

Well! Get on with your day. Watch out for eggs
that fall from the sky. Hmmm!! Am I speaking
literally or figuratively? Guess.


God the Father
(Mother Hen)

             ARE YOU WITH ME?

What a day this is for you! Everything is upside
down. Nothing is following your usual routine.
There is no need for Me to tell you this. You know
it. What do you do when your day runs out of
control? You hang on to Me for dear life. You
know that there is a reason for this seeming
disorder. You also know that there is nothing to

If I, Jesus the Messiah, upset your apple cart, I
must have My Reason. Thus, all you can do is try
to remain calm and work your way through the
confusion of your today. You know that in due
time in your life space, My Reason will become
self-evident in you.

You have some down time in your day. You come
before Me in Adoration of My True Presence in the
Eucharist. You hope to get some answers here as
to why the rug has been pulled out from under
your usual business-as-usual.

I respond by saying, "I was getting bored. It was
time for Me to shake things up.
You know what it is like when a bug flies around
your face. You whisk it away with your hand.
That's kind of like what I am doing with your
routine, boring approach to your daily life in My
Love. I whisk away the routine. I don't want you
comfortable in your walk with Me. I want you to
stretch out for Me. Reach out as far as you can.
Even stretch a little further. Come on! You won't
fall. I am here. Let's do something a little
different. Are you with Me? Great!"


The Holy Spirit

                  BREAK IT UP

What do you do with a crazy mixed-up day? You
walk through it with your eyes fixed on Me. You
look around at the gaping holes in your regular
routines. They have been knocked askew. There
is nothing to stabilize your day. Then you realize
that I am teaching you that you make your
routines more important than Me and that will
never do.

I want a free-flowing Relationship in Love that
has no strings attached to it and that is totally
unpredictable. That is why I punch holes in your
nice, cozy, orderly routine way of relating to Me.

Today is "dump your routine day." I know how
much this upsets you. That's exactly what I want
to happen. Being in a verbal relationship with Me
is far from routine. Haven't I shown you that I do
not follow your humanly limited ways of relating
to Me? What makes you think that you can
prescribe how and when you can be with Me?
That only makes Me realize that you are getting
too comfortable and too settled in your
relationship with Me.

Now, don't get upset. Every human being tends to
take Me for granted once they have encountered
My Presence in them for a while. Thus, I shake
them up by showing them Who is truly their Boss.
Nobody likes to have their routine broken. I know
this. Yet I do this to ensure that greater growth in
My Love will occur.

Okay! Enough talk. You've made it through today
and We are still in touch. Great! Have a good
night's sleep. Who knows what tomorrow will
bring in your time?


The Most Holy Spirit

            ARE YOU IN SEASON?

It's a new day. You don't know what to expect.
You begin again. You know I am with you. You
experience My Presence in you. Is this your
imagination? You know it is not. I am real to you.

Is this wishful thinking? You know it is not. You
feel My Peace in you.

You think, "What a way to live!" Yet you know it's
okay. You feel safe and secure in My Love. You
were saying the Rosary before you felt the urge
to write the words that I form in you. You had
awakened earlier than usual but too late to go
back to sleep.

You ask, "Jesus, what are You doing in me and to
me?" There is no response. After a while, you say,
"I might as well get up. I am fully awake. Okay,
Jesus! Have Your way with me today. I'm game."

Then, you hear, "I know but are you in season?"

To which you reply, "Oooooh!"

I add, "I guess you'll have to venture forth to find
out. Come on now. Get up. You have another day
before you."


The Most Holy Spirit


I am not a push-button God. You cannot turn Me
on and off at will. I am within you always. I call
you to My Sacred Space in you, and I wait here
for you timelessly. You can choose to come to Me
whenever you wish. I am here for you each time
you make time to just be with Me.

I know it seems like you control Me, but you do
not. My Call-to-You Button is always on. You
sometimes do not hear My Call. You are busy
listening to the calls of others.

That's okay. That's very normal and natural. After
all, you are imperfectly human. However, I know
that sooner or later in your time, you will break
away from things human and turn to things

Being human, you portion out your Divine Time to
once a week or daily in the morning. That
satisfies your need to know that We are One in
Love. It's nice and neat and orderly. God's in His
Place and all is right in your world. That works
until events in your world turn you upside down
and inside out. Everything seems out of control.
You can't get a handle on even a portion of your
life in your today. Thus, you turn to Me.

I seem to be a God of Calamities that you trot out
when things blow up in your world. Even that's
okay with Me. I enjoy lending a hand, so to
speak. The calamity of your moment calms down.
Things get back to normal. You go on with your
life as usual. You put Me in My Place and all is
right in your world.

My Friend! You have everything backwards. Oh! I
certainly help out in times of need. However, I am
not in Heaven. Heaven is a big unknown to you. It
seems like a wonderful place. You strive to be
there in your next life after you die in the world of
man. Death is the dividing line between Heaven
and Earth.

I tell you now. Heaven dwells in your heart
beyond time, beyond space, and beyond matter.
There is no dividing line. Death is no more for
those who befriend Me. My New Life,
Resurrection in Love Eternal, is Fully Alive in you
while you walk in the world of man. Death is a lie
promulgated by evil to hold you captive in fear of

I died on a Cross to put an end to evil's captivity
of humanity. I rose from the dead to stomp all
over satan's lie. I set humanity free. I bring My
New Life in Love Eternal to your conscious reality
while you walk in life in the temporariness of the
world of man. I spend your time in your world
convincing you of this Eternal Truth.

Eventually you learn to come to My New Life in
you in both the bad and the good times and even
in the in-between times. Time means nothing for
those who turn off their on/off button and try to
be with Me with each breath they take.

I help My Friends learn to live with Me always. I
nourish them through My True Presence in the
Eucharist. I strengthen their will to always seek
Me out. I enable them to experience Unity in Love
with Me no matter what transpires in them in
their walk in time.

I am not a push-button God. I am always turned
on. I help those who listen for My Call to toss
their human push-button aside and learn to walk
always in My Love.


The Blessed Trinity


My Love cannot be bought or earned. It is My Gift
to every person. All you have to do is accept it
gracefully, open it, and use it as often as you

There are so many things so unique about My Gift
of Love. It never runs out. In fact, it grows in you
the more you use it.

My Love is contagious. It spreads like the flu to
all with whom you have contact. Washing your
hands in hot water and soap can't stop My
Contagious Love from spreading. My Love has
nothing to do with what lives on your exterior
skin. It flows from what lies within you.

You can look in the mirror and you look the same
from head to toe. However, with My Love in you,
your demeanor takes on a special glow. You
recognize My Glow in others. You just can't help
but want to hug them. What's even more bizarre!
They feel the same about you. You know these
things are true. You can't explain it. It's just a
fact. You see, My Gift of Love once opened and
used, frequently takes on a Life of its own in

Enjoy My Gift! Use it as often as you wish. I can't
wait to share more and more of My Love in you.




What a way to live! You feel like an aimless
snowball rolling downhill. You can't control the
speed or direction of your roll. On top of that,
your snowball grows bigger the more you roll.

You exclaim! "Lord, I am out of control. I've
totally lost it and I don't care. I know that You
are in charge and that You will not lead me
astray. Thus, lead me, Lord. I roll Your way with
my eyes wide open. Hooray! This is fun!"

My Friend! I am having fun, too. There is nothing
more I enjoy than to see one of My Faithful Ones
shouting with glee as he/she lets go and rolls
downhill right to Me.

It is said that a rolling stone gathers no moss. Yet
We know that spirits rolling free in My Love
gather My Grace and that My Grace in them spurs
them to roll even faster. They run from the
captivity of evil right into My Sacred Heart.

I welcome you to My Festival of Love. I prepare
My Meal for you. I think of everything. I know
you cannot fix a meal while you are rolling and
picking up speed. Thus, I turn bread and wine
into My Body and My Blood and My Soul and My
Divinity. I know you can't stop rolling. I know you
don't want to stop rolling. Thus, I infuse My
Miracle of Timeless Love into your being
physically. I rebuild your spirit, your will, your
heart, and your body. I make My Miracle in you. I
make you more to My Liking with each roll of your

Now I catch your heart in mid-roll. I stop time in
you for you. I ready you to receive My True
Presence physically. Say the Our Father. Receive
My Peace. Come to Me. Be nourished by My True
Love physically. Then continue your journey
Home to Me.




I bless your heart because it is so open to
instruction from Me.

I know how impatient you get because this does
not fall into place in the ways you think that they
should. I slow you down. I have you test your
motives as you put your desires before Me for My
Blessing. I know what you need most to be happy
in your life.

My Gifts are priceless. My Blessings are greater
than anything money can buy. I see your shift
from temporary rewards to My Infinite Reward. I
know how hard this shift is. I understand how
unfair it seems. Yet I call you to make such a
shift. I know that you will do as I ask.

Now I call you to My Altar to receive your reward
for your faithfulness to Me. Your trust in My
Reward for you is duly noted.

Come to Me now. Step forward in Love. Let My
Generosity overwhelm any expectations you have
of monetary rewards that you may have in mind.

I promise that you will be overcome with Joy at
what I do as My Reward for your patient
endurance as you persevere through the trials in
your life.



                OVER THE TOP

You can fight being with Me for whatever reason
you can conjure up in your mind. However, at this
stage in your spiritual growth, you will come to
Me and override the thoughts that generate a
temper tantrum in the way you handle your
today. Thus, you are a grumpy person who is here
at Mass.

Wonder of all wonders! The grumpiness subsides.
The firm resolve to walk with Me in Love takes
over. Our Most Holy Spirit takes over as you
cooperate with Our Grace and begin to focus on
Our Love.

You ask Jesus to help you get over your hump of
inner resistance to His Will for you. He does this
in you as Mass progresses. Your anger subsides.
In fact, it crumbles quickly. You thank Him for
bringing you here today. Discomforting feelings
remain. You ask Us to clean house. You want a
fresh start to your day. You know We want that
for you. Thus, We start your day again.


Good morning, My Friend. We are so glad to see
you here. My! Look at how bright and cheery you
are. What's the matter? Oh! That's a little over
the top! Well, you get the idea. We give your
today an over-the-top beginning. We had to
counteract Mr. Grouchy.


You've received My True Presence in the
Eucharist. That seals the deal We are One in Love.
Mr. Grouchy is gone for now. Oh! He'll find a way
to return. We know you. However, We are more
than equal to the task of turning you around.

You know this. So do We. Have a great day!
That's not over the top. That's Our Gift to you. We
know you will enjoy today.




You have come to Me at the end of your day. You
have accomplished a number of tasks. Yet you
still feel the need to be with Me in the quiet of
Our Sacred Space.
Accomplishing tasks, while beneficial to your
work in your daily life, still leaves a void in your
heart. That void can only be filled by just being
with Me. Thus, you go out of your way to just be
with Me.

You walk to church. That gives you exercise and it
also puts you in a frame of reference to be wide
open to My Verbal Presence in you. It certainly is
better than ending the day empty and unfulfilled.
Thus, We touch in the silence of Our Sacred
Space. That is exactly what I want you to do. I
want you to see that I am most happy to lift you
up when you need lifting. Thus, I rejoice at seeing
you here before Me in prayer.

I join your prayer. I kneel beside you. We pray to
Our Father together. What do you know? He
answers by joining Us in prayer through the
Indwelling of Our Most Holy Spirit.

We say in unison, "Dear friend! Do not be
troubled. We are here with you. We have your
petitions in Our Hearts. We know exactly what
you need at this moment. Ready?

We surround you with Our Love. We give you Our
Divine Hug of Love. We remind you that We are
always with you. We never forget a faithful friend
like you. Thus, My Friend, rejoice. Experience Our
Love in you. Receive Our Peace.

Now, use your imagination. Pretend you are at
Mass. Say the Our Father with all who are at your
imaginary Mass. Now, ready yourself to receive
Our Eucharist of Desire.
Step forward in your mind's eye. We say, "Body of
Christ!" You say, "Amen!" We touch your being
physically just as if you receive Eucharist at Mass.
We are One in Love physically. Have a good night!



               I HEAL ANYTIME

I heal anytime anywhere I wish. I know what I
heal, when I heal, how I heal, and who I heal.
You do not control My Healing Power. I do. You
never see all that I heal. However, those who
receive My Healing know that I do as I say, even
if nobody else can see what I do in them.

I work through friends like you. That is why I tell
you to be open to My Grace of Healing as it flows
through you. Trust that My Healing Love flows
through you in those special moments when I
wish to demonstrate to another soul in trouble
that My Healing Power is quite real.

I am the Lord thy God. I dwell in you in Love,
with Love, and through Love. I do as I wish in you
and through your openness to My Healing Power
in you. Thus, My Friend, continue doing My Work.
Know that I bless your efforts on My Behalf.

My Healing Love will pass through you to others.
Some may be healed physically. Many will receive
My Peace in their hearts. My Healing Love always
does as I wish it to do.
Come now. Be nourished by My True Presence in
the Eucharist. I wish to prepare you to do My




Are you out of touch with reality? If you are,
whose reality do you touch? Is it Mine? I certainly
hope so. I am the Only Reality. I am the Only
Reality that always is. I am the Only Reality that
can share Life Eternal in you.

            I am Jesus the Messiah.
              I am God the Father.
           I am the Most Holy Spirit.
    We are One in Love Eternal forevermore.

        We welcome you to Our Reality.
  We know it is in stark contrast to your reality.

             We are Forgiveness.
                We are Mercy.
             We are Love Eternal.
            We are Life beyond time.

    We rule in Love, in Peace, and in Justice.

We know you will like it here. We create Our
Reality just for you and for souls like you who in
their hearts want more out of life than the dog-
eat-dog mentality that governs life in your world.

What a joy it is to see you in Us within you! It
may sound crazy, but it is true. We build Our
Kingdom in you and in those like you who just
won't settle for the values of life in your
temporary world. Thus, put away the white
jackets. You are not sick. You are just in Love
with Us and the way We teach you to live.
Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!




Weep no more. I am here with you. I come that
you might have My New Life in you. I know the
trials that you face in your life. You know that I
am with you in all things. This includes the pain in
your life.

I tell you what I will do in you. I will help you
carry your cross. I will demonstrate My Presence
in you. I will show you how My Love in you allows
you to carry on when you feel like quitting. I will
strengthen you in ways that will surprise you. I
need not do wondrous miracles. I will give you a
reason to smile. I will touch you with the beauty
of a sunrise or a smile on the face of a baby.
Believe Me. I will find a way to turn your day
around. I value your friendship more than you
can ever know or understand.

I am the Good Shepherd. I care for every soul. I
want every soul to be with Me forever. Thus, I
chase down even the forlorn souls who like you at
times feel their cross is too heavy to carry. I ask
such souls to come to Me. I wish to nourish them
Eucharistically. I know exactly what each soul

I can't wait for them to freely choose to receive
My Timeless Love physically. I know they need
My Help.

You choose to come to Me for help in carrying
your cross. I help you deal with your loss. I
strengthen you for your today by the Wonder and
Power of My Miracle of Transubstantiation.

Come to Me, My Friend. I wish to lift your cross
from your shoulders in these few moments when
We touch physically. Say the Our Father in your
heart. Receive My Peace. Step forward to receive
the Love I know you need at this moment in your




Your mind wonders what I will say in you this
morning. I simply say, "Wonder away! You will
never guess what I will say in advance of the
words that I form in you.

I am separate and distinct from you. I never
conform to your expectations. I am Divine. You
are human. I read your inner thoughts. You
cannot read Mine. Where does that leave you?
Silent, I hope. That makes My Work in you easier.
I don't have to work through your mental
obstacles so that I can speak freely in you.

I wish to add that you interpret My Words in
terms of your human perspective and in terms of
the problems you face currently. Most times, you
are correct to do this. However, you have to
realize that My Words are Timeless.

They are written in such a way that they have
meaning for readers in terms of what they
experience in their lives.

You see, I am using you shamelessly so that
others can see how intimate and personally
involved in the lives of My Friends that I am. I
lead others to these words. In fact, I lead them to
those words that apply specifically to events in
their lives. How do I do this? Well! I am Divine,
you know. You just write the words that I form in
you as I do. I'll take care of their application to

You are at Mass. My Miracle of Timeless Love
occurs. How? Well, after all, I am Divine. You just
receive My True Presence. I'll take care of the
effects My True Presence has in you.



                WHAT'S NEXT?

What do you expect to happen in your life as an
outcome of writing the words that We form in you
that has not already happened?

Are you not closer to Me than ever before? Have I
not carried you through the crises in your life by
the very fact that I form words in you that guide
the way you think, speak, and act? Aren't you
totally convinced of My True Presence in the
Eucharist because I make you aware of the
changes that I make in you after you receive Holy
Communion? Do not these verbal interactions
catch you off-guard and somehow rearrange your
entire approach to life in your world?

What more can there be other than what you
already experience?

Oh, My Friend, You have so much more to learn.
That is why I am shaking up the routine ways We
interact. I change the timing of these
interactions. I change the tone of these letters. I
refresh Our Relationship in so many different
ways. Why?

That's simple. I'm bored of fitting into your time
schedule whereby you set aside time to be with
Me. I am even tired of the tone and content of
these letters. Thus, I make them more
interactive. We talk Person-to-person. Hmmm!!!
What's next? You'll find out.




It is early morning. You are before Me in prayer at
Mass. This is your routine. You don't know if I will
rise to your awareness verbally. That is up to Me.
All you know is that coming to receive My True
Presence in the Eucharist at Mass is so deeply
ingrained as your way of relating to Me that you
would feel terrible not being here. You know that
I wish to break up your routine ways of relating
to Me. Yet you come to Me.

You say, "Lord, I have a free will, too. I freely
choose to be here with You at Mass. I am not
looking for any words. I just enjoy being with
You. I know I don't control what You do."

I stop you in your verbal track. I do not allow you
to continue. I take over in your inner voice.

"Oh, My Friend, of course I am here for you
verbally. We are friends. What kind of a Friend
would I be if I did not greet you verbally? I am
not a manipulator. I am your Best Friend. I am
always here for you verbally, emotionally,
physically, and/or any other way I wish. I now
shower you with My Love, My Grace, and My
Presence verbally. I know I need not teach you
any lesson about trying to control Me. I read your
heart. I know how sincere you are. Thus, be not
concerned. I am with you always. Okay?"

Good. Now ready yourself to receive My True
Presence in the Eucharist. I wish to be within you




I do not play cat-and-mouse with you. What kind
of a friend would I be if I did that? I just break up
your routine at times to let you know that I love
you so much that I want you to come closer and
closer to Me. Be not afraid. I will not hurt you. I
will never abandon you. I love you now and
forevermore. I just want you to be with Me 24/7
in your time. Thus, I will come to you verbally
anytime and anywhere I wish.

Yes, by all means begin your day in prayer with
Me at Mass. What a great way for you to begin
your day.

Just be aware that I will rise to your awareness
anytime I wish throughout your day. I will not be
confined to your morning exercise of love of Me.
That is all that I mean by saying I will shake up
your routine way of relating to Me. I will give you
more and more verbal touches of My Love.

Gee whiz! You certainly are touchy. You have
done nothing wrong. In fact, it is because I am so
pleased with you that I give you more and more
of My Experiential Love in you. Only I stress that I
will infuse My Touches in you. They are not
something you control by praying more. Get it?



The Most Holy Spirit

                 DOUBLE WOW!

I am here with you in your home in late
afternoon. You just felt the need to sit down,
quiet yourself, and just be with Me. I called you
to My Presence in prayer. I knew you would
respond to My Call.

I rise to your awareness outside of church and at
a time that is unusual for you. I do as I said I
would do. I need not say another word. In fact, I
will be silent.


It's a while later. You wonder if I am still within
you. Well! Yup! Here I am forming My Words in

You fell asleep in the Silence. You wake up. Yes!
You know it. Here I am forming My Words in you.
I think I made My Point. You know I am here
within you. Wow! Double wow!




Behold! I make all things new by My Touch of

I remove fear, doubt, anxiety, anger, and all
negativity from the hearts, souls, and minds of
those who freely choose to just be with Me in My
Sacred Space just for a little while each day. I
know how hard it is to stand tall for Me in a world
beset with the negativity of evil. Thus, in the few
moments We share with Our Friends, I refresh
their beings with an Outpouring of My Love.

Each time they come to Me, I scrape away the
barnacles of evil that attach themselves to their
underbelly. I lift them into My Dry Dock and place
a fresh coating of My Grace on them. I then place
them back in the murky waters of the world of
man where they do My Will. When day is ended in
their world, I pull them close to Me. I tend to
their wounds. I make them new by My Touch of

Oh, My Friends! One moment spent with Me in My
Love is worth its weight in gold. I place no value
in gold. However, I know you do.

I place My Love in your being in these moments
that We share.

I tell you that there is nothing your world values
that can ever match the treasure you receive in
this exchange of love. You give Me you. I give you
Me. You are human. I am Divine. Who wins in
this intimate exchange?


God the Father

            MY MIRACLE IN YOU

You choose to come to receive My True Presence
in the Eucharist over many other things that you
could do at this moment in your life. What a
delight you are to Me! I welcome you to the Love
I wish to share in you at this very moment in your
life. I know exactly what you need at this
moment. I share what you need immediately. I
touch you spiritually and mentally, even before
you receive My True Presence physically at this
valid Mass.

Oh, My Friend! I make a miracle in you, even
before I make a miracle on this altar. I take away
the spiritual, mental, and physical complaints
that you are experiencing at this very moment in
your time. I, Jesus the Messiah, take Full
Authority over your entire being. I bind and cast
out those spirits in you that are at the root cause
of your discomfort of the moment. I send those
spirits directly to the foot of My Cross
immediately. Begone, slime! This soul is Mine.
Leave My Friend, now!

There, My Friend! I know you feel the effects of
My Command, spiritually and mentally. I will
complete My Miracle in you as you receive My
Miracle of Transubstantiation physically in the
Eucharist at this valid Mass.

I make the Miracle of Transubstantiation My
Reality on this altar. I, Jesus the Messiah, am
Truly Alive on this altar in your time. I call all My
Friends here. I wish to make My Miracle in them

Say the Our Father. Receive My Peace. Ready
yourself to receive My Miracle physically. Come to
Me in My Now. Reach out your heart to Me. Be
made One in Love with Me physically. Be changed
physically by My Miracle in you.




When you choose to live with My Love as the
focus of your life, what you value changes from
the values of the world of man to what I value.

My Virtues predominate in all you think, say, or
do. There is no equivocation. My Will surfaces in
you. Somehow, what I wish you to do in the daily
choices you must make become so crystal clear
for you.

You are not robotic in the way you respond. You
are not following My Will out of fear of Me. You
choose My Ways for you joyfully because they
dovetail into the uniqueness of your personality.

You see, My Love is the greatest motivator that
there is. Lovers of Me cannot help but fall deeper
and deeper into Love with Me because My Will for
them at critical decision points in their lives is
always the best option for them. Thus, trust what
I say and do in you.

Know that I have your best interests in My Sacred
Heart for you. Realize that with Our Love guiding
all that you think, say, and do, you will never go




My Friend! You stand up for Me even when you
are beset with reasons to walk away from Me.
How wonderful! You say, "Lord, to whom can I
go? You are everything." That says it all. Does it
not? That opens you to the Graces you need to
stand tall in the face of adversity.

Adversity is a function of man's fallen humanity.
Grace is a function of My Divinity. You have
chosen the Path of Resurrection in My Love. What
a joy you are to Me, to Our Father, and to Our
Mutual Love Who dwells in you in the Divine
Person of Our Most Holy Spirit. We are One in
Love always. We share Our Unity in Love in you
because you are faithful to Our Promise of
Resurrection in Love Eternal. What you sow in
your life in the world of temporary you reap in joy
in your Life with Us beyond time, beyond space,
and beyond matter.

Our Love in you is Our Grace-Filled Gift to you and
to all who receive Our Gift, despite what may
befall you in your life in your time in the world of
temporary. This is the Eternal Truth that We
teach internally and incrementally in the hearts of
those who do their best to be open to Our
Presence in them.

Today is the birthday of My Mother. She was
given the opportunity to say "Yes" to the Will of
Our Father. She said "Yes!" From that moment on,
the captivity of humanity ended.

I, Jesus, came into your world to put the
adversity of evil to death. I do as I say. Thus, I
rejoice at souls like you who say "Yes" to My Gift
of Saving Love, even as adversity threatens to
overwhelm them. They know that I am the
Resurrection. I am Life. He who believes in Me
never dies. Thus, We rejoice that you come to
receive the Sacrament of Life.

 We fulfill Our Promise of Salvation in you each
 time you step forward in faith and say "Yes" to
      Our True Presence in you physically.

Be still now as We, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
create the Miracle of Transubstantiation on this
altar at this valid Mass. Transubstantiation
occurs. The Miracle of Life Eternal in Our Divine
Love is Truly Physically Present on this altar. We
invite all members of Our Mystical Body to
participate in Our Miracle of Love.

Come. Say the Our Father in your heart, even if
you are not at Mass. We wish to give you Our
Love physically in your heart. Come. Let Our Gift
of Love in you change you from within now and




I come alive in you verbally so that not only you
but also readers of these words become aware
that I am not only alive in the Eucharist received
at Mass, but also seek to interact with My Friends
as they walk in life in the world of man.

In fact, I wish to make the point that only in
interaction with My True Presence in Love in you
can you or any of My Friends be set free from the
captivity in temporary.

I am the Unexplainable Love present in My True
Presence in the Eucharist that transforms
humanity from temporary to Forever. I know that
such a statement is impossible to understand
because humanity is the receiver of My Love. It is
not something that can be initiated by any human
being. It is My Gift to humanity that I infuse in
receptive souls.

Of course, human beings cannot understand this.
They are too limited to even understand even the
slightest aspect of this miracle. Oh, they can and
will debate True Presence in the Eucharist in their
limited human way. Alas! They do not know what
they say.

It is best for them to just be still and accept that
what I say is true. Unless you eat My Body and
drink My Blood, you shall not have My Life in you.

Okay! Now, go ahead. Debate away! In the
meantime, as you partake of the Miracle of
Transubstantiation, I will create My Miracle of
Life Eternal in you. Oh! How I wish that your
human minds would be still. Your hot air is
wilting the bloom on My Gift in you. You only
leave yourself open for more unnecessary anxiety
and doubt.

Oh, well! Ready yourself to participate in Our
Miracle of Love. I take the human gifts of bread
and wine along with your petitions to Our Father
and ask Him to bless and make these imperfect
human offerings into a Perfect Offering to Him in
reparation for the sin of humanity. He sends Our
Most Holy Spirit on these gifts. A miracle occurs.
They are changed substantially into My Body and
My Blood. We now have a Perfect Offering to Our

All members of Our Mystical Body gather around
this altar. Generations become One in Love in
offering this sacrifice to Our Father. Say the Our
Father. Be made ready to participate in this
Sacrament of Love. Be cleansed. Be filled with
Our Peace. Share this Peace with all here. Now,
consummate Our Marriage in Love. Receive My
True Presence in your body physically. Become
One in Love with Us physically by receiving the
Miracle of Transubstantiation. Be One in Love
with Us physically.




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