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									                                                   MEETING DATE:               ITEM NO.
                                                   7 December 2011
                        MRC                                                    11/50c

  TITLE OF PAPER: UK L&D Pathway for RCN           Curriculum review and review of Role Descriptors

  PRESENTED BY                                     Sue Antrobus

 1      Purpose

1.1    To present the committee with the curriculum review process for the UK Learning and
       Development Pathway for RCN Representative.

1.2    To present to the committee the revised versions of the representative role descriptors
       as the first stage of the curriculum review process following a 6 month extensive
       consultation with a range of stakeholders.

1.3    To seek agreement from the committee on the revised role descriptors.

 2      Background

2.1    As part of the partnership working with Open College Network (OCN), the external
       accrediting body for the UK L&D Pathway for RCN Representatives, the curriculum for
       the pathway is being reviewed to ensure that it remains fit for purpose and meets the
       needs of newly accredited representatives in preparing them for their role.

2.2    The first stage of the process has necessitated a review of the representative role
       descriptors –the generic role descriptors and the three specific role descriptors relevant
       to each representative role. This is because these role descriptors form the basis on
       which the content of the generic (Foundation) module and the specific (Development)
       module of the pathway is based. Module content is mapped to each element of the role
       descriptor throughout delivery. It is therefore essential that any review of the curriculum
       takes into account the fitness for purpose of the role descriptors from which the content

2.3    The curriculum review process for the pathway can be seen at Appendix 1. This is a
       two year process: Year 1 involves a UK-wide consultation on the representative role
       descriptors; and Year 2 involves making the curriculum changes required to ensure the
       pathway continues to prepare representatives for their role based upon the revised role

2.4    The Representing & Influencing L&D Team and Future Activist Programme Leads in the
       countries have led a consultation process on the role descriptors throughout the
       Summer 2011. The resulting ‘best fit’ versions of the relevant role descriptors are now
       being presented for agreement prior to implementation.

  3      Detail

3.1   Throughout May – October 2011 the R&I team has consulted with the following
      stakeholders on the existing set of representative role descriptors:

       UK Representatives’ Committees (Learning Representatives, Safety Representatives
        and Stewards)
       RCN Boards
       Joint Representatives Conference
       UK Learning & Development Facilitators (LDFs)
3.2   The resulting set of representative role descriptors are shown in Appendix 2. These
      represent the ‘best fit’ of all feedback received and will be used as the basis for
      reviewing the current curriculum for the UK L&D pathway for RCN Representatives.

  4     Resources, costs and implications

4.1   The curriculum review cycle is provided by the OCN as part of its existing contract with
      the RCN.

4.2   Some funding has been identified in this financial year to support the revision of
      resources that might come out of changes to the curriculum.

 5     Risks

5.1   All learning and development strands of the Future Activist Programme are required to
      develop live risk registers to identify risks and the controls that have been put in place.

5.2   Failure to review the curriculum could result in the pathway becoming out of date and
      poorly aligned to the needs of emerging representatives.

 6     Diversity

6.1   All learning and development strands of the Future Activist Programme develop equality
      impact assessments

6.2   All representatives who access the pathway have the opportunity to develop skills and
      knowledge around equality and diversity, drawing on the expertise and resources
      available within the organisation.

6.3   All representatives who access the pathway have the opportunity to feedback on their
      experiences and thereby inform the future development of the curriculum.

 7     UK-wide/Four country perspective

7.1   The Future Activist Programme is a UK-wide initiative with all work streams drawing on
      the expertise and experience of staff and members across the four countries.

 8     Strategic plan

8.1   The Future Activist Programme enables the RCN to meet the following strategic
      objectives in the RCN's strategic plan for 2008-2013: 1.3, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 4.1, 5.1, 5.3,
      5.5, 5.6 and 8.1.

 9     Recommendations

9.1   MRC is asked to:
       Note the curriculum review process
     Note and agree the revised representative role descriptors

Lead Officers: Janet Davies and Janice Smyth
Originators: Mairead O’Siochru, Di Clarke, Rachel Wood, Ron Elvins and Julia Carter-Meadows
Input from: Sue Antrobus, Ellen Hudson Clare Jenkins, Cathy Pugh, Ann Jackson, Kathy Parker and Debbie

MRC December 2011

  Appendix 1

                                                           Curriculum Review: process, responsibilities and timescales
                                                                           Two year process for Curriculum Review

                                                                   Role Descriptor Review Year 1                       Responsible        Timing

                                                    Review of Generic        Review of Generic Review of Generic       Module Leads      Jan-Mar
                                                    and Specific Role        and Specific Role and Specific Role        with support
                                                    Descriptors by UK        Descriptors by UK  Descriptors by         from regional/
                                                     Representative                LDFs          RCN Boards            country LDFs
                                                       Committees                              supported by UK
                                                      supported by                                  LDFs
                                                      Module Leads
                    Role Descriptor Review Year 1

                                                       Drafting of ‘best fit’ revised role descriptors mapped to       Module Leads     April/May
                                                                           relevant standards
                                                    Review of ‘best fit’      Review of ‘best      Review of ‘best     Module Leads      June-Aug
                                                        revised role          fit’ revised role    fit’ revised role    with support
                                                    descriptors by UK          descriptors by       descriptors by     from regional/
                                                      Representative          Representing &         RCN Boards        country LDFs
                                                       Committees            Influencing Team     supported by UK
                                                       supported by                                      LDFs
                                                      Module Leads
Curriculum Review

                                                    Final versions of revised role descriptors mapped to relevant      Module Leads      Sept/Oct

                                                         Revised role descriptors approved by Trade Union                                  Oct
                                                                        Governance Group

                                                       Revised role descriptors signed off by Membership and                               Dec
                                                                     Representation Committee
                                                                    Curriculum Change Year 2                           Responsible        Timing

                                                    Independent theming of evaluative feedback from agreed             Outsourced by      Jan/Feb
                                                               stakeholders throughout Year 1                          LDF-Quality
                                                                                                                       Assurance and
                    Curriculum Change Year 2


                                                     Claims, concerns and issues (CCI) capturing evaluative            Module Leads     March/April
                                                       feedback and outcomes of Role Descriptor Review

                                                    Module 1 CCI      Stewards          Learning       Safety Rep
                                                                     Module CCI        Rep Module      Module CCI

                                                            Curriculum review days based on the CCI                    Module Leads      May/June
                                                                                                                        and OCN
                                                    Curriculum        Curriculum       Curriculum      Curriculum       facilitator
                                                    Review Day        Review Day       Review Day      Review Day
                                                     Module 1          Stewards         Learning       Safety Reps
                             Module            Reps Module       Module

                        Curriculum review outcomes                          Module Leads   July-Sept

             Curriculum modification (learning outcomes and
              programme) mapped to revised role descriptors
             Updating of facilitator pack, resources and assessment tool
              as appropriate
             Assurance to UK Quality Assurance Group for Activists’ L&D
              that robust processes have been followed
             Posting of final versions to S drive in line with version
              control protocol1

                            Governance reporting                            Module Leads   Oct-Dec

       Feedback on outcomes of curriculum review as appropriate:
             Trade Union Governance Group
             Membership and Representation Committee
             RCN Boards
             UK Representative Committees

       Process and outcomes to be reviewed by OCN as external accrediting partner

    Version control protocol to be developed
Appendix 2: Set of revised representative role descriptors

     Generic Role: Steward, Safety and Learning Representatives
     1. Works within the RCN Dignity Charter and promote the values held in the charter

     2. Communicates effectively on behalf of RCN members, with relevant stakeholders

     3. Develops personally and professionally, using a variety of approaches, to ensure high
          quality in all areas of work and practice as an RCN representative.

     4. Contributes to the ongoing development/support of RCN members in their workplace

     5. Acts in ways that promote equality, diversity and human rights.

     6. Raise the profile of the RCN

     7. Understands the policy making processes of the RCN and supports, influences &
          implements RCN policy/policies

     8. Supports promotes and implement RCN campaigns, in line with agreed priorities

     9. Actively contributes to RCN recruitment and retention policies and practices

     10. Works actively within the branch and enable local member participation and

     11. Works in partnership with employers and other stakeholders on behalf of, and
          representing the views of, RCN members

     12. Negotiates with employer for reasonable paid time off during working hours to carry out
          trade union duties*

     *12. Time off provisions for trade union officials were brought together in sections 168-170 of the Trade Union and Labour
     Relations (Consolidation) ACT 1992. Section 43 of the Employment Act 2002 added a new right for union learning
     representatives to take paid time off during working hours to undertake their duties and to undertake relevant training
     (Reference : Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) 2003

     Specifically an employer has to permit a safety representative to take such time off with pay ‘as shall be necessary’ to
     ‘perform their functions and undergo such training as would be reasonable’ (Reference: Labour Relations Department
     (2003): Time off for trade union duties and activities- a guide for workplace and safety representative’s p.30).

     *Officials are entitled to paid time off where the duties are concerned with:

         Negotiations with the employer about matters which fall within section 178(2) of the Trade Union and Labour Relations
          (Consolidation) Act 1992 (TULR(C)A and for which the union is recognised for the purposes of collective bargaining
          by the employer; or

         Any other functions on behalf of employees of the employer which are related to matters falling within section 178(2)
          TULR(C)A and which the employer has agreed the union may perform

         In Northern Ireland the provisions relating to time off for study or training are the same but are contained in; Labour
          Relations Agency (2004) Code of Practice; Time Off for Trade Union Duties and Activities (Including Guidance on
          Time Off for Union Learning Representatives. Labour Relations Agency

Specific Role - RCN Accredited Trade Union Steward
Summary of Role: - To protect employment rights and promote the fair treatment of RCN
members through collective and individual representation.
1. Supports, advises and represents RCN members with employment and professional
   issues to ensure that a fair process is followed.

2. Helps RCN members to understand the processes and possible outcome(s) of their
   cases and how this may affect their employment status

3. Contributes to the prevention and resolution of disputes in the workplace by
   developing effective working relations in the workplace.

4. Contributes to the formulation and implementation of collective bargaining strategy.

5. In partnership with employers and other stakeholders, influences positive
   employment relations through review and development of employment policies

6. Directs RCN members to information and resources to enable them to understand
   their employment rights and related professional issues.

7. Identifies appropriate information to use in individual/collective cases of

Specific Role - RCN Accredited Trade Union Safety Representative

Summary of Role: - To work with employers and others in maintaining and promoting a safe and
healthy workplace for RCN members/staff.

1. Encourages and supports employers in meeting their responsibility to ensure compliance with
   health and safety legislation (RDs 7 and 8)2

2. Champions adherence to positive health and safety practice (RD 3)

3. Influences the development of a positive safety culture to bring about a safe and healthy working
   environment (RDs 6 and 9)

4. Carries out regular safety inspections in the workplace (RD 5)

5. Engages in consultation with employers to support their completion of risk assessments in order to
   manage risk effectively in the work place (RD 4)

6. Investigates health and safety concerns, potential hazards, accidents and dangerous occurrences
   and makes recommendations for reducing or preventing these in the future(RD10)

7. Consults with, and receives information from HSE inspectors and other enforcement officers on
   behalf of RCN members (New)

8. Represents RCN members’ interests on health and safety committees (RD11 and R6)

9. Negotiates on behalf of, and represents the health and safety interests of RCN members (RD1)

10. Identifies appropriate information and resources to support RCN members and RCN
    representatives on matters related to health and safety (RDs 2, 12, 13 and 14)

11. Supports RCN stewards in the individual representation of members where appropriate (New)

    Figures in brackets indicate previous role descriptors used in developing the revised version
Specific Role - RCN Accredited Trade Union Learning Representative

Summary of Role: - To promote the value of learning through supporting individual
members to plan and manage their learning, and by working collaboratively with the
RCN, employers and other stakeholders to negotiate and protect learning in the

   1. Provides information and advice to RCN members, activists and staff on
      learning related issues.

   2. Supports members in identifying their learning and development needs and
      assist in planning and managing their learning.

   3. Guides RCN members to information and resources to support their learning
      and development needs.

   4. Works with other RCN representatives to supporting members in a work
       related issue where there is a learning and development dimension.

   5. Acts as a role model to promote the value of learning and development in the
      workplace and promote access to lifelong learning.

   6. In partnership with employers, contributes to the development of a positive
       learning workplace culture.

   7. Negotiates access to Continuing Professional Development in the workplace.

   8. Engages with employers, members and other union learning representatives
      to support the development and implementation of a workplace learning
      agreement or learning strategy.

   9. Supports and influences local and national policies, initiatives and campaigns
      which promote learning.

   10. Communicates the learning needs of RCN members to the RCN via Learning
       reps committee/governance structures


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