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					                               Presentation Activities

Go to (File path) and collect “SLT Template.ppt”

For this task you will need to edit Master slide to add the name of the task,
your name and school in the footer section.

Task 1: Edit a three slide PowerPoint presentation to persuade the Senior
Leadership Team of the school to allow you to create a school magazine.
Include advantages to the school and how it will add to the students feeling of
belonging to a community, using “SLT Presentation activities.doc“ which can
be found in (file path)
Take into account that your target audience are adults.
    Make sure the background colour of all slides is the same.
    Do not use more than two font styles.
    Make sure that you can read your presentation from a distance.

For each presentation you MUST have done the following:
   Change background colour
   Use Bullet points on each slide
   Use appropriate clip art
   Use text boxes to add any text
   Add slide transitions
   Spell check your presentation
   Save Task 1 as “SLT” under (file Path)
   Save Task 2 as “Assembly” under (file Path)
   Be careful not to use fonts that are difficult to read, too many fonts, and
      too many colours.

Created by Caroline Hodgson (Ashcroft) and Shah Gobi (Denbigh)

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