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                     CMI Advances Sound Reduction To New Level
                 Next generation technology allows boaters to operate in near stealth mode.

NEENAH, WI – July 11, 2005 – Custom Marine, Incorporated (CMI) has announced the introduction of the next
generation of sound reduction technology that will enable boaters to operate their performance boats in stealth
mode. CMI’s state-of-the-art Sound Elimination Systems™ mufflers are designed to curtail exhaust noise emissions
on all inboard and stern drive powered recreational and performance boats. Unlike many competitive products, the
innovative design of CMI’s new muffler ensures no loss of horsepower while reducing sound emissions to levels as
low as 85 decibels (dB) – a level well below the most strict sound emission regulations – allowing performance
enthusiasts to operate under the radar screen of most law enforcement. Without a sound reduction device installed,
many inboard and stern drive powered boats can reach exhaust noise emission levels in the range of 90 – 105 dB.

“We have aggressively pursued the development of innovative technology and designs that will enable us to
continue to lead the way on sound reduction for recreational and performance boat exhaust emissions,” said Joe
Zelinski, founder and president of CMI. “Our goal is to bring technological advancement to the marine market that
enables us to deliver the on-water experience recreational and performance-oriented boaters expect from CMI, while
at the same time, meeting the regulatory requirements for sound emissions that went into effect earlier this year.”

Sound Elimination Systems mufflers are designed for easy installation on any marine exhaust system with tailpipes
ranging from four to six-inches in diameter, which covers the full range of inboard or stern drive-powered
recreational and performance boat applications up to 1500 horsepower. The mufflers are strategically engineered to
muffle sound without restricting the exhaust or creating unwanted backpressure, which can inhibit the engine from
reaching peak performance power. A superior design results in fewer parts than competitive models, which will
ensure long-lasting durability and reliability for marine applications. Manufactured from 304-series stainless steel
and fully polished, all clamp-on models are designed for quick installation on any exhaust system equipped with 4,
4.5 and 5-inch tailpipes. Mufflers also can be configured to fit inside any big-tube, thru-transom exhaust system up
to six-inches in diameter, which allows the exterior look of the tailpipes to remain the same in appearance. Zelinski
said this application requires close coordination with OEM boat builders to ensure a precision fit and finish to meet
boat owners’ exacting standards.
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CMI Advances Sound Reduction To New Level, add one

“With the addition of the Sound Elimination Systems mufflers to our current product mix, CMI is positioned to
offer boat and engine builders, as well as boat owners , a sound reduction solution for virtually any recreational or
high-performance application,” Zelinski added. “Boat builders and marine consumers alike will find CMI a strong
partner when it comes to providing products that meet their needs for sound reduction.”

About CMI

Custom Marine is an industry-leading manufacturer and marketer of OEM and aftermarket exhaust headers, exhaust
systems and components designed for any recreational and high-performance marine application. CMI’s
combination of engineering, manufacturing and design excellence allow the company to deliver products that offer
the superior quality, performance and stunning good looks every performance-minded boater demands.

Media Contact:
Paul Cassata
Custom Marine Inc.

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