Person Specification by 1mAM2u


									                                     Person Specification

                                     Requirement                                   Criteria
Qualified teacher status                                                           Essential
Degree or good professional qualification                                          Essential
Recent personal and professional development                                       Essential

Knowledge and Experience
                                   Requirement                                     Criteria
Successful & recent teaching experience in EYFS or KS1                             Essential
Ability to demonstrate a clear understanding of the safeguarding children agenda   Essential
and its application
Knowledge of current Education developments, practices and procedures in           Essential
EYFS and how they impact on learning and teaching
Knowledge and understanding of assessment, recording and reporting                 Essential
requirements in EYFS
Evidence of child-initiated and adult-led experiences that have developed and      Essential
enhanced children’s learning opportunities
Evidence of how creative strategies have been used to raise achievement            Essential
Ability to make an effective contribution within a staff team                      Essential

                                    Requirement                                    Criteria
Excellent classroom practitioner                                                   Essential
Practical experience of high-quality teaching & learning leading to good pupil     Essential
Ability to create a happy, creative and effective learning environment             Essential
Evidence of using ICT to enhance learning and raise standards in the classroom     Essential
Evidence of the use of ‘reflection’ that has led to improving own practice         Essential
Ability to form good relationships with parents                                    Essential

Qualities & Attitude
                                 Requirement                                        Criteria
Strong commitment to supporting the values, aims and ethos of the school           Essential
Able to develop and sustain good personal relationships                            Essential
A commitment to wider, whole-school needs                                          Essential
Demonstrates flexibility and adaptability in dealing with changing situations      Essential
Evidence of actions they have taken to support their school/colleagues outside     Desirable
of their normal role

                                    Requirement                                     Criteria
A willingness to offer extra curricular activities                                 Desirable

Person spec Rec Teacher May 2010

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