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					George Orwell’s Animal Farm

    An Allegory of the Russian
Part 1: About George
           About George
• Born in India in 1903 to a minor
  government official
• At 8, he went to a posh private school in
  England on financial aid which led to his
  peers treating him like a charity case
• He felt like a failure because of this and
  came to the conclusion that the rich and
  strong ruled the world
           About George
• He sympathized with the underdog and
  victims of poverty
• Joined the Indian Imperial police after
  high school
• After 5 years he resigned
• He moved to Paris and wrote five
  novels from 1927-1932
           About George
• In 1936, Orwell got in involved with a
  Communist faction in the Spanish civil
  war; Orwell concluded that the
  Communists were corrupt and came to
  the conclusion that all revolutions fail
  because people who obtain power are
  corrupted by it
           About George
• Orwell returned to England with his wife
  where he enjoyed his life on his small
• Perhaps Orwell saw in nature the only
  true “Utopian state” and felt that man’s
  move away from the land was a mistake
             About George
• Because of health reasons, Orwell could not
  serve in WWII; however, he worked as a
  correspondent for the BBC (like Fox News)
• He wrote Animal Farm during this time which
  was published in 1945
• Orwell had difficulty publishing his book (it
  was rejected by 4 publishers) because the
  true and aims and methods of the Russian
  Communists were coming to light
             About George
• Orwell died in 1950, after publishing one of
  Miss Swanson’s favorite books, 1984
• Orwell’s purpose in writing Animal Farm was
  to warn the world about the dangers of
  totalitarianism as well as to poke fun at the
  mentality of revolutionaries who believe
  Utopia is possible
           About George
• Orwell’s driving theme:
• Power inevitably corrupts and therefore
  revolutions inevitably fail in their
  purpose. Those who take over are
  necessarily corrupted by the new
  Part 2: Russian Revolution
• There are direct parallels between the major
  players in the Russian Revolution (RR) and
  the characters in Animal Farm.
• In the mid-1800’s capitalism was flourishing
  in America and Europe because workers
  worked in inhumane conditions 14-18 hours a
  day and companies exploited children (there
  were no child labor laws)
       Russian Revolution
• In 1847, an international worker’s group
  employed German philosopher Karl
  Marx to draw up a plan for their group.
  The group was called the Communist
  League and their purpose was to unite
  the working class of Europe.
       Russian Revolution
• Karl Marx
         Russian Revolution
• Marx wrote The Manifesto of the Communist
  Party; the Communism that evolved from this
  bore little resemblance to the original.
• In this manifesto, Marx envisioned a worker’s
  revolt followed by a kind of paradise (Utopia)
  where each person would work according to
  his or her ability and receive according to his
  or her needs. Marx thought this would bring
  about worldwide economic equality.
        Russian Revolution
• As we all know, this worldwide revolution
  never took place. America and Europe
  revised its laws to accommodate its workers;
  they had safe working conditions and
  reasonable pay.
• Instead, the communist party split into two -
  those who tried to bring about change
  through legislation, and those who saw
  revolution as the answer
       Russian Revolution
• Russia was poorly managed under a
  Czarist government (like a king or
  pharoah) and most of the Russian
  people were still underpaid workers on
  land owned by the wealthy
       Russian Revolution
• Czar Nicholas II and his family
        Russian Revolution
• Communists comprised a small
  extremist group within the socialist
       Russian Revolution
• A major player in trying to overthrow the
  Czarist government and establish one
  based on socialism (very similar to
  communism) was Leon Trotsky
• He believed that terrorism was a
  valuable method to keep others from
  overthrowing the government
       Russian Revolution
• Leon Trotsky
       Russian Revolution
• In 1917, Nikolai Lenin and the Bolshevik
  Party successfully overthrew Czar
  Nicholas II and the Communist Party
  gained control of Russia’s government
• Lenin appointed Trotsky a high ranking
  position in this new government
       Russian Revolution
• Nicolei Lenin
       Russian Revolution
• When Lenin died, there was power
  struggle between Trotsky and Joseph
• Stalin gained control in 1926
• Trotsky fled to Mexico where he was
  later assassinated
       Russian Revolution
• Joseph Stalin
        Russian Revolution
• Under Stalin’s Communist government, he
  deported anyone who didn’t agree with him to
• His secret police arrested anyone they
  wanted to (mostly dissenters), and used
  torture and mass executions to maintain
  Stalin’s power
• Anyone could fall victim to Stalin’s secret
  police force for no apparent reason
        Russian Revolution
• The goal of the communist revolution was to
  unite everyone to work toward the common
  goal of survival. However, Stalin’s
  government was just as terrifying as that of
  the Czar’s.
• There was no freedom; the government
  controlled everything.
• The rich got richer (sometimes), and the poor
  got poorer!
• Terrorist police prevented any uprisings from
  taking place.
        Russian Revolution
• The aim of totalitarianism is to make people
  less and less aware to tell the difference
  between what is the truth and what is made
  up, and unable to draw logical conclusions.
  This is what happened to the animal workers
  in Animal Farm.
• The farm represents Russia, and the
  characters and plot all symbolize various
  people and events from the RR.
       Russian Revolution
• Censorship and propaganda are
  essential methods of controlling the
  working class (proletariat) and
  convincing them they are on the right
  path while those in other political
  systems are idiots (sound familiar?)
      Russian Revolution
• Communist propaganda

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