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					                                                                                        Cardholder Signature To avoid fraud if my card is lost or stolen, and to allow
                                                                                        Point of Sale (POS) merchants to verify the signature on sales drafts, I must
                                                                                        sign the signature panel on the back of my card immediately for the card to be
                                                                                        valid. I will not write, “See ID” or similar content on the signature panel, as
Visa Classic, Visa Platinum, Visa Platinum Choice Rewards,                              this is not an acceptable alternative.
                 Visa Platinum Secured, and                                             Change of Name, Address, Telephone Number or Employment Status I
                    Visa Platinum Student                                               understand and agree that I must report to the credit union any change in my
                                                                                        name, address, telephone number or employment status.
                                                                                        Credit Limit Except as may be limited by applicable law, you at your sole
   Credit Card Agreement and Truth in Lending Disclosure                                discretion, may increase or decrease my credit limit by any amount. The
                        Statement                                                       credit union may also refuse to extend additional credit for any transaction if I
                                                                                        have reached my credit limit or if I am in default.
                          Effective September 2008                                      Credit Information I authorize the credit union to investigate my credit
                                                                                        standing when applying for, renewing, or reviewing my account and I
In this Agreement and Truth in Lending Disclosure Statement (“agreement”)               authorize the credit union to disclose information regarding my account to
the words “I”, “we”, “our”, “my” and “cardholder” mean each and all of those            credit bureaus and other creditors who inquire to the credit union regarding
who apply for or use the card and or Visa account. “You”, “your”, and “credit           my credit standing to the extent authorized by law.
union” mean California Coast Credit Union. “Account” means the Visa                     Default If I am in default under this agreement, the credit union has the right
Classic, Visa Platinum, Visa Platinum Choice Rewards, Visa Platinum                     to terminate further services on my account, to revoke my Card and/or
Secured and Visa Platinum Student credit cards, unless otherwise specified.             demand payment in full of all amounts owed to the credit union. I will be in
                                                                                        default if any of the following occur: 1) If I do not pay on time or in the proper
I/we agree to the following terms and conditions and any changes or                     amount; 2) I fail to live up to the terms of this agreement; 3) my credit
amendments. By requesting and receiving, signing or permitting others to                worthiness is impaired; 4) I die, become insolvent, or am the subject of
use the card issued to me by California Coast Credit Union, I agree to the              bankruptcy or receivership proceedings; 5) if the credit union receives any
following terms.                                                                        verbal or written report from any of my creditors that I have not met my
Acceleration and Collection Costs I understand and agree that the credit                obligations with any of them. In the event of any action by the credit union to
union has the right to temporarily or permanently suspend any and all account           enforce this agreement, I agree to pay the costs of reasonable attorney fees,
and card privileges and/or may demand immediate payment of the unpaid                   and other expenses. Finance Charges will continue to accrue until I repay my
balance, Finance Charges, late charges, over limit fees, your collection costs,         loan.
reasonable attorney’s fees, and court costs (collectively, “collection-related          Delay in Enforcement The credit union can delay enforcing any of the credit
charges”) in the event of (a) my death, insolvency, or failure to pay this              unions rights under this agreement without losing them.
obligation or any of my other obligations to you, or (b) any breach or default of       Delinquency When my account is 15 or more days delinquent, and I have
this agreement. I understand and agree that I will be subject to Finance                made no attempt to contact the credit union to make agreeable arrangements
Charges (at the applicable monthly periodic rate), late charges, over limit             for payment, you may cancel/decline all authorizations until my account is
fees, and collection-related charges under the terms disclosed in this                  brought current.
agreement until I repay my entire loan.                                                 Electronic Funds Transfer If the use of my Card or account number
Accuracy of Information The information provided in my application for                  constitutes an Electronic Funds Transfer, the terms and conditions of the
credit is accurate and I will notify the credit union in writing immediately if         credit unions Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement (EFT) will govern these
there is a change in my financial condition. The credit union may retain the            transactions to the extent that the EFT agreement amends this agreement.
application. I understand that it is a violation of Section 1014, title 18, US          Calculation of Finance Charge The Finance Charge for a billing cycle is the
Code to make false statements or over value security for the purpose of                 sum of two components.
influencing the action of any federally-insured credit union. The credit union          Cash Advance Fee The first component of the Finance Charge is the Cash
may gather credit and or employment information you deem necessary and                  Advance Fee. Cash Advances are subject to a Cash Advance Fee FINANCE
appropriate from time to time and you may give information concerning my                CHARGE as set forth on the Visa Credit Card Disclosure Summary. Balance
credit experience with you to others.                                                   transfers are considered Cash Advances for the purposes of this agreement.
Authorization and Payment I authorize the credit union to pay and charge                Monthly Periodic Finance Charge The second component of the FINANCE
my account for all purchases and cash advances made or obtained by me or                CHARGE is the Monthly Periodic Finance Charge. The Daily Periodic Rate is
another I authorize to use my Card or account. I will be obligated to pay all           determined by dividing the Annual Percentage Rate by 365. The Daily
such purchases and cash advances charged to my account whether resulting                Periodic Rate is multiplied by the number of days in the statement period to
from: (1) actual use of my card or Visa convenience checks; (2) mail order or           determine the Monthly Periodic Finance Charge. The Daily Periodic Rate
telephone; computer, or other electronic purchases made without presenting              used to calculate the FINANCE CHARGE for Purchases and Cash Advances
the card; or (3) any other circumstances where I authorize a charge, or                 is set forth in the Visa Credit Card Disclosure Summary. The Corresponding
authorize someone else to make a charge on my account (collectively,                    ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE is set forth in the Visa Credit Card
authorized charges). I promise to pay the credit union, or to your order, in US         Disclosure Summary.
dollars with an instrument drawn on a financial institution in the United Sates         Computation of the Finance Charge and Average Daily Balance for Cash
at your offices or at the address set forth on my periodic statement, all               Advances Finance Charges for cash advances begin on the date of the
authorized charges on the terms and at the rates set forth herein, plus any             transaction. There is no grace period. The FINANCE CHARGE for a billing
Finance Charges assessed on my account and any other charges and fees                   cycle is computed by applying the Monthly Periodic FINANCE CHARGE to
which I may owe you under the terms of this agreement. Payments will                    the Average Daily Balance of cash advances. To calculate the daily balance
continue until I have paid in full the unpaid balance, Finance Charges, all             for cash advances, the ending daily principal balance (excluding fees) from
collections related charges and any other fees and charges.                             the previous day is added to cash advances and other debits effective this
California Law This agreement is made in California and is governed by the              day. Principal payments and other credits effective this day are subtracted.
laws of the state of California to the extent that California law is not                The sum of cash advance daily balances for each day of the current
inconsistent with controlling federal law. California’s choice of law rules shall       statement period is divided by the number of days in the period to calculate
not be applied if that would result in the application of non-California law.           the Average Daily Balance for Cash Advances. The Average Daily Balance is
Cash Advances Cash advances may be obtained at ATMs, through a                          multiplied by the applicable Monthly Periodic Rate to determine the Finance
California Coast Visa Credit Card Check, overdraft transfer, Cal Coast                  Charge for the statement period.
ONLINE or at a financial institution (without using an ATM). There is a fee for         Computation of the Finance Charge and Average Daily Balance for
each cash advance. The fee may cause the Annual Percentage Rate on the                  Purchases To avoid FINANCE CHARGES for purchases, I must pay the
billing statement to exceed the nominal Annual Percentage Rate.                         amount of the New Balance for purchase by the Payment Due Date as shown
Change in Terms This agreement is the contract that applies to all                      on the Visa statement. To calculate the daily balance for purchases, the
transactions on the account even though the sales, cash advance, credit or              ending daily principal balance (excluding fees) from the previous day is added
other receipts/slips I sign or receive may contain different terms. I understand        to purchases and other debits effective this day. Principal payments and other
and agree that the credit union may amend, modify, add to, or delete from this          credits effective this day are subtracted. The sum of the daily balances for
agreement any of its terms and conditions, including the method of Finance              purchases for each day of the statement period is divided by the number of
Charge, effective as to any unpaid balance outstanding and any subsequent               days in the period to calculate the Average Daily Balance for purchases. The
advance, by mailing a notice of the change to me at my last known address. I            Average Daily Balance is multiplied by the applicable Monthly Periodic Rate
also understand that any such notice will be mailed at least 15 days prior to           to determine the Finance Charge for the statement period.
the effective date of the change, as required by federal or other law. Notice of        Variable Rate Information If my Daily Periodic Rate and Annual Percentage
a change in terms is required, but may be sent as late as the effective date of         Rate are variable, the following information applies to me. Rates may change
the change where the change has been agreed to, in writing, by me.                      on the first day of each quarter (January, April, July, and October). The rate is
                                                                                        determined by adding a margin to the Prime Rate published in the Wall Street

Journal on the Monday preceding the first day of each quarter. Rates are                   Preauthorized Payment By separate agreement, I may authorize the credit
based upon changes in the Prime Rate plus a margin. If more than one                       union to automatically transfer the Minimum Payment Due from my savings or
Prime Rate is published the credit union may choose the highest rate. If the               checking account. I may pay more frequently, pay more, or pay the New
Wall Street Journal ceases to publish the Prime Rate, the credit union may                 Balance in full which will reduce my periodic Finance Charge.
use the Prime Rate published in any other newspaper of general circulation or              Prepayment or Irregular Payments Though I need only pay the Minimum
may substitute a similar rate at the credit unions sole discretion. Each time              Payment Due, I understand that I have the right to repay my loan at any time
the Annual Percentage Rate changes, the credit union will apply it to all                  without penalty. I also understand and agree that I will only be charged
existing purchase and cash advance balances. The Annual Percentage Rate                    Finance Charges to the date I repay my entire loan. I may make larger
in effect and any subsequent changes to it will appear on the billing                      payments without penalty and this may reduce the total amount of Finance
statement. An increase in the Annual Percentage Rate means I will pay a                    Charges that I will repay. If I pay more than the Minimum Payment Due in
higher Finance Charge and perhaps a higher Minimum Payment.                                any month and there is still a balance due, I must continue to make Minimum
Fees Fees associated with the use of the Card are disclosed on the Visa                    Payments in future months. Any partial payment of my loan will not advance
Credit Card Disclosure Summary I receive when I open my account.                           my next Payment Due Date. I understand and agree that any payment that
Foreign Transactions The exchange rate between the foreign transaction                     delays or accelerates the repayment of my unpaid balance will increase or
currency and the billing currency (US dollars) used for processing                         decrease my monthly periodic Finance Charge.
international transactions may be either: 1) a rate selected by Visa from the              Privacy Notice The credit union does not release information to third parties
range of rates available in wholesale currency markets for the applicable                  for promotional product and service offers and may release information about
central processing date, which may vary from the rate Visa receives, or 2) the             me and my account with the credit union in connection with the maintenance
government-mandated rate in effect for the applicable central processing                   of my account or as required or allowed by law. For example: If I am in
date. In each instance, Visa charges an International Service Assessment                   default, the credit union may release information about my account to third
fee for Multiple Currency Conversion Rate adjustments. If there is no currency             parties who may assist the credit union in enforcing credit union rights under
conversion, Visa charges a Single Currency Conversion Rate adjustment fee.                 this agreement.        The credit union may also report, to credit reporting
Integrated Documents Any separate sheet of paper labeled “Additional                       agencies and other creditors, the status and payment history of my account,
Disclosure – Truth-in-Lending Act” which is delivered together with this form is           including negative credit information. If I believe that the credit unions report
an integrated part of the agreement.                                                       of my account status is inaccurate or incomplete, I will write the credit union at
Lien on Shares If I have voluntarily agreed to a lien on shares, I understand              the following address: California Coast Credit Union, P.O. Box 502080, San
that if I am in default on the account, the credit union may apply all shares              Diego, CA 92150-2080. I must include my name, address, home telephone
(except IRA accounts) then on deposit needed by the credit union to repay my               number and account number.
loan.                                                                                      Purchases and Cash Advances I may make purchases and request
Lost or Stolen Cards I must notify the credit union at once if I believe my                advances in accordance with current loan policies up to my credit limit. I
Card, account number, PIN or any combination of the three has been lost or                 understand and agree that all purchases and other transactions requested by
stolen by immediately calling the credit union at the telephone number on the              me or anyone I have permitted to use the Card and or account are subject to
back of this disclosure. Telephoning is the best way to keep possible losses               credit union approval.
down. I understand that I shall not be liable to the credit union for any account          Responsibility I agree to repay according to the terms of this agreement for
and or Card transaction resulting from the loss, theft or other unauthorized               all purchase, advances, Finance Charges, late charges, over limit fees and
use of the account and or Card that occurs prior to the time I give notice to the          any other fees and charges, if any, arising from the use of the account by me
credit union. Such liability does not apply when the account and or card is                or any other person I permit to use the account, even if that person exceeds
used to make an electronic transfer. The credit union may increase the limit of            my permission. For example, I am responsible for charges made by myself,
my liability for unauthorized Visa transactions only if the credit union                   my spouse, and minor children. I cannot disclaim responsibility by notifying
reasonably determines based on substantial evidence that I was grossly                     the credit union, but upon my request and upon the return of all Cards to the
negligent or fraudulent in the handling of my account or Card.                             credit union I will close the account to prevent any new transactions from
Membership Requirement I understand and agree that I must be and remain                    being authorized. My obligation to pay the account balance continues even
a member in good standing with the credit union to be eligible for continuing              though an agreement, divorce decree, or other court judgment to which I am
account and/or Card privileges including future purchases and advances. I                  not a party may direct me or one of the other persons responsible to pay the
understand and agree that the credit union may suspend the account and or                  account. Any person using the Card is jointly and severally responsible with
Card privileges during any period in which I do not maintain my membership                 me for all charges he or she makes, but if that individual signed the Card, he
with you.                                                                                  or she becomes a party to this agreement and is also jointly and severally
Merchant Disputes The credit union is not responsible for the refusal of any               responsible for all charges on the account, including mine.
plan merchant or financial institution to honor the account and or Card. The               Personal Identification Number (PIN): The credit union will assign me a
credit union is subject to claims and defenses (other than tort claims) arising            four digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) to be used with my Card. I
out of goods or services I purchase with the Card only if I have made a good               agree not to disclose or otherwise make my PIN available to anyone not
faith attempt but have been unable to obtain satisfaction from the plan                    authorized to sign on my account. This number should be memorized and
merchant, and (a) my purchase was made in response to an advertisement                     then destroyed to ensure that no one else can obtain ATM access. I will not
the credit union sent or participated in sending me; or (b) my purchase cost               write my PIN on the Card and will not record my number anywhere or in any
more than $50 and was made from a plan merchant in my state or within                      form (even disguised) that could be accessed by an unauthorized person. If I
$100 miles of my current mailing address. Any other dispute I must resolve                 forget my PIN, I will contact the credit union and a new PIN will be issued, or I
directly with the plan merchant.                                                           may visit one of the credit unions branch offices to select my own PIN.
Negative Credit Information A negative credit report, reflecting on my credit              Restricted Use of the Card My Card and or account may not be used
record, may be submitted to a credit reporting agency if I fail to fulfill the terms       directly or indirectly for: (1) any illegal activity or transaction, or (2) any
of my credit obligations.                                                                  gambling, gaming, betting, or similar activity or transaction. Further, I may not
Payment Due Date Payments are due on the 25th day of each month. If my                     utilize my Card and or account for the purchase of any goods or services on
Payment Due Date falls on a weekend or a holiday and my payment is not                     the Internet that involve gambling, gaming, betting, or any similar transaction
received by the credit union by the business day preceding that weekend or                 or activity. Such transactions include, but may not be limited to, any quasi-
holiday, I will incur a Finance Charge because my payment was received after               cash or online gambling transaction, any electronic commerce transaction
the due date.                                                                              conducted over an open network, and any betting transaction including the
Payments Marked “Paid in Full” The credit union may accept checks,                         purchase of lottery tickets or casino gaming chips/checks or off-track betting
money orders, or other types of payment marked “payment in full” or using                  or wagering. My use of the Card and or account for any such transaction will
other language to indicate full satisfaction of any indebtedness, without being            constitute an event of default under this agreement. However, in the event
bound by such language or waiving any rights under this agreement. Full                    that a charge or transaction described in this paragraph is approved and
satisfaction of indebtedness shall be accepted by the credit union only in a               processed, I will still be responsible for such charges. I agree that the credit
written agreement, signed by an authorized representative.                                 union will not incur any liability, responsibility or culpability whatsoever, for
Payment Minimum Every month, I must pay at least the Minimum Payment                       any such use of the Card and or account by me or any authorized users. I
Due by the Payment Due Date shown on my periodic statement. The                            further agree to indemnify and hold the credit union harmless from any suits,
Minimum Payment Due will be either (a) 3% of the New Balance, or $25,                      liability damages or adverse action of any kind that results directly or indirectly
whichever is greater; or (b) my new balance if it is less than $25. In addition, I         from such use.
must pay any amount on my periodic statement listed as past due and any                    Returns and Adjustments Merchants and others who honor the account
late charge. Lastly, if at any time, my new balance exceeds my credit limit, I             and/or Card may give credit for returns or adjustments, and they will do so by
must pay the excess as well as any over limit charge.                                      sending the credit union a credit receipt/slip which you will post to the
Payment Application Payments will be applied in the following order: late                  account. If my credit and payments exceed what I owe the credit union, you
charges, unpaid Finance Charges on cash advances, unpaid Finance                           will hold and apply this credit balance against future purchases and cash
Charges on purchases, fees, cash advance balances and purchase balances.                   advances, or if it is $1 or more, refund it on my written request or
                                                                                           automatically after six months.

Visa Platinum Secured Credit Cards                                                       If I have authorized the credit union to pay my credit card account
Pledge of Shares The Visa Platinum Secured Credit Card (Visa Credit Card)                automatically from my share or checking account, I can stop the payment on
is secured by the shares in the share account described in the “Visa Platinum            any amount I think is wrong. To stop the payment, my letter must reach the
Secured Credit Card Request”. By requesting and receiving, signing or                    credit union three (3) business days before the automatic payment is
permitting others to use the Visa Credit Card issued to me by California Coast           scheduled to occur.
Credit Union, I agree that my assignment and pledge of my share account is
irrevocable except as provided for in this agreement. By pledging my share               The Credit Unions Rights and Responsibilities After You Receive My
account, I agree that if I am in default under this agreement, in addition to all        Written Notice The credit union must acknowledge my letter within thirty (30)
the other remedies under this agreement, the credit union may, at the credit             days, unless you have corrected the error by then. Within ninety (90) days,
unions option, apply the balance of the pledged share account to the                     you must either correct the error or explain why you believe the statement
outstanding balance of my Visa Credit Card. I understand the applicable                  was correct.
Annual Percentage Rate disclosed in this agreement does not take into
account the dividends on the pledged share account.                                      After the credit union receives my letter, the credit union cannot try to collect
Pledged Share Account Requirements I agree to maintain a minimum balance                 any amount I question, or report me as delinquent. The credit union can
in the pledged share account in an amount equal to 120% of the credit limit on           continue to bill me for the amount I question, including Finance Charges, and
the Visa Credit Card. If the balance in the pledged share account ever falls             you can apply any unpaid amount against my credit limit. I do not have to pay
below this minimum requirement, I agree to immediately deposit to the                    any questioned amount while you are investigating, but I am still obligated to
pledged share account an amount sufficient to cause the balance in the                   pay the parts of the statement that are not in question.
account to satisfy this minimum balance requirement. I agree that this pledge
will cover future purchases and advances under this agreement.                           If you find that you made a mistake on my statement, I will not have to pay
Closing the Account I may not close my pledged share account until the                   any Finance Charges related to the questioned amount. If you didn’t make a
outstanding balance of the Visa Credit Card has been paid in full and closed.            mistake, I may have to pay Finance Charges, and will have to make up any
If California Coast or I cancel the Visa Credit Card, the credit union reserves          past payments on the questioned amount. In any case, the credit union will
the right to hold the funds on deposit in the pledged share account for a                send me a statement of the amount I owe and the due date.
period of time (but not more than 30 days after the Visa Credit Card account
is closed), which you believe reasonably sufficient for any outstanding credit           If I fail to pay the amount that you think I owe, you may report me as
card drafts to clear.                                                                    delinquent. However, if the credit unions explanation does not satisfy me and
Surrender of Cards The Cards(s) remain credit union property and if you                  I write the credit union within ten days telling you I still refuse to pay, you must
request and/or upon termination of the account, I must recover and surrender             tell anyone you report me to that I have a question about my statement. You
to you all Cards(s) and any other access devices you have issued on the                  must tell me the name of anyone you reported me to. You must tell anyone
account.                                                                                 you report me to that the matter has been settled between you when it finally
Termination The credit union may terminate this agreement upon my default.               is. If you don’t follow these rules, you can’t collect the questioned amount,
Either party may terminate this agreement for other good cause. If this                  even if the bill was correct.
agreement is terminated, I must discontinue utilization of the account by any            Special Rules for Card Purchases If I have a problem with the quality of
means. In no event shall any termination relieve me of my obligations to                 goods or services purchased with a Card, and have tried in good faith to
repay sums already borrowed, Finance Charges, late charges and over limit                correct the problem with the merchant, I may have the right not to pay the
charges, if any.                                                                         remaining amount due on the property or services. There are two limitations
Transaction Receipts/Slips My periodic statement will identify the merchant,             on this right: a) I must have made the purchase in my home state or, if not
electronic terminal or financial institutions at which transactions were made,           within my home state, within 100 miles of my current mailing address; and b)
but sales, cash advance, credit or other receipts cannot be returned with the            The purchase must have been more than $50.00. These limitation do not
periodic statement. I will retain the copy of such receipts furnished at the time        apply if you own or operate the merchant, or if the credit union mailed me the
of the transaction in order to verify my periodic statement.                             advertisement for the property or services.
Unauthorized Usage I may be liable for the unauthorized use of my Card
and or account. I will not be liable for unauthorized use that occurs after I                                    OTHER SERVICES PROVIDED
immediately notify the credit union of the loss, theft or possible unauthorized
use by calling the credit union at: 877.495.1600 or 858.495.1600 or writing              Disclaimer of Responsibility The communications and arrangement
the credit union at : Attention: Support Services Department, California Coast           services of the Emergency Assistance Program are provided by third-party
Credit Union, P.O. Box 502080, San Diego, CA 92150-2080. In any case, my                 service providers and are paid by Visa USA, Inc. The cardholder is
liability for unauthorized use will be $0, in accordance with current Visa U.S.A.        responsible for the cost of any medical, legal, or other services used.
Operating Regulations. I agree to assist the credit union in determining the             Assistance is provided on a best-efforts basis, and may not be available due
facts and circumstances relating to any such unauthorized usage.                         to problems of time, distance, or location. The medical and/or legal
Using the Visa Card or Account Number                                                    professionals suggested and/or designated by Visa USA’s third-party service
1.      Present the Card to a Visa plan merchant, to California Coast Credit             provider are not employees of Visa USA’s third-party provider or employees
        Union, or another financial institution displaying the Visa logo, and sign       or contractors of Visa USA, Inc. or California Coast Credit Union and,
        the sales or cash advance draft.                                                 therefore, they are not responsible for the availability, use, acts, omissions, or
2.      Give the card number for mail or telephone order transactions or for             results or any medical, legal, or transportation service.
        purchases through the Internet. Use caution when making purchases in
        this manner.                                                                                           SEE VISA CREDIT CARD
3.      By using my PIN number with the card in an ATM or other electronic                            DISCLOSURE SUMMARY FOR RATES AND FEES
        terminal that provides access to the Visa system.
4.      By using “CoastLine” or by using “Cal Coast ONLINE” through the                  All account rates, terms, and conditions are set by the Board of Directors and
        Internet.                                                                        are subject to change.
5.      Cover overdrafts from my checking account pursuant to authorizing
        Preauthorized Overdraft.

                              MY BILLING RIGHTS
                       (Keep this Notice for Future Use)                                                             P.O. Box 502080
This notice contains important information about my rights and responsibilities
under the Fair Credit Billing Act.                                                                              San Diego, CA 92150-2080
In Case of Errors or Questions about My Statement If I think my statement                                         Toll free: 877.495.1600
is wrong, or I need more information about a transaction on my statement, I                              
must write to the credit union on a separate sheet at the address listed on my
statement. I must write the credit union as soon as possible, but the credit                                                                                        SF-02-04
union must hear from me no later than sixty (60) days after you sent me the
first statement on which the error or problem appeared. I can telephone you,                                                                                      G-10563
but doing so will not preserve my rights. In my letter, I must give you my
name and account number, the dollar amount of the suspected error, and
describe the error and explain why I believe there is an error. If I need more
information, I must describe the item I am not sure about.

Visa Rates
At California Coast Credit Union, our Visa Platinum and Visa Platinum Choice Rewards let you enjoy your spending
power, take advantage of our lower rates and pay off your higher interest credit cards at the same time! With our Visa
Platinum and Visa Platinum Choice Rewards, anything is possible!

                                                Rates effective: 10/14/2009

                                      Platinum and Platinum Choice Rewards
                                       Visa Credit Card Disclosure Summary

           Variable Annual
        Percentage Rate (APR)
          for Purchases and   APR can vary from       9.99% to 18.99% based on credit history.
            Cash Advances

                                  The annual percentage rate may vary. The rate is determined by adding a
                                  margin to the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate*.
             Variable Rate
                                  The margin can vary from 2.74% to 11.74% and is determined by your
                                  credit report.
                                  The minimum APR is 9.99% and the maximum APR is 18.99%.

                                  You have 25 days to repay your balance for purchases before incurring a
             Grace Period         finance charge. There is no grace period on cash advances, overdraft
                                  protection advances, or balance transfers.

         Method of Computing
            the Balance for       Average Daily Balance (including new purchases)

                                  Visa Platinum: None
              Annual Fee          Visa Platinum Choice Rewards: $35 (waived if annual purchases on card
                                  anniversary date exceed $5,000)

                                  2% of Advance
          Cash Advance Fee
                                  ($5 Minimum and $100 Maximum)

                                  Late Payment: $10 (after 10-day grace period)
                                  Over the Limit: $10 (if over by $500 or 120%, whichever is less)
                                  Inactive Visa: $25 over a 12-month period
                                  Card Replacement: $5
              Other Fees
                                  Visa charges a 1% International Service Assessment fee for Multiple
                                  Currency Conversion Rate adjustments. If there is no currency
                                  conversion, Visa charges a 0.8% Single Currency Conversion Rate
                                  adjustment fee.

        Rates may change the first day of each quarter (Jan, Apr, Jul, and Oct). The rate will be determined by
        adding the margin to the Prime Rate as published in the Wall Street Journal on the Monday before the
        first day of each quarter. For current rates and terms, please contact California Coast Credit Union at
        877.495.1600. Rates subject to change without notice.
        California Coast Guard Plus Credit protection coverage under this program is optional. The cost of
        coverage is added to the balance of the loan monthly as a cash advance transaction. The cash advance
        fee is waived. If you do not make any payment when due, at our option, we may cancel coverage.

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