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                               FOSTER CARE REFORM

                                    FINAL RECOMMENDATIONS
                                           April 3, 2007

Recommendations for inclusion in legislation include:

   1. Require ODJFS to establish, support and evaluate a pilot program (up to ten counties) to
      pilot use of the Placement Level of Care Tool
   2. Establish clear jurisdictional responsibility for MRDD Board services when a child in
      custody of a PCSA is placed out of their original county of residence.
   3. Instruct ODJFS and ODMRDD to partner, to offer joint cross system briefings to better
      educate the professionals of both systems for more effective service delivery for dually
      involved children and families; also, as part of ongoing foster parent training, have the Ohio
      Child Welfare Training Program and ODMRDD develop competencies and curriculum for
      foster caregivers that care for MRDD children.

Recommendations which do not require legislation include:

   1. ODJFS, PCSAO, OACCA, OFCA and other key stakeholders, will promote best practice
      strategies, to both expand the number of approved and qualified respite caregivers and to
      improve the quality of respite caregivers.
   2. The Foster Care Reform Training Subcommittee and others (including OCWTP
      representatives) should review and explore our Respite ideas to see if any apply for their
      discussion of expanding foster care training experiences.

                                                           Placement Decisions and Services Subcommittee
                                                                                April 2, 2007 notes, page 1

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