Non Custodial Parent Program (NCPP) by 0y3UmzEf


									                 Non Custodial Parent Program (NCPP)

 When parents who pay child support are not working they are entered into
the Non Custodial Parent Program (NCPP) by the Friend of the Court (FOC)
                    for non payment of child support.

   If the parent does not attend the program and are not paying their child
                        support they can be put in jail.

                The NCPP is a $400,000 a year program.

     In 2008, Deanna was personally in this program and did some asking
  around. The group (mostly of men) was told to start their own business so
they could pay themselves minimum wage and have child support based off
      that income. I had just graduated with a Bachelors degree in Human
 Services. (A type of Social Work degree.) In May I applied to Kent County
   for the Case Worker I position for the NCPP, it pays $19.95 an hour. On
May 29, 2007 I started the NCPP program. On Friday June 27th I applied and
took the testing for the Case Worker Assistant position with the Prosecuting
   Office of Kent County and was told I passed all their testing. I have also
              applied for another position with Kent County since.

                The NCPP is run through Hope Network.

I have applied to six positions with Hope and no luck, not even an interview.
     I have now been in the program for six weeks and have not had one

This is six weeks of child support I could have paid if hired by Kent County
or Hope Network. If the FOC has a program to help parents get a job so they
  can pay their child support, how come they do not hire participants of the
program who qualify for position and are in the NCPP? If the program is run
 through Hope Network then how come Hope does not take participants in
the NCPP who qualify to fill their positions first? Today I spoke with a case
manager at Hope Network who stated he was mad that the program does not
 hire more of the participants to fill open positions within the organization.
    The case worker is hoping to one day talk with a CEO and discuss his

                   A year later I was back in the NCPP.
 I applied with Hope network and never received an interview. I once again
  applied for the Friend of The Court Position because the year before the
  position was not filled. A case worker with the Friend of The Court was
retiring and a person needed to be hired. I did not even receive an interview.
                   I got a full time job and a part time job.

The day the program was finished, I was laid off from my full time job.

Once more I went into the NCPP. My part time job gave me more hours so I
  did not need to continue with the program. I currently live on $500 per
 month after paying $500 a month for child support and day care expenses.
   My former spouse lives on $5000 per month after receiving my child

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