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									         G r a c e     c h a p e l

     A New Day of
Going Deeper | Getting Closer | Reaching Wider

                               is here!
 “and God is able to make all grace abound to you,
         so may abound in every good work.” 2 Corinthians 9:8

I love mornings. A fresh start. A clean slate. Twenty-four hours
to work with. Morning means a new day has dawned, full of
possibilities, and bright with the promise of God’s unfolding purpose.

That’s why I can’t think of a better image for the vision God has put
on our hearts: A New Day of Grace! It reminds us that God is always
doing new things. The Bible speaks of new songs and new hearts;
of a new command, a new covenant, a new self, and someday,
                                                                           Bryan Wilkerson
a new heaven and earth.                                                    Senior Pastor

I believe the Lord has new things to do in and through Grace Chapel in the years to come —
things that will help us go deeper in our faith, get closer to one another, and reach wider to
touch more people in His name. It’s not just a new day for Grace, but a new day of Grace
as we personally experience and extend God’s abounding grace in new and deeper ways!

It’s a vision for new vitality as we strengthen our core ministries and refurbish our
sanctuary. It’s a vision for new campuses that will make it easier for people to worship,
connect, grow, serve, and reach out right where they live. It’s a vision for new partnerships
that will enable us to fund strategic projects and work together for Kingdom growth
here in greater Boston and around the world.

Author and spiritual director Fr. John Powell begins each day with a simple prayer:
“Good morning, Lord. What have you got going today? I’d love to be part of it!”
I believe the Lord has a lot going as we look to A New Day of Grace. I want to be part
of it, and I trust you do, too!

Expectantly yours,

Pastor Bryan
Days of Grace
One day never stands alone. It emerges from the shadow of previous           Here are just a few
days’ activity, and lights the way for days yet to come. A New Day of        of the new ways
Grace arises from God’s good work in each day that has passed since          God has enabled us
                                                                             to transform lives in
our founders’ vision for a new church in the growing suburbs of Boston.
                                                                             the first decade of
Over the years, new ministries, new buildings, and new staff have been       this new century:
added to support the growing work of God through Grace Chapel.               Kidstown

As we look to the future, we find ourselves encountering physical            Alpha
barriers that are hindering our ability to continue going deeper, getting    Multicultural Ministry
closer, and reaching wider. Parking, worship seating, and Kidstown are       Crossroads Café
maxed out at prime worship times, and many people are not able to            Celebrate Recovery
attend a different hour. In addition, many of our folks travel such a long
                                                                             Malawi Partnership
distance to get here (Grace Chapel attendees represent over 100 towns!)
that they are unable to participate in growth and service opportunities.
                                                                             Community Life Center
We see these circumstances as both challenges and opportunities.
                                                                             LIFE Communities
After years of prayer, research, and deliberation, we are envisioning
a new day that will allow ministry to flourish in every area, and allow
                                                                             Sacred Spaces
many more people to be touched by grace.
                                                                             Art Gallery

                            2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
     New Vitality
     Bringing new strength and vitality to our core
     ministries is essential to a broad and long-lasting
     impact for Christ. We want to intentionally
     pursue excellence in our core values: engaging
     worship, authentic community, lifelong disciple-
     ship, faithful service, and intentional outreach.

     Additionally, through improvements to our
     existing facilities and the planting of our first
     new campus, we will provide the current and
     future Grace Chapel family opportunities to
     go deeper by growing in their knowledge of
     God and His Word, get closer by building
     relationships close to home, and reach wider
     by making more disciples for Jesus Christ.

     Your gift will:

     • Refurbish our current sanctuary

     • Increase seating capacity, safety, accessibility,
      and technology
     • Create a playground for families to enjoy

     • Reduce Grace Chapel’s debt to release
      funds for ministry

“ heChristianswereadaboutinActswerefilledwiththeHolySpirit,shared
“ eoftenhearthatpeoplewishGraceChapelwasclosertohome—bothfor

                                                New Campuses
                                                We believe that God is leading us to plant a
                                                new Grace Chapel campus. This campus will

                                                allow people in an under-reached community

                in y
                                                twenty to thirty minutes from Lexington to

          ace rhood
                                                have greater access to service and discipleship
                                                opportunities, stronger bonds locally, and

        Gr bo
                                                increased ease in inviting friends and neighbors

                                                to share their experience.

                                                Careful research and concerted prayer have
                                                identified the Reading area as the likely location
                                                of our first new campus. This area is home to
                                                several strong LIFE Communities, and there
                                                is enthusiasm among these GC folks for a
                                                campus nearby.
                                                Led by on-site pastoral staff and overseen by the
                                                Grace Chapel Elders, the new campus will offer:
                                                •   Two Sunday morning worship services
                                                •   Live worship
                                                •   The same message preached at the Lexington
                                                    campus, via video or occasionally live
                                                •   Kidstown and student ministries
                                                •   LIFE Communities
                                                •   Adult discipleship
                                                •   Additional ministries over time

                                                Your gift will:

                                                • Equip a high-quality leased space

                                                • Support initial staffing and operations
                                                    of the new campus
                                                • Purchase technology needed to link the
                                                    two campuses

                                                As the Lord blesses and leads, we hope
                                                to plant additional campuses over time in
                                                other strategic locations.

Reading LIFE Community

“ urLIFECommunity—withfamiliesfromReading,Andover,andBeverly—
                                                    New Partnerships
                                                    In November 2009, Global Awareness speaker
                                                    Femi Adeleye of Nigeria challenged us to
                                                    “listen and learn from the situations and
                                                    needs in God’s world, and to work with
                                                    like-minded Christians to achieve maximum
                                                    Kingdom impact.”

                                                    Looking toward the future, Grace Chapel
                                                    wants to renew and intensify its long-term
                                                    partnerships, while also initiating fruitful new
                                                    relationships in New England. In all spheres we
                                                    seek to collaborate with our partners through
                                                    united prayer, shared resources, and strategic
                                                    ministry efforts. Partnership funds from A New
                                                    Day of Grace will be used to bless our existing
                                                    partners and to enable new and stronger
                                                    networks in our home area.

                                                    Your gift will:

                                                    • Help Hope for the Children of Haiti rebuild
                                                     following the devastating earthquake of
                                                     January 2010
                                                    • Help Jesus Savior Church in Moldova complete
                                                     their educational building
                                                    • Help Straight Ahead Ministries in Lynn, MA,
                                                     obtain a permanent ministry building

      The Henson Family

                                                                              Straight Ahead Ministries

      The Moldova Educational Building

“ urlong-termworkwithGraceChapelpartnerHopefortheChildrenofHaiti
                                                          Advancing the Vision
                                                          refurbishing the Sanctuary.........$4,900,000
A New Day of Grace Timeline
                                                          New Seating, Paint and Carpeting
A spiritual process of prayer and seeking God’s leading   Increased Seating Capacity
                                                          New Sprinklers and HVAC
• campaign launch
                                                          Improved Handicap Accessibility
  Sunday, April 11, 2010
                                                          Upgraded Audio and Video

• Informational Meetings in lIFe communities              Children’s Outdoor Playground
  April 26 – May 14, 2010
                                                          planting a New campus ..............$3,800,000

• General Informational Meetings                          Facilities Cost (3 years)
  April 28, May 6 & May 16, 2010                          Staffing (3 years)
                                                          Build-Out Cost
• 28 Days of Daily Devotion & prayer                      Furniture and Fixtures
  April 25 – May 22, 2010
                                                          Developing partnerships .............$1,300,000
• church-Wide prayer Meeting                              Hope for the Children of Haiti Orphanage Reconstruction
  Wednesday, May 19, 2010
                                                          Moldova Educational Building Construction
                                                          Straight Ahead Ministries Building Acquisition
• Day of commitment & celebration
  Sunday, May 23, 2010                                    Greater Boston Church Partnerships

                                                          reducing Debt ..............................$3,000,000

                                                          Total Funds Needed ................... $13,000,000

                                                          Giving profile

                                                           Number               Three-Year             Total
                                                           of Gifts            commitments             Gifts

                                                              1                $1,000,000+           $1,000,000

                                                              3          $250,001 to $1,000,000      $1,000,000

                                                             10            $100,001 to $250,000      $1,400,000

                                                             25            $50,001 to $100,000       $1,500,000

                                                             50             $30,001 to $50,000       $1,700.000

                                                            180             $10,001 to $30,000       $2,700,000

                                                            900             $3,000 to $10,000        $3,700,000

capital campaign committee                                                                   Total $13,000,000

Tom Colatosti, Chair, Bryan Wilkerson, Senior Pastor,
Tim Breene, Kurt Drescher, Cynthia Fantasia, Warren       We are asking you to prayerfully consider your
Farrell, Tom Herrmann, Bob Landrebe, Lorie O’Malley,      investment in a New Day of Grace, and to join us
Steve Palmer, Dianne Silvestri, Tom VanAntwerp            for Commitment Sunday on May 23, 2010.
“and I have other sheep that are not of this fold. I must bring them also, and they
 will listen to my voice. So there will be one flock, one shepherd.” John 10:16

Dear Grace Chapel Friends,

The sixty-year history of Grace Chapel has been marked by God’s countless
blessings. From the first Bible study with four families in a Lexington home
to our current congregation of more than 3,000 people, lives have been
transformed by the surprising message of God’s grace.

Along the way about a dozen major capital initiatives have taken us from
the rented Old Belfry Club to the building of a small chapel, expanding to
a 600-seat sanctuary, adding youth and children’s spaces, expanding to
our current sanctuary, buying the three Militia Drive properties, and then              Tom Colatosti
demolishing most of the Worthen Road facilities to build the 75,000-square-             Chair, Board of Elders

foot Community Life Center.

Our journey has been distinguished by a commitment to Biblical and relevant preaching, excellence
in worship, authentic community, a passion to reach the unchurched, and vision for the future.
God in His sovereign purposes has always been faithful.

Today we once again have an historic opportunity to reach out to a new generation. While this is
a substantial undertaking, it is no more daunting than previous challenges: uncertain economy,
managing growth, and discerning God’s leading. However, every time the congregation has
stepped out in faith, God has blessed.

These pages reflect a bold but thoughtful vision for discipleship and outreach. This vision enables
more people to engage more deeply in the life of the church by decentralizing ministry to local
communities. It also expands our historic commitment to regional and global partnerships.

Please prayerfully consider how you can join the generations that have gone before us and the
generations yet to come by giving sacrificially and generously to this exciting vision that God has
put on the hearts of the Elders, pastors, and other leaders.

Our prayer is that you will join us in A New Day of Grace to proclaim the transforming, joyous
Good News of Christ and His Kingdom throughout Lexington, the region, and the world.

Serving Him with You,

Tom Colatosti

                                         C    H   A   P   E   L
 59 Worthen Road, Lexington, MA 02421        MinistRy Offices:       3 Militia Drive, Lexington, MA 02421

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