The Methodist Forces Board

Job Description
Post:              Backchat Youth Project: Community Youth and Outreach
                   Worker and Project Leader

Location:          Chaplaincy Centre and St Margaret’s Church, Churchill Square,

                   The purpose of the project is to provide a comprehensive
                   programme of activities for young people of age 8-18
                   To lead, plan and deliver these activities and take responsibility
                   for the associated administrative tasks that facilitate this.
                   To continue the successful work of the Backchat Youth Project
                   in a manner that presents a strong Christian example through
                   the provision the project facility and programme for the young
                   people of Churchill Estate and the surrounding areas in order
                   that they may fulfil their full potential mentally, physically and

Responsible to:    The Chairperson of the Backchat Management Committee as
                   delegated by the Chaplaincy Team Leader (HMS NEPTUNE).

Accountable to:    The Secretary of the Methodist Forces Board

Responsible for:   The Youth Support Worker
                   The Sessional workers and volunteers, under the direction of the
                   Trustees and the Backchat Board of Management.

Internal:          1. Backchat Youth Support Worker
                   2. Chaplaincy Team HM Naval Base Clyde (HMS NEPTUNE)
                   3. Sessional workers
                   4. Volunteers
External:          1. The Secretary of the Methodist Forces Board
                   2. Representatives of local churches and other chaplaincy
                   3. Representatives of community groups (eg local schools,
                      naval personnel and other youth groups.
                   4. Local Press and Media.
                   5. Methodist Forces Board Chaplaincy support workers in other

Main Tasks:
              1. Working with young people of age 8-18, offering advice and guidance as
                 necessary for young people of naval families and the local community.

              2. With the Backchat Youth Support Worker, to plan, implement and
                 supervise a monthly programme of activities for Backchat, which covers
                 a wide range of skills, experiences and interests and provides
                 opportunities for individual development.

              3. Organising special events, with the Youth Support Worker, to include for
                 example, workshops and appropriate excursions.

              4. Undertaking Risk Assessments on behalf of the Trustees. for approval
                 by the Chairperson of the Management Committee or their delegated

              5. Training, supervision and support for sessional workers and volunteers.

              6. Liaising and working with existing community groups (eg schools,
                 families of naval personnel, churches, other chaplaincy projects and
                 youth groups) and attending community meetings as appropriate.

              7. Arranging outreach projects and events that strengthen links with the
                 local community.

              8. Participating in team building exercises and training courses relevant to
                 the work of Backchat.

              9. Taking responsibility for a range of administrative tasks to ensure
                 Backchat runs efficiently and in accordance with Child Protection
                 legislation and good youth work practice. This will include:

                i)   Keeping member records and recording achievements and progress
                     of individuals.
                ii) Ensuring consent forms, medical forms and sensitive data are
                     requested, recorded and where appropriate, retained, whilst
                     maintaining and guarding confidentiality.
                iii) Keeping volunteer records.
                iv) Monitoring expenditure and accounts, stock and resources.

              10. Expeditious production of an Annual Report.

              11. Contributing to the development and revision of policies and

              12. Participating in promoting and fundraising for the project including
                  arrangements for the advertising of events and local press coverage.

              13. Any other reasonable duties as requested by the Backchat Board of

Terms and Conditions of Appointment

Disclosure:            Due to the nature of this post, appointment will be subject to a
                       satisfactory Enhanced Disclosure from the Criminal Records
                       Bureau (CRB) and Disclosure Scotland.

Health and
Safety:                To be alert to questions of health and safety and to report any
                       relevant concerns to the Backchat Board of Management or
                       other appropriate persons.

Opportunities:         To be alert to questions of equal opportunities, and to report any
                       relevant concerns to the Backchat Management Committee or
                       other appropriate persons.

Hours of Work:         40 hours per week with one day off each week. The nature of
                       employment requires a flexible attitude to work as weekend and
                       evening work will be required. Unsociable or excess hours will be
                       recompensed with time off in lieu.

Remuneration:          Salary: £15,510 to16,460 depending on experience and
                       qualifications plus £7,000 Housing Allowance pa will be paid by
                       the Methodist Forces Board of the Methodist Church. -

                       An ordained appointment: A stipend plus an additional

Holiday Entitlement:   25 days in addition to public holidays (or days in lieu of public
                       holidays) will be taken at a mutually acceptable time after
                       consultation with the Chairperson or, in their absence, the
                       Chaplaincy Team leader HM Naval base Clyde (HMS

Sick Pay:              Entitlement in accordance with the Methodist Church terms and
                       conditions of employment or the normal terms and conditions for
                       a presbyter or deacon.

Pension:               Lay Employees Pension Scheme: There is a contributory
                       pension scheme which lay employees are able to join subject to
                       certain provisions.

Probationary Period:   Appointments for lay employees are made subject to the
                       satisfactory completion of a probationary period, normally six


Methodist Forces Board

Person Specification

Post:   Backchat Youth Project: Community Youth and Outreach Worker and Project

  Attributes                   Essential                       Desirable           Method of
1. Education      Qualification in youth and community    Educated to degree      A, Q
   and Training   work (JNC), or another relevant         level
                  discipline e.g. teaching.
                                                          HE qualification in     A, Q
                                                          Youth and/or
                                                          Community Work
                                                          (could this be
                                                          removed ?)

2. Experience     Demonstrable experience in a range      Experience of Youth     A, I
                  of Community and Youth work             Work in a Church
                  settings (post qualification)           related context.
                  Experience of supervising staff                                 A, I
                  Experience of working with sessional                            A, I
                  workers and volunteers

3. Special        Ability to manage people effectively,   Ability to contribute   A, I
   Knowledge      to coach and motivate them in their     to the strategic
   and Skills     work                                    thinking of the
                                                          leadership team

                  Demonstrates good interpersonal                                 A, I
                  skills and relationship management
                  Experience of developing and            Able to demonstrate     A, P, I
                  implementing programmes, policies,      a knowledge and
                  practices and procedures relevant to    commitment to
                  work with young people                  current best practice
                                                          in professional
                                                          sphere of
                  Demonstrates good communication                                 A, I
                                                          Demonstrates good       A, P, I
                                                          presentation skills

                      Able to work as an effective member                                  A, I
                      of a team
                      Ability to solve problems and take                                   A, I
                      decisions for the good of the group

                      General understanding of Child                                       A, I
                      Protection issues and legislation

                      Demonstrate awareness of, and                                        A, I
                      sensitivity to, issues of equality,
                      diversity and inclusion and a
                      commitment to the unique value of
                      the individual in ways sympathetic to
                      Royal Navy Chaplaincy and the
                      Methodist Church.

                      Ability to organise own work, and the                                A, I, W
                      work of the project
                      Regular working knowledge of                                         A, I
                      Microsoft Office.

4. Personal           Passionate about the Children and          A good                    A, I
   Qualities          Young people, and able to be fully in      understanding of
                      sympathy with the ethos of Royal           i. the Royal Navy
                      Naval Chaplaincy and the Methodist         Chaplaincy and
                      Church.                                    ii. the Methodist
                      Dynamic and creative personality                                     A, I
                      Ability to work collaboratively with                                 A, I
                      colleagues, paid workers, volunteers
                      and the project Management
                      Professional and positive approach,                                  A, I
                      with a commitment to professional
                      development and self-improvement
                      Commitment to Equal Opportunities                                    A, I
                      as set out in legislation and Royal
                      Navy and Methodist Church policy
                      Able to work occasional irregular                                    A, I
                      hours, including overnight and

Method of Assessment      A – Application Form, I – Interview, W – Written exercise, P – Presentation,
G – Group exercise, Q – proof of qualification (certificates or transcripts)


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