Recommendations to LSCBs for the use of these materials by 1mAM2u


									Recommendations to LSCBs for the use of these materials

The materials consist of

    -    dilemma cards
    -    suggested activities
    -    reflective questions
    -    who should be involved
    -    safeguarding Sam
    -    dilemma cards – what happened next
    -    longer case studies

    1. Use the dilemma card activity to improve personal understanding of
       the safeguarding and e-safety issues children and young people may
       be involved in. Acknowledge that the adult perception of the risk may
       be an over reaction.

    2. Use the reflective question sheet to self assess your personal and
       professional readiness should a safeguarding e-safety issue arise.
       This question sheet can be used as a gap analysis; looking at the
       process, training and development needs.

    3. Use the dilemma card activity, and some of those cards you
       assessed as a significant risk. Consider the generic groups of people
       within your local authority and those who support your local authority
       that may be involved in a safeguarding e-safety issue. Use the who
       should be involved grid to record your thoughts.

    4. Use the Safeguarding Sam to look at specific services within and
       supporting your LA. Use this generic map to record details of points of
       contacts. Consider which other services are specific to your local

    5. Use the longer case study materials to consider your readiness as a
       LSCB for a significant issue. Look at the mistakes made and use this to
       inform your current and future practice.

Penny Patterson, LGfL, September 2007

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