Issue Paper
                                   for the
                    Armed Forces Pest Management Board
DATE: 9 Feb 2005

SUBJECT: Demonstration of a GIS-based Commercial Off-The-Shelf System for
         Pesticide Data Acquisition, Storage, Analysis, and Retrieval

COMMITTEE(S): Equipment Committee (with Information Transfer Committee
              as consultant)

BACKGROUND: In the fostering of alternative pest management practices that reduce
pesticide risk, DoD has been an [if not the most] outstanding partner. One of the projects
that has been highlighted in the past and shows great potential is a computerized
precision targeting tool that incorporates GIS technology to support reduced use of
pesticides and performs comparative risk evaluation of alternate pest management
options. The technology has been successfully demonstrated on DoD facilities and ships
at sea for mitigating cockroaches, pharaoh ants, fire ants, mosquitoes, medfly, Indian
meal moth, etc. with reduced use of pesticides and reduced exposures to pesticide,
achieving risk reduction.

The current GPWS is deficient in many ways. The only group that should have authority
to change this GPWS are the professionals on the AFPMB specifically the Real Property
Protection Committee DOD Professional Pest Management Consultants.

Concisely state the alternatives and the advantages/disadvantages of each.
   How do we solve the problem?
   1. Establish a review for the current UGPWS by the Real Property Protection
       Committee (RPPC) and
   2. Insure the (RPPC) have the control over any change recommendations for this
       UGPWS 02360 and any other UGPWS that relates to Pest Control.
   3. The advantage of this action will be to insure that any pest control contract-
       writing group will use the most up to date UGPWS for pest control and not allow
       frivolous changes that have not been approved by DOD Professional Pest
       Management Consultants.
   4. Disadvantages: May have to review Pest Control GPWS on a quarterly basis to
       insure proper GPWS has not been changed and recommend changes as required.

   1. Invite Syngenta to the March 2005 AFPMB Equipment Committee to
      demonstrate their off-the-shelf system, which they have offered to do at no cost to
      the DoD.
Thomas A. Currin /GS-12.
Applied Biology Branch, Southern Division NAVFAC

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