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									                               Year 4 Newsletter

                           Summer Term 1 2012
Dear Parents,

We hope you had a lovely Easter holiday, despite the weather! Please could the children continue to
bring their waterproof coats to school. We have had quite a few children with soggy feet so even if
they are wearing wellies, a spare pair of dry socks to wear with their school shoes would be useful.

Year 4 Residential Sleepover
We would like to thank all of the parents who kindly gave up their time to help support us with the
Year 4 ‘Residential—Sleep Over’. We were overwhelmed by the number of you who volunteered and
are truly grateful. The experience was a huge success and the children had a brilliant time. Their
behaviour was excellent and we are very proud of them all, especially the children who stayed away
from home for the very first time. We have a number of items which were left behind and are missing
- an up to date list is on the back of the newsletter.

Where in the World is Calca?
We have begun the term with our topic, ‘Where in the world is Calca?’ which incorporates Geography,
English - including drama, speaking and listening and Art. The children have visited Gosport Discovery
Centre and found out how exhibitions are set up. They have learnt the skills of an ‘Exhibition Officer’
(Museum Curator) and will apply these skills during the rest of our topic, culminating in the interactive
During the Year 4 two day residential sleepover, the children looked at maps to locate the UK and
Peru, made their own passports and experienced a flight simulation. We also looked at the email
travel log and photos of a lady, Becky, who taught in a school in Calca.
The children have begun to find out more about Calca and the surrounding region of Cusco using
secondary sources such as the internet and photographs. At the end of the topic the children will hold
an interactive exhibition to share what they have learnt. This will be held on Thursday 31st May
2012 from 2:15 pm until the end of the school day.

QCA Testing Week
Year 4 will be taking their QCA tests during the week of Monday 14th May – Friday 18th May 2012.
This informs our Teacher assessment to help us to check the progress the children have made over
the year.
The children will be writing newspaper articles linked to our current topic and the sleepover.
They will also be doing some short pieces of descriptive writing. The children will be working on using a
variety of words to begin sentences as well as sentence structure. We will continue our focus on
spelling, phonics and punctuation too.
In maths the children have been learning about co-ordinates and points of the compass. They have
also begun work on telling the time using analogue clocks, digital time and 24 hour clock and reading
timetables. The children will re-visit measurement and learn how to calculate area and perimeter.
Consolidation of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division through real life problems will
continue to be an area of focus. The children will also work on learning their multiplication tables and
number facts.
During our indoor PE lessons we will be doing a gymnastics unit on rolling. Our outdoor PE lessons are
on Outdoor Pursuits which involve team work challenges and some of the activities which the children
undertook during the residential.

Advance Notice:
It has come to our attention that there are a number of children who are experiencing toileting issues
and others who are fast approaching puberty. We will be incorporating some lessons and a session with
Mrs Watson, in her capacity as Community Nurse, into the second half of the Summer term. An
information meeting for parents will be held on Thursday 17th May 2012 at 3.30pm.

As part of our next topic on the Tudors, we will be visiting Southsea Castle for a ‘Tudor Experience’ on
Thursday 21st June 2012 – details will follow in a separate letter.

                                  Dates for your diary

Monday 14th May— QCA Tests begin—on going all week
Thursday 17th May – PSHE – Toilet Issues and Puberty Meeting for Year 4 parents 3.30pm
Thursday 31st May- ‘Where in the World is Calca?’ Exhibition 2.15pm (in the hall)
Monday 4th June —Friday 8th June—Half Term

Mrs Woodruff (4AW)                Mrs Pegg (4EP)              Mrs Birch (4SB)

LOST PROPERTY FROM THE RESIDENTIAL:                                         MISSING:
Pillow, various cutlery, straps for a sleeping bag / mat                    Green croc shoe
Nike blue & grey t-shirt, white plate, white hand towel,                    Green hand towel
Black cargo pants / jeans – aged 8-9, white t-shirt                         Cheetah teddy
Black jogging bottoms – aged 7-8, cream /gold hat
Tea towels; Mixed colour, blue & white, green & white, blue
Boys Pants: Bart Simpson & Blue next
Belts: brown boys belt, girls pink belt with flower

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