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									Morningstar Investment Research Center
Morningstar provides individual investors with a wealth of information including stock
and fund analysis, reports, and tools, and company, investing, and financial news.

Tabs and intuitive menu navigating put a variety of features at the users’ fingertips:

      Comprehensive financial information on New York Stock Exchange, American
       Stock Exchange, and NASDAQ stocks
      Comprehensive financial information on thousands of mutual funds, including the
       Morningstar star rating.
      Financial information on hundreds of exchange-traded funds with up-to-date
       information on returns, reports and Morningstar ratings.
      Return information on various investment indexes, types, sectors, and styles.
      Robust yet easy-to-use portfolio tools and calculators to determine what your
       asset mix should be, how your investments are working together, and more.
      Full text Morningstar newsletters online: Mutual Funds, FundInvestor,
       StockInvestor, and ETFInvestor

Submitted by: Elaine Weissborn, Librarian, Cape Coral-Lee County Public Library

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