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					                       Mr. Curfman’s Fifth Grade Class
4/5 Team:
Fifth Grade students will be switching classes twice per day. They will have Religion, Reading,
Science, and Social Studies with me, and will have Math, Language Arts, and Spelling with Mr.

Parent Communication Packets

I will be sending home plastic envelopes about every two weeks. Inside will be a cover sheet
with a section for comments or questions, and a place for your signature. Attached to the cover
sheet will be your child’s recent tests, quizzes, and other graded assignments. These envelopes
will be handed out on Fridays. The cover sheet should be signed and returned along with all the
attached papers (tests, quizzes, and assignments) on the following Monday.

Test Assignment Schedule

A Test/Assignment Schedule will be displayed in the classroom and posted to the web site each

Web Site

The Test/Assignment Schedule and other information (such as study guides and instructions for
various assignments) may be accessed through the school web site at by
first selecting Staff from the menu on the home page and then clicking Mr. Charles Curfman on
the Staff page.


I can be reached via e-mail at I try to check my e-mail every
evening, but there are often times that I am unable to do so. However, please be advised that
once I do receive a message I will respond promptly.

Note or Telephone

If you prefer not to use e-mail or the matter is time sensitive, please send in a note or phone me at
the school.

Tests and Quizzes:
Reading tests/quizzes will usually be given on Thursdays. The dates of test/quizzes in other
subjects will vary, but students will usually receive notice 3-5 days in advance. A quiz generally
carries one-half of the weight of a chapter or unit test when factoring grades for the term.

To help students prepare for test/quizzes, Reading vocabulary will usually be previewed on
Mondays. Reading Practice Book pages will also be assigned on Tuesdays and be corrected in
class on Wednesdays. Study Guides will be given out at least 2 days in advance of test/quizzes in
Science or Social Studies. It is the student’s responsibility to take these materials home and study
them to properly prepare for the test/quiz.

A quiet environment is expected to be maintained during the administration of a test/quiz.
Students are expected to remain silent and seated at their assigned desk until all of the
tests/quizzes have been collected. If a student has a question, the student should remain seated
and silent, and raise his/her hand to signal the teacher for assistance.

Homework Policy:
Students are expected to have their assignment book at their desk to record their homework
assignments throughout the day. Students will be informed of homework at the end of each
subject. They will also be reminded before lunch and again before they leave at the end of the
day. These reminders will include daily assignments as well as ongoing work related to long-
term projects.

Students should have a 2” three ring binder with paper and pocket dividers. A pocket divider in
the front of the binder (or if you prefer a separate loose folder) will act as a Home Folder for
notices, lunch money, and homework. They should also have a section in their binder sectioned
off with a pocket divider for each of the following subjects: Religion, Math, Reading, Language
Arts, Science, and Social Studies. Homework should take about 40-50 minutes per day.
Generally, homework will consist of Math and assignments in one or two of the other subjects.

If your child is absent, work may be sent home with another sibling, or may be picked up at the
office if you call ahead to advise me. The work should be completed and returned as soon as
possible (within 2 days).

Late homework is recorded as half credit. At times, students will also be asked to complete a late
assignment during snack time or recess. However, if a special situation arises that prevents your
child from completing an assignment on time please advise me with a note.

The homework average generally carries the weight of a test when factoring grades for the term.

Students are asked to keep one reading book at their desk so that they may read if they have spare
time while other students are finishing class work. Grade 5 will be having Library on Thursdays.
However, students may make arrangements with me to check out books on other days. There is
also a selection of books on the shelves in our classroom from which students may borrow.

Reading Discussion Groups:
Throughout the year, students will be working in Reading Discussion Groups. A Reading
Discussion Group will consist of several students that select to read the same book. Each week,
the group will read a section of the book. On Wednesdays, they will get together and discuss
what they have read. Each group member will be expected to come to the discussion prepared
with a role sheet consisting of either questions, selected passages to read, vocabulary definitions,
connections between the story and real life, descriptions of important settings, an illustration, or a
short summary. These roles are intended to help facilitate the creation of a productive discussion.
When the groups finish their reading, they will complete a group projects based on the stories
they have read.
Snacks and Birthday Treats:
There is a 10-minute snack break each morning. Healthy snacks are encouraged.

All birthdays falling in a given month will be celebrated together on a single designated day in
that month as listed below:

        Friday, September 21                                Friday, February 22
        Friday, October 26                                  Friday, March 22
        Friday, November 30                                 Friday, April 19
        Friday, December 14                                 Friday, May 31
        Friday, January 25                                  Friday, June 7

July birthdays will be celebrated on June 7 and August birthdays will be celebrated on September

Please let me know in advance if you wish to send in treats on the day designated to celebrate
your child’s birthday so that I may schedule time for this special event. Please note that we have
23 students in our class. We do not have access to cutting utensils, paper plates, cups, or ice.

Students are expected to behave appropriately in class.

In the case of minor behavioral infractions, students will be warned once. If there is a second
infraction, a consequence will be issued. Generally, the consequence will consist of either the
loss of recess time and/or the writing of an essay (a behavior plan: what I did wrong and how I
can correct it). If an essay is issued, it is due at the beginning of the next school day.

Failure to behave appropriately during administration of a test/quiz (as outlined in the section on
Tests and Quizzes above) will result in a consequence that may include a deduction of points
from the respective test/quiz.

In the case of a more serious offense, a student will be sent to the principal’s office.
                             Classroom Rules

1. I should follow the teacher’s instructions. I should respond the first time that I am
    asked, and I should respond promptly.
2. When it is time to change classes I should get ready promptly and make it to class on
3. I should come to class prepared.
4. When moving through the hall, I should walk and remain quiet.
5. When entering the classroom, I should enter quietly, put my things away quickly, and
    then go directly to my seat.
6. Once at my seat, I should sit, remain quiet, and wait for instruction.
7. Before speaking, unless notified otherwise, I should raise my hand to request
    permission to speak.
8. When someone else has permission to speak I should listen politely and not speak.
9. I should conduct myself in a safe manner while in the classroom. For example, I
    should not run, climb, or throw objects while in the room.
10. I should respect other people’s personal space and keep my hands to myself. Play
    involving (or pretending to involve) actions such as tickling, poking, grabbing,
    slapping, punching, kicking, or wrestling is not allowed.
11. I should not touch other people’s possessions unless I have permission.
12. I should not write on the board without the teacher’s permission.
13. I should not use the classroom computers without the teacher’s permission.
14. I should treat other people with courtesy and respect. I should not make others
    uncomfortable with behaviors such as inappropriate language, teasing, gossip, hurtful
    exclusion, fighting, or bullying. Students should feel safe and comfortable while
    attending school.
15. I should keep my area (my desk, chair, locker, and the areas around them) clean
    throughout the day. My possessions should not be stored in other areas around the
    room (on the window ledge, on the top of the lockers, on tables, or bookshelves)
    without permission.
16. At the end of the day, my materials should be put away and my chair should be
    placed on top of my desk. Nothing, other than my chair, should be stored on top of
    my desk.

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