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									   THE ADVENTURES OF:

                                  1st Grade Spectra



 Emily          Alison
Popper traveled from home to home with his 1st
grade Spectra friends. His backpack contained a
camera and a journal to record Popper’s
adventures. Watch our PowerPoint to see a few
of those adventures!
        Popper is going home with Alexa!

“Popper got to ride the bus home and have his
picture taken with my brother, Mason, and my
friend, Zack. When I got home, Mom, Dad, and
my baby sister, Jada were very happy to have
Popper join us for a week. I took several
pictures of Popper throughout my house and in
Jada’s arms.”
              Popper is at Emily’s house!
“Popper had breakfast with me this morning. He
also rode in the car on the way to school. He sat in
my seat while mom took Abigail to school. Mom
said she did not do anything too fun while we were
gone at school. Popper just helped her run a few
errands. I was happy to see Popper when I got
home. He watched Hanna Montana with me. Then
we had dinner and got ready for bed. He read
books with us. We read Junie B. Jones and the
Meanie Jim’s Birthday Party. It is one of our
           Popper is at Kyle’s house!

During the week of October 29, Popper did
many things at Kyle’s house. One day Popper
got to meet Flat Stanley. They both went to
Kyle’s soccer game. Popper got to meet and
play with a cat while he was there.
             Popper is at Dalton’s house!
“Today we had no school so Popper got to see what
we do when we are home. We got up and Mom
made pancakes. Then I had to go to the doctor to
get my allergy shot. We played outside most of
the day, but Mom said that Popper should stay in so
he wouldn’t get dirty. Popper watched me play my
Winter Olympics video game, and he probably liked
all that snow! We called my Auntie on the phone
and sang Happy Birthday and then went to bed—
            Popper is at Tina’s house!
“Popper and Tina sat at the kitchen table
tonight and finished Tina’s book report. Then,
I read them the book, March of the Penguins.
They both enjoyed the story. Friday, Nov.16:
Today, Tina said, “Popper is homesick.” So we
set up his miniature friends and sent off the
postcard to his family in the Arctic. Popper
felt better. We took him out to eat with us to
Pasta House. Tina and Popper went to bed to
get a good night’s sleep!”
           Popper is at Alison’s house!

“Popper stayed at our house while my family
went to my Grandma’s and papa’s house for
Thanksgiving. We didn’t want him to
accidentally get left there because they live
three hours away. Popper stayed warm in my
bedroom while I was gone.”
Popper is back at school!
 We hope you enjoyed our
journal entries of Popper’s
     Big Adventures!
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