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It is incredibly important to have an engaged workforce, as this is the key to business success.

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									The Three Employee Engagement Tools Offered By
It is incredibly important to have an engaged workforce, as this is the key to business success. It is what will give
you an edge over your competition, but only if you engage your employees in the right way. There is much you
can learn on, not in the least what three main tools you need to use to have a well
functioning organisation with engaged employees. We will take some time to look at the three tools that has to offer. Hopefully, this will help you to engage your own workforce the right way.
The first tool that is offered by is the employee engagement survey. This survey is
basically a questionnaire that measures how happy your employees are within the organisation. There is no one
size fits all solution of course. Each organisation that uses this tool will have different questions and different
measures in place. What is most important for everybody, however, is that there is clarity, openness and
transparency about why this data is being collated and how it is going to be used. You must make sure that
employees can see how their input has actually made a difference to the organisation. There are some fantastic
examples about how this has worked, such as company dedicated to health insurance offering quarterly health
checks and themed forums for their employees. This shows the organisation cares, but it stays within the
message of the company itself as well.

The second tool at your disposal is 360 degree feedback. As you can see on, this is all
about involving everybody that matters within the appraisal process. Doing a one on one appraisal is not
particularly beneficial. It only demonstrates how the manager feels and how the employee feels and on a
psychological level, if either one has a bad day, the results of the appraisal will be skewed. Having 360 degree
feedback, however, allows everybody within the organisation, from the bottom to the top and the top to the
bottom, to have input. When you check this website, you will see that it is all about recognising strengths and
areas of improvement in each of the employees. The customers and the janitor are as much involved in the
appraisal of the employee as the line manager is in that of their team members. This way, a culture of
appreciation is developed and there is far more clarity on who does what within the organisation. This is all part
of talent management, workforce development and future planning. Involving employees in this manner will
allow them to feel like they are really part of the organisation, which in turn means that they will be more willing
to go that extra mile and work harder.

The last tool you have at your disposal is the customer satisfaction survey. Too many businesses still think that
customers should only review the end product, but why not ask them to rate the entire experience they had with
your organisation? On, it is explained that customer satisfaction surveys can help
everybody in your organisation better understand what sort of behaviours are expected of them. When you go to
this website, you will learn all about this amazing tool. However, as with the other two tools, it will only work if
you do it right. This means that you have to make sure that your questions are relevant and that it is clear for
everybody how they are relevant. You need to have a good system for collating the data and for being able to
understand the data, making it feed into your strategies. Again, the results and the process have to be transparent.
Everybody has to be able to learn from what you have collated. After that has been done and changes have been
implemented on a strategic level, the process must be repeated. This way, you can measure the sort of impact
any changes have had on the workforce and on your customers. It is a continuous circle of developing,
consulting, implementing, collating, reviewing and developing again. By using the three tools to your advantage,
you will see a happy, engaged workforce and happy, returning customers.

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