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					                                           This Week’s Learning Champions:
         Multiplication and Division badges; Mathletics awards; Workers of the Week; Excellent Writer awards – this week “Reports”

1M                        Time tables badges – Bronze: Fatima, Seja

2JC                       Time tables badges – Bronze: Elena, Mohammed, Nizar, Ali
                          Times tables badges – Silver – Rishi, Triya

2P                        Time tables badges – Bronze: Zhara S
                          Times tables badges – Silver – Ruquaya

2D                        Time tables badges – Bronze:, Loren, Ambra
                                Silver - William, Raluca

3W                        Times tables badges –Bronze – Klaidas
                          Times tables badges – Gold – Ahmed

4V                        Times tables badges – Silver – Simon, Umayma, Mehdi, Francis, Emily, Harita, Kabisan

4J                        Time tables badges – Bronze:

                          Times tables badges – Silver – Hritik, Mulki
                          Under timed conditions- these children recited their 6 times tables rap in record times!
                          Pedro: 48 seconds; Minith: 26 seconds; Ajai: 31 seconds; Raeil in 38 seconds; Saqer in 51
                          seconds; Mohamed O: 53 seconds; Mya, Kevon and Matthew worked together to complete
                          theirs in 1 minute 5 seconds; Betul: 1 minute and 32 seconds.

Year 6                    bronze award:
                          Andra 6M, Andreea 6M, Daniel 6AB, Haytham 6M, Ionut 6M, Zeen 6M

with the new flats being built in Sunningdale Gardens – there is considerable congestion with workers vans currently
parked by the public house. There will be even more reduced parking on Old Kenton Lane in the near future. Please
plan ahead NOW to park further down old Kenton Lane and give yourself TIME to drop off or pick up your children.

 Mobile phones in school

These should only be brought in when children have permission to go home
alone. These MUST be handed into the office for safekeeping during the day
and collected at 3.15. We want to avoid any phones getting lost or worse.

Children are expected to respect this school rule and parents will have to collect
confiscated phones from the office if this expectation is not followed.

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