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					  Woodcocks’ Well CE Primary School Newsletter 10.7.2009
     Newsletter No. 16                        went along too and together we enjoyed glorious
                                              sunshine, a fantastic range of outdoor and
News Catch up!!!                              indoor sporting / team challenge equipment and
          Goodness me! How time flies!        a brilliantly enthusiastic team of instructors who
         And what a busy time we have all     made sure that the children got the absolutely
         been having this term. There is      most out of their visit! It was a fantastic
        lots to celebrate and still plenty    experience and the children really made it a very
more to look forward to. Let’s begin by       happy and memorable one for the staff. Well
catching up with our news…………….                                  done boys and girls!

Sports Day at Woodcocks’ Well 16.6.09
We could not have asked for better
weather…delightful sunshine smiled on our
sports day whilst pupils enjoyed joining in   National SCHOOL SPORTS Week
and ‘cheering on’ their younger siblings      Monday 29th June marked the
and parents in the end of event fun races.    opening of our school sports week
                                              and what a fabulous week it was too!
School Fair                                   It started with an opening ceremony. Years 3 &
Our school fair was a huge                    4 entered the hall to the tune of ‘Chariots of
success once again. A superb                  Fire’ dressed in sports clothing and carrying
atmosphere was enjoyed by all.                placards showing the many different and varied
The crowning of the Rose Queen                sports available in school. Mrs Quinn then
preceded the opening of the fair. I would     outlined the up and coming events including;
like to congratulate our retiring Rose        Rocket Ball, a friendly football match against
Queen and attendants 2008/2009 for their      Castle PS, Virtual Games (this is similar to
terrific work and warmly welcome our new      circuit training and was organised for the
Rose Queen and her attendants. It was the     children in Red and Green Class and led by
childrens’ wish that the school fair be       pupils in Blue Class), Toddler and Pre-School
declared open by cutting the ribbon on the    obstacle course, Congleton Town Sports event,
new gazebo, set at the highest point in our   multi skills and a sponsored speed bounce! There
school grounds, in memory of Sue Dorman.      was even an event for the staff….a tennis
Despite the rain cancelling our maypole       tournament after school (using oversized rackets
and street dance performances, the fair       and balls) followed by strawberries and cream
went on to do a booming trade raising more    (and a bottle of bubbly). The week was brought
than £700 towards the development of our      to a close with an official closing and medal
school playground. A very hearty thank        giving ceremony accompanied by a slide show of
you to the PTA and everyone who worked        the children engaged in the activities throughout
hard to make our event a success!             the week! A special ‘thank you’ was expressed to
                                              Mrs Quinn, for being a brilliant event organiser
                                              in the form of a bouquet of flowers. We all
 Year 5 & 6 Visit to Colomendy                enjoyed ourselves so much and, realising
 On Wednesday 24th June, our                        the true worth of the event in terms of
 Years 5 & 6 children went on                       physical, social and teamwork
 an educational residential visit                   development, we have written it into our
 to Colomendy in Wales. Mrs                         diaries to do the same again next year.
 Paterson, Jillian and myself
Thank you to everyone who gave so                 School Reports
generously to our sponsored bounce                School reports will be coming home on
                                                  Monday 13th July.
event and to the children who just
kept going and didn’t stop. The money             Street Dance and Maypole
raised will go towards purchasing a shooting      We will once again be attempting
post for the school playground and to our         to perform our Street Dance and
very own set of ‘rocket ball’ equipment.          Maypole Dances at the end of the
Please can the children bring into school, next   Street Dance lesson on Monday 13th July at
week, their sponsorship money? Thank you.         4pm. Please join us if you can.
Football Matches Against Astbury PS                     Pirate Day
Well done to our junior children; Years 3,4,           On Wednesday 15th July, Red Class
5 & 6 for playing 2 very exciting matches             will be celebrating the conclusion of
against Astbury on Wednesday this week.      their ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ topic by
It was nail biting stuff!!!!! Score 1:3, 1:1 holding a pirate day…I have to warn you
                                             that you are in danger of walking the plank if
      Visit to Mow Cop Methodist Chapel      you dare to enter their class… I find out
    Reverend Steve Hatcher kindly invited each time I go in!
    our children to see their rockets and
writing about Mow Cop past and future in Wizard of Oz
his chapel last Thursday. There he talked to Key Stage 2 will be performing the Wizard of
them about how important their work had Oz at 1:30pm and 6:00 pm on Wednesday
been, this year, at the annual local         15th July. Families of the children performing
celebration of the ‘founding of methodism’ will have first choice of a seat to watch the
and began to whet their appetite for new     performance.
events to come in September…..something
about a double decker bus? this    Woodcocks’ Got Talent!!
space.                                       Children are invited to take part in
                                                  our very own junior ‘Woodcocks’
Year 6’s Visit to Castle Primary School           Got Talent’ show which will be
This year, we have been delighted with            performed on Thursday 16th July at
the good relationship shared between              9:30am. Auditions to commence shortly!!!!!
Woodcocks’ Well and Castle Primary
School. In addition to playing our first          Make It Grow
friendly football match against them,             On Thursday 16th July, the PTA will be
our year 6 pupils joined their year 6             launching their ‘Make It Grow’
pupils on Friday 10th July, at Castle School,     event….nothing to do with flowers!....To
so that they could begin to get to know           mark this event, children are invited to wear
each other prior to moving to High School         non-uniform on the day.
and to reflect on their final year in school.
We hope to be able to build on                    Sparkles Sharples Disco
this new initiative next year.                    Yes…….it’s back again…..our very popular
                                                  resident DJ Sparkes Sharples will be hosting
Dates for your Diary                              our end of year school disco, commencing at
There are still a number of important             3pm until 4:30pm. This event ties in with the
events for you to note and some very busy         non-uniform day and so you can sparkle all
times in store for your children to enjoy.        day if you wish!!!!! Don’t forget to bring £1
and money for refreshments.                             Adventure Clubs Ltd – Before School
                                                        Club Tel: 01260 291155. If you need to
          Pre-School Graduation &                       make a booking please dial the direct line
          Y6 Leavers Service                            01782 514118
          This will be held in St.Luke’s                Pre-School Direct Line 01782 514118
          Church at 2pm and followed by a
‘sharing together’ time for Y6 pupils and               Help school to raise funds by doing your
their families in the school hall.                      Internet shopping through the ‘easy
                                                        fundraising’ website. Log on to:
Patchwork Quilt                             
We have been invited to contribute to Congleton’s     maryschool
silver anniversary by making
a portion of a patchwork quilt which will             Have you seen our amazing school
later be hung in Congleton Town Hall.                 website? It is being constantly updated and so
This workshop will be taking place on Monday 20 th    remember to check it out!
July and every child in school and Pre-School will be
busy weaving or batiking or embroidering or painting
or tie dying their square … can you picture that!

Pre-School Party
Pre-School children have a super end of
year party planned, complete with magician!                                    A final word
This will be held on Monday 20th July at                     I would like to say a very huge thank you to
2pm in the school hall.                                      the children, staff, parents, governors and
                                                             local community groups for making this year
                                                             such a successful, colourful and enjoyable year
Mow Cop Community Church Holiday                             for everyone.
Club                                                         A huge thank you too to Beth Wilson, the
Neil and Ruth Winterton will be along on                     Chair of our PTA, PTA members and friends
Tuesday 21st July to talk to the children about their        of the school who have given their time and
Summer Holiday Club. Information will be sent home           resources generously, making our school so
to parents on the day.                                       very unique and special to us all.
                                                             I wish you all a very happy summer holiday
Colomendy Slide Show for Year 5 Parents                      and look forward to welcoming new little faces
Following Neil and Ruth Winterton’s assembly on              in September.
Tuesday 21st July, there will be an opportunity for          Congratulations to the Year 6 children who
parents of Year 5 children and parents of Year 6             have worked extremely hard and achieved
children (who were not able to make it to the Leavers        very high standards in their SATs
Service), to share the Colomendy slides with their           Our very best wishes go out to them and we
children in the hall. Refreshments will be available.        wish them every success their new venture in
                                                             High School.

Tuesday 21st July is our last day in school this                              Mrs Massen
academic year. School will reopen to pupils
on Wednesday 2nd September 2009
(Tuesday 1st September is an INSET day)

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