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					                             DAO/SAO Training Registration Form
                                     24 February 2012
                                      SAVANNAH, GA
                             15 Martin Luther King Blvd       Savannah, GA 31401
                          Phone: 912-790-1000           Toll-Free: 866-716-8105
                              Room Rate $99 + Tax until 2 Feb. 2012
                       Training Workshop 0900 to 1600 including Lunch
Please fill out the Registration Form below and return by 2 February 2012. Hotel will honor Room
Rate for 3 days before and after the events to savor Savannah.

Last Name                                             First Name                            Rank           Grade

  District            Squadron

Street Address

City                                                               State                       Zip Code

Certificate No.                                               Current Position or Incoming Position
Phone No.                                                      Cell No.*

eMail Address - (Please provide for acknowledgement of your registration and Workshop communications.)

Any dietary restrictions?                     If Yes, please explain.
                                 No   Yes
                                       * Cell Number will only be used in an emergency on the Training Day

Course notes, coffee breaks and lunch will be provided. All attendees are expected to lunch with
the class. The course will be provided free for current or incoming district or squadron AOs, XOs
or Commanders. Other attendees will be charged.
             I’m neither a current nor incoming district or squadron AO, XO or Commander but want to
             attend. I am sending a check for $60.00 payable to USPS DAO/SAO Seminar to D/Lt/C
             Edwin G. Kridler, SN to help defray the printing, coffee breaks, lunch and other costs.

       Yes        No – I will be able to attend the Friday evening Cocktail Party (1730-1830)
                        (Cash Bar) If Yes, will you bring a guest?      Yes       No
For Registrations with check payment, print this document and send with payment enclosed to:
      D/Lt/C Edwin G. Kridler, SN                   Home: (843) 762-3986
      912 White Point Blvd
      Charleston, SC 29412-4322-                    email: ekridler@bellsouth.net

For existing or incoming district or squadron AO, XO or Commander (no payment is required), fill
out the form, save the document, and print a copy for your records. If no payment is required,
attach the document to an email and send to: D/Lt/C Edwin G. Kridler, SN -- email:
ekridler@bellsouth.net. Make sure you select read receipt when sending email.

                                                                                        Form date: 9 January 2012

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