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									                              DATA BASE COORDINATOR (Courts)
Under general direction, this position is responsible for the overall implementation, maintenance
and evaluation of the State of Wisconsin Court Information System (CCAP) for the Dane County
Courts; as well as coordinating integration with other County and State systems.

Establish/change/remove employee user security for the CCAP network and database, Dane
County’s network, as well as security for other agencies and people needing access to CCAP’s
restricted website; maintain inventory; maintain list of occurrence dates for software updates and
server replacement; maintain list of IP addresses for state-owned servers, switches, and printers;
answer questions and troubleshoot problems relating to computer and printer hardware; re-image
and/or set up current or replacement workstation for user when needed, including additional set up
on some user’s workstations for Dane County specific applications; track down network
connectivity issues; work with CCAP analysts and technicians and Dane County Information
Management staff to resolve network and application issues and implement changes; schedule
and coordinate all aspects of major system updates (software application issues, hardware issues,
obtaining after hours building and office access, and working with CCAP and Dane County support
staff to solve any problems); maintain e-mail groups and their members; maintain database tables
for people, agencies, addresses, case types, case sequence numbers, holidays, county and
municipal ordinances, and workstations; update Dane County Ordinance Binder and follow through
as required, including updating the CCAP ordinance table if bond deposit amounts change; inform
users of software updates, location of release notes, and times the network or database will be
down; answer general and specific case and financial questions on data entry, procedures, forms,
and reports; assist users in formatting searches for various queries; answer/assist users with
questions and problems regarding all desktop applications; compile and submit requests for
software changes and enhancements to CCAP; investigate and report software ‘bugs’; perform
searches and correct inconsistencies due to software ‘bugs’; perform additional searches for all
types of case and financial information; investigate, follow up, and/or correct discrepancies and
inconsistencies; monitor monthly statistical reports, make corrections for obvious discrepancies
and send explanation of necessary corrections and case numbers to others for follow up; compile
and run custom reports and on-line queries to obtain requested information and monitor data entry;
request CCAP to run saved SQL queries to obtain case numbers for cases that need financial data
correction and changes pending future software updates; and process purged and sealed cases.
This position also performs backup duties for the Account Clerk III (i.e., financial adjustments, day-
end processing, unclaimed funds, electronic checking system), as well as check printing. Member
of WCCCA Collections and Financial Committee.

Education and Experience: Any combination of training and experience equivalent to an Associate
degree in Information Management or equivalent field, including a minimum of two years
professional level experience in information technology, systems analysis and/or records
management. Experience in court case and financial management information systems is highly
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Significant knowledge of court procedures; detailed knowledge of
automated records management; detailed knowledge of computer hardware and software functions;
effective oral and written communication skills; ability to work independently; ability to work effectively
with a wide variety of individuals; and possession of effective oral and written communication.

Special Requirements: None

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