Trickster Tales 4 Kids by GQC25Bnh


									                           Trickster Tales 4 Kids

You and your partner will create a children’s book version of one of the
trickster tales we have read in class. Below are the requirements:

1. You must create a cover and a back for your book. Your cover should
   include the title, author, etc. and should include a picture or something to
   draw attention to the book so that a child would be interested in reading

2. You should transform the story into a text which can be understood by a
   small child (ages 4-9). Each page must include a picture and text. The
   text on each page should only be between one to five sentences long.

3. Give your group a publishing name and include the information about
   your company, the copyright date, publication number, etc. on the back
   cover of your book.

4. Your book should be colorful, inventive, and easy to read. Remember
   you are creating this for small children, so you must create your book on
   a level in which they can understand and will be interested in reading.

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