2012 NWPC WA Written Endorsement Questionnaire by hdmu096


									                         National Women’s Political Caucus of Washington
                         2012 Written Candidate Questionnaire

                         NWPC-WA is a multi-partisan organization dedicated to increasing the number of women in elected and
                         appointed office at all levels of government.

Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Office Sought (include position number): ___________________________________________________________________

Incumbent in this Position/Known Opposition: _______________________________________________________________

Campaign Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________

Home Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________

Telephone Number(s): _________________________________________________________________________________

E-mail Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________

Campaign Website: ___________________________________________________________________________________

1.     Current Employment and/or activities.

2.     Personal background/experience (Please attach resume and/or any campaign literature.)
       a. What do you consider to be your most significant accomplishments or contributions to your community?
       b. How have you promoted the economic, political and social equality of women?
       c. Why do you seek elective office? What are your top priorities as an elected official?
       d. Please list any prior electoral and/or governmental experience.
       e. List three references that you feel could accurately represent your views and past experience with issues affecting
          women. Please include phone numbers.

3.     Campaign
       a. What is your strategy for winning this race?
       b. Have you hired any paid political consultants? Please list name and firm.
       c. What positions in your campaign are held by women? Please list by title and salary.
       d. What is your campaign budget for the primary? For the general? How much have you raised?
       e. What endorsements have you received at this time?

4.     Equal Rights
       a. Do you support the passage of a federal Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution with the following
          language? “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on
          account of sex.”
            ______ yes       ______no
          b. What have you done, or what will you do, as an elected official to further equal rights for women?

5. Reproductive Freedom
     a. Do you support the right to reproductive freedom, as established by the Supreme Court’s 1973 decision in Roe v.
          Wade?      _______ yes             _______ no

     b.    What public policies do you support that guarantee equal access to a full range of reproductive services?

6.        Economic Equity
     a. What is your understanding of current child, elder and other vulnerable adult care needs?
     b. What mechanisms would you propose to address them for funding these programs, e.g. tax credits, tax incentives,
        public/private partnerships, and/or direct, local, state and federal funding?

     c. How do you propose to address the issues affecting equity in pay, hiring and promotion of women?

7.        Women, Families, and Violence
          In what ways do/would you support programs and funding dealing with:
          a. domestic violence?
          b. sexual abuse?
          c. homeless women and children?

8.        NWPC Involvement (for informational purposes only)
          a. Are you a current member of the National Women’s Political Caucus?
          _______ yes             _______ no

          b. Have you attended NWPC trainings?
          _______ yes             _______ no

          c. Have you attended NWPC events?
          _______ yes             _______ no

I have read and fully understand the above questions. I agree with the stated answers to all the questions.

Signature____________________________________________________________________ Date __________________

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