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KALTENBACH Shotblast & Painting System

Shotblasting –
Automatic Painting –
Efficient steel surface treatment –
benefit from extremely
low operation costs during daily use.
During the IPS 2011, the steel surface processing technology, will be a
high priority topic. The manufacturing companies KALTENBACH SPS
and inTEC painting systems will be exhibiting a complete shotblasting
and conservation line supported by the specialist paint supplier Dr.
Demuth and abrasive manufacturer Metalltechnik Schmidt. They will
inform you and demonstrate how „low operating costs „ can be
achieved and advise you on the current trends in the use of paint and
Low operating costs in the area of shotblasting and painting can be
achieved by the cost efficient use of equipment and consumables. In
this area Kaltenbach SPS will be able to show new innovations
particularly in respect of:
- time saving and easy maintenance requirements
 - extreme low energy- and air consumption
 - focus on minimal paint overspray and paint usage
 - fast and effective paint drying

During IPS 2011 KALTENBACH SPS will exhibit the popular shotblast
machine Sprint 1504. This machine has been redesigned, taking into
account the latest technical advances in respect of dust extraction,
dust emissions, brush and blow off technology and various other
enhancements in respect of operating noise, plant cleanliness and
environmental issues.

A significant development for the topcoating of steel structures will
be presented by inTec.
The automatic paintspraying installation can scan complete steel



structures in 3D, as a result all parts will be painted to a very high
standard with even over spray as far as is practical and fully automatic.
This will result in extremely low and efficient paint consumption.

In conjunction with the paint manufacturer Dr. Demuth and the
abrasive manufacturer Metalltechnik Schmidt, visitors can see live
demonstrations and attend seminars on the latest developments in
the surface treatment technology.

Company Contact
Ursula Kiefer • KALTENBACH GmbH + Co. KG
Leitung Marketing/PR
Blasiring 4 • 79539 Lörrach
Telefon: 07621-175 424 • Fax: 07621-175 477
E-Mail: u.kiefer@kaltenbach.de • Internet: www.kaltenbach.de


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