Big Sky Visa Credit Card conditions of use by leader6


									Big Sky Visa Credit Card
    conditions of use

    …to a financial institution
 where it’s the member that matters   
    TABLE OF CONTENTS	                                       Page	no.      Please	read	the	Financial	Table	and	these	conditions	carefully.		
                                                                           You	should	also	read	the	information	statement	“Things	You	Should	
    1.	     Definitions	 	                                            3    Know	About	Your	Proposed	Credit	Contract”	which	appears	at	the		
    2.	     The	Credit	Card	Contract	                                 4    end	of	these	conditions.
    3.	     Account	Activation	and	Card	Security	                     4    If	you	have	any	questions	concerning	these	documents,	please	contact	us.
                                                                           (NB. This document does not contain all the information we are
    4.	     Additional	Cardholders	                                   6    required by law to give you before the contract is made. Further
    5.	     Credit	Limit	                                             7    information is contained in the Financial Table.)
    6.	     Codes	of	Practice	                                        7    These	Conditions	of	Use	take	effect	on	and	from	1	January	2007	
                                                                           except	as	otherwise	advised	in	writing	and	replace	all	Visa	Credit	Card	
    7.	     Using	the	Credit	Card	Account	                            7    Conditions	of	Use	previously	issued.
    8.	     Authorisations	                                           8
    9.	     Direct	Debit	and	Other	Standing	Authorities	              8    1.       DEFINITIONS
                                                                           In	these	conditions	and	the	Financial	Table:
    10.	    Credit	Card	Acceptance	                                   8
                                                                           account	means	the	account	we	set	up	to	record	transactions	under		
    11.	    Balance	Transfer	                                         8    the	contract.
    12.	    Interest	Rates	                                           9    additional	cardholder	means	a	person	you	nominate	and	to	whom		
                                                                           we	issue	an	additional	card.
    13.	    Interest	    	                                            9
                                                                           annual	percentage rate	means	the	annual	percentage	rate	or	rates		
    14.	    Fees	and	Charges	                                         9    set	out	in	the	Financial	Table	and,	if	varied,	the	rate	as	varied.
    15.	    Using	the	Card	Outside	Australia	                        10    available	credit amount	means	the	amount	obtained	by	subtracting	
                                                                           from	the	credit	limit:
            Statements	                                              10
                                                                           	        •	 the	debit	balance	(if	any)	of	the	account	at	that	time;
    17.	    Payments	 	                                              10
                                                                                    •	 	 ny	uncleared	funds	that	have	been	applied	to	the	account	
    18.	    Application	of	Payments	                                 11                 (if	any);	and
    19.	    Default		    	                                           11    	            t
                                                                                    •	 	 he	amount	of	all	authorised	transactions	not	yet	debited		
                                                                                        to	the	account	(if	any).
    20.	    Cancellation	of	the	Card	by	us	                          12
                                                                           balance transfer	means	a	transfer	to	the	account,	in	accordance	with	
    21.	    Cancellation	of	the	Card	by	you	                         12    clause	11	below,	of	an	amount	from	a	credit	or	charge	account	held		
    22.	    When	a	Credit	Card	has	been	Cancelled	                   12    by	you	or	any	other	person	with	another	credit	provider	in	Australia.
                                                                           biller	means	an	organisation	which	tells	you	that	you	can	make	
    23.	    Change	of	Address	                                       13    payments	to	it	using	Bpay.
    24.	    Changes	to	the	Contract	                                 13    Bpay®	means	the	electronic	payment	scheme	called	Bpay	operated	in	
    25.	    Card	Renewal	                                            13    co-operation	between	Australian	financial	institutions,	which	enables	
                                                                           you	to	effect	bill	payments	to	billers	who	participate	in	Bpay,	either	via	
    26.	    No	Waiver	 	                                             13    telephone	or	internet	access	or	by	any	other	method	approved	by	us	
    27.	    Assignment	                                              13    from	time	to	time.
                                                                           Bpay® payment	means	a	payment	transacted	by	us	on	your	behalf		
    28.	    Commissions	and	Related	Payments	                        14    using	Bpay.
    29.	    Evidence	 	                                              14    business day	means	a	day	that	is	not	Saturday	or	Sunday;	or	a	public	
    30.	    Credit	Code	                                             14    holiday,	special	day,	or	bank	holiday	in	the	place	in	which	any	relevant	
                                                                           transaction	is	to	be	done.
    31.	    Privacy		    	                                           14    card	means	a	credit	card	we	issue	to	you	or	to	any	additional	cardholder	
    32.	    Credit	Card	Security	Guidelines	                         14    for	use	on	the	account.
    33.	    Error	or	Dispute	Resolution	                             15    card details	means	the	information	provided	on	the	card	and	includes,	
                                                                           but	is	not	limited	to,	the	card	number	and	expiry	date.
    34.	    Bpay®	 	     	                                           16
                                                                           cardholder	means	you	or	any	additional	cardholder.
                                                                           cash advance	means	a	transaction	on	the	account	which	results	in		
    INFOrmATION STATEmENT                                                  you	receiving	actual	cash	(whether	at	a	branch	or	via	an	EFT	terminal		
                                                                           or	by	other	means)	and	is	deemed	to	include;
    Visa Credit Card Conditions of Use – Important Information             	            a
                                                                                    •	 	 	purchase	of	“quasi-cash”	items	such	as	gambling	chips;
    Please	read	the	information	contained	in	the	Financial	Table	and		     	            a
                                                                                    •	 	 	funds	transfer	to	another	account	held	by	you	or	a	third	
    these	Conditions	of	Use	carefully.	They	govern	the	use	of	your	Visa	                party	with	us	or	another	financial	institution.
    Credit	Card	and	all	transactions	which	you	make	using	the	card		
                                                                           charge	means	an	amount	debited	to	the	account,	including	a	cash	
    and	on	your	Visa	Credit	Card	account.	These	Conditions	of	Use		
                                                                           advance,	purchase,	balance	transfer,	fee,	interest	charge,	tax	and		
    also	contain	important	information	on:-
                                                                           any	other	amount	you	have	agreed	to	pay	us	or	be	liable	for	under		
    •	 Your	Visa	Card	Security                                             the	contract.
    •	 	 our	Liability	(where	a	card	is	lost,		                            contract	means	the	credit	contract	between	you	and	us,	comprising	
       stolen	and	used	without	your	authority)                             these	Credit	Card	Conditions	and	the	Financial	Table.
    •	 Using	the	Card	outside	Australia                                    Credit Code	means	the	Consumer	Credit	Code	of	the	State	or	Territory	
    •	 Cancellation	of	the	Card	by	you	or	us                               in	which	you	reside	when	the	contract	is	made.
    •	 Card	related	errors	and	Dispute	Resolution                          credit limit	means	the	credit	limit	for	the	account	set	out	in	the	
                                                                           Financial	Table	and,	if	varied,	the	credit	limit	as	varied.

    CUSCAL	means	Credit	Union	Services	Corporation	Australia	Limited.              3.4	    T
                                                                                           	 he	new	account	will	be	activated	when	you	do	one	of		
    cut off time	means	the	time	advised	to	you,	prior	to	you	confirming	                   the	following:
    the	payment	instructions,	by	which	your	payment	instructions	must	             	       •	 telephone	us	to	activate	the	account;
    be	received	by	us	in	order	for	those	instructions	to	be	processed	             	            t
                                                                                           •	 	ell	us	to	activate	the	account	when	we	telephone	you;	or
    that	business	day	by	Bpay or	by	us	for	any	other	payment	or	transfer	
    instructions.                                                                  	       •	 give	us	your	written	instruction	to	activate	the	account.
    delinquent account	means	the	status	of	the	account	when	you		                  3.5	    Y
                                                                                           	 ou	must	sign	the	card	as	soon	as	you	receive	it	and	before		
    have	not	met	the	payment	conditions	under	the	contract.                                you	use	it.	You	must	also	ensure	that	each	additional	cardholder	
                                                                                           signs	his	or	her	card	as	soon	as	it	is	received	and	before	it		
    EFT terminal	means	the	electronic	equipment,	electronic	system,	                       is	used.
    communications	system	or	software	controlled	or	provided	by	or	on	
    behalf	of	us	or	any	other	third	party	for	use	with	the	card	to	conduct		       3.6	    S
                                                                                           	 ubject	to	these	conditions,	you	are	liable	for	all	charges	on	the	
    an	EFT	transaction	by	EFTPOS.                                                          account	including	charges	incurred	by	an	additional	cardholder	
                                                                                           and	enforcement	costs.	You	must	ensure	that	all	cards	are	used	
    EFT transaction	means	a	funds	transfer	initiated	by	giving	an	                         in	accordance	with	these	conditions.
    instruction	to	us	through	electronic	equipment	and	using	the	card,		
    and/or	card	details,	but	not	requiring	a	manual	signature.                     3.7	    	 ou	or	an	additional	cardholder	must	notify	us	immediately	on	
                                                                                           becoming	aware	that	a	card	is	lost,	stolen	or	used	without	your	
    EFTPOS (Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale) terminal		                         authority	by:
    is	an	EFT	terminal	which	we	advise	can	be	used	to	make	purchases		
    with	the	use	of	the	card.                                                      	            t
                                                                                           •	 	 elephoning	the	Card	Service	Centre	24	hour	toll	free	hotline	
                                                                                                in	Australia	on	the	number	listed	below;	or
    electronic equipment includes,	but	is	not	limited	to,	an	EFT	terminal,	
    computer,	television	and	telephone.                                            	            a
                                                                                           •	 	 dvising	any	financial	institution	that	displays	the	Visa	logo.
    Financial Table	means	the	Financial	Table	which	is	set	out	in	the	letter	      	       A	delay	in	notifying	us	may	increase	your	liability.
    we	send	you	advising	of	our	approval	of	your	application	for	the	card.		
    It	forms	part	of	your	contract	with	us.                                        	       VISA CArD hOTLINE
                                                                                           Australia wide toll free
    inactive account	means	a	credit	card	account	that	has	not	been	                        1800 224 004
    operated	on	either	by	deposit	or	withdrawal	for	a	period	of	24	months.
    minimum monthly payment	means	the	amount	determined		                          	       	 e	will	acknowledge	the	notification	by	giving	a	reference	
    in	accordance	with	clause	17.2	below.	It	will	be	included	in	the	                      number	that	verifies	the	date	and	time	we	were	contacted.	Please	
    “Minimum	Payment”	amount	in	your	statement	of	account.                                 retain	this	number	as	evidence	of	the	time	of	contacting	us.
    merchant	means	a	business	or	entity	which	accepts	the	card	as	                 	       	 f	for	any	reason	the	hotline	is	unavailable	and	this	prevents	
    payment	for	goods	and	services.                                                        notification,	you	will	not	be	liable	for	any	unauthorised	
    100 point verification check	is	a	procedure	undertaken	by	us	                          transaction	during	this	period	which	could	have	been	prevented	
    to	satisfy	the	identity	verification	requirements	of	the	Financial	                    had	the	hotline	been	available,	provided	we	are	notified	within		
    Transactions	Reports	Act.                                                              a	reasonable	time	of	the	hotline	becoming	available	again.
    purchase	means	any	transaction	(other	than	a	cash	advance)	with	a	             3.8	    I
                                                                                           	 f	the	loss,	theft	or	misuse	occurs	OUTSIDE	AUSTRALIA	you	or	
    merchant,	the	payment	for	which	is	authorised	by	a	cardholder	to	be	                   an	additional	cardholder	must	notify	an	organisation	displaying	
    made	on	the	account	and	includes	an	order	made	for	goods	or	services	                  the	Visa	sign	and	also	then	confirm	the	loss,	theft	or	misuse	of	
    which	are	not	taken.                                                                   the	card:
    unauthorised	means	without	the	knowledge	or	consent	of	a	cardholder.           	             w
                                                                                           •	 	 ith	us	by	telephone	or	priority	paid	mail	as	soon	as	
    unpaid daily balance	means	the	unpaid	balance	of	the	account	(being	                         possible;	or
    the	excess	of	all	amounts	debited	over	all	amounts	credited	to	the	            	             b
                                                                                           •	 	 y	telephoning	the	Visa	Card	Hotline	number	for	the	country	
    account)	at	the	end	of	each	day.                                                             the	cardholder	is	in,	which	can	be	obtained	from		
    we, us, our or the Credit Union	means	Big	Sky	Credit	Union	Ltd		                             us	prior	to	departure	(see	Clause	15).
    ABN	51	087	651	358	that	issued	you	with	the	Visa	Credit	Card.                  3.9	    	 f	a	card	is	used	(in	cases	not	involving	EFT	transactions)	
    you, your	means	the	account	holder.	If	there	is	more	than	one	account	                 without	the	authority	of	a	cardholder,	you	may	be	liable	for	that	
    holder,	each	is	liable	jointly	and	severally	under	the	contract.                       use	before	we	are	advised	of	it,	up	to	the	credit	limit	less	any	
                                                                                           amount	recovered	by	us	by	exercising	our	rights	(if	any)	under	
                                                                                           the	operating	rules	applicable	to	the	Visa	credit	card	scheme	
    2.     ThE CrEDIT CArD CONTrACT                                                        against	other	parties	to	that	scheme.
    	      	 hen	the	card	is	first	used,	a	balance	transfer	is	made	or		
           W                                                                       3.10	   	 ou	are	liable	for	all	losses	caused	by	unauthorised	EFT	
           a	payment	is	made	to	the	account,	you	will	be	accepting		                       transactions	unless	any	of	the	circumstances	specified	in		
           our	offer	and	be	bound	by	the	contract.                                         clause	3.11	below	apply.
                                                                                   3.11	   	 ou	are	not	liable	for	losses,	providing	you	don’t	contravene	
    3.     ACCOUNT ACTIVATION AND CArD SECUrITy                                            clause	3.12:
    3.1	   A
           	 ll	cards	issued	remain	our	property	and	must	be	returned		            	             w
                                                                                           (1)	 	 here	it	is	clear	that	a	cardholder	has	not	contributed		
           or	destroyed	if	we	ask	you	to	do	so.                                                  to	the	loss;
    3.2	   	 	card	can	only	be	used	if	the	account	to	which	it	relates	has	
           A                                                                       	             t
                                                                                           (2)	 	 hat	are	caused	by	the	fraudulent	or	negligent	conduct		
           been	activated	and	the	card	has	been	signed	by	the	cardholder.	                       of	employees	or	agents	of:
           A	card	is	only	valid	for	the	period	printed	on	it.	It	cannot	be	used	   	       	     •	 us;
           before	its	commencement	date	or	after	its	expiry	date.                  	       	         a
                                                                                                 •	 	 ny	organisation	involved	in	the	provision	of	networking	
    3.3	   T
           	 he	account	is	a	single	account	for	all	cards	which	may		                                arrangements;	or
           be	issued	under	the	contract.                                           	       	     •	 any	merchant;
                                                                                           (3)	 	 hat	are	caused	by	the	same	transaction	being	incorrectly	
                                                                                                 debited	more	than	once	to	the	same	account;
                                                                                   	       (4)	 relating	to	a	forged,	faulty,	expired	or	cancelled	card;
            (5)	 	 hat	would	exceed	the	amount	of	your	liability	to	us	had	we	      4.5	   Y
                                                                                           	 ou	can	at	any	time	revoke	the	authority	of	an	additional	
                 exercised	our	rights	(if	any)	under	the	Visa	International	               cardholder	to	operate	the	account	by	telling	us	in	writing	and	
                 Rules	and	Regulations	against	other	parties	to	those	rules	               by	returning	the	additional	card	to	us.	We	will	then	cancel	the	
                 and	regulations;	or                                                       additional	card.	Until	the	card	is	returned	to	us,	you	will	continue	to	
    	       (6)	 resulting	from	unauthorised	use	of	the	card:	                             be	liable	for	all	transactions	effected	by	the	additional	cardholder,	
                                                                                           including	transactions	predating	the	card	return	not	yet	debited.
                 •	 	n	relation	to	an	EFT	transaction	before	receipt	of	the	card;
                 •	 	 fter	notification	to	us	in	accordance	with	these	
                       Conditions	of	Use	that	the	card	is	being	used	without	       5.     CrEDIT LImIT
                       authority	or	that	it	has	been	lost	or	stolen.                5.1	   	 our	credit	limit	is	set	out	in	the	Financial	Table.	You	can	ask	us	
    3.12	   Y
            	 ou	will	be	liable	for	any	loss	of	funds	arising	from	any	                    to	increase	the	credit	limit	at	any	time	but	we	are	not	required	
            unauthorised	EFT	transaction	using	a	card	if	the	loss	occurs	                  to	agree.	It	will	be	increased	only	at	your	request	or	with	your	
            before	notification	to	us	or	the	Visa	Card	Hotline	that	the	card	              consent,	subject	to	Big	Sky	lending	criteria.
            has	been	misused,	lost	or	stolen	and	if	we	prove,	on	the	balance	       5.2	   T
                                                                                           	 he	credit	limit	is	the	maximum	amount	of	credit	you	may	
            of	probabilities,	that	you	or	an	additional	cardholder	contributed	            obtain	on	the	account.	The	account	balance	must	not	exceed		
            to	the	loss	through:                                                           the	credit	limit.	Any	amount	in	excess	of	the	credit	limit	must		
    	       (1)	 fraud;                                                                    be	paid	to	us	immediately.	An	excess	limit	fee	may	apply	and	
                                                                                           will	be	set	out	in	the	Financial	Table.
            (2)	 	 nreasonable	delay	in	notifying	us	or	the	Visa	Card	Hotline	
                 of	the	misuse,	loss	or	theft	of	the	card	and	the	loss	occurs	      5.3	   	 e	can	reduce	or	cancel	the	credit	limit	at	any	time,	whether	
                 between	the	time	you	or	an	additional	cardholder	did,	or	                 or	not	you	are	in	default	under	the	contract	and	without	prior	
                 reasonably	should	have,	become	aware	of	these	matters		                   notice	to	you.	We	will	advise	you	if	we	do	so.
                 and	the	time	of	notification	to	us	or	the	Visa	Card	Hotline;       5.4	   	 e	will	debit	transactions	on	the	account	against	any	positive	
    	       (3)	 gross	negligence.                                                         (credit)	balance	before	reducing	the	available	credit	amount.
    3.13	   You	will	not	be	liable	for:                                             5.5	   T
                                                                                           	 he	credit	limit	does	not	change	simply	because	we	debit	an	
                                                                                           amount	to	the	account	that	causes	the	account	balance	to	
            (1)	 	 he	portion	of	the	loss	that	exceeds	any	applicable	daily		              exceed	the	credit	limit.
                 or	periodic	transaction	limits	on	your	account;
            (2)	 	 he	portion	of	the	loss	which	exceeds	the	credit	limit		
                 of	the	account;	or                                                 6.     CODES OF PrACTICE
    	       (3)	 	 ll	losses	incurred	on	any	account	which	you	had	not	agreed	
                 a                                                                  6.1	   	 e	warrant	that	we	will	comply	with	the	requirements	of	the	
                 with	us	could	be	accessed	using	the	card.                                 Electronic	Funds	Transfer	Code	of	Conduct	and	the	Credit	Union	
                                                                                           Code	of	Practice,	where	those	requirements	apply	to	your	
    3.14	   N
            	 otwithstanding	any	of	the	above	provisions,	your	liability	in	the	           dealings	with	us.
            event	of	an	unauthorised	EFT	transaction	will	not	exceed	your	
            liability	under	the	provisions	of	the	Electronic	Funds	Transfer	        6.2	   Y
                                                                                           	 ou	may	obtain	general	descriptive	information	about	credit	
            Code	of	Conduct,	where	that	code	applies.                                      union	products	and	services	from	us	on	request.
    3.15	   I
            	 n	all	cases	where	you	notify	us	of	an	unauthorised	EFT	
            transaction	on	an	account,	we	will	not	hold	you	liable	for	losses	      7.     USING ThE CrEDIT CArD ACCOUNT
            that	would	exceed	the	amount	of	your	liability	had	we	exercised	        7.1	   T
                                                                                           	 he	account	must	not	be	used	for	any	unlawful	purpose,	
            our	rights	(if	any)	under	the	operating	rules	applicable	to	the	               including	the	purchase	of	goods	or	services	prohibited	by		
            Visa	credit	card	scheme	against	other	parties	to	that	scheme.                  the	laws	of	the	jurisdiction	of	purchase.	
    3.16	   Y
            	 ou	will	not	be	liable	for	any	loss	suffered	because	an	EFT	           7.2	   S
                                                                                           	 ome	merchants	and	financial	institutions	may	impose	a	lower	
            terminal	accepted	a	cardholder’s	instructions	but	failed	to	                   maximum	and/or	a	minimum	amount	on	EFT	transactions.
            complete	the	transaction.	If	an	EFT	terminal	malfunctions	
            and	you	should	have	been	aware	that	the	EFT	terminal	                   7.3	   Y
                                                                                           	 ou	may	request	a	balance	transfer	in	accordance	with		
            was	unavailable	for	use	or	malfunctioning,	we	will	only	be	                    clause	11	below.
            responsible	for	correcting	errors	in	the	account	and	refunding	         7.4	   	 ou	agree	that	we	can	debit	the	account	with	all	transactions	
            any	charges	or	fees	imposed	as	a	result.                                       authorised	by	a	cardholder.	Transactions	can	be	authorised	by:
                                                                                    	      •	 using	a	card	at	an	EFT	terminal;
    4.      ADDITIONAL CArDhOLDErS                                                  	           p
                                                                                           •	 	 resenting	a	card	to	a	merchant	and	signing	a	voucher	
    4.1	    W
            	 e	may	issue	a	card	to	any	person	you	nominate,	provided	                          or	other	documentation	acceptable	to	us	authorising	the	
            that	person	is	over	the	age	of	18	years	and	satisfies	the	identify	                 transaction;	or
            verification	requirements	of	the	Financial	Transaction	Reports	Act.     	           p
                                                                                           •	 	 roviding	the	card	details	to	a	merchant	or	to	any	other	
    4.2	    	 ll	transactions	effected	or	authorised	by	an	additional	
            A                                                                                   party	to	whom	payment	is	to	be	made,	either	directly	or	via	
            cardholder	will	be	treated	as	having	been	authorised	by	you		                       a	third	party,	in	a	manner	acceptable	to	us,	for	example,	
            and	you	will	be	responsible	for	them.	                                              over	the	phone	or	on-line.
    4.3	    	 ou	must	ensure	that	each	additional	cardholder	receives	a	copy	
            Y                                                                       7.5	   	 	transaction	can	be	authorised	for	a	particular	amount	or	for	
            of	the	contract,	reads	and	understands	it	and	protects	their	                  particular	goods	or	services.	For	example,	if	you	hire	a	car,	
            card	in	the	same	way	as	the	contract	requires	you	to	protect	                  you	may	authorise	a	transaction	for	both	the	rental	and	any	
            your	card.	If	an	additional	cardholder	does	not	comply	with	the	               additional	costs,	such	as	the	cost	of	any	damage	to	the	vehicle.
            contract,	you	will	be	liable	to	us.                                     7.6	   When	a	transaction	is	authorised	by	a	cardholder:
    4.4	    Y
            	 ou	acknowledge	and	agree	that	any	additional	cardholder	can:          	           t
                                                                                           •	 	 he	cardholder	is	confirming	the	validity	of	the	amount	of	
    	       •	 	 perate	the	credit	card	account	in	the	same	way	that	you	
                  o                                                                             the	transaction,	that	is,	the	transaction	correctly	represents	
                  can	(however,	an	additional	cardholder	cannot	ask	us	to	                      the	purchase	price	of	the	goods	or	services	obtained,	or	the	
                  increase	the	credit	limit	or	nominate	another	person	to	                      amount	of	the	cash	advance;
                  receive	a	card);	and                                              	           y
                                                                                           •	 	 ou	agree	that	we	are	providing	you	with	credit	equal	to	
    	       •	 	 ccess	financial	information	about	the	account	including	
                  a                                                                             the	amount	of	the	transaction	on	the	date	on	which	the	
                  information	relating	to	transactions,	the	account	balance,	                   transaction	is	made;	and
                  the	available	credit	amount	and	the	minimum	monthly	              	           y
                                                                                           •	 	 ou	agree	to	pay	(in	Australian	dollars)	the	amount	of		
6                 payment.                                                                      that	transaction.                                                     7
    8.      AUThOrISATIONS                                                           12.     INTErEST rATES
    8.1	    W
            	 e	may	choose	at	any	time	not	to	authorise	a	transaction.		             	       	 he	annual	percentage	rate	that	applies	to	the	account	is		
            We	shall	not	be	liable	to	you	or	anyone	else	for	any	loss	or	                    stated	in	the	Financial	Table.	The	“daily percentage rate”		
            damage	resulting	from	our	refusal	to	do	so	and	you	indemnify	                    is	calculated	by	dividing	the	annual	percentage	rate	by	365.		
            us	in	respect	of	any	such	loss,	except	as	otherwise	provided		                   If	a	change	is	made	to	the	annual	percentage	rate,	you	will		
            by	these	conditions.                                                             be	notified	in	accordance	with	clause	24.2.
    8.2	    O
            	 nce	we	authorise	a	transaction	we	will	reduce	the	available	
            credit	amount.	If	the	transaction	is	not	completed,	the	available	       13.     INTErEST
            credit	amount	may	not	be	reinstated	for	up	to	seven	business	
            days	after	the	authorisation	is	obtained.                                	       I
                                                                                             	 n	this	clause,	Due	Date	means	the	date	set	out	in	your	
                                                                                             statement	of	account	as	the	date	the	minimum	monthly	
                                                                                             payment	is	due.
    9.      DIrECT DEBIT AND OThEr STANDING AUThOrITIES                              13.1	   Interest–Free	Purchases
    9.1	    Y
            	 ou	can,	at	any	time,	authorise	another	person	(a	“debit	user”)	        	       W
                                                                                             	 e	do	not	charge	interest	on	a	purchase	listed	in	your	
            pursuant	to	a	“Direct	Debit	Request”	or	similar	periodic	authority	              statement	of	account	to	the	extent	that:
            to	debit	the	account.
                                                                                             •	 	 ou	make	a	payment	in	respect	of	that	statement	of	account	
    9.2	    	 o	cancel	such	an	authority,	you	must	notify	that	third	party	
            T                                                                                      by	the	Due	Date;	and
            according	to	any	arrangements	between	you	and	that	third	
            party.	You	should	also	notify	us.                                        	             n
                                                                                             •	 	 o	part	of	that	payment	is	applied	by	us,	in	accordance		
                                                                                                   with	clause	18,	to	an	amount	owing	on	a	previous	statement	
    9.3	    	 n	some	circumstances,	if	the	account	number	changes,	the	
            I                                                                                      of	account.
            account	is	closed,	a	card	is	lost,	stolen,	or	cancelled,	and	
            you	fail	to	provide	alternative	payment	details	(for	example,	           	       	 therwise,	interest	will	be	payable	in	accordance	with	clause	
            your	new	account	number)	to	the	third	party,	we	may	stop	                        13.3	on	each	purchase	listed	in	your	statement	of	account	from	
            processing	the	debit	transactions,	after	giving	notice	to	the	third	             the	date	the	purchase	is	posted	to	your	account	until	the	date		
            party,	and	this	may	cause	the	third	party	to	stop	providing	you	                 it	is	paid	in	full.
            the	goods	and	services.                                                  13.2	   Cash	Advances
    9.4	    	 cceptance	of	direct	debits	is	at	our	discretion.	We	may		
            A                                                                        	       T
                                                                                             	 here	is	no	interest	free	period	for	cash	advances.	Cash	
            stop	direct	debits	if	deemed	appropriate.                                        advances	incur	interest	in	accordance	with	clause	13.3	from		
                                                                                             the	date	the	transaction	is	posted	to	your	account	until	the		
                                                                                             date	the	transaction	is	paid	in	full.
                                                                                     13.3	   Calculation	of	Interest
    10.1	   F
            	 inancial	institutions	and	merchants	displaying	the	Visa	symbol	
            will	normally	honour	your	credit	card.	However,	credit	card	             	       S
                                                                                             	 ubject	to	clause	13.1,	interest	is	calculated	daily	by	applying	
            promotional	material	displayed	on	any	premises	cannot	be		                       the	daily	percentage	rate	to	the	unpaid	daily	balance	of	the	
            taken	as	a	warranty	by	the	financial	institution,	merchant	or		                  account	and	is	debited	to	the	account	on	the	last	day	of	the	
            any	person	carrying	on	business	there	that	all	goods	and	                        statement	period.
            services	available	at	those	premises	may	be	purchased	with		             13.4	   Interest	on	Deposits
            the	credit	card.                                                         	       	We 	will	not	pay	you	interest	on	any	credit	balance	on	the	account.
    10.2	   T
            	 he	price	the	merchant	charges	for	goods	and	services	
            purchased	using	the	card	may	vary	from	the	price	a	merchant	
                                                                                     14.     FEES AND ChArGES
            charges	for	the	same	goods	and	services	purchased	with	cash.
                                                                                     14.1	   	You 	must	pay	us	the	fees	and	charges	in	the	amounts	and	at	the	
    10.3	   	Unless 	required	to	do	so	by	law,	we	do	not	accept	any	liability	for:
                                                                                             times	set	out	in	the	Financial	Table,	as	required	by	these	conditions	
            •	 	 ny	financial	institution	or	merchant	displaying	a	Visa	                     or	as	notified	under	clause	24.	We	may	debit	them	to	the	account	
                 symbol	who	refuses	to	accept	or	honour	a	card,	does	not	                    and	they	will	appear	in	your	statement	of	account.
                 allow	cash	advances	or	imposes	limits	or	conditions	on	use	
                                                                                     14.2	   Y
                                                                                             	 ou	must	pay	us	an	amount	equal	to	any	government	tax,	duty	
                 of	a	card;	or
                                                                                             or	charge	imposed	by	law	in	any	country	in	respect	of	the	card,	
    	       •	 goods	and	services	purchased	with	a	card.                                     the	account	or	contract,	the	use	of	the	card	or	any	transaction	in	
    10.4	   A
            	 ny	complaints	about	goods	and	services	purchased	with	a		                      relation	to	the	account.	You	must	pay	such	amounts	whether	or	
            card	must	be	resolved	directly	with	the	merchant	concerned.                      not	you	are	primarily	liable	for	the	tax,	duty	or	charge	under	the	
                                                                                             relevant	law.	
    11.     BALANCE TrANSFEr                                                         14.3	   Y
                                                                                             	 ou	must	pay	any	“Annual	Fee”	referred	to	in	the	Financial	Table	
                                                                                             (as	varied	from	time	to	time).	The	Annual	Fee	will	be	debited	to	
    	       	 ou	may	request	us	to	transfer	to	the	account	the	outstanding	
            Y                                                                                the	account	upon	acceptance	of	the	contract	and	then	annually	
            balance	of	a	credit	or	charge	account	held	by	a	cardholder	or	                   in	advance	until	the	credit	card	account	is	closed	and	is	paid	in	
            any	other	person	with	another	credit	provider,	provided	that:                    full	(except	where	the	Financial	Table	otherwise	provides).	No	
            •	 	 he	balance	transfer	does	not	exceed	95%	of	the		                            refund	of	the	fee,	or	any	part	of	it,	is	payable	when	the	credit	
                 available	credit	amount;                                                    card	account	is	closed.
            •	 	he	balance	transfer	amount	is	greater	than	$100;                     14.4	   A
                                                                                             	 ny	fee	or	charge	in	foreign	currency	will	be	converted	into	
    	       •	 the	account	is	not	delinquent;	and                                            Australian	dollars	in	accordance	with	clause	15.1.
    	       •	 	 ou	accept	that	a	balance	transfer	may	be	refused	by		
                 y                                                                   14.5	   A
                                                                                             	 ll	fees	and	charges	debited	to	the	account	will	be	payable		
                 us	at	our	discretion.                                                       by	you	in	accordance	with	clause	17.

     15.     USING ThE CArD OUTSIDE AUSTrALIA                                         17.5	  A
                                                                                             	 	payment	of	the	account	can	only	be	made	in	Australia	and		
     15.1	   A
             	 ll	transactions	made	overseas	on	the	Visa	card	will	be	                       in	Australian	dollars.	
             converted	into	Australian	currency	by	Visa	International,	and	                  I
                                                                                      17.6	 	 f	you	are	overseas	when	a	payment	is	due,	you	should	make	
             calculated	at	a	wholesale	market	rate	selected	by	Visa	from	                    arrangements	for	payments	to	be	made	to	the	account	in	
             within	a	range	of	wholesale	rates	or	the	government	mandated	                   Australia	prior	to	travelling.
             rate	that	is	in	effect	one	day	prior	to	the	Central	Processing	Date	            F
                                                                                      17.7	 	 or	the	purpose	of	this	clause	17,	a	reversal	or	refund	of	charges	
             (that	is,	the	date	on	which	Visa	processes	the	transaction).	                   to	the	account	is	not	a	payment	to	the	account.
     15.2	   A
             	 ll	transactions	made	overseas	on	the	Visa	card	are	subject	            17.8	 	A  	payment	will	not	be	treated	as	made	until	the	date	we	credit	
             to	a	conversion	fee	equal	to	a	percentage	of	the	value	of	the	                  the	payment	to	the	account	in	the	ordinary	course	of	business.	If	
             transaction	and	payable	to	CUSCAL,	the	principal	member	                        paying	by	mail	you	should	allow	adequate	time	for	the	payment	
             of	Visa	International	under	which	we	can	provide	you	with	                      to	reach	us	before	the	statement	due	date.	(The	proceeds	of	any	
             the	card.	The	amount	of	this	conversion	fee	is	detailed	in	the	                 payment	made	by	cheque	or	other	instrument	or	through	the	
             Financial	Table	and	is	subject	to	change	from	time	to	time	and	                 Bank@Post	system	will	not	be	available	to	increase	the	available	
             we	will	advise	you	in	advance	of	any	such	change.                               credit	amount	until	honoured	by	the	issuing	financial	institution.	
     15.3	   	 ome	overseas	merchants	and	automatic	teller	machines	charge	
             S                                                                               We	are	not	responsible	for	transit	delays.)
             a	surcharge	for	making	an	EFT	transaction.	Once	you	have	                       I
                                                                                      17.9	 	 f	the	statement	“Due	Date”	is	not	a	business	day,	the	payment	
             confirmed	the	transaction	you	will	not	be	able	to	dispute	the	                  must	be	made	on	or	by	the	last	business	day	immediately	
             surcharge.	The	surcharge	may	appear	on	your	statement	as		                      before	the	statement	“Due	Date”.
             part	of	the	purchase	price.
                                                                                      17.10	 	 f	your	cheque	or	other	payment	instrument	is	not	honoured	in	
     15.4	   	 efore	travelling	overseas,	you	or	an	additional	cardholder	
             B                                                                               full	when	first	presented	or	if	a	payment	through	the	Bank@Post	
             should	consult	us	to	obtain	Visa	Card	Hotline	telephone	numbers	                system	is	not	honoured	in	full,	the	payment	will	not	constitute	a	
             for	the	country	of	destination.	For	card	security	reasons	you	                  valid	payment	and	you	will	be	charged	the	payment	dishonour	
             should	also	contact	us	prior	to	departure.                                      fee	referred	to	in	the	Financial	Table	and	interest	charges	will		
     15.5	   	 	cardholder	must	comply	with	all	applicable	exchange	control	
             A                                                                               be	backdated.	
             and	tax	laws	governing	the	use	of	the	card	and	you	indemnify	
             us	against	liability,	loss,	fees,	charges	or	costs	arising	as	a	
             consequence	of	a	failure	to	comply	with	them.                            18.     APPLICATION OF PAymENTS
                                                                                              	 e	will	apply	payments	we	credit	to	the	account	first	to	amounts	
                                                                                              owing	on	a	previous	statement	of	account,	then	to	amounts	
     16.     STATEmENTS                                                                       shown	on	a	current	statement	of	account	and	then	to	amounts	
     16.1	   W
             	 e	will	send	you	a	statement	of	account	each	month	where	                       debited	but	which	have	not	yet	appeared	in	a	statement	of	
             there	is	any	financial	activity	or	a	balance	outstanding	on	the	                 account,	in	each	case	in	the	following	order:
             account.	In	all	cases	we	will	send	you	a	statement	of	account	           	       •	 interest	charges;
             at	least	every	6	months	and	you	may	request	more	frequent	
             statements.                                                              	       •	 government	duties	or	charges;
     16.2	   E
             	 ach	debit	and	credit	to	the	account	takes	effect	on	the	date	we	       	       •	 fees	and	charges;
             assign	to	it	which	may	not	be	the	date	on	which	it	is	processed		        	       •	 cash	advances;	and
             and	we	may	adjust	any	debit	or	credit	at	any	time	to	reflect	your	       	       •	 purchases.
             and	our	obligations	and	the	terms	of	this	contract.
     16.3	   Y
             	 ou	should	check	each	statement	of	account	and	tell	us	of		
                                                                                      19.     DEFAULT
             any	entry	in	the	statement	which	you	dispute.
                                                                                      19.1	   You	will	be	in	default	under	this	contract	if	you:
     16.4	   	 ou	may	request	a	copy	of	any	statement	of	account	at	any		
             time	subject	to	any	fee	referred	to	in	the	Financial	Table.              	       •	 become	bankrupt;
                                                                                      	       •	 fail	to	pay	us	any	amount	when	it	is	due;
     17.     PAymENTS                                                                 	       •	 exceed	the	credit	limit;
     17.1	   	 ou	must	pay	us	immediately	upon	receipt	of	the	statement		
             Y                                                                        	            f
                                                                                              •	 	ail	to	comply	with	any	of	your	other	obligations	under		
             of	account:                                                                           the	contract;	or
     	       •	 	 he	amount	(if	any)	by	which	the	closing	balance	exceeds	
                  t                                                                   	            g
                                                                                              •	 	 ive	us	incorrect	or	misleading	information	in	connection	
                  the	credit	limit;	and                                                            with	this	contract.
             •	 	 he	amount	(if	any)	of	any	minimum	monthly	payment	which	            19.2	   If	you	default	we	may	(subject	to	clause	19.3):
                  remains	unpaid	from	a	previous	statement	of	account	(shown	         	       •	 cancel	all	cards;
                  as	“overdue	amount”	in	the	statement	of	account).                   	            r
                                                                                              •	 	 equire	you	to	pay	us	on	demand	the	outstanding	balance		
     17.2	   	You	must	also	pay	us	by	the	statement	“Due	Date”	the	amount	of	                      of	the	account	(including	amounts	which	you	become	liable	
             a	minimum	monthly	payment	(if	any)	for	the	month	in	respect	of	                       to	pay	under	the	contract	and	which	are	yet	to	be	debited		
             which	the	statement	of	account	is	issued.	The	minimum	monthly	                        to	the	account);
             payment	for	that	month	will	be	the	greater	of	3%	(rounded	up	to	         	       •	 exercise	any	other	rights	that	the	law	gives	us;	and
             the	nearest	dollar)	of	the	closing	balance	or	$25,	or	if	that	closing	
             balance	is	$26	or	less,	that	closing	balance.                            	            r
                                                                                              •	 	 equire	you	to	pay	us	on	demand	all	enforcement	expenses	
                                                                                                   we	reasonably	incur	in	the	exercise	of	our	rights	against	
     17.3	   T
             	 he	statement	of	account	will	include	all	amounts	owing	under	                       you,	including	legal	fees.
             clause	17.1	and	17.2	in	the	“Minimum	Payment”	amount	on	the	
             statement.                                                               19.3	   	 ur	right	to	take	action	against	you	under	clause	19.2	may	be	
                                                                                              subject	to	a	requirement	of	the	Credit	Code	that	we	first	give	
     17.4	   Y
             	 ou	may	pay	us	as	much	as	you	wish	towards	the	closing	                         a	notice	requiring	you	to	remedy	the	default.	If	so,	you	will	be	
             balance	of	the	statement	of	account	in	addition	to	the	amounts	                  deemed	to	have	failed	to	remedy	the	default	specified	in	the	
             referred	to	in	clauses	17.1	and	17.2.	Subject	to	clause	13,	if	the	              notice	if,	at	the	end	of	the	time	allowed	by	that	notice,	you		
             closing	balance	is	paid	in	full,	you	may	be	entitled	to	an	interest-             have	remedied	that	default	but	have	committed	another	of		
             free	period	in	respect	of	certain	transactions.                                  the	same	type.

     19.4	   I
             	 f	an	obligation	to	pay	us	an	amount	under	the	contract	                  23.   ChANGE OF ADDrESS
             becomes	merged	in	a	court	order	or	judgement,	you	must		                   You	must	tell	us	promptly	if	you	change	your	address.
             pay	us	interest	on	that	amount	daily	until	paid	at	the	rate		
             of	interest	applying	to	our	Visa	Credit	Cards	at	that	time.
                                                                                        24.     ChANGES TO ThE CONTrACT
     20.     CANCELLATION OF ThE CArD By US                                             24.1	   W
                                                                                                	 e	may	change	the	contract	at	any	time	without	your		
                                                                                                consent	including:
     20.1	   We	reserve	the	right	to	close	the	account	at	any	time.
                                                                                        	       •	 changing	the	annual	percentage	rate;
     	       (1)	 We	may	close	the	account	without	prior	notice	if:
                                                                                                •	 	 hanging	the	method	of	calculating	the	minimum		
     	       	     (a)	 	we 	believe	that	use	of	a	card	or	the	account	may	cause	                    monthly	payment;
                        loss	to	you	or	to	us	(for	example,	if	you	are	in	default	
                        under	the	contract	or	under	the	Conditions	of	Use	              	       •	 changing	the	frequency	of	any	payment;
                        applicable	to	another	credit	facility	provided	by	us	to	you);   	            c
                                                                                                •	 	 hanging	the	amount	or	frequency	of	payment	of	any		
     	       	     (b)	 the	account	is	inactive;	or                                                  fee	or	charge;
                   (c)	 	 he	credit	limit	has	been	exceeded.	(Note	that	we	may	         	       •	 imposing	a	new	fee	or	charge;
                        elect	not	to	close	the	account	for	this	reason	but	the	         	       •	 reducing	(but	not	increasing)	the	credit	limit;	
                        fact	that	we	have	elected	not	to	do	so	on	one	or	more	          	            c
                                                                                                •	 	 hanging	the	method	of	calculating	or	debiting	interest;	and
                        previous	occasions	does	not	stop	us	from	closing	it	
                                                                                        	       •	 changing	the	maximum	daily	cash	withdrawal	limit.
                        whenever	the	credit	limit	has	been	exceeded.)
                                                                                        24.2	   W
                                                                                                	 e	will	give	you	notice	of	any	change	in	accordance	with	any	
             (2)	 	 e	may	also	close	the	account	upon	giving	you	not	less		
                                                                                                requirement	of	the	Credit	Code	or	any	other	Code	or	law	which	
                   than	three	months	written	notice.
                                                                                                may	apply.	For	example,	we	will	give:
     20.2	   	 f	the	account	is	closed,	all	cards	issued	in	relation	to	the	
                                                                                                (1)	 	 otice	of	an	increase	in	the	annual	percentage	rate	by	
             account	will	be	cancelled.
                                                                                                     writing	to	you	or	by	newspaper	advertisement	no	later	than	
     20.3	   	 e	will	not	cancel	any	individual	card	without	good	reason	but	
             W                                                                                       the	day	on	which	the	increase	is	to	take	effect;
             we	may	cancel	a	card	at	any	time	without	prior	notice	if	we	
                                                                                        	       (2)	 at	least	20	days	written	notice	if	we:
             believe	that	use	of	the	card	may	cause	loss	to	you	or	us.
                                                                                                     (a)	 	ncrease	charges	relating	solely	to	the	use	of	the	card,	
                                                                                                           or	card	details	or	the	issue	of	any	replacement	card,		
     21.     CANCELLATION OF ThE CArD By yOU                                                               or	card	details;
     21.1	   	 ou	may	close	the	account	at	any	time	by	making	a	written	
             Y                                                                          	       	          i
                                                                                                     (b)	 	ncrease	your	liability	for	losses	for	EFT	transactions;
             request	to	us.	If	the	account	is	closed,	all	credit	cards	issued		
                                                                                                     (c)	 	mpose,	remove	or	adjust	a	daily	or	other	periodic	
             in	relation	to	the	account	will	be	cancelled.
                                                                                                           transaction	limit	applying	to	the	use	of	the	card,	card	
     21.2	   Y
             	 ou	may	request	us	in	writing,	in	accordance	with	clause	4.5,		                              details,	the	account	or	electronic	equipment;
             to	cancel	the	card	of	an	additional	cardholder.	
                                                                                                     (d)	 	 hange	the	amount,	frequency	or	time	for	payment		
     21.3	   	 ritten	requests	should	be	mailed	to	the	postal	address	of		
             W                                                                                             of	a	credit	fee	or	charge	or	the	minimum	monthly	
             the	Credit	Union	as	set	out	in	your	statement	of	account.	                                    payment;	or
                                                                                                     (e)	 	 ake	any	other	change	to	the	contract	which	increases	
     22.     WhEN A CArD hAS BEEN CANCELLED                                                                your	obligations	or	reduces	the	time	for	any	payment;
     22.1	   When	we	cancel	a	card,	including	when	you	request	it:                      	            a
                                                                                                (3)	 	 t	least	30	days	(or	such	lesser	period	as	may	be	set	by	the	
     	       •	 we	will	confirm	the	cancellation;                                                    Credit	Union	Code	of	Practice)	written	notice	of:
     	       •	 	the	card	must	not	be	used;	and                                         	       	          a
                                                                                                     (a)	 	 ny	change	in	the	manner	in	which	interest	in	calculated	
                                                                                                           or	the	frequency	with	which	it	is	debited;	or
             •	 	 he	card	must	be	returned	to	us	(cut	diagonally	in	half)		
                   or	you	must	satisfy	us	that	it	has	been	destroyed.                   	       	    (b)	 the	imposition	of	a	new	fee	or	charge.
     22.2	   If	the	account	is	closed,	including	when	you	request	it:	                  24.3	   	 e	will	supply	information	on	current	interest	rates	and	fees		
                                                                                                and	charges	on	request.
     	       •	 all	cards	must	not	be	used;
             •	 	 ll	cards	must	be	returned	to	us	(cut	diagonally	in	half)		
                   or	you	must	satisfy	us	that	they	have	been	destroyed;                25.     CArD rENEWAL
     	       •	 	 ou	must	pay	at	least	the	minimum	monthly	payment	each	
                   y                                                                    	       	 e	may	automatically	issue	you	and	any	additional	cardholder	
                   month	if	an	outstanding	balance	remains;                                     with	a	replacement	card	whenever	the	current	card	expires	at	
                                                                                                our	discretion.	The	use	of	any	replacement	card	is	subject	to		
             •	 	 our	obligations	under	the	contract	will	continue	until	you	                   this	contract.
                   pay	us	the	total	amount	you	owe	us	(including	amounts	
                   which	you	become	liable	to	pay	under	the	contract	and	
                   which	are	not	yet	debited	to	the	account);	and                       26.     NO WAIVEr
     	       •	 	 ou	should	cancel	all	periodic	debit	authorities	which		
                   y                                                                    	       O
                                                                                                	 ur	rights	under	this	contract	are	unaffected	by	any	delay	in	
                   apply	to	the	account.                                                        exercising	them,	by	us	giving	you	any	time	or	other	indulgence,	
     22.3	   I
             	 f	the	account	has	a	credit	balance	when	it	is	closed,	we	will	                   or	by	the	acceptance	of	monies	from	you	after	you	default.
             send	you	a	cheque	for	that	balance	(unless	those	funds	have	
             been	remitted	as	unclaimed	money	in	accordance	with	the	law)	              27.     ASSIGNmENT
             or	deposit	the	funds	into	any	of	your	accounts	with	us.
                                                                                                	 e	may	assign	or	otherwise	deal	with	our	rights	under	the	
     22.4	   Y
             	 ou	are	liable	for	45	days	after	closure	for	transactions	on		                    contract	without	your	consent	and	in	any	way	we	consider	
             the	account.                                                                       appropriate	and	you	authorise	us	to	disclose	any	information	
                                                                                                about	the	account	to	any	person	in	connection	with	the	

     28.     COmmISSIONS AND rELATED PAymENTS                                        33.    ErrOr Or DISPUTE rESOLUTION
     28.1	   	 f	you	take	out	“Continuous	Credit	Insurance”	(a	form	of	
             I                                                                       33.1	  I
                                                                                            	 f	you	have	a	complaint	or	believe	that	an	error	has	occurred	in	
             consumer	credit	insurance)	through	an	arrangement	we	have	                     any	transaction,	charge,	refund	or	payment	or	on	a	statement	
             with	an	insurance	company	then	we	may	receive	commission	for	                  of	account,	you	should	contact	us	promptly	on	the	telephone	
             the	introduction	of	insurance	business.	The	commission	will	be	                number	listed	on	page	five	of	this	booklet,	as	set	out	in	our	
             disclosed	to	you	in	the	Financial	Table.                                       communication	(including	statements	of	account)	with	you	or		
     28.2	   	 f	you	choose	to	debit	the	premiums	from	your	account	
             I                                                                              by	visiting	one	of	our	Service	Centres.
             (annually	or	monthly),	such	a	debit	will	be	shown	on	your	                     T
                                                                                     33.2	 	 o	assist	with	our	investigations	you	will	need	to	provide	the	
             statement.                                                                     following	information:
                                                                                            •	 	 our	name,	address,	membership	number,	card	number		
     29.     EVIDENCE                                                                             and	account	details;
     29.1	   	 ou	agree	that	a	sales	voucher	or	other	record	of	a	transaction	
             Y                                                                       	            d
                                                                                            •	 	 etails	of	the	transaction,	charge,	refund	or	payment	in	
             provided	by	a	merchant	is	admissible	evidence	of	the	transaction	                    question;
             and	of	the	amount	shown,	even	if	it	is	not	signed	by	a	                 	            t
                                                                                            •	 	 he	details	of	any	error	believed	to	have	occurred	on	a	
             cardholder,	and	that,	unless	the	contrary	is	established,		                          statement	of	account;	and
             it	is	conclusive	evidence.                                              	            t
                                                                                            •	 	 he	amount	of	the	suspected	error	or	disputed	transaction,	
     29.2	   Y
             	 ou	also	agree	that	a	statement	given	by	us	stating	the	amount	                     charge,	refund	or	payment.
             of	the	outstanding	balance	of	the	account,	or	any	other	amount	         33.3	 	We   	may	require	you	to	confirm	in	writing	the	details	of	any	error	
             recorded	on	the	account,	is	admissible	evidence	that	the	amount	               which	you	believe	has	occurred	in	relation	to	a	transaction,	charge,	
             is	in	fact	owing	at	the	date	of	the	statement	and	that,	unless	the	            refund	or	payment,	or	to	a	statement	of	account.
             contrary	is	established,	it	is	conclusive	evidence.
                                                                                     33.4	 	 e	will	investigate	your	complaint,	and	if	unable	to	settle	your	
                                                                                            complaint	immediately	to	your	and	our	satisfaction,	we	will	
     30.     CrEDIT CODE                                                                    advise	you	in	writing	of	the	procedures	for	further	investigation	
             	 f	any	provision	of	the	contract	is	invalid	or	unenforceable	under	           and	resolution	and	may	request	further	relevant	details		
             the	Credit	Code,	it	is	to	be	severed	from	the	contract	without	                from	you.
             affecting	the	validity	of	the	remainder.                                       W
                                                                                     33.5	 	 ithin	21	days	of	receipt	from	you	of	the	details	of	your	
                                                                                            complaint	we	will:
     31.     PrIVACy                                                                 	            c
                                                                                            (1)	 	 omplete	our	investigation	and	advise	you	in	writing	of		
                                                                                                  the	results;	or
     31.1	   	 ou	agree	that	information	about	you	(including	credit	
             information	about	you	and	the	account)	may	be	given	to	and	             	            a
                                                                                            (2)	 	 dvise	you	in	writing	that	we	require	further	time	to	
             obtained	from	any	credit	reporting	agency,	other	credit	providers	                   complete	our	investigation.
             (including	Credit	Union	Services	Corporation	(Australia)	Limited	              W
                                                                                     33.6	 	 e	will	complete	our	investigation	within	45	days	of	receiving	
             as	the	principal	member	of	Visa	International),	any	person	                    your	complaint,	unless	there	are	exceptional	circumstances.
             providing	services	in	connection	with	the	administration	of		                  I
                                                                                     33.7	 	 f	we	are	unable	to	resolve	your	complaint	within	45	days,	we	
             your	application	or	account	(including	your	use	of	Bpay)	or		                  will	let	you	know	the	reasons	for	the	delay	and	provide	you	
             the	marketing	of	our	services	or	those	of	any	body	corporate	                  with	monthly	updates	on	the	progress	of	the	investigation	and	
             related	to	us.                                                                 its	likely	resolution	date,	except	where	we	are	waiting	for	a	
     31.2	   Y
             	 ou	agree	that	we	may,	at	our	discretion	and	for	any	purpose	                 response	from	you	and	you	have	been	advised	that	we	require	
             including	security,	training,	or	information	verification,	listen	to	          such	a	response.
             and/or	record	any	telephone	calls	to	which	you	are	a	party	with	               I
                                                                                     33.8	 	 f	your	complaint	has	not	been	resolved	within	120	days	of	
             us,	including	telephone	enquiries,	complaints	and	reports	made	                receipt	of	the	full	disclosure	of	the	details	of	your	complaint	
             by	you.	                                                                       including	all	additional	information	required	from	time	to	time,	
                                                                                            we	will	resolve	the	complaint	in	your	favour.
     32.     CArD SECUrITy GUIDELINES                                                          	
                                                                                     33.9	 	Ifwe	find	that	an	error	was	made,	we	will	make	the	appropriate	
     32.1	   T
             	 he	security	of	your	credit	card	is	very	important.	The	following	            adjustments	to	your	account	including	interest	and	charges	
             guidelines	provide	examples	of	security	measures	and	will	                     (if	any)	and	will	advise	you	in	writing	of	the	amount	of	the	
             not	determine	your	liability	for	any	losses	resulting	from	                    adjustment.
             unauthorised	EFT	transactions.	Liability	for	such	transactions		               W
                                                                                     33.10	 	 hen	we	advise	you	of	the	outcome	of	our	investigations,	we	
             will	be	determined	in	accordance	with	the	Electronic	Funds	                    will	notify	you	in	writing	of	the	reasons	for	our	decision	by	
             Transfer	Code	of	Conduct.                                                      reference	to	these	Conditions	of	Use	and	(if	applicable)	the	
                                                                                            Electronic	Funds	Transfer	Code	of	Conduct	and	advise	you	of		
     32.2	   Guidelines	for	ensuring	the	security	of	the	card:                              any	adjustments	we	have	made	to	your	account.	If	you	are		
     	       (a)	 sign	the	back	of	the	card	immediately	upon	receipt;                       not	satisfied	with	the	decision,	you	may	wish	to	take	the		
                                                                                            matter	further.	
             (b)	 	 estroy	the	card	on	the	expiry	date	by	cutting	it		
                  diagonally	in	half;                                                       Y
                                                                                     33.11	 	 ou	may,	for	instance,	contact	the	Credit	Union	Dispute	
                                                                                            Resolution	Centre	or	any	other	dispute	resolution	body	which	we	
     	       (c)	 do	not	let	anyone	else	use	the	card;                                      utilise	and	advise	from	time	to	time.	Details	of	the	Credit	Union	
     	       (d)	 	 ake	reasonable	steps	to	protect	the	card	from	loss,	theft		
                  t                                                                         Dispute	Resolution	Centre	may	be	obtained	by	contacting	us	or	
                  or	unauthorised	use;                                                      visiting	our	Internet	address.
     	       (e)	 	 otify	us	in	accordance	with	clause	3.7	immediately	you	
                  n                                                                         I
                                                                                     33.12	 	 f	we	decide	that	you	are	liable	for	all	or	any	part	of	a	loss	
                  become	aware	that	a	card	has	been	lost	or	stolen,	or	a	card	              arising	out	of	unauthorised	use	of	the	card,	we	will:
                  or	card	details	have	been	used	by	someone	else	without	            	            g
                                                                                            (1)	 	 ive	you	copies	of	any	documents	or	other	evidence	we	
                  your	authority.                                                                 relied	upon;	and	
                                                                                            (2)	 	 dvise	you	in	writing	whether	or	not	there	was	any	system	
                                                                                                  or	equipment	malfunction	at	the	time	of	the	relevant	
     33.13	 	 f	we	fail	to	carry	out	these	procedures	or	cause	unreasonable	               W
                                                                                    34.11	 	 e	will	attempt	to	make	sure	your	Bpay	payments	are	processed	
            delay	in	resolving	your	complaint,	we	may	be	liable	for	part	or	               promptly	by	the	participants	in	Bpay	and	you	must	tell	us	
            all	of	the	amount	of	the	disputed	transaction	where	that	failure	              promptly	if:
            or	delay	has	prejudiced	the	outcome	of	the	investigation.               	            y
                                                                                           (1)	 	 ou	become	aware	of	any	delays	or	mistakes	in	processing	
     33.14	 	 f	we	resolve	your	complaint	by	exercising	our	rights	under	                        your	Bpay	payment;
            the	operating	rules	applicable	to	the	Visa	credit	card	scheme,	         	            y
                                                                                           (2)	 	 ou	did	not	authorise	a	Bpay	payment	that	has	been	made	
            different	time	limits	may	apply.	If	so,	we	will	inform	you	in	                       from	your	account;	or
            writing	of	those	time	limits	and	when	you	can	reasonably	expect	
            a	decision,	and	we	will	suspend	your	obligation	to	pay	any	             	            y
                                                                                           (3)	 	 ou	think	that	you	have	been	fraudulently	induced	to	make	
            amount	which	is	the	subject	of	your	complaint	or	any	credit	or	                      a	Bpay	payment.
            other	charges	related	to	that	amount	until	your	complaint	has	          	      Y
                                                                                           	 our	liability	for	unauthorised	transactions	will	be	determined		
            been	resolved.                                                                 in	accordance	with	clauses	34.12	to	34.16.
                                                                                    34.12	 	 f	you	are	responsible	for	a	mistaken	Bpay	payment	and	we	
     34.    Bpay®                                                                          cannot	recover	the	amount	from	the	person	who	received	it	
                                                                                           within	20	business	days	of	us	attempting	to	do	so,	you	will		
     34.1	  T
            	 his	clause	will	apply	if	you	or	an	additional	cardholder	instruct	           be	liable	for	that	payment.
            us	to	make	a	Bpay	payment	from	your	account.
                                                                                    34.13	 	 ou	indemnify	us	against	any	loss	or	damage	we	may	suffer	due	
     34.2	 	We   	are	a	member	of	Bpay.	We	will	tell	you	if	we	are	no	longer		             to	any	claim,	demand	or	action	of	any	kind	brought	against	us	
            a	member	of	Bpay.                                                              arising	directly	or	indirectly	because	you	did	not	observe	any	
     34.3	 	 e	will	advise	you	if	and	when	other	transactions	can	be	made	                 of	your	obligations	under	this	clause	or	acted	negligently	or	
            using	Bpay	but	until	you	are	advised	otherwise,	you	may	use		                  fraudulently	under	these	Conditions	of	Use.
            Bpay	only	to	make	payments.                                                    I
                                                                                    34.14	 	 f	you	notify	us	that	a	Bpay	payment	made	from	your	account	is	
     34.4	 	 o	instruct	us	to	make	a	Bpay	payment	you	must	advise	us	of	                   unauthorised,	you	must	provide	us	with	a	written	consent	addressed	
            the	biller’s	code	number	(found	on	your	bill),	your	Customer	                  to	the	biller	who	received	that	payment	allowing	us	to	obtain	
            Reference	Number	(eg	your	account	number	with	the	biller),		                   information	about	your	account	with	that	biller	as	is	reasonably	
            the	amount	to	be	paid	and	your	card	number.                                    required	to	investigate	the	payment.	If	you	do	not	give	us	that	
     	      	 ou	acknowledge	that	we	are	not	obliged	to	effect	a	Bpay	
            Y                                                                              consent,	the	biller	may	not	be	permitted	under	law	to	disclose		
            payment	if	you	do	not	give	us	any	of	that	information	or	if		                  to	us	the	information	we	require	to	investigate	the	payment.
            any	of	the	information	you	give	us	is	inaccurate.                              T
                                                                                    34.15	 	 his	clause	does	not	apply	to	the	extent	that	it	is	inconsistent	
     34.5	 	We  	will	debit	the	value	of	each	Bpay	payment	and	any	applicable	             with	or	contrary	to	any	applicable	law	or	code	of	practice	to	
            fees	to	your	account.	Instructions	will	not	be	acted	upon	if	there	            which	we	have	subscribed.	If	those	laws	or	that	code	would	
            are	insufficient	funds	available	in	your	account.                              make	this	clause	illegal,	void,	unenforceable	or	impose	an	
                                                                                           obligation	or	liability	which	is	prohibited	by	those	laws	or	that	
     34.6	 	 	Bpay	payment	is	treated	as	received	by	the	biller	to	whom		                  code,	this	clause	is	to	be	read	as	if	it	were	varied	to	the	extent	
            it	is	directed:                                                                necessary	to	comply	with	those	laws	or,	if	necessary,	omitted.
            (1)	 	 n	the	date	you	instruct	us	to	make	that	payment,	if	we	          	      W
                                                                                           	 e	are	not	liable	for	any	consequential	loss	or	damage	you	
                  receive	your	instruction	by	the	cut	off	time	on	a	business	              suffer	as	a	result	of	using	Bpay,	other	than	due	to	any	loss	or	
                  day;	or	                                                                 damage	you	suffer	due	to	our	negligence	or	in	relation	to	any	
            (2)	 	 n	the	next	business	day	after	you	instruct	us	to	make	the	              breach	of	a	condition	or	warranty	implied	by	law	in	contracts	
                  payment,	if	we	receive	your	instruction	after	the	cut	off	time	          for	the	supply	of	goods	and	services	and	which	may	not	be	
                  on	a	business	day	or	on	a	non-business	day.                              excluded,	restricted	or	modified	at	all	or	only	to	a	limited	extent.
            	 otwithstanding	this,	a	delay	may	occur	in	processing	a	Bpay	          34.16	 	You 	are	generally	entitled	to	apply	for	a	reverse	or	chargeback	
            payment	if	a	biller,	or	another	financial	institution	participating		          of	a	transaction	where	you	have	used	your	Visa	credit	card	to	
            in	Bpay,	does	not	comply	with	its	Bpay	obligations.                            acquire	goods	or	services	and	the	merchant	has	not	provided	
            	 hile	it	is	expected	that	any	delay	in	processing	a	Bpay	payment	             you	with	the	goods	and	or	services	you	paid	for.	Reversal	and		
            will	not	continue	for	more	than	one	business	day,	it	may	                      or	chargeback	is	governed	by	the	operating	rules	applicable		
            continue	for	a	longer	period.                                                  to	the	Visa	credit	card	scheme.
     34.7	 	 ou	must	be	careful	to	ensure	that	you	tell	us	the	correct	
            Y                                                                       	      NOTE	–	Bpay	payments	are	irrevocable.	Bpay	payments	for	goods	
            amount	you	wish	to	pay.	If	you	instruct	us	to	make	a	Bpay	                     and	or	services	using	your	Visa	credit	card	will	also	be	governed	
            payment	and	you	later	discover	that	the	amount	you	told	us	to	                 by	the	operating	rules	applicable	to	Bpay	as	published	by	Bpay	
            pay	was	less	than	the	amount	you	needed	to	pay,	you	can	make	                  from	time	to	time.	If	you	use	your	Visa	credit	card	to	make	a	Bpay	
            another	Bpay	payment	for	the	difference	between	the	amount	                    payment,	you do not	have	the	right	to	request	to	reverse	the	
            actually	paid	to	the	biller	and	the	amount	you	needed	to	pay.                  payment	or	chargeback	the	transaction,	notwithstanding	that	the	
                                                                                           merchant	failed	to	deliver	the	goods	and	or	services	to	you.
     34.8	 	 e	will	not	accept	an	order	to	stop	a	Bpay	payment	once	you	
            have	instructed	us	to	make	that	Bpay	payment.                            	
     34.9	 	 ou	should	check	your	statement	of	account	carefully	and	
            Y                                                                       INFOrmATION STATEmENT
            promptly	report	to	us	as	soon	as	you	become	aware	of	any	               (The	Credit	Code	requires	us	to	give	you	this	statement.		
            Bpay	payments	that	you	think	are	errors	or	that	you	did	not	            References	in	it	to	the	“credit	provider”	are	a	reference	to	us.)
     34.10	 	 ou	should	notify	us	immediately	if	you	become	aware	that	you	have	    ThINGS yOU ShOULD KNOW ABOUT yOUr PrOPOSED
            made	a	mistake	(except	for	a	mistake	as	to	the	amount	you	meant	        CrEDIT CONTrACT
            to	pay	–	for	those	errors	see	above)	when	instructing	us	to	make	a	
            Bpay	payment,	or	if	you	did	not	authorise	a	Bpay	payment	that	has	      This	statement	tells	you	about	some	of	the	rights	and	obligations		
            been	made	from	your	account.                                            of	yourself	and	your	credit	provider.	It	does	not	state	the	terms		
                                                                                    and	conditions	of	your	contract.
                                                                                    If	you	have	any	concerns	about	your	contract,	contact	your	credit	
                                                                                    provider	and,	if	you	still	have	concerns,	your	Government	Consumer	
                                                                                    Agency,	or	get	legal	advice.

16                                                                                                                                                                17
     ThE CONTrACT                                                                    INSUrANCE
     1.    how can I get details of my proposed credit contract?                     1.   Do I have to take out insurance?
     	     	 our	credit	provider	must	give	you	a	precontractual	statement	
           Y                                                                         	    You	can	decide	if	you	want	to	take	out	insurance	or	not.
           containing	certain	information	about	your	contract.	The	                  2.   Will I get details of my insurance cover?
           precontractual	statement,	and	this	document,	must	be	given		
           to	you	before:                                                            	    	 es,	if	you	have	taken	out	consumer	credit	insurance	and	the	
                                                                                          premium	is	financed	by	your	credit	provider.	In	that	case	the	
     	     •	 your	contract	is	entered	into;	or                                           insurer	must	give	you	a	copy	of	the	policy	within	14	days	after	
           •	 	 ou	make	an	offer	to	enter	into	the	contract;                              the	insurer	has	accepted	the	insurance	proposal.
     	     whichever	happens	first.                                                  	    	 ou	can	always	ask	the	insurer	for	details	of	your	insurance	
     2.    How can I get a copy of the final contract?                                    contract.	If	you	ask	in	writing	your	insurer	must	provide	you		
                                                                                          a	statement	containing	all	the	provisions	of	the	contract.
           	 f	you	want	another	copy	of	your	contract	write	to	your	credit	
           provider	and	ask	for	one.	Your	credit	provider	may	charge	you		           3.   If the insurer does not accept my proposal, will I be told?
           a	fee.	Your	credit	provider	has	to	give	you	a	copy:                       	    	 es,	if	the	insurance	was	to	be	financed	by	the	credit	contract,		
     	     •	 	within 	14	days	of	your	written	request	if	the	original	contract	          the	insurer	will	inform	you	if	the	proposal	is	rejected.
                 came	into	existence	1	year	or	less	before	your	request;	or          4.   In that case what happens to the premiums?
     	     •	 otherwise	within	30	days	of	your	written	request.                      	    	 our	credit	provider	must	give	you	a	refund	or	credit	unless		
     3.    Can I terminate the contract?                                                  the	insurance	is	to	be	arranged	with	another	insurer.
           	 es.	You	can	terminate	the	contract	by	writing	to	the	credit	            5.   What do I do if I cannot make a repayment?
           provider	so	long	as	the	card	has	not	been	used	to	acquire	goods	          	    G
                                                                                          	 et	in	touch	with	your	credit	provider	immediately.	Discuss	the	
           or	services	for	which	credit	is	to	be	provided	under	the	contract.             matter	and	see	if	you	can	come	to	some	arrangement.	You	can	
     	     	 owever,	you	will	still	have	to	pay	any	fees	or	charges	incurred	
           H                                                                              ask	your	credit	provider	to	change	your	contract	under	certain	
           before	you	terminated	the	contract.                                            circumstances	in	a	number	of	ways,	for	example:
     4.    Can I pay my credit contract out early?                                   	    •	 to	reduce	the	amount	of	each	payment;	or
     	     	 es.	Pay	your	credit	provider	the	amount	required	to	pay	out		
           Y                                                                         	    •	 to	defer	payments	for	a	specified	period.
           your	credit	contract	on	the	day	you	wish	to	end	your	contract.            6.   What if my credit provider and I cannot agree
     5.    How can I find out the pay out figure?                                         on a suitable arrangement?
     	     	 ou	can	write	to	your	credit	provider	at	any	time	and	ask	for	
                                                                                          	Ifyou	have	been	unemployed,	sick	or	there	is	another	good		
           a	statement	of	the	pay	out	figure	as	at	any	date	you	specify.	                 reason	why	you	are	having	problems	with	your	contract,	then		
           You	can	also	ask	for	details	of	how	the	amount	is	made	up.	                    your	contract	may	be	able	to	be	changed	to	meet	your	situation.
           Your	credit	provider	must	give	you	the	statement	within	7	days	           	    Y
                                                                                          	 ou	may	be	able	to	apply	to	the	court.	Contact	your	Government	
           after	you	give	your	request	to	the	credit	provider.	You	may	be	                Consumer	Agency	or	get	legal	advice	on	how	to	go	about	this.
           charged	a	fee	for	the	statement.                                          	    T
                                                                                          	 here	are	other	people,	such	as	financial	counsellors,	who		
     6.    Will I pay less interest if I pay out my contract early?                       may	be	able	to	help.
           	 es.	The	interest	you	can	be	charged	depends	on	the	actual		             7.   Can my credit provider take action against me?
           time	money	is	owing.                                                      	    Y
                                                                                          	 es,	if	you	are	in	default	under	your	contract.	But	the	law	says		
     7.    Can my contract be changed by my credit provider?                              that	you	cannot	be	unduly	harassed	or	threatened	for	repayments.		
     	     Yes,	but	only	if	your	contract	says	so.                                        If	you	think	you	are	being	unduly	harassed	or	threatened,	
                                                                                          contact	your	Government	Consumer	agency	or	the	Australian	
     8.    Will I be told in advance if my credit provider is going                       Competition	and	Consumer	Commission,	or	get	legal	advice.
           to make a change in the contract?
                                                                                     8.   Do I have any other rights and obligations?
     	     That	depends	on	the	type	of	change.	For	example:
                                                                                          	 es.	The	law	will	give	you	other	rights	and	obligations.		
           •	 	 ou	get	at	least	same	day	notice	for	a	change	to	an	annual	                You	should	also	READ	YOUR	CONTRACT	carefully.
                 percentage	rate.	That	notice	may	be	a	written	notice	to		
                 you	or	a	notice	published	in	a	newspaper.
     	     You	get	20	days	advance	written	notice	for:                               IF yOU hAVE ANy DOUBTS, Or WANT mOrE INFOrmATION,
                                                                                     CONTACT yOUr GOVErNmENT CONSUmEr AGENCy Or OBTAIN
     	     •	 a	change	in	the	way	in	which	interest	is	calculated;	or                LEGAL ADVICE.
     	     •	 a	change	in	credit	fees	and	charges;	or
     	     •	 any	other	changes	by	your	credit	provider;                             Please keep this information statement. You may want
           	 xcept	where	the	change	reduces	what	you	have	to	pay		                   some information from it at a later date.
           or	the	change	happens	automatically	under	the	contract.
     9.    Is there anything I can do if I think that my contract
           is unjust?
           	Yes.You	should	first	talk	to	your	credit	provider.	Discuss	the	matter	
           and	see	if	you	can	come	to	some	arrangement.	If	that	is	not	
           successful	you	could	apply	to	the	court.	Contact	the	Government	
           Consumer	Agency	or	get	legal	advice	on	how	to	go	about	this.

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