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									                                   LEASE DEED

This Lease Deed (“Lease Deed”) is executed at ______ on this ____day of __________,


Sh._______ S/o Sh. _____, presently residing at ________, hereinafter referred to as
“LESSOR”, (which expression, unless repugnant to its meaning or context, shall mean
and include his heirs, successors, agents, authorised / legal representatives, executors,
permitted assigns, administrators, attorneys, etc.) of the first part;


Sh._______ S/o Sh. _____, presently residing at ________, hereinafter referred to as
“LESSEE”, (which expression, unless repugnant to its meaning or context, shall mean and
include its heirs, successors, agents, legal representatives, executors, administrators and
assigns) of the second part.

Hereinafter, the LESSOR and the LESSEE, are collectively referred to as “the Parties”.

Sample Lease Deed                      - Page 1 -      

(1) the LESSOR hereby represents and undertakes that he is the undisputed and lawful
owner and in peaceful possession of premises situated at _____________, consisting of
______ on the ____ Floor and more particularly described in Annexure – I as attached
herewith (hereinafter referred to as “the Premises”) and the LESSOR has the exclusive
right to give on lease the said Premises.

(2) the LESSOR represents to the LESSEE that the title of the LESSOR to the Premises is
free from all charges, liens, mortgages, encumbrances and imputation of any kind

(3) in consideration of the rent and all the covenant and conditions hereinafter contained,
the LESSOR hereby agrees to renew the Lease Deed entered into between the Parties for
a period of 11 months on the terms and conditions mutually agreed between the Parties.



           The Lease shall be renewed for a further period of 11 months from _______.
           The Lease Deed may be renewed for further period on the terms and conditions
           mutually agreed upon between the Parties in writing.


           The LESSEE shall use the Premises for residential purposes only.

   3. RENT:
           a. The LESSEE will take possession of the Premises on a monthly rent of
              Rs._____/- (Rupees ______ Only).
           b. The LESSEE will also pay maintenance charges of Rs.____ (Rupees ______
              Only) towards Water, Lift, Power Back Up of ___ KVA, Gymnasium,
              Swimming Pool, ___ Car Parking facility which is provided within building
              premises, repairs of electric and sanitary fittings excluding spares.
           c. The monthly rent of Rs._____/- (Rupees _____ Only) shall be paid on or
              before 7th day of every English Calendar month by means of Cheque
              payable in favour of _______, the Owner of the Premises/Lessor
              maintaining his bank account no. ____________________ with _________
              Bank, ______________________________.
           d. The rent is inclusive of all the taxes and duties as applicable and amended
              from time to time.
           e. The LESSEE shall not be required or liable to pay any amounts, other than
              those specifically noted herein, in consideration of this Lease.

           f.   The LESSOR shall give to the LESSEE a receipt of monthly rent received by
                it every month.
           g. The LESSEE has paid a sum equivalent to one month rent as Advance Rent
              of Rs._____/- (Rupees _____ Only) to the LESSOR, the receipt of which has
              been acknowledged by the LESSOR.

Sample Lease Deed                      - Page 2 -      
   4. Security Deposit:

           a. The LESSEE has already paid to the LESSOR a sum equivalent to two (2)
              months rent as security deposit (refundable) i.e. Rs.____/- (Rupees ____
              Only) towards above mentioned Premises and Rs.____/- (Rupees Five
              Thousand Only) (refundable) as another security deposit towards
              maintenance by RWA, the receipt of the same is acknowledged by the

           b. The Security Deposit of Rs.____/- (Rupees ____ Only) and Rs.___/-
              (Rupees ____ Only) shall be refundable immediately at the time of
              expiration/termination of the Lease Deed as the case may be. In case of
              delay in refund in Security Deposit by the LESSOR, the LESSOR shall be
              liable to pay interest @ 2% per month of the Security Deposit amount along
              with the Security Deposit amount.

   5. Repair and Maintenance:

           a. The minor repairs e.g. replacing fuses, bulbs or lamps and setting right
              leakage of water taps, doors etc. shall be carried out against maintenance
              charges paid on monthly basis which is excluding of spares and additionally
              major repairs shall be carried out by the LESSOR.

           b. The LESSEE shall keep the Premises neat and tidy. Any damages to the
              fittings & fixtures (as per Annexure – I) have to be made good by the
              LESSEE by replacing the new ones at his own cost under intimation to the
              LESSOR. Natural and reasonable wear and tear and damages caused by act
              of God or unforeseen calamity shall be accepted by the LESSOR. If the
              same is not carried out by the LESSOR then the LESSEE shall deduct the
              total cost of repair/ fixture charges out of monthly rent.

           c. The LESSEE hereby agrees to pay the enhanced maintenance charges only
              in case revised by Royal Garden Estate RWA at any time during the
              currency of this Lease Deed In case the maintenance charges are lowered,
              then such amount will be applicable to the LESSEE during the currency of
              the Lease Deed.

    6.   Inspection:

           The LESSEE shall permit the LESSOR or his authorized agent/ representative to
           inspect the Premises at reasonable time with advance intimation.

    7.   Rights & Obligations

           a. The LESSEE undertakes to keep the Premises in good condition (normal
              wear & tear is expected and accepted) and handover vacant possession of
              the same to the LESSOR on the expiry / termination of Lease Deed.

           b. The LESSEE undertakes not to use the Premises for any anti social,
              offensive, immoral, illegal trade purposes.

           c. The LESSOR represents to the LESSEE that the Premises is complete in all
              respects and in strict conformity with the building bye-laws and no part of it
              is illegal or unauthorized. In case of receipt of any notice or objection from
              any authority or any other person, concerning the breach of any covenants,

Sample Lease Deed                      - Page 3 -      
                the same shall be dealt with by the LESSOR and the LESSOR shall keep the
                LESSEE indemnified and absolved of any responsibility in this regard.

           d. The LESSOR shall allow the LESSEE, to attach fixtures and install cooling
              and or/air conditioning equipment or other electrical equipments upon the
              Leased Premises, provided such addition and/or fixtures shall not be
              detrimental to or inconsistent with the rights granted on the property or in
              the building and/other bye-laws of the Municipal Authority, Local
              Government or any other Statutory body.

           e. To allow the LESSEE to enjoy quiet and peaceful possession of the Premises
              during the entire period of the Lease without any interruption by the
              LESSOR or any person/s claiming either through or in trust for the LESSOR
              or otherwise howsoever. In the event of any interruption in the peaceful
              enjoyment of the Premises for any reason whatsoever, the LESSEE shall not
              be liable to make any payment of the rent or any other outgoings for the
              period of such interruption.

           f.   The LESSOR has agreed to maintain the normal up keep of the Premises
                such as white washing before giving possession and then every year during
                the tenancy of the period.

     8. Electricity Charges:

           The LESSEE has to remit the electricity charges, to the concerned department
           directly for the electricity consumed by it from the date of taking possession of
           the Premises by the LESSEE, as per the reading of the meter installed therein.
           The meter reading on the date of taking possession i.e. on ____________, of
           the Premises is _________.

     9. Taxes & Duties:

           The LESSOR during the term of the Lease shall pay the property tax, other
           incidental taxes to the municipal corporation or any other local
           authorities/bodies or any other taxes and the LESSEE, in no way, shall be liable
           for the same.

    10. Termination:

           Notwithstanding anything contained in this deed or otherwise; this Lease Deed
           is terminable by one month’s notice in writing by either side.

     11. Deed

           This Lease Deed shall be executed in two counterparts, one to be retained by
           each Party and each of which shall constitute the original but all of which when
           taken together shall constitute one and the same Lease Deed.

Sample Lease Deed                      - Page 4 -      
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties herein have hereunto set their respective hands and
seal, the day, month and year first herein above mentioned.

   For and on behalf of                         For and on behalf of

                                                Essel Shyam       Technologies     Limited
   (LESSOR)                                     (LESSEE)

   Signature:                                   Signature:

   Name:                                        Name:

   Designation:                                 Designation:

   Witnesses:                                   Witnesses:

   Signature:                                   Signature:

   Name:                                        Name:

Sample Lease Deed                  - Page 5 -        
       Annexure – I


      Kitchen exhaust fan :
      Tube lights :
      Fancy lights :
      Ceiling handy lights :
      Bell :
      Change Over :
      Fans with regulator :
      Curtain rods :

LESSOR                                             LESSEE

Signature & date                                  Signature & date

Sample Lease Deed               - Page 6 -

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