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                    2ND ANNUAL NEW ORLEANS BABY FEST
                       SATURDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2011

          2011 BABY FEST SPONSORS

New Orleans Baby Fest, THE Baby, Child & Family event of the year, announces Ochsner Health
System as this year's Presenting Sponsor. The Ochsner Health System includes eight hospitals and 35
health centers.

Last year's Presenting Sponsor, Ochsner Medical Center - Kenner, will remain a vital part of this
year's event. This expanded partnership allows New Orleans Baby Fest and Ochsner the opportunity
to expand resources for parents and parents-to-be throughout South Louisiana.

In addition to Presenting Sponsor Ochsner Health System, we are thrilled to announce eight more
businesses that are Sponsors of Baby Fest 2011 so far:

New Orleans Baby Fest is the largest gathering of expectant parents and young families under one roof in the
Greater New Orleans area. Build your image and make connections with motivated consumers. Set up your booth to
distribute materials, take orders and/or sell merchandise.

We offer continuous marketing to your target consumers through the following:

    •   You get the Attendee List! - All sponsors and exhibitors will receive a list of registered attendees following
        Baby Fest offering contact with your target consumers long after the show.

    •   Your business listed on our website, a Go-To Resource for local families - Your Business Name (with
        link to your website) and business description on exhibitor page of our website, NewOrleansBabyFest.com, a go-to
        resource for expectant parents and young families when looking for local businesses to patronize.

    •   Exhibitor Spotlight – Your business featured in Exhibitor Spotlight on our website, facebook (New Orleans
        Baby Fest), twitter (@NOLABabyFest) and in a listing in the Baby Fest monthly eNewsletter sent to 1,000 contacts
        (past attendees and those who sign up to receive the eNewsletter) leading up to Baby Fest.

                                                             “A BIG Congratulations to you! The event was
                                                            fabulous! We see a lot of first time events…Baby
                                                             Fest was one of the most successful I have seen
                                                           in a very long time. Your organization, attention
                                                                to detail and marketing really made the
                                                               difference. Looking forward to next year!”
                                                                      – Amy of Freeman Decorating
                   20' x 8' Double Booth

Saturday, October 15, 2011 ▪ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
The Pontchartrain Center (Kenner, LA)
More than 34,000 sq. feet of floor space in Exhibit Halls A & B

    •   10’ x 8’ booth (10’ wide x 8’ deep)
    •   Pipe and drape (8’ high back; 3’ high sides)
    •   ID sign with company name
    •   6’ skirted table; 2 chairs; waste basket
    •   There is an additional fee for an electrical outlet, phone line and                   10' x 8' Booth
        extra tables/chairs which can be ordered on the registration form
             3,000 ATTENDEES AT BABY FEST 2010
         BABY FEST 2010 FACTS
    •    200 people in line when the doors opened at 10 a.m.
    •    Swag Bags for the first 50 moms and moms-to-be
    •    78 local Exhibitor booths
    •    Nine Sponsors
    •    Kids' Activities like Curious George, Papillion, Face Painting,
         the Fire Department and Gym Rompers
    •    More than $10,000 of Giveaways                                                                                   Baby Fest 2010
    •    Cutest Baby Contest and the hilarious Daddy Diaper Derby                                                            Poster

                                                           TYPES OF
                                                           3D/4D Ultrasound • Auto Dealers • Baby & Child Activities •                  Baby
                                                           & Toddler Apparel • Baby Boutiques • Baby Safety • Baby Carriers and Slings •
                                                           Bakeries • Birthing Instruction • Birth Announcements & Invitations • Breast
                                                           Feeding Equipment • Child Care Options/Nanny Services • Children’s Artists •
                                                           Children’s Dentists • Chiropractors • Cord Blood Banking • Educational Toys and
                                                           Videos • Exercise and Weight Loss • Fertility Centers • Financial Services &
                                                           Insurance • Formula & Food Companies • Furniture & Bedding • Hospitals &
                                                           Birthing Centers • Infant & Toddler Books & Toys • Interior Design –
                                                           Nurseries/Children’s Room • Maid Services • Massage/Relaxation • Maternity
                                                           Apparel • Mom/Baby Health & Fitness • Moms Groups • Monogram Shops •
                                                           OBGYNs • Parenting Magazines/Websites • Party Services - Locations/Inflatables
                                                           • Pediatricians • Personalized Gifts & Accessories • Preschools • Scrapbooking &
                                                           Crafts • Spas/Salons • Stroller & Car Seat Manufacturers • And more…

Each exhibitor is encouraged to donate one or more door prizes to be given away throughout the day.

New Orleans Baby Fest
P.O. Box 9351
Metairie, LA 70055-9351

Jennifer Walker ● Co-Founder/CEO/Sales ● 504.298.8234 ● nolababyfest@gmail.com

        New Orleans Baby Fest                    @NOLABabyFest                         NewOrleansBabyFest.com

          “My kids and I had a great time. They loved Curious
          George and the face painting, and they still can't stop
          talking about how much fun Papillion was.

          I found a lot of new products and stores. It was a lot of
          fun for the day with just a small entry fee. As a small
          business owner I'm very interested in participating next

          – Jessica (mom)

   “The event was GREAT! I was very impressed by
       everything…count us in for next year!”
                                                                     “Thank you for making New
  – Meghan of NOLA Baby Proofing & Consulting
                                                                    Orleans Baby Fest such a huge

                                                               As a vendor with a booth, it was
                                                              well worth it for Pottery Barn Kids
                                                               to be there! Where do we sign up
                                                               for next year? A+ experience for
                                                                both the vendors and expectant

                                                                – Shannon, Manager of Pottery
                                                                     Barn Kids, Metairie
      ●     ●   ●

 Cathy of Woman to
  Woman Midwifery
                                                            “More than anything I was able to get
      ●     ●   ●
                                                            my name out there, and people were
                                                            able to put a face with the name of my
                                                            business and know that I am one person
“Baby Fest was great. Lots                                  doing the work not a company. From
 to see. Lots to buy and so                                 one mom to others I was able to put
 many cute kids.” – Grace                                   myself out there.” – Kimmie of Kimmie
                                                            Blake Jewelry
 (mom and grandmother)

         PRESENTING SPONSOR                                                        BABY FEST SPONSOR $1500
                   one available SOLD
                                                                               •   Double Booth (20’ x 8’ piped and draped, two 6’
               OCHSNER HEALTH SYSTEM                                               skirted tables, four chairs, ID sign & waste
                                                                               •   Logo on all promotional materials (banners,
  SPECIALIZED SPONSOR $2500                                                        flyers, postcards, admission tickets, etc.)
                                                                               •   Logo with link to your website on all pages of our
                                                                                   website including the home page
 NEW!                 Sponsor one of the following:                            •   Sponsor Spotlight on our website, facebook,
                                                                                   twitter and eNewsletter (distribution 1,000+)
       Speaker Stage                                                          •   Free marketing on facebook, twitter and our
       Family Lounge                                                              eNewsletter when you have announcements or
       Changing Station & Nursing Lounge                                          sales (through February 2012 when renewal
       Kids’ Area – SOLD (nola baby & family)                                     packets are distributed)
       Swag Bags – SOLD (Kalencom Corporation)                                •   Your business name (with link to your website)
       Cutest Baby Contest                                                        and business description on exhibitor page of our
       Daddy Diaper Derby                                                         website, a go-to resource for parents
       Baby Crawling Contest                                                  •   Free inclusion of Welcome Bag Inserts
       Music Performances by Johnette Downing &                               •   75 Complimentary Tickets to Baby Fest
        Papillion                                                              •   Complete list of all registered attendees following
                                                                                   the expo
   •    Logo on all promotional materials (banners,
        flyers, postcards, admission tickets, etc.)
   •    Logo with link to your website on all pages of our                                 EXHIBITOR $500
        website, including the home page                                                      (Non-profits $400)
   •    Inclusion on all promotions mentioning your                                          DOUBLE BOOTH $900
        sponsored activity or area (i.e. Kalencom Swag
        Bags)                                                                  •   One 10’ x 8’ Booth (piped and draped, one 6’
   •    Business name on signage at sponsored area or                              skirted table, two chairs, ID sign & waste basket)
        at stage or entrance for activity sponsorship (i.e.                    •   Your business name (with link to your website)
        The nola baby & family Kids’ Area)                                         and business description on exhibitor page of our
   •    Sponsor Spotlight on our website, facebook,                                website, a go-to resource for parents
        twitter & eNewsletter (distribution 1,000+)                            •   Exhibitor Spotlight on website, fb & twitter
   •    Free marketing on facebook, twitter & our                              •   Free marketing on facebook, twitter and our
        eNewsletter when you have announcements or                                 eNewsletter when you have sales or special
        sales (through February 2012)                                              announcements (through February 2012 when
   •    Free inclusion of Welcome Bag Inserts                                      renewal packets are distributed)
   •    75 Complimentary Tickets to Baby Fest                                  •   25 complimentary tickets to Baby Fest
   •    Complete list of all registered attendees following                    •   Complete list of all registered attendees following
        the expo                                                                   the expo

                                               WELCOME BAG INSERTS
Get your flyer, coupon or product sample into the hands of the
attendees! Your insert will be included in each Welcome Bag given to          With Sponsorship - FREE
the first 1,000 attendees. Your business will gain exposure at the event      With an Exhibitor Booth - $100
and your message will travel home with each attendee. You will need to
                                                                              Without a Sponsorship or Exhibitor Booth - $300
provide us with 1,000 flyers, coupons or product samples by October 7,
2011 (one week prior to Baby Fest).
                                                    SPONSOR/EXHIBITOR REGISTRATION                                 Registration Type (Check one):
                                                                                                                   □   Exhibitor (Standard 10’ x 8’ Booth) - $500
                                                                 SATURDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2011
                                                                      10 A.M. – 4 P.M.
                                                                                                                   □   Exhibitor (Double Booth – 20’ x 8’) - $900

                                                                    PONTCHARTRAIN CENTER                           □ Baby Fest Sponsor (benefits + Double Booth) -
Company Name __________________________________________________________________________                            □  Specialized Sponsor (benefits + Sponsorship of
                                                                                                                   an Activity or Area) - $2500
Contact Name ___________________________________________________________________________

Street Address ___________________________________________________________________________                         Bag Inserts (optional):
                                                                                                                   □ With Exhibitor Booth - $100 / FREE with Sponsorship
City/State/Zip ___________________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                   □ Without Sponsorship or Exhibitor Booth - $300
Business Phone ______________________________ Cell Phone ___________________________________
                                                                                                                   Additional Services:
Email Address ___________________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                   □   Electrical Outlet - $35         □   Phone Line - $125
Company Website ________________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                   □   Extra 6’ Skirted Table - $20
                                                                                                                       (1 already included with booth, 2 with double booth)
Company Facebook & Twitter (if applicable) ____________________________________________________
                                                                                                                   □   Extra Chair - $5 each – How many? _____
Company Name as you would like it to appear on Exhibit Sign (please print; sign font will be all caps)                 (2 already included with booth, 4 with double booth)

                                                                                                                   TOTAL AMOUNT: ____________________
Exhibit space will be used for the following products and services ___________________________________             (Total is due with Registration Form)

Do you intend to conduct retail sales? __________ (Vendors conducting full sales must collect sales tax and will   Payment Type (Check one):
be given Jefferson Parish Tax Forms.)
                                                                                                                   □   Check (Make payable to New Orleans Baby Fest)
Item for Giveaway & Value (each exhibitor is encouraged to donate one or more door prizes)
                                                                                                                   □   Credit Card (If paying by credit card, we will email
_______________________________________________________________________________________                            you a PayPal invoice with a $10 service charge. Your
                                                                                                                   registration will be complete once payment is made.)
How did you hear about Baby Fest? ___________________________________________________________

I have read and agree to the New Orleans Baby Fest 2011 Rules and Regulations.                                     Booth Space # Requests:

Signed: _____________________________________________ Date: ______________________________                         Choice #1 _______ #2 _______ #3 _______
                                                                                                                   (See Booth Layout on our website for most up-to-date booth
Please return completed registration form along with payment ASAP and NO LATER THAN August 15, 2011* to:           availability. If your top three choices are not available when we
New Orleans Baby Fest ▪ P.O. Box 9351 ▪ Metairie, LA 70055-9351 or scan and email to                               receive your registration, we’ll put you as close to your
nolababyfest@gmail.com and we will send you a PayPal invoice.                                                      requests as possible.)

SPOT EARLY TO GUARANTEE A BOOTH. BOOTH REQUESTS WILL BE HONORED ON A FIRST-COME BASIS.                             For office use: Date Received _____________________

                                                                                                                             Amount Paid_____________________________
For more information, contact Jennifer Walker, nolababyfest@gmail.com or 504.298.8234.
                                                                                                                             Booth # Assigned _________________________

                                                                                                                             Website _______ FB _______ Twitter _________
                                                                                   RULES AND REGULATIONS
                                                                                               BABY FEST 2011

1. Space Rental Agreement - Completed registration form and payment must be received by August 15, 2011. Once accepted by New Orleans Baby Fest
(NOBF or ‘show’) management, this application becomes a contract and can only be cancelled with the consent of both parties. New Orleans Baby Fest may
not be held accountable for refunds, damage to property, or loss of monetary value in the case that show management should be prevented from holding
the show by any cause beyond its control or if it cannot permit the exhibitor to occupy the rented space due to circumstances beyond its control including,
but not limited to strike, fire, civil disobedience, inclement weather, lockouts, or acts of God. Exhibitor hereby waives any and all claims to loss of payment,
injury or damages. Once payment is received, your space will be reserved and no refunds will be given unless show management cancels show.
2. Booth Space Assignment - Booth space in the exhibit hall will be assigned by NOBF management on a “first-come” basis. New Orleans Baby Fest
management cannot be held liable if competitive exhibitors are in proximity to each other. If possible, however, booth assignments will be made with effort
to be fair to all exhibitors.
3. Booth Set-up and Pre-show hours – Set-up will be Friday, October 14, Noon to 5 p.m. and Saturday, October 15, 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. No major changes
to displays during public show hours. If any booth is left unopened during show hours, NOBF staff may open the booth by removing blankets or booth
coverings, but shall not be liable to the exhibitor for the booth being opened and left unattended, or for any loss or damaged caused by these actions.
4. Booth and Exhibit Restrictions - Exhibit displays must be contained within the measured booth dimensions and not obstruct a clear view of neighboring
booths. Displays may not be attached to walls, structural supports or flooring in Expo Hall by glue, hardware or other permanent or semi permanent means.
Show management shall have the right to stop the display, demonstration or the running of any exhibit considered by NOBF management to be a nuisance
due to vibration, noise, smoke, smell, excessive light, excessive sound or others. Any display involving water or dirt must take proper precautions to avoid
leakage or damage to flooring or other areas of exhibition space.
5. Exhibitor Conduct - Good taste and judgment are expected in all displays and literature. Exhibitors are expected to use professional and appropriate sales
tactics. Exhibitors will be allowed to distribute samples, take orders and sell merchandise. In the case of indecent or unacceptable behavior by an exhibitor
or his/her agent, the NOBF management reserves the right, at their sole discretion, to disqualify such exhibitors and remove them from the premises. If
such circumstances occur, NOBF management will not be liable for any damage or loss caused by the expulsion, nor will any fees be refunded.
6. Products - Products and information must be legal, safe and suitable for families. NOBF management reserves the right to disqualify and remove
exhibitors, products or materials showing or distributing products or information at their sole discretion. NOBF management will not be liable for any loss of
profit, loss of sales, or damage caused by such an expulsion.
7. Sale of Merchandise – Merchandise sales must comply with all local, state, federal laws and regulations. Exhibitors will receive a tax form from the
Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s office at the show. Every exhibitor needs to send back a completed form. If you do not make sales, print “display only” or “no
sales” on the form.
8. Booth Operation - All displays and exhibits must be attended by at least one representative of exhibitor throughout show hours (Saturday, October 15,
2011, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.). Exhibitors are responsible for manning and opening the booth on time, and for keeping exhibition area clean and orderly
throughout the show.
9. Public Areas - All corridors, aisles, restrooms, food and beverage concessions and special assembly rooms will be considered as public areas to be for
public use. Exhibitors will not be allowed to use these areas for display or distribution of products, services or literature.
10. Dismantling and Removal - Exhibits shall remain fully intact until 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 15, 2011. Exhibitors will have until 6:00 p.m., Saturday,
October 15, 2010 to remove all displays and exhibit materials. Any remaining materials after 6:00 p.m. will be removed at the exhibitor’s expense.
11. No Guarantee of Attendance - Show management does not guarantee specific volumes or levels of attendance at the Event.
12. Advertising - Contract allows NOBF management to use the names and/or logo of all exhibitors in any and all show advertising.
13. Use of Exhibit - The Show Management may, at its discretion at any time, use photographs, videos, logos and testimonials of any exhibitor for its own
publicity use.
14. Public Safety - Exhibitors will comply with all local, city and state laws, ordinances and regulations and the regulations of the Pontchartrain Center,
including those covering fire, safety, health and all other matters.
15. Insurance & NOBF Management Liability - Under any circumstances, NOBF management shall not be responsible or liable for (a) any loss, damage,
theft, or destruction whatsoever or howsoever caused to any goods equipment or any other property belonging to the exhibitor or for which the exhibitor is
responsible (b) any damage or injury suffered by the exhibitor or his agents, or by any other person (c) any loss, damage expense or cost whatsoever
suffered by the exhibitor as the result of change of date, time or place of the exhibition or the abandonment thereof. Liability will lie with the exhibitor for
all loss, damage, injury, claim costs and expenses whatsoever or howsoever caused to any person or property in any circumstances whatsoever by the
exhibitor or his agents or the goods, exhibits, fittings, machinery and other property belonging to the exhibitor or for which the exhibitor is responsible and
the exhibitor hereby agrees to indemnify the show management in respect of any such loss, damage, injury, claims costs, and expenses as aforesaid and all
or any infringements of copyright or breach of license or any other person whatsoever. Since the exhibitor exhibits entirely at his own risk in every respect
he is strongly advised to fully provide himself with comprehensive insurance coverage against the risk of loss or damage, however caused to his property or
person or employees, agents or their property. If show management should be prevented from holding the show by any cause beyond its control or if it
cannot permit the exhibitor to occupy the rented space due to circumstances beyond its control including, but not limited to strike, fire, civil disobedience,
inclement weather, lockouts, or acts of God. Suppliers and show management shall have no further obligation or liability to the exhibitor. Any contractual
agreements made between an exhibitor and any supplier shall be between those parties and the show management shall not be a party thereto nor incur
liability on behalf of any exhibitor in such contractual arrangements.
16. Miscellaneous - NOBF management will have full discretion in interpreting and enforcing all rules contained herein and the authority to amend or make
additions to these rules as it sees necessary for proper show presentation. NOBF management will also make decisions in issues not addressed in these
rules and regulations. Exhibitor agrees to abide by all rules, regulations and decisions of NOBF management and also agrees to discontinue activities,
remove displays or remove people, materials or products that NOBF management deems a violation of expected conduct as laid out in this document and
to follow management directives.
                               34,000 SQ. FT. OF FLOOR SPACE

**For the most up-to-date booth availability, check out the ‘Booth Layout’ at

•   New Orleans Baby Fest was founded in 2010 and is produced by locally owned, SJ
    Walker Enterprises, LLC. Ochsner Health System, which includes eight hospitals
    and 35 health centers, is the Presenting Sponsor.

•   Jennifer Walker, co-founder of New Orleans Baby Fest, was selected to Gambit’s
    '40 Under 40', the 13th annual list of young adults making a contribution to the
    city of New Orleans.
                                                                        Revised 4/17/11

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