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Part 1:
1. Colleges attended:
           Iowa State University, Ames Iowa: attended August 2003 to May 2005.
               Anticipated Graduation: N/A transferred.
           DMACC, Des Moines Area Community College, Ankeny, Iowa: Summer
               2005. Anticipated Graduation: N/A, only took summer courses.
           The University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA: attended August 2005 to May
               2007. Anticipated Graduation: May 2007

2. Five Relevant Courses taken in relevance to my major:
           Sociological Theory
           Research Methods
           Sociology of Criminal Punishment
           Criminal Legal Systems
           Internship to Criminal Justice
           Youth and Crime

3. Jobs held and responsibilities:
 HyVee: Customer Service Rep, Coralville, IA                      Aug. 2005 to Present
(transfer during undergrad)
            o Responsible for handling high cash amounts for store operation and
                customer relations
            o Prioritized numerous jobs simultaneously at the customer service desk
                based multiple customer needs
            o Answer multiple questions per day to keep customer satisfaction
            o Work as a team while running the customer service desk with others
HyVee: Various positions held, Des Moines, IA                July 1999 to Present
            o Prioritized specific jobs to assist customers with their photos on a timely
           o Designed aisle coordination based on new merchandise
           o Assessed the department alone during second shift
           o Trained new employees in departments of strength

4. Activities and organizations I was involved in:
I was involved in the Criminal Justice Club at Iowa State University. Here I had to
volunteer at various places, like the Ronald McDonald House. Also, I had weekly
meetings about job opportunities and ways to make campus a safer place. This year I am
getting involved with PIRG, the student volunteer organization that focuses on making
the environment safer.

5. Three references:
Kim Reed, Category Manager, HyVee Food Stores, West Des Moines, IA. (515) 267-
2892. Manager for six of my seven years of employment with HyVee.
Kristi Castle, Assistant Manager of General Merchandise, HyVee Food Stores, Des
Moines, IA. (515)285-7266. Current assistant manager (seasonal job)

Jodi Oliver, Manager of Customer Service, Coralville, IA. (319) 351-5523. Current
manager (transfer location during undergrad)

7. Volunteer Experience
Volunteers of America (Louisiana), volunteer                     March 2007
Highland Center (Louisiana), volunteer                           March 2007
Habitat for Humanity (Louisiana), volunteer                      March 2007
PIRG, U of Iowa organization, volunteer                             April 2007
Hope House/Sixth Judicial Court, volunteer                       Sept. 2006-Nov. 2006
Criminal Justice Club, ISU                                    Aug. 2004-May 2005

                                          PART 2

1.     College brought forth a different type of determination and ambition that high

school required. The different study requirements were difficult for me to grasp and my

grade point has never been to the standard I hoped for, however I have never lost my hard

working ambition. My grade point intimidates me when I think about looking into the

future, however I know that earning my degree will help surpass that fear. Therefore, the

major gap in my resume would be lack volunteer and leadership experience. I interned at

the Hope House this summer and volunteered the following semester, however I have not
volunteered much since high school. Also, I have not developed credible leadership

skills if my desire to be in management and project coordination.

       I believe that this semester would be a great time to develop my resume in this

department. I would like to obtain some volunteer experience and also test my leadership

and organizational skills. Without these skills and experience on my resume I am afraid

that I would not be as competitive as other applicants. I want to prove that I can enact the

qualifications the academic degree taught in the classroom; it will show that I can take

my knowledge to the next level.

2.     In order to close this gap on my resume, I believe that I need to give back to

       society and increase my volunteer background. Therefore, I have been looking

       into various organizations to volunteer for. Thus far I have been interested in the

       United Action for Youth because I have always desired to work with troubled

       youth. This would also bring in the skills and knowledge I developed from the

       Hope House while working with criminally inclined male adults. With this I can

       see if working with youth is a true passion and realistic future for me.

       Secondly, I would like to enhance my leadership and organizational skills.

Therefore, I am hoping to organize a group of colleagues to volunteer throughout Spring

break. Recently, I was informed by that the university sponsors a group of students to go

down to Louisiana to help with the Hurricane Katrina disaster. Wayne Johnson informed

us about the organization “Hands On” and all the help they have given to the survivors. I

was thoroughly interested until he said that need for volunteers for Spring break was over

capacitated. Therefore, students can not volunteer through that organization over Spring
Break. In turn, I decided to research other organizations that sponsor and need

volunteers. Through my research I found “Operation Blessing” which allows people to

create teams with a team leader to go to New Orleans. Here we would help with the

manual labor in order to restore ruined houses, businesses, churches, and so on. I have

decided that I would like create my own team and be the team leader. Here I would

organize the trip and follow up on the qualifications. Though this would take time and

devotion, I think it would be rewarding through many aspects.

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