Very Important Info Please Read by GoPkbJ


									                       Very Important Info Please Read!

      Every den needs to have a parent volunteer plan and provide a short game to play.
       (Fun for scouts/siblings during transition time while families are arriving).
       Guidelines: Keep simple indoor games with limited space in mind. Example of
       this might be: "cotton ball" toss, twister, or a t.v. tray with a quick concentration
       "match" game. Optimally, each game should only be 2-3 minutes to give time for
       kids to rotate through games and repeat if desired.

Please send the name/description of your "game plan" to our Game Coordinator, Steve
Walker, ASAP if you have not already done so-he can make sure we do not have

      Every den needs to "prepare a poster" for the themed poster competition. The
       pack will provide poster putty for you to hang your submissions. Judging: Based
       on Design with relevance to thee theme: Western

      Every den needs to make a "centerpiece" for the tabletop centerpiece contest.
       Guidelines: Must use the Cowboy hat provided @ November Pack Meeting. (You
       may create your design using the hat inverted or upright). Judging: based on
       creativity with relevance to the theme: Western

      Each den must provide a minimum of (2) desserts. (We are a sweet crowd and
       desserts are very popular!) Please plan to enter at least one of your desserts into
       the "Dessert Competition". ALL DESSERTS must be individually portioned!
       Example: Cookies, cupcakes, brownies, candies, etc. Competition desserts must
       arrive by 11:00am to be judged. Judging is based on relevance to the theme, not
       taste. However, persons submitting desserts not tasting good are subject to hog-

      Set up: 9-11am, Clean-up: 3:30-4:30pm. All dens must be responsible for having
       at least one set-up and one clean-up volunteer. Many hands make light work !!!

Cont below…
     EVERY SCOUT FAMILY is responsible for contributing an item to be used for
      our Raffle, Door Prizes, Competition Prizes, etc. If you are a business owner,
      please consider donating your a product or service from your company. Be sure to
      ask those for donations whom you patronize in the community. (A donation letter
      which can be used as a tax deductible receipt is attached and available on the
      pack website: Donations will be highlighted in our Banquet
      Program, for advertising and patronage, if requested. No donation too big or too
      small. Some examples of donations in the past are: Computers, Computer Repair,
      Weekend Getaway, Bicycles, Tents & Camping Gear, Gift Certificates/Gift cards
      of any kind. We use different values of donations for different prizes/awards.
      Smaller donations may be combined. Please do not discount any donation. We
      depend on them for the fun and success of our event. If you do not have a product
      or service, consider making a certificate on your computer and donating your time
      and talents: Babysitting, Photography, Sewing, Cake Decorating, 2 hours of math
      tutoring, etc. All donations are due by Jan. 31st pack meeting. Please list the
      approx retail value on your donation and who it was contributed by. Please turn in
      all donations to Anne Wender, which can be coordinated to
      take directly to her garage if more convenient, (especially if it's a donated Porche
      from your boss' dealership).

     All dens must prepare short entertainment in the form of a skit, song, instrument,
      joke routine, etc. Den leaders/adults encouraged to participate. Please try to use
      guidelines of 3-5 minutes.

     Banquet tickets advance purchase only. Available January 31st Pack Meeting,
      (see ticket table in back of cafeteria). Please see attachment for menu and pricing.
      All tickets will be held “on site” for pick up at the Blue and Gold Banquet Event.

Boy Scouts from Troop 2 will be volunteering their services toward the
                success of our special annual event.

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