Mosses/Ferns Station by GoPkbJ


									                               MOSSES and FERNS
                                STATIONS 3 and 4
   This is your worksheet for BOTH stations 3 and 4.
   Fill in the chart below using the Moss PowerPoint (station 3) and the Fern
    PowerPoint (station 4). Please also find an accompanying Biocam Poster for both the
    moss and the fern at each station to supplement the respective powerpoints.
   Complete the questions on the other side of this page when you are finished filling in
    the chart.

      Moss & Fern                       Mosses                          Ferns
1. Produces eggs

2. Produces sperm

3. Sporophyte
   independent (Yes or
4. Structure producing

5. Spores germinate into:

6. Inconspicuous (hardly
   noticeable) Generation
7. Conspicuous

8. Medium for

9. Agent for spore

10. First cell of sporophyte

11. First cell of

12. General habitat
Questions for further study:

1.   Are spores haploid or diploid?
2.   Spores are produced by what process? How are they spread?
3.   What visible part of the fern grows from the rhizome?
4.   What are fiddleheads?
5.   Using your textbook (pg. 393), label the stages and structures of the fern life cycle
     identified on the diagram below.

1. Why is the antheridial head shaped like a cup?
2. Why must moss sperm have flagella?
3. Why is the sporophyte generation elevated above the gametophyte generation?
4. Why don’t mosses grow taller?
5. What process ends the gametophyte generation? The sporophyte generation?
6. Is the mature moss plant haploid or diploid?
7. Using your textbook (pg. 392), label the stages & structures of the fern life cycle
   identified on the diagram below.

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