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					                           FAIR SHARE CONTRACT

The Pembroke Pines Charter Middle School Band – West is one of the most
outstanding band programs in Broward County. Our participation in Solo and
Ensemble is always one of the highest in the county – and our superior/excellent
ratings, as well. Our concert bands always receive superior/excellent ratings and
are recognized by the adjudicators as being one of the best bands at the
assessment. The FAIR SHARE dollars that we ask for from each and every family in
our band program contribute to the success of our band.

This year’s FAIR SHARE amount is $125 per family. If you have more than one
child in band the fee is still $125 – not doubled! This money is spent for the good
of the entire band program. Last year we spent…
               $12,335 on Semi-Private Instruction
               $3,000 on Entry Fees for Solo and Ensemble and Concert MPA
               $1,500 on Music – S&E and Band
               $1,200 on Supplies
For a total of $18,000 just to keep our program running up to the standard we
have come to expect. This is 177 people paying their fair share – which did not
happen last year! Currently we only have $800 in the bank – the lowest amount
with which we have ever started a school year. Because we ended the year so
low there were many things we could not do over the summer that need to get
done – new timpani and bass drum heads, ultrasonic cleaning for our low brass
and French horns, tuning our piano. Also, it will be difficult to start the year
running with our instructors. I am sure you are aware of the cuts in the arts with
Broward County. It is imperative that, if we want to continue to operate on all
cylinders, we all contribute our FAIR SHARE.

Our fundraiser kicked off yesterday. We make a 40% profit on everything sold.
The cookie dough is amazing and makes great gifts for the holidays, and the
products available through the Manual Woodworker’s Bin are extremely high
quality! A student would need to sell approximately $320 in cookie dough in
order for the fair share of $125 to be earned strictly via fundraising. You can also
sell cookie dough, see what you make, and then pay the balance of the fair share
through donation.
                                 PAYMENT PLANS
   A. Get It Over and Done With !!! – Pay the full amount ($125) in one shot.
      Due by Wednesday, September 1, 2010.

   B. ½ and ½ -                             $62.50        September 1, 2010
                                            $62.50        January 5, 2011

   C. 3 In A Row!                           $41.66        September 1, 2010
                                            $41.67        November 3, 2010
                                            $41.67        January 5, 2011

Again, it is absolutely imperative that each and every family fulfill their Fair Share.
We can do this through fundraising or donation. Either way, a family receives 5
hours of volunteer hours for Fair Share.

I/We agree to PLAN ___ in order to fulfill our fair share for the 2010-2011 school

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