2011 shape idea center membership initiatives by 3YMS37H8


Chapter Name:                             Number:   Chapter State   Region   Territory

Carroll County SHRM                       0745      Maryland        NE       B

New Jersey Staffing Management
Association                               3007      New Jersey      NE       B

West Branch HR Society                    0284      Pennsylvania    NE       B

Bahamas Hotel Association of Human
Resources Professionals                   0643      Bahamas         SE       A

St Lucie County Human Resource Association 0442     Florida         SE       A
Lake Sumter SHRM    0483   Florida   SE   A

West Georgia SHRM   0239   Georgia   SE   A

Allatoona SHRM      0739   Georgia   SE   A

Greater Rome SHRM   0520   Georgia   SE   A
NC Coastal SHRM                           0551   North Carolina   SE   B

Piedmont Area Human Resource Association 0349    South Carolina   SE   B

West Tennesee Society of Human Resource
Manangement                               0713   Tennessee        SE   B

PW SHRM                                   0740   Virginia         SE   B

Charleston SHRM Chapter                   0323   West Virginia    SE   B
Rock River Human Resource Professional
Association                              0493   Illinois   NC   A

Heart of Illinois HR Council             0326   Illinois   NC   A

HRPDA                                    0647   Indiana    NC   A

LASHRM                                   0391   Ohio       NC   A

Springfield SHRMA                        0358   Ohio       NC   A
Winona Area SHRM                        0177   Minnesota      NC    B

Southeast South Dakota SHRM             0595   South Dakota   NC    B

St Croix Valley Employers Association   0717   Wisconsin      NC    B

Northeast Arkansas SHRM                 0262   Arkansas       SWC   A
Northshore Region Human Resource
Association                        0580   Louisiana   SWC   A

Bayou SHRM                         0558   Louisiana   SWC   A

Central Oklahoma HR Association    0722   Oklahoma    SWC   A

South Texas SHRM                   0730   Texas       SWC   A

MCHRA                              0308   Texas       SWC   A
Northern Arizona Human Resource
Association                           0374   Arizona      SWC   B

SHRM of SouthWest Kansas              0749   Kansas       SWC   B

Four Corners HR Association           0523   New Mexico   SWC   B

Frontier Human Resource Association   0295   Wyoming      PW    B
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2.1a. We conducted a Membership initiative. The description follows.

For 2011, the membership set a goal to grow both our total and SHRM membership by more than 10%. I am
pleased to say that we exceeded both goals! For 2011, CC SHRM total membership grew from 70 to 86
members or 23% and SHRM membership grew from 41 to 49 members or 20%. 57% of members are also SHRM
members. These goals were achieved through several on-going initiatives: 1. At Large Mailing- mailing to 545
SHRM members went out early March 2. Phone outreach to the largest CC Employers by Membership
Committee 3. Each board member to recruit at least one new member for 2011 4. Bring a guest for free & earn
a free meeting campaign – members were encouraged to invite a guest at no-charge. Members received a free
meeting for each new member referral. 5. Cross reference between the CC SHRM LinkedIn Group members and
Chapter roster was conducted to identify members of the Linked In group who were not chapter members. This
was followed up with a invitation to join CC SHRM.

We had customized "Meme" trading cards printed up and asked the chapter leaders to distribute them to
colleagues and professional contacts. The cards had information about the chapter, contact information, and a
QR code that took visitors to a site that contained links to all of our Social Media sites.

We held a meeting in 2011 for only our local non-profit organizations to explain to them what we do & who we
are. In addition, we offered them a discounted rate to join our local group ($45) as compared to our
professional membership of $60. We had about 4 non profit organizations join us as a result of the meeting.

In January, 2011 the Chapter launched a bring a friend initiative. Each Chapter meber was requested to bring one
Hr professional to an event where the Bhaamas Hotel Association President, Stuart Bowe gave an overveiw of
BHA inititives in which BHAHRP could assist and drive. This intiative netted an addional five members to the

At the begining of the year we got together as a board and decided to raise membership. We decided to host an
evening networking event open to everyone in our community to raise membership. Worked with our local
chamber and business development board to raise awareness of what we do as a professional association. As
new companies moved to our area Economic Development provides new business and hr professional's with our
contact information and our phone number. Both The St. Lucie Chamber of Commerence and Economic
Development are members of our local chapter. During our February Evening Membership Initiative
Networking Event we covered the following topic:Health Care Reform Simplified for The Human Resources
Professional Presenter:Scott Segal This program provided our members and HR professionals with a resourceful
and simplified guide to learn and understand the legal requirements of health care reform and how those
requirements will change their responsibilities relative to their group health plans.Members were provided with
an update on the law’s requirements based on the regulations and other guidance that’s been issued since
Congress enacted the legislation. We had an excellent turn out and we had several new members joined.
Lake Sumter SHRM held three membership initiatives in 2011. 1) A new membership contest was held to award
the person who had brought in the most new members a fully paid registration to the 2011 HR Florida
Conference & Expo. Three members tied and a drawing was held at the May Lake Sumter SHRM Business
Conference. 2) Lake Sumter SHRM created a data base of local doctors, dentists, lawyers and
engineering/planning offices. This data base will be used to promote Lake Sumter SHRM as an aid to businesses
that do not have HR departments. 3) Lake Sumter SHRM created a “Join SHRM” initiative through promotion and
education. The chapter promoted encouragement to its members to join SHRM and educated on the benefits of
a SHRM membership throughout the year at Membership Meetings with SHRM videos, in flyers sent out
periodically and at the Lake Sumter SHRM 2011 May Business Conference with a SHRM Booth and our District
Director doing a session at the Conference. Lake Sumter SHRM achieved super star status in membership growth
for 20011 and were 6th in Florida for growth.
In 2011 we created a new member mentorship program. For every new member that joined the chapter a
Board member was assigned to that person to personally reach out the new member to discuss SHRM history,
Chapter activities, feedback from meetings, and topic ideas. The purpose of this was two-fold. We wanted the
new members to feel a sense of purpose and belonging to the group, but also to help aide in succession

During 2011, Allatoona SHRM President, President-Elect, Directors and Members, were engaged in aggressive
initiatives to increase chapter membership. In March 2011, Allatoona's membership was approximately 34
members. As a result of the following initiatives, membership grew from 34 to 61 during this time. President
and President-Elect became members of the GA DOL Bartow and Cobb-Cherokee Employer Committees. The
President was asked to facilitate a monthly meeting with the GA DOL Cobb-Cherokee Employer Committee, in
March which resulted in approxaimtely four new members. The chapter Secretary updated the Allatoona
website and social media. As a result of this update, there were approximately five members from that
initiative. Each chapter member was asked to bring someone to a monthly meeting. As a result, the chapter
gained approximately three members. During the end of the 2010 year, various members that year were in
transition. The Board voted to initiate a "Transition Program" to enable them to rejoin the chapter.
Approximately two members took advantage of this new program. As a result of these initiatives, Allatoona
was able to increase membership from 34 to 61 during 2011.

Greater Rome SHRM's membership initiative was to agressively let everyone in Northwest Georgia know who
SHRM was and what we do in the Northwest Georgia area. We used the local media to get the word out about
who we were. Ads were placed on local websites for membership. We had a public affairs program on local
radio station WRGA about our membership and seminar. Ads were placed on 7 radio stations and websites
about membership and seminars. Members visited networking functions in Northwest Georgia passing around
flyers about SHRM and we emailed invitations to at large members. Flyers were sent out in local chamber of
commerce magazines for membership invitations and meetings. We waived the yearly fee for regular visitors
who attended monthly and paid by the month. This made them regular members. Regular press releases were
sent to local newspapers about upcoming meetings and we invited media to attend meetings free of charge.
Our chapter hosted a MAL membership drive in October. We sent over 150 letters to MAL's and had our
October meeting sponsored by Hill, Chesson, and Woody who agreed to pay for any first time guests. We gained
a total of 10 new members from this membership drive that were new to our chapter. We have also been
emphasizing our "Guests Eat Free" Program where if a member brings a first time guess who is in an HR related
role their lunch is on the chapter. This gives our potential members an opportunity to visit our chapter, network,
and attend one of our programs to determine if chapter membership would be beneficial to them. We have had
three potential members reach out to us from over 60 miles away wanting to join once they reviewed our
information. Overall, our 2011 membership has increased 45% this year as we have focused on our membership
initiatives and reaching out to the HR Professionals in our area.

The PAHRA annual membership fee was reduced by 50% for anyone joining the chapter after June 2011 to help
increase membership. The PAHRA President attended monthly Business After Hours Chamber of Commerce
networking events and Women's Leadership Council meetings with other professionals in the community to help
increase attendance and membership in the PAHRA chapter. The PAHRA President attended monthly Chamber
of Commerce HR Roundtable meetings in 2011, and networked with other HR professionals in the area that
were not currently attending chapter meetings. The PAHRA Facebook page was fully utilized this year to further
communication with members and the general public. In addition to posting important meeting, conference and
chapter information, the PAHRA webmaster also posted pictures taken at chapter and other business events
that members participated in throughout the year. Links were included in newsletters and on the website.
People continue to join the page, and we anticipate it will continue to grow and bring more awareness to the HR
community. The SHRM rolling PowerPoint presentation is included during networking time at PAHRA monthly
meetings. The presentation continues to play while attendees eat lunch and network prior to speaker
presentations. The SHRM website link was included in newsletters.
Using the At-Large Membership List from SHRM, and other listings of HR professionals in the area, we created a
prospect list. An introductory letter was mailed to each prospect and board members followed up with each
prospect as well. First-time guests were invited to attend their first meeting at no charge. New members were
presented with an “HR Survival Kit” at chapter meetings. Membership increased by 42.5% for the year.
We had 5 initiatives: 1) All chapter members receive a reduce fee to our meetigns. 2) 3 or more registrations
from one company ge a 20% discount; 3) Any member who renewed from Oct 15 to Nov 30 got a $5.00 Holiday
cash. Be a member get a member and get 50% of your 2012 dues. Any member who renewed for 2012 entered
into a drawing to win a Kindle. 4) Contacted 2010 members to see why they did not joined again 5) Created a
chapter brochure to further advertise the benefits of a SHRM and PW SHRM membership

We served as a Host site for the Giant Impact, Chick-fil-A Leadercast. This full day simulcast providing
business/community leaders with leadership training from nationally recognized speakers in a local location at a
reasonable cost. This provided an excellent opportunity to publicize the SHRM brand and our Chapter in our
community to business leaders. This effort has re-enforced relationships and assisted in increasing our
membership. We are looking for additional positive results in 2012 as we again will be serving as a Host site. In
addition, we promoted SHRM membership by showing "SHRM is the Solution" during a Chapter meeting. We
also, added "why I should join SHRM" information in most monthly Chapter Newsletters. Our monthly
invitation to attend Chapter meetings is now e-mailed to nearly 450 individuals. With 84 Chapter members, we
are averaging a monthly attendance of nearly 40 individuals. We are excited about the number of non-members
who attend and then in subsequent months or the next membership year are deciding to join the Chapter.
To promote chapter membership, the chapter sent out letters to at-large members (after requesting the list
from SHRM), inviting them to be a guest at a meeting, including a membership application form, how to view our
web site, and what we offer to HR and business professionals in the community. In addition, the chapter
included special fliers in two major chamber of commerce newsletters, inviting area business with small or no HR
departments to come to a meeting to see what we are all about and how we can help them with their HR topics.
To promote SHRM Membership, the chapter held a drawing for a free SHRM membership to anyone who
currently was not a SHRM member, and offered to match SHRM's first time discount of $15 (for a total of $30)
off of the annual SHRM membership to another first-time SHRM member.

Our chapter has always tried to add value to membership to retain and increase members. We kicked off
membership by offering a value package which included a free lunch if both membership and luncheon fees
were paid in full. Members were allowed to send a representative to luncheons if they were unable to attend.
Not only was this successful but it assisted in keeping a high attendance at monthly luncheons. A membership
campaign was developed which included many strategies with targetable goals to reach prospective members.
To initiate the campaign, a postcard was created and sent to all national at-large SHRM members within our
district. This marketing piece was then used as an advertisement in a local business magazine. We also sent
council representatives to community events that targeted HR professionals to introduce and increase
awareness of our chapter. Throughout the year, we did several email blasts to reach out to prospective
members. Free meetings were offered to all first-time guests with each initiative. We also identified
associations in which to develop partnerships. By using varying approaches with different mediums, our
strategies proved successful in both retaining and attracting new members which resulted in increased
We conducted a Member get a Member initiative where we gave each referring member a chance at drawing
and then for 3 referral who joined we paid for a registration for our SHRM State Conference. We brought in 8

In June 2011 we developed a Membership Initiative to grow membership within our chapter. We determined
our best chance of meeting this goal was to increase the exposure of our organization and specifically, our
chapter. We wanted to target the small businesses in our county since there are more small businesses than
large employers. We determined that one way to do this would be to partner with our local chamber. We met
with the Chamber President, joined the Chamber, and discussed how we might both benefit from the
relationship. We began submitting SHRM articles (with permission of SHRM) in the monthly Chamber
newsletter, we began advertising our meetings, and we made plans to be the speaker at a monthly Chamber
lunch (to be determined in 2012) where we plan to promote the SHRM website, SHRM resources, and SHRM
member benefits. To date we have gained only a few members, but hope our efforts will continue paying off.
Three membership initiatives were conducted in 2011. The first venue was a HR Wine and Cheese Event held in
April, tailgate with HR was held in October and in November we made a push to gain new members by offering
$50 gift card to the member who brought in the most new members during the month of November and
December. The HR Wine and Cheese was very successful - 30 members attended and yielded five new
members. The tail gate didn't fare so well, ten people attended (all current members) the push for Nov and Dec
Our 2011 Membership Imitative was focused on recruitment. Just some of the items we did to accomplish this
was: • Created a membership booth at our Annual Spring conference on the benefits of becoming a SHRM
member • Redid our local SHRM membership application to be more inviting to the small business owner who
also has HR duties. • We publicized SHRM’s special membership promotion programs for discounted first-time
SHRM membership • We personally invited local winners of the Family and Work Institutes Alfred P Sloan
Award to become SHRM members. • We planned for a booth at the local chamber of commerce network night.
• We sent out over 100 postcards to chamber members who did not have an HR representative as a SHRM
member • We sent our local membership benefits to recruit At-large SHRM members • We created marketing
materials – postcards, note cards, and giveaways – to give to potential members. • We ran a local membership
special that if the prospect came to one of the 3 remaining monthly meetings we waived the fee for the
remainder of 2011.

Our chapter promoted SHRM membership throughout the year in various ways. 1) Jan 2011 several chapter
members provided basic HR training to non-profit organizations in the community. In addition, the benefits of
joining SHRM were shared with attendees. 2) Feb 2011 meeting promotional SHRM materials were made
available for attendees, along with brochure for national conference. 3) Our chapter partnered with the local
area Chamber's business development committee to promote HR training by sending e-vites to all Chamber
members for the spring & fall conference. Chapter meetings were posted to the Chamber's website. 4) Made
available at monthly meetings copies of the HR magazine. 5) Made available at the November meeting two $90
scholarships to non-SHRM chapter members to be applied toward a national SHRM membership. 6) Awarded
scholarships to chapter members to be used toward (a) attending national conference, (b) toward SHRM
education series or e-Learning courses, (c) to attend state SHRM conference. 7) Newsletter included article from
Bridget Benson, President-Elect, who attended the National SHRM Conference in June.

SCVEA’s Membership Initiative ***ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP DRIVE: The deadline for all materials is May 31st
(program schedule, etc.) June 1st mailer/post card goes out to all businesses with a “save the date” for the labor
law clinic. 3)If someone signs up June to July 1st they get their name in a drawing for $ toward a State SHRM
conference. This will be a certificate with instructions. Once they have registered and paid we will reimburse
them. (Must be a national member) 4)June to July 30th enter a drawing for $20 toward an upcoming program.
***FOLLOW-UP: All members (new or renewed) receive a packet in the mail. This is the welcome to SCVEA.
Contents in the folder/packet: a.Welcome letter from the president b.SCVEA contact list (board of directors)
c.Benefits of SCVEA d.HR Library – How to sign up e.Networker (newsletter) f.ProgramSchedule/Description/
Cost g.SPHR/PHR certification information h.National SHRM flyer and bonus if new member i.Any sponsor
information j.Complete a survey (program ideas and committee help)

Held our 2nd annual membership drive on December 8th 2011. We had two team captains recruit current
members to call at-large and local non members to share information and the benefits of becoming a member of
NEASHRM. Had a competition and door prizes to add some fun to the event. Sharing information with the local
members not only showing them the benefit so the local chapter but the National chapter as well. We were able
to contact over 60 new prospects and gain interest with 40 new potential new members. A follow up email with
an attached letter of the benefits of NEASHRM along with a membership application was sent to the 40
interested members.
NRHRA starts its' annual membership drive each October by announcing it at the annual Forum held on October
14, 2011. We also included membership renewal information in the October and December newsletters,
emailed renewal applications to current and previous members, and hosted a "Bring a guest for free" breakfast
to encourage new membership. Board members follow-up by phone with previous members that have not yet
renewed to encourage participation and renewal of membership. Ongoing membership initiatives take place
throughout the year by promoting our organization to different professional groups such as the three local
Chambers of Commerce. Additionally, we had a member of the LASHRM state council visit in January 2011 to
educate local members about the benefits of national SHRM and to encourage participation in both. We also
have two ways our members can win free local and national dues; HR Profesional of the Year, and perfect
attendance at local chapter meetings.

Bayou SHRM increased membership by 15% for 2011. The membership committee worked with the National
SHRM to receive a spreadsheet of all At-Large members in the area. A brochure was mailed to each of these
members letting them know that Bayou SHRM exists, our mission, dates, times, location and topics for our
meetings. Also, when they came to a meeting with the brochure, that meeting was free. We picked up 6 new
members a a result of the brochure. The membership committee has begun and is continuing to work to create
a working Facebook page where members will be able to ask Human Resources related questions and also stay
up-to-date on meetings, and current Human Resources topics. The committee also worked with National SHRM
to "clean-up" our local members list. Some members were not coded correctly in the National SHRM system
and were not being credited to Bayou SHRM. This also resulted in National SHRM viewing the Bayou SHRM
chapter as having an increase in members with a direct monetary increase to our chapter.
Conducted Each One Reach One campaign for monthly meetings and annual Employment Law forum. Achieved
and maintained SuperStar growth throughout year.
During the 2nd quarter of the year we sent letters to the "At Large" Member list informing them of the values of
local membership and we sent thank you letters to our current members for being part of our chapter. We
mailed our chapter brochures as well.

In July 2011, Mid-Cities Human Resources Association conducted a member survey through SurveyMonkey.com
to get feedback on the meeting location, speaker topics and volunteering. We received a response from over
20% of the surveys sent out and used that feedback to change our meeting location, schedule speakers for 2012
and add new volunteers to our board. Our new meeting location is more central and accessible to our
membership. We are also able to offer a better luncheon menu for the same price at the previous meeting
location. With the first two meetings at the new location the attendance increased 15% over the average for
the year. Also, for 2012 we offered an early-bird membership discount to new and renewing applicants. During
the early bird renewal we received 28 applications for new members. With the new meeting location and early-
bird discount, MCHRA finished 2011 with positive growth for the organization.
We increased our membership overall this year by over 20%. This was a significant accomplishment with the loss
of our president during 1st quarter. All of our educational events throughout the year were approved for HRCI
recertification credits and we made sure that at every event we had an educational door prizes as well as fun
items to thank our participants for attending. We held a fabulous 1/2 day seminar with over 75 attendees and it
was completed funded by sponsors and was offered to members at a ridiculously low rate. The increase in
attendance was over 100% over prior years. We advertised our organization and SHRM with the event in over 10
different media areas. This gave us great coverage for our organizations in the community. In addition, we had
an end of year networking event that again had a 100% increase in participation. All of our events, advertising
and hard work to give our members great experiences and education definitely contributed to our 20% growth.
We far surpassed our goal for 2011. Many of our board members have also participated in the membership
conference calls.

2011 SHRM of SouthWest Kansas Membership Initiative The membership goal for 2011 is a 5% increase. The
chapter increased membership by 10.81% as of December 14,2011. As a new chapter, SHRM of SouthWest
Kansas will increase and grow our chapter membership by utilizing various recruitment, marketing strategies,
media releases and annual events. Objective A net gain of 2 members to bring total membership to 40
members. Marketing Sources: • At-Large Members • Businesses • Personal Contacts • Chamber of
Commerce’s • Media • Website • HR conferences attendees Communications Brochure created to
communicate the benefits of being a member. Strategies Developed membership brochure and distributed
aforementioned marketing sources. Monthly meeting press releases sent to media. Contact area businesses/
organizations that have individuals in human resources field etc. Attend Finney County Annual job fair and
handout chapter and SHRM materials to HR representatives Host a membership recruiting event. Due to
budget, the recruiting event did happen. Recruit new members at Annual workshop on August 17, 2011. All
new members or or guests are invited to attend 1st meeting free of charge. Monitoring and Reporting Vice
President of Membership will work conjunction with President and Board of Directors to monitor goals.

Membership was a key focus for the FCHRA board in 2011. We continued to work on our Membership Bold
Moves that were established the year before, Increase Value to our Members, Increase our
Membership/Recruitment and Increase our Membership/Retention. We utilized the Hospitality Director who
would greet members at the door, provide custom name tags and answer newcomers' questions. In August,
2011 we launched our annual Membership Madness campaign by offering current members a ticket for a
drawing to win a $50 gift card for each new member they recruited. As a result, we reached an all-time
membership high of fifty-two (52) members.
During our October meeting, we held a membership drive. During the event, we provided an incentive for our
existing members to bring someone new to our meeting and encourage them to join our group. All existing
members that brought a guest who ultimately joined our chapter for the remainder of 2011 and 2012 were
entered in a drawing for a complimentary SHRM National Conference drawing. FHRA agreed to pay this
Size as of


























Chapter Name:                   Number:   Chapter State   Region   Territory

Mid Hudson Valley SHRM          0317      New York        NE       A

Eastern Shore SHRM              0645      Maryland        NE       B

North Jersey Rockland Chapter   0125      New Jersey      NE       B

Berks County Chapter            179       Pennsylvania    NE       B
Human Resource Association of Centre
County                                 0265   Pennsylvania   NE   B

HR Collier                             0476   Florida        SE   A

The Savannah Area Chapter              0112   Georgia        SE   A

Greater Henry Chapter of SHRM          0622   Georgia        SE   A

NKY SHRM                               0548   Kentucky       SE   B
Winston Salem Society of Human Resource
Management                                0086   North Carolina   SE   B

TriCounty Human Resources Managment
Association                               0097   South Carolina   SE   B

Carolinas Chapter of SHRM                 0178   South Carolina   SE   B

ACHRA                                     0024   Virginia         SE   B
Central Illinois Chapter of the Society of
Human Resources Management                   0223   Illinois   NC   A

Northwest Indiana Society of Human
Resource Management                          0270   Indiana    NC   A

Association for Human Resource
Management                                   0435   Michigan   NC   A
VSHRM                                        0222   Michigan   NC   A

Stark County Human Resource Association      0637   Ohio       NC   A
TRIHRA                                      0490   Iowa        NC   B

HR Professionals of Minnesota               0735   Minnesota   NC   B

Southern Minnesota Area Human Resource
Association                                 0245   Minnesota   NC   B

La Crosse Area Society for Human Resource
Management                                  0288   Wisconsin   NC   B
Springfield Area Human Resources
Association                        0026   Missouri   SWC   A

BVSHRM                             0330   Texas      SWC   A

Southern Nevada Human Resources
Association                        0094   Nevada     PW    A
Big Sky Chapter of SHRM   0104   Montana    PW   B

YVCSHRM                   0315   Montana    PW   B

HRMAMM                    0020   Michigan   NC   A
Web site





















2.1a. We conducted a Membership initiative. The description follows.

Our initiative for 2011 was to put a “personal touch” on promoting SHRM membership. During each chapter
event and meeting we made it our mission to announce the benefits of being a SHRM National member, and to
announce all new membership discounts initiatives provided by SHRM National’s president’s email bundles. Our
board members and Chairs also provided testimonials during our meetings regarding the value and benefit of
being a member of SHRM and a 100% chapter. We shared with prospective members real information about
how being a member of SHRM has impacted our professional and personal life. The ROI of membership and vast
resources available online to SHRM members is a useful selling point to recruit new members. We also
promoted our chapter’s professional stipends, available to our members and prospective members who may be
experiencing financial hardships, which can be used for annual SHRM membership fees, and attendance at SHRM
events. New members were personally welcomed by the Chapter President and invited to volunteer for
upcoming events. Making ourselves available before, during, and after meetings afforded opportunities to ask
and learn about how SHRM membership is a valuable asset for HR professionals.

*Increased our advertising efforts by promoting the chapter on several radio stations in the area. *Increase
presence in the community by submitting several articles on topic of Human Resource in the local newspapers
and magazines. *Attended several Chamber of Commerce events to prompte the chapter. *Raffled off several
memberships not only to the local chapter but also National Memberships with proceeds going to the SHRM
Foundation. *Obtained the At-Large list and sent At Large member letters introducing the chapter and the
benefits of being a chapter member and inviting them to attend a chapter meeting at no cost. *Attended
membership conference calls and exhcanged ideas on increasing chapter membership with other SHRM
On Friday, June 10, 2011, we held an informal breakfast meet and greet at a new hotel/conference center in
Rockland County, N.Y. It was funded by the hotel(95%) and our chapter(5%). Our purpose was to increase
membership from that area. One-hundred and eight(108) invitations were mailed to at-large SHRM members,
who live and work there. Welcome gifts and a tour of the facility were provided. The H.R. professionals who
attended, met with various Board members (President; V.P.Membership; V.P. Administration; Director,
Workforce Readiness)as well as other Chapter members, and discussed the benefits of Chapter membership.
This initiative resulted in two new members joining our Chapter. A twenty percent success rate.

The membership initiative for our chapter included ongoing membership growth activities as well as a defined
two-pronged initiative for 2011. Ongoing membership activities included our president, Robert Orzechowski,
MBA, SPHR, as the producer and host of a bi-monthly television show on our local cable channel, which
promoted the benefits of membership at SHRM as well as provided a number of guests and topics concerning
the human resource profession. Another area included as ongoing, was our co-sponsorship of the full-day
human resource Summit program, which was conducted in conjunction with the local Chamber of Commerce
and included multiple speakers on a variety of human resource issues. Concerning the specific primary
membership initiative, the chapter conducted a targeted mailing program to gain chapter membership for a
large number of area National SHRM members who are not part of our Chapter. This outreach provided the
ability to attend a monthly educational meeting sponsored by our chapter, free of charge, and included a
substantial advertisement campaign in the local newspaper and business journals concerning the chapter,
meetings/topics, as well as membership. We are continuing to see the results of this initiative as we have had a
lot of activity and interest level in joining.
Membership Campaign: The chapter promoted membership growth through advertising of the the annual law
conference event, which occurred on October 28, 2011. The non-member cost of the event was set higher than
the combined cost of annual membership and the member cost of event. The event was advertised through
several public venues. Five members were secured using this tactic. We also went to a paperless application for
chapter membership and received several applications online. The link to the SHRM membership application is
on the chapter website. To assist in retaining new members, we have begun this year to recognize new
members with certificates, signed by the chapter president. Those who are present at chapter meetings are
recognized during announcements and awarded the certificate in person.

HR Collier requested a list of SHRM at large members in our area. We then created an invitation and cover letter
explaining the benefits of membership in HR Collier, had the submission approved by SHRM, and sent it to the
local at large members. In the mailing, HR Collier invited at-large members to attend our regular November
meeting, at which our diversity committee offered two excellent speakers on issues of diversity including
generational diversity and language issues. Out of the approximately 100 invitations sent by HR Collier, we
received 12 responses, and we have welcomed 5 new SHRM Chapter members as a result of the membership
initiative. I believe that the Board members deserve extra credit for achieving the Membership Superstar
status in 2011, because we were able to achieve this even though we did not have anyone in the office of VP of
Membership. In order to make up for the vacant office, all of the Board members chipped in to cover the VP of
Membership duties. The Board's teamwork is what resulted in our Chapter achieving AND exceeding its goals in
this area.

The goal was to increase our membership to 200 members over the next three years. We ran a 6 month Chapter
wide membership drive and offered paid National SHRM dues for those Chapter members referring 5 qualified
new members and a 3 month member networking campaign to include participation in 3 local Chambers of
Commerce and 3 Tourism and Leadership Council Community events . This increased our membership by 40 new
members in the first year.

Our Chapter planned and conducted two membership drives targeting companies with HR staff that were not
chapter members. We met our goal of increasing from 75 to 100 members. The Chapter offered a Certification
Preparation Course with member discount which added 8 members. We were able to increased National
Membership from 30 to 35, achieving Super Star status.

To attract the senior level management, be a strategic partner and to showcase the advantages of NKY SHRM
membership to the decisison makers NKY SHRM held an evening membership event where the targeted
audience and invitation list was C suite level executives of local business and members. A special designed
invitation was sent out to C level executives of local business and C level executives of our current members.
Members were also encouraged to attend and invite a non-member guest. This was a free event for all who
attended. Speakers at the event included Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Eric Haas provided a
“State of the Union” for Northern Kentucky and Amanda Dixon provided information on Workforce
Development numbers and resources for employers in Northern Kentucky. Advantages of membership were
also discussed and information and incentives were provided to all who attended.
WS-SHRM led several 2011 initiatives to increase membership. 1) "Member to Member Campaign" where
members invited other HR professionals, Member At Large (MALs), and expired members to join chapter.
Reward: 3 new members>free summer seminar admission 2) WSSHRM Board members divided an updated list
of MALs and expired local members to contact, educate about benefits of SHRM memberships, invite them to
attend chapter events & join. 3)Developed Ambassador Program -each Board member invited "identified"
prospective members to WSSHRM events/meetings-Member sat with prospects at meetings & followed up
throughout year. 3)Invited MALs, prospects, and expired members to a Mix and Mingle to educate on benefits
and encourage them to join WSSHRM. 4) Night Out at the Winston-Salem Baseball Park --chapter members
invited a guest to this social event to tell them about the benefits and encourage them to join and become
actively involved. 5)For member retention, conducted a member survey to identify what our current members
want from a professional HR organization & implemented ideas. 6) Conducted new member orientations
quarterly to explain the benefits and resources of membership, community outreach, etc. 7) Provided 25.25
HRCI credits in chapter programming. *Increased WSSHRM membership: 134 in 12/2010 to 147 members in
Our chapter was determined to increase memberships and SHRM memberships this year. We sent out postcard
invitations/gift certificates to At large members inviting them to regular meeting free of charge. We held a
special free meeting in July in another part of our Tri-County area to attract others. We started using social
networking: e-vites for meeting invitations and Constant Contact for membership registrations. Overall, we
increased our general membership by more than 50% and our SHRM in-Chapter membership by 80%!
CCSHRM partnered with the Charlotte and Union County SHRM chapters to hold a Members at Large Meeting.
Collectively, we all mailed postcards to our respective areas as well as emailed MAL inviting them to a luncheon
at The Employers Association. Each Chapter President was in attendance and spoke about our chapter, dates of
meetings, location, and HRCI credits obtained as well as venues. There was no cost to MAL to attend. We
provided several speakers on related topics such as Healthcare costs, legal HR issues and FSLA benefits. This was
a huge, collaborative success with approximately 90 MAL in attendance.

ACHRA’s membership committee streamlined and enhanced the membership application approval process and
worked with the Programs Committee to facilitate networking following member survey input. The membership
committee developed guidelines to speed the approval of applications, responding to all new applications within
5 days and immediately contacting applicants to obtain missing information. A tracking system was
implemented to manage all responses to and from members during this process and a revised welcome letter
was sent to all new members. As a result, 49 new members were welcomed to the chapter in 2011. A new and
enhanced online application process was established and tested that will allow members to establish profiles,
pay for events online, track their attendance, and much more. ACHRA is rolling out the new application system
for its 2012 renewal process. In an effort to retain members and to identify reasons for non-renewal the Board
of Directors were charged with personally calling 66 non-renewing members to obtain feedback and offer the
opportunity to renew. Furthermore, all monthly membership meetings incorporated a brief networking activity.
Via session evaluations roughly 1/3 of those participating in the network activity said that they made a beneficial
We hosted a Member Recognition Event to highlight members that contribute to the HR field. This year's event
was held on 8/4/2011. During this event the chapter presented awards for the HR Professional of the Year
(presented to a member, nominated by their fellow HR colleagues, that has demonstrated involvement and
commitment to the HR profession); HR Champion of the Year (presented to a C-suite level executive who
recognizes HR as an essential strategic business partner); and the Lifetime Achievement Award (goes to a
previous CIC-SHRM board member that has made a significant contribution to the HR field and the chapter
through the embodiment of an HR professional and expert knowledge base). SHRM Membership Campaign:
We held a new member orientation on 10/2/2011 that promoted the value of SHRM membership including the
website, white papers, HRCI, SHRM Foundation, resources, toolkits, job board and more. We also held a
membership drive during September and early October whereby any new member that joined the chapter and
paid for 2012 dues in full then received the rest of 2011 events for free. Our Board members also contacted
members of our chapter LinkedIn group that were not currently CIC-SHRM members to promote chapter

Initiatives conducted in order to boost membership. Two membership drives were held. New members received
NWISHRM embossed USB memory sticks. We promoted free guests to monthly programs in order to expose
them to the benefits of becoming member. To make membership renewal as convenient as possible, we
created a renewal function on our website. In addition, we have implemented an electronic email renewal
reminder to send at 60 day to expiration date, 30 day to expiration date, and actual expiration date. We
continue to market the value of SHRM National through on-going efforts. During year, we announced the
national conference at our meetings, included a like to the SHRM annual conference on our website, shared the
discounted first-time SHRM membeship fee for chapter members, and we showed the "looped" power point
presentation at the beginning of one of our chapter meetings.
We held a membership referral program at the end of 2011. This included offering gift cards to any current
member who referred a new member between 11/1/11 and 12/15/11. A second membership intiative is that
the President of our chapter has personally handwritten notes to our new members to welcome them, and
encourage them to spread the word about the benefits of being a member of our chapter.
We subsidized membership and meeting fees for any former members who were laid off.

To encourage new/existing member satisfaction, increase membership and contribute to a higher retention rate
for SCHRA, we added a membership initiative that encompassed new membership activities/processes. Creating
a Member Ambassador Committee was a vital step to accomplishing our membership goals. Membership
Ambassadors are active/experienced SCHRA members who begin their relationships with new members by
escorting them at Chapter meetings, introducing them to other members, orienting them to SCHRA programs
and benefits and paving the way for new members to become engaged. As invaluable liaisons between new
members and SCHRA, their mission is to encourage involvement throughout the new member’s onboarding
period to assure they receive value from their membership. Periodic New Member Orientations are held
allowing new members to introduce themselves and receive brief introductions from all board members
regarding their position and volunteer leadership responsibilities. These orientations plant the seed for future
volunteer leadership roles and make new members aware of the benefits of SCHRA and SHRM memberships
while allow new members to put a face with a name, make decisions on committee involvement, Enhanced
communications, meeting invitations, online meeting registration/payment and online application and dues
payment processes we put in place through the implementation of Constant Contact.
The membership committee this past year conducted an essay contest. The applicant who participated wrote an
essay "Why SHRM membership is important to me." The winner received a paid SHRM membership and the
runner up received 1/2 the cost (reimbursement) for their SHRM membership. Additionally, the membership
committee asked members to bring guest to the monthly meeting. Any guest that became a chapter member
received a voucher for one free monthly meeting. As a result we received 23 new members.

Our goal was to increase membership by three percent. We conducted a mailing to all At-large SHRM members
highlighting the benefits of joining our chapter and inviting them to chapter events. On a monthly basis we hold
a free morning networking meeting for members/nonmembers. There is a short presentation followed by the
exchange of business cards and open networking. Semi-annually we hold evening networking events with a
formal presentation followed by networking activities to make sure all in attendance leave with new contacts
who are members of our chapter. Depending on the number of new members, we hold a morning coffee
meeting every few months, inviting all new members to come and meet Board members and get information on
volunteering and becoming involved in our chapter. Any new member may ask for a "buddy". A buddy is a Board
member who volunteers to meet the new member at the next few HRP-MN events they attend to help them
become acquainted with our organization and introduce them to other members. We survey our members on an
annual basis, electronically, to capture ideas and concerns of our members. This information is helpful in
planning our monthly meeting topics and semi-annual conference topics.

Our Membership Initiative was covered both Recruitment & Retention. For Recruitment we worked to grow our
total membership by more than 3%, we established a membership database for tracking our members, and we
sent an invite to join postcard to our area SHRM At-Large members. For Retention, we made personal
connections with our new members through phone calls, a welcome e-mail and introduction at our chapter
meetings. We also surveyed our new members at 120 days to learn about their initial satisfaction level with
their investment in our chapter membership. The results were very positive. We also streamlined our
membership application and renewal process, resulting in a paperless process and easier payment options.
Finally, during the first half of the year, we tracked our members participation in our meetings and
program/networking events. Then we sent a "we miss you" postcard to all the members who hadn't attended
any of our events. This helped reengage members in the second half of the year.

Goal#1: Increase SHRM membership by 9.9%. As of Oct 2011, increase was 11.2%. Since then, we added 20
more SHRM members. Final growth not received from SHRM as of 1/6/12. At the April LaCrosse Legislative
Conference we had a membership booth to educate members on benefits & held a drawing to encourage folks
to learn about membership benefits and join. At-large member drive completed November 2011. A letter was
sent to local at-large members not assigned to a chapter inviting them to join and enter in an incentive drawing.
One new member won a $75 VISA gift card from those who joined during the initiative. Six new members joined!
Goal #2: Create a new member engagement strategy via analysis and revising member orientation. Member
feedback was reviewed and members new within the past year were contacted to determine what went well,
could improve, and would have been helpful as a new member. We then added information table at events, e-
mailing information packet to new members, and assigning a mentor who contacts the new member 1-month
after joining. Goal #3: Create an engagement strategy for members. Members attending monthly program are
eligible for a "chance" in the State Conference registration drawing.
To promote membership, we sponsored a booth at the local Business Expo to introduce our chapter to
attendees and and to show how membership can be helpful to their business. We asked the attendees three
hot topic HR questions to test their HR knowledge and if they didn't know the answers to the questions, we told
them they needed to join us! We also had a drawing so we could get the attendee's contact information for
follow-up membership calls. We created a new brochure with the Communications Committee that was mailed
out to local businesses who were not represented in our chapter. We conducted a phone campaign to our
members who didn't renew to try and get them to re-join. We also allowed board members to invite qualified
prospective members to attend one monthly meeting for free to expose them to the group and the benefits of
being a member. We increased Chapter membership by 10% this year.

Our official “drive” took place in April during our local Chamber of Commerce sponsored Job Fair. At this job fair,
we visited with other HR professionals; informing them of the benefits of membership, handing out membership
packets and creating connections within our community. In addition, we worked to create a formal Creating
Connections: Membership Campaign; to include, Instructions for Participation, an Email Template to Recruit,
Email Announcement, Phone Script, Membership Benefit/Membership Form, Packet (Magnetic Name Badge,
Framed Membership Certificate, SHRM Membership Information), Online Renewal Form. Updates in Personal
Information Form, Email Templates, Reminder to Renew, a Follow-Up Postcard. We created a Best Practices
component for leaders for promoting membership involvement and retention; to include, host an Orientation
Meeting for potential members, offer a New Member Orientation, increase personal contact with members,
include student members, encourage members to take part in setting the future direction of the chapter, ensure
representation at the Council level, facilitate connecting those that are relocating to other chapters in their area,
create opportunities for networking Bomber’s Baseball Game and a Luncehon Mixer to increase visibility of the
chapter, celebrated our members, and we established a Member Relations Engagement position to assist in
communication and retention efforts.

SNHRA has experienced a severe decline in membership since 2009, primarily due to the extreme downturn of
the economy in Las Vegas. The economic impact has been so devastating, that after years of being a “fastest
growing city” in the USA, Las Vegas has actually experienced a population decline.
(http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2010/nov/13/population-decline-will-it-reverse-eyes-future-des/) SNHRA
decided that a real “personal” membership campaign was in order. The membership committee put together a
good, old-fashioned calling campaign to speak to expiring members personally and ask them for their renewal.
We learned a lot by making the calls. We learned that a lot of members could no longer afford their
membership, primarily because their employers would no longer pay for it. We also found that many of the
expired members were no longer living in Las Vegas or were no longer employed in human resources. We took
action on one suggestion that we heard from several members and after several years of sending renewals only
by e-mail, we started mailing renewal notices in 2011. We are still examining if mailing the notices is having a
positive effect on membership and will do an analysis mid-2012 after one year of the mailings.
Recent statistics indicate over 4,100 establishments and 32,000 individuals make up the Missoula Employment
and Business Community. Our chapter has had an initiative to expand community engagement, embrace those
not in formal HR roles and better satisfy the needs of existing members. This initiative was met in 2011 by:
active involvement in the Chamber of Commerce and Missoula Downtown Association, community-wide
promotion of Chapter educational programs, celebration of member success including PHR/SPHR certification,
including more strategic HRCI credits, repeating invite a new member to lunch program, and expanding our
“member only” website to provide more functionality. Another member initiative in 2011 was to create “The
Big Sky Chapter of SHRM, Circle of Excellence”. This program is designed to celebrate and recognize long-
standing member’s tireless efforts and contributions to our profession, our chapter and our community.
Honorees are selected by the Board and must embody characteristics that support our local, state and national
mission. Designed as an annual event, we honored Mary E. Oestrich, MPA, SPHR and Roberta J. Smith, SPHR.

We attended the annual Chamber of Commerce Business Showcase expo to advertise the benefits of
membership with YVCSHRM. Attendees were given the opportunity to win one of two free annual YVCSHRM
memberships. The Chapter provided a half price membership discount during the summer session for all new
applicants. The Chapter is entering all renewing members the opportunity to win an IPad2 if they renew their
membership before the end of our program year. Winner to be announced during the February 2012 program.

Much of what the Membership committee wanted to achieve in 2011 was dependent upon the development
and implementation of our new website. The committee spend their efforts in 2011 developing the framework
of two new programs that rolled out with the new website in January 2012. Corporate Membership -
HRMAMM now offers 3 levels of corporate membership with a "buy 5, get one free" and "buy 10, get 2 free"
deals. We believe that this will entice some of the larger employers in the area to more actively participate in
the benefits of HRMAMM membership. New Member Orientation Program - prior to the new website, all
records were kept by hand, which were easy to lose track of. The Membership committee developed a New
Member Orientation program that will help new members experience the benefits of HRMAMM and SHRM
membership. There is a "buddy program," social network groups and formal orientation/mixer with the board.
The mixer will take place once per quarter about 45 minutes before our regular member meeting.
Size as of





















Chapter Name:                              Number:   Chapter State   Region   Territory

Human Resources Association of Central
Connecticut                                0332      Connecticut     NE       A

HRASM                                      0220      Maine           NE       A

TriState Human Resource Management
Associations                               0413      New Jersey      NE       B

Greater Miami Society for Human Resource
Management                                 0038      Florida         SE       A
Greenville SHRM          0049   South Carolina   SE   B

SHRM Chattanooga         0387   Tennessee        SE   B

SMA of Greater Chicago   3002   Illinois         NC   A

Kalamazoo HR Mgmt Assn   0116   Michigan         NC   A
Green Bay Area Chapter SHRM      0504   Wisconsin      NC    B

HRMA of Greater St Louis         0013   Missouri       SWC   A

Salt Lake SHRM                   0059   Utah           SWC   B

HR Professionals of Central PA   0644   Pennsylvania   NE    B
Web site










2.1a. We conducted a Membership initiative. The description follows.

The HRACC Membership Committee continues to drive and retain members by developing new initiatives. In
order to engage our new members and current members who have not attended a meeting in a while, we
developed a plan to touch base with each person after they have attended their first meeting, with a goal to
receive feedback and encourage them to get involved to their fullest expectation. Already in place is a
greeting/introduction call to warmly greet each person prior to their first meeting along with a new member
table designated at the meeting; this new initiative was to build on that. We developed four targeted questions
and have the table host follow up with each individual. The questions are: 1) Was the topic relevant/helpful? 2)
How was your first experience at our meeting? Tell me what you liked/didn’t like? 3) Did you like having a
designated table for new members? Did you feel it helped “break the ice”? 4) Based on your experience do you
plan on attending future event? Why/Why not? This Membership Engagement initiative has allowed us to gain
feedback which gives us a basis for positive changes in the future.

Board members are encouraged to bring bring a potential member to each meeting at no cost; the guest is
provided with local chapter and SHRM membership information at registration.

1) July, 2011, we held a special event to attract new members and involve the Chapter Membership as a whole.
For a nominal fee, we encouraged current members to bring a "non-member" guest to our membership
networking event. Members could not attend without bringing a non-member guest, ensuring that attendance
would include at least 50% of the attendees as non-affiliates (for the time being...). From this initiative we
gained approximately 10 new members and generated significat interest in the Chapter, SHRM, and our available
programs. 2) We have begun an initiative for attracting CSuite Practitioners to our Sr. HR Executive Forum.
We have reached out to multiple indiviuals at the Senior Level, many of whom were not affiliated with any
particualar SHRM Chapters. This initiative is ongoing with a strong emphasis on engaging potential members in a
relevant content and networking venue conducive to a specific level of expertise and responsibility. 3) One
effective retention factor for Membership is the involvment of Chapter members as Volunteer Leaders. One of
our Past Presidents Chaired this initiative to coordinate the interest of members with varied Tri-State Commitees
and initiatives. Effectively, the Board gains strong information to note the involvement of members.

GMSHRM focused on providing strategic, ‘non-traditional’ programming and FREE HRCI-approved workshops for
GMSHRM members. Given the wide demographic composition of our membership, specialization has been
instrumental in meeting the needs of different target membership groups, which vary from student members
learning the basics of HR to seasoned professionals with 30+ years of experience. Recognizing that HR
professionals need but lack business acumen, the chapter introduced a series of free Accounting/Finance
workshops, each taught by faculty from a local university with each session pre-approved for 2 HRCI Strategic
Credit hours. Compliance workshops were also offered throughout the year to keep members updated.
Monthly dinner meetings focused on broad topics presented by high-caliber speakers, attracting a wider
audience and allowing different groups and employers to connect with GMSHRM. Some of our most notable
speakers/topics included: Ryan Estis on Passion on Purpose; an Expert Panel discussing Health Care Reform -
What Will/Will Not be Required Now; Rewarding Employee Contributions: Strategies to Engage Peak Performers;
Spherion and Right Management speakers on Keeping the Competitive Edge; John Spence on Awesomely Simple
Leadership Strategy; Simon Bailey on Release Your Brilliance. GMSHRM had each session pre-approved for
HRCI credits offering a total of 49 credits during the year.
GSHRM's 2011 membership initiative was to increase the number of SHRM members in GSHRM, to attract new
members, and to retain the current membership. To achieve the initiative we completed the following: 1)
Obtained the at-large listing from SHRM and mailed personalized correspondence to those on the list inviting
them to attend a GSHRM meeting at no cost and enclosed our "Benefits of GSHRM Membership" brochure. 2)
We sent personalized letters to all nonmembers of GSHRM that were requesting GSHRM LinkedIn membership
inviting them to become GSHRM members. 3) Registration for GSHRM's annual conference is offered at a
discount to GSHRM members. We offered nonmembers that registered for the conference the opportunity to
join GSHRM and receive a refund for the cost difference. 4) We promoted the benefits of SHRM membership by
showing a rolling Powerpoint at GSHRM meetings, local HR classes and conferences. We spoke at meetings
regarding membership advantages (including having SC SHRM Membership Director speak), and distributed
SHRM-provided membership materials at meetings 5) We worked with our PR Consultant to promote GSHRM in
local publications. 6) 2011 GSHRM meeting programs offered excellent continuing educational opportunities
(and recertification credits at most). We increased SHRM membership by 6.45%
On March 17th, we conducted a new member orientation for all the HR professionals who were new members
of SHRM Chattanooga. Board members attend and host a breakfast for these new members. At this orientation,
we introduce our Board members, review membership advantages for SHRM Chattanooga, and highlight the
benefits of SHRM. A critical part of this orientation is our review of the www.shrm.org website and displaying the
resources available to members. Additionally, we provide the marketing collateral we receive from SHRM (both
at the breakfast and at each monthly meeting). Last, we use the looped anouncements provided by SHRM at our

Our membership initiative this year was again 3 -pronged. 1St, we launched a membership recruitment drive,
Recruit – Refer – Reward, from January 1- May 1. Prizes, like tickets to a local sporting event, a Kindle, free
membership renewal and free attendance at an upcoming event, were awarded to those who referred the most
new members. 2nd, we did a postcard mailing to SHRM at-large members in the Chicago zipcode range.
Approximately 697 pieces were mailed in February and at the end of April we noted that more than 70 new
members had joined because of these first 2 initiatives. Or 3rd initiative was to host 2 webinars with our Field
Services Director, Martha Rameriz. We invited both non-SHRM SMAGC members and SHRM at-large members
in the Chicagoland area. The goal was to tout the benefits of SHRM as a staffing professional and the importance
of joining our local chapter.  As a result, our membership continued to grow, noting a 40% increase in SHRM
members (the largest increase by a chapter in IL) & general increase of 6.5%. For the last 7 months, our chapter
has maintained Super Star status and in February, we also transitioned into a “Large” chapter.

We put together a membership team to do the following: call and welcome all new members, invite them
personally to the next chapter meeting, walk them through the KHRMA website over the phone, and give them a
contact person in the event they have any questions or are confused. 2. At all KHRMA monthly meetings, the
Membership Chair (Wendy Ballast) took note of any guests who were announced. She contacted them after the
meeting to thank them for coming and offered the benefits of chapter membership. 3. We ask all new member
both whether they are a SHRM member or not and if they aren’t, we ask if they are interested in learning more.
We call and/or send SHRM information to all new members interested in learning more. 4. In 2011, we were in
the second year of having our new membership driven by vendors. It works wonders because they are in the
offices of HR professionals every day who may not know about SHRM or the local chapters. By inviting them to
KHRMA meetings and to join membership, it creates a win for them professionally and for the chapter as a
In support of SHRM’s mission, the Green Bay Area Chapter SHRM developed multiple initiatives in Membership
during 2011. Our local chapter website includes a link to the SHRM membership application and we provide
discounted local membership dues to National SHRM members. SHRM’s annual membership promotions were
communicated to local chapter members via social media and our chapter newsletter. A member retention
campaign was held in fall to follow up with 47 at large members that joined our chapter in 2011. Personal calls
were made to each member to evaluate their satisfaction with their local chapter membership. Members were
asked for any feedback and invited to renew their membership in 2012. To also assist member retention,
current members received an email highlighting the chapter’s 2011 accomplishments. The email also previewed
2012 chapter programs and encouraged them to renew their membership. The Chapter’s largest
accomplishment this year was creating a Membership Brochure that will be used to attract new members to our
chapter. The brochure contains membership information along with FAQ’s regarding the chapter. Member
testimonials along with the chapter’s mission statement are included. We look forward to utilizing this brochure
in 2012 during future membership drives to showcase our chapter.
We conducted a year-long new member referral contest. Each month's winner received a $25 gift card.
Everyone who referred a new members was entered into a drawing for a grand prize - a $300 gift card. We also
conducted a new membership drive including a calling campaign and guest passes to meetings.

Salt Lake SHRM coordinated with SHRM to send email blasts to “at large” SHRM members in Salt Lake County
inviting them to attend a chapter meeting as our guest and to join the Salt Lake chapter. At the meetings, we
acknowledged these guests and partnered them with current board members to answer questions and make
introductions. We also sent a direct mail piece to approximately 900 businesses in the Salt Lake area identified
through our local Chamber of Commerce inviting them to be our guest at a chapter meeting and to join the
chapter. Additionally, we sent “welcome” emails to new members and renewing members acknowledging their
chapter membership and inviting them to take advantage of the networking and educational opportunities the
chapter has to offer. These efforts resulted in a 38.91% increase in chapter membership from 275 members in
December 2010 to 382 members on December 31, 2011 which we believe are a direct result of our membership

New for 2012, Membership committee conducted 4 quarterly membership social events. In order to increase
our SHRM membership by 6% we created a monthly report to track membership activity In order to increase
our Chapter membership by 3% we ran programs such as the Member Referral Campaign. Members who recruit
a new member were entered into a drawing to receive a free 2012 Membership. Other programs included, non
member incentives for attending chapter program and then joining HRP. This year we continued the New
Member Outreach Program for our new chapter members. Once the new member joins we assign a member of
the membership committee to make contact with the new member. The committee member introduces
themselves, tells them about upcoming chapter events and new member orientation. A few months later a
member from the Board contacts the new member to see if they have been to a chapter meeting, if the
programming is meeting their needs and if they have any questions about their HRP Membership.
Size as of










Chapter Name:                             Number:   Chapter State          Region   Territory

Buffalo Niagara Human Resource Association 0232     New York               NE       A

Chesapeake Human Resources Association    0156      Maryland               NE       B

Lehigh Valley Chapter                     0150      Pennsylvania           NE       B

DC SHRM Human Resource Association of
the National Capital Area                 0025      District of Columbia   SE       B
Louisville SHRM                       0073    Kentucky         SE   B

Raleigh Wake Human Resource Management
Association                            0132   North Carolina   SE   B

SHRM Memphis                          0134    Tennessee        SE   B

HRSHRM                                0102    Virginia         SE   B
IndySHRM                             0099   Indiana    NC   A

Greater Ann Arbor SHRM               0408   Michigan   NC   A

HRAGD                                0029   Michigan   NC   A

Greater Cincinnati Human Resources
Association                          0008   Ohio       NC   A
Greater Madison Area SHRM                0053   Wisconsin   NC    B

Metro Milwaukee SHRM                     0015   Wisconsin   NC    B

SHRM of Greater Kansas City              0005   Missouri    SWC   A

Tulsa Area Human Resources Association   0175   Oklahoma    SWC   A

San Antonio Human Resource Management
Association                           0137      Texas       SWC   A
Portland HR Management Association   0136   Oregon   PW   B
Web site














2.1a. We conducted a Membership initiative. The description follows.

Our Membership Initiative for 2011 was focused on increasing our reach through use of social media. We
enhanced our Facebook, LinkedIn, and website blog to increase our reach of HR professionals in WNY. We
consistently posted BNHRA and SHRM membership promotions in hopes of increasing our local and SHRM
members. As a result of our efforts, we increased our LinkedIn membership from 589 to 719 members.

CHRA took a bold step this year and initiated several membership changes. First, our fiscal year was June 1 -
May 31 and many felt the timing was not conducive to renewals and was not in line with SHRM. CHRA decided
to change the fiscal year, membership year, and leadership year to the calendar year. (These changes will be
finalized with bylaws changes in early 2012.) CHRA also approved a pilot program where five of the largest
employers in the Baltimore area are being targeted for a free trial membership to CHRA for the HR staff in order
to get them to experience first-hand the benefits of SHRM and chapter membership. The committee's initiative
in 2012 will be to successfully convert them to paying members. The board also approved a new corporate
membership category as an alternative option to the individual membership already offered.

In 2011, the Lehigh Valley Chapter’s Membership Initiative included the following: Three at large mailings were
completed inviting local at large members to join the Lehigh Valley Chapter. The at large list was also reviewed
to determine if there were individuals listed from organizations that already had members within the Lehigh
Valley Chapter. These current members were then contacted and asked to personally invite the at large
member from their organization to join the chapter. Once approved for membership, new members were
contacted individually by phone by the Membership Committee to welcome them, invite them to a meeting and
see if they had any questions about the chapter. This process has helped to improve retention in the chapter as
new members more immediately feel connected through a personal phone call. A new member mixer was held
on December 1st 2011. All new members from the previous year were invited to attend. 35 new members
attended this event and were apprised of chapter activities and introduced to the board in an informal mixer
setting. Also, at the end of the year, expired members were contacted to be reminded of benefits and
encouraged to re-join.

We held 2 Membership Happy Hour Networking events during 2011 in order to encourage new members. In
addition, we extended free or discounted memberships to a) members in transition; b) members who attend a
number of events at full price; and c) members who referred other members. We also conducted several new
member orientation meetings during our regular monthly events. We also award free membership certificates
at various events throughout the year.
Membership initiatives for 2011 focused on membership recruitment and retention. Further review of the
membership roster and confirmation of the accuracy of the active members continued in 2011. The
membership renewal cycle was changed to improve value to members. The renewal cycle was adjusted from a
calendar year to an annual renewal date. This enhances the chapter member's experience and allows the
chapter to drive membership recruiting more effectively throughout the entire year. Branding and Marketing
of the LSHRM Chapter was significant. The Membership Committee targeted two large events to increase the
brand recognition of LSHRM/SHRM: The FT. Knox Military Career Fair, and the KY State SHRM Conference. At
both of these events, LSHRM logo items and collateral pieces were distributed to attendees. At the State
Conference, LSHRM worked with the other state chapters to create and utilize a standard new member
application form. LSHRM also donated towards "state" give-aways to entice membership applications. The
Membership Committee also executed a mass mailing to SHRM At-Large List members in Q3 of 2011, as well as
targeted email blasts to individuals with lapsed memberships. In doing so, membership numbers for the LSHRM
Chapter increased by more than 6%.

Offered membership incentives to MAL's or non-SHRM members to join Raleigh-Wake as part of Membership
Drive at State Conference Booth in September. MAL Networking Reception at Solas in Raleigh. (new member
recruiting event) Young Professional Networking Group and Events Created. Held 3 networking events in 2011
at various places in Raleigh. New member Networking events quarterly to orient new members and allow them
to meet fellow new members. New volunteer appreciation events created - had a family day at the Raleigh
Mudcats game and allowed all volunteers to attend December chapter meeting/Volunteer Appreciation free of
charge. Spring Membership Social had nearly 100 attendees. LinkedIn campaign to market RWHRMA to HR
professionals in the surrounding areas as potential new members - used a banner ad on all HR pages in area.
Direct mail campaign to large businesses within 75 mile radius to market RWHRMA to HR professionals in the
surrounding areas as potential new members

A major goal of SHRM – Memphis was to increase engagement of its members. In support of this goal,
Membership’s major initiative was to develop a foundation that could be used in 2011 and future years to assist
SHRM – Memphis get its members more engaged. A major part of this initiative was to develop a database that
will be used to provide better information to the Board. This database will track roster changes and meeting
attendance. This information will be used to provide information to better focus on the needs of its
membership and potential members. The second part of this initiative was to lay the foundation for a new
Ambassador Program (to be started in 2012) by developing the Ambassador Program Roles & Responsibilities
and training documentation. A third part of this initiative was to revamp the new member orientation program
in order to provide new members information on opportunities for volunteer involvement and to get them
engaged shortly after becoming a member.

Objective: To garner additional memberships by utilizing monthly luncheons and events to identify potential
members and have them complete designation forms in return for a gift incentive. This initiative involved the
VP of Membership and Board Members to: 1. Identify individuals attending the event who were not designated
to the chapter. 2. Provide color code identifier that denotes “potential” new member. 3. Provide individual
with blank designation form at event/luncheon. 4. Inform individual that if they return the completed
designation form by the end of the event, they would receive a gift. 5. Alert a board member of the individuals’
attendance and have that person introduce them to others and welcome them accordingly. 6. Introduce
potential new member to group. This initiative has been very successful in regaining members who let their
membership lapse and therefore were dropped from the chapter as well as soliciting new members.
For more than 10 years, IndySHRM programming model was basically unchanged, offering one HR program per
month to our members. However, our members wanted more—more content, more meetings, more time, etc.
IndySHRM took our members requests seriously and began to strategize on how it could meet members’
requests. In 2011 IndySHRM implemented a new programming model that took its traditional 12 programs per
year model to one that would offer more than 30 programs per year. The goal of this new model was to bring
more offerings to its members with content that is focused on core HR disciplines (e.g., employment law,
compensation and benefits, staffing, diversity, employee relations, etc.). The new programming model was
directed by the vice president of programs and a committee of volunteers who were responsible for planning,
orchestrating, and executing the new model. As a result of these new program changes IndySHRM received rave
reviews from its membership. This new programming model has also opened up the doors for new partnerships
with other related organizations whose members are not necessarily affiliated with SHRM or IndySHRM. We
currently partner with two other related organizations and have begun to see their members become members
of IndySHRM.

The chapter scripted and created a GAASHRM membership video that was filmed in September 2010 and utilized
in December 2010 and January 2011 to gain membership for the 2011 year. The video is a powerful way to
convince potential members to join GAASHRM and SHRM. This best practice was shared with other Michigan
SRHM leaders at the MISHRM state council. Increased membership over 25%. Utilized the SHRM we know
next video. Used the theory of I feel, I felt and I found about being a member of GAASHRM as a way to
influence business contacts to join GAASHRM. New members were introducted at each meeting and a chapter
leader assisted the new member with networking. Advantages of membership were placed on the website. We
utilized tools from the MISRHM state council conference calls. We also utilized the tools from the SHRM VLRC to
attract membership. A action plan was created that included eblasts, phone calls, step by step personalized
assistance and education of the advantages of SHRM. Our main focus was to attract new members and retain
our current members.

• We have implemented a 'Pay It Forward' program to encourage new members who might not be able to afford
membership while in transition (31 members as a result of this program, 11 Sponsors) and membership pricing
options (Professional-SHRM and non-SHRM, Transition, Pay It Forward, Student). HR Connects is an open, free
networking event held every other month which enables us to make contact with non-members to join. An
electronic renewal reminder is emailed (with a 30-day grace period). A gift is presented to guests at each
Chapter meeting, appreciating their attendance, and encouraging membership. We have established several
Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and relationship with outside HR organizations as affiliates to encourage
membership. An eBlast went to all members who are not SHRM national members promoting the SHRM
discount along with an explanation of the dual benefits of being members at a local AND national level. We also
presented the merits of SHRM at the Information Night for non-members

The purpose of our initiative is to take a more proactive approach to membership growth. The Membership
Committee will identify the 50 largest employers in Greater Cincinnati and the highest ranking local human
resources manager at each company. We will present the purpose and benefits of GCHRA to the senior person,
determine if the company is willing to reimburse the employee’s GCHRA membership dues or at a minimum
promote/encourage membership in GCHRA to their HR subordinates. We will use a combination of email, phone
and mail to communicate with these managers. Our goal is to grow 2012 new membership by at least 100
members over 2011’s new members. The 50 senior HR managers will be identified and contacted in the first
quarter of 2012.
Beginning in April 2011, Greater Madison Area SHRM began using On-Boarding Binders at our New Member
Orientations. These binders were created as one membership initiative to engage our members by educating
them about SHRM and volunteer opportunities. The binders provide information about our chapter and both
state and national SHRM. A separate binder was created for each of our GMA SHRM committees and the Board
of Directors. Our On-Boarding Guides are used at orientation so new members can look through them to get
information about what it’s like to be on each committee and also what it is to be a board member. The binders
include estimated time commitment, projects/events, history and goals of each GMA SHRM area of focus. They
also provide details about the benefits of being a local, state and national SHRM member. Our goal in creating
these guides was to provide expectations of volunteers and allow them to see what types of things each
committee is responsible for. We feel this additional resource has been successful in assisting our members with
finding volunteer opportunities in their area of interest and becoming informed about all the benefits of being a
SHRM member.

The chapter reset ALL membr renewal dates to July 1 in order to allow the Membership Committee the
opportunity to focus on retention efforts from May through September and then turn their focus completely to
recruiting. The Committee targeted several groups and crafted programs - beginning 1/1 - to reach each (SHRM
members, former members, HR professionals without current or prior affiliation). In addition, we held an HR
For Non-HR seminar that attracted an audience of individuals with HR responsibility that do not have HR titles.
Our mission, in part, was to create a source of information and a peer group for these indivduals through the
program and, ultimately, through membership. The conversion rate on the program was about 25 percent.

Our membership initiative was inclusive not only of the recruitment of new members but also a robust
onboarding process that included new member orientation packets containing information about our chapter,
and about SHRM. The orientation sessions were held prior to our membership programs. We also held two
social/recruitment events that targeted new members. Committee members also reached out to members not
renewing their memberships in a timely manner. These conversations served as a personal reminder to
members as well as an opportunity to better understand circumstances that resulted in a member not renewing
(change in career, relocation, employer support, etc.)

In 2011 TAHRA conducted a membership drive supported by our Membership committee members. Our VP of
Membership recruited 20 members for the Membership committee. We conducted an analysis of our non-
renewal members to identify former members for the call campaign. Solicitation of new member referrals was
made through the monthly newsletter. The TAHRA Membership Committee Call Campaigns, reaching out to
former TAHRA members to recapture their membership. Membership committee members made calls and
follow-up to non-members requesting information, identifying that they are not members through learning labs.
We also solicit new member referrals through new members attending our Spring and Fall New Member
Orientations. We are excited to report that 2011 has delivered another record breaking number of 562 TAHRA
members! We intend to continue being the premier H.R. association in Oklahoma through similar efforts in
2012, working to grow an even larger membership!
On a monthly basis, we host a membership mixer at various locations throughout San Antonio. The purpose of
the monthly membership mixers is to attract new members and to retain current members by setting up a
venue to purely network and socialize with other HR professionals.    In addition, on September 24, 2011
SAHRMA offered members discounts to the first college team in San Antonio - the UTSA Roadrunners! This
initiative provided members an opportunity to be part of a community historical event at a discounted rate and
Initiatives included growing the Membership Committee, and formalizing the structure to focus on both
recruitment and retention activities. In addition, the group worked on promoting the chapter in the business
community, and increasing chapter membership. Committee members attended several local law firm seminars
throughout the year, and staffed a chapter table at each event to inform attendees about PHRMA and SHRM,
and provide membership applications and information. The chapter also partnered with the Portland Business
Journal on offering the city's first HR Leadership Awards. At the award event several committee members
greeted attendees, and provided a certificate to attend a monthly luncheon at a discounted cost. Following the
award event, the committee contacted attendees who were not PHRMA/SHRM members and provided
information about membership in both associations.
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Chapter Name:                   Number:   Chapter State   Region   Territory

Middle Tennessee SHRM           0083      Tennessee       SE       B

Richmond SHRM                   0017      Virginia        SE       B

HR Houston                      0096      Texas           SWC      A

Philadelphia Regional Chapter   0002      Pennsylvania    NE       B
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2.1a. We conducted a Membership initiative. The description follows.

MT|SHRM’s Membership Committee held our first pure networking event (no agenda, no speaker) in 2011 and it
was a huge success. It was held after work with appetizers provided by the chapter and a sponsor, and drinks
available at a cash bar. We had over 60 members in attendance during the 2-hour event. It proved to be a great
opportunity for all members to socialize – including those currently in transition and, to our great surprise,
several members of our student chapters came to network as well. Some of the comments made by those in
attendance were, “It was so nice to spend time getting to know people, rather than sitting by them at lunch and
rushing out the door to get back to work without really talking to the person sitting next to you” and “What a
breath of fresh air to talk to the workforce of tomorrow and walk away with such a positive outlook”. We had
such a great response from those in attendance that we plan on adding these events regularly to our calendar
for the upcoming year.

With the goal of determining member preferences, we partnered with a national survey research firm with
expertise in associations to conduct a strategic member survey. Each piece of the process was carefully
executed: survey design, member incentives to participate, length of time “live” to ensure validity of results. The
findings were presented by the researchers at the Board’s annual strategic planning session in July, and informed
the decisions made there and in follow-up sessions. The survey results were delivered to members in our
monthly newsletter. When a new chapter initiative is launched or an existing one altered, we refer back to the
member preferences resulting from the survey.

In spring 2011, HR Houston worked with local media and production students at The Art Institute in Houston to
develop and produce a video that provided specific, detailed instructions on how to take advantage of the
resources available through HR Houston's website and discussed the benefits of HR Houston membership. The
goal of the video was to enhance member engagement by encouraging active participation in chapter events,
member retention by highlighting the benefits of chapter membership, and member recruitment by highlighting
to prospective chapter members how HR Houston membership would support their HR careers.

The Membership initiative is a threefold approach designed to engage existing members, re-affiliate expiring
members, and reach out to companies to encourage group memberships. To engage current members we
conduct welcome calls and new member breakfast events to ensure that members are able to make meaningful
connections and networking contacts. The calls are typically made monthly, while the breakfast events are held
bi-annually. To re-affiliate expiring members we conduct an outreach program that consists of a phone call and
email to any expiring members and seek to address any of their concerns while seeking to convince them to
remain part of the chapter. Finally, in an effort to increase membership, specifically with local large companies,
we have an outreach program targeted at senior level HR leaders. We engage these leaders and offer them
educational and promotional packages to encourage them to enroll their entire HR departments as SHRM
members and join the Philly SHRM chapter. Different levels of group membership qualifies for different
incentives, with organizations being able to receive free tickets to events, free educational webcasts, free
company advertising, etc. The combination of these three initiatives has led to a dramatic increase in
membership over the past 6 months
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