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									                                   What to Bring on Your Day of Admission

You MUST Bring in order to complete admission

___ Discharge paperwork if coming directly from a hospital.

___ Medications (in original bottle or packaging) - one month supply

___ Picture ID (driver’s license or state ID card)

___ All insurance cards

___ Guardianship/Power of Attorney or other legal documents

___ Advance Directives – if such a document is in place

___ H&P - completed within the last 30 days (if not previously received)

___ Personal care items (soap, shampoo, deodorant, etc.). A tote to carry these items to and from
    the                        bathroom may be useful

___ Laundry products-any product you would use when doing laundry i.e. detergent, softener,

___ Cigarettes (if applicable) – one month supply. Note: quantity not to exceed 1 pack per day

___ Spending money – This will be deposited in an “in-house” bank account. A weekly
    allowance will be determined between the family, resident and case manager. Usually an
    initial deposit of $50.00 - $100.00 is adequate. Please note: If you are a smoker, we will
    need to be advised if you would like us to obtain cigarettes for you and the spending money
    account must be adequate to cover these expenses on a monthly basis.

___ Deposit of $16,400.00 for semi-private room or $18,000.00 for private room

____ Medical escrow of $250.00 – The escrow account will be used by Rose Hill staff to obtain
necessary treatment in the community for the patient (i.e. medication, medication co-pays, lab
work, medical treatment, etc.) Each month you will receive a statement of the status of this
account, including an itemization of funds disbursed, along with the statement (per diem
charges) of services rendered at Rose Hill Center. It is required that you maintain the $250.00
balance in this account on a monthly basis.

___ Clothing – 7 to 10 day supply (all clothing must be freshly laundered)
Clothing Suggestions
    Underwear
    Socks
    Comfortable clothing for working (Shirts, T-Shirts, Jeans, Pants, Shorts)
    Shoes, Slippers
    Bathrobe and pajamas
    One outfit for off campus activities
    Sweater/Sweatshirt
    Jacket/Coat/ Hat/ Gloves/ Boots

You may wish to bring

___ Phone card
___ CD Player/Cd’s/ I-Pod
___ Radio
___ Alarm clock
___ Wrist watch
___ Books
___ Musical instrument
___ Family pictures for your room

Do not bring

      TV
      Cameras/recording devices
      Any type of weapon or sharp objects including jack knives, Swiss army knives, or sharp
      Any type of over-the-counter medication including pain relievers, allergy/cold
       preparations, antacids, vitamins, homeopathic preparations, etc.
      Any preparation containing alcohol including mouthwash, rubbing alcohol,
       perfumes/colognes, or hair preparations may be restricted on an individual basis.
      Any type of drug paraphernalia including rolling papers.
      Candles, incense or other items requiring flame.
      Personal computers or laptop computers.
      Cell phones or camera phones.
      Credit cards, ATM/debit cards, and checkbooks.
      Entertainment materials rated higher than PG-13.
      Video game systems.

Rose Hill does not allow patients to posses or use alcoholic beverages or foods; alcohol-based
mouthwash; inhalants; non-prescribed medications, herbal remedies or over the counter
medications not approved by our doctor; controlled medications not prescribed for them; or
illegal drugs. In addition, Rose Hill Center does not allow the growth and/or use of medical
marijuana by any of our patients who possesses a medical marijuana registration identification
card or documentation with the State of Michigan or any other state. Violation of this policy,
including the growth and/or use of medical marijuana by a patient, will be grounds for discharge
from any of our residential programs pursuant to our admissions agreement, Resident Handbook,
and other policies.

Provided by Rose Hill

     All linens for bed – including mattress pad, pillow, blankets, sheets, bedspread
     (The rooms are completely furnished with bed, dresser, lamp, night stand, and mirror)
    Towels and washcloths
    Laundry bag

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