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John Terry’s defence was improbable,
implausible and contrived, says FA
The FA has released the written reasons behind the decision to
ban John Terry for using racist language towards Anton Ferdinand
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Sachin Tendulkar says retirement is
looming as he cannot ‘go on and on’
Indian great Sachin Tendulkar admits he has been contemplating
retirement and will assess his future ‘series by series’ Page 2

England beat New Zealand to reach World
Twenty20 final
A fine performance from Lydia Greenway helped England beat
New Zealand by seven wickets and reach the World Twenty20 final
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Andy Murray battles                          Warrington’s second                         Greg Rutherford: ‘I’m          Michael Chopra
past Wawrinka to reach                       coming sees them up for                     going to get baking         corruption case centred
Japan Open semi-finals                       a first Grand Final Page 6                   again and have some            on all-weather racing
Page 4                                                                                    fun’ Page 8                     Page 10
                                             Roger Federer gets
Michael Chopra and                           death threat as                              Ryan Moore is passed
two other footballers                        Shanghai Masters                            fit to ride in the Prix
accused of betting                          increases security                           de l’Arc de Triomphe
corruption Page 5                            Page 7                                       Page 10

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Page  G24 Sport                                                                          Friday October 5 2012           11:46 GMT

                                                                       balance of probabilities that Cole’s original evidence contained
                                                                       neither that word nor “fucking”.
John Terry’s defence was improbable,                                      “All of this causes the commission to have very real concerns
implausible and contrived, says FA                                     about the accuracy of Mr Barnard’s recollection, and the
                                                                       motivation for the assertions that he makes in his witness
• Football Association releases written                                statement about what Mr Cole said during the FA interview of
reasons for verdict                                                    him, particularly his alleged use of the word ‘black’ but also the
                                                                       words ‘fucking’ and ‘cunt’.”
• Independent panel also questions Ashley
                                                                          The commission said those concerns raised “significant
Cole’s evidence                                                       doubts” about the case that Barnard advances.
Owen Gibson                                                               In deciding Terry’s punishment, the commission took into
                                                                       account Ferdinand’s victim impact statement, which mad
The Football Association disciplinary panel that banned
                                                                       plain he had been “badly affected” by the incident and the high
Chelsea’s captain John Terry for racially abusing the Queens
                                                                       profile nature of the match. Weighed against that was the fact
Park Rangers defender Anton Ferdinand found his defence
                                                                       the insult was said only once and the testimonials in favour of
“improbable, implausible and contrived”, according to its
                                                                       Terry by many of those involved in the game, with his team-
written reasons published on Friday.
                                                                       mate Ryan Bertrand’s seen as particularly significant.
    In a 63-page ruling, the FA regulatory commission finds that
                                                                          Chelsea would not comment on the contents of the written
there was “no credible basis” for Terry’s defence that he was
                                                                       reasons on Friday morning. A spokesman said: “As we said last
merely repeating back to Ferdinand in indignation the phrase
                                                                       week we recognise that John has the right to appeal. In view of
“fucking black cunt” in the belief that the QPR player had
                                                                       this it would be inappropriate for us to comment further on the
accused him of racial abuse.
                                                                       matter at this time.”
    It also casts serious doubt on the evidence of Terry’s
                                                                          The full report can be read on the FA’s website tinyurl.
team-mate Ashley Cole and the club secretary, David Barnard,
                                                                       com/8selqs8 .
suggesting that the left-back’s evidence evolved over time
to suit the case that Ferdinand may have said the phrase in
question on the pitch.                                                 Sachin Tendulkar says retirement is
    Terry was cleared by a criminal court in July gu.com/p/392dj
but subsequently found guilty of misconduct by the FA gu.com/
                                                                       looming as he cannot ‘go on and on’
p/3aytd and handed a four-match ban and a £220,000 fine.
Whereas the criminal case had to be proved beyond reasonable           • ‘I’m 39 and I don’t have plenty of cricket
doubt, the FA commission made its judgment on the balance of           left,’ says Indian great
probabilities. Terry has 14 days to decide whether to appeal.
                                                                       • ‘I will have to look at it series by series’
    “The commission is quite satisfied, on the balance of
probabilities, that there is no credible basis for Terry’s defence     Associated Press
[in using the phrase],” it said.
    The FA commission heard evidence from Ferdinand but not
from Terry or Cole, so was forced to rely on their evidence in
Westminster magistrates court.
    The verdict also reiterates that it was not the panel’s job to
rule on whether Terry was a racist or not: “In common with
the Crown’s proceedings, the FA’s case is that Mr Terry said the
words by way of an insult to Mr Ferdinand. It is not the FA’s
case that Mr Terry is a racist. There is a large body of testimonial
evidence, including statements from black footballers, to say
that he is not.”
    The saga, which along with the incident between Luis Suárez
and Patrice Evra, sparked fevered debate about the prevalence
of racism in the game, began during an ill-tempered televised          Sachin Tendulkar has said it would be ‘abnormal’ not to think
match between QPR and Chelsea on 23 October last year. The             of retirement at the age of 39. Photograph: Anthony Devlin/PA
FA argued that it could not hear the case until the criminal
                                                                       Sachin Tendulkar admits he has been considering his
proceedings in July this year had ended with Terry’s acquittal.
                                                                       retirement date lately and acknowledges the end of his cricket
    In new evidence that was considered by the panel but not
                                                                       career is not far away.
by the court, it shows in an interview with FA officials five
                                                                          “I’m 39 and I don’t have plenty of cricket left in me,” the
days after the match Cole said he heard a “b-word” but did not
                                                                       Indian batting great said. “But it depends on my frame of mind
mention the word black. In a later emailed statement, Cole says
                                                                       and my physical ability to deliver. When I feel that I am not
the word “could have been Bridge”. But Barnard later emails
                                                                       delivering what is needed, then I will relook at the scheme of
the FA after discussing the matter with Cole to add the words
                                                                       things. I’m 39 and no one expects me to go on and on.”
“black or Bridge”.
                                                                          Tendulkar, who holds many major batting records including
    In his witness statement some 10 months later Barnard also
                                                                       the most runs and most centuries in both Tests and limited-
claims that Cole heard the word “cunt” being used in close
                                                                       overs internationals, said it was natural to think of retirement.
proximity to the “b-word”. But the commission found on the
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Page  G24 Sport                                                                       Friday October 5 2012              11:46 GMT

    “It is not abnormal for me to think of it,” he told the Times
Now news channel. “At that moment, I will go by what my heart
says. At this moment, my heart says I am OK. But I will have to
                                                                      England beat New Zealand to reach
look at it series by series.”                                         World Twenty20 final
    Tendulkar, who has restricted his participation in one-
dayers over the past few years and does not play Twenty20             • New Zealand 93 for eight; England 94 for
internationals, said finally quitting all international cricket was   three
going to be difficult.
                                                                      • England win by seven wickets
    “It’s .�.�. been my life. All of a sudden there comes a moment
when I say I can’t go on,” he said ahead of a new season that         Andy Wilson in Colombo
will include challenging four-Test tours of India by England and
Australia. “I don’t know what is in store. If I knew, I would not
have to wait 22 years to lift the World Cup [in his home city of
Mumbai in 2011]. Perhaps, I would have done it the first time in
Australia in 1991-92.”
    Speculation about Tendulkar’s future plans was heightened
after the senior batsmen Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman
announced their retirements this year and especially after he
struggled during a two-Test home series against New Zealand in
August and September. Tendulkar was bowled through bat and
pad by the Kiwi pace bowlers all three times he got to bat, with
critics attributing it to his age.
    “If this three-wicket ordeal had happened when I was 25,
no one would have questioned it,” he said. “Incidentally, it
                                                                      Lydia Greenway was instrumental in England’s win over New
happened when I am 39, so questions were raised. This is
                                                                      Zealand. Photograph: Ron Gaunt /SPORTZPICS/ Seconds Left
    “I need not take a call right now. When I play in November
[against England], I will reassess things. I’m still the best judge   As the England captain, Charlotte Edwards takes her
of what happens to my mind and body. When I feel it is time, I        responsibilities as an ambassador for women’s cricket very
will take a call.”                                                    seriously, and she conceded that the mostly turgid cricket
    Tendulkar became the first batsman to complete a century          produced by a painfully slow pitch for their semi-final against
of international centuries earlier this year. He has scored           New Zealand – which England won be seven wickets with 16
51 centuries in Tests and 49 in one-day internationals,               balls to spare – had been far from ideal in this first match of the
accumulating 15,533 runs in Tests and 18,426 in ODIs.                 women’s tournament to be televised. But with a more selfish
                                                                      regard to her team’s chances of reclaiming the World Twenty20
                                                                      title they were so devastated to lose in the Caribbean two years
                                                                      ago, Edwards admitted she was delighted.
                                                                          “It might play into our hands,” said the 32-year-old from
                                                                      Cambridgeshire, perhaps drawing on her vast experience
                                                                      to strike a few psychological blows ahead of a probable final

                                                                      against Australia, who face West Indies in their semi-final on
                                                                      Friday. “We probably weren’t expecting the pitch to do quite
                                                                      as much as it did. It probably wasn’t the greatest spectacle for
                                                                      women’s cricket, because the slower you bowled, the harder it
                                                                      was to hit. But our players showed their skill level, and made a
                                                                      relatively easy job of getting the runs.
  From Beirut to Big Brother,                                             “It’s what we feel comfortable on. We’re good players of
  Murdoch to Millionaire,                                             spin, that’s something we pride ourselves on, and having four
                                                                      spinners in our side we won’t be disappointed if it’s a wicket
  discuss the hot topics in the                                       like that for the final.”
  media on not one, but two blogs                                         Edwards had chosen to field first, and although Katherine
                                                                      Brunt conceded only seven in three tight overs of seam,
  Organ Grinder and Greenslade                                        England’s attack was always going to be dominated by spin.
  blogs.guardian.co.uk/                                               Danielle Hazell shared the new ball with Brunt, Danielle Wyatt

  organgrinder/                                                       claimed a couple of wickets and Marsh, a third off-spinner, also
                                                                      chipped in.
  blogs.guardian.co.uk/                                                   But the most striking example of the turn on offer from a

  greenslade/                                                         tired track that would also be used for the men’s semi-final
                                                                      that followed came in the first over from Holly Colvin, a slow
                                                                      left-armer, as she ragged one past the outside edge of Sara
                                                                      McGlashan for Taylor to complete a typically smart stumping.
                                                                          Brunt, Lydia Greenway and Jenny Gunn each took a cool
guardian.co.uk © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                                         guardian.co.uk
Page 4 G24 Sport                                                                     Friday October 5 2012            11:46 GMT

boundary catch but arguably the most significant piece of
efficient England fielding in the innings came in the first over.
Suzie Bates, New Zealand’s captain and most dangerous player,
                                                                    Andy Murray battles past Wawrinka to
had been tied down for four balls by the ring of five off-side      reach Japan Open semi-finals
fielders set by Edwards, and called for a ridiculous single to
cover on the fifth. Amy Satterthwaite, her opening partner,         • US Open champion wins 6-2, 3-6, 6-2 in
refused to respond, leaving Bates stranded by Greenway’s            Tokyo
accurate throw. “A bit of dot-ball pressure,” Bates said later.
                                                                    • Murray will now face Canada’s Milos
    Edwards led from the front in England’s reply with a patient
33 from 37 balls, mostly nudging and nurdling but also selecting
                                                                    Raonic in last four
five loose balls to hit to the boundary – quite a feat, even with   Press Association
the rope brought in by around 10 metres from its position for
matches in the men’s tournament. Marsh also struck a in an
opening stand of 32 inside eight overs but even Taylor, who is
generally acclaimed as the most skilled player in the women’s
game, struggled with her timing, although she did launch the
only six of the match over mid-wicket.
    Instead it was Greenway, the left-hander from Kent, who
eased England home with 22 from 19 balls scored almost
entirely from sweeps and reverse sweeps, a display of
improvisation of which Eoin Morgan would have been proud.
“Manoeuvring the ball into gaps, the paddle we used and the
skill level, I think that was the difference between the two
teams really,” said Edwards.
    England are quietly confident that will be the case again on
                                                                    Andy Murray plays a backhand on his way to victory against
Sunday if they are given the chance to reclaim the title from
                                                                    Stanislas Wawrinka in the Japan Open. Photograph: Kazuhiro
Australia. But Edwards gives the West Indies, with their two
                                                                    Nogi/AFP/Getty Images
star batters Stafanie Taylor and Deandra Dottin, a fighting
chance of beating the champions. “They’ve got the x-factor          Andy Murray survived a stiff test against Stanislas Wawrinka
about them, and the Aussies would probably prefer a slightly        to move into the semi-finals of the Japan Open. The defending
quicker pitch,” she said, looking surprisingly fresh less than an   champion, competing in a tournament for the first time since
hour after batting in the broiling heat.                            winning his maiden grand slam at the US Open last month,
    “It was slightly hotter than it’s been down in Galle, but our   was in control early on but had to battle to win 6-2, 3-6, 6-2 as
fitness levels are high enough to handle it,” Edwards added.        Wawrinka pushed him all the way.
“We’re certainly not complaining. We’ve got one more game in           Wawrinka beat Murray at Flushing Meadows in 2010 and
it, and then we can go home to the snow.”                           despite the Swiss’s record since then reading 0-13 against the
    One more win, and they can take the trophy back with them.      big four of Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Murray and Rafael
                                                                    Nadal, he still possesses the tools to challenge the game’s
                                                                    leading lights.
                                                                       Yet early on it was largely plain sailing for Murray with two
                                                                    breaks giving him the opening set and Wawrinka wasting the
                                                                    opportunities which came his way.
                                                                       The Swiss was more ruthless in the second as his big
                                                                    forehand started to hit the lines. His first chance to edge ahead

                                                                    came with Murray serving at 1-2 and despite saving two break
                                                                    points, Murray was unable to stave off a third as Wawrinka
                                                                    powered in another big forehand.
                                                                       The Scot almost replied instantly but Wawrinka held on
                                                                    thanks to some big serving and then ran through the rest of the
                                                                    set without alarm to level matters.
  Compare and buy                                                      The match hinged on the fourth game of the final set with a

  Use our free independent                                          combination of brilliance and extreme fortune handing Murray
                                                                    a break and a 3-1 lead. The top seed saw three break points come
  comparison services to switch                                     and go as Wawrinka raised his aggression levels to serve his way
  suppliers and save money on                                       out of danger. But the Swiss was powerless when Murray set
                                                                    up a fourth as a forehand return struck the top of the net before
  all your household bills.                                         dropping over.
  guardian.co.uk/money/                                                Wawrinka’s frustration was evident as he smashed a racket
                                                                    early in the next game but he could not channel it into a
  compareandbuy                                                     comeback and Murray broke again to wrap up the match in two
                                                                    hours and a minute.
                                                                       The world No3 next meets the big-hitting Canadian Milos
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Page  G24 Sport                                                                      Friday October 5 2012            11:46 GMT

Raonic, who beat Janko Tipsarevic in a third-set tie-break.          and offering to receive or receiving a bribe. The remaining eight
                                                                     individuals, none of whom are licensed by the BHA, are all
                                                                     charged with using information from Heffernan to place bets on
Michael Chopra and two other                                         betting exchanges.
footballers accused of betting                                           Chopra, Joshee, Shelley, Wilson and Garner are further
                                                                     charged with offering bribes to Heffernan. Inglis is alleged to
corruption                                                           have connived with Heffernan to receive the bribe and Garner
                                                                     is charged with laying bets on horses from the yard of Alan
• British Horseracing Authority announces                            McCabe, a racehorse trainer, at a time when he was employed
charges                                                              there.
• Jockey Andrew Heffernan charged with                                   Chopra, a striker, started his football career at Newcastle
                                                                     United and now plays for Ipswich Town. Coppinger, who also
stopping horses
                                                                     started his career in the north-east, is an attacking midfielder
Chris Cook                                                           and winger with Nottingham Forest, having made 300 league
                                                                     appearances for Doncaster Rovers between 2004 and 2012.
                                                                     Wilson was one of Coppinger’s team-mates at Doncaster
                                                                     between 2006 and the end of last season, making 140 league
                                                                     appearances for the club.
                                                                         Heffernan is the only individual among those charged who
                                                                     is licensed by the BHA. None of the footballers involved in the
                                                                     case have ever been registered racehorse owners but Chopra
                                                                     stated in November 2011 that he had been treated for a gambling
                                                                     addiction which he estimated had cost him between £1.5m and
                                                                         No date has yet been set for the hearing into the case.
                                                                     The Football Association, which had been informed of the
                                                                     investigation by the BHA, will not decide what action to take, if
                                                                     any, until the outcome of the hearing.
Ipswich Town’s striker Michael Chopra is among three
                                                                         The alleged offences involved in the case would carry
footballers charged with betting corruption by the British
                                                                     penalties of disqualification from racing for between six months
Horseracing Authority. Photograph: Matthew Lewis/Getty
                                                                     and 10 years for non-licensed individuals, and up to 25 years for
                                                                     Heffernan were he found guilty of deliberately stopping a horse.
The Championship footballers Michael Chopra and James                Heffernan now rides in Australia where, due to a reciprocal
Coppinger, and the jockey Andrew Heffernan, are among nine           agreement with the BHA, any suspension would still take effect.
individuals who could face long bans from racing after they              Paul Scotney, the BHA’s integrity, compliance and licensing
were charged with serious breaches of the anti-corruption rules      director, said that the investigation had been “complex and
by the British Horseracing Authority on Thursday.                    time-consuming”.
   Yogesh Joshee, Chopra’s agent, also faces charges, along with         He added: “We hope that the announcement demonstrates
Mark Wilson, a former player with Manchester United, Paul            our commitment to deterring and detecting wrongdoing and
Garner, a former stable lad, Kelly Inglis, who is believed to have   taking action against those who we believe to have breached
been Heffernan’s girlfriend at the time of the offences, Douglas     the rules.
Shelley and Pravin Shingadia.                                            “However, racegoers and those betting on British racing
   The charges against them include offering bribes, exploiting      should be reassured that instance of this nature are extremely
inside information for personal gain and in the case of              rare and that the overwhelming majority of races are free of
Heffernan, three charges that he intentionally failed to ensure      suspicion.”
that a horse was ridden on its merits.
   The BHA charges follow an investigation into suspicious
betting patterns on a number of races at Britain’s four all-
weather racecourses between November 2010 and March

2011. In all, nine races are at the heart of the BHA’s case,
including four at Southwell, three at Lingfield and one each at
Wolverhampton and Kempton.
   In three of those races, Heffernan is alleged to have
intentionally “stopped” his horse, knowing that it had been
                                                                       The Guardian digital edition
laid to lose on a betting exchange. The horses concerned were
                                                                       Read the Guardian on the web exactly the
Wanchai Whisper, who finished second at 9-2 in a handicap at
Lingfield on 28 January 2011; Gallantry, sixth of eight at 11-1 in
                                                                       way it was printed.
a handicap at Kempton on 2 February 2011; and Silver Guest,            With award-winning Guardian
last of nine when 6-1 for a minor race at Lingfield on 9 February      photography accessible from anywhere in
2011.                                                                  the world.
   Heffernan is also charged with passing inside information for       guardian.co.uk/digitaledition
reward about the prospects of his rides in the races concerned
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Page 6 G24 Sport                                                                      Friday October 5 2012              11:46 GMT

                                                                    who refuse to join the Cheshire set. But now, with that new
                                                                    stadium built and recently extended to a 15,000 capacity, and
Warrington’s second coming sees them                                Moran – or Moranovich, as those supporters know him – a
up for a first Grand Final                                          hugely influential figure in the background, they have become
                                                                    one of the model clubs of the competition.
Simon Moran has quietly set about realising                             There have been a number of other significant moments
a dream with the Wolves, a journey that                             along their journey from relegation danger to Old Trafford. In
                                                                    2003, Cullen’s first full season in charge, they fulfilled his stated
started at Wembley in 1975
                                                                    goal of leaving Wilderspool, their crumbling old home known
Andy Wilson                                                         as the Zoo, and even secured a first play-off appearance. Their
                                                                    first season at the Halliwell Jones, naming rights to the stadium
                                                                    having been sold to an upmarket local car dealership which
                                                                    is definitely more Cheshire than south-west Lancashire, was
                                                                    mixed, but the following year Moran sprinkled some stardust
                                                                    by funding a short-term move for Andrew Johns, the Australian
                                                                    scrum-half who was then the undisputed superstar of the game.
                                                                        Johns’s stint was typical of Warrington’s position at the time,
                                                                    however. He starred in a memorable debut against Leeds, but
                                                                    two weeks later was powerless to prevent a heavy home defeat
                                                                    by Hull in the first round of the play-offs.
                                                                        The Wolves developed an unfortunate habit of starting each
                                                                    season with great expectations, only to underachieve when it
                                                                    mattered, to the great delight of Wigan and especially St Helens.
                                                                        Cullen has every right to feel he was let down by players in
Warrington’s coach Tony Smith, right, and Leeds’s Brian
                                                                    whom he had placed considerable trust, most obviously Lee
McDermott pose with the Super League trophy at Old Trafford.
                                                                    Briers, the wily and wonderfully watchable stand-off for whom
Photograph: Paul Currie/Action Images
                                                                    an Old Trafford debut will represent personal fulfilment. It is
When Paul Cullen takes his seat at Old Trafford with his family     hugely to Cullen’s credit that he is not bitter about the fact that
on Saturday night to watch his nephew, Mike Cooper, walking         it needed a change of coach before Briers, and the club, finally
out in Warrington’s primrose and blue, his mind will drift back     delivered on their potential.
a decade to the start of the renaissance of one of British rugby        He was driven out in acrimonious circumstances after a
league’s proud old clubs.                                           home defeat by Castleford in the summer of 2008, and initially
    Cullen had played in a reasonably successful Warrington         succeeded by his assistant James Lowes – who has since
team in the 80s and 90s, and even worked on their commercial        revived his old partnership in the Bradford front-row with Brian
staff as his career wound down in the early Super League years,     McDermott at Leeds, providing another subplot this weekend.
playing a part in the move to replace their traditional nickname    But it was only when Moran decided that Lowes was not the
of Wire with the more marketable Wolves. But in 2002 he             answer after a dreadful start to the following season that he
had moved into coaching and was working in Cumbria with             made surely the best decision of his decade behind the scenes.
Whitehaven, and watched in growing alarm as his former club             Tony Smith, an Australian who had endured an unhappy
appeared to be sliding towards relegation.                          World Cup in 2008 as the England coach having made his
    Off the field, some of the foundations of the current success   reputation by coaching Leeds to Grand Final victories in 2004
that has seen Warrington reach their first ever Grand Final,        and 2007, was tempted by the opportunity to return to club
in which they play Leeds Rhinos on Saturday evening, had            management, especially at a club with such potential.
already been laid. Planning permission had been secured for             Success came more quickly than either Smith or Moran could
a huge Tesco to be built in the centre of town, which would in      have envisaged: a Challenge Cup run through the summer of
turn fund a new stadium, and a low-profile music promoter           2009 earned Warrington their first Wembley appearance since
called Simon Moran had joined the board. But on it, Warrington      1990 and victory over Huddersfield secured their first major
continued to underachieve horribly.                                 trophy since 1974. They retained the cup the following season,
    The decision was made to sack David Plange, the second          and claimed a third Wembley win in four years by beating Leeds
coach to lose his job that season, and to call Cullen back from     this August.
Cumbria. “We had to win a game, possibly two,” Cullen reflects.         But it is an Old Trafford appearance, and the right to call
“If we didn’t, Warrington would have been relegated. It’s taken     themselves champions for the first time since 1955, that
10 years to get to this point even having stayed up that year.      Warrington’s supporters have been craving.
Imagine how long it would have taken if we’d gone down. It              It has already been quite a year for Moran, who is probably
really is anyone’s guess.”                                          best known in the music business for his leading role in Take
    The dwindling band who advocate Super League’s licensing        That’s triumphant comeback – Gary Barlow helped the Wolves
process would perhaps point to that traumatic year as evidence      celebrate one of their cup wins – but who was also responsible
of the perils of relegation – to the competition as a whole.        for the Stone Roses playing their secret comeback gig at
Warrington have traditionally been among the elite if never as      Warrington’s Parr Hall in May (Ian Brown, the lead singer, is a
consistently successful as Wigan, St Helens or even Widnes,         fellow Warringtonian, who has occasionally referred to a soft
their three local rivals in what used to be south-west Lancashire   spot for the Wire).
– and still is, to a sizeable proportion of the club’s supporters
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Page  G24 Sport                                                                       Friday October 5 2012          11:46 GMT

   Moran rarely gives interviews to the Warrington Guardian,
never mind this one, even though he is a regular in Smith’s post-
match press conferences, sitting quietly at the back, usually in
                                                                    Roger Federer gets death threat as
jeans and a T-shirt having watched the game from the terraces       Shanghai Masters increases security
– which he used to do at Wilderspool with his dad, having been
bitten by the bug when attending the 1975 Challenge Cup final       • Unknown blogger threatens to
at Wembley (a 14–7 defeat to Widnes).                               assassinate world No1
   During one such press conference this season, an older
                                                                    • Extra precautions are being taken by
member of the press pack was surprised to see an “I am the
Resurrection” sticker on the diary Moran was holding. “I didn’t
                                                                    tournament organisers
know he was religious,” the journalist pondered later – clearly     Associated Press
unfamiliar with the Stone Roses.
   Cullen is young enough to know better, but even he
inadvertently used the title of their second album in describing
Moran’s involvement at Warrington, which followed an earlier
financial rescue by the Greenalls brewery and leisure group, as
“part of the second coming”.
   “It’s been a bit of a slow burner,” Cullen added. “I was
always aware of Simon’s fanatical support of the club when I
worked there in various roles. But it was only when he came
back around 2002 that you could sense something was going to
change, and he was going to be a new, dynamic leader.
   “The demographic of the club has completely changed since
the days when I was commercial manager at Wilderspool. Then
we had very male-orientated fan base but now, thanks to the
                                                                    Roger Federer is the top seed at the Shanghai Masters, which
move to the new stadium and all the facilities, old Warrington
                                                                    starts on Sunday. Photograph: Peter Parks/AFP/Getty Images
and new Warrington have come together in support of the
Wolves. I genuinely feel this could be the start of a Warrington    A Chinese state media report has said security for the Shanghai
dynasty.”                                                           Masters is being tightened after a bizarre online death threat
                                                                    against Roger Federer.
                                                                        Shanghai’s Youth Daily quoted the tournament official Yang
                                                                    Yibin as saying police were notified about the threat and that
                                                                    security will be increased for Federer for the tournament, which
                                                                    starts this weekend.
                                                                        The threat, posted last month on a Federer fan site by “Blue
                                                                    Cat Polytheism Founder 07,” read: “On 6 October, I plan to
                                                                    assassinate Federer for the purpose of tennis extermination.”

                                                                    It was accompanied by an image showing a decapitated Federer
                                                                    on his knees on a tennis court.
                                                                        An officer in the internet security office of the Shanghai
                                                                    police said on Friday the threat is being investigated. In a
                                                                    statement, the tournament said it is aware of the threat and has
                                                                    proper security in place.
  Eat right                                                             “We are fully aware of the comments that have been made
  Join the Guardian’s health and                                    and we take all such issues seriously,” the statement said. “The
                                                                    Shanghai Masters has security in place for our players and
  dieting club, Eat Right and                                       every precaution is taken to make sure players are kept safe and
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                                                                      competitions. Beat your nearest and
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                                                                         there’s nervous energy where you look at it and go, ‘You know
                                                                         what? It’s going to be amazing, I’m going to have the best time
Greg Rutherford: ‘I’m going to get                                       of my life and I’m going to go out and win this.’
baking again and have some fun’                                              But that brings its own pressure, doesn’t it? Obviously my
                                                                         heart was beating faster – of course it was, I was in the London
The Olympic gold-medal winning long                                      Olympic final – but the way I viewed it was very different,
jumper on his love of baking, why he has no                              possibly, to some others who maybe let the occasion get to
                                                                         them. And that comes with experience. In previous years I had
nerves and his barista skills
                                                                         issues where probably I had let the nerves get to me a little bit
Georgina Turner                                                         too much and I underperformed, but there I felt so confident
                                                                         with the way I was training, the way I was jumping. I felt pretty
                                                                         good. The only time I was nervous was in Round Six, when I
                                                                         knew I was eight jumpers away from being Olympic champion
                                                                         and I had to just pick each one off and hope nobody jumped
                                                                         further than me.
                                                                             Which of course they didn’t. How annoying is it that some
                                                                         people have called you a ‘lucky champion’? It is infuriating. At
                                                                         the end of the day, whenever anybody does something well,
                                                                         especially with sport, there will be an element of luck: things
                                                                         have to go well on that day. I’ve seen the flip side of it, I’ve
                                                                         been there when things have gone really badly for me – at the
                                                                         World Championships last year I tore my hamstring in half. That
                                                                         wasn’t luck, but that was just, for whatever reason, things went
                                                                         wrong on that day. For people to then turn around and pat you
Greg Rutherford, right, can make a mean latte when he’s not
                                                                         on the head and go ‘Alright mate, you were lucky, weren’t you’,
taking on Ashley Young at Fifa 13.
                                                                         you sort of think, well, what? I was world No1. You’ve sacrificed
Hello Greg, how are you? Hi Small Talk, how you doing? I’m              anything you possibly could to go out there and try to win, and
very well thank you.                                                     then people go ‘Ah yeah but you were lucky, weren’t you?’. It’s
    We’d best get straight to business, Greg: you’re on the           a bit of a frustrating thing to hear after a while, because it was
phone because you’re promoting the launch of Fifa 13 tinyurl.           years and years of hard work, of graft, building up to that one
com/8mfk4q6 . Are you and Usain Bolt both signing for                  moment, and I went in as world No1. What was lucky about
Manchester United? I wouldn’t mind that at all, Small Talk. My           that?
football background is a bit more extensive than Usain’s, so I’d             So when are you off the celebrity circuit and back in to
like to believe that if it came to it, I’d be a better football player   training? Has your coach, Dan Pfaff, decided where he’ll be
than him. If there’s a trial going, I wouldn’t say no.                   based? I think Dan’s going to be in America, and we’re going to
    It says here that you had a trial for Aston Villa as a               work between the two of us. The thing is, it’s all up in the air;
teenager. Was it difficult to decide whether to be an athlete or        we don’t really know what’s going on with anybody yet. UK
a footballer? It’s an interesting one; I think to be honest I was        Sport obviously have got to sort out who’s working for them,
a bit too lazy when it came to football. It was something that I         and where, and everything else. So until then I can’t make any
picked up relatively quickly once I started, when I was about            finalised plans, but I think going forward I’ll probably spend five
nine – before that I couldn’t kick a ball. And then by the time I        or six months in America and then come back to the UK for the
was 12 or 13 I was having professional trials. So I was very lazy        European circuit, then be in the UK for a bit, then probably do
with it, didn’t try as hard as I possibly could, and I think really      that again over the next four or five years. It should be good. As
that’s because I didn’t enjoy it as much as I did the track. In          long as it works well and I keep doing well then I’ll be happy.
the summer, track would come along and I’d love it, I’d train,               We hear that you’re a keen baker. Any chance you can
I’d turn up for everything, and here I am. I went with my heart          squeeze the Great British Bake Off in to your schedule? I
rather than my mind, because if you make it any level as a               wouldn’t mind that, to be totally honest. Baking is something
football player your life’s going to be a bit different. I love the      that I do. I haven’t had a lot of time over the last few months
long jump, I love track and field, so it works for me.                   to get any done – and obviously I couldn’t eat the produce, but
    [Sticking to the PR script] And presumably you still have           now I can, so once I actually get some time to get home for a bit
time to show off your skills on a virtual pitch … [Ignoring it]          I’m going to get baking again and have some fun. It’s just a way
I’m not a huge gamer to be totally honest, I just don’t have the         for me to relax at times. If I had the opportunity to go on certain
time, so when I finally go to start playing I’m probably going to        shows I’d definitely be going on them.
get shown up quite badly, and I’m quite concerned at how many                And are you likely to make sugary concoctions or those
are going to be stuck past me. I’m probably more nervous about           slightly forlorn-looking savoury tarts? I’m very much a sweet-
this than I was at the Olympic final, to be honest with you. I           toothed person. There are days when I only feel like savoury,
hate losing, I hate being made to look stupid, and both might            but generally I’m very sweet-toothed. So baking cakes I love.
happen today.                                                                What’s your favourite? It’s more a challenging one for
    Yes, this lack of nerves. What’s that about? It’s a weird one.       me: it’s a checkerboard cake. My attempt a few months ago
You have to have nervous energy to perform, because that’s               didn’t come out very well. My Mum is a great, great cook and
what kicks your body into mode. But there’s nervous energy               a great baker; she sort of taught me. She makes the perfect
where people are absolutely bricking it and it’s detrimental, and
guardian.co.uk © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                                           guardian.co.uk
Page  G24 Sport                                                                         Friday October 5 2012              11:46 GMT

checkerboard cake and I just want to perfect that technique.                Are you a boy racer, Greg? I drive relatively fast – within the
Basically when you cut it open it looks like a chess board. It’s       remits of the law, obviously – but I struggle with people who
easier than it sounds but you have to have equipment to do it.         do stupid things on the road. I have a massive urge to shout
    You’ve been spotted lunging and striding up and down            expletives at them.
Westminster Bridge in a bowler hat; are you a Monty Python                 What do you drive? Have you got one of those fancy German
fan? tinyurl.com/8eovref [Laughing] That was a great campaign          cars they were handing out in the summer? At the moment,
with Bupa to get more people active. It’s probably not a direct        I’ve only got a very humble Ford Mondeo. I think there’s a deal
reflection on my TV tastes. My favourite series of all time has        being struck up at the moment with Range Rover, which is
been Band of Brothers. That was amazing, I’ve watched that             quite nice. So that’ll be lovely if that comes together, I’ll be very
so many times. And then recently I’ve just got in to Game of           happy – quite a large upgrade from what I’m currently driving!
Thrones.                                                               No footballer’s lifestyle up until this point.
    And what kinds of film do you like? Generally comedy-based              What was your first car? It was a Vauxhall Corsa. I don’t
things, so, I dunno, Anchorman and things like that are my             think it was even a one-litre, I think it was a 993cc engine. And
favourites, but also anything world war two-based or medieval          I’ll never forget going downhill, frantically trying to break the
… I’m a bit of a history goon and I love all that. Anything that’s     speed limit, because this thing just couldn’t do it. They’re great
medieval-based up until, probably, the Tudor period and just           cars because they just can’t break the speed limit, you’ll never
after, I’m quite in to.                                                get a speeding ticket. I was there going up and down this hill,
    Did you love history at school? It was the one subject that        going ‘Come on now, you can do it’, and it was topping out.
I could really apply myself to because I actually really enjoyed            How are your dogs? Are they about to burst into the room
it. So that and a couple of others, that was sort of my forté, but     and take over the interview? tinyurl.com/9okltvv They’re great.
everything else I let go by the wayside really, I wasn’t as keen.      I just spent the last three days with them because I’ve not
Even though arguably I could have done much better at school,          been very well, I’ve been in bed. [Small Talk rudely misses the
I’d decided at a young age that I was going to be a professional       moment’s pause in which it should have asked if he was feeling
sportsman at some sport. And at that stage there was a bit of          better. Lazy journalism!] They were allowed on the bed, which
luck: I was fortunate to meet the right people at the right time       they’re not normally. They’re very good. They’re mental, but
to get me to where I am now.                                           they’re so much fun.
    So if you were hosting a dinner party for figures from                They’re chocolate labradors, aren’t they, the stupidest of
history, who would be invited? Someone asked me this                   them all? Yeah they are, they’re absolutely ridiculous, the pair
question earlier. Initially I was thinking more about what would       of them.
make interesting conversation. So I was thinking William the                Can you take them training with you? I have done a couple
Conqueror, because basically he created modern day Britain,            of times. The trouble has been that I’ve had one of them run
but whether the conversation would be that good I don’t know           in front of me and I had to slam the brakes on and I bruised my
– obviously my French would be slightly lacking, so I might            heel. This was about three years ago, and after that point I never
need an interpreter. But it probably would be monarchs from            took them to the track. But they’re great for hill sessions.
previous years, so I’d go him; Henry VIII because he’s just an              What would be your perfect evening? It would probably
interesting character, the way he changed when he had his fall         start off with a late afternoon coffee, because I love good coffee.
off of his horse and then turned in to a fat Henry VIII; and then      It’s one of my passions. I recently went to central London to
maybe someone like Queen Victoria. Just thinking about the             get trained up as a barista; eventually I’d love to have my own
way Britain changes hugely in those three moments with those           coffee shop. But anyway, the evening: it would probably be
three monarchs, I’d find it very interesting to pick their brains.     getting a load of mates together and sitting round enjoying
It would be pretty amazing, although I imagine they’d expect           good coffee and good banter. That’s what my ideal day would
some pretty lavish foods.                                              be. [On a burst of Serotonin] Plotting! We like to plot. Andrew
    They’d want a perfect checkerboard cake, that’s for sure.          Steele, who’s one of my very close friends (he’s a 400m runner),
Who’s the most famous person in your phone? My phone’s                 we like to plot and come up with schemes for businesses and
in my bag and I don’t know where my bag’s gone. [Thinking]             inventions.
Probably between Rick Edwards, Amanda Byram . . . there’s                   Right, you’d better get out there and get your backside
going to be somebody shouting at me now because I haven’t              kicked by a teenage Xbox whizz. Thanks for chatting with us. I
thought of them. They’re the two that I can think of off the           know, I know. Talk to you again soon!
top of my head, because they’re people I actually chat to and          • Greg Rutherford was taking part in the #FIFA13CelebCup.
they’ve become mates. Rick I’d known for a while because he            For more details go to www.YouTube.com/EASPORTSfootball
did the commentary for athletics for Channel 4 last year, and I        tinyurl.com/8k76j9x . FIFA 13 is out now on all formats.
got to know him a bit through that. I’ve met lots more people

    Who or what would you put into Room 101? That’s a good
question because I’m normally quite carefree, so I’m
    trying to think what annoys me enough to dump them in
to there. I laugh at most things, even on Twitter. [Small Talk
                                                                         Are you getting the best deal on your
drums its fingers helpfully on the desk] I know! People that
drive very slow in the fast lane and completely and utterly hog
the road. And you’re not in a position to go past them. Yeah,            Compare over 8500 mortgages online to
that’s when I rage. In the car, I do suffer from a bit of road rage.     find the best deal for you.
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                                                                       major bookies, ahead of Orfevre, the Prix Foy winner, who is
                                                                       out to 100-30 in a place.
Ryan Moore is passed fit to ride in the                                    Saonois is a 9-1 chance along with Shareta, with Sea Moon
Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe                                              and Masterstroke, who will represent the French arm of the
                                                                       Godolphin operation, both 10-1.
• Jockey back from injury to ride Sea Moon                                 Pastorius, the German Derby winner, is on course to
• Great Heavens is supplemented for the                                meet Frankel, the world’s top-rated racehorse, in the
                                                                       QIPCO Champion Stakes on Champions Day at Ascot this
                                                                       month following a routine victory in a Group Three race at
Greg Wood                                                             Hoppegarten on Wednesday.
                                                                           “It was another good performance from him and he has
                                                                       come back from the race well,” Mario Hofer, Pastorius’s trainer,
                                                                       said on Thursday. “He won the race in good style, but I think he
                                                                       is a bit better on softer ground than he ran on yesterday.”

                                                                       Michael Chopra corruption case centred
                                                                       on all-weather racing

                                                                       The alleged offences involved in the latest
                                                                       race-fixing charges all took place in low-
                                                                       grade winter Flat races
Ryan Moore has been given the go-ahead to return from injury         Greg Wood
and ride Sea Moon in Sunday’s Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe.
Photograph: Phil Cole/Getty Images
Ryan Moore, who has not ridden in public since injuring a wrist
in a fall at Warwick in August, has been passed fit by the British
Horseracing Authority in time for the mount on Sea Moon for
Sir Michael Stoute in the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe on Sunday.
    Moore could be back in the saddle as early as Friday, as
Stoute has several declared runners at the meetings at Ascot
and Yarmouth. “We can confirm that Ryan Moore has been
passed fit,” Robin Mounsey, the BHA’s spokesman, said on
Thursday evening. “He is free to compete on Friday if he can
pick up a ride.”
    By coincidence, Moore also returned to race-riding after a
significant absence through injury at the same Ascot meeting 12        The alleged offences in the Michael Chopra corruption case
months ago, and then partnered Workforce, who finished down            took place in races on the all-weather. Photograph: Julian
the field in the Arc two days later.                                   Herbert/Action Images
    Sea Moon carries the same colours of Prince Khalid
                                                                       For a six-year-old bay gelding with just half a dozen wins to his
Abdullah, and is likely to start at around 12-1 for Sunday’s race in
                                                                       name, It’s A Mans World has appeared in a surprising number of
Paris. He has not raced since finishing fifth behind Danedream
                                                                       news stories over the course of his 42-race career.
and Nathaniel, both of whom will miss the Arc, when favourite
                                                                          He featured in the case against Maurice Sines, James
for the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes at Ascot in
                                                                       Crickmore and others in December 2011 which resulted in
                                                                       bans totalling nearly 67 years being handed down to the 11
    Great Heavens, this year’s Irish Oaks winner and a full sister
                                                                       individuals involved, although the jockey Kirsty Milczarek
to Nathaniel, was one of three horses added to the field for the
                                                                       subsequently had her two-year suspension overturned. And
Arc at Thursday’s supplementary stage, along with Saonois, the
                                                                       now here he is again, as one of the nine horses in the case
French Derby winner, and Bayrir, the runner-up to Saonois in
                                                                       against nine people, including Andrew Heffernan, a jockey now
the Prix Niel at Longchamp last month.
                                                                       riding in Australia, and two Championship football players,
    “It wasn’t a straightforward decision, but she’s working
                                                                       Michael Chopra and James Coppinger.
nicely and is in good order,” John Gosden, Great Heavens’s
                                                                          This is, it seems, a complete coincidence. It’s A Mans
trainer, said. “They had significant rain in Paris overnight, so a
                                                                       World was the 11-8 favourite when he was laid to lose a race at
few things weighed in favour of running and I think the owners
                                                                       Lingfield in January 2009 by associates of Sines and Crickmore,
[the Rothschild family] have made a very sporting decision to
                                                                       and the 4-1 favourite for the race at Southwell in March 2011
let her take her chance.”
                                                                       which features in the latest case. But it may say something
    In all, there are 18 possible runners in Sunday’s race, with
                                                                       about the strength and depth of competition in all-weather
the draw for stall positions, which can often prove significant,
                                                                       racing, or the lack of it, that the same name has cropped up in
due to be made on Friday. Camelot, the Derby winner, is now
                                                                       two major investigations into alleged corruption and race-
the clear 3-1 favourite for the Arc at the best price available with
guardian.co.uk © Guardian News and Media Limited 2012                                                                        guardian.co.uk
Page 11 G24 Sport                                                                     Friday October 5 2012   11:46 GMT

fixing, in races which were 26 months apart.                           found and exposed.
    The all-weather circuit, which will get fully into its stride in
a month or so, has frequently come to racing’s rescue during
several bitter winters in recent years. Nor is it simply a stop-gap
for the annual whiteouts. The 2013 fixture list, published this
week, includes 307 meetings on all-weather tracks, which is
nearly 35% of all the Flat racing scheduled for next year.
    But the number of corruption cases which have involved
races on the all-weather, particularly during the winter months,
is significant, and it is not difficult to imagine why a potential
cheat might see these races as a soft touch.
    The prize money is low, often only a fraction of the amount
that is turned over on the same race on the Betfair betting
exchange alone, and many of the horses are both slow and
    The overall level of competition is often poor too, which
means that bad horses are chasing bad money at short prices.
In the era of the betting exchanges – which means, to all intents
and purposes, Betfair – it could be possible to win more by
losing a race than by coming home in front. Slow horse loses
bad race – it happens all the time anyway. And if the attention
of much of the racing world is on National Hunt racing in the
months leading up to the Cheltenham Festival in March, so
much the better.
    That, at least, is the theory. But the message that the British
Horseracing Authority will hope to convey if those charged as
a result of its latest investigation are found to be in breach of
the rules of racing is that even if the attention of many punters
is elsewhere, that of the BHA’s compliance officers is certainly
    Looking in on the exchange’s markets from outside, even
minor races such as the nine which feature in this latest case
can seem to be a blizzard of numbers and cash. As the off-time
approaches, the trading becomes ever more frantic, and the
figure at the top of the page which shows the total amount
matched on the race jumps by hundreds or even thousands
every few seconds. No human eye could ever hope to pick a
pattern from the stream of money, prices and trades.
    But the human eye does not need to, because there are
software programs to do it instead. It would be normal practice
for anyone planning to exploit inside information for gain to
spread the money around between several different Betfair
accounts, but if the same accounts are consistently laying
exactly the same horses, and doing so with what appears to be a
golden touch, then Betfair’s internal auditing software will pick
it up, and probably sooner rather than later.
    It might just be an odd coincidence, of course, like It’s A
Mans World’s appearance in yet another set of races linked to
a corruption investigation, and this case has reached only the
stage of charges being laid.
    Those named on Thursday will have the chance to clear their
names at the hearing at a date to be decided, and they may well
defend themselves both vigorously and successfully.
    But as the stalwarts of the winter all-weather circuit prepare
for another four months of regular toil at Lingfield, Southwell,
Kempton and Wolverhampton, the BHA will hope that the
message of the latest set of charges will be as positive as
    Not, in other words, that the all-weather is a messy sandpit
of intrigue and skulduggery, but that the Authority is doing all
it can to ensure that any would-be corruptors of the sport are

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