Statement of Marcia Hendren by 3B4Z110


									                   Summary of Statements of Marcia Hendren
               Eleven Year Veteran Employee of the Banyan Resort
 Now Residing in Mooresville, Indiana during a Conference call whose participants
  were: Directors Bruce Lacey, Charles Turnbaugh, Joe Cimini, Bruce Willis and
  former employees Richard Tidd and Ken Thulin and Other Conversations with
                   Members of the Banyan Board of Directors


Marsha worked for more than eleven years at the Banyan Resort and once considered the
Banyan a wonderful place to work. She once felt a part of a team that worked hard to
provide Banyan Owners with an excellent vacation resort. She especially remembered
when the old management company was removed from operating the Banyan and shut
down the computer system that helped the Banyan operate as they left. The managers of
the Banyan: Marsha, Martin Bettincourt, Andy Borgia, Kevin Tobin, as well as
experienced employee Richard Tidd and TIKI Bar manager David Lucas all worked
together as a team to continue the Banyan in operation. When Julie Crane arrived a few
weeks later as General Manager, she received a warm welcome and all of these
employees thought better times lay ahead and the Banyan thrived. However, after
Hurricane Wilma, Marsha left the Banyan and moved to mainland Florida with her
Husband. After the sudden death of Marsha's husband's in an accident last year, Marsha
eventually sought to return to the Banyan where there had been such a wonderful
working environment. Marsha thought she was going home to the warm and caring
environment that she had left. Marsha rejoined the Banyan in February 2008.

   GM Julie Crane has made working at the Banyan Resort a horrible experience

Although Marsha was again working for Martin Bettincourt and with experienced
employee Richard Tidd, the Banyan had become a horrible place to work. Martin and
Richard were excellent, but General Manager Julie Crane and Assistant Manager Julie
Brown treated the middle level managers (who really do the work) and most of the rest of
the staff "like dirt"… as if they were mere functionaries, with no authority, who were at
the Banyan only to follow the specific orders of "The Julies" regardless of how foolish or
ill founded. There was no effort to renew the team spirit that was present when Marsha
left several years ago. In the seven weeks Marsha worked at the Banyan after returning to
Key West, it was apparent from their actions at work that Julie Crane and Julie Brown
were the closest of friends and were working together primarily to assure that they
continued to run the Banyan and continued to receive the "big bucks" available to
managers of Timeshare Resorts.

 In the Opinion of Marsha Hendren, "The Julies" cannot be relied upon to tell the
                  Truth and Kevin Tobin always tells the Truth.

It was the personal opinion of Marsha Hendren, from what she observed in the seven
weeks before she quit and went to Indiana to live with relatives, Julie Crane and Julie
Brown will say anything and do anything to retain the power and income that managing
the Banyan brings to them. Marsha stated that she would not believe anything they say.
On the other hand, Marsha considered many of the employees at the Banyan to be
completely truthful. She stated that Kevin Tobin, the former Chief of Maintenance,
would not tell a lie. When he spoke to a Board Member, the Board Member should know
that Kevin tells the truth. Kevin Tobin, whom Marsha knew to be an excellent Chief of
Maintenance, has now been fired and escorted from the property by a security guard as if
he were a common thief. Experienced maintenance man Ken Thulin was fired the same
day after he said good things about Kevin to Julie Crane and objected to her practice that
maintenance projects be undertaken without the necessary building or work permits.

Richard Tidd also finally had enough and quit when a tour operator that he knew and
believed would poorly serve customers, at the insistence of Julie Crane, was
recommended to Banyan Owners and Renters.

                 There is no need for an Assistant General Manager

For seven weeks, Marsha worked in the Office of the Banyan Resort and said she does
not know what it is that Assistant General Manager Julie Brown does at the Banyan.
Yes, she orders supplies. However, what she orders is frequently of low quality. The
toilet paper she orders falls apart during use. Owners and renters have to come to the
Office to beg for some shampoo that is always in the room of a respectable resort. The
Banyan Resort has been cheapened by the actions of the Julie's and renters have left after
staying at the Banyan with a poor impression and no desire to return. In Marsha's
opinion, after over eleven years at the Banyan, with seven weeks of recent employment
there, the Banyan is going down hill and only action by an attentive Board of Directors
can make a change.

When Richard Tidd got disgusted and quit, Martin Bettincourt was left to perform
everything that is done in the front office. Marsha stopped in at the time Richard left.
Marsha was no longer on the payroll and available to help but saw Martin working as
hard as he could while the "Two Julies" remained in their absolutely filthy office chatting
among themselves. From what Marsha observed in her most recent seven weeks at the
Banyan, Martin Bettincourt is keeping the Banyan together. She stated she had
concluded it would be better for the Banyan if "The Julies" were no longer there and a
solid, professional manager was operating the resort.

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