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Since 1990, the University of Texas and the Monterrey Institute of Technology have
participated in week-long Resident Assistant exchanges. The short visits allowed
participants the opportunity to learn about different residence hall systems along with
experiencing the customs and culture of Mexico.

In 1999, UT and ITESM expanded the exchange program to include semester long work and
academic opportunities. As part of the general Agreement of Academic and Scientific
Cooperation between UT and ITESM, the department of Residence Life at the University of
Texas is authorized to send up to two Resident Assistants per semester to ITESM.

The purpose of this agreement is to institute a semester long Resident Assistant and
academic exchange between the two institutions. This exchange will provide student
participants an opportunity to work as a Resident Assistant in ITESM's residence halls, and
study in and benefit from the academic and cultural environment of the other institution.
Under the same agreement, The University of Texas will host Resident Assistants from the
Monterrey Institute of Technology.

The exchange is open to eligible Resident Assistants from the University of Texas and
Monterrey Institute of Technology. The exchange shall be limited to two resident
assistants (one male - one female) from each institution per fall and spring semester.

Resident Assistants from UT will be selected in accordance with the below requirements:
Note: When multiple individuals apply for the same semester, consideration will be given to the
date that the RA expresses interest in the program, the date the RA forwards the completed
requirements, the recommendation of the RA’s supervisor, Spanish language proficiency and
participation with the week-long RA exchange program hosted by UT and/or participation in the
exchange program to ITESM.

Study Abroad Program Requirements:                         Residence Life Requirements:

1)      To be eligible for the RA/Academic Exchange        1)      To be eligible for the RA/Academic exchange, you
        between UT and ITESM, you must first apply                 must be in good academic and disciplinary
        and be accepted through the Study Abroad                   standing. (Minimum 2.5 GPA)

2)     The Study Abroad Program requires individuals to    2)      By the start of the exchange program, you must
       attend an information session and submit the                have a minimum of two semesters of Resident
       completed application by:                                   Assistant experience (summer term counts as 1 full
             March 1            Fall Semester
            October 1           Spring Semester            3)      Participants are expected to have Spanish language

3)      Information about Study Abroad Requirements can    4)      By March 1 - Fall Semester, October 1- Spring
       be obtained by calling the Study Abroad Office at           Semester, submit to the Associate Director of
       471-6490, or visiting the following website:                Residence life a letter of interest, a reference letter
                                                                   from your supervisor, and a copy of the essay and                              relevant experience required with your study
                                                                   abroad application.

ITESM will be responsible for                              The RA participant will be responsible
providing:                                                 for:
-    A double room (w/ roommate) and board for each        -    Travel to and from Monterrey Institute of Technology.
     participating UT Resident Assistant.
                                                           -    Attending scheduled Fall/ Spring training workshops.
-    Ninety minutes of free local telephone service per
     month.                                                -    Medical insurance (exchange students will be required
                                                                to purchase medical insurance at the host institution
-    Laundry service, maid service and basic medical            unless they can present evidence of coverage).
     services for the Resident Assistant.
                                                           -    Subsistence costs.
     (participating RA's will not receive monetary
      compensation from ITESM)                             -    Tuition and fees.

-    Monterrey Tech RAs must be eligible for “J-1” Visa    -    Passport

Exchange Coordinators:

University of Texas at Austin                              Monterrey Institute of Technology
Dr. Doug Garrard                                           Ing. Reynold Lizcano
Associate Director, Residence Life                         Director General de Residencias
200 W. Dean Keeton Street                                  E. Garza Sada 2501 Sur
Austin, TX 78713-7666                                      C.P. 65859
                                                           Monterrey, N.L.         Mexico

512-232-2898                                               011-52-83-58-2000         ext. 3560                       
Overview of Process
   1) RA expresses interest and contacts Doug Garrard.
   2) RA completes Study Abroad and Res. Life requirements and submits by deadline.
   3) RA receives written approval from Study Abroad and forwards to Doug Garrard
   4) Doug Garrard contacts the Housing Director at Monterrey Institute of Technology and
      confirms participation
   5) Doug Garrard sends written confirmation of participation in the program
   6) RA confirms plans to return or not return to UT RA staff before departing on exchange

Still interested? Contact Doug Garrard to express your interest and
address any additional questions you may have.

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