Annexure   II (A)          SCOPE OF SERVICES TO BE OFFERED

      Annexure III (A)           TECHNOLOGY SERVICES


      Annexure - V        ELIGIBILE ENTITIES

      Annexure - VI     TECHNICAL BID FORMAT


      Annexure   VIII          OFFER COVERING LETTER



          With a view to ensuring greater financial inclusion and to provide comprehensive financial
services to the underprivileged, particularly in unbanked and under-banked areas, the Public Sector
Banks propose to engage the services of Business Correspondents as permitted by Reserve Bank of
India. The Business Correspondents will render services on behalf of the banks, on contract basis,
through their outlets through use of Information and Communication Technology. The Financial
Inclusion (FI) programs have a larger objective of offering a variety of financial services ranging from
no-frill account with Limited Overdraft, other loan accounts, Fixed Deposit, Recurring Deposit, KCC,
GCC, Remittances, Micro Pension, Micro Insurance, and Mutual Funds etc. The project includes
supply, commissioning, installation, up gradation, customization, integration, operations, services,
maintenance and management of the entire implementation throughout the contract period of 5 years
and which may be extended, subject to mutual agreement, by a further period of 2 years.

         The eligibility criteria, the evaluation process and other terms and c onditions are set out in this
RFP. The RFP is issued on behalf of all Public Sector Banks, Associate Banks of SBI and Regional
Rural Banks covering the habitations mentioned in Annexure I. Banks will enter into contract with the
selected Service Provider on such terms and conditions as contained in this Request for Proposal
(RFP). The Service Provider will act on behalf of the Banks in respect of the specified services and
will not be eligible to claim any benefit except for the fee or commission as may be agreed. The
Service Provider shall not use the trade mark, logo or any proprietary right of the Banks without their
written consent.

         While Punjab National Bank (PNB) is issuing this RFP on behalf of all Public Sector Banks,
Associate Banks of SBI and Regional Rural Banks covering the habitations mentioned in Annexure I,
similar RFPs are expected to be issued by different Leader Banks in different geographies across the
country in due course. In all, it is a condition of this (and the RF Ps to be issued in due course) that no
Service Provider can have more than 6 successful bids across the country excluding the following

 1. Odisha (Odisha + Part of Chhattisgarh)
2. Chhattisgarh
3. North Eastern States
4. Jharkhand + Part of Bihar
5. Punjab + Haryana + J&K + Himachal


Words used in this Request for Proposal shall have the meanings assigned to them hereunder unless
used in a context totally contrary:

         2.1 Area of operation means geographic area allocated to each CSP. Gram Panchayat(s)
will be the unit for operation and each BCA will cover all the villages in the Gram Panchayat(s) allotted
to that CSP. Provided however, in case more than one BCA is allotted for any gram Panchayat, their
respective areas would be specifically defined. Provided further that in case a CSP of another BC

already exists in a village, the CSP of that BC and the CSP of the SP who will be allotted the work
under this RFP may be allowed to work in the same village concurrently.

       2.2 Banks mean any one or more or all the PSBs, Associate Banks of SBI and Regional
Rural Banks.

         2.3 Bid means the offer made by the Bidder in response to this RFP.

       2.4 Bidder means any person/entity who bids for offering services as a Business
Correspondent for the Banks pursuant to the terms of this RFP.

       2.5 Business Correspondent (BC) means any person/entity who is eligible to act as a
business correspondent for the banks under the terms hereof for providing services described in
Annexure II and Annexure III. The eligibility criteria for becoming a BC, other than those mentioned in
paragraph 5 of this document and general guidelines

        2.6 BCA means Agent/Employee of BC operating the CSP. The general guidelines to be
followed by the BC for engaging a BCA are mentioned in Annexure V.

      2.7 Business Correspondent Agreement means the agreement to be executed between the
Banks and the Service Provider containing the terms and conditions on which the Services will be
provided (a model agreement is annexed to this RFP).

        2.8 Customer Service Point (CSP) means the outlet of the Service Provider which will be
providing Banking and financial services.

       2.9 Eligibility Criteria means the criteria required to be satisfied by the Bidder in order to be
engaged as a Service Provider and as per guidelines of RBI and more particularly described to in this

        2.10 Leader Bank means the Bank which floats this RFP for its own as well as for the
requirements of other Public Sector Banks (PSBs) for the habitations specified in Annexure-I.

         2.11 Lead Bank means the Public Sector Bank which convenes SLBC meetings in the

         2.12 NPCI means National Payment Corporation of India.

         2.13 RBI means Reserve Bank of India
         2.14 RFP means this Request for Proposal proposed to be issued on this 7 day of May

       2.15 Services means the services to be provided by the Service Provider pursuant to the
terms of the Service Agreement

      2.16 Service Provider means any person /entity with whom the Bank enters into agreement
for providing services of Business Correspondent with a technology solution as described in the
 Scope of Work in this document.

         2.17 UIDAI means Unique Identification Authority of India


           3.1 This Request for Proposal is being issued by Punjab National Bank (Leader Bank) for
itself and for other PSBs inviting proposal from eligible bidders to be engaged as Service Provider by
the Banks for a period of 5 years for providing services of Business Correspondents i n the habitations
listed in Annexure I to this RFP. The period can be further extended by another two years on the
same terms and conditions with mutual agreement between the banks a nd the successful bidder. The
Leader Bank requests response to this RFP only from those bidders who are eligible as per the
eligibility norms detailed in this RFP.

        3.2 The time schedule for various activities is listed below:

Pre-bid meeting with prospective bidders                    Pre-bid meeting will be held at Chandigarh
                                                            on May21,2012 at 11 AM at the following

                                                            Punjab National Bank:
                                                            FGMO, SCO.31-42,Bank Square,
                                                            Sector-17B, PNB House,
Last date & time for receipt of response to this RFP
together with a Draft / Banker s Cheque for Rs.
10,00,000/- as Earnest Money (refundable only to non-                   8 June 2012 (2:00 pm)
successful bidders) drawn in favor of Punjab National
Bank & payable at Delhi..
Date and time of opening the technical bids                             8 June 2012 (4.00 p.m.)
Date and time of reverse auction                            Date and time of reverse auction: 15 June
                                                            2012. Terms would be advised to successful
                                                            bidders. Bidders may arrange to obtain
                                                            Digital Signatures to participate in the
                                                            reverse auction.

Address for communication                                   The Dy. General Manager
                                                            Punjab National Bank
                                                            Financial Inclusion Division
                                                            Atma Ram House 1, Tolstoy Marg
                                                            New Delhi 10 001
                                                            Phone: 011-23325307

Leader Bank reserves the right to change the dates, timings and venue mentioned above or
elsewhere mentioned in the RFP, which will be communicated by placing the same as corrigendum
under Tender section on the Leader Bank s web-site.

3.3      Disclaimer:

3.3.1 The information contained in this RFP document or any information provided subsequently to
Bidder(s) whether verbally or in documentary form by or on behalf of the Leader Bank, is provided to
the Bidder(s) on the terms and conditions set out in this RFP document and all other terms and
conditions subject to which such information is provided.

3.3.2 This RFP is not an offer by the Leader Bank, but an invitation to offer. The purpose of this RFP
is to provide the Bidder(s) with information to assist the formulation of their proposals. This RFP does

not claim to contain all the information each bidder may require. Each Bidder should conduct its own
investigations and analysis and should check the accuracy, reliability and completeness of the
information in this RFP and where necessary obtain independent advice. Leader Bank makes no
representation or warranty and shall incur no liability under any law, statute, rules or regulations as to
the accuracy, reliability or completeness of this RFP. Leader Bank may in its absolute discretion, but
without being under any obligation to do so, update, amend or supplement the information in this

3.3.3 No contractual obligation, whatsoever, shall arise from the RFP process unless and until a
formal contract is signed and executed by the duly authorized signatories of the Banks and the

3.4 Amendment of Bidding Document:

3.4.1   At any time prior to the deadline for submission of Bids, the Leader Bank, for any reason,
     whether, at its own initiative or in response to a clarification requested by a prospective Bidder,
     may modify the Bidding Document, by amendment.

3.4.2    Notification of amendments will be put up on the Leader Bank s Website and will be binding
     on all Bidders.

3.4.3    In order to allow prospective Bidders reasonable time in which to take the amendment into
     account in preparing their Bids, the Leader Bank, at its discretion, may extend the deadline for a
     reasonable period as decided by the Leader Bank f or the submission of Bids.


4.1      The Service Provider would be required to provide the services, facilities, infrastructure,
technology, etc. listed in Annexures-II (A), II (B), III (A) and III (B) to various Public Sector banks
covering the habitations listed in Annexure-I. The Service Provider shall provide the services through
the BCA/CSP outlets engaged by the Service Provider. The Leader Bank will prescribe the number of
BCA/CSP to be engaged in the area of operation. The Banks will have the option of increasing the
number of CSP outlets up to 50%. List of additional locations where CSPs are to be established will
be advised to the selected bidder by the banks separately, within a period of one year from the date of
award of contract. The banks would further have the option of relocating or discontinuing the CSP
outlets in areas where a bank branch of any bank gets opened during the period of the contract. In
areas where relocation of CSP is suggested due to opening of bank branch, the CSP may be allowed
to continue if the bank and the Service Provider (SP) mutually agree that the CSP will still be viable. It
is essential that the CSP has the required resources to provide the services detailed in Annexure II to
this RFP. New services may be added from time to time as per the instructions of the Bank and with
mutual consent.

4.2      This RFP covers locations mentioned in Annexure I. Banks reserve the right to add up to 50%
locations where CSPs/BCAs are to be set up on the same commercials. However, Banks may, as
part of their urban Financial Inclusion plans, consider request from the selected Service Provider to
set up CSPs in urban locations up to an extent of 20% of rural CSPs operationalised. Commercials for
these urban locations will be as per mutually agreed terms between individual banks and the Service




        5.1 The RFP aims at engaging the Service Provider to offer the services listed in Annexure-II
and Annexure-III in the habitations listed in Annexure-I. Financial strength as detailed below is the
essential criteria for eligibility.

        Financial strength: The bidder should have a minimum Turnover of Rs. 5 crore in any of the
previous three financial years. In case of a wholly owned subsidiary, the turnover of parent/holding
Company will be taken into consideration.

          Neither the bidder nor its promoters and Directors should be defaulters to any financial
institution. The bidder should not have been reported against by any Public Sector Bank to Indian
Banks Association for any malpractice, fraud, poor service, etc.

         Technical capabilities: The bidder should have proven capability to provide robust and
scalable technology to provide services listed in Annexure III (A) and III (B). Successful
implementation of a related project (such as delivery of financial services / products / solutions, card
based solutions, etc.) with a Bank / Financial Institution / Micro Finance Institution either on its own
OR if the bidder has an agreement with a TSP, by the TSP for at least one year is an essential criteria
for the bidder.

        5.2 Bids from persons/entities satisfying the eligibility criteria in this RFP and are capable of
providing full services as mentioned in Annexure II only will be considered for evaluation.


6.1 Submission of bids

         6.1.1 A duly authorized signatory of the Bidder under seal should authenticate all pages in the
Bid. The signatory wherever necessary should submit a copy of the Power of Attorney / Board
Resolution / letter from Director(s) or other relevant document authorizing him/her to sign the above
bid documents on behalf of the Bidder. Responses submitted by a Bidder to this RFP represent a firm
offer to contract on the terms and conditions described in the Bidder s response. The proposal in
original (hard copy) will be accepted. No photocopy/ email of the proposal will be accepted.

         6.1.2 The technical bid should be submitted in hard copy (along with a soft copy) as per
Annexure-VI in sealed envelope, superscribed as Technical Bid along with Earnest Money Deposit
and the offer covering letter as per Annexure-VIII to this RFP within the time stipulated in the RFP.
The indicative commercial bid should be submitted in a separate sealed envelop superscribed
 Indicative Commercial Bid . Both these bids shall be enclosed and sealed in one outer envelope.
This outer envelope should be superscribed with RFP for Business Correspondent Services in the
states of Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and J&K.

Bidder s confirmation of Leader Bank s requirements should be categorical. Violation of these
requirements will disqualify the bidder. Failure to provide information called for or vague response
shall constitute violation of the Bid terms and such bids shall be summarily rejected.

6.2 Deadline for Submission of Bids

6.2.1 Bids should be received by the Leader Bank at the address specified, not later than the date
and time specified. Any Bid received after the deadline for submission of Bids prescribed, will be
rejected and returned unopened to the Bidder.

6.2.2 The Leader Bank may, at its discretion, extend this deadline for submission of Bids by amending
the Bid Documents, in which case, all rights and obligations of the Leader Bank and Bidders
previously subject to the deadline will thereafter be subject to the deadline as extended

6.3              The offer made under the Bid may not be evaluated by the Leader Bank in case of
non-adherence to the format or partial submission of details as per the format. The Leader Bank shall
not allow/permit changes in the Bid once the Bid is submitted. All relevant details that the Bidder
wishes to include in its bid should be submitted along with the offer. Failure to submit this information
along with the offer shall result in disqualification.

6.4    The Bidder shall bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of its Bid and
the Leader Bank will in no case be responsible or liable for these costs, regardless of the conduct or
outcome of the Bidding process.

6.5        The Bid shall be typed or written in indelible ink and shall be signed by the Bidder or a person
or persons duly authorized to bind the Bidder to the Contract. The person or persons signing the Bids
shall initial all pages of the Bids, except for un-amended printed literature.

6.6 Any inter-lineation, erasures or overwriting shall be valid only if they are counter-signed by the
person signing the Bids. The Leader Bank reserves the right to reject bids not conforming to above.

6.7 Validity of bids:

6.7.1 Bids shall remain valid for 365 days from the date of opening of the Bid. A Bid valid for a
shorter period may be rejected by the Leader B ank as non-responsive.

6.7.2 In exceptional circumstances, the Leader Bank may seek the Bidders consent for extension of
the period of validity. The request and the responses thereto shall be made in writing. Retention of
Earnest Money deposit shall also be suitably extended. A Bidder may refuse the request without
forfeiting its Earnest Money Deposit.

6 .8 Earnest Money Deposit

6.8.1 The Bidder will have to deposit Rs. 10,00,000/- (Rupees Ten Lakh only) by an account payee
Draft/Bankers Cheque favoring Punjab National Bank and payable at New Delhi. The Earnest Money
will be refunded to the unsuccessful bidders on completion of the bid process within a month. With
respect to the successful bidder(s), the Earnest Money will be retained till the successful bidder signs
Business Correspondent Agreements with individual banks and submits the security
deposit/performance guarantee as per the requirements of individual banks. The security
deposit/performance guarantee will, however, not be more than Rs.2,000 per CSP outlet.

6.8.2 The EMD may be forfeited:

a) If a Bidder withdraws or amends its Bid during the period of Bid validity specified in paragraph 6.7
above; or

b) If a Bidder makes any statement or encloses any form which turns out to be false/incorrect at any
time prior to signing of Contract; or

c) In the case of a successful Bidder, if the Bidder fails:

(i) To sign the Business Correspondent Agreement(s) with all the Banks within a period of 90 days; or

(ii) To furnish Security/Performance Guarantee to the Banks.

6.9 Technical and Commercial B id:

        6.9.1 The technical Bid should provide complete details sought in the Annexure-VI of this

        6.9.2 The bidder would be paid fixed charges specified in Annexure-IV for the services
mentioned therein. The bidder would be required to offer the commercial bid only for cash handling
services. The rate quoted by the Bidder for cash handling services should be inclusive of all taxes,
duties and levies whatsoever applicable (except Service Tax which will be reimbursed by the banks
on actual basis) for the services proposed to be offered. The rate should be quoted on the basis of
cash handled during each calendar month, i.e. on a monthly basis.

        6.10     Opening of Bids and selection of Service Provider

6.10.1 The technical bids of Bidders who have furnished the EMD of Rs. 10,00,000 will be opened in
the presence of authorized representatives of the Bidders at Punjab National Bank, Atma Ram
House, 1, Tolstoy Marg New Delhi on the date and time specified above at paragraph 3.2 even if the
representative of any bidder does not turn up at the specified time.

6.10.2 The Bidders names, withdrawals and the presence or absence of requisite EMD and such
other details as the Leader Bank, at its discretion, may consider appropriate, will be announced at the
time of Technical Bid opening. No bid shall be rejected at bid opening, except for late bids, which shall
be returned unopened to the Bidder.

6.10.3 The committee formed for evaluating the technical bids (as mentioned below at paragraph
6.10.7) will examine the Bids to determine whether the documents are complete, are in the required
formats documents have been properly signed and the Bi ds are generally in order.

6.10.4 The above mentioned committee may, at its discretion, waive any minor infirmity, non-
conformity, or irregularity in a Bid, which does not constitute a material deviation.

6.10.5 The above mentioned committee will examine whether the Bid and the Bidder is eligible in
terms of the Eligibility Criteria specified in paragraph 5 above and the decision of the Leader Bank
shall be final and binding on all parties.

6.10.6 During evaluation of the Bids, the above mentioned committee, at its discretion, may ask a
bidder for clarification of its bid. The request for clarification and the response shall be in writing, and
no change in the price or substance of the bid shall be sought, offered or permitted.

6.10.7 Evaluation of technology and technical bids will be done by a committee comprising of
members from select participating Banks. The bidders who qualify in the technical bid will be
shortlisted. The Reverse Auction process of bidding will be followed. Only the technically qualified
bidders will be asked to participate in the reverse Auction, which will be conducted for this purpose.
The business rules, term and conditions of the Reverse Auction process will be provided to the
selected bidders in due course.

The L-1 bidder will be determined on the basis of the lowest price quoted in the Reverse Auction.

6.10.8 The bidder quoting the lowest cash handling charges (L1) will be selected in the process to be
engaged as Service Provider. The rates quoted by the Service Provider will be valid for three years
with an increase of 10% after 3 years in the fixed charges as well as rates quoted for cash handling

6.11 Contacting the Bank

No Bidder shall contact the Leader Bank on any matter relating to its Bid, from the time of opening of
Price Bid to the time the Contract is awarded. Any effort by a Bidder to influence the Leader Bank in
its decisions on Bid evaluation, Bid comparison or contract award may result in the rejection of the
Bidder s Bid, including forfeiture of the EMD.

6.12 Leader Bank s right To Accept Any Bid and to reject any or All Bids

6.12.1 The Leader Bank reserves the right to accept or reject any Bid /offer received in part or in full,
and to cancel the Bidding process and reject all Bids at any time prior to contract of award, without
thereby incurring any liability to the affected or Bidder or Bidders or any obligation to inform the
affected Bidder or Bidders of the grounds for the Leader Bank s action. Leader Bank reserves the
right to reject any Bid on security and/or other considerations without assigning any reason.

6.12.2 Leader Bank reserves the right to cancel the entire Bidding/procurement process at any stage
without assigning any reason whatsoever.


        The following terms and conditions underline the terms of this RFP and provide the
understanding between the interested parti es.

7.1     Liabilities of the Leader Bank

        This RFP is not an offer by the Leader Bank, but an invitation for bidder response. No
contractual obligation whatsoever shall arise on any Bank from the RFP process unless and until a
formal contract is signed & executed by duly authorized officers of the banks and the bidder.

7.2   Proposal Process Managemen t

          The Leader Bank reserves the rights to amend, modify, add, delete, accept or cancel, in part
or full, any condition of the RFP without assigning any reason there for at any time during the process.
Each bidder shall be entirely responsible for the costs and expenses incurred while participating in the

7.3   Proposal Format

         As the bidder s proposal is central to the evaluation & selection process, it is important that
the bidder carefully prepares the proposal as per the prescribed formats only. Under no circumstance,
the format can be changed, altered or modified. There should be no hand-written material, correction
or alteration in the offer. Bidders must provide categorical and factual replies to specific questions.
Bidders may provide additional technical literature relating to their proposals but in a separate
annexure. Correct and current technical details must be completely filled in. The annexures to this
RFP shall form integral part of the RFP.

7.4   Ownership

         The RFP and all supporting documents are the sole property of the Leader Bank and violation
of the terms of this RFP will be a breach of trust and breach of the initial contract conditions and the
Leader Bank has a right to initiate any action deemed appropriate. The proposal and all supporting
documentation submitted by bidders shall become the property of the Banks. Unopened bids will be
returned to bidders.


8.1    Contract / Service Agreement
         8.1.1 Upon completion of the selection process, the Leader bank shall arrange for the banks
to enter into agreement with the Service Provider who shall agree to the terms and conditions
stipulated by the Banks which among other conditions will also include the following:

           a. The service provider should agree to the performance standards stipulated by the
              Banks and comply with all the Standard Operating Procedures (SoPs) prescribed by
              the banks.
           b. The service provider should maintain all records and registers as per the instructions
              of the Banks and ensure safe custody of all records and documents.
           c. The Banks shall be entitled to inspect and audit the records maintained by the service
              provider through its officers or auditors / representatives and the service provide shall
              provide access to the officers and representatives of the Banks.
           d. The service provider should allow access to RBI or persons authorized by RBI to
              inspect and access documents / records and obtain copies of records.
           e. It will be the sole responsibility of the Service Provider to provide uninterrupted service
              to the customer in the technology platform provided by them barring unusual situations
              or calamities like flood, earth quake, etc.
           f. The service provider and its representatives should maintain secrecy and
              confidentiality of all records and information in respect of the outsourced service.
           g. The service provider should indemnify the Banks for breach of confidentiality and
              obligations by the service provider, its representatives and agents at the first demand
              by the Banks.
           h. The Service Provider shall indemnify, protect and save the Banks against all claims,
              losses, costs, damages, expenses, action suits and other proceedings, resulting from
              infringement of any law pertaining to patent, trademarks, copyrights etc. or such other
              statutory infringements in respect of all hardware and software used by them.
           i. The service provider should procure necessary licenses, permissions and approvals
              from the competent authority and comply with all applicable laws in respect of
              outsourced service and in relation to the sub-contractors engaged by the service
           j. The SP shall ensure all technology compliances and maintenance requirements as
              may be prescribed by the Banks. Details of Technology Services are furnished in
              Annexure III (A). The Service Provider will also have to meet the prescribed
              requirements that may be stipulated by the banks to be maintained at the CSPs
              (Service Level Agreement is furnished as part of Business Correspondent Agreement).
              A well-defined disaster recovery and business continuity arrangements, both from
              technology as well as from business angle, should be in place as per the satisfaction
              of the concerned Bank. If the SP enters into a separate agreement with any
              Technology Service Provider (TSP), the agreement must be got examined and
              approved by Banks and that agreement must have a clause enabling Banks and/or
              RBI to verify/ audit all the papers/documents, data base, reports, files, etc. relating to
              the transactions/accounts, maintained either manually or through any computer
              system or in any other medium.
           k. The service provider should provide indemnity to the Banks against all claims, costs
              and actions for all commissions and omissions by the service provider and its

           l.   The Banks shall have the right to terminate the agreement by issue of notice without
                assigning reason and also in the case of breach of contractual obligations by the
                service provider.

        8.1.2 A BC agreement format is placed as Annexure IX. The Leader Bank will facilitate
execution of contracts between the Service Provider and the participating banks.

8.2     Penalty for Delay

          Without prejudice to the banks right to terminate the agreement, for any defective service or
inability to provide the service for any reason or for non-functioning of the CSP for any reason,
beyond 5 (five) working days continuously, a penalty @ Rs. 500/- per day (from the 6th day onwards)
will be levied for each of the Customer Service Point.

8.3 Review of Services

        8.3.1 The performance of the Service Provider will be reviewed, CSP wise, by a committee
comprising of Lead Bank and all concerned banks in the district every month initially, and thereafter at
such intervals as the banks may decide. Lead District Manager of the district concerned will be the
coordinator for these review meetings. Overall performance of the Service Provider in the State, Bank
wise, will be reviewed by a committee (State level committee) comprising of Lead Bank and four other
major banks in the State initially at quarterly intervals and at half yearly intervals after one year. A
Steering Committee at branch level consisting of Branch Manager, representative of Service Provider
and the concerned BCAs will also interact every month to identify and address bottlenecks in BC
operation. The banks reserve the right to terminate the contract at any point of time if,

         a. The services are found to be unsat isfactory;
         b. There is a consistent failure to maintain the customer satisfaction;
         c. Desired levels of output by the Service Provider are not met;
         d. There is a discrepancy found in the accounts maintained by the Service Provider and the
         records of the Banks;
         e. The customers serviced by the Service Provider complain to the Banks that the Service
         Provider is inefficient;
         f. There is fraud in the accounts handled by the Service Provider; or
         g. If the NPAs in the loans sourced by BCA are abnormally high, that is,        the percentage
of NPAs in the loans sourced by the BCA is higher than the              Gross NPAs of the branch.
         h. Any other reason which in the opinion of the banks is not conducive to the continuation of
         the Services of the Service Provider.
However, before terminating the contract, the State level committee will give a written notice
specifying the defects in services to the Service Provider and ask him to rectify the defects within a
period of 30 days. In case the defects are not rectified, the contract with the Service Provider will be
terminated for all the PSBs operating in the State. Further, each Bank shall also evaluate the
performance of the Service Provider and if it is found by any Bank that the performance is not
satisfactory on any point mentioned above, that Bank shall be at liberty to terminate the contract after
giving a notice of 30 days.

         8.4.2 It is expected that each BCA will enrol at least 25% of target households in the area of
operation within six months of starting the activity. Each BCA should enrol at least 300 accounts in the
first year of operation. Accounts if any migrated from existing BC/BCA will also be counted for the
purpose of meeting this target. However, no payment will be made towards this acquisition. It is
expected that BCAs are engaged and are activated in the villages listed in Annexure I of this RFP
within six months of award of contract. Shortfall of more than 20% in achieving these two targets will
result in the services being treated as unsatisfactory .

          8.4.3 The Banks shall not be liable for the acts and commission of the BCA engaged by the
Service Provider. The Service Provider is responsible for compliance of all applicable laws and
regulations in relation to the BCA engaged by them and the BCA engaged by the SP shall not be
eligible to claim any benefit or fee or charge from the Banks. The Service Provider is responsible for
all performance of obligations under the agreement and the Banks shall have no obligation towards
the BCA engaged by the Service Provider.

Payment Terms:

        Payment will be made by the Banks on monthly basis in arrears on aggregated basis within
        20 days on submission of invoices by the Service Provider.

    9. Force Majeure

        10.1 The Service Provider or the Banks shall not be liable for default or non-performance of
        the obligations under the c ontract, if such default or non-performance of the obligations under
        this contract is caused by any reason or circumstances or occurrences beyond the control of
        the Service Provider or the banks, i.e. Force Majeure. For the purpose of this clause, Force
        Majeure shall mean an event beyond the control of the parties, due to or as a result of or
        caused by act of God, wars, insurrections, riots, earth quake and fire, revolutions, floods,
        epidemics, quarantine restrictions, trade embargos, declared general strikes in relevant
        industries, satellite failure, act of Govt. of India, events not foreseeable but does not include
        any fault or negligence or carelessness on the part of the parties, resulting in such a situation.
        In the event of any such intervening Force Majeure, either party shall notify the other in writing
        of such circumstances or the cause thereof immediately within five calendar days. Unless
        otherwise directed by the Banks, the Service Provider shall continue to
        perform/render/discharge other obligations as far as they can reasonably be attended/fulfilled
        and shall seek all reasonable alternative means for performance affected by the Event of
        Force Majeure.

        10.2 In such a case, the time for performance shall be extended by a period(s) not less than
        the duration of such delay. If the duration of delay continues beyond a period of 180 days, the
        Banks and the Service Provider shall hold consultations with each other in an endeavour to
        find a solution to the problem. Notwithstanding above, the decision of the Banks shall be final
        and binding on the Service Provider.

        11. Jurisdiction:

        All disputes would be subject to Indian laws and jurisdiction, and settled at courts in New

    12. Compliance with Statutory and Regulatory Provisions It shall be the sole responsibility of
    the Service Provider to comply with all statutory and regulatory provisions while delivering the
    services mentioned in this RFP.

    13. Taxes and Duties

    a. The Service Provider shall be entirely responsible for all applicable taxes, duties, levies,
    charges, license fees, road permits, etc.

    b. Providing clarifications/particulars/documents etc. to the appropriate tax authorities for
    assessment of tax, compliance with labour and other laws, etc will be the responsibility of the
    Service Provider at his cost.

    c. Tax deduction at Source - Wherever the laws and regulations require deduction of such taxes
    at the source of payment, the Banks shall effect such deductions from the payment due to the
    Service Provider. The remittance of amounts so deducted and issuance of certificate for such

deductions shall be made by the Banks as per the laws and regulations in force. Nothing in the
Contract shall relieve the Service Provider from his responsibility to pay any tax that may be
levied in India on income and profi ts made by the Service Provider in respect of this contract.


     Details o f the number of Habitations to be covered by the Service Provider

     Sr.      Villages with 2,000 and              Villages with population
     No.      more population                      between 1,000 and 2,000

                             4256                                532                                    4788

     # List of these villages is given in the succeeding pages.

     List of additional villages, if any, to be allotted by individual banks will be furnished to the successful
     bidder at a later date.

                   List of Villages in Haryana, Punjab, J & K and HP with Population of 2000 and above

S No       State          Name of the Bank      Village Name            District Name            Block Name    Popula
1          Haryana        Allahabad Bank        Tikola                  Sonipat                  Sonipat       2113
2          Haryana        Allahabad Bank        Dhurala                 Ambala                   Saha          2160
3          Haryana        Allahabad Bank        Kanwali                 Jhajjar                  Kharkhoda     2178
4          Haryana        Allahabad Bank        Mandhori                Jhajjar                  Kharkhoda     2205
5          Haryana        Allahabad Bank        Thrwa                   Ambala                   Ambala-1      2233
6          Haryana        Allahabad Bank        Jafarpur                Ambala                   Barara        2265
7          Haryana        Allahabad Bank        Mehandipur              Sonipat                  Sonipat       2450
8          Haryana        Allahabad Bank        Begumpur                Ambala                   Ambala-1      2500
9          Haryana        Allahabad Bank        Sardehri                Ambala                   Barara        2795
10         Haryana        Allahabad Bank        Lahadpur                Yamuna NAGAR             Sadhaura      3000
11         Haryana        Allahabad Bank        Sadiqpur                Yamuna NAGAR             Sadhaura      3000
12         Haryana        Allahabad Bank        Dhanura                 Ambala                   Saha          3106
13         Haryana        Allahabad Bank        Bahanola                Jhajjar                  Jhajjar       3111
14         Haryana        Allahabad Bank        Kheri Jat               Jhajjar                  Jhajjar       3316
15         Haryana        Allahabad Bank        Jainpur                 Sonipat                  Sonipat       3459
16         Haryana        Allahabad Bank        Mehmudpur               Yamuna NAGAR             Sadhaura      4000
17         Haryana        Allahabad Bank        Badhani                 Jhajjar                  Jhajjar       4157
18         Haryana        Allahabad Bank        Machhonda               Ambala                   Ambala-2      4317
19         Haryana        Allahabad Bank        Sambhalka               Ambala                   Saha          4444
20         Haryana        Allahabad Bank        Malikpur                Sonipat                  Sonipat       4674
21         Haryana        Allahabad Bank        Hanheri                 Ambala                   Ambala-3      5315

22   Haryana   Allahabad Bank   Thankala           Jhajjar      Kharkhoda     7358
23   Haryana   Allahabad Bank   Manhoti            Sonipat      Bahadurgarh   10660
24   Haryana   BOB              Kultaran           Kaithal      Kaithal       2180
25   Haryana   BOB              Bhatol Rangran     Hisar        Hansi II      2405
26   Haryana   BOB              Dharam Kheri       Hisar        Hansi II      2923
27   Haryana   BOB              Khar Khara         Hisar        Hansi II      3492
28   Haryana   BOB              Bhaklana           Hisar        Hansi II      3864
29   Haryana   BOB              Badala             Hisar        Hansi II      4592
30   Haryana   BOB              Sisar              Hisar        Hansi II      4661
31   Haryana   Bank Of India    Radhana            Jind         Jind          2090
32   Haryana   Bank Of India    Ashrafgarh         Jind         Jind          2150
33   Haryana   Bank Of India    Pindara            Jind         Jind          2200
34   Haryana   Bank Of India    Kharakramji        Jind         Jind          2300
35   Haryana   Bank Of India    Bherian            Hisar        Hisar         3200
36   Haryana   Bank Of India    Badrola            Faridabad    Faridabad     3200
37   Haryana   Bank Of India    Banisarawali       Faridabad    Faridabad     3400
38   Haryana   Bank Of India    Muklan             Hisar        Hisar         3500
39   Haryana   Bank Of India    Khusropur          Palwal       Palwal        3580
40   Haryana   Bank Of India    Chamaria           Rohtak       Rohtak        3850
41   Haryana   Bank Of India    Panihar Chak       Hisar        Hisar         4000
42   Haryana   Bank Of India    Taprana            Karnal       Karnal        4100
43   Haryana   Bank Of India    Gawar              Hisar        Hisar         4200
44   Haryana   Bank Of India    Sotai              Ballabgarh   Ballabgarh    4200
45   Haryana   Bank Of India    Gorchhi            Hisar        Hisar         4300
46   Haryana   Bank Of India    Bhuapur            Faridabad    Faridabad     4300
47   Haryana   Bank Of India    Bahbalpur          Ballabgarh   Ballabgarh    4300
48   Haryana   Bank Of India    Kutani             Panipat      Panipat       4800
49   Haryana   Bank Of India    Tigaon             Faridabad    Faridabad     21117
50   Haryana   Bank of          Luksar             Jhajjar      Bahadurgarh   2200
51   Haryana   Bank of          Karna              Palwal       Palwal        10000
52   Haryana   Canara Bank      CHIRWARI           PALWAL       PALWAL        2017
53   Haryana   Canara Bank      NAWADA FATEHPUR    GURGAON      GURGAON       2169
54   Haryana   Canara Bank      GARNALA            AMBALA       NARAYANGAR    2190
55   Haryana   Canara Bank      SAHARANWA          AMBALA       REWARI        2379
56   Haryana   Canara Bank      GANJBARH           AMBALA       PANIPAT       2451
57   Haryana   Canara Bank      KACHROLI           AMBALA       PANIPAT       2550

58   Haryana   Canara Bank   BAPA                AMBALA        RADAUR       2553
59   Haryana   Canara Bank   SARSA               BHIWANI       BHIWANI      2559
60   Haryana   Canara Bank   KHERI DABDALAN      BHIWANI       BABAIN       2566
61   Haryana   Canara Bank   ASHAIKE GORAWAS     REWARI        REWARI       2614
62   Haryana   Canara Bank   MAHESHWARI          REWARI        REWARI       2644
63   Haryana   Canara Bank   JAIDHAR             YAMUNANAGAR   BILASPUR     2650
64   Haryana   Canara Bank   NAHEDA              YAMUNANAGAR   PUNHANA      2663
65   Haryana   Canara Bank   BRAHMANMAJRA        YAMUNANAGAR   PANIPAT      2676
66   Haryana   Canara Bank   NALOI               YAMUNANAGAR   BHIWANI      2698
67   Haryana   Canara Bank   BHAINDOLI           YAMUNANAGAR   HASSANPUR    2725
68   Haryana   Canara Bank   BUROLI              YAMUNANAGAR   PANIPAT      2766
69   Haryana   Canara Bank   DIDWARI             PANIPAT       PANIPAT      2801
70   Haryana   Canara Bank   TIRWARA             PANIPAT       PUNHANA      2801
71   Haryana   Canara Bank   GARHI ALAWALPUR     PANIPAT       REWARI       2847
72   Haryana   Canara Bank   KAKROLA             PANIPAT       GURGAON      2919
73   Haryana   Canara Bank   MEHRA**             PANIPAT       BABAIN       2969
74   Haryana   Canara Bank   BADROLA##           FARIDABAD     BALLABHGAR   3000
75   Haryana   Canara Bank   KITHWARI            FARIDABAD     PALWAL       3034
76   Haryana   Canara Bank   GUDHA               KURUKHETRA    BABAIN       3036
77   Haryana   Canara Bank   GILHOR              KURUKHETRA    RADAUR       3058
78   Haryana   Canara Bank   JADRA               KURUKHETRA    REWARI       3092
79   Haryana   Canara Bank   PUNDRAK**           KURUKHETRA    KARNAL       3180
80   Haryana   Canara Bank   MEHRANA             KURUKHETRA    PANIPAT      3309
81   Haryana   Canara Bank   TAKHANA KHALSA      KURUKHETRA    NILOKHERI    3359
82   Haryana   Canara Bank   GARHI BHARAL        KURUKHETRA    GHARAUNDA    3392
83   Haryana   Canara Bank   DADAULI             MEWAT         PUNHANA      3629
84   Haryana   Canara Bank   DERA SANJAY NAGAR   KARNAL        GHARAUNDA    3680
85   Haryana   Canara Bank   GULWAD              KARNAL        HASSANPUR    4100
86   Haryana   Canara Bank   BALAUR              JHAJJAR       BAHADURGA    4100
87   Haryana   Canara Bank   BURSHAM             JHAJJAR       PANIPAT      4205
88   Haryana   Canara Bank   REWARI              JHAJJAR       BHIWANI      4335
89   Haryana   Canara Bank   FARIDPUR            JHAJJAR       GHARAUNDA    4340
90   Haryana   Canara Bank   PUNDRI              JHAJJAR       GHARAUNDA    4481
91   Haryana   Canara Bank   DAHAR               JHAJJAR       PANIPAT      6278
92   Haryana   Canara Bank   CHUHR MAJRA         KAITHAL       PUNDRI       6500
93   Haryana   Canara Bank   GURANA**            HISAR         BARWALA      9200

94    Haryana   CBI   Chhakundi               Kurukshetra    Ladwa        2017
95    Haryana   CBI   Bakana                  Kurukshetra    Shahbad      2061
96    Haryana   CBI   Aulant                  Rewari         Jatusana     2085
97    Haryana   CBI   Holy                    Ambala         Barara       2086
98    Haryana   CBI   Ghararsi                Kurukshetra    Thanesar     2097
99    Haryana   CBI   Manka Mai               Ambala         Barara       2112
100   Haryana   CBI   Chapra                  Sonepat        Kathura      2122
101   Haryana   CBI   Durgapur                Palwal         Palwal       2145
102   Haryana   CBI   Dehar                   Ambala         Naraingarh   2151
103   Haryana   CBI   Ferozabad               Sirsa          Rania        2167
104   Haryana   CBI   Banda Heri (Lal Pura)   Hissar         Hansi        2174
105   Haryana   CBI   Jhanj Khurd             Jind           Jind         2203
106   Haryana   CBI   Dhanota                 Mahendergarh   Narnaul      2228
107   Haryana   CBI   Bambhol                 Yamuna Nagar   Jagadhri     2238
108   Haryana   CBI   Kheri Togga             Sonepat        Gannaur      2238
109   Haryana   CBI   Nain                    Panipat        Madlauda     2271
110   Haryana   CBI   Maroli                  Mahendergarh   Narnaul      2274
111   Haryana   CBI   Joshi                   Panipat        Madlauda     2275
112   Haryana   CBI   Chandni                 Bhiwani        Dadri II     2337
113   Haryana   CBI   Kharkari Sohan          Bhiwani        Tosham       2371
114   Haryana   CBI   Surakhpur Tappa Ha      Jhajjar        Jhajjar      2380
115   Haryana   CBI   Tumna                   Rewari         Nahar        2398
116   Haryana   CBI   Koleriaherdi            Karnal         Gharaunda    2400
117   Haryana   CBI   Dhanana                 Sonepat        Kathura      2421
118   Haryana   CBI   Rajpura                 Palwal         Palwal       2425
119   Haryana   CBI   Kumaharia               Fatehabad      Fatehabad    2440
120   Haryana   CBI   Chirasmi                Sonepat        Gannaur      2440
121   Haryana   CBI   Mangoli Jattan          Kurukshetra    Ladwa        2455
122   Haryana   CBI   Siswala                 Bhiwani        Dadri II     2459
123   Haryana   CBI   Jhojhu Khurd            Bhiwani        Dadri II     2470
124   Haryana   CBI   Gudana                  Bhiwani        Dadri II     2474
125   Haryana   CBI   Mehrana                 Bhiwani        Dadri I      2475
126   Haryana   CBI   Garhsharnai             Panipat        Panipat      2500
127   Haryana   CBI   Salphani                Kurukshetra    Thanesar     2536
128   Haryana   CBI   Khera                   Karnal         Indri        2547
129   Haryana   CBI   Sohana                  Ambala         Barara       2550
130   Haryana   CBI   Dingar Majra            Karnal         Gharaunda    2559

131   Haryana   CBI   Masit              Rewari         Jatusana     2559
132   Haryana   CBI   Kharakheri         Fatehabad      Fatehabad    2579
133   Haryana   CBI   Gothratappa        Rewari         Jatusana     2581
134   Haryana   CBI   Jhanj Kalan        Jind           Jind         2597
135   Haryana   CBI   Alupar             Panipat        Madlauda     2610
136   Haryana   CBI   Jhabla             Karnal         Assand       2623
137   Haryana   CBI   Sultanpuria        Sirsa          Rania        2641
138   Haryana   CBI   Pakhana            Karnal         Nilokheri    2666
139   Haryana   CBI   Nauhra             Panipat        Madlauda     2668
140   Haryana   CBI   Ferozepur Bangar   Sonepat        Kharkkhoda   2698
141   Haryana   CBI   Bambholi           Yamuna Nagar   Jagadhri     2742
142   Haryana   CBI   Rambass            Mahendergarh   Narnaul      2804
143   Haryana   CBI   Bali Kutabpur      Sonepat        Gannaur      2809
144   Haryana   CBI   Kamuda             Kurukshetra    Thanesar     2811
145   Haryana   CBI   Ratak              Karnal         Assand       2821
146   Haryana   CBI   Mouju Khera        Sirsa          Ellenabad    2849
147   Haryana   CBI   Sehri              Sonepat        Kharkkhoda   2969
148   Haryana   CBI   Kharkari Makwan    Bhiwani        Tosham       3017
149   Haryana   CBI   Lohara             Kurukshetra    Ladwa        3019
150   Haryana   CBI   Dhanoor            Sirsa          Rania        3054
151   Haryana   CBI   Dhos               Kaithal        Kaithal      3067
152   Haryana   CBI   Naina              Kaithal        Kaithal      3081
153   Haryana   CBI   Teora              Kurukshetra    Shahbad      3292
154   Haryana   CBI   Bhandari           Panipat        Madlauda     3311
155   Haryana   CBI   Nimly              Bhiwani        Dadri I      3316
156   Haryana   CBI   Ahun               Kaithal        Pundri       3325
157   Haryana   CBI   Dhotar             Sirsa          Rania        3328
158   Haryana   CBI   Kajalheri          Fatehabad      Fatehabad    3340
159   Haryana   CBI   Sankror            Bhiwani        Dadri I      3357
160   Haryana   CBI   Bataur             Panchkula      Barwala      3379
161   Haryana   CBI   Lisan              Rewari         Jatusana     3543
162   Haryana   CBI   Pipli              Sonepat        Kharkkhoda   3553
163   Haryana   CBI   Kutub Pura         Hissar         Hansi        3728
164   Haryana   CBI   Lali               Fatehabad      Ratia        3771
165   Haryana   CBI   Nidani             Jind           Nidana       3971
166   Haryana   CBI   Bani               Kurukshetra    Ladwa        4129
167   Haryana   CBI   Bhurain            Jind           Pilukhera    4216

168   Haryana   CBI                Saidpur           Sonepat     Kharkkhoda    4267
169   Haryana   CBI                Barsola           Jind        Jind          4305
170   Haryana   CBI                Daboda Khurd      Jhajjar     Bahadurgarh   4341
171   Haryana   CBI                Padhana           Karnal      Nilokheri     4657
172   Haryana   CBI                Gadhauli          Ambala      Naraingarh    4674
173   Haryana   CBI                Ataula            Panipat     Madlauda      4711
174   Haryana   CBI                Ahulana           Sonepat     Gannaur       5015
175   Haryana   CBI                Mundri            Kaithal     Kaithal       5113
176   Haryana   CBI                Bega              Sonepat     Gannaur       5518
177   Haryana   CBI                Kiwana            Panipat     Samalkha      5575
178   Haryana   CBI                Mehrana           Jhajjar     Jhajjar       5645
179   Haryana   CBI                Kharak Pandwan    Kaithal     Kalayat       5747
180   Haryana   CBI                Barana            Panipat     Panipat       5775
181   Haryana   CBI                Seenk             Panipat     Madlauda      6000
182   Haryana   CBI                Nara              Panipat     Madlauda      6098
183   Haryana   CBI                Sajuma            Kaithal     Kalayat       6101
184   Haryana   CBI                Bir Dhana         Jhajjar     Jhajjar       6195
185   Haryana   CBI                Dataulil          Sonepat     Gannaur       6250
186   Haryana   CBI                Kotli             Sirsa       Sirsa         6376
187   Haryana   CBI                Dhanana Uldepur   Sonepat     Kathura       6637
188   Haryana   CBI                Khanak            Bhiwani     Tosham        6828
189   Haryana   CBI                Talu              Bhiwani     Bhiwani       7593
190   Haryana   CBI                Kalwan            Jind        Pilukhera     7936
191   Haryana   Corporation Bank   Bhoj Rajpura                  Morni         2347
192   Haryana   Corporation Bank   Bhoj Nagal                    Morni         2959
193   Haryana   Corporation Bank   Bhoj Mataur       Panchkula   Morni         3060
194   Haryana   Corporation Bank   Rawat Khera       Hissar      Hisaar- I     3897
195   Haryana   Corporation Bank   Ladpuri                       Bahadurgarh   3997
196   Haryana   Corporation Bank   Banbhinari        Gurgaon     Gurgaon       4681
197   Haryana   Corporation Bank   Gubhana           Jhajjar     Bahadurgarh   4699
198   Haryana   Corporation Bank   Pelhpa                        Bahadurgarh   4761
199   Haryana   Corporation Bank   Kalron                        Gharounda     5001
200   Haryana   Corporation Bank   Arainpura         Karnal      Gharounda     8079
201   Haryana   Corporation Bank   Khudakalan        Ambala      A.Cantt.      2071
202   Haryana   Indian Bank        Talao             Jhajjar     Jhajjar       2250
203   Haryana   Indian Bank        Sallarheri        Ambala      A.Cantt.      2453
204   Haryana   Indian Bank        Navrangpur        Gurgaon     Gurgaon       2500

205   Haryana   Indian Bank   Kalarheri           Ambala         A.Cantt.      2970
206   Haryana   Indian Bank   Rajapur             Panipat        Panipat       3850
207   Haryana   Indian Bank   Mohri               Ambala         A.Cantt.      4000
208   Haryana   Indian Bank   Tundla              Ambala         Ambala        4226
209   Haryana   Indian Bank   Dukheri             Ambala         A.Cantt.      8000
210   Haryana   Indian Bank   Pallubus            Bhiwani        Bhiwani       13000
211   Haryana   IOB           BIKANER             Rewari         Rewari        2176
212   Haryana   IOB           MANDKOLA            Palwal         Hatim         2342
213   Haryana   IOB           DEVLI               Palwal         Mankohli      2783
214   Haryana   OBC           Kheri Batar                                      2021
215   Haryana   OBC           bibipur brahman                                  2060
216   Haryana   OBC           Pangala                                          2081
217   Haryana   OBC           Khurdban                           Radaur        2084
218   Haryana   OBC           Lovakalan                                        2113
219   Haryana   OBC           Kharakgadian                       Saffidon      2131
220   Haryana   OBC           Doharkala           Mahendergarh   Narnaul       2145
221   Haryana   OBC           badarpur                           Indri         2150
222   Haryana   OBC           Issarkheri          Jhajjar        Bahadurgarh   2158
223   Haryana   OBC           Soodpur                            Shahabad      2200
224   Haryana   OBC           Loharkheri Dakora                                2209
225   Haryana   OBC           Sehnal                             Ratia         2260
226   Haryana   OBC           nagla rodan                                      2300
227   Haryana   OBC           Asadpur             Sonepat        Rai           2309
228   Haryana   OBC           Takhatmal                          Odhan         2436
229   Haryana   OBC           Puthi                              Gohana        2437
230   Haryana   OBC           Khanpur Ghat                                     2483
231   Haryana   OBC           Brarkhera                          Julana        2489
232   Haryana   OBC           Kaimla                                           2500
233   Haryana   OBC           Asrafpur Mathindy                  Kharkhoda     2604
234   Haryana   OBC           Mandoli             Yamunanagar    Jagadhari     2609
235   Haryana   OBC           Kailana                                          2635
236   Haryana   OBC           Bajna Khurd                                      2664
237   Haryana   OBC           Jajanpur                                         2671
238   Haryana   OBC           Teha                               Ganaur        2699
239   Haryana   OBC           Amani               Fatehabad      Tohana        2699
240   Haryana   OBC           Bhaindoli                          Hasanpur      2725
241   Haryana   OBC           Kheri Bura                                       2727

242   Haryana   OBC   Makinpur                                      2769
243   Haryana   OBC   Mittanpur                                     2812
244   Haryana   OBC   Ram Nagar                                     2837
245   Haryana   OBC   Dakora                                        2841
246   Haryana   OBC   Narwal                                        2852
247   Haryana   OBC   Koel                                          2909
248   Haryana   OBC   Butani                                        2940
249   Haryana   OBC   J Kalan            Panipat        Israna      2960
250   Haryana   OBC   Badarpur           Mewat          Nagina      2965
251   Haryana   OBC   sirsala            Kurukheshtra   thanesar    2975
252   Haryana   OBC   Khari Sureran                                 2983
253   Haryana   OBC   Dandlan                           BERI        2986
254   Haryana   OBC   guniana                           nissang     3000
255   Haryana   OBC   Sanpera                                       3003
256   Haryana   OBC   Girawar                           Jhajjar     3010
257   Haryana   OBC   Kundal                                        3012
258   Haryana   OBC   Ramgarh                                       3035
259   Haryana   OBC   Ahmedpur           Sirsa          Sirsa       3050
260   Haryana   OBC   Dangra                                        3054
261   Haryana   OBC   Mithi Suteran                                 3057
262   Haryana   OBC   subri              Ambala         barara      3103
263   Haryana   OBC   Bhambewa                                      3111
264   Haryana   OBC   Singar                                        3118
265   Haryana   OBC   Gudhrana                                      3155
266   Haryana   OBC   Baroli                                        3157
267   Haryana   OBC   Rod                                           3190
268   Haryana   OBC   Dhani Jatan                       Ellenabad   3192
269   Haryana   OBC   Rampur                                        3203
270   Haryana   OBC   Ritoli                                        3238
271   Haryana   OBC   Shamdo             Jind           Alewa       3257
272   Haryana   OBC   Pajukalan                                     3261
273   Haryana   OBC   tandwal                                       3348
274   Haryana   OBC   dabkoli kalan                                 3670
275   Haryana   OBC   Mitrol                                        3705
276   Haryana   OBC   Karad                                         3705
277   Haryana   OBC   Marora                                        3841
278   Haryana   OBC   Mameran Khurd                                 3851

279   Haryana   OBC   Puguthala                                       3859
280   Haryana   OBC   Zhimrawat                                       3981
281   Haryana   OBC   Kalyana            Bhiwani       Dadri          4018
282   Haryana   OBC   Goria                                           4031
283   Haryana   OBC   Nilothi Dakora                                  4133
284   Haryana   OBC   Gopalpur                                        4243
285   Haryana   OBC   Buana                                           4268
286   Haryana   OBC   Chorkarsa                                       4352
287   Haryana   OBC   Bareta                           Narwana        4369
288   Haryana   OBC   Lohgarh                          Dabawali       4381
289   Haryana   OBC   Ghimana                                         4400
290   Haryana   OBC   Dubaldhan Siwan                                 4414
291   Haryana   OBC   Khorda                           Matanhel       4445
292   Haryana   OBC   bastali                                         4500
293   Haryana   OBC   Rithat                                          4645
294   Haryana   OBC   Siha                                            4655
295   Haryana   OBC   Bir Bangra                       Rajound        4683
296   Haryana   OBC   Loan                             Narwana        4716
297   Haryana   OBC   Baswan                           Hodal          5314
298   Haryana   OBC   Litani             Hissar        Uklana Mandi   5470
299   Haryana   OBC   Uplana                                          5483
300   Haryana   OBC   Bhaini Surjan      Rohtak        Meham          5527
301   Haryana   OBC   Makroli Kalan                    Rohtak         5643
302   Haryana   OBC   Bharan                                          5728
303   Haryana   OBC   Ajayab                                          5783
304   Haryana   OBC   Bastara            Karnal        Gharaunda      6000
305   Haryana   OBC   Igrah                            Jind           6011
306   Haryana   OBC   Singhana                                        6187
307   Haryana   OBC   Bhawad                           Kathura        6491
308   Haryana   OBC   Chochra                          Assandh        6622
309   Haryana   OBC   Chhainsa           Palwal        Hathin         7745
310   Haryana   OBC   Dubaldhan Mazra                                 8546
311   Haryana   OBC   Barakhana Gughan                                8607
312   Haryana   OBC   Kharal                                          8711
313   Haryana   OBC   Pabnaba            Kaithal       Pundri         11608
314   Haryana   OBC   Shamsabad          Palwal        Palwal         12079
315   Haryana   PSB   Landha             Distt Amala   Saha           2000

316   Haryana   PSB   Kawalgarh         Fatehabad     Rattia         2012
317   Haryana   PSB   haldhari          Distt Amala   Saha           2033
318   Haryana   PSB   Kamana            Fatehabad     Rattia         2110
319   Haryana   PSB   Unheri            YamunaNagar   Radaur         2136
320   Haryana   PSB   Paniwalamorek     Sirsa         Dabawali       2163
321   Haryana   PSB   Alawla            Karnal        Assand         2182
322   Haryana   PSB   PaKKakhera        Karnal        Assand         2196
323   Haryana   PSB   Jogiwal           Sirsa         Dabwali        2221
324   Haryana   PSB   Thari             Karnal        Assand         2281
325   Haryana   PSB   Tharpur Kalan     YamunaNagar   Chhachhroli    2297
326   Haryana   PSB   Mehmedpur         Fatehabad     Rattia         2477
327   Haryana   PSB   Hshlana           Karnal        Nissang        2494
328   Haryana   PSB   Shekhpura         Karnal        Assand         2615
329   Haryana   PSB   Raghnana          Sirsa         Baraguda       2652
330   Haryana   PSB   Nandal            Rohtak        Lakhan Majra   2785
331   Haryana   PSB   Badalgarh         Fatehabad     Rattia         2855
332   Haryana   PSB   Balu              Karnal        Nissang        2866
333   Haryana   PSB   Batori            Rewari        Khol           2948
334   Haryana   PSB   UchaChandna       YamunaNagar   Mustfabad      3077
335   Haryana   PSB   Haluwas           Bhiwani       Bhiwani        3224
336   Haryana   PSB   Biruwall Gudha    Sirsa         Baraguda       3258
337   Haryana   PSB   Garhi             Panchkula     Raipur Rani    3373
338   Haryana   PSB   Kurlan            Karnal        Assand         3788
339   Haryana   PSB   Majra             Distt Amala   Sahazadpur     4042
340   Haryana   PSB   Ardana            Karnal        Assand         6432
341   Haryana   PSB   Kaimri            Hissar        Hissar I       7204
342   Haryana   PNB   Alimohammad       Sirsa                        1893
343   Haryana   PNB   Dabkheri          Kurukshetra                  2005
344   Haryana   PNB   Kalba             Narnaul                      2006
345   Haryana   PNB   Ajrawar           Kurukshetra                  2006
346   Haryana   PNB   Gosaiana          Sirsa                        2007
347   Haryana   PNB   Ghurshal          Hissar                       2007
348   Haryana   PNB   DHODPUR           Panipat                      2007
349   Haryana   PNB   Bhiwan            Sirsa                        2008
350   Haryana   PNB   Mund              Karnal                       2008
351   Haryana   PNB   Bir Hansi         Hissar                       2009
352   Haryana   PNB   Mandhar           Yamunanagar                  2009

353   Haryana   PNB   Kheri Safa         Jind          2009
354   Haryana   PNB   Kheri              Sirsa         2016
355   Haryana   PNB   HASANGARH          Sonepat       2019
356   Haryana   PNB   Sarai Aurangabad   Jhajjar       2020
357   Haryana   PNB   Sahanpur           Jind          2023
358   Haryana   PNB   Dabal              Narnaul       2028
359   Haryana   PNB   DHAMALA            Panchkula     2028
360   Haryana   PNB   Fatepouria         Sirsa         2036
361   Haryana   PNB   Surpura Lalan      Bhiwani       2036
362   Haryana   PNB   Nangal Jamalpur    Rewari        2037
363   Haryana   PNB   GHEL               Ambala        2041
364   Haryana   PNB   Malikpur           Kaithal       2044
365   Haryana   PNB   Nainsukhpura       Rewari        2046
366   Haryana   PNB   Mithri             Sirsa         2048
367   Haryana   PNB   Ganda              Fatehabad     2049
368   Haryana   PNB   KHERI DAHIYA       Sonepat       2057
369   Haryana   PNB   Janghari           Karnal        2057
370   Haryana   PNB   KHANPUR KHURD      Sonepat       2059
371   Haryana   PNB   Batheri            Kurukshetra   2059
372   Haryana   PNB   Amboli             Jhajjar       2060
373   Haryana   PNB   Topra              Yamunanagar   2061
374   Haryana   PNB   Mubarkabad         Karnal        2071
375   Haryana   PNB   TIPRA              Panchkula     2074
376   Haryana   PNB   Khorda             Bhiwani       2079
377   Haryana   PNB   Budeen             Narnaul       2085
378   Haryana   PNB   Khurd              Rewari        2086
379   Haryana   PNB   Dochana            Narnaul       2091
380   Haryana   PNB   Dayalgarh          Yamunanagar   2097
381   Haryana   PNB   Chhitroli          Narnaul       2105
382   Haryana   PNB   Khanpur Kolian     Kurukshetra   2109
383   Haryana   PNB   Bir Kalwa          Kurukshetra   2112
384   Haryana   PNB   Dariyawala         Jind          2119
385   Haryana   PNB   Bhankari           Narnaul       2121
386   Haryana   PNB   Munda Khera        Jhajjar       2123
387   Haryana   PNB   Ganauli            Yamunanagar   2131
388   Haryana   PNB   Rewari Khera       Jhajjar       2132

389   Haryana   PNB   Habitpur            Yamunanagar   2138
390   Haryana   PNB   Harisinghpura       Karnal        2140
391   Haryana   PNB   N. Katha            Narnaul       2141
392   Haryana   PNB   Modiakhera          Sirsa         2143
393   Haryana   PNB   Jhamri              Jhajjar       2149
394   Haryana   PNB   MEHMOODPUR          Sonepat       2150
395   Haryana   PNB   SIWANAMAL           Sonepat       2150
396   Haryana   PNB   Sangatpura          Jind          2155
397   Haryana   PNB   Munarheri           Kaithal       2156
398   Haryana   PNB   Bakhli              Kurukshetra   2160
399   Haryana   PNB   Palwal              REHRANA       2160
400   Haryana   PNB   Kalari Jagir        Karnal        2163
401   Haryana   PNB   Palwal              GHAGHOT       2168
402   Haryana   PNB   Jhal                Rewari        2172
403   Haryana   PNB   Harnauli            Yamunanagar   2175
404   Haryana   PNB   Rampura Bisnoia     Sirsa         2179
405   Haryana   PNB   Lad                 Bhiwani       2181
406   Haryana   PNB   Kukhni              Karnal        2192
407   Haryana   PNB   Mand Kheri          Yamunanagar   2193
408   Haryana   PNB   MochiChobara        Fatehabad     2197
409   Haryana   PNB   RANA KHERI          Sonepat       2206
410   Haryana   PNB   Khera               Yamunanagar   2213
411   Haryana   PNB   Kutubpur            Kaithal       2213
412   Haryana   PNB   SIWANKA             Sonepat       2214
413   Haryana   PNB   BARAGAON            Ambala        2214
414   Haryana   PNB   KHANDRA             Panipat       2223
415   Haryana   PNB   Gobindpura          Yamunanagar   2224
416   Haryana   PNB   Tarkha              Jind          2228
417   Haryana   PNB   Sangahera           Rohtak        2233
418   Haryana   PNB   Bhaini Khurd        Karnal        2238
419   Haryana   PNB   Bisahan             Jhajjar       2238
420   Haryana   PNB   Ram Kali            Jind          2249
421   Haryana   PNB   Samaspur Majra      Jhajjar       2251
422   Haryana   PNB   Chhan               Hissar        2252
423   Haryana   PNB   Tint                Rewari        2254
424   Haryana   PNB   Batehra             Jhajjar       2261

425   Haryana   PNB   Kaulapur          Kurukshetra   2263
426   Haryana   PNB   Sitamai           Karnal        2268
427   Haryana   PNB   Niwarsi           Kurukshetra   2268
428   Haryana   PNB   Bishanpura        Jind          2274
429   Haryana   PNB   Khera Bakhta      Jind          2276
430   Haryana   PNB   Palwal            BADRAON       2282
431   Haryana   PNB   Dhirana Kalan     Bhiwani       2286
432   Haryana   PNB   Garhwali          Jind          2286
433   Haryana   PNB   Sundrehti         Jhajjar       2288
434   Haryana   PNB   Nayan             Narnaul       2293
435   Haryana   PNB   Tikari            Karnal        2305
436   Haryana   PNB   Yaqubpur          Jhajjar       2308
437   Haryana   PNB   Ajrana-Khurd      Kurukshetra   2313
438   Haryana   PNB   Taragarh          Kaithal       2318
439   Haryana   PNB   Sainpai           Sirsa         2319
440   Haryana   PNB   Biroli            Jind          2319
441   Haryana   PNB   Alotha            Fatehabad     2320
442   Haryana   PNB   KAMBASSI          Ambala        2332
443   Haryana   PNB   Dadanpur          Jhajjar       2334
444   Haryana   PNB   Mandhi Hariya     Bhiwani       2339
445   Haryana   PNB   Khaspur           Narnaul       2342
446   Haryana   PNB   Sobhapur          Narnaul       2345
447   Haryana   PNB   Kuchrana kalan    Jind          2345
448   Haryana   PNB   Ramgarh           Kurukshetra   2359
449   Haryana   PNB   Kairwali          Karnal        2370
450   Haryana   PNB   Nangal            Bhiwani       2377
451   Haryana   PNB   Dakhora           Rewari        2398
452   Haryana   PNB   Barwa             Kurukshetra   2400
453   Haryana   PNB   Mehrara           Jind          2403
454   Haryana   PNB   Mundhi Garhi      Karnal        2412
455   Haryana   PNB   Gundiana          Yamunanagar   2414
456   Haryana   PNB   Ladhuwas          Fatehabad     2418
457   Haryana   PNB   Dhigtana          Hissar        2427
458   Haryana   PNB   Udeshipur         Sonepat       2428
459   Haryana   PNB   Padla             Rewari        2438
460   Haryana   PNB   Kesupur           Sirsa         2441
461   Haryana   PNB   Nilaheri          Jhajjar       2444

462   Haryana   PNB   Talwara               Fatehabad     2446
463   Haryana   PNB   BHANOKHERI            Ambala        2447
464   Haryana   PNB   Sardarawala           Fatehabad     2448
465   Haryana   PNB   Sarhera               Hissar        2456
466   Haryana   PNB   ADHOYA ( H)           Ambala        2457
467   Haryana   PNB   Mukundpura            Narnaul       2474
468   Haryana   PNB   Beri                  Narnaul       2478
469   Haryana   PNB   Kajla                 Hissar        2480
470   Haryana   PNB   Faridabad             BUKHARPUR     2482
471   Haryana   PNB   Chauganwa             Karnal        2488
472   Haryana   PNB   Patwan                Bhiwani       2498
473   Haryana   PNB   Rewasa                Narnaul       2520
474   Haryana   PNB   Bohala Khalsa         Karnal        2522
475   Haryana   PNB   NURANKHERA            Sonepat       2532
476   Haryana   PNB   Kurahawata            Narnaul       2533
477   Haryana   PNB   Malapur               Hissar        2543
478   Haryana   PNB   Padana                Jind          2544
479   Haryana   PNB   Amadalpur             Yamunanagar   2556
480   Haryana   PNB   Pichopa Kalan         Bhiwani       2570
481   Haryana   PNB   Mohamadpur            Karnal        2578
482   Haryana   PNB   Pansara               Yamunanagar   2580
483   Haryana   PNB   Jhamola               Jind          2582
484   Haryana   PNB   Surganwas             Narnaul       2587
485   Haryana   PNB   Chaudhariwali         Hissar        2592
486   Haryana   PNB   Janesaron             Karnal        2592
487   Haryana   PNB   Basdooda              Rewari        2592
488   Haryana   PNB   Kheri Masania         Jind          2599
489   Haryana   PNB   Baraokha              Sirsa         2611
490   Haryana   PNB   Daya                  Hissar        2617
491   Haryana   PNB   Rasoolpur             Kaithal       2620
492   Haryana   PNB   Lochab                Jind          2631
493   Haryana   PNB   Madh                  Fatehabad     2634
494   Haryana   PNB   Anjanthali            Karnal        2656
495   Haryana   PNB   Brahmanwala           Fatehabad     2670
496   Haryana   PNB   Bugana                Hissar        2674
497   Haryana   PNB   Amritpur Kalana       Karnal        2674
498   Haryana   PNB   Chhappar Marisurpur   Yamunanagar   2678

499   Haryana   PNB   Asranwan             Hissar        2681
500   Haryana   PNB   Jhordrohi            Sirsa         2692
501   Haryana   PNB   Motlakalan           Rewari        2706
502   Haryana   PNB   DHARAM GARH          Panipat       2716
503   Haryana   PNB   Badchhapar           Hissar        2738
504   Haryana   PNB   Bhambhoor            Sirsa         2747
505   Haryana   PNB   Sarusti Khera        Kurukshetra   2750
506   Haryana   PNB   Bakhtawarpur Alias   Jhajjar       2757
507   Haryana   PNB   SALARPUR MAJRA       Sonepat       2765
508   Haryana   PNB   Nimnabad             Jind          2780
509   Haryana   PNB   Ahri                 Jhajjar       2791
510   Haryana   PNB   Palwal               ASAWATA       2792
511   Haryana   PNB   Malikpur             Jind          2793
512   Haryana   PNB   Hanjira              Sirsa         2794
513   Haryana   PNB   Dhani Daulat         Fatehabad     2810
514   Haryana   PNB   Ramana/Ramani        Kaithal       2812
515   Haryana   PNB   Judi                 Rewari        2814
516   Haryana   PNB   Kheri Man Singh      Karnal        2819
517   Haryana   PNB   Jewli                Bhiwani       2822
518   Haryana   PNB   Bichpari             Hissar        2824
519   Haryana   PNB   Faridabad            JAJRU         2832
520   Haryana   PNB   Kheri Gaindawala     Jind          2834
521   Haryana   PNB   Jhanswa              Jhajjar       2842
522   Haryana   PNB   Mohla                Hissar        2855
523   Haryana   PNB   CHAMRARA             Panipat       2860
524   Haryana   PNB   Chhapar              Jhajjar       2863
525   Haryana   PNB   Tangore              Kurukshetra   2872
526   Haryana   PNB   Alikan               Sirsa         2873
527   Haryana   PNB   Majri                Jhajjar       2874
528   Haryana   PNB   PALRI                Panipat       2875
529   Haryana   PNB   Dupedi               Karnal        2875
530   Haryana   PNB   Mohari Jagir         Karnal        2881
531   Haryana   PNB   Sulchani             Hissar        2882
532   Haryana   PNB   Palwal               JHARSENTHLI   2882
533   Haryana   PNB   Usmanpur             Kurukshetra   2907
534   Haryana   PNB   Sukhera Khera        Sirsa         2908

535   Haryana   PNB   Pilani             Kaithal       2909
536   Haryana   PNB   Dhurana            Jhajjar       2913
537   Haryana   PNB   MajraNandkaran     Kaithal       2913
538   Haryana   PNB   Bhartaana          Jind          2925
539   Haryana   PNB   Barwali-I          Sirsa         2949
540   Haryana   PNB   Pichopa Khurd      Bhiwani       2982
541   Haryana   PNB   Mor Majara         Karnal        2992
542   Haryana   PNB   BhiwaniRohala      Hissar        3006
543   Haryana   PNB   BALANA             Panipat       3006
544   Haryana   PNB   Badsikri Kalan     Kaithal       3016
545   Haryana   PNB   Bhangu             Sirsa         3031
546   Haryana   PNB   Ramsaran majra     Kurukshetra   3036
547   Haryana   PNB   Chhudani           Jhajjar       3038
548   Haryana   PNB   Surehti            Jhajjar       3057
549   Haryana   PNB   Sudkain Khurd      Jind          3071
550   Haryana   PNB   Bibipur Jatan      Karnal        3073
551   Haryana   PNB   DIWANA             Panipat       3078
552   Haryana   PNB   Lilodh             Rewari        3078
553   Haryana   PNB   Lalupura           Karnal        3084
554   Haryana   PNB   Majara Rodan       Karnal        3091
555   Haryana   PNB   DhaniGopal         Fatehabad     3093
556   Haryana   PNB   GWALARA            Panipat       3096
557   Haryana   PNB   Kheri gagan        Hissar        3105
558   Haryana   PNB   Bharokha           Sirsa         3113
559   Haryana   PNB   Kherka Gujar       Jhajjar       3116
560   Haryana   PNB   Jalalana           Sirsa         3122
561   Haryana   PNB   Daryapur           Jhajjar       3125
562   Haryana   PNB   Kailash            Karnal        3138
563   Haryana   PNB   Lajwana khurd      Jind          3140
564   Haryana   PNB   Jhagroli           Narnaul       3144
565   Haryana   PNB   Chindalya          Narnaul       3154
566   Haryana   PNB   Asalwas maratha    Bhiwani       3155
567   Haryana   PNB   Tumbaheri          Jhajjar       3158
568   Haryana   PNB   Nooni Awal         Narnaul       3160
569   Haryana   PNB   Khanoda            Kaithal       3175
570   Haryana   PNB   KheriBarki         Hissar        3176
571   Haryana   PNB   Kalwari            Narnaul       3184

572   Haryana   PNB   Bir Badalwa        Karnal        3199
573   Haryana   PNB   Talakaur           Yamunanagar   3200
574   Haryana   PNB   Ponkharkheri       Jind          3202
575   Haryana   PNB   SAMRI SISAN        Sonepat       3204
576   Haryana   PNB   Ramgarh Pandwa     Kaithal       3206
577   Haryana   PNB   ISHAPUR KHERI      Sonepat       3209
578   Haryana   PNB   KAILANA KHAS       Sonepat       3210
579   Haryana   PNB   Mehmara            Fatehabad     3216
580   Haryana   PNB   Kathwad            Kaithal       3218
581   Haryana   PNB   Kasan              Kaithal       3218
582   Haryana   PNB   Bilona             Karnal        3223
583   Haryana   PNB   Karsa Dod          Karnal        3225
584   Haryana   PNB   JHATIPUR           Panipat       3248
585   Haryana   PNB   Ahrod              Rewari        3248
586   Haryana   PNB   Surewala           Hissar        3249
587   Haryana   PNB   Peont              Karnal        3257
588   Haryana   PNB   Ghasola            Bhiwani       3262
589   Haryana   PNB   Thua               Jind          3264
590   Haryana   PNB   Nirjan             Jind          3264
591   Haryana   PNB   Jajwan             Jind          3269
592   Haryana   PNB   Pabana Hasanpur    Karnal        3274
593   Haryana   PNB   KAILANA TALKA      Sonepat       3305
594   Haryana   PNB   Dawala             Jhajjar       3310
595   Haryana   PNB   Alipur Khalsa      Karnal        3315
596   Haryana   PNB   Sakra              Kaithal       3315
597   Haryana   PNB   Majra Bhalki       Rewari        3321
598   Haryana   PNB   Phurlak            Karnal        3326
599   Haryana   PNB   Kharman            Jhajjar       3328
600   Haryana   PNB   SABOLI             Sonepat       3345
601   Haryana   PNB   Sandlana           Hissar        3346
602   Haryana   PNB   Dadlana            Karnal        3367
603   Haryana   PNB   Gajuwala           Hissar        3372
604   Haryana   PNB   Picholia           Karnal        3374
605   Haryana   PNB   JAWAHRA            Sonepat       3377
606   Haryana   PNB   Songri             Kaithal       3391
607   Haryana   PNB   Barthal            Karnal        3398
608   Haryana   PNB   Bhandwa            Bhiwani       3410

609   Haryana   PNB   Dadupur Rodan      Karnal        3412
610   Haryana   PNB   WAISER             Panipat       3432
611   Haryana   PNB   Faridabad          KAROLI        3434
612   Haryana   PNB   JakhodKhera        Hissar        3436
613   Haryana   PNB   BANDH              Panipat       3436
614   Haryana   PNB   Kichhana           Kaithal       3445
615   Haryana   PNB   MOI HUDDA          Sonepat       3472
616   Haryana   PNB   Bhurawas           Jhajjar       3478
617   Haryana   PNB   Kawartan           Kaithal       3483
618   Haryana   PNB   Shekhupur          Fatehabad     3493
619   Haryana   PNB   SONDA              Ambala        3505
620   Haryana   PNB   Pali               Rewari        3511
621   Haryana   PNB   Patti Afgan        Kaithal       3529
622   Haryana   PNB   Nangal             Fatehabad     3531
623   Haryana   PNB   Kharakbura         Jind          3535
624   Haryana   PNB   Badsa              Jhajjar       3572
625   Haryana   PNB   BHADOTI KHAS       Sonepat       3573
626   Haryana   PNB   Sihor              Narnaul       3575
627   Haryana   PNB   Kharak Jatan       Rohtak        3585
628   Haryana   PNB   Burak              Hissar        3600
629   Haryana   PNB   Gudiakhera         Sirsa         3621
630   Haryana   PNB   Nandgarh           Jind          3628
631   Haryana   PNB   Gurnauthi          Rohtak        3650
632   Haryana   PNB   Kotra              Kaithal       3650
633   Haryana   PNB   Kakrala            Narnaul       3657
634   Haryana   PNB   Kharanti           Jind          3661
635   Haryana   PNB   Jheel              Jind          3663
636   Haryana   PNB   Sukhchain          Sirsa         3681
637   Haryana   PNB   Koer               Karnal        3705
638   Haryana   PNB   Deroli Ahri        Narnaul       3739
639   Haryana   PNB   Aharika            Jind          3747
640   Haryana   PNB   Yara               Kurukshetra   3758
641   Haryana   PNB   Palwal             PAINGALTU     3762
642   Haryana   PNB   Kamalpur           Kaithal       3769
643   Haryana   PNB   Jani               Karnal        3770
644   Haryana   PNB   Dehman             Fatehabad     3790
645   Haryana   PNB   Hajwana            Kaithal       3793

646   Haryana   PNB   Saktakhera         Sirsa         3807
647   Haryana   PNB   Goli               Karnal        3808
648   Haryana   PNB   Chamal             Sirsa         3813
649   Haryana   PNB   Sadarpur           Karnal        3816
650   Haryana   PNB   NalviPar           Karnal        3817
651   Haryana   PNB   Mochiwali          Sirsa         3824
652   Haryana   PNB   Hathira            Kurukshetra   3833
653   Haryana   PNB   RAJPUR             Sonepat       3837
654   Haryana   PNB   Gangatehri         Karnal        3839
655   Haryana   PNB   Bahia              Sirsa         3840
656   Haryana   PNB   Hasanga            Fatehabad     3858
657   Haryana   PNB   Sandil             Jind          3866
658   Haryana   PNB   Seonsar            Kurukshetra   3867
659   Haryana   PNB   Jholri             Rewari        3883
660   Haryana   PNB   Dhooka             Sirsa         3886
661   Haryana   PNB   THUTHAN            Sonepat       3893
662   Haryana   PNB   Sudkain kalan      Jind          3899
663   Haryana   PNB   SINGAWALA          Ambala        3910
664   Haryana   PNB   Roopgarh           Jind          3911
665   Haryana   PNB   Chimni             Jhajjar       3970
666   Haryana   PNB   Farwaikalan        Sirsa         3991
667   Haryana   PNB   Chamaria           Rohtak        4000
668   Haryana   PNB   GUMAR              Sonepat       4007
669   Haryana   PNB   Goela Kalan        Jhajjar       4013
670   Haryana   PNB   Bagthala           Kurukshetra   4016
671   Haryana   PNB   Khatrawan          Sirsa         4100
672   Haryana   PNB   Patikara           Narnaul       4110
673   Haryana   PNB   Bhambewa           Jind          4110
674   Haryana   PNB   Baijalpur          Fatehabad     4116
675   Haryana   PNB   MACHHRAULI         Panipat       4155
676   Haryana   PNB   Katlaheri          Karnal        4166
677   Haryana   PNB   Jhandlikhurd       Fatehabad     4173
678   Haryana   PNB   Palwal             GORAUTA       4173
679   Haryana   PNB   Khudan             Jhajjar       4178
680   Haryana   PNB   Lodhar             Jind          4188
681   Haryana   PNB   Badsikri Khurd     Kaithal       4237
682   Haryana   PNB   Dhand              Fatehabad     4290

683   Haryana   PNB   KARHANS            Panipat         4299
684   Haryana   PNB   Faggu              Sirsa           4309
685   Haryana   PNB   Dalamwala          Jind            4333
686   Haryana   PNB   Mirjapur           Kurukshetra     4375
687   Haryana   PNB   Bakal              Kaithal         4393
688   Haryana   PNB   RAJA KHERI         Panipat         4416
689   Haryana   PNB   Badhana            Jind            4489
690   Haryana   PNB   Ammupur            Karnal          4506
691   Haryana   PNB   Rawaldhi           Bhiwani         4508
692   Haryana   PNB   Jagmal wali        Sirsa           4513
693   Haryana   PNB   BHOGIPUR           Sonepat         4588
694   Haryana   PNB   Kabarchha          Jind            4606
695   Haryana   PNB   Guliana            Kaithal         4616
696   Haryana   PNB   Rajpura            Jind            4616
697   Haryana   PNB   Jhandikala         Fatehabad       4626
698   Haryana   PNB   Dhigana            Jind            4635
699   Haryana   PNB   Palwal             TIKRI BRAHMAN   4641
700   Haryana   PNB   Bansa              Karnal          4664
701   Haryana   PNB   Manethi            Rewari          4665
702   Haryana   PNB   Raisan             Karnal          4673
703   Haryana   PNB   Juglan             Hissar          4676
704   Haryana   PNB   Gharanuthi         Rohtak          4692
705   Haryana   PNB   KANWALA            Ambala          4697
706   Haryana   PNB   Bangoan            Fatehabad       4717
707   Haryana   PNB   Kalsora            Karnal          4743
708   Haryana   PNB   Pathera            Narnaul         4752
709   Haryana   PNB   Shahpur            Jind            4777
710   Haryana   PNB   Chausala           Kaithal         4784
711   Haryana   PNB   Paphrana           Karnal          4785
712   Haryana   PNB   Sangroli           Kaithal         4789
713   Haryana   PNB   SinghwaKhas        Hissar          4790
714   Haryana   PNB   DERA               Ambala          4814
715   Haryana   PNB   Madanheri          Hissar          4829
716   Haryana   PNB   Faridabad          MACHGAR         4833
717   Haryana   PNB   RABRA              Sonepat         4851
718   Haryana   PNB   Garhi Khazoor      Karnal          4891
719   Haryana   PNB   Desumalkana        Sirsa           4893

720   Haryana   PNB   Pilana             Rohtak        4895
721   Haryana   PNB   Salemkhera         Fatehabad     4924
722   Haryana   PNB   Deeg               Kaithal       5005
723   Haryana   PNB   Didwara            Jind          5010
724   Haryana   PNB   Akehri Madanpur    Jhajjar       5043
725   Haryana   PNB   Kirawar            Bhiwani       5056
726   Haryana   PNB   BudhaKhera         Hissar        5075
727   Haryana   PNB   Kanwari            Hissar        5119
728   Haryana   PNB   Malvi              Jind          5240
729   Haryana   PNB   Kanoh              Hissar        5250
730   Haryana   PNB   Sohansara          Bhiwani       5255
731   Haryana   PNB   Mehuwala           Fatehabad     5330
732   Haryana   PNB   Kalawar            Yamunanagar   5373
733   Haryana   PNB   Jhordnali          Sirsa         5381
734   Haryana   PNB   Sai                Bhiwani       5540
735   Haryana   PNB   Kirmara            Hissar        5551
736   Haryana   PNB   Chandana           Kaithal       5610
737   Haryana   PNB   Khera              Narnaul       5731
738   Haryana   PNB   Sisai Bolan        Hissar        5757
739   Haryana   PNB   Songal             Kaithal       5787
740   Haryana   PNB   Morkhi             Jind          5798
741   Haryana   PNB   THAMBAR            Ambala        5811
742   Haryana   PNB   Uglan              Hissar        6042
743   Haryana   PNB   QAWI               Panipat       6132
744   Haryana   PNB   NASIRPUR           Ambala        6151
745   Haryana   PNB   Kheri Naru         Karnal        6174
746   Haryana   PNB   Alalwas            Fatehabad     6293
747   Haryana   PNB   Pur                Bhiwani       6340
748   Haryana   PNB   Jodhan             Sirsa         6438
749   Haryana   PNB   Badesara           Bhiwani       6504
750   Haryana   PNB   Bighar             Fatehabad     6548
751   Haryana   PNB   Risalia khera      Sirsa         6696
752   Haryana   PNB   Kirdhan            Fatehabad     6864
753   Haryana   PNB   Masudpur           Hissar        7081
754   Haryana   PNB   Bodiakhera         Fatehabad     7083
755   Haryana   PNB   Dhanonda           Narnaul       7332

756   Haryana   PNB   Puthisaman          Hissar    7505
757   Haryana   PNB   Brass               Karnal    7808
758   Haryana   PNB   Alipur              Hissar    7963
759   Haryana   PNB   Luhari Jatu         Bhiwani   8177
760   Haryana   PNB   Dehola              Jind      8186
761   Haryana   PNB   Belarkhan           Jind      8351
762   Haryana   PNB   Rahara              Karnal    9171
763   Haryana   PNB   Petwar              Hissar    9292
764   Haryana   PNB   Satrod Kalan        Hissar    11801
765   Haryana   PNB   Satrod Khas         Hissar    11931
766   Haryana   PNB   Sadalpur            Hissar    13138
767   Haryana   PNB   Bir Hisar           Hissar    20362
768   Haryana   PNB   Kasanda             Sonepat   2001 *
769   Haryana   PNB   Julehra             Jind      2012 *
770   Haryana   PNB   MOI                 Sonepat   2024 *
771   Haryana   PNB   Gurthali            Jind      2030 *
772   Haryana   PNB   Maradi Jatan        Rohtak    2034 *
773   Haryana   PNB   BALI                Sonepat   2075 *
774   Haryana   PNB   SAMRI LACHOD        Sonepat   2135 *
775   Haryana   PNB   GIWANA              Sonepat   2145 *
776   Haryana   PNB   SHAHPUR             Sonepat   2185 *
777   Haryana   PNB   Dhankhari           Jind      2203 *
778   Haryana   PNB   Rewar               Jind      2214 *
779   Haryana   PNB   TIHAR MALIK         Sonepat   2248 *
780   Haryana   PNB   Rajgarh Dhobi       Jind      2309 *
781   Haryana   PNB   MIRZAPUR KHERI      Sonepat   2410 *
782   Haryana   PNB   Dodwa               Sonepat   2414 *
783   Haryana   PNB   Mohangarh           Jind      2522 *
784   Haryana   PNB   Udaipur             Jind      2597 *
785   Haryana   PNB   Kalvan              Jind      2631 *
786   Haryana   PNB   Bhikewala           Jind      2644 *
787   Haryana   PNB   Kasoon              Jind      2661 *
788   Haryana   PNB   Sainthali           Jind      2662 *
789   Haryana   PNB   NATHUPUR            Sonepat   2674 *
790   Haryana   PNB   Phulain Kalan       Jind      2683 *
791   Haryana   PNB   Mungan              Rohtak    2698 *
792   Haryana   PNB   Bhanii Maharajpur   Rohtak    2716 *

793   Haryana   PNB   Hamirgarh*         Jind      2764*
794   Haryana   PNB   SAMRIBuran         Sonepat   2770 *
795   Haryana   PNB   Jajan Wala         Jind      2775 *
796   Haryana   PNB   Rasidan            Jind      2776 *
797   Haryana   PNB   MANOLI             Sonepat   2777 *
798   Haryana   PNB   Kasandi            Sonepat   2812 *
799   Haryana   PNB   Khapar             Jind      2831 *
800   Haryana   PNB   Dohana Khera       Jind      2837 *
801   Haryana   PNB   Gudha              Karnal    2846 *
802   Haryana   PNB   Sacha Khera        Jind      2861 *
803   Haryana   PNB   Dhabi Teksingh     Jind      2942 *
804   Haryana   PNB   Ghaso Kalan        Jind      2944 *
805   Haryana   PNB   Bakheta            Rohtak    2983 *
806   Haryana   PNB   BILBILAN           Sonepat   2986 *
807   Haryana   PNB   Kharadwal          Jind      2996 *
808   Haryana   PNB   Nizampur           Sonepat   3002 *
809   Haryana   PNB   Sulehra            Jind      3036 *
810   Haryana   PNB   Mor Kheri          Rohtak    3126 *
811   Haryana   PNB   Hatho              Jind      3157 *
812   Haryana   PNB   KATHWAL            Sonepat   3228 *
813   Haryana   PNB   Kaloda Kalan       Jind      3230 *
814   Haryana   PNB   BAROTA             Sonepat   3259*
815   Haryana   PNB   Bhongra            Jind      3344 *
816   Haryana   PNB   Mandi Kalan        Jind      3398 *
817   Haryana   PNB   Gijji              Rohtak    3462 *
818   Haryana   PNB   SIKANDERPUR        Sonepat   3477 *
819   Haryana   PNB   BIDHLAN            Sonepat   3511 *
820   Haryana   PNB   SARGTHAL           Sonepat   3527 *
821   Haryana   PNB   Makhand            Jind      3559 *
822   Haryana   PNB   Bhanabarahmin      Jind      3697 *
823   Haryana   PNB   JASRANA            Sonepat   3837 *
824   Haryana   PNB   Mangalpur          Jind      3862 *
825   Haryana   PNB   Humanupur          Rohtak    3865 *
826   Haryana   PNB   BADKHALSA          Sonepat   3955 *
827   Haryana   PNB   Palwan             Jind      3993 *
828   Haryana   PNB   Asan               Rohtak    4078 *
829   Haryana   PNB   Pharan Kalan       Jind      4213 *

830   Haryana   PNB    Budain                Jind                        4218 *
831   Haryana   PNB    Atyal                 Rohtak                      4275 *
832   Haryana   PNB    GARHI SISANA          Sonepat                     4277 *
833   Haryana   PNB    Alipura               Jind                        4307*
834   Haryana   PNB    ANWALI                Sonepat                     4423 *
835   Haryana   PNB    Shekhpura/ Sitawali   Sonepat                     4470 *
836   Haryana   PNB    GUHNA                 Sonepat                     4530 *
837   Haryana   PNB    Surbara               Jind                        4569 *
838   Haryana   PNB    CHIDANA               Sonepat                     4636 *
839   Haryana   PNB    Bhaini Chanderpal     Rohtak                      4800 *
840   Haryana   PNB    PINANA                Sonepat                     4843 *
841   Haryana   PNB    SILANA                Sonepat                     4866 *
842   Haryana   PNB    Ghaso Khurd           Jind                        4874 *
843   Haryana   PNB    GORAR                 Sonepat                     5124 *
844   Haryana   PNB    Badanpur              Jind                        5158 *
845   Haryana   PNB    AHULANA               Sonepat                     5254 *
846   Haryana   PNB    Pipaltha              Jind                        5258 *
847   Haryana   PNB    MADINA                Sonepat                     5446 *
848   Haryana   PNB    Gandhra               Rohtak                      6141 *
849   Haryana   PNB    Ghogrian              Jind                        6350 *
850   Haryana   PNB    Danoda Khuard         Jind                        6492 *
851   Haryana   PNB    Rudki                 Rohtak                      6610 *
852   Haryana   PNB    Dhakal                Jind                        7285 *
853   Haryana   PNB    Karamgarh             Jind                        8248 *
854   Haryana   PNB    Dablain               Jind                        8581 *
855   Haryana   SBOP   MUZAFAT KALAN         Y/Nagar        CHHACHHRA    2013
856   Haryana   SBOP   MEHMUDPI              AMBALA                      2023
857   Haryana   SBOP   KOTAR KHANNA          Y/Nagar        MUSTAFABAD   2025
858   Haryana   SBOP   LANDI                 KURU KESETRA                2039
859   Haryana   SBOP   KHARKARA              KAITHAL                     2045
860   Haryana   SBOP   KHATKAR               SONEPAT                     2045
861   Haryana   SBOP   KAGSAR                HISAR          NARNAUND     2049
862   Haryana   SBOP   NIMRI                 BHIWANI                     2049
863   Haryana   SBOP   BADSUAI               KAITHAL        Guhla        2062
864   Haryana   SBOP   KANRI KALAN           Y/Nagar        MUSTAFABAD   2096
865   Haryana   SBOP   DARWA                 Y/Nagar        JAGADHRI     2122

866   Haryana   SBOP   NANUANA            SIRSA                       2139
867   Haryana   SBOP   KHANPUR            Y/Nagar        MUSTAFABAD   2155
868   Haryana   SBOP   PACHANKA           PALWAL                      2164
869   Haryana   SBOP   GALOLI             Y/Nagar        JAGADHRI     2170
870   Haryana   SBOP   KURALI             Karnal         Karnal       2178
871   Haryana   SBOP   BAKARWALA          Y/Nagar        CHHACHHRA    2179
872   Haryana   SBOP   KARNAULI           FATEHABAD      Fatehabad    2188
873   Haryana   SBOP   BRAHAMANWAS        JIND           Julana       2192
874   Haryana   SBOP   LAWAN              MAHINDERGARH                2199
875   Haryana   SBOP   DEVRU              SONEPAT                     2201
876   Haryana   SBOP   RAIPURJATAN        Karnal         Gharaounda   2209
877   Haryana   SBOP   RAJPUR             Y/Nagar        JAGADHRI     2224
878   Haryana   SBOP   MANDEBRI           Y/Nagar        JAGADHRI     2235
879   Haryana   SBOP   KARMAN             PALWAL                      2260
880   Haryana   SBOP   TAJPUR             MAHINDERGARH                2261
881   Haryana   SBOP   JALALPURA KHURD    JIND           Jind         2269
882   Haryana   SBOP   DERA SALIM         AMBALA                      2310
883   Haryana   SBOP   BHANGARA BHANGRI   Y/Nagar        CHHACHHRA    2312
884   Haryana   SBOP   JALLOPUR           FATEHABAD                   2324
885   Haryana   SBOP   MARWA KHURD        Y/Nagar        BILASPUR     2326
886   Haryana   SBOP   KALESAR            Y/Nagar        CHHACHHRA    2331
887   Haryana   SBOP   SHAHPURIA          SIRSA                       2339
888   Haryana   SBOP   SILAKHERI          JIND           Safidon      2365
889   Haryana   SBOP   ANDHROLA           PALWAL                      2377
890   Haryana   SBOP   DUBAL              KAITHAL        Kaithal      2403
891   Haryana   SBOP   HARIPURA           KAITHAL        Kaithal      2439
892   Haryana   SBOP   KHERI LAMBA        KAITHAL        Kaithal      2446
893   Haryana   SBOP   AKALGARH           JIND           Julana       2448
894   Haryana   SBOP   SAKARMANDORI       SIRSA                       2448
895   Haryana   SBOP   SAMLEHRI           AMBALA                      2453
896   Haryana   SBOP   TEPLA              AMBALA                      2455
897   Haryana   SBOP   KHILUKA            PALWAL                      2457
898   Haryana   SBOP   WAZIRPUR           JHAJAR                      2461
899   Haryana   SBOP   SEEND              KAITHAL        Kaithal      2475
900   Haryana   SBOP   BIHLA              PANCHKULA                   2480
901   Haryana   SBOP   HABATPUR           JIND           Jind         2498

902   Haryana   SBOP   IKKAS             JIND           Jind         2508
903   Haryana   SBOP   KHERI SHERKHAN    KAITHAL        Kaithal      2517
904   Haryana   SBOP   BAGHPUR           JHAJAR                      2520
905   Haryana   SBOP   BHAGKHERA         JIND           Pillukhera   2542
906   Haryana   SBOP   BHAISHRU KALAN    ROHTAK                      2547
907   Haryana   SBOP   ATELA             KAITHAL        Kaithal      2549
908   Haryana   SBOP   ADHOYA            KURU KESETRA                2554
909   Haryana   SBOP   INTAL KALAN       JIND           Jind         2579
910   Haryana   SBOP   KARKHANA          JIND           Safidon      2590
911   Haryana   SBOP   PUTHER            PANIPAT                     2603
912   Haryana   SBOP   DHAB DHANI        BHIWANI                     2622
913   Haryana   SBOP   MALKOS            BHIWANI                     2640
914   Haryana   SBOP   BHANOO            PANCHKULA                   2650
915   Haryana   SBOP   MALAR             JIND           Safidon      2662
916   Haryana   SBOP   SHADIPUR          JIND           Julana       2676
917   Haryana   SBOP   SINGHPURA         JIND           Pillukhera   2679
918   Haryana   SBOP   DHADH             HISAR          Barwala      2710
919   Haryana   SBOP   KOLEKHAN          KAITHAL        Kaithal      2712
920   Haryana   SBOP   Mangiana          SIRSA                       2716
921   Haryana   SBOP   DHAROLI           JIND           Julana       2775
922   Haryana   SBOP   BALACHAUR         Y/Nagar        CHHACHHRA    2778
923   Haryana   SBOP   GARHIPATTI        PALWAL                      2800
924   Haryana   SBOP   DAROLI            HISAR          Adampur      2842
925   Haryana   SBOP   JALALPURA KALAN   JIND           Jind         2867
926   Haryana   SBOP   BAWANA            MAHINDERGARH                2896
927   Haryana   SBOP   SAHPUR            PANIPAT                     2921
928   Haryana   SBOP   RATTAKHERA        JIND           Safidon      2978
929   Haryana   SBOP   DIGROTA           MAHINDERGARH                2978
930   Haryana   SBOP   BHARAF            MAHINDERGARH                3010
931   Haryana   SBOP   BHAISHRU KHURAD   ROHTAK                      3041
932   Haryana   SBOP   BANKI PUR         SONEPAT                     3052
933   Haryana   SBOP   CHANDLANA         KAITHAL        Pundri       3132
934   Haryana   SBOP   BAHADURGARH       JIND           Safidon      3181
935   Haryana   SBOP   KOHLA             SONEPAT                     3195
936   Haryana   SBOP   JAURASI KHALSA    PANIPAT                     3206
937   Haryana   SBOP   Ladana Chakkoo    KAITHAL        Siwan        3240

938   Haryana   SBOP   SAKETRI               PANCHKULA                   3274
939   Haryana   SBOP   ABHOLI                SIRSA                       3274
940   Haryana   SBOP   DUMERKHAN KHURD       JIND           Uchana       3297
941   Haryana   SBOP   SANGAN                KAITHAL        Kaithal      3304
942   Haryana   SBOP   DHONDHWA              KAITHAL        Kaithal      3337
943   Haryana   SBOP   PAWATI                PANIPAT                     3468
944   Haryana   SBOP   KORIAWAS              MAHINDERGARH                3501
945   Haryana   SBOP   SARSA                 SONEPAT                     3501
946   Haryana   SBOP   RATTA KHERA           FATEHABAD      Ratia        3509
947   Haryana   SBOP   BANDRANA              KAITHAL        Pundri       3522
948   Haryana   SBOP   DARER                 Karnal         Karnal       3528
949   Haryana   SBOP   BAYANA (Bianakhera)   HISAR          Barwala      3529
950   Haryana   SBOP   KAREERA               MAHINDERGARH                3542
951   Haryana   SBOP   BAHWASA               SONEPAT                     3557
952   Haryana   SBOP   Jandwala Bagar        FATEHABAD      Bhattu       3576
953   Haryana   SBOP   NANGLA MEGHA          Karnal         Karnal       3618
954   Haryana   SBOP   GARHI SARAI           SONEPAT                     3630
                       NAMDAR KHAN
955   Haryana   SBOP   PILKHNI               AMBALA                      3687
956   Haryana   SBOP   PAULI                 JIND           Julana       3698
957   Haryana   SBOP   BANBHORI              HISAR                       3733
958   Haryana   SBOP   JAKHAUDA              JHAJAR                      3743
959   Haryana   SBOP   BUDHAKHERA            KAITHAL        Kaithal      3797
960   Haryana   SBOP   GANOLI                Karnal         Assandh      3808
961   Haryana   SBOP   HATHOWALA             JIND           Julana       3837
962   Haryana   SBOP   SARAN                 Y/Nagar        MUSTAFABAD   3863
963   Haryana   SBOP   SHEKHPURA             Karnal         Karnal       3907
964   Haryana   SBOP   PANIHARI              HISAR          Barwala      3929
965   Haryana   SBOP   GADHOULI              Y/Nagar        JAGADHRI     3937
966   Haryana   SBOP   PIRTHLA               FATEHABAD      Bhuna        3979
967   Haryana   SBOP   PANCHI GUJRAN         SONEPAT                     4023
968   Haryana   SBOP   DIPALPUR              SONEPAT                     4024
969   Haryana   SBOP   DEHRA                 PANIPAT                     4042
970   Haryana   SBOP   RAJ THAL              HISAR          NARNAUND     4064
971   Haryana   SBOP   JADOLA                KAITHAL        Pundri       4135
972   Haryana   SBOP   BOSTI                 FATEHABAD      Bhuna        4247
973   Haryana   SBOP   SHAKHRAKHALSA         Karnal         Gharaounda   4315

974    Haryana   SBOP   DEORAR               JIND           Julana       4315
975    Haryana   SBOP   NAIOAN               MAHINDERGARH                4317
976    Haryana   SBOP   JAISINGH PURA        Karnal         Assandh      4426
977    Haryana   SBOP   RAMBA                Karnal         Karnal       4494
978    Haryana   SBOP   GEONG                KAITHAL                     4595
979    Haryana   SBOP   JAMAWARI             HISAR          Hansi        4655
980    Haryana   SBOP   GOCHHI               JHAJAR                      4757
981    Haryana   SBOP   BHAGANA              HISAR          Hansi        4884
982    Haryana   SBOP   BUDHAKHERALATHER     JIND           Julana       4895
983    Haryana   SBOP   BHENI AMIRPUR        HISAR          NARNAUND     5028
984    Haryana   SBOP   BAHARI               Karnal         Assandh      5058
985    Haryana   SBOP   GARHI UJALE KHEN     SONEPAT                     5069
986    Haryana   SBOP   JANTI KALAN          SONEPAT                     5078
987    Haryana   SBOP   Khabran Klana        FATEHABAD      Bhattu       5100
988    Haryana   SBOP   SANCHLA              FATEHABAD      Bhuna        5154
989    Haryana   SBOP   LUKHI                KURU KESETRA                5223
990    Haryana   SBOP   BRAHI                JHAJAR                      5235
991    Haryana   SBOP   SHEIKHPURA           HISAR          Hansi        5313
992    Haryana   SBOP   RAKESHERA            PANIPAT                     5468
993    Haryana   SBOP   SISER KHAS           ROHTAK                      5534
994    Haryana   SBOP   JAURASI SARAF KHAS   PANIPAT                     5599
995    Haryana   SBOP   KHARKAN              KAITHAL        Siwan        5747
996    Haryana   SBOP   SAMCHANA             ROHTAK                      5940
997    Haryana   SBOP   NADHORI              FATEHABAD      Bhuna        6077
998    Haryana   SBOP   PUSHGARH             Karnal         Karnal       6269
999    Haryana   SBOP   GANGANA              SONEPAT                     6470
1000   Haryana   SBOP   RAJLI                HISAR                       7187
1001   Haryana   SBOP   MOHABATPUR           HISAR          Adampur      7708
1002   Haryana   SBOP   JAMALPUR             FATEHABAD                   8606
1003   Haryana   SBI    CHULIANA             Fatehabad      FATEHABAD    0
1004   Haryana   SBI    NAYAGAON             Faridabad      Ballavgarh   0
1005   Haryana   SBI    NAWLI                Mewat          JHIRKA       2001
1006   Haryana   SBI    Sindhar              Hissar         Hansi-1      2028
1007   Haryana   SBI    Kulana               Jhajjar        Patouda      2068
1008   Haryana   SBI    BEGUMPUR KHATOLA     Gurgaon        Gurgaon      2094
1009   Haryana   SBI    KAREWARI             Sonepat        Sonepat      2100
1010   Haryana   SBI    Badhnara             Kaithal        Habri        2105

1011   Haryana   SBI   Bhana                Hissar         Agroha        2109
1012   Haryana   SBI   NYAT                 Sonepat        Gohana        2111
1013   Haryana   SBI   GANGWARI             Mewat          Pinanguan     2111
1014   Haryana   SBI   Jandhari             Kurukshtra     Shahbad       2120
1015   Haryana   SBI   HASANPUR             Sonepat        Gannuar       2129
1016   Haryana   SBI   Shimlaguran          Panipat        Bapoli        2149
1017   Haryana   SBI   RURIAWAS             Jhajjar        Matanhail     2151
1018   Haryana   SBI   MUJHERI              Faridabad      Ballavgarh    2166
1019   Haryana   SBI   Rajpur Part          Panchkula      Kalka         2188
1020   Haryana   SBI   THANTHRI             Palwal         Palwal        2190
1021   Haryana   SBI   Untiliya             Panipat        Shodapur      2198
1022   Haryana   SBI   CHATIA AULIA         Sonepat        Sonepat       2217
1023   Haryana   SBI   Phullo               Sirsa          Dabwali       2257
1024   Haryana   SBI   GOLPURI              Mewat          Nuh           2260
1025   Haryana   SBI   Dohar                Kaithal        Siwan         2261
1026   Haryana   SBI   Baliawala            Fatehabad      Tohana        2262
1027   Haryana   SBI   Adhmi                Panipat        Baholi        2262
1028   Haryana   SBI   NOGANWA              Jhajjar        Matanhail     2288
1029   Haryana   SBI   Panniwala Ruldu      Sirsa          Dabwali       2306
1030   Haryana   SBI   DEWAS                Mahendragarh   MAHENDRAG     2306
1031   Haryana   SBI   Harigarh             Jind           Jind          2311
1032   Haryana   SBI   KALRAKA              Mewat          Nuh           2314
1033   Haryana   SBI   Nakora               Sirsa          Rania         2326
1034   Haryana   SBI   Raipur Roran         Karnal         Taraori       2329
1035   Haryana   SBI   PATTI JHABRA         Kurukshtra     SHAHBAD(M)    2329
1036   Haryana   SBI   Dhabi Khurd          Fatehabad      Bhattu        2336
1037   Haryana   SBI   Khanpur              Kaithal        Siwan         2344
1038   Haryana   SBI   Moriwala             Sirsa          Rania         2345
1039   Haryana   SBI   PATTI DOGRAN         Karnal         KARNAL        2345
1040   Haryana   SBI   Tajewal              Yamunanagar    Chhachrauli   2360
1041   Haryana   SBI   Kheowali             Sirsa          Sirsa         2360
1042   Haryana   SBI   JAWAHARI             Sonepat        Sonepat       2364
1043   Haryana   SBI   Singhpura            Sirsa          Kalanwali     2375
1044   Haryana   SBI   GOKALGARH            Rewari         REWARI        2375
1045   Haryana   SBI   Kalhehri (Kalveri)   Karnal         Karnal        2400
1046   Haryana   SBI   LANDI                Kurukshtra     SHAHBAD(M)    2400

1047   Haryana   SBI   Shadipur            Yamunanagar   Jagadhari     2417
1048   Haryana   SBI   Monch (Mohna)       Kaithal       Pundri        2430
1049   Haryana   SBI   Khanpur             Hissar        Hansi-1       2446
1050   Haryana   SBI   Talwara/Sadhanwas   Fatehabad     Jakhal        2446
1051   Haryana   SBI   Kumharia            Sirsa         Kagdana       2458
1052   Haryana   SBI   Sulkhani            Hissar        Barwala       2468
1053   Haryana   SBI   Gadrana             Sirsa         Kalanwali     2475
1054   Haryana   SBI   MASANA              Kurukshtra    KURUKSHETR    2475
1055   Haryana   SBI   Khurana             Kaithal       Siwan         2478
1056   Haryana   SBI   TAPKAN              Mewat         Nuh           2494
1057   Haryana   SBI   Rawa                Kurukshtra    Shahbad       2524
1058   Haryana   SBI   SANGEL              Mewat         Nuh           2528
1059   Haryana   SBI   Goelakhurd          Panipat       Bapoli        2536
1060   Haryana   SBI   Pasinakhurd         Panipat       Bapoli        2536
1061   Haryana   SBI   Sambhi              Karnal        Tarabri       2558
1062   Haryana   SBI   Anchra Kalan        Jind          Safidon       2579
1063   Haryana   SBI   KHARKHARA           Rewari        Dharuhera     2591
1064   Haryana   SBI   Khajuri             Yamunanagar   Jagadhari     2603
1065   Haryana   SBI   LALHERI             Sonepat       Gannuar       2606
1066   Haryana   SBI   SHAHPUR             Mewat         Nuh           2624
1067   Haryana   SBI   Gigo Rani           Sirsa         Kagdana       2629
1068   Haryana   SBI   Durana              Jind          Alewa         2662
1069   Haryana   SBI   Barsalu             Karnal        Nilokheri     2667
1070   Haryana   SBI   Naura               Panipat       Sodhapur      2668
1071   Haryana   SBI   Haripura            Sirsa         Rania         2693
1072   Haryana   SBI   BHAGRU              Sonepat       Sonepat       2701
1073   Haryana   SBI   Kohra Bhur          Ambala        Narayangarh   2713
1074   Haryana   SBI   Korwa Khurd         Ambala        Ambala        2717
1075   Haryana   SBI   Asan                Jind          Jind          2760
1076   Haryana   SBI   Ladain              Jhajjar       Matanhail     2764
1077   Haryana   SBI   Goela Kalan         Panipat       Baholi        2784
1078   Haryana   SBI   Jogiwala            Sirsa         Kagdana       2801
1079   Haryana   SBI   Sagga               Karnal        Taraori       2810
1080   Haryana   SBI   SAUKDA / Saunkda    Karnal        Taraori       2810
1081   Haryana   SBI   Sabant              Karnal        Taraori       2810
1082   Haryana   SBI   NATHUWAS            Bhiwani       BHIWANI       2810

1083   Haryana   SBI   JALBEHRA              Kurukshtra   KURUKSHETR     2810
1084   Haryana   SBI   NAUSHERA              Mewat        Nuh            2826
1085   Haryana   SBI   Singhwa ragho         Hissar       Hansi-1        2861
1086   Haryana   SBI   Aassa Khera           Sirsa        Chautala       2875
1087   Haryana   SBI   KALANLAR              Mewat        Nuh            2887
1088   Haryana   SBI   Niawel (Neval)        Karnal       Karnal         2914
1089   Haryana   SBI   Jhalnia               Fatehabad    Bhirdana       2915
1090   Haryana   SBI   Kheri Taluka Patoda   Jhajjar      Patouda        2941
1091   Haryana   SBI   MAROLI                Palwal       Hodel          2944
1092   Haryana   SBI   KAMI                  Sonepat      Gannuar        2955
1093   Haryana   SBI   Panjilasa             Ambala       Narayangarh    2964
1094   Haryana   SBI   DAKORA                Palwal       Hodel          2988
1095   Haryana   SBI   Bhadaur               Panipat      Shodapur       3009
1096   Haryana   SBI   JAISINGHPUR           Mewat        Nuh            3017
1097   Haryana   SBI   KURAR                 Sonepat      Gannuar        3031
1098   Haryana   SBI   Bedsal                Karnal       Nilokheri      3047
1099   Haryana   SBI   TER                   Mewat        Pinanguan      3049
1100   Haryana   SBI   Ahmadpur              Sirsa        Sirsa          3050
1101   Haryana   SBI   Khanda                Jind         Alewa          3053
1102   Haryana   SBI   Jatol / Jattal        Panipat      Aaasan Kalan   3053
1103   Haryana   SBI   PIPLIKHERA            Sonepat      Gannuar        3068
1104   Haryana   SBI   Kulana                Hissar       Hansi          3076
1105   Haryana   SBI   Chhichhran            Panipat      Aaasan Kalan   3077
1106   Haryana   SBI   Chandpur              Fatehabad    Tohana         3078
1107   Haryana   SBI   BODIWALI              Fatehabad    BHATTU         3078
1108   Haryana   SBI   Baban Pur             Fatehabad    Ratia          3081
1109   Haryana   SBI   Bahamnoli             Jhajjar      RRR Garh       3111
1110   Haryana   SBI   Dobh                  Rohtak       Ismadla        3155
1111   Haryana   SBI   Nariana               Karnal       Tarabri        3167
1112   Haryana   SBI   Anchra Khurd          Jind         Safidon        3171
1113   Haryana   SBI   Dholu                 Fatehabad    Bhuna          3175
1114   Haryana   SBI   Muzadpur              Hissar       Hansi          3181
1115   Haryana   SBI   Khojkipur             Ambala       Ambala         3184
1116   Haryana   SBI   Sikri                 Karnal       Nilokheri      3203
1117   Haryana   SBI   Bana Wali             Fatehabad    Bhattu         3267
1118   Haryana   SBI   Rairkalan             Panipat      Aaasan Kalan   3296

1119   Haryana   SBI   Pashnakalan       Panipat        Bapoli         3296
1120   Haryana   SBI   Sudana            Rohtak         Ismadla        3323
1121   Haryana   SBI   BHADNA            Sonepat        Sonepat        3325
1122   Haryana   SBI   Jewra             Hissar         Barwala        3348
1123   Haryana   SBI   Hazampur          Hissar         Hansi          3379
1124   Haryana   SBI   Ramana Ramani     Karnal         Nigdhu         3384
1125   Haryana   SBI   Bharolian Wali    Sirsa          Rania          3428
1126   Haryana   SBI   Shashtri Nagar    Kurukshtra     Shahbad        3443
1127   Haryana   SBI   Luhari            Panipat        Madlauda       3452
1128   Haryana   SBI   Lahrian           Fatehabad      Bhuna          3459
1129   Haryana   SBI   BHIGAN            Sonepat        Gannuar        3484
1130   Haryana   SBI   Arriyanawala      Yamunanagar    Chhachrauli    3567
1131   Haryana   SBI   Barot             Kaithal        Kaiathal       3581
1132   Haryana   SBI   Brahkhurd         Jind           Jind           3600
1133   Haryana   SBI   Laloda            Fatehabad      Tohana         3600
1134   Haryana   SBI   DADU              Sirsa          SIRSA          3600
1135   Haryana   SBI   RETHOJ            Gurgaon        Sohana         3619
1136   Haryana   SBI   Rampur Sibri      Panchkula      Kalka          3620
1137   Haryana   SBI   Bhareli           Panchkula      Barwala        3638
1138   Haryana   SBI   Pardhana          Panipat        Israna         3648
1139   Haryana   SBI   SHAKARPURA        Fatehabad      Bhuna          3677
1140   Haryana   SBI   MATANA            Fatehabad      MATANA         3677
1141   Haryana   SBI   Daoar (Daiyer)    Fatehabad      Bhattu         3688
1142   Haryana   SBI   Kishanpura        Yamunanagar    Chhachrauli    3691
1143   Haryana   SBI   Kalkha            Panipat        Madlauda       3724
1144   Haryana   SBI   Serta             Kaithal        Siwan          3743
1145   Haryana   SBI   Narar             Kaithal        Kaithal        3811
1146   Haryana   SBI   Ban Mandori       Fatehabad      Bhattu         3852
1147   Haryana   SBI   Bersal            Karnal         Nilokheri      3912
1148   Haryana   SBI   THUIAN            Fatehabad      BHATTU         3912
1149   Haryana   SBI   SURTIA            Sirsa          Kagdana        3923
1150   Haryana   SBI   Deohera           Kaithal        Kaithal        3928
1151   Haryana   SBI   ALAWALPUR         Mewat          Nuh            3941
1152   Haryana   SBI   Bhungarka         Mohindergarh   Bhungarika     3992
1153   Haryana   SBI   MAHARA            Sonepat        Sonepat        3997
1154   Haryana   SBI   DHADOLA           Panipat        Aaasan Kalan   4062
1155   Haryana   SBI   Kharia            Hissar         Hissar-II      4136

1156   Haryana   SBI   Sithana            Panipat       Panipat        4148
1157   Haryana   SBI   Sidhani            Fatehabad     Jakhal         4152
1158   Haryana   SBI   MEHLANA            Sonepat       Sonepat        4153
1159   Haryana   SBI   Luhari             Jhajjar       Patouda        4172
1160   Haryana   SBI   Sewaha             Jind          Jind           4219
1161   Haryana   SBI   KADARPUR           Gurgaon       Gurgaon        4235
1162   Haryana   SBI   DEVLA NAGLI        Mewat         Nuh            4295
1163   Haryana   SBI   Darbi              Sirsa         Sirsa          4297
1164   Haryana   SBI   Kulasi             Jhajjar       RRR Garh       4304
1165   Haryana   SBI   Puthi Mangalkhan   Hissar        Hansi          4321
1166   Haryana   SBI   Sanch              Kaithal       Pundri         4325
1167   Haryana   SBI   Dhabi Kalan        Fatehabad     Bhattu         4434
1168   Haryana   SBI   Balasar            Sirsa         Rania          4452
1169   Haryana   SBI   Moth Karnailshab   Hissar        Narnoud        4587
1170   Haryana   SBI   Bighana            Jind          Alewa          4663
1171   Haryana   SBI   Siwanamal          Jind          Safidon        4846
1172   Haryana   SBI   KHERI DAMKAN       Sonepat       Gohana         4891
1173   Haryana   SBI   BARWASNI           Sonepat       Sonepat        4939
1174   Haryana   SBI   Channot            Hissar        Hansi          5050
1175   Haryana   SBI   Barah Kalan        Jind          Jind           5127
1176   Haryana   SBI   KAKOT / Kakut      Kaithal       Pundri         5130
1177   Haryana   SBI   Bhaini Akbarpur    Hissar        Uklana         5142
1178   Haryana   SBI   Mehuwala           Fatehabad     Bhattu         5336
1179   Haryana   SBI   Sikanderpur        Panipat       Aaasan Kalan   5449
1180   Haryana   SBI   Sandhir            Karnal        Nilokheri      5467
1181   Haryana   SBI   THASKA MIRANJI     Kurukshtra    KURUKSHETR     5467
1182   Haryana   SBI   UJHA               Panipat       Panipat        5508
1183   Haryana   SBI   KULTANA            Fatehabad     FATEHABAD      5508
1184   Haryana   SBI   Nagpur             Fatehabad     Ratia          5613
1185   Haryana   SBI   Bhuthankhurd       Fatehabad     Bhuna          5655
1186   Haryana   SBI   Kakrana            Rohtak        Rohtak         5694
1187   Haryana   SBI   JUAN               Sonepat       Sonepat        5748
1188   Haryana   SBI   MANAS              Kaithal       Kaithal        5767
1189   Haryana   SBI   Dadlana            Panipat       Aaasan Kalan   6047
1190   Haryana   SBI   Kanheri            Fatehabad     Tohana         6051
1191   Haryana   SBI   Baddimajra         Yamunanagar   Jagadhari      6334

1192   Haryana   SBI              Rohera                Kaithal       Kathiana       6361
1193   Haryana   SBI              Pilli Mandori         Fatehabad     Bhattu         6422
1194   Haryana   SBI              Sultanpur             Hissar        Hansi          6580
1195   Haryana   SBI              JAULI                 Sonepat       Gohana         6599
1196   Haryana   SBI              Balak                 Hissar        Barwala        6819
1197   Haryana   SBI              Sirsal                Kaithal       Pundri         6945
1198   Haryana   SBI              Badhawar              Hissar        Barwala        7061
1199   Haryana   SBI              DHANGAR               Fatehabad     Fatehabad      7184
1200   Haryana   SBI              Talwara Khurd         Sirsa         Ellenabad      7214
1201   Haryana   SBI              ROHNA                 Sonepat       Kharkhda       7311
1202   Haryana   SBI              Kurana                Panipat       Israna         7895
1203   Haryana   SBI              Khedar                Hissar        Barwala        8025
1204   Haryana   SBI              Ram Sara              Fatehabad     Bhattu         8463
1205   Haryana   SBI              Alewa                 Jind          Alewa          12661
1206   Haryana   SBI              Fransi                Hissar        Agroha         2109
1207   Haryana   SBI              Bandaheri             Hissar        Hissar-II      2174
1208   Haryana   SBI              Chiraud               Hissar        Hissar-I       2589
1209   Haryana   SBI              Kalwas                Hissar        Hissar-II      2853
1210   Haryana   SBI              Bhodia Bishnolan      Hissar        Adampur        2970
1211   Haryana   SBI              Khasa Mahajanan       Hissar        Agroha         3398
1212   Haryana   SBI              Sarangpur             Hissar        Agroha         3620
1213   Haryana   SBI              Talwandi Badshahpur   Hissar        Hissar-I       3656
1214   Haryana   SBI              Dobhi                 Hissar        Hissar-II      4843
1215   Haryana   SBI              Kherampur             Hissar        Adampur        4846
1216   Haryana   SBI              Daulat pur            Hissar        Uklana         5138
1217   Haryana   SBI              Siwani Bolan          Hissar        Agroha         5757
1218   Haryana   SBI              Kalirawan             Hissar        Agroha         7663
1219   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Shajahanpur           Faridabad     Ballabhgarh    2009
1220   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Joniawas              Gurgoan       Farukhnagasr   2013
1221   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Badli                 Mewat         Punhana        2041
1222   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   KAMBOPURA             KARNAL        KARNAL         2110
1223   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Pachgoan              Mewat         Tauru          2119
1224   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Junehara              Faridabad     Ballabhgarh    2170
1225   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Jarola                Gurgoan       Farukhnagasr   2173
1226   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Sahupura              Faridabad     Ballabhgarh    2179
1227   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   BAKANA                YAMUNANAGAR   RADAUR         2180
1228   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   BAJIDAJATAN           KARNAL        KARNAL         2240

1229   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   NACHRAUN          YAMUNANAGAR    RADAUR         2260
1230   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Arua              Faridabad      Ballabhgarh    2313
1231   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Charora           Mewat          Tauru          2350
1232   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Lakhawas          Gurgoan        Sohna          2354
1233   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Naichana          Rewari                        2437
1234   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Raipur            Gurgoan        Sohna          2480
1235   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Godhola           Mewat          Punhana        2507
1236   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   DHANALADANPUR     BHIWANI        BHIWANI        2517
1237   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Ransika           Palwal                        2586
1238   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Patli Hazipur     Gurgoan        Farukhnagasr   2672
1239   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Mubarikpur        Gurgoan        Farukhnagasr   2684
1240   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   GULLARPUR         KARNAL         NISSING        2700
1241   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Chilla            Mewat          Tauru          2716
1242   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Lakhnaka          Palwal                        2739
1243   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Panera Khurd      Faridabad      Ballabhgarh    2754
1244   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Ghurawali         Palwal         Hathin         2768
1245   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   KHERI MANJATTAN   SONEPAT        RAI            2800
1246   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Panehara Kalan    Faridabad      Ballabhgarh    2827
1247   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Niwana            Mewat          Punhana        2962
1248   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Bhangrola         Gurgoan        Gurgoan        2979
1249   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   DAHA              KARNAL         KARNAL         3000
1250   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Chadanai          Mewat          Nuh            3026
1251   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Sailothi          Palwal                        3068
1252   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   MALAHMAJRA        SONEPAT        RAI            3080
1253   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Gehli             Mohindergarh   Narnaul        3111
1254   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Kherla            Mewat          Nuh            3161
1255   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   BUDHANPUR         KARNAL         NISSING        3167
1256   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Sulkha            Rewari                        3172
1257   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   BINDROLI          SONEPAT        RAI            3200
1258   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Andhop            Palwal         Hathin         3342
1259   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   SINGHRA           KARNAL         NISSING        3500
1260   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Tain              Mewat          Nuh            3550
1261   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Garkhera          Faridabad      Ballabhgarh    3579
1262   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Rasulpur          Palwal         Palwal         3601
1263   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   GHOGRIPUR         KARNAL         NISSING        3800
1264   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Maluka            Palwal         Hathin         3960
1265   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Agon              Mewat          Ferozpur       4025

1266   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Piyala             Faridabad     Ballabhgarh   4027
1267   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   RAWALWAS KALAN     HISSAR        HISSAR II     4152
1268   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Raniyala Khurd     Palwal        Hathin        4214
1269   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Khaika-Hathin      Palwal        Hathin        4273
1270   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Asoti              Palwal        Palwal        4432
1271   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   BIJNA              KARNAL        GHARAUNDA     4500
1272   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Adbar              Mewat         Nuh           4540
1273   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Phulwari           Palwal        Hodal         4725
1274   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Ferozpur Namak     Mewat         Nuh           5102
1275   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   AUNGHAD            KARNAL        NISSING       5200
1276   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Bhulwana           Palwal        Hodal         5678
1277   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Jawan              Faridabad     Ballabhgarh   5696
1278   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Atali              Faridabad     Ballabhgarh   5795
1279   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Janauli            Palwal        Block         6036
1280   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   AP BAROTA          SONEPAT       RAI           7200
1281   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Kadipur-Part       Gurgoan       Gurgoan       7907
1282   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   Rupraka            Palwal        Hathin        9243
1283   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   BALRANGRA          KARNAL        GHARAUNDA     9765
1284   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   STAUNDI            KARNAL        GHARAUNDA     10030
1285   Haryana   Syndicate Bank   MOONAK             KARNAL        GHARAUNDA     15870
1286   Haryana   UCO Bank         Khjurijatti        Fatehabad     Fatehbad      2400
1287   Haryana   UCO Bank         Uchana             Karnal        Karnal        2400
1288   Haryana   UCO Bank         Razana             Jind          Budhakhera    2500
1289   Haryana   UCO Bank         Fatehgarh          Ambala        Sahzadpur     2700
1290   Haryana   UCO Bank         Karera Khurd       Yamunanagar   Jagadhri      2858
1291   Haryana   UCO Bank         Pabsara            Sonepat       Rai           3254
1292   Haryana   UCO Bank         Asawarpur          Sonepat       Rai           3600
1293   Haryana   UCO Bank         Matdadu            Sirsa         Dabwali       4000
1294   Haryana   UCO Bank         Bhodwalmajri       Panipat       Smalakha      4500
1295   Haryana   UCO Bank         Jajal              Sonepat       Rai           4500
1296   Haryana   UCO Bank         Mohmadpur          Fatehabad     Fatehbad      5000
1297   Haryana   UCO Bank         Asanda             Jhajjar       Jhajjar       5000
1298   Haryana   UCO Bank         Gughan             Rohtak        Rohtak        5000
1299   Haryana   UCO Bank         Nonad              Rohtak        Rohtak        5000
1300   Haryana   UCO Bank         Haibatpur          Hissar        Narnaud       6000
1301   Haryana   UCO Bank         Sampal             Rohtak        Rohtak        6000

1302   Haryana   UCO Bank             Katesra            Rohtak        Rohtak       6000
1303   Haryana   UCO Bank             Mahoti             Panipat       Smalakha     6200
1304   Haryana   UCO Bank             Kherijaib          Hissar        Narnaud      7400
1305   Haryana   UCO Bank             Dhisara            Sonepat       Rai          8000
1306   Haryana   UCO Bank             Bhaprode           Jhajjar       Jhajjar      16000
1307   Haryana   Unio Bank of India   Nandheri           Fatehbabad    Tohana       2013
1308   Haryana   Unio Bank of India   Lilas              Bhiwani       Bhiwani      2088
1309   Haryana   Unio Bank of India   Lamba              Fatehbabad    Ratia        2113
1310   Haryana   Unio Bank of India   Hayatpur           Gurgaon       Gurgaon      2321
1311   Haryana   Unio Bank of India   Garhi Chaju        Panipat       Samalkha     2338
1312   Haryana   Unio Bank of India   Dhansoli           Panipat       Bapoli       2425
1313   Haryana   Unio Bank of India   Dhanderi           Hissar        Hansi        2588
1314   Haryana   Unio Bank of India   Depal              Hissar        Hansi        2715
1315   Haryana   Unio Bank of India   Chnader Kalan      Fatehbabad    Ratia        2729
1316   Haryana   Unio Bank of India   Rehna              Mewat         Mewat        2734
1317   Haryana   Unio Bank of India   Ramayan            Hissar        Hansi        2738
1318   Haryana   Unio Bank of India   Chajpur Khurd      Panipat       Bapoli       2956
1319   Haryana   Unio Bank of India   Jalalpur           Panipat       Bapoli       2961
1320   Haryana   Unio Bank of India   Chajpur Kalan      Panipat       Bapoli       2983
1321   Haryana   Unio Bank of India   Dharnia            Fatehbabad    Fatehbabad   3061
1322   Haryana   Unio Bank of India   Daryapur           Bhiwani       Bhiwani      3218
1323   Haryana   Unio Bank of India   Sahar Malpur       Panipat       Samalkha     3301
1324   Haryana   Unio Bank of India   Risalu             Panipat       Panipat      3306
1325   Haryana   Unio Bank of India   Ferozepur          Palwal        Palwal       3364
1326   Haryana   Unio Bank of India   Dhani Thoban       Fatehbabad    Fatehbabad   3581
1327   Haryana   Unio Bank of India   Chindar            Fatehbabad    Fatehbabad   3659
1328   Haryana   Unio Bank of India   Dharshul Kalan     Fatehbabad    Tohana       3837
1329   Haryana   Unio Bank of India   Tamaspura          Fatehbabad    Fatehbabad   4150
1330   Haryana   Unio Bank of India   Nbinjhol           Panipat       Panipat      4430
1331   Haryana   Unio Bank of India   Indachoi           Fatehbabad    Tohana       4668
1332   Haryana   Unio Bank of India   Ayalki             Fatehbabad    Fatehbabad   4809
1333   Haryana   Unio Bank of India   Deoband            Kaithal       Kaithal      4988
1334   Haryana   Unio Bank of India   Bubail             Panipat       Panipat      5515
1335   Haryana   Unio Bank of India   Biwana             Fatehbabad    Jakal        5648
1336   Haryana   Unio Bank of India   Gumthala           Kurukshetra   Pehwa        7597
1337   Haryana   Unio Bank of India   Rana Majra         Panipat       Bapoli       8922
1338   Haryana   Unio Bank of India   Ugrakheri          Panipat       Panipat      10054

1339   Haryana   HDFC Bank    Nandal              Rohtak    Rohtak    2785
1340   Haryana   ICICI Bank   Sarsana             Hissar    Birwala   3138
1341   Haryana   GGB          Bajghera            GURGAON   GURGAON
1342   Haryana   GGB          Baslambi            GURGAON   FARUKH
1343   Haryana   GGB          Ghaushgarh          GURGAON   FARUKH
1344   Haryana   GGB          Janaula             GURGAON   FARUKH
1345   Haryana   GGB          Jori                GURGAON   FARUKH
1346   Haryana   GGB          MoKalwas            GURGAON
1347   Haryana   GGB          Taj Nagar           GURGAON   FARUKH
1348   Haryana   GGB          Khawaspur           GURGAON   FARUKH
1349   Haryana   GGB          Budhera             GURGAON   FARUKH
1350   Haryana   GGB          Jhanjrola           GURGAON   FARUKH
1351   Haryana   GGB          Sadhrana            GURGAON   FARUKH
1352   Haryana   GGB          Jatola              GURGAON   FARUKH
1353   Haryana   GGB          Karola              GURGAON   FARUKH
1354   Haryana   GGB          Khandewla           GURGAON   FARUKH
1355   Haryana   GGB          Mehchana            GURGAON   FARUKH
1356   Haryana   GGB          Khurampur           GURGAON   FARUKH
1357   Haryana   GGB          Palra               GURGAON   SOHNA
1358   Haryana   GGB          Rathiwas            GURGAON   PATAUDI
1359   Haryana   GGB          Shahpur             GURGAON   PATAUDI
1360   Haryana   GGB          Sikanderpur Badha   GURGAON   GURGAON
1361   Haryana   GGB          Shikopur            GURGAON   GURGAON
1362   Haryana   GGB          Alipur              GURGAON   SOHNA
1363   Haryana   GGB          Raisena             GURGAON   SOHNA
1364   Haryana   GGB          Damdama             GURGAON   SOHNA
1365   Haryana   GGB          Daula               GURGAON   SOHNA
1366   Haryana   GGB          Garhi Bajidpur      GURGAON   SOHNA
1367   Haryana   GGB          Kherla              GURGAON   SOHNA
1368   Haryana   GGB          Samarthala          GURGAON   SOHNA
1369   Haryana   GGB          Bainsi              MEWAT     NUH
1370   Haryana   GGB          Chhapera            MEWAT     NUH

1371   Haryana   GGB   Gangauli           MEWAT   NUH
1372   Haryana   GGB   Sudaka             MEWAT   NUH        5591
1373   Haryana   GGB   Dungeja            MEWAT   NUH
1374   Haryana   GGB   Gokalpur           MEWAT   NUH
1375   Haryana   GGB   Mahoon             MEWAT   FEROJPUR
1376   Haryana   GGB   Hirawari Bamathe   MEWAT   FEROJPUR
1377   Haryana   GGB   Raigarh            MEWAT   FEROJPUR
1378   Haryana   GGB   Basaimeo           MEWAT   FEROJPUR
1379   Haryana   GGB   Gandoori           MEWAT   NAGINA
1380   Haryana   GGB   Umra               MEWAT   NAGINA
1381   Haryana   GGB   Bhadas             MEWAT   NAGINA
1382   Haryana   GGB   HathanGaon         MEWAT   PUNHANA
1383   Haryana   GGB   Indana             MEWAT   PUNHANA
1384   Haryana   GGB   Nai                MEWAT   PUNHANA    8743
1385   Haryana   GGB   Neemka             MEWAT   PUNHANA
1386   Haryana   GGB   Gulalta            MEWAT   PUNHANA
1387   Haryana   GGB   Mubarikpur         MEWAT   PUNHANA
1388   Haryana   GGB   Siroli             MEWAT   PUNHANA
1389   Haryana   GGB   Bhaganki           MEWAT   TAURU
1390   Haryana   GGB   Hassanpur Taor     MEWAT   TAURU
1391   Haryana   GGB   Rewasan            MEWAT   NUH
1392   Haryana   GGB   Salaheri           MEWAT   NUH
1393   Haryana   GGB   Salamba            MEWAT   NUH        5093
1394   Haryana   GGB   Bissar Akbarpur    MEWAT   TAURU
1395   Haryana   GGB   Chehalka           MEWAT   TAURU
1396   Haryana   GGB   Sond               MEWAT   TAURU
1397   Haryana   GGB   Akera              MEWAT   NUH        6680
1398   Haryana   GGB   Dehana             MEWAT   NUH
1399   Haryana   GGB   Meoli              MEWAT   NUH        5569
1400   Haryana   GGB   Khalilpur          MEWAT   NUH
1401   Haryana   GGB   Kiranj             MEWAT   NUH
1402   Haryana   GGB   Udaka              MEWAT   NUH
1403   Haryana   GGB   Bhakroji           MEWAT   FEROJPUR
1404   Haryana   GGB   Doha               MEWAT   FEROJPUR   5681
1405   Haryana   GGB   Kol Gaon           MEWAT   FEROJPUR

1406   Haryana   GGB   Patkhori            MEWAT    FEROJPUR
1407   Haryana   GGB   Ghaghas             MEWAT    NAGINA
1408   Haryana   GGB   Jalalpur Ferozpur   MEWAT    NAGINA
1409   Haryana   GGB   Moolthan            MEWAT    NAGINA
1410   Haryana   GGB   Nangal Mubarikpur   MEWAT    NAGINA
1411   Haryana   GGB   Tigaon              MEWAT    FEROJPUR
1412   Haryana   GGB   Bawala              MEWAT    TAURU
1413   Haryana   GGB   Dhulawat            MEWAT    TAURU
1414   Haryana   GGB   Padheni             MEWAT    TAURU
1415   Haryana   GGB                       MEWAT    TAURU
1416   Haryana   GGB   Sehsaula            MEWAT    TAURU      6695
1417   Haryana   GGB   Jaurasi             MEWAT    TAURU
1418   Haryana   GGB   Khori Kalan         MEWAT    TAURU
1419   Haryana   GGB   Rathiwas            MEWAT    TAURU
1420   Haryana   GGB   Jamalgarh           MEWAT    PUNHANA
1421   Haryana   GGB   Jiwant              MEWAT    PUNHANA
1422   Haryana   GGB   Laherwari           MEWAT    PUNHANA
1423   Haryana   GGB   Kherla Punhana      MEWAT    PUNHANA
1424   Haryana   GGB   Srisinghalheri      MEWAT    PUNHANA
1425   Haryana   GGB   Jhetana             MEWAT    PUNHANA
1426   Haryana   GGB   Khori shah Chokl    MEWAT    PUNHANA
1427   Haryana   GGB   Otha                MEWAT    PUNHANA
1428   Haryana   GGB   Papra               MEWAT    PUNHANA
1429   Haryana   GGB   Phalaindi           MEWAT    PUNHANA
1430   Haryana   GGB   Paima Khera         MEWAT    PUNHANA
1431   Haryana   GGB   Bewal               M.GARH   KANINA
1432   Haryana   GGB   Kotia               M.GARH   KANINA
1433   Haryana   GGB   Gudha               M.GARH   KANINA
1434   Haryana   GGB   Rasul pur           M.GARH   KANINA
1435   Haryana   GGB   Partal              M.GARH   KANINA
1436   Haryana   GGB   Sundrah             M.GARH   KANINA
1437   Haryana   GGB   Nautana             M.GARH   KANINA
1438   Haryana   GGB   Syana               M.GARH   KANINA
1439   Haryana   GGB   Pota                M.GARH   KANINA
1440   Haryana   GGB   Baghoth             M.GARH   KANINA

1441   Haryana   GGB   Bihali            M.GARH   ATELI
1442   Haryana   GGB   Khera             M.GARH   ATELI
1443   Haryana   GGB   Kunjpura          M.GARH   ATELI
1444   Haryana   GGB   Guwani            M.GARH   ATELI
1445   Haryana   GGB   Meerpur           M.GARH   ATELI
1446   Haryana   GGB   Dublana           M.GARH   ATELI
1447   Haryana   GGB   Sagarpur          M.GARH   ATELI
1448   Haryana   GGB   Bocharia          M.GARH   ATELI
1449   Haryana   GGB   Garhi Ruthal      M.GARH   ATELI
1450   Haryana   GGB   Tigra             M.GARH   ATELI
1451   Haryana   GGB   Khor P 1 & P2     M.GARH   ATELI
1452   Haryana   GGB   Ganiar            M.GARH   ATELI
1453   Haryana   GGB   Barda             M.GARH   M.GARH
1454   Haryana   GGB   Dalanwas          M.GARH   M.GARH
1455   Haryana   GGB   Nimbi             M.GARH   M.GARH
1456   Haryana   GGB   Pali              M.GARH   M.GARH     6079
1457   Haryana   GGB   Bhagarana         M.GARH   M.GARH
1458   Haryana   GGB   Sisoth            M.GARH   M.GARH
1459   Haryana   GGB   Palri             M.GARH   M.GARH
1460   Haryana   GGB   Khudana           M.GARH   M.GARH     7298
1461   Haryana   GGB   Kharkara          M.GARH   M.GARH
1462   Haryana   GGB   Basai             M.GARH   M.GARH     6860
1463   Haryana   GGB   Jant              M.GARH   M.GARH
1464   Haryana   GGB   NangalDargu       M.GARH   NAGAL
1465   Haryana   GGB   Bigopur           M.GARH   NAGAL
1466   Haryana   GGB   Nangal Kalia      M.GARH   NAGAL
1467   Haryana   GGB   Pachnota          M.GARH   NAGAL
1468   Haryana   GGB   Bayal             M.GARH   NAGAL
1469   Haryana   GGB   Thanwas           M.GARH   NAGAL
1470   Haryana   GGB   Niyamatpur        M.GARH   NAGAL
1471   Haryana   GGB   Budhwal           M.GARH   NAGAL
1472   Haryana   GGB   Chillro           M.GARH   NARNAUL
1473   Haryana   GGB   Pawera            M.GARH   NARNAUL
1474   Haryana   GGB   Mandlana          M.GARH   NARNAUL

1475   Haryana   GGB   Seka               M.GARH   NAGAL
1476   Haryana   GGB   Kojinda            M.GARH   NAGAL
1477   Haryana   GGB   Mandhana           M.GARH   NAGAL
1478   Haryana   GGB   Kanvi              M.GARH   NAGAL
1479   Haryana   GGB   Solra              PALWAL   PALWAL
1480   Haryana   GGB   Kalwaka            PALWAL   PALWAL
1481   Haryana   GGB   Kishorpur          PALWAL   PALWAL
1482   Haryana   GGB   Pelak              PALWAL   PALWAL
1483   Haryana   GGB   Sihol              PALWAL   PALWAL
1484   Haryana   GGB   Farizarabad Misa   PALWAL   PALWAL
1485   Haryana   GGB   Kalsara            PALWAL   HATHIN
1486   Haryana   GGB   Mandhanka          PALWAL
1487   Haryana   GGB   Chhainsa           PALWAL   HATHIN
1488   Haryana   GGB   Swamiaka           PALWAL   HATHIN
1489   Haryana   GGB   Guraksar           PALWAL   HATHIN
1490   Haryana   GGB   Rupnagar Natoli    PALWAL   HATHIN
1491   Haryana   GGB                      PALWAL   HATHIN
1492   Haryana   GGB   Kot                PALWAL   HATHIN      7609
1493   Haryana   GGB   Manpur             PALWAL   HATHIN      7445
1494   Haryana   GGB   Alimeo             PALWAL   HATHIN      7752
1495   Haryana   GGB   Rundhi             PALWAL   HODEL
1496   Haryana   GGB   Mitrol             PALWAL   HODEL
1497   Haryana   GGB   Khatela            PALWAL   HODEL       6426
1498   Haryana   GGB   Gudhrana           PALWAL   HODEL
1499   Haryana   GGB   Siha               PALWAL   HASSANPUR
1500   Haryana   GGB   Seoli              PALWAL   HODEL
1501   Haryana   GGB   Lohina             PALWAL   HODEL
1502   Haryana   GGB   Bilochpur          PALWAL   HASSANPUR
1503   Haryana   GGB   Mirpur Korali      PALWAL   HASSANPUR
1504   Haryana   GGB   Kashipur           PALWAL   HASSANPUR
1505   Haryana   GGB   Bela               PALWAL   HASSANPUR
1506   Haryana   GGB   Raidaska           PALWAL   HASSANPUR
1507   Haryana   GGB   Pingore            PALWAL   HASSANPUR   5468
1508   Haryana   GGB   Ghasera            PALWAL   HASSANPUR
1509   Haryana   GGB   Likhi              PALWAL   HASSANPUR   6356

1510   Haryana   GGB   Amroli              PALWAL      HASSANPUR
1511   Haryana   GGB   Badha               PALWAL      PALWAL
1512   Haryana   GGB   Alampur             FARIDABAD   FARIDABAD
1513   Haryana   GGB   Sironi              FARIDABAD   FARIDABAD
1514   Haryana   GGB   Bijopur             FARIDABAD   FARIDABAD
1515   Haryana   GGB   . Dhauj             FARIDABAD   BALLABHGAR   9899
1516   Haryana   GGB   Bhanakpur           FARIDABAD   BALLABHGAR
1517   Haryana   GGB   Samaypur            FARIDABAD   BALLABHGAR
1518   Haryana   GGB   Chandpur            FARIDABAD   BALLABHGAR
1519   Haryana   GGB   Manjhawali          FARIDABAD   BALLABHGAR
1520   Haryana   GGB   Digh                FARIDABAD   BALLABHGAR
1521   Haryana   GGB   Sagarpur            FARIDABAD   BALLABHGAR
1522   Haryana   GGB   Shahpur Kalan       FARIDABAD   BALLABHGAR
1523   Haryana   GGB   Heerapur            FARIDABAD   BALLABHGAR
1524   Haryana   GGB   Nashawali           FARIDABAD   BALLABHGAR
1525   Haryana   GGB   Nariala             FARIDABAD   BALLABHGAR
1526   Haryana   GGB   Mohna               FARIDABAD   BALLABHGAR   9237
1527   Haryana   GGB   Mirzapur            FARIDABAD   FARIDABAD
1528   Haryana   GGB   Badoli              FARIDABAD   FARIDABAD    5068
1529   Haryana   GGB   Neemka              FARIDABAD   FARIDABAD
1530   Haryana   GGB   Amipur              FARIDABAD   BALLABHGAR
1531   Haryana   GGB   Bhanskola           FARIDABAD   BALLABHGAR
1532   Haryana   GGB   Palwali             FARIDABAD   BALLABHGAR   12079
1533   Haryana   GGB   Bhatola             FARIDABAD   BALLABHGAR
1534   Haryana   GGB   Faridpur            FARIDABAD   BALLABHGAR
1535   Haryana   GGB   Nacholi             FARIDABAD   BALLABHGAR
1536   Haryana   GGB   Kherikhurd          FARIDABAD   BALLABHGAR
1537   Haryana   GGB   Kherikalan          FARIDABAD   BALLABHGAR   6009
1538   Haryana   GGB   Gohara Mohbatabad   FARIDABAD   BALLABHGAR
1539   Haryana   GGB   Mangar              FARIDABAD   BALLABHGAR

1540   Haryana   GGB   Pawta               FARIDABAD   BALLABHGAR
1541   Haryana   GGB   Pali                FARIDABAD   BALLABHGAR   5948
1542   Haryana   GGB   Bhagthala           BAWAL       REWARI
1543   Haryana   GGB    Kanohari           JATUSANA    REWARI
1544   Haryana   GGB   Nimoth              KHOL        REWARI
1545   Haryana   GGB   Lula Ahir           NAHAR       REWARI
1546   Haryana   GGB   Bawwa               NAHAR       REWARI
1547   Haryana   GGB    Dhawana            KHOL        REWARI
1548   Haryana   GGB   Jhabua              BAWAL       REWARI
1549   Haryana   GGB    Bhatsana           REWARI      REWARI
1550   Haryana   GGB    Karwara Manakpur   REWARI      REWARI
1551   Haryana   GGB   Lohana              KHOL        REWARI
1552   Haryana   GGB   Raliawas            BAWAL       REWARI
1553   Haryana   GGB   Jarthal             BAWAL       REWARI
1554   Haryana   GGB   Mayan               KHOL        REWARI
1555   Haryana   GGB   Gothra tappa        KHOL        REWARI
1556   Haryana   GGB   Nandha              KHOL        REWARI
1557   Haryana   GGB   Dharan              BAWAL       REWARI
1558   Haryana   GGB   Rajgarh             BAWAL       REWARI
1559   Haryana   GGB   Jaisinghpur Khera   BAWAL       REWARI
1560   Haryana   GGB   Khandora            BAWAL       REWARI
1561   Haryana   GGB   Akera               REWARI      REWARI       5246
1562   Haryana   GGB   Ghatal              REWARI      REWARI
1563   Haryana   GGB   Musepur             JATUSANA    REWARI
1564   Haryana   GGB   Baldhan Kalan       JATUSANA    REWARI
1565   Haryana   GGB   Berli Khurd         JATUSANA    REWARI
1566   Haryana   GGB   Khaleta             KHOL        REWARI
1567   Haryana   GGB   Agwanpur            Gannur      SONEPAT
1568   Haryana   GGB   Jhunder             Rai         SONEPAT      5014
1569   Haryana   GGB   Liwaspur            Rai         SONEPAT
1570   Haryana   GGB   Asawarpur           Rai         SONEPAT
1571   Haryana   HGB   MEHNAKHERA          SIRSA       SIRSA        2005
1572   Haryana   HGB   DHANGAR             BHIWANI     JUI          2031
1573   Haryana   HGB   CHILKANI DHAB       SIRSA       SIRSA        2040
1574   Haryana   HGB   THEH BANHERA        KAITHAL     KAITHAL      2052

1575   Haryana   HGB   NIRWAN            SIRSA           SIRSA       2056
1576   Haryana   HGB   HARITA            HISAR           HISAR I     2057
1577   Haryana   HGB   DAHIMA            HISAR           HISAR I     2060
1578   Haryana   HGB   BARWAS            BHIWANI         LOHARU      2070
1579   Haryana   HGB   MATANI            BHIWANI         SIWANI      2071
1580   Haryana   HGB   BUDHSAILI         BHIWANI         SIWANI      2073
1581   Haryana   HGB   PAJU              BHIWANI         BEHL        2086
1582   Haryana   HGB   MIRZAPUR          SIRSA           SIRSA       2089
1583   Haryana   HGB   NANGLA            FATEHABAD       TOHANA      2107
1584   Haryana   HGB   KHERI ASRA        JHAJJAR         JHAJJAR     2112
1585   Haryana   HGB   PILCHIAN          FATEHABAD       RATTIA      2123
1586   Haryana   HGB   MIRKA             HISAR           HISAR I     2128
1587   Haryana   HGB   SIPER             BHIWANI         BAWANI      2135
1588   Haryana   HGB   CHIKANWAS         HISAR           AGROHA      2138
1589   Haryana   HGB   MUNIMPUR          JHAJJAR         JHAJJAR     2139
1590   Haryana   HGB   BIROLA            BHIWANI         TOSHAM      2150
1591   Haryana   HGB   KINNAR            HISAR           NARNAUND    2153
1592   Haryana   HGB   GORIPUR           BHIWANI         BHIWANI     2156
1593   Haryana   HGB   CHEHER KHURD      BHIWANI         BEHL        2191
1594   Haryana   HGB   KOILPURI          JHAJJAR         JHAJJAR     2195
1595   Haryana   HGB   KAKRALA INAYAT    KAITHAL         KAITHAL     2203
1596   Haryana   HGB   GAGARPUR          KAITHAL         KAITHAL     2205
1597   Haryana   HGB   RANDHAWA          SIRSA           SIRSA       2215
1598   Haryana   HGB   DUDIWALA          BHIWANI         BADHRA      2217
1599   Haryana   HGB   BOND KHURD        BHIWANI         CH. DADRI   2222
1600   Haryana   HGB   ALLAUDIN PUR      BHIWANI         LOHARU      2228
1601   Haryana   HGB   KARAH             KURUKSHETRA     PEHOWA      2232
1602   Haryana   HGB   HAMZAPUR          FATEHABAD       RATTIA      2233
1603   Haryana   HGB   JARWA             NARNAUL/MAHEN   MAHENDERG   2235
                                         DERGARH         ARH
1604   Haryana   HGB   SARWARPUR\        FATEHABAD       BHATTU      2245
1605   Haryana   HGB   BHORAK(Ishrak)    KURUKSHETRA     Pehowa      2245
1606   Haryana   HGB   MITHI             BHIWANI         SIWANI      2270
1607   Haryana   HGB   MAMBER KHERA      SIRSA           SIRSA       2275
1608   Haryana   HGB   RUPGARH           BHIWANI         BHIWANI     2281
1609   Haryana   HGB   KHOKHA            HISAR           HISAR I     2282

1610   Haryana   HGB   HASAN               BHIWANI         SIWANI       2288
1611   Haryana   HGB   ATELA               BHIWANI         CH. DADRI    2297
1612   Haryana   HGB   ACHHEJ              JHAJJAR         JHAJJAR      2303
1613   Haryana   HGB   Dwarka              BHIWANI         BADHRA       2310
1614   Haryana   HGB   HANSPUR             FATEHABAD       RATTIA       2314
1615   Haryana   HGB   LAKHUANA            SIRSA           SIRSA        2317
1616   Haryana   HGB   GOBINDGARH          KURUKSHETRA     THANESAR     2319
1617   Haryana   HGB   KALPI               AMBALA          BARARA       2320
1618   Haryana   HGB   SHAHIDANWALI        FATEHABAD       FATEHABAD    2327
1619   Haryana   HGB   KHAISERGARH         SIRSA           SIRSA        2327
1620   Haryana   HGB   GHIKARA             BHIWANI         CH. DADRI    2331
1621   Haryana   HGB   HINDOL              BHIWANI         CH. DADRI    2338
1622   Haryana   HGB   TODA                PANCHKULA       SHAHZADPUR   2349
1623   Haryana   HGB   GOLA                AMBALA          BARARA       2353
1624   Haryana   HGB   BAS MUTSIL RANILA   BHIWANI         CH. DADRI    2354
1625   Haryana   HGB   THASKA              HISAR           AGROHA       2360
1626   Haryana   HGB   SANDHOLI            KURUKSHETRA     PEHOWA       2365
1627   Haryana   HGB   BIR CHHUCHHAKWAS    JHAJJAR         JHAJJAR      2374
1628   Haryana   HGB   TIWALA              BHIWANI         CH. DADRI    2389
1629   Haryana   HGB   SUNDAWAS            HISAR           HISAR II     2395
1630   Haryana   HGB   PATHERA             NARNAUL/MAHEN   MAHENDERG    2401
                                           DERGARH         ARH
1631   Haryana   HGB   BADALA              BHIWANI         BHIWANI      2402
1632   Haryana   HGB   SULTANIAN           KAITHAL         KAITHAL      2402
1633   Haryana   HGB   BILAWAL             BHIWANI         BADHRA       2406
1634   Haryana   HGB   PANTAWAS            BHIWANI         CH. DADRI    2409
1635   Haryana   HGB   NATWAL              PANCHKULA       SHAHZADPUR   2412
1636   Haryana   HGB   KALSA               KURUKSHETRA     PEHOWA       2421
1637   Haryana   HGB   KHUNDAN             FATEHABAD       RATTIA       2423
1638   Haryana   HGB   GOTHRA              BHIWANI         LOHARU       2429
1639   Haryana   HGB   NAGOKI              SIRSA           SIRSA        2441
1640   Haryana   HGB   GOLAGARH            BHIWANI         JUI          2446
1641   Haryana   HGB   SIDHANWA            BHIWANI         BEHL         2461
1642   Haryana   HGB   MANDHWAL            KAITHAL         KAITHAL      2462
1643   Haryana   HGB   KIRATPUR            PANCHKULA       PINJORE      2462
1644   Haryana   HGB   GUDHA               BHIWANI         SIWANI       2474
1645   Haryana   HGB   GOKALPURA           BHIWANI         BEHL         2474

1646   Haryana   HGB   MEHRA            BHIWANI         CH. DADRI    2475
1647   Haryana   HGB   PUCCA            SIRSA           SIRSA        2491
1648   Haryana   HGB   LEGHAN HETWAN    BHIWANI         KAIRU        2496
1649   Haryana   HGB   DADMA            BHIWANI         BADHRA       2496
1650   Haryana   HGB   BHAN GARH        BHIWANI         JUI          2497
1651   Haryana   HGB   GAWAILSON        JHAJJAR         JHAJJAR      2501
1652   Haryana   HGB   UMRAWAT          BHIWANI         BHIWANI      2512
1653   Haryana   HGB   BHAROG           AMBALA          SHAHZADPUR   2526
1654   Haryana   HGB   KHERA            BHIWANI         SIWANI       2539
1655   Haryana   HGB   RATTANGARH       FATEHABAD       RATTIA       2550
1656   Haryana   HGB   PINJO KHARA      BHIWANI         TOSHAM       2553
1657   Haryana   HGB   HARUDI           BHIWANI         BADHRA       2554
1658   Haryana   HGB   SAIR             KAITHAL         KAITHAL      2565
1659   Haryana   HGB   KUKRAWALI        FATEHABAD       BHATTU       2572
1660   Haryana   HGB   SHAMPURA         NARNAUL/MAHEN   MAHENDERG    2583
                                        DERGARH         ARH
1661   Haryana   HGB   SEKHPUR JAT      JHAJJAR         JHAJJAR      2584
1662   Haryana   HGB   GINDRAN          SIRSA           SIRSA        2584
1663   Haryana   HGB   KALOI            JHAJJAR         JHAJJAR      2593
1664   Haryana   HGB   DHARWAN WAS      BHIWANI         KAIRU        2597
1665   Haryana   HGB   NIMRIWALI        BHIWANI         BHIWANI      2599
1666   Haryana   HGB   BALKRA           BHIWANI         CH. DADRI    2600
1667   Haryana   HGB   JUBAL            YAMUNANAGAR     RADAUR       2601
1668   Haryana   HGB   GARWA            BHIWANI         SIWANI       2602
1669   Haryana   HGB   BHERA            BHIWANI         SIWANI       2609
1670   Haryana   HGB   MAKHO SORAN      SIRSA           SIRSA        2609
1671   Haryana   HGB   GOPALWAS         BHIWANI         BEHL         2610
1672   Haryana   HGB   RASIWAS          BHIWANI         CH. DADRI    2611
1673   Haryana   HGB   KOTH KHURD       HISAR           NARNAUND     2618
1674   Haryana   HGB   JATAI            BHIWANI         BAWANI       2619
1675   Haryana   HGB   SELANGA          JHAJJAR         JHAJJAR      2619
1676   Haryana   HGB   INDIWALI         BHIWANI         KAIRU        2622
1677   Haryana   HGB   MUSIMBAL         YAMUNANAGAR     BILASPUR     2622
1678   Haryana   HGB   JAGAN            HISAR           AGROHA       2630
1679   Haryana   HGB   PALRA            JHAJJAR         JHAJJAR      2636
1680   Haryana   HGB   CHHOT            KAITHAL         KAITHAL      2648
1681   Haryana   HGB   HINDWAN          HISAR           HISAR II     2649

1682   Haryana   HGB   BHURTANA            BHIWANI       BAWANI      2673
1683   Haryana   HGB   BIDHNOI             BHIWANI       BEHL        2684
1684   Haryana   HGB   KHAI                FATEHABAD     RATTIA      2697
1685   Haryana   HGB   BHUNDARWAS          FATEHABAD     RATTIA      2719
1686   Haryana   HGB   BERWALA KHURD       SIRSA         SIRSA       2741
1687   Haryana   HGB   KUSSAR              SIRSA         SIRSA       2741
1688   Haryana   HGB   DOHKA HARYA         BHIWANI       BADHRA      2742
1689   Haryana   HGB   GAMRA               HISAR         NARNAUND    2742
1690   Haryana   HGB   NAURANGABAD         BHIWANI       BHIWANI     2745
1691   Haryana   HGB   BADRAI              BHIWANI       BADHRA      2746
1692   Haryana   HGB   AZIZPUR             YAMUNANAGAR   BILASPUR    2752
1693   Haryana   HGB   BIRABADI            FATEHABAD     RATTIA      2760
1694   Haryana   HGB   SHERIA              JHAJJAR       JHAJJAR     2763
1695   Haryana   HGB   JODHPURIA           SIRSA         SIRSA       2780
1696   Haryana   HGB   BHAINI BADSHAHPUR   HISAR         BARWALA     2786
1697   Haryana   HGB   SARAL               BHIWANI       TOSHAM      2793
1698   Haryana   HGB   DULLAT              FATEHABAD     BHUNA       2810
1699   Haryana   HGB   DAULATPUR           FATEHABAD     FATEHABAD   2818
1700   Haryana   HGB   SUNGARPUR           BHIWANI       KAIRU       2821
1701   Haryana   HGB   MEENGNI KHERA       HISAR         HISAR II    2841
1702   Haryana   HGB   NAURANGA BAD        BHIWANI       BADHRA      2844
1703   Haryana   HGB   KAUNT               BHIWANI       BHIWANI     2865
1704   Haryana   HGB   KHARATI KHERA       FATEHABAD     FATEHABAD   2871
1705   Haryana   HGB   DAGROLI             BHIWANI       BADHRA      2874
1706   Haryana   HGB   DUDHWA              BHIWANI       CH. DADRI   2890
1707   Haryana   HGB   GUDHA               JHAJJAR       JHAJJAR     2890
1708   Haryana   HGB   BURE                HISAR         HISAR I     2892
1709   Haryana   HGB   MANDHOLI KHURD      BHIWANI       SIWANI      2899
1710   Haryana   HGB   SEGA                KAITHAL       KAITHAL     2908
1711   Haryana   HGB   LUDAS               HISAR         HISAR II    2910
1712   Haryana   HGB   KHATIWAS            JHAJJAR       JHAJJAR     2932
1714   Haryana   HGB   GHUSKANI            BHIWANI       BAWANI      2944
1715   Haryana   HGB   DOHKI               BHIWANI       CH. DADRI   2978
1716   Haryana   HGB   SALODA              JHAJJAR       JHAJJAR     2995
1717   Haryana   HGB   KHERISHERU          KAITHAL       KAITHAL     3000

1718   Haryana   HGB   SAHU             HISAR         UKLANA      3003
1719   Haryana   HGB   AUN              BHIWANI       CH. DADRI   3007
1720   Haryana   HGB   PALI             HISAR         NARNAUND    3022
1721   Haryana   HGB   BIGOWA           BHIWANI       CH. DADRI   3037
1722   Haryana   HGB   THOBARIA         SIRSA         SIRSA       3062
1723   Haryana   HGB   PHULL            FATEHABAD     RATTIA      3072
1724   Haryana   HGB   KHAIRKAN         SIRSA         SIRSA       3076
1725   Haryana   HGB   SALEMGARH        HISAR         HISAR II    3079
1726   Haryana   HGB   KHUNGAI          JHAJJAR       JHAJJAR     3083
1727   Haryana   HGB   DHUNDHIANWALI    SIRSA         SIRSA       3121
1728   Haryana   HGB   SADEWALA         SIRSA         SIRSA       3125
1729   Haryana   HGB   BAGANWALA        BHIWANI       TOSHAM      3137
1730   Haryana   HGB   ATELA KALAN      BHIWANI       CH. DADRI   3144
1731   Haryana   HGB   JANDWALA         SIRSA         SIRSA       3152
1732   Haryana   HGB   DADAM            BHIWANI       TOSHAM      3161
1733   Haryana   HGB   JAWA             BHIWANI       CH. DADRI   3171
1734   Haryana   HGB   MANAWALI         FATEHABAD     FATEHABAD   3175
1735   Haryana   HGB   NEEMLA           SIRSA         SIRSA       3189
1736   Haryana   HGB   ARANIAWALI       SIRSA         SIRSA       3195
1737   Haryana   HGB   PALRI            BHIWANI       CH. DADRI   3202
1738   Haryana   HGB   PAHRAWAR         ROHTAK        ROHTAK      3203
1739   Haryana   HGB   GHILOD KALAN     ROHTAK        ROHTAK      3221
1740   Haryana   HGB   LOHARWARA        BHIWANI       CH. DADRI   3226
1741   Haryana   HGB   PAHARI           BHIWANI       BEHL        3227
1742   Haryana   HGB   ROHNAT           BHIWANI       BAWANI      3250
1743   Haryana   HGB   LADWI            HISAR         ADAMPUR     3258
1744   Haryana   HGB   HETAMPURA        BHIWANI       JUI         3268
1745   Haryana   HGB   PAPOSA           BHIWANI       BAWANI      3271
1746   Haryana   HGB   JANDWALA         FATEHABAD     RATTIA      3277
1747   Haryana   HGB   BAGLA            HISAR         ADAMPUR     3281
1748   Haryana   HGB   UKHAL CHANA      JHAJJAR       JHAJJAR     3284
1749   Haryana   HGB   DHOR             JHAJJAR       JHAJJAR     3300
1750   Haryana   HGB   MARWA KALAN      YAMUNANAGAR   BILASPUR    3300
1751   Haryana   HGB   SOLDHA           JHAJJAR       JHAJJAR     3330
1752   Haryana   HGB   DHOLPALIA        SIRSA         SIRSA       3340
1753   Haryana   HGB   SHERPURA         SIRSA         SIRSA       3347

1754   Haryana   HGB   ALAM PUR         BHIWANI       TOSHAM       3360
1755   Haryana   HGB   MAKRANA          BHIWANI       CH. DADRI    3382
1756   Haryana   HGB   KHARKHARI        HISAR         HISAR I      3394
1757   Haryana   HGB   CHANG ROD        BHIWANI       CH. DADRI    3402
1758   Haryana   HGB   MAROT            JHAJJAR       JHAJJAR      3439
1759   Haryana   HGB   KHARKARI         BHIWANI       LOHARU       3473
1760   Haryana   HGB   SARSA (NEW       KURUKSHETRA   PEHOWA       3487
1761   Haryana   HGB   SONTA            AMBALA        AMBALA       3505
1762   Haryana   HGB   KHARKHARA        HISAR         BARWALA      3506
1763   Haryana   HGB   MAUJGARH         SIRSA         SIRSA        3520
1764   Haryana   HGB   BAKARIANWALI     SIRSA         SIRSA        3584
1765   Haryana   HGB   DULHERI          BHIWANI       TOSHAM       3607
1766   Haryana   HGB   MATER SHAM       HISAR         HISAR II     3624
1767   Haryana   HGB   KURALI           AMBALA        NARAINGARH   3644
1768   Haryana   HGB   CHUHARPUR        YAMUNANAGAR   CHHACHHRA    3656
1769   Haryana   HGB   GHUKANWALI       SIRSA         SIRSA        3664
1770   Haryana   HGB   KAYLA            BHIWANI       BHIWANI      3703
1771   Haryana   HGB   ISLAMGARH        JHAJJAR       JHAJJAR      3712
1772   Haryana   HGB   BAL CHHAPPAR     YAMUNANAGAR   BILASPUR     3717
1773   Haryana   HGB   SUNDERPUR        ROHTAK        LAKHAN       3769
1774   Haryana   HGB   BADHAULI         AMBALA        SHAHZADPUR   3847
1775   Haryana   HGB   KAKHERI          KAITHAL       KAITHAL      3852
1776   Haryana   HGB   AHLISADAR        FATEHABAD     FATEHABAD    3861
1777   Haryana   HGB   KABULPUR         ROHTAK        ROHTAK       3876
1778   Haryana   HGB   NUHIYANWALI      SIRSA         SIRSA        3878
1779   Haryana   HGB   MAHMOODPUR       JHAJJAR       JHAJJAR      3908
1780   Haryana   HGB   PATAN            HISAR         HISAR II     3923
1781   Haryana   HGB   BANWALA          SIRSA         SIRSA        3979
1782   Haryana   HGB   KIRORI           HISAR         AGROHA       4075
1783   Haryana   HGB   PREM NAGAR       BHIWANI       BAWANI       4131
1784   Haryana   HGB   DABRA            HISAR         HISAR I      4136
1785   Haryana   HGB   MANKAWAS         BHIWANI       CH. DADRI    4146
1786   Haryana   HGB   DHANANA          AMBALA        SHAHZADPUR   4147
1787   Haryana   HGB   DIWANA           KURUKSHETRA   PEHOWA       4176
1788   Haryana   HGB   BUDANA           HISAR         NARNAUND     4200

1789   Haryana   HGB   CHEHER KALAN     BHIWANI       BEHL        4210
1790   Haryana   HGB   GUJRANI          BHIWANI       BHIWANI     4240
1791   Haryana   HGB   MAINA            ROHTAK        ROHTAK      4257
1792   Haryana   HGB   DHANI MAHU       BHIWANI       CH. DADRI   4281
1793   Haryana   HGB   FAIZABAD         JHAJJAR       JHAJJAR     4290
1794   Haryana   HGB   NEHUGARH         REWARI        NEHAR       4312
1795   Haryana   HGB   KOHAR\           BHIWANI       BHIWANI     4314
1796   Haryana   HGB   SHAHPUR          HISAR         HISAR II    4381
1797   Haryana   HGB   BOBUA            HISAR         BARWALA     4407
1798   Haryana   HGB   MAJRA            HISAR         NARNAUND    4501
1799   Haryana   HGB   RATANTHAL        REWARI        JATUSANA    4507
1800   Haryana   HGB   SUI              BHIWANI       BAWANI      4511
1801   Haryana   HGB   BAJINA           BHIWANI       TOSHAM      4519
1802   Haryana   HGB   SIWANA           BHIWANI       BAWANI      4593
1803   Haryana   HGB   SHAMSUKH\        HISAR         AGROHA      4629
1804   Haryana   HGB   RITAULI          ROHTAK        ROHTAK      4637
1805   Haryana   HGB   JHINJAR          BHIWANI       CH. DADRI   4664
1806   Haryana   HGB   PEEDAL           KAITHAL       KAITHAL     4665
1807   Haryana   HGB   KHERI KHUMAR     JHAJJAR       JHAJJAR     4706
1808   Haryana   HGB   PHORKA           SIRSA         SIRSA       4761
1809   Haryana   HGB   SIANA SAIDAN     KURUKSHETRA   PEHOWA      4826
1810   Haryana   HGB   DHARERU          BHIWANI       BHIWANI     4997
1811   Haryana   HGB   KHARODI          KAITHAL       KAITHAL     5026
1812   Haryana   HGB   PARBHUWALA       HISAR         UKLANA      5090
1813   Haryana   HGB   CHADIWAL\        SIRSA         SIRSA       5122
1814   Haryana   HGB   KURDAL           BHIWANI       LOHARU      5128
1815   Haryana   HGB   RIWASA           BHIWANI       TOSHAM      5320
1816   Haryana   HGB   JAHANGIRPUR      JHAJJAR       JHAJJAR     5340
1817   Haryana   HGB   FATEH GARH       BHIWANI       CH. DADRI   5370
1818   Haryana   HGB   DEVRALA          BHIWANI       KAIRU       5387
1819   Haryana   HGB   GARHI            HISAR         HANSI I     5542
1820   Haryana   HGB   SAGBAN           BHIWANI       TOSHAM      5572
1821   Haryana   HGB   HASANGAD         HISAR         BARWALA     5593
1822   Haryana   HGB   GUHNA            KAITHAL       KAITHAL     5628
1823   Haryana   HGB   SANDWA           BHIWANI       TOSHAM      5659
1824   Haryana   HGB   SISLASISMOR\     KAITHAL       KAITHAL     5915

1825   Haryana   HGB              CHARKHI           BHIWANI     CH. DADRI   6481
1826   Haryana   HGB              RURKI             ROHTAK      ROHTAK      6610
1827   Haryana   HGB              DHANSU            HISAR       HISAR I     6947
1828   Haryana   HGB              MITATHAL          BHIWANI     BHIWANI     7078
1829   Haryana   HGB              HIJRAWAN KALAN    FATEHABAD   FATEHABAD   7144
1830   Haryana   HGB              KHARA BARWALA     HISAR       ADAMPUR     7911
1831   Haryana   HGB              MIRCHPUR          HISAR       NARNAUND    8793
1832   Haryana   HGB              TITOLI            ROHTAK      LAKHAN      9160
1833   Haryana   HGB              RAIPUR            HISAR       HISAR I     9321
1834   Haryana   HGB              KARORA            KAITHAL     KAITHAL     10405
1835   Haryana   HGB              NIDANA            ROHTAK      MEHAM       11553
1836   Haryana   HGB              DHANA             HISAR       HANSI I     15883
1837   Haryana   HGB              BARSI             BHIWANI     BAWANI      23264
1838   Punjab    ALLAHABAD BANK   BHAINI FATTA      Barnala
1839   Punjab    ALLAHABAD BANK   HASTA KALAN       Ferozepur
1840   Punjab    ALLAHABAD BANK   KERA KHERA        Ferozepur
1841   Punjab    ALLAHABAD BANK   NUSSI             JALANDHAR
1842   Punjab    ALLAHABAD BANK   LIHDRAN           JALANDHAR
1843   Punjab    ALLAHABAD BANK   NANGA KALAN       Mansa
1844   Punjab    ALLAHABAD BANK   MALLIAN WALA      Moga
1845   Punjab    ALLAHABAD BANK   CHOGAWAN          Moga
1846   Punjab    ALLAHABAD BANK   PHULEWALA         Moga
1847   Punjab    ALLAHABAD BANK   GHANDUAN          SANGRUR
1848   Punjab    ALLAHABAD BANK   BALLIAN           SANGRUR
1849   Punjab    ALLAHBAD BANK    DAKOA             Gurdaspur
1850   Punjab    ALLAHBAD BANK    CHEEMA            Gurdaspur
1851   Punjab    AXIS BANK        HAYAT NAGAR       Gurdaspur
1852   Punjab    AXIS BANK        BABRI             Gurdaspur
1853   Punjab    AXIS BANK        MARI PANWAN       Gurdaspur
1854   Punjab    AXIS BANK        LANGIANA PURANA   Moga
1855   Punjab    BOB              GURAM             Barnala
1856   Punjab    BOB              BHAGU             Ferozepur
1857   Punjab    BOB              RAJAN WALI        Ferozepur
1858   Punjab    BOB              AUJALA            Gurdaspur
1859   Punjab    BOB              NAL               JALANDHAR
1860   Punjab    BOB              DHULETA           JALANDHAR

1861   Punjab   BOB             GANDHRAN          JALANDHAR
1862   Punjab   BOB             PARAS RAM PUR     JALANDHAR
1863   Punjab   BOB             BOOT              Kapurthala
1864   Punjab   BOB             CHEHLAN           Ludhiana
1865   Punjab   BOB             MADPUR            Ludhiana
1866   Punjab   BOB             KOT GANGURAI      Ludhiana
1867   Punjab   BOB             BHAINI ALA        Ludhiana
1868   Punjab   BOB             JHANDEWALA        Moga
1869   Punjab   BOB             KHOTRAN           N SHAHR
1870   Punjab   BOB             JANDIALI          N SHAHR
1871   Punjab   BOB             MANDHALI          N SHAHR
1872   Punjab   BOB             TUNGAN            SANGRUR
1873   Punjab   BOB             ALADINPUR         Ttaran
1874   Punjab   BANK OF INDIA   DHADE             Amritsar
1875   Punjab   BANK OF INDIA   BAHORHU           Amritsar
1876   Punjab   BANK OF INDIA   MANDIALA          Amritsar
1877   Punjab   BANK OF INDIA   SANGRA            Amritsar
1878   Punjab   BANK OF INDIA   MEHMOANA          Faridkot
1879   Punjab   BANK OF INDIA   DULEHI KE         Ferozepur
1880   Punjab   BANK OF INDIA   PALLA MEGHA       Ferozepur
1881   Punjab   BANK OF INDIA   BAHAVAL BASI      Ferozepur
1882   Punjab   BANK OF INDIA   RAI PURA          Ferozepur
1883   Punjab   BANK OF INDIA   NARIAN PURA       Ferozepur
1884   Punjab   BANK OF INDIA   BISHANPURA        Ferozepur
1885   Punjab   BANK OF INDIA   RAMPURA           Ferozepur
1886   Punjab   BANK OF INDIA   MEHRAJPURA        Ferozepur
1887   Punjab   BANK OF INDIA   NAROT MEHRA       Gurdaspur
1888   Punjab   BANK OF INDIA   BOLINA            JALANDHAR
1889   Punjab   BANK OF INDIA   SAPRAI            JALANDHAR
1890   Punjab   BANK OF INDIA   KNGRIWAL          JALANDHAR
1892   Punjab   BANK OF INDIA   SIRTHALA          Ludhiana
1893   Punjab   BANK OF INDIA   JARGARI           Ludhiana
1894   Punjab   BANK OF INDIA   SIHAN DAUD        Ludhiana
1895   Punjab   BANK OF INDIA   RAMGARH           Ludhiana
1896   Punjab   BANK OF INDIA   BILASPUR          Ludhiana

1897   Punjab   BANK OF INDIA   NANAKPUR JAGERA     Ludhiana
1898   Punjab   BANK OF INDIA   BIR KALAN           Ludhiana
1899   Punjab   BANK OF INDIA   BIANI               Ludhiana
1900   Punjab   BANK OF INDIA   BUTAHRI             Ludhiana
1901   Punjab   BANK OF INDIA   BURJ HARI SINGH     Ludhiana
1902   Punjab   BANK OF INDIA   SHAHBAZPURA         Ludhiana
1903   Punjab   BANK OF INDIA   ANDLU               Ludhiana
1904   Punjab   BANK OF INDIA   DHULKOT KALAN       Moga
1905   Punjab   BANK OF INDIA   KOREWALA            Moga
1906   Punjab   BANK OF INDIA   RAJEANA, NIDHAN     Moga
1907   Punjab   BANK OF INDIA   NIDHAN WALA         Moga
1908   Punjab   BANK OF INDIA   LOT                 Patiala
1909   Punjab   BANK OF INDIA   AJNOUDA KALAN       Patiala
1910   Punjab   BANK OF INDIA   GOBINDPURA          Patiala
1911   Punjab   BANK OF INDIA   CHEMARU             Patiala
1912   Punjab   BANK OF INDIA   OHHET               Patiala
1913   Punjab   BANK OF INDIA   THUHA               Patiala
1914   Punjab   CANARA BANK     HEIR                Amritsar
1915   Punjab   CANARA BANK     CHIMABATH           Amritsar
1916   Punjab   CANARA BANK     KAILEBANDER         Bathinda
1917   Punjab   CANARA BANK     NARUANA             Bathinda
1918   Punjab   CANARA BANK     DHAI PAI            Faridkot
1919   Punjab   CANARA BANK     KOT KAROR KALAN     Ferozepur
1920   Punjab   CANARA BANK     BHAG SAR            Ferozepur
1921   Punjab   CANARA BANK     GIDDRAN WALI        Ferozepur
1922   Punjab   CANARA BANK     JAND WALA           Ferozepur
1923   Punjab   CANARA BANK     PANJAWA,            Ferozepur
1924   Punjab   CANARA BANK     BHANGER KHERA       Ferozepur
1925   Punjab   CANARA BANK     SALANA JEON SINGH   Fgarh
1926   Punjab   CANARA BANK     JHABKRA             Gurdaspur
1927   Punjab   CANARA BANK     BEGOWAL             Gurdaspur
1928   Punjab   CANARA BANK     LESRIWAL            JALANDHAR
1929   Punjab   CANARA BANK     SUFL PIND           JALANDHAR
1930   Punjab   CANARA BANK     KHUSROPUR           JALANDHAR
1931   Punjab   CANARA BANK     AUJLA               JALANDHAR

1933   Punjab   CANARA BANK   CHAK SAHBU          JALANDHAR
1934   Punjab   CANARA BANK   NANGAL              JALANDHAR
1937   Punjab   CANARA BANK   TAJ PUR             JALANDHAR
1938   Punjab   CANARA BANK   GOHAWAR             JALANDHAR
1939   Punjab   CANARA BANK   GHURKA              JALANDHAR
1940   Punjab   CANARA BANK   LAKHAN KALAN        Kapurthala
1941   Punjab   CANARA BANK   JEETA SINGH WALA    Moga
1942   Punjab   CANARA BANK   BAMBIHA BHAI        Moga
1943   Punjab   CANARA BANK   JAGATPUR            N SHAHR
1944   Punjab   CANARA BANK   BAINS               N SHAHR
1945   Punjab   CANARA BANK   GEOWAL              Ropar
1946   Punjab   CANARA BANK   SINGHPUR            Ttaran
1947   Punjab   CANARA BANK   ASSAL UTTAR         Ttaran
1948   Punjab   CBI           BHORCHHI RAJPUTAN   Amritsar
1949   Punjab   CBI           NANGALI             Amritsar
1950   Punjab   CBI           HAMIDI              Barnala
1951   Punjab   CBI           LEHRA KHANA         Bathinda
1952   Punjab   CBI           JEON SINGH WALA     Bathinda
1953   Punjab   CBI           CHATHEWALA          Bathinda
1954   Punjab   CBI           CHAHAL,             Faridkot
1955   Punjab   CBI           SIKHANWALA          Faridkot
1956   Punjab   CBI           NOOR PUR            Ferozepur
1957   Punjab   CBI           BHAV WALA           Ferozepur
1958   Punjab   CBI           BANWAL              Gurdaspur
1959   Punjab   CBI           HARDO KHANPUR       HOSHIARPUR
1960   Punjab   CBI           RURKA KHURD         JALANDHAR
1961   Punjab   CBI           BEHLOLPUR           Ludhiana
1962   Punjab   CBI           POWAT               Ludhiana
1963   Punjab   CBI           SEHJO MAJRA         Ludhiana
1964   Punjab   CBI           MANKI               Ludhiana
1965   Punjab   CBI           GOH                 Ludhiana
1966   Punjab   CBI           AMARGARH/KALER      Ludhiana
1967   Punjab   CBI           RAMUWALA NAWAN      Moga
1968   Punjab   CBI           KALEKE              Moga

1969   Punjab   CBI                ALAMWALA           Moga
1970   Punjab   CBI                BADDUWAL           Moga
1971   Punjab   CBI                FALAHGARH          Moga
1972   Punjab   CBI                CHAK SINGH PURA,   Moga
1973   Punjab   CBI                BHODIWALA          Moga
1974   Punjab   CBI                NASIRE WALA        Moga
1975   Punjab   CBI                INDERGARH          Moga
1976   Punjab   CBI                KAMAL KE           Moga
1977   Punjab   CBI                MAULI BAIDWAN      Mohali
1978   Punjab   CBI                NANDGARH           MUKTSAR
1979   Punjab   CBI                SAMEWALI           MUKTSAR
1980   Punjab   CBI                GONIANA            MUKTSAR
1981   Punjab   CBI                HUSNAR             MUKTSAR
1982   Punjab   CBI                MANN               MUKTSAR
1983   Punjab   CBI                BHEEN              N SHAHR
1984   Punjab   CBI                NERRU              Patiala
1985   Punjab   CBI                LOHA KHERA         SANGRUR
1986   Punjab   CBI                MOHALI KALAN       SANGRUR
1987   Punjab   CBI                CHANGAL            SANGRUR
1988   Punjab   CBI                PATHUWIND          Ttaran
1989   Punjab   CBI                RATAUL             Ttaran
1990   Punjab   CBI                KAKKA KANDEYALA    Ttaran
1991   Punjab   Corporation Bank   JAAWAHARPUR        Mohali
1992   Punjab   Corporation Bank   DULLOWAL           Mansa
1993   Punjab   HDFC BANK          KALIAN WALA        Moga
1994   Punjab   HDFC BANK          MAESARI            Moga
1995   Punjab   HDFC BANK          DARAPUR            Moga
1996   Punjab   HDFC BANK          UGOKE              Moga
1997   Punjab   HDFC BANK          BEHK KHAS          Ferozepur
1998   Punjab   HDFC BANK          MAUJAM             Ferozepur
1999   Punjab   HDFC BANK          GHOR POKHAR        Gurdaspur
2000   Punjab   HDFC BANK          HARDOBATHWAL       Gurdaspur
2001   Punjab   ICICI BANK         DEO                Ttaran
2002   Punjab   ICICI BANK         BABEHABLI          Gurdaspur
2003   Punjab   ICICI BANK         CHOTIAN KALAN      Moga
2004   Punjab   ICICI BANK         COTTA GHAR         Moga
2005   Punjab   INDIAN BANK        GOHIR              JALANDHAR

2006   Punjab   INDIAN BANK          PANDORI (DHAK     Kapurthala
2007   Punjab   INDIAN BANK          JASSIAN           Ludhiana
2008   Punjab   INDIAN BANK          BHATIAN           Ludhiana
2009   Punjab   INDIAN BANK          BAHADURKE         Ludhiana
2010   Punjab   INDIAN BANK          MATWANI           Moga
2011   Punjab   INDIAN BANK          MALEWAL           Patiala
2012   Punjab   INDIAN BANK          LUBANA TEKU       Patiala
2013   Punjab   IOB                  DHANDOWAL         JALANDHAR
2014   Punjab   IOB                  NAGAL AMBLAN      JALANDHAR
2015   Punjab   IOB                  DAHERU            Ludhiana
2016   Punjab   IOB                  BHAMADDI          Ludhiana
2017   Punjab   IOB                  CHANDRAN          Ludhiana
2018   Punjab   IOB                  PHALEWAL          Ludhiana
2019   Punjab   IOB                  BALLOWAL          Ludhiana
2020   Punjab   IOB                  CHAMINDA          Ludhiana
2021   Punjab   IOB                  PAMAL             Ludhiana
2022   Punjab   IOB                  CHAMINDA          Ludhiana
2023   Punjab   IOB                  KULAHR            Ludhiana
2024   Punjab   IOB                  RAQBA             Ludhiana
2025   Punjab   IOB                  KOTLI KALAN       Mansa
2026   Punjab   IOB                  KHAKHAR KALAN     Mansa
2027   Punjab   IOB                  DHULKOT           Moga
2028   Punjab   IOB                  JANDOLI           Patiala
2029   Punjab   IOB                  SALDKHERI         Patiala
2030   Punjab   IOB                  KHRAJPUR          Patiala
2031   Punjab   J & K bank           Salina            Moga
2032   Punjab   Local Capital area   Chak Hakim        Kapurthala
2033   Punjab   MGB                  DHILWAN PATIALA   Barnala
2034   Punjab   MGB                  DHILWAN NABHA     Barnala
2035   Punjab   MGB                  GHUNAS            Barnala
2036   Punjab   MGB                  NAINEWALA         Barnala
2037   Punjab   MGB                  SANDHU KALAN      Barnala
2038   Punjab   MGB                  CHHAPPA           Barnala
2039   Punjab   MGB                  SAHAUR            Barnala
2040   Punjab   MGB                  SEHJRA            Barnala
2041   Punjab   MGB                  WAZID KE KHURD    Barnala

2042   Punjab   MGB   GUMTI              Barnala
2043   Punjab   MGB   MANGEWAL           Barnala
2044   Punjab   MGB   BEHRA              Mohali
2045   Punjab   MGB   BAPRAOUR           Patiala
2046   Punjab   MGB   MARDAPUR           Patiala
2047   Punjab   MGB   BASMA              Patiala
2048   Punjab   MGB   MANOULI SURAT      Patiala
2049   Punjab   MGB   SAGRA              Patiala
2050   Punjab   MGB   KAREEM NAGAR URF   Patiala
2051   Punjab   MGB   DUGAL KALAN        Patiala
2052   Punjab   MGB   DUGAL KURAD        Patiala
2053   Punjab   MGB   DAFTRI WALA        Patiala
2054   Punjab   MGB   BEHAR JACHH        Patiala
2055   Punjab   MGB   KHURD              SANGRUR
2056   Punjab   MGB   MUBARKPUR          SANGRUR
2057   Punjab   MGB   PALASAUR           SANGRUR
2058   Punjab   MGB   BHULLERHERI        SANGRUR
2059   Punjab   MGB   NANGLA,            SANGRUR
2060   Punjab   MGB   SHEIKUBAS          SANGRUR
2061   Punjab   MGB   CHOTIAN            SANGRUR
2062   Punjab   MGB   GIDRIANA,          SANGRUR
2063   Punjab   MGB   KALBANJARA         SANGRUR
2064   Punjab   MGB   BANGA              SANGRUR
2065   Punjab   MGB   NAWANGAON          SANGRUR
2066   Punjab   MGB   DUDIAN             SANGRUR
2067   Punjab   MGB   SALEMGARH          SANGRUR
2068   Punjab   MGB   NARI-KE            SANGRUR
2069   Punjab   MGB   MANGWAL            SANGRUR
2070   Punjab   MGB   GAGGARPUR          SANGRUR
2071   Punjab   MGB   GUJJRAN            SANGRUR
2072   Punjab   MGB   KUMBARWAL          SANGRUR
2073   Punjab   MGB   PHARWAHI           SANGRUR
2074   Punjab   OBC   DHARAR             Amritsar
2075   Punjab   OBC   MAKHANWINDI        Amritsar
2076   Punjab   OBC   TIMOWAL            Amritsar
2077   Punjab   OBC   TARAGARH           Amritsar

2078   Punjab   OBC   BARNALA (DHATI)      Barnala
2079   Punjab   OBC   KUBE                 Barnala
2080   Punjab   OBC   KOT DUNA             Barnala
2081   Punjab   OBC   BADRA                Barnala
2082   Punjab   OBC   DANGARH              Barnala
2083   Punjab   OBC   CHHNIWAL KHURD       Barnala
2084   Punjab   OBC   DIWANA               Barnala
2085   Punjab   OBC   GEHLAN               Barnala
2086   Punjab   OBC   MEHTA                Barnala
2087   Punjab   OBC   JAJJAL               Bathinda
2088   Punjab   OBC   KOTBHARA             Bathinda
2089   Punjab   OBC   GHUMAN KALAN         Bathinda
2090   Punjab   OBC   BHAI BAKHTAUR        Bathinda
2091   Punjab   OBC   DIKH                 Bathinda
2092   Punjab   OBC   BHOKHRA              Bathinda
2093   Punjab   OBC   BHAGI BANDER         Bathinda
2094   Punjab   OBC   CHAK RAM SINGH       Bathinda
2095   Punjab   OBC   BHHANA               Faridkot
2096   Punjab   OBC   KARIRWALI,           Faridkot
2097   Punjab   OBC   RORI KAPURA          Faridkot
2098   Punjab   OBC   DEVI WALA            Faridkot
2099   Punjab   OBC   SAJRANA              Ferozepur
2100   Punjab   OBC   SURESH WALA          Ferozepur
2101   Punjab   OBC   ISLAM WALA           Ferozepur
2102   Punjab   OBC   ARNIWALA             Ferozepur
2103   Punjab   OBC   CHAK ARIAN WALA      Ferozepur
2104   Punjab   OBC   DHANDI QADIM         Ferozepur
2105   Punjab   OBC   MOHKAM ARIAN         Ferozepur
2106   Punjab   OBC   MAHIN WALA KALAN     Ferozepur
2107   Punjab   OBC   LAKHO KE BEHRAM      Ferozepur
2108   Punjab   OBC   PANJE KE UTTAR       Ferozepur
2109   Punjab   OBC   MAMU KHERA           Ferozepur
2110   Punjab   OBC   JHUMIAN WALI         Ferozepur
2111   Punjab   OBC   SUNEYIA              Gurdaspur
2112   Punjab   OBC   MULLIANWAL           Gurdaspur
2113   Punjab   OBC   TALWANDI LAL SINGH   Gurdaspur
2114   Punjab   OBC   KHUDAWAR             Gurdaspur

2115   Punjab   OBC   HARTA               HOSHIARPUR
2116   Punjab   OBC   PATTI               HOSHIARPUR
2117   Punjab   OBC   PHUGLANA            HOSHIARPUR
2118   Punjab   OBC   BADLA               HOSHIARPUR
2119   Punjab   OBC   BOHAN               HOSHIARPUR
2120   Punjab   OBC   SALEMPUR            HOSHIARPUR
2121   Punjab   OBC   TAHALI              HOSHIARPUR
2122   Punjab   OBC   MUNAK KALAN         HOSHIARPUR
2124   Punjab   OBC   KHAMBRA             JALANDHAR
2126   Punjab   OBC   CHHOKRAN            JALANDHAR
2127   Punjab   OBC   MINDI               JALANDHAR
2128   Punjab   OBC   NARUR               Kapurthala
2129   Punjab   OBC   RAJEWAL             Ludhiana
2130   Punjab   OBC   ROHNON KALAN        Ludhiana
2131   Punjab   OBC   BHAMIAN KALAN       Ludhiana
2132   Punjab   OBC   KHANECH             Ludhiana
2133   Punjab   OBC   RURKA               Ludhiana
2134   Punjab   OBC   KHAIRA              Ludhiana
2135   Punjab   OBC   LAMMA               Ludhiana
2136   Punjab   OBC   HISOWAL             Ludhiana
2137   Punjab   OBC   KHANDOOR            Ludhiana
2138   Punjab   OBC   CHAKERIAN           Mansa
2139   Punjab   OBC   DAYALPURA           Mansa
2140   Punjab   OBC   BAHONA              Moga
2141   Punjab   OBC   CHOTTIAN THOBA      Moga
2142   Punjab   OBC   JHANDEANA WEST      Moga
2143   Punjab   OBC   KOTLA MEHAR SINGH   Moga
2144   Punjab   OBC   BURJ HAMIRA         Moga
2145   Punjab   OBC   KHAI                Moga
2146   Punjab   OBC   GAJJIANA            Moga
2147   Punjab   OBC   PATTO JAWAHAR       Moga
2148   Punjab   OBC   KHOTE               Moga
2149   Punjab   OBC   PATTO DIDAR SINGH   Moga
2150   Punjab   OBC   MALIANA             Moga

2151   Punjab   OBC   MEENIAN             Moga
2152   Punjab   OBC   BODE                Moga
2153   Punjab   OBC   RANDIALA            Moga
2154   Punjab   OBC   DATEWALA            Moga
2155   Punjab   OBC   CHUHAR SINGH        Moga
2156   Punjab   OBC   GALOTI              Moga
2157   Punjab   OBC   GAGRA BHAGPUR       Moga
2158   Punjab   OBC   KISHANPURA KHURD    Moga
2159   Punjab   OBC   SHERPUR             Moga
2160   Punjab   OBC   KAMAL KE            Moga
2161   Punjab   OBC   JEENDRA             Moga
2162   Punjab   OBC   CHAK FATEHPUR       Moga
2163   Punjab   OBC   CHAK KANIAN KALAN   Moga
2164   Punjab   OBC   KANIAN KHURAD       Moga
2165   Punjab   OBC   GATTI JATTAN        Moga
2166   Punjab   OBC   NAGALA              Mohali
2167   Punjab   OBC   WARRING             MUKTSAR
2168   Punjab   OBC   KHOKHAR             MUKTSAR
2170   Punjab   OBC   UDHNOWAL            N SHAHR
2171   Punjab   OBC   THOPIA              N SHAHR
2172   Punjab   OBC   MEHAS               Patiala
2173   Punjab   OBC   BRASS               Patiala
2174   Punjab   OBC   SHEHPUR             Patiala
2175   Punjab   OBC   MANSOORPUR          Patiala
2176   Punjab   OBC   DEDNA               Patiala
2177   Punjab   OBC   AALORKH             SANGRUR
2178   Punjab   OBC   KHANDEBAD           SANGRUR
2179   Punjab   OBC   RAMGARH             SANGRUR
2180   Punjab   OBC   JHALOOR             SANGRUR
2181   Punjab   OBC   RAIDHARANA          SANGRUR
2182   Punjab   OBC   BHURTHALA           SANGRUR
2183   Punjab   OBC   SARODH              SANGRUR
2184   Punjab   OBC   UGRAHAN             SANGRUR
2185   Punjab   OBC   NARLI               Ttaran

2186   Punjab   OBC    DAL                Ttaran
2187   Punjab   OBC    MARI KAMBOKE       Ttaran
2188   Punjab   P&SB   BRAR               Amritsar
2189   Punjab   P&SB   KALER              Amritsar
2190   Punjab   P&SB   MANAWALA           Amritsar
2191   Punjab   P&SB   BHULLAR            Amritsar
2192   Punjab   P&SB   BALLIA MANJPUR     Amritsar
2193   Punjab   P&SB   CHAJJAL WADI       Amritsar
2194   Punjab   P&SB   JANIA              Amritsar
2195   Punjab   P&SB   CHOHAN             Amritsar
2196   Punjab   P&SB   MALLU NANGAL       Amritsar
2197   Punjab   P&SB   DIALPURA           Amritsar
2198   Punjab   P&SB   JAHANGIR           Amritsar
2199   Punjab   P&SB   BHINDER            Amritsar
2200   Punjab   P&SB   WADALA KHURD       Amritsar
2201   Punjab   P&SB   WAZIRBHULLAR       Amritsar
2202   Punjab   P&SB   RAMDIWALL          Amritsar
2203   Punjab   P&SB   PHARWAHI           Barnala
2204   Punjab   P&SB   DURKOT             Barnala
2205   Punjab   P&SB   KALALA MAJRA       Barnala
2206   Punjab   P&SB   DHANER             Barnala
2207   Punjab   P&SB   BHAINI MEHRAJ      Barnala
2208   Punjab   P&SB   BEHMAN KAUR        Bathinda
2209   Punjab   P&SB   RAM TIRATH JAGGA   Bathinda
2210   Punjab   P&SB   JEON SINGH WALA    Bathinda
2211   Punjab   P&SB   PITHO              Bathinda
2212   Punjab   P&SB   JANGIANA           Bathinda
2213   Punjab   P&SB   BABIHA             Bathinda
2214   Punjab   P&SB   DULEWAL            Bathinda
2215   Punjab   P&SB   GHUMTI KALAN       Bathinda
2216   Punjab   P&SB   GANGA              Bathinda
2217   Punjab   P&SB   DAN SINGH WALA     Bathinda
2218   Punjab   P&SB   GIANA              Bathinda
2219   Punjab   P&SB   SHER SINGHWALA     Faridkot
2220   Punjab   P&SB   BIHLE WALA         Faridkot
2221   Punjab   P&SB   MANI SINGH WALA    Faridkot

2222   Punjab   P&SB   KAUNI               Faridkot
2223   Punjab   P&SB   DEEP SINH WALA      Faridkot
2224   Punjab   P&SB   MARAHAR             Faridkot
2225   Punjab   P&SB   SADHAN WALA         Faridkot
2226   Punjab   P&SB   GHUGIANA            Faridkot
2227   Punjab   P&SB   BEHBAL KHURD        Faridkot
2228   Punjab   P&SB   ROMANA ALBEL        Faridkot
2229   Punjab   P&SB   GHANIA              Faridkot
2230   Punjab   P&SB   FATEHGARH           Faridkot
2231   Punjab   P&SB   DOAD,               Faridkot
2232   Punjab   P&SB   ROMANA AJIT SINGH   Faridkot
2233   Punjab   P&SB   MALLA               Faridkot
2234   Punjab   P&SB   WARA BHAI KA        Faridkot
2235   Punjab   P&SB   KARNI KHERA         Ferozepur
2236   Punjab   P&SB   KATHGARH            Ferozepur
2237   Punjab   P&SB   PALIWALA,           Ferozepur
2238   Punjab   P&SB   SHIHAN PARHI        Ferozepur
2239   Punjab   P&SB   CHHANGA RAI UTTAR   Ferozepur
2240   Punjab   P&SB   MOHAN KE HITHAR     Ferozepur
2241   Punjab   P&SB   USMAN KHERA         Ferozepur
2242   Punjab   P&SB   GUMJAL              Ferozepur
2243   Punjab   P&SB   TOOL WALA           Ferozepur
2244   Punjab   P&SB   PANNIWALA MAHLA     Ferozepur
2245   Punjab   P&SB   CHARHI              Fgarh
2246   Punjab   P&SB   FAROOR              Fgarh
2247   Punjab   P&SB   CHAHAL KALAN        Gurdaspur
2248   Punjab   P&SB   MASSANIA            Gurdaspur
2249   Punjab   P&SB   DHARAMKOT BAGGA     Gurdaspur
2250   Punjab   P&SB   KALER KALAN         Gurdaspur
2251   Punjab   P&SB   BAL                 Gurdaspur
2252   Punjab   P&SB   GHUMAN KALAN        Gurdaspur
2253   Punjab   P&SB   GHUMAN KHURD        Gurdaspur
2254   Punjab   P&SB   DOSTPUR             Gurdaspur
2255   Punjab   P&SB   BASARWAN            Gurdaspur
2256   Punjab   P&SB   DHAPAI              Gurdaspur
2257   Punjab   P&SB   RAHIMABAD           Gurdaspur
2258   Punjab   P&SB   BOLEWAL             Gurdaspur

2259   Punjab   P&SB   THIKRIWAL         Gurdaspur
2260   Punjab   P&SB   DALE CHAK         Gurdaspur
2261   Punjab   P&SB   KALER KHURD       Gurdaspur
2262   Punjab   P&SB   VEELA TEJA        Gurdaspur
2263   Punjab   P&SB   RAIPUR            Gurdaspur
2264   Punjab   P&SB   BHAMRI            Gurdaspur
2265   Punjab   P&SB   KHUJALA           Gurdaspur
2266   Punjab   P&SB   BADESRON          HOSHIARPUR
2267   Punjab   P&SB   PADRANA           HOSHIARPUR
2268   Punjab   P&SB   MUKHLIANA         HOSHIARPUR
2269   Punjab   P&SB   BHUNGARNI         HOSHIARPUR
2270   Punjab   P&SB   KHANAURA          HOSHIARPUR
2271   Punjab   P&SB   GHURIAL           JALANDHAR
2272   Punjab   P&SB   BAHUJA KHURD      JALANDHAR
2273   Punjab   P&SB   KHAIRA            Kapurthala
2274   Punjab   P&SB   NANGAL MAJHA      Kapurthala
2275   Punjab   P&SB   MADHOPUR          Kapurthala
2276   Punjab   P&SB   NANGAL            Kapurthala
2277   Punjab   P&SB   BONDLI            Ludhiana
2278   Punjab   P&SB   MANUPUR           Ludhiana
2279   Punjab   P&SB   KAURI             Ludhiana
2280   Punjab   P&SB   NASRALI           Ludhiana
2281   Punjab   P&SB   GHANGAS           Ludhiana
2282   Punjab   P&SB   BEGOWAL           Ludhiana
2283   Punjab   P&SB   RAMPUR            Ludhiana
2284   Punjab   P&SB   BARWALA           Ludhiana
2285   Punjab   P&SB   KATAHRI           Ludhiana
2286   Punjab   P&SB   BHOOTGARH         Ludhiana
2287   Punjab   P&SB   DHARAUR           Ludhiana
2288   Punjab   P&SB   RURKA             Ludhiana
2289   Punjab   P&SB   GOPALPUR          Ludhiana
2290   Punjab   P&SB   MANDIANI          Ludhiana
2291   Punjab   P&SB   DOLON KALAN       Ludhiana
2292   Punjab   P&SB   HERAN             Ludhiana
2293   Punjab   P&SB   DANGON            Ludhiana
2294   Punjab   P&SB   LAKHA             Ludhiana
2295   Punjab   P&SB   KULAR             Ludhiana

2296   Punjab   P&SB   JASSOWAL            Ludhiana
2297   Punjab   P&SB   GUREY               Ludhiana
2298   Punjab   P&SB   SIDHWAN KALAN       Ludhiana
2299   Punjab   P&SB   DODRA               Mansa
2300   Punjab   P&SB   BHADRA              Mansa
2301   Punjab   P&SB   KHERA KALAN         Mansa
2302   Punjab   P&SB   KHAIRA KHURD        Mansa
2303   Punjab   P&SB   JHANDA KHURD        Mansa
2304   Punjab   P&SB   KARANDI             Mansa
2305   Punjab   P&SB   TARE WALA           Moga
2306   Punjab   P&SB   RAULI               Moga
2307   Punjab   P&SB   TALWANDI            Moga
2308   Punjab   P&SB   KOKRI PHULA SINGH   Moga
2309   Punjab   P&SB   DHULKOT CHARAT      Moga
2310   Punjab   P&SB   JHANDEANA EAST      Moga
2311   Punjab   P&SB   DAULAT PURA UCHA    Moga
2312   Punjab   P&SB   SADA SINGH WALA     Moga
2313   Punjab   P&SB   SOSAN               Moga
2314   Punjab   P&SB   KOERA KHURD         Moga
2315   Punjab   P&SB   GILL                Moga
2316   Punjab   P&SB   JAI SINGH WALA      Moga
2317   Punjab   P&SB   NATHE WALA          Moga
2318   Punjab   P&SB   HARIE WALA          Moga
2319   Punjab   P&SB   DAMRU KHURAD        Moga
2320   Punjab   P&SB   DAMRU KALAN         Moga
2321   Punjab   P&SB   SAHOKE              Moga
2322   Punjab   P&SB   LANDE               Moga
2323   Punjab   P&SB   SANGATPURA          Moga
2324   Punjab   P&SB   DIDARE WALA         Moga
2325   Punjab   P&SB   BAREWALA            Moga
2326   Punjab   P&SB   MACHIKE             Moga
2327   Punjab   P&SB   RAMAN               Moga
2328   Punjab   P&SB   BHAGIKE             Moga
2329   Punjab   P&SB   MASITAN             Moga
2330   Punjab   P&SB   BEHRAMKE            Moga
2331   Punjab   P&SB   CHIRAG SHAH WALA    Moga

2332   Punjab   P&SB   RAMGARH           Moga
2333   Punjab   P&SB   DANEWALA          Moga
2334   Punjab   P&SB   DHARAM SINGH      Moga
2335   Punjab   P&SB   KILLI GANDHRAN    Moga
2336   Punjab   P&SB   MANDER            Moga
2337   Punjab   P&SB   KHAMBE            Moga
2338   Punjab   P&SB   KADAR WALA        Moga
2339   Punjab   P&SB   BHINDER KHURD     Moga
2340   Punjab   P&SB   DATA              Moga
2341   Punjab   P&SB   DHURALI           Mohali
2342   Punjab   P&SB   BALONGI           Mohali
2343   Punjab   P&SB   DAON              Mohali
2344   Punjab   P&SB   KOTLISANGAR       MUKTSAR
2345   Punjab   P&SB   MANDHAR KALAN     MUKTSAR
2346   Punjab   P&SB   KHUNDEHALAL       MUKTSAR
2347   Punjab   P&SB   CHAK CHIBBARAN    MUKTSAR
2348   Punjab   P&SB   SHAM KOT          MUKTSAR
2349   Punjab   P&SB   BURJ SIDHWAN      MUKTSAR
2351   Punjab   P&SB   RANIWALA          MUKTSAR
2352   Punjab   P&SB   MOHLAN            MUKTSAR
2353   Punjab   P&SB   URRANG            MUKTSAR
2354   Punjab   P&SB   TARKHANWALA       MUKTSAR
2355   Punjab   P&SB   DHOLKOT           MUKTSAR
2356   Punjab   P&SB   KADU KHERA        MUKTSAR
2357   Punjab   P&SB   BHITIWALA         MUKTSAR
2358   Punjab   P&SB   TARMALA           MUKTSAR
2359   Punjab   P&SB   FATHU KHERA       MUKTSAR
2360   Punjab   P&SB   KUTTIANWALI       MUKTSAR
2361   Punjab   P&SB   FULLU KHERA       MUKTSAR
2362   Punjab   P&SB   SIKHWALA          MUKTSAR
2363   Punjab   P&SB   KHAKANWALI        MUKTSAR
2364   Punjab   P&SB   SINGHWALA         MUKTSAR
2365   Punjab   P&SB   SHEIKHUPUR        N SHAHR
2366   Punjab   P&SB   TAKARLA           N SHAHR
2367   Punjab   P&SB   MAHID PUR         N SHAHR

2368   Punjab   P&SB   BARNALA KALAN       N SHAHR
2369   Punjab   P&SB   BINJAL              Patiala
2370   Punjab   P&SB   SALEMPUR SHEKHA     Patiala
2371   Punjab   P&SB   DANDRALA KHAROD     Patiala
2372   Punjab   P&SB   ANTALA              Patiala
2373   Punjab   P&SB   HAMJHARI            Patiala
2374   Punjab   P&SB   KALWANU             Patiala
2375   Punjab   P&SB   DAROLI              Patiala
2376   Punjab   P&SB   DUTAL               Patiala
2377   Punjab   P&SB   DUHARH              Patiala
2378   Punjab   P&SB   RAJLA               Patiala
2379   Punjab   P&SB   MARORI              Patiala
2380   Punjab   P&SB   SAMANA RURAL        Patiala
2381   Punjab   P&SB   BASOWAL             Ropar
2382   Punjab   P&SB   JHANDIAN            Ropar
2383   Punjab   P&SB   DHANAURI            Ropar
2384   Punjab   P&SB   KOTLA               Ropar
2385   Punjab   P&SB   JINDWARI            Ropar
2386   Punjab   P&SB   NANAGLI             Ropar
2387   Punjab   P&SB   BALIAL              SANGRUR
2388   Punjab   P&SB   KAKRA               SANGRUR
2389   Punjab   P&SB   PHAGUWALA           SANGRUR
2390   Punjab   P&SB   RAMPURA             SANGRUR
2391   Punjab   P&SB   JHANERI             SANGRUR
2392   Punjab   P&SB   NAGRA               SANGRUR
2393   Punjab   P&SB   SANGRELI            SANGRUR
2394   Punjab   P&SB   KADIAL              SANGRUR
2396   Punjab   P&SB   UBHE                SANGRUR
2397   Punjab   P&SB   SAFIPURKALAN        SANGRUR
2398   Punjab   P&SB   TOOR BANJARAN       SANGRUR
2399   Punjab   P&SB   GULAHERI            SANGRUR
2400   Punjab   P&SB   CHATHA              SANGRUR
2401   Punjab   P&SB   DEDEHAR SAHIB       Ttaran
2402   Punjab   P&SB   MARHANA             Ttaran
2403   Punjab   P&SB   RANIWALA            Ttaran

2404   Punjab   P&SB   BUH                Ttaran
2405   Punjab   P&SB   MIAN WIND          Ttaran
2406   Punjab   P&SB   BHUT WIND          Ttaran
2407   Punjab   P&SB   WAN                Ttaran
2408   Punjab   P&SB   MANAKE JAND        Ttaran
2409   Punjab   P&SB   WARNALA            Ttaran
2410   Punjab   P&SB   GAGUBUA            Ttaran
2411   Punjab   P&SB   BUCHAR KALAN       Ttaran
2412   Punjab   P&SB   CHINNA BIDHI       Ttaran
2413   Punjab   P&SB   GHOHLWARTH         Ttaran
2414   Punjab   P&SB   BATH               Ttaran
2415   Punjab   P&SB   KHARA              Ttaran
2416   Punjab   PGB    BUGGA              Amritsar
2417   Punjab   PGB    CHAK MISRI KHAN    Amritsar
2418   Punjab   PGB    CHAPPA RAM SINGH   Amritsar
2419   Punjab   PGB    DAULONANGAL        Amritsar
2420   Punjab   PGB    DHIANPUR           Amritsar
2421   Punjab   PGB    LUHARKA KALAN      Amritsar
2422   Punjab   PGB    LUHARKA KHUD       Amritsar
2423   Punjab   PGB    MEHSAMPURTKALAN    Amritsar
2424   Punjab   PGB    MURADPURA          Amritsar
2425   Punjab   PGB    SADDOLEHAI         Amritsar
2426   Punjab   PGB    UDHOKE KALAN       Amritsar
2427   Punjab   PGB    BAGGE KE PIPAL     Ferozepur
2428   Punjab   PGB    BURJ               Ferozepur
2429   Punjab   PGB    CHAK SUBHELE       Ferozepur
2430   Punjab   PGB    ALAM GARH          Ferozepur
2431   Punjab   PGB    ALIANA             Ferozepur
2432   Punjab   PGB    BAHADUR KHERA      Ferozepur
2433   Punjab   PGB    BAKAIN WALA        Ferozepur
2434   Punjab   PGB    BAZID PUR          Ferozepur
2435   Punjab   PGB    CHAK JANISAR       Ferozepur
2436   Punjab   PGB    CHAK SHANGA RAI    Ferozepur
2437   Punjab   PGB    DALMIR KHERA       Ferozepur
2438   Punjab   PGB    DODE WALA          Ferozepur

2439   Punjab   PGB   GURHIANA (ABOHAR)   Ferozepur
2440   Punjab   PGB   HARSTI WALA         Ferozepur
2441   Punjab   PGB   JHOKE HARI HAR      Ferozepur
2442   Punjab   PGB   JHURAR KHERA        Ferozepur
2443   Punjab   PGB   KANDWALA HAZIR      Ferozepur
2444   Punjab   PGB   KULAR ( DINA        Ferozepur
2445   Punjab   PGB   MEGH PARBHAI RAI    Ferozepur
2446   Punjab   PGB   PATTI ISLLA         Ferozepur
2447   Punjab   PGB   PATTI SADIK         Ferozepur
2448   Punjab   PGB   RATTA KHERA         Ferozepur
2449   Punjab   PGB   ROOP NAGAR          Ferozepur
2450   Punjab   PGB   SABUANA             Ferozepur
2451   Punjab   PGB   SARDARPURA          Ferozepur
2452   Punjab   PGB   SATIE WALA          Ferozepur
2453   Punjab   PGB   SHAKUR              Ferozepur
2454   Punjab   PGB   SODHI NAGAR         Ferozepur
2455   Punjab   PGB   SUKHCHAIN           Ferozepur
2456   Punjab   PGB   TAHLIWALA JATTAN    Ferozepur
2457   Punjab   PGB   TALWANDI NIPPLAN    Ferozepur
2458   Punjab   PGB   WARIYAM KHERA       Ferozepur
2459   Punjab   PGB   ABBAL KHAIR         Gurdaspur
2460   Punjab   PGB   BABOWAL             Gurdaspur
2461   Punjab   PGB   BALI                Gurdaspur
2462   Punjab   PGB   BHAMBOI             Gurdaspur
2463   Punjab   PGB   BHAMLADA            Gurdaspur
2464   Punjab   PGB   CHAUDHRIWAL         Gurdaspur
2465   Punjab   PGB   DERIWAL             Gurdaspur
2466   Punjab   PGB   GURAH KALAN         Gurdaspur
2467   Punjab   PGB   JAIO SARJA          Gurdaspur
2468   Punjab   PGB   LADHA MUNDA         Gurdaspur
2469   Punjab   PGB   RAJ PARURA          Gurdaspur
2470   Punjab   PGB   RANGAR NANGAL       Gurdaspur
2471   Punjab   PGB   SARTI               Gurdaspur
2472   Punjab   PGB   TIRHARI             Gurdaspur
2473   Punjab   PGB   ADAMWAL             HOSHIARPUR
2474   Punjab   PGB   BACHHOHI            HOSHIARPUR

2475   Punjab   PGB   BHADHIAR           HOSHIARPUR
2476   Punjab   PGB   BHAWANIPUR         HOSHIARPUR
2477   Punjab   PGB   BHAWNAUR           HOSHIARPUR
2478   Punjab   PGB   MANSOWAL           HOSHIARPUR
2479   Punjab   PGB   MEHANDWANI         HOSHIARPUR
2481   Punjab   PGB   SATAUR             HOSHIARPUR
2482   Punjab   PGB   BASSI              Kapurthala
2483   Punjab   PGB   BHADAS             Kapurthala
2484   Punjab   PGB   BHANOKI            Kapurthala
2485   Punjab   PGB   BOPARAI            Kapurthala
2486   Punjab   PGB   ATTARI             Moga
2487   Punjab   PGB   BAGHE              Moga
2488   Punjab   PGB   BAKEEWALA          Moga
2489   Punjab   PGB   CHUHAR CHAK        Moga
2490   Punjab   PGB   DAULLEWALA KALAN   Moga
2491   Punjab   PGB   MANDER KALAN       Moga
2492   Punjab   PGB   MAUJ GARH          Moga
2493   Punjab   PGB   MEHAL              Moga
2494   Punjab   PGB   MUNDI Jamal        Moga
2495   Punjab   PGB   SHERPUR TAIBAN     Moga
2496   Punjab   PGB   VIHE               Moga
2497   Punjab   PGB   MACHHALI KALAN     Mohali
2498   Punjab   PGB   BAJPUR             Ropar
2499   Punjab   PGB   BARSALPUR          Ropar
2500   Punjab   PGB   BASSI GUJRAN       Ropar
2501   Punjab   PGB   KALMAN             Ropar
2502   Punjab   PGB   NANGARAN           Ropar
2503   Punjab   PGB   BALAIR             Ttaran
2504   Punjab   PGB   DINEWAL            Ttaran
2505   Punjab   PGB   EKAL GADDA         Ttaran
2506   Punjab   PGB   HARDO SARLI        Ttaran
2507   Punjab   PGB   JODH SINGH WALA    Ttaran
2508   Punjab   PGB   KANG               Ttaran
2509   Punjab   PGB   DUBLI              Ttaran
2510   Punjab   PNB   BALARWAL           Amritsar
2511   Punjab   PNB   CHAKDOGRAN         Amritsar

2512   Punjab   PNB   DALIA RAJPUTAN     Amritsar
2513   Punjab   PNB   TARA KALAN         Amritsar
2514   Punjab   PNB   DHARIWAL           Amritsar
2515   Punjab   PNB   KOHALA             Amritsar
2516   Punjab   PNB   LOPOKE             Amritsar
2517   Punjab   PNB   BANGWA             Amritsar
2518   Punjab   PNB   CHETTIWIND         Amritsar
2519   Punjab   PNB   DEVIDASPURA        Amritsar
2520   Punjab   PNB   VADALA JOHAL       Amritsar
2521   Punjab   PNB   ADLIWAL            Amritsar
2522   Punjab   PNB   MEHLAWAL           Amritsar
2523   Punjab   PNB   NANGHAL TOLA       Amritsar
2524   Punjab   PNB   SANGATPURA         Amritsar
2525   Punjab   PNB   SANSARAN           Amritsar
2526   Punjab   PNB   BHANGWAN           Amritsar
2527   Punjab   PNB   BHOMA              Amritsar
2528   Punjab   PNB   CHACHOWALI         Amritsar
2529   Punjab   PNB   CHUGAWANRUPOWA     Amritsar
2530   Punjab   PNB   GILWALI            Amritsar
2531   Punjab   PNB   IBAN KALAN         Amritsar
2532   Punjab   PNB   KATHANIAN          Amritsar
2533   Punjab   PNB   KHURMANIAN         Amritsar
2534   Punjab   PNB   NENGALI            Amritsar
2535   Punjab   PNB   PANDORI WARRAICH   Amritsar
2536   Punjab   PNB   SANCHNA            Amritsar
2537   Punjab   PNB   DHAUL KALAN        Amritsar
2538   Punjab   PNB   CHAK MUKAND        Amritsar
2539   Punjab   PNB   BALSARAI           Amritsar
2540   Punjab   PNB   DHARDEU            Amritsar
2541   Punjab   PNB   GANGGARBHANA       Amritsar
2542   Punjab   PNB   AKALGARN DHAPLAN   Amritsar
2543   Punjab   PNB   DEHRI WAL          Amritsar
2544   Punjab   PNB   LOOLA              Amritsar
2545   Punjab   PNB   VUSHAL             Amritsar
2546   Punjab   PNB   ASPAL KALAN        Barnala
2547   Punjab   PNB   FATEHGARH CHANNA   Barnala

2548   Punjab   PNB   KARAMGARH            Barnala
2549   Punjab   PNB   DHANAUAL KHURD       Barnala
2550   Punjab   PNB   MAUR PATIALA         Barnala
2551   Punjab   PNB   RAMGARH              Barnala
2552   Punjab   PNB   NAIWALA              Barnala
2553   Punjab   PNB   TAJOKE               Barnala
2554   Punjab   PNB   BAKHATGARH           Barnala
2555   Punjab   PNB   PUHLA                Bathinda
2556   Punjab   PNB   PUHLI                Bathinda
2557   Punjab   PNB   SUKHLADI             Bathinda
2558   Punjab   PNB   BAGHA                Bathinda
2559   Punjab   PNB   PULLO MITHI          Bathinda
2560   Punjab   PNB   JASSI BAG WALI       Bathinda
2561   Punjab   PNB   GURUSAR              Bathinda
2562   Punjab   PNB   JAI SINGH WALA       Bathinda
2563   Punjab   PNB   SEKHU                Bathinda
2564   Punjab   PNB   BURJ GILL            Bathinda
2565   Punjab   PNB   SIRIWALA             Bathinda
2566   Punjab   PNB   DIALPURA MIRJA       Bathinda
2567   Punjab   PNB   GEHRI BUTTER         Bathinda
2568   Punjab   PNB   SUKHANWALA           Faridkot
2569   Punjab   PNB   QILLA NAU            Faridkot
2570   Punjab   PNB   TEHNA,               Faridkot
2571   Punjab   PNB   KALER                Faridkot
2572   Punjab   PNB   KOHAR WALA           Faridkot
2573   Punjab   PNB   AJIT GILL, ,,        Faridkot
2574   Punjab   PNB   CHHANA               Faridkot
2575   Punjab   PNB   JAITO RURAL          Faridkot
2576   Punjab   PNB   RAMUWALA             Faridkot
2577   Punjab   PNB   JHOTIWALA            Faridkot
2578   Punjab   PNB   PIRRAN WALA          Ferozepur
2579   Punjab   PNB   MASTA KE             Ferozepur
2580   Punjab   PNB   DASTOOL SAHIB        Ferozepur
2581   Punjab   PNB   SALEM SHAH           Ferozepur
2582   Punjab   PNB   KAURIAN WALI         Ferozepur
2583   Punjab   PNB   HALIM WALA           Ferozepur

2584   Punjab   PNB   NUKERIAN            Ferozepur
2585   Punjab   PNB   TARO BARI           Ferozepur
2586   Punjab   PNB   FATTU WALA HITHAR   Ferozepur
2587   Punjab   PNB   TALWAND JALLE       Ferozepur
2588   Punjab   PNB   BHARANA             Ferozepur
2589   Punjab   PNB   GUDDAR DHANDI       Ferozepur
2590   Punjab   PNB   DONA MATTAR         Ferozepur
2591   Punjab   PNB   CHAK KATHGARH       Ferozepur
2592   Punjab   PNB   JANDWALA ,          Ferozepur
2593   Punjab   PNB   SHERE WALA          Ferozepur
2594   Punjab   PNB   RAJPURA             Ferozepur
2595   Punjab   PNB   SHERGARH            Ferozepur
2596   Punjab   PNB   KIKAR KHERA         Ferozepur
2597   Punjab   PNB   DHINGAN WALI        Ferozepur
2598   Punjab   PNB   DHARANG WALA        Ferozepur
2599   Punjab   PNB   BHANGALA            Ferozepur
2600   Punjab   PNB   CHANNAN KHERA       Ferozepur
2601   Punjab   PNB   AZAM WALA           Ferozepur
2602   Punjab   PNB   KHIPPAN WALI        Ferozepur
2603   Punjab   PNB   KETCHRA GHALLU      Ferozepur
2604   Punjab   PNB   SAPPAN WALI         Ferozepur
2605   Punjab   PNB   SAYAD WALA          Ferozepur
2606   Punjab   PNB   HARIPURA            Ferozepur
2607   Punjab   PNB   DAULATPURA          Ferozepur
2608   Punjab   PNB   KILLIAN WALI        Ferozepur
2609   Punjab   PNB   DANE WALA SATKOS    Ferozepur
2610   Punjab   PNB   PATRE WALA          Ferozepur
2611   Punjab   PNB   DANGER KHERA        Ferozepur
2612   Punjab   PNB   CHURI WALA          Ferozepur
2613   Punjab   PNB   VAZIDPUR            Ferozepur
2614   Punjab   PNB   AJNALI              Fgarh
2615   Punjab   PNB   SANIPUR             Fgarh
2616   Punjab   PNB   JANIAL              Gurdaspur
2617   Punjab   PNB   SAROOPWALI          Gurdaspur
2618   Punjab   PNB   HARDO JHANDE        Gurdaspur
2619   Punjab   PNB   HARA                Gurdaspur

2620   Punjab   PNB   CHHATWAL           Gurdaspur
2621   Punjab   PNB   KOT                Gurdaspur
2622   Punjab   PNB   TURETI             Gurdaspur
2623   Punjab   PNB   SOHAL              Gurdaspur
2624   Punjab   PNB   DADWAN             Gurdaspur
2625   Punjab   PNB   KALICHPUR          Gurdaspur
2626   Punjab   PNB   SHAMSHERPUR        Gurdaspur
2627   Punjab   PNB   KHAIRA             Gurdaspur
2628   Punjab   PNB   HARDURWAL          Gurdaspur
2629   Punjab   PNB   DHADIALA NATT      Gurdaspur
2630   Punjab   PNB   TALWANDI BHONATH   Gurdaspur
2631   Punjab   PNB   DABANWALE          Gurdaspur
2632   Punjab   PNB   GHURALA            Gurdaspur
2633   Punjab   PNB   PEHRA              Gurdaspur
2634   Punjab   PNB   CHAWA              Gurdaspur
2635   Punjab   PNB   NABIPUR            Gurdaspur
2636   Punjab   PNB   KAHLWAN            Gurdaspur
2637   Punjab   PNB   LEEL KALAN         Gurdaspur
2638   Punjab   PNB   KIRI AFGANA        Gurdaspur
2639   Punjab   PNB   KOTLI MUGHLAN      Gurdaspur
2640   Punjab   PNB   SUNDER CHAK        Gurdaspur
2641   Punjab   PNB   PARMANAND          Gurdaspur
2642   Punjab   PNB   BHARATH            Gurdaspur
2643   Punjab   PNB   MAN BUCHIAN        Gurdaspur
2644   Punjab   PNB   BANI LODHI         Gurdaspur
2645   Punjab   PNB   BOPAR SAIDAN       Gurdaspur
2646   Punjab   PNB   AJOWAL             HOSHIARPUR
2647   Punjab   PNB   SHERGARH           HOSHIARPUR
2649   Punjab   PNB   MEHLANWALI         HOSHIARPUR
2650   Punjab   PNB   MAILI              HOSHIARPUR
2651   Punjab   PNB   POSI               HOSHIARPUR
2652   Punjab   PNB   BORA               HOSHIARPUR
2653   Punjab   PNB   BILRON             HOSHIARPUR
2654   Punjab   PNB   SAHRI              HOSHIARPUR
2655   Punjab   PNB   NANDLON            HOSHIARPUR

2657   Punjab   PNB   JAJA               HOSHIARPUR
2658   Punjab   PNB   JHAMWAN            HOSHIARPUR
2659   Punjab   PNB   MEHTABPUR          HOSHIARPUR
2660   Punjab   PNB   MANJKALAN          HOSHIARPUR
2661   Punjab   PNB   SANDHWAL           HOSHIARPUR
2662   Punjab   PNB   SARIANA            HOSHIARPUR
2663   Punjab   PNB   GERA               HOSHIARPUR
2664   Punjab   PNB   DAGAN              HOSHIARPUR
2665   Punjab   PNB   DEPUR              HOSHIARPUR
2668   Punjab   PNB   DHOOTKALAN         HOSHIARPUR
2669   Punjab   PNB   DHOGRI             JALANDHAR
2670   Punjab   PNB   GHOREWANI          JALANDHAR
2671   Punjab   PNB   MANAK RAL          JALANDHAR
2672   Punjab   PNB   DHEENA             JALANDHAR
2673   Punjab   PNB   PARTAP PURA        JALANDHAR
2674   Punjab   PNB   DHALIWAL           JALANDHAR
2675   Punjab   PNB   NAWANPIND          JALANDHAR
2676   Punjab   PNB   ADRA MANN          JALANDHAR
2677   Punjab   PNB   KHURAM PUR         JALANDHAR
2678   Punjab   PNB   CHANIA             JALANDHAR
2679   Punjab   PNB   TUT KALAN          JALANDHAR
2681   Punjab   PNB   DHALIWAL           JALANDHAR
2682   Punjab   PNB   BATH KALAN         JALANDHAR
2683   Punjab   PNB   MUDH               JALANDHAR
2684   Punjab   PNB   PADDI JAGIR        JALANDHAR
2685   Punjab   PNB   DADUWAL            JALANDHAR
2686   Punjab   PNB   AKAL PUR           JALANDHAR
2687   Punjab   PNB   KOTLI GAZRAN       JALANDHAR
2688   Punjab   PNB   KANGNA             JALANDHAR
2689   Punjab   PNB   HARBANSPUR         Kapurthala
2690   Punjab   PNB   DUMELI             Kapurthala
2691   Punjab   PNB   BAGHANA            Kapurthala
2692   Punjab   PNB   TALWARA            Kapurthala

2693   Punjab   PNB   RAIPUR             Kapurthala
2694   Punjab   PNB   THATHA             Kapurthala
2695   Punjab   PNB   BHAWANIPUR         Kapurthala
2696   Punjab   PNB   RAIPUR RAIAN       Kapurthala
2697   Punjab   PNB   BHANO LANGA        Kapurthala
2698   Punjab   PNB   UCHA               Kapurthala
2699   Punjab   PNB   SALAUDI            Ludhiana
2700   Punjab   PNB   SEH                Ludhiana
2701   Punjab   PNB   JATANA             Ludhiana
2702   Punjab   PNB   JASPALON           Ludhiana
2703   Punjab   PNB   GHUNGRALI          Ludhiana
2704   Punjab   PNB   RASULLRA           Ludhiana
2705   Punjab   PNB   RAJGARH            Ludhiana
2706   Punjab   PNB   MACHIAN KALAN      Ludhiana
2707   Punjab   PNB   SAHIBANA           Ludhiana
2708   Punjab   PNB   KHASI KALAN        Ludhiana
2709   Punjab   PNB   BARMI              Ludhiana
2710   Punjab   PNB   BURJ LITTAN        Ludhiana
2711   Punjab   PNB   TAJPUR             Ludhiana
2712   Punjab   PNB   CHHAJJWAL          Ludhiana
2713   Punjab   PNB   AGWAR GUJJAR       Ludhiana
2714   Punjab   PNB   AGWAR KHWAJA       Ludhiana
2715   Punjab   PNB   DEHRKA             Ludhiana
2716   Punjab   PNB   JWAHARKE           Mansa
2717   Punjab   PNB   NANGAL KHURD       Mansa
2718   Punjab   PNB   BUDHLADA           Mansa
2719   Punjab   PNB   , KULANA           Mansa
2720   Punjab   PNB   REOND KALAN        Mansa
2721   Punjab   PNB   DHARAMPURA         Mansa
2722   Punjab   PNB   HERO KHURD         Mansa
2723   Punjab   PNB   GHARRDI            Mansa
2724   Punjab   PNB   GURNEY KHURD       Mansa
2725   Punjab   PNB   RALLI              Mansa
2726   Punjab   PNB   GURNEY KALAN       Mansa
2727   Punjab   PNB   KOTRA KALAN        Mansa
2728   Punjab   PNB   HAMIRGARH DHAIPE   Mansa

2729   Punjab   PNB   DHALEWAN          Mansa
2730   Punjab   PNB   HODLAN KALAN      Mansa
2731   Punjab   PNB   KHIVA KALAN ,     Mansa
2732   Punjab   PNB   KHIVA KHURD       Mansa
2733   Punjab   PNB   DOSANJ ,          Moga
2734   Punjab   PNB   LANDE KE          Moga
2735   Punjab   PNB   MEHRAN            Moga
2736   Punjab   PNB   MADHOKE           Moga
2737   Punjab   PNB   RAMUWALA KALA     Moga
2738   Punjab   PNB   JOGEWALA          Moga
2739   Punjab   PNB   BUKKANWALA,       Moga
2740   Punjab   PNB   SAFUWALA          Moga
2741   Punjab   PNB   VEROKE ,          Moga
2742   Punjab   PNB   LADHAIKE          Moga
2743   Punjab   PNB   BADHNI KHURD      Moga
2744   Punjab   PNB   RAOKE KALAN       Moga
2745   Punjab   PNB   BEERD RAOKE       Moga
2746   Punjab   PNB   BERD BADHNI       Moga
2747   Punjab   PNB   MADHEKE           Moga
2748   Punjab   PNB   RANSINH KALAN     Moga
2749   Punjab   PNB   NANGAL            Moga
2750   Punjab   PNB   PANDORI ARAIYAN   Moga
2751   Punjab   PNB   FRREROZE WALA     Moga
2752   Punjab   PNB   FRREROZE WALA     Moga
2753   Punjab   PNB   RAINWALA          Moga
2754   Punjab   PNB   SANGLA            Moga
2755   Punjab   PNB   JANER             Moga
2756   Punjab   PNB   SANGERA           Moga
2757   Punjab   PNB   BOGHEWALA         Moga
2758   Punjab   PNB   KAIRAWALA         Moga
2759   Punjab   PNB   KAHNEWAL          Moga
2760   Punjab   PNB   MAUJE WALA        Moga
2761   Punjab   PNB   GOLU WALA         Moga
2762   Punjab   PNB   LALHANDI          Moga
2763   Punjab   PNB   SINGHPUR MUNANA   Moga
2764   Punjab   PNB   LONGIWIND         Moga

2765   Punjab   PNB   TALWANDI NAU      Moga
2766   Punjab   PNB   MEHAL(RANDIANA)   Moga
2767   Punjab   PNB   BADALI            Mohali
2768   Punjab   PNB   BEHLOLPUR         Mohali
2769   Punjab   PNB   MAJRAIN           Mohali
2770   Punjab   PNB   TOGAN             Mohali
2771   Punjab   PNB   MAJRI             Mohali
2772   Punjab   PNB   DHARAM GARH       Mohali
2773   Punjab   PNB   JARAUT            Mohali
2774   Punjab   PNB   DAPPAR            Mohali
2775   Punjab   PNB   HUMAUNPUR         Mohali
2776   Punjab   PNB   SUNDRAN           Mohali
2777   Punjab   PNB   MIRPUR            Mohali
2778   Punjab   PNB   CHHAT             Mohali
2779   Punjab   PNB   DIALPURA          Mohali
2780   Punjab   PNB   RAHURIANWALI      MUKTSAR
2782   Punjab   PNB   KANIANWALI        MUKTSAR
2783   Punjab   PNB   MAHANBADHAR       MUKTSAR
2784   Punjab   PNB   JHURAH            MUKTSAR
2785   Punjab   PNB   INNA KHERA        MUKTSAR
2786   Punjab   PNB   DANNEWALA         MUKTSAR
2787   Punjab   PNB   FAKKARSAR         MUKTSAR
2788   Punjab   PNB   THEIR             MUKTSAR
2789   Punjab   PNB   KHUDIAN GULAB     MUKTSAR
2790   Punjab   PNB   PUNJAWA           MUKTSAR
2791   Punjab   PNB   KHEOWALI          MUKTSAR
2792   Punjab   PNB   JHINGRAN          N SHAHR
2793   Punjab   PNB   RATENDA           N SHAHR
2794   Punjab   PNB   BAKHLAUR          N SHAHR
2795   Punjab   PNB   GARHI KANUGO      N SHAHR
2796   Punjab   PNB   BHAROLI           N SHAHR
2797   Punjab   PNB   LADHANA UCHA      N SHAHR
2798   Punjab   PNB   CHANDPUR RURKI    N SHAHR
2799   Punjab   PNB   MALLEWAL          N SHAHR
2800   Punjab   PNB   DAULAT PUR        N SHAHR

2801   Punjab   PNB   MIRPUR JATTAN     N SHAHR
2802   Punjab   PNB   CHALHERI          Patiala
2803   Punjab   PNB   ALHORAN           Patiala
2804   Punjab   PNB   THUHI             Patiala
2805   Punjab   PNB   SEONA             Patiala
2806   Punjab   PNB   JANSUA            Patiala
2807   Punjab   PNB   DHARAMGARH        Patiala
2808   Punjab   PNB   BOLAR KALAN       Patiala
2809   Punjab   PNB   MADANPUR          Patiala
2810   Punjab   PNB   KOTLA NIHANG      Ropar
2811   Punjab   PNB   AGAMPUR           Ropar
2813   Punjab   PNB   JHANER            SANGRUR
2814   Punjab   PNB   AHMEDPUR          SANGRUR
2815   Punjab   PNB   DHALLER KHURD     SANGRUR
2816   Punjab   PNB   KAHERU            SANGRUR
2817   Punjab   PNB   BARDWAL           SANGRUR
2818   Punjab   PNB   SANGAT PURA       SANGRUR
2819   Punjab   PNB   LADAL             SANGRUR
2820   Punjab   PNB   BHUTAL KHURD      SANGRUR
2821   Punjab   PNB   LEHAL KHURD       SANGRUR
2822   Punjab   PNB   KHERI             SANGRUR
2823   Punjab   PNB   GHABADAN          SANGRUR
2824   Punjab   PNB   KHADIAL           SANGRUR
2825   Punjab   PNB   BIGHERAWAL        SANGRUR
2826   Punjab   PNB   RAMGARH           SANGRUR
2827   Punjab   PNB   CHHAHAR           SANGRUR
2828   Punjab   PNB   JANAL             SANGRUR
2830   Punjab   PNB   INNA BAJWA        SANGRUR
2831   Punjab   PNB   KHERI CHAHLAN     SANGRUR
2832   Punjab   PNB   DHURI PIND        SANGRUR
2833   Punjab   PNB   CHAUDHRIWALA      Ttaran
2834   Punjab   PNB   THATHIAN          Ttaran
2835   Punjab   PNB   NANDPUR           Ttaran
2836   Punjab   PNB   PAKHOKE           Ttaran

2837   Punjab   PNB   TUR                 Ttaran
2838   Punjab   PNB   WARYAH              Ttaran
2839   Punjab   PNB   CHAMBA KALAN        Ttaran
2840   Punjab   PNB   GANDIWIND           Ttaran
2841   Punjab   PNB   RURIWALA            Ttaran
2842   Punjab   PNB   MUNDA PIND          Ttaran
2843   Punjab   PNB   LOHAR               Ttaran
2844   Punjab   PNB   BHAIL DHAIWALA      Ttaran
2845   Punjab   PNB   KHAN CHHABRI        Ttaran
2846   Punjab   PNB   DHUNDA              Ttaran
2847   Punjab   PNB   MAKHI KALLAN        Ttaran
2848   Punjab   PNB   BHAGUPURA           Ttaran
2849   Punjab   PNB   SARHALI MAND        Ttaran
2850   Punjab   PNB   VOIN POIN           Ttaran
2851   Punjab   PNB   BHAGWANPURA         Ttaran
2852   Punjab   PNB   BASARKE             Ttaran
2853   Punjab   PNB   KALSLN KALLAN       Ttaran
2854   Punjab   PNB   MEHINDLPUR          Ttaran
2855   Punjab   PNB   RATTOKE             Ttaran
2856   Punjab   PNB   BHUSSE              Ttaran
2857   Punjab   PNB   GANDWIND            Ttaran
2858   Punjab   PNB   DHAND               Ttaran
2859   Punjab   PNB   PANDORI RAN SINGH   Ttaran
2860   Punjab   PNB   PANDORISIDHWAN      Ttaran
2861   Punjab   PNB   BUGHA               Ttaran
2862   Punjab   PNB   JHABAL MANNAN       Ttaran
2863   Punjab   PNB   PANJWAR             Ttaran
2864   Punjab   PNB   KHARA               Ttaran
2865   Punjab   PNB   QILA KAVI SANTOKH   Ttaran
                      SINGH NURDI
2866   Punjab   PNB   BHOJIAN             Ttaran
2867   Punjab   PNB   KADGIL              Ttaran
2868   Punjab   PNB   BAGRIAN             Ttaran
2869   Punjab   PNB   PAKHOKE             Ttaran
2870   Punjab   SGB   DHUR KOT            Faridkot
2871   Punjab   SGB   SURGHURI            Faridkot
2872   Punjab   SGB   MADHAK              Faridkot

2873   Punjab   SGB   KHARAK SINGH WALA   Mansa
2874   Punjab   SGB   BURJ HARI           Mansa
2875   Punjab   SGB   BURJ DHILWAN        Mansa
2876   Punjab   SGB   DALEL SINGH WALA    Mansa
2877   Punjab   SGB   DATEWAL             Mansa
2878   Punjab   SGB   RANGHERIAL          Mansa
2879   Punjab   SGB   BAHADURPUR          Mansa
2880   Punjab   SGB   KISHANGARH          Mansa
2881   Punjab   SGB   BAPPIANA            Mansa
2882   Punjab   SGB   KOT DHARMU          Mansa
2883   Punjab   SGB   MAKHA               Mansa
2884   Punjab   SGB   AHLUPUR             Mansa
2885   Punjab   SGB   GURUSAR JODHAN      MUKTSAR
2886   Punjab   SGB   KATTIANWALI         MUKTSAR
2887   Punjab   SGB   FULLEWALA           MUKTSAR
2888   Punjab   SGB   TAMKOT              MUKTSAR
2889   Punjab   SGB   BHANGEHARI          MUKTSAR
2890   Punjab   SGB   GURISANGAR          MUKTSAR
2891   Punjab   SGB   BHUNDAR             MUKTSAR
2892   Punjab   SGB   FATHAKHERA          MUKTSAR
2893   Punjab   SGB   MEHNA               MUKTSAR
2894   Punjab   SBI   BACHIWIND           Amritsar
2895   Punjab   SBI   PADHRI              Amritsar
2896   Punjab   SBI   TALWANDI            Amritsar
2897   Punjab   SBI   GALOWALI            Amritsar
2898   Punjab   SBI   LUDHAR              Amritsar
2899   Punjab   SBI   JABBOWAL            Amritsar
2900   Punjab   SBI   SHAHURA             Amritsar
2901   Punjab   SBI   DHANAULA RURAL      Barnala
2902   Punjab   SBI   PANDHER             Barnala
2903   Punjab   SBI   RAJIA               Barnala
2904   Punjab   SBI   UPPLI               Barnala
2905   Punjab   SBI   JODHPUR             Barnala
2906   Punjab   SBI   UGOKE               Barnala
2907   Punjab   SBI   PANDORI             Barnala
2908   Punjab   SBI   BHATHLAN            Barnala

2909   Punjab   SBI   LEHRA DURKOT         Bathinda
2910   Punjab   SBI   LEHRA BEGA           Bathinda
2911   Punjab   SBI   MAHI NANGAL          Bathinda
2912   Punjab   SBI   LALEAHA              Bathinda
2913   Punjab   SBI   KOTLI KHURD          Bathinda
2914   Punjab   SBI   RAJGARH KABE         Bathinda
2915   Punjab   SBI   RAMNAGAR             Bathinda
2916   Punjab   SBI   BHUNDER              Bathinda
2917   Punjab   SBI   GHANDA BANA          Bathinda
2918   Punjab   SBI   KHIALIWALA           Bathinda
2919   Punjab   SBI   TALAB NEHRI/BIR      Bathinda
2920   Punjab   SBI   PATTI GILL           Bathinda
2921   Punjab   SBI   BULADEWALA           Bathinda
2922   Punjab   SBI   DEON                 Bathinda
2923   Punjab   SBI   GEHRI DEVE NAGAR     Bathinda
2924   Punjab   SBI   KAMIANA              Faridkot
2925   Punjab   SBI   PIPLI                Faridkot
2926   Punjab   SBI   FDK RURAL            Faridkot
2927   Punjab   SBI   KKP RURAL            Faridkot
2928   Punjab   SBI   WARA DHARAKA         Faridkot
2929   Punjab   SBI   JHAKHAR WALA,,       Faridkot
2930   Punjab   SBI   DAL SINGH WALA       Faridkot
2931   Punjab   SBI   RAN SINGH WALA       Faridkot
2932   Punjab   SBI   LAMBWALI             Faridkot
2933   Punjab   SBI   HARAJ                Ferozepur
2934   Punjab   SBI   GILL                 Ferozepur
2935   Punjab   SBI   JAND WALA BHIME      Ferozepur
2936   Punjab   SBI   JHOTIAN WALI         Ferozepur
2937   Punjab   SBI   PAKKAN               Ferozepur
2938   Punjab   SBI   DHIPPAN WALI         Ferozepur
2939   Punjab   SBI   BANAN WALA           Ferozepur
2940   Punjab   SBI   MULIAN WALI          Ferozepur
2941   Punjab   SBI   Muhuana Bodla        Ferozepur
2942   Punjab   SBI   Chak Wazida/Bazida   Ferozepur
2943   Punjab   SBI   CHAK BALOCHAN        Ferozepur
2944   Punjab   SBI   BAHMANI WALA         Ferozepur

2945   Punjab   SBI   BEHAK GUJRAN        Ferozepur
2946   Punjab   SBI   HAZARA SINGH WALA   Ferozepur
2947   Punjab   SBI   MOHAN KE UTTAR      Ferozepur
2948   Punjab   SBI   HIMAT PURA          Ferozepur
2949   Punjab   SBI   VAZIDPR BHOMA       Ferozepur
2950   Punjab   SBI   MODI KHERA          Ferozepur
2951   Punjab   SBI   BURAJ MOHAR         Ferozepur
2952   Punjab   SBI   RADHIAN WALI        Ferozepur
2953   Punjab   SBI   SHATIR WALA         Ferozepur
2954   Punjab   SBI   LAKHE WALI DHAB     Ferozepur
2955   Punjab   SBI   KABUL SHAH          Ferozepur
2956   Punjab   SBI   LALOWALI            Ferozepur
2957   Punjab   SBI   KHUNDA              Gurdaspur
2958   Punjab   SBI   FATECH NANGAL       Gurdaspur
2959   Punjab   SBI   CHAUNTA             Gurdaspur
2960   Punjab   SBI   BIANPURA            Gurdaspur
2961   Punjab   SBI   DODWAN              Gurdaspur
2962   Punjab   SBI   TALABPUR            Gurdaspur
2963   Punjab   SBI   NAUSHERA            Gurdaspur
2964   Punjab   SBI   BAHADAR             Gurdaspur
2965   Punjab   SBI   BHULLA CHACK        Gurdaspur
2966   Punjab   SBI   TUGALWAL            Gurdaspur
2967   Punjab   SBI   RANIPUR             Gurdaspur
2968   Punjab   SBI   MUTFERKA            Gurdaspur
2969   Punjab   SBI   THARIAL             Gurdaspur
2970   Punjab   SBI   BASSI GULAM         HOSHIARPUR
2971   Punjab   SBI   BAJRAUR             HOSHIARPUR
2972   Punjab   SBI   BALAH               HOSHIARPUR
2973   Punjab   SBI   HARSI PIND          HOSHIARPUR
2974   Punjab   SBI   BHAMOTAR            HOSHIARPUR
2975   Punjab   SBI   RAJWAL              HOSHIARPUR
2976   Punjab   SBI   KAPUR PIND          JALANDHAR
2977   Punjab   SBI   CHOMMO              JALANDHAR
2978   Punjab   SBI   DHOLEKE             JALANDHAR
2979   Punjab   SBI   DEMUNDA             JALANDHAR
2980   Punjab   SBI   NURPUR              JALANDHAR

2981   Punjab   SBI   MADARA              JALANDHAR
2982   Punjab   SBI   BADALA              JALANDHAR
2983   Punjab   SBI   KALWAN              JALANDHAR
2984   Punjab   SBI   LALLIAN KHURD       JALANDHAR
2985   Punjab   SBI   WARAYANA            JALANDHAR
2986   Punjab   SBI   GARAH               JALANDHAR
2987   Punjab   SBI   SOHIA NAGAR         JALANDHAR
2988   Punjab   SBI   BAJWA KALAN         JALANDHAR
2989   Punjab   SBI   ASSI KALAN          Ludhiana
2990   Punjab   SBI   BHANOHAR            Ludhiana
2991   Punjab   SBI   HASANPUR            Ludhiana
2992   Punjab   SBI   BOUNKER DOGRAN      Ludhiana
2993   Punjab   SBI   MALAK               Ludhiana
2994   Punjab   SBI   CHIAMNA             Ludhiana
2995   Punjab   SBI   BURJ RATHI          Mansa
2996   Punjab   SBI   RAMDITTEWALA        Mansa
2997   Punjab   SBI   KHARAGNA            Mansa
2998   Punjab   SBI   RAR                 Mansa
2999   Punjab   SBI   AKLIA               Mansa
3000   Punjab   SBI   BAJEWALA JAURKIAN   Mansa
3001   Punjab   SBI   JHERIANWALI         Mansa
3002   Punjab   SBI   UDAT BAGHAT RAM     Mansa
3003   Punjab   SBI   KAPURE              Moga
3004   Punjab   SBI   PURANEWALA          Moga
3005   Punjab   SBI   KILI CHAHAL         Moga
3006   Punjab   SBI   RATTIAN             Moga
3007   Punjab   SBI   BUDH SINGH WALA     Moga
3008   Punjab   SBI   CHANNU WALA         Moga
3009   Punjab   SBI   WANDER              Moga
3010   Punjab   SBI   CHIDA               Moga
3011   Punjab   SBI   DALLUWALA           Moga
3012   Punjab   SBI   GULAB SINGH WALA    Moga
3013   Punjab   SBI   KOTLA RAI KA        Moga
3014   Punjab   SBI   KOKRI BUTTRAN       Moga
3015   Punjab   SBI   KOKRI BEHNI WALA    Moga
3016   Punjab   SBI   DAYA KALAN          Moga
3017   Punjab   SBI   UMARPURA            Moga

3018   Punjab   SBI   BED MAJRA         Mohali
3019   Punjab   SBI   BALAMGARH         MUKTSAR
3020   Punjab   SBI   BARKANDI          MUKTSAR
3021   Punjab   SBI   VILL. MIKTSAR     MUKTSAR
3022   Punjab   SBI   UDEKARAN          MUKTSAR
3024   Punjab   SBI   SEERWALI          MUKTSAR
3025   Punjab   SBI   KHUNAN KALAN      MUKTSAR
3027   Punjab   SBI   BHARU             MUKTSAR
3028   Punjab   SBI   SUREWALA          MUKTSAR
3029   Punjab   SBI   BHUTTIWALA        MUKTSAR
3031   Punjab   SBI   KAUNI             MUKTSAR
3032   Punjab   SBI   SUKHANA ABLU      MUKTSAR
3033   Punjab   SBI   GILJEWALA         MUKTSAR
3034   Punjab   SBI   SOTHA             MUKTSAR
3035   Punjab   SBI   RURHIANWALI /     MUKTSAR
3036   Punjab   SBI   MAHUANA           MUKTSAR
3037   Punjab   SBI   TAPAKHERA         MUKTSAR
3038   Punjab   SBI   DEONKHER          MUKTSAR
3040   Punjab   SBI   ADHIANAN          MUKTSAR
3041   Punjab   SBI   LAL BHAI          MUKTSAR
3042   Punjab   SBI   THARAJWALA        MUKTSAR
3043   Punjab   SBI   KARIHA            N SHAHR
3044   Punjab   SBI   SALOH             N SHAHR
3045   Punjab   SBI   LALOCHI           Patiala
3046   Punjab   SBI   NEELPUR           Patiala
3047   Punjab   SBI   DULADI            Patiala
3049   Punjab   SBI   KASBA BHARAL      SANGRUR
3050   Punjab   SBI   KALYAN            SANGRUR
3051   Punjab   SBI   FIROZEPUR         SANGRUR
3052   Punjab   SBI   UPPAL KHERI       SANGRUR
3053   Punjab   SBI   TOGEWAL           SANGRUR

3054   Punjab   SBI    SHAHPUR KALAN       SANGRUR
3055   Punjab   SBI    JHARON              SANGRUR
3056   Punjab   SBI    MAURAN              SANGRUR
3057   Punjab   SBI    GURPAXPURA          SANGRUR
3058   Punjab   SBI    RASULPUR            Ttaran
3059   Punjab   SBI    CHATRALA            Ttaran
3060   Punjab   SBI    MUGHAL CHAK         Ttaran
3061   Punjab   SBI    SAKHIRA             Ttaran
3062   Punjab   SBI    JAURA               Ttaran
3063   Punjab   SBI    KOHARAKA            Ttaran
3064   Punjab   SBI    GHARKA              Ttaran
3065   Punjab   SBI    DHARIWAL            Ttaran
3066   Punjab   SBI    KHAWASPUR           Ttaran
3067   Punjab   SBI    BHAROWAL            Ttaran
3068   Punjab   SBI    MARI GAUR SINGH     Ttaran
3069   Punjab   SBI    MARGINDPURA         Ttaran
3070   Punjab   SBI    MAHAMUDPURA         Ttaran
3071   Punjab   SBI    THATGARH            Ttaran
3072   Punjab   SBI    KHAIR DINKE         Ttaran
3073   Punjab   SBI    NAURANGABAD         Ttaran
3074   Punjab   SBOP   BHITTEWAD           Amritsar
3075   Punjab   SBOP   KHUDDI KALAN        Barnala
3076   Punjab   SBOP   HARI GARH           Barnala
3077   Punjab   SBOP   KANHNKE             Barnala
3078   Punjab   SBOP   BHANI JASSAN        Barnala
3079   Punjab   SBOP   JANGIANA            Barnala
3080   Punjab   SBOP   MAJHUKE             Barnala
3081   Punjab   SBOP   NANGAL              Barnala
3082   Punjab   SBOP   Talwandi            Barnala
3083   Punjab   SBOP   PAKHOKE             Barnala
3084   Punjab   SBOP   DARAJ               Barnala
3085   Punjab   SBOP   KALALAN             Barnala
3086   Punjab   SBOP   LOHGARH             Barnala
3087   Punjab   SBOP   CHINNIWAL KALAN     Barnala
3088   Punjab   SBOP   MOOM                Barnala
3089   Punjab   SBOP   RAISAR ( PATIALA)   Barnala
3090   Punjab   SBOP   MEHAL KHURD         Barnala

3091   Punjab   SBOP   SEEMA               Bathinda
3092   Punjab   SBOP   GANGA               Bathinda
3093   Punjab   SBOP   GIDDER              Bathinda
3094   Punjab   SBOP   CHAK BHAKHTU        Bathinda
3095   Punjab   SBOP   NATHPURA            Bathinda
3096   Punjab   SBOP   BHAINI              Bathinda
3097   Punjab   SBOP   KOT BAKHTU          Bathinda
3098   Punjab   SBOP   KLALWALA            Bathinda
3099   Punjab   SBOP   TEONA PUJARIA       Bathinda
3100   Punjab   SBOP   NAGLA               Bathinda
3101   Punjab   SBOP   NTHEHA              Bathinda
3102   Punjab   SBOP   BANGI NIHAL SINGH   Bathinda
3103   Punjab   SBOP   LEHRI               Bathinda
3104   Punjab   SBOP   LELEWALA            Bathinda
3105   Punjab   SBOP   SANDOHA             Bathinda
3106   Punjab   SBOP   CHNARTHAL           Bathinda
3107   Punjab   SBOP   JODHPUR PAKHAR      Bathinda
3108   Punjab   SBOP   DHAN SINGH KHANA    Bathinda
3109   Punjab   SBOP   BURJ                Bathinda
3110   Punjab   SBOP   MANSA KALAN         Bathinda
3111   Punjab   SBOP   MAUR CHARRAT        Bathinda
3112   Punjab   SBOP   KOTRA               Bathinda
3113   Punjab   SBOP   KHOKHAR             Bathinda
3114   Punjab   SBOP   JHDUKE              Bathinda
3115   Punjab   SBOP   BALLO               Bathinda
3116   Punjab   SBOP   RAMNIWAS            Bathinda
3117   Punjab   SBOP   ALIKE               Bathinda
3118   Punjab   SBOP   RAIYA               Bathinda
3119   Punjab   SBOP   AKLIA               Bathinda
3120   Punjab   SBOP   HAMIRGARH           Bathinda
3121   Punjab   SBOP   GURUSAR             Bathinda
3122   Punjab   SBOP   DIALPURA BHAIKA     Bathinda
3123   Punjab   SBOP   BHHODIPURA          Bathinda
3124   Punjab   SBOP   AKLIA KALAN         Bathinda
3125   Punjab   SBOP   ABLOO               Bathinda
3126   Punjab   SBOP   SARDAGARH           Bathinda

3127   Punjab   SBOP   KILI                Bathinda
3128   Punjab   SBOP   CHUGE KALAN         Bathinda
3129   Punjab   SBOP   CHUGE KHURD         Bathinda
3130   Punjab   SBOP   BURJ MEHMA          Bathinda
3131   Punjab   SBOP   MEHMA SWAI          Bathinda
3132   Punjab   SBOP   KOT GURU            Bathinda
3133   Punjab   SBOP   MACHAKI MAL SINGH   Faridkot
3134   Punjab   SBOP   AUKAKH              Faridkot
3135   Punjab   SBOP   JEON WALA,          Faridkot
3136   Punjab   SBOP   BAGEANA             Faridkot
3137   Punjab   SBOP   SIVIAN              Faridkot
3138   Punjab   SBOP   DURAENA             Faridkot
3139   Punjab   SBOP   BEHBAL KALAN        Faridkot
3140   Punjab   SBOP   GONDARA,            Faridkot
3141   Punjab   SBOP   BURJ HARI KA        Faridkot
3142   Punjab   SBOP   GUMTI KHURD         Faridkot
3143   Punjab   SBOP   CHAND BHAN,         Faridkot
3144   Punjab   SBOP   BHISHNANDI          Faridkot
3145   Punjab   SBOP   WAIR ALIS GATTI     Ferozepur
                       RAJO KE
3146   Punjab   SBOP   UJHAN KHAN KE       Ferozepur
3147   Punjab   SBOP   DIPULANA            Ferozepur
3148   Punjab   SBOP   SHAMA KHAN KE       Ferozepur
3149   Punjab   SBOP   SANER               Ferozepur
3150   Punjab   SBOP   SEKHWAN             Ferozepur
3151   Punjab   SBOP   MANSOOR DEVA        Ferozepur
3152   Punjab   SBOP   DULLE KE UTTAR      Ferozepur
3153   Punjab   SBOP   HAWARA KALAN        Fgarh
3154   Punjab   SBOP   CHANARTHAL KHURD    Fgarh
3155   Punjab   SBOP   RURKEE              Fgarh
3156   Punjab   SBOP   BHADAL THUHA        Fgarh
3157   Punjab   SBOP   DADHERI             Fgarh
3158   Punjab   SBOP   KHANIAN             Fgarh
3159   Punjab   SBOP   SONTI               Fgarh
3160   Punjab   SBOP   KAIYANPUR           Gurdaspur
3161   Punjab   SBOP   GANDHIAN            Gurdaspur
3162   Punjab   SBOP   DALLA               Gurdaspur

3163   Punjab   SBOP   MANWAL            Gurdaspur
3164   Punjab   SBOP   GANDLAN LAHRI     Gurdaspur
3165   Punjab   SBOP   GHOH              Gurdaspur
3166   Punjab   SBOP   AJRAM             HOSHIARPUR
3167   Punjab   SBOP   DHAGAM            HOSHIARPUR
3168   Punjab   SBOP   MUGOWAL           HOSHIARPUR
3170   Punjab   SBOP   BODAL             HOSHIARPUR
3171   Punjab   SBOP   DHUGAKALAN        HOSHIARPUR
3172   Punjab   SBOP   SIMRARI           JALANDHAR
3173   Punjab   SBOP   PHALPOTA          JALANDHAR
3175   Punjab   SBOP   PUNIA             JALANDHAR
3176   Punjab   SBOP   BAHMANIAN         JALANDHAR
3177   Punjab   SBOP   MIANI             Kapurthala
3178   Punjab   SBOP   SAIDO BHULANA     Kapurthala
3179   Punjab   SBOP   LALAURA KALAN     Ludhiana
3180   Punjab   SBOP   KADDON            Ludhiana
3181   Punjab   SBOP   BHAIRO MUNNA      Ludhiana
3182   Punjab   SBOP   DHAIPAI           Ludhiana
3183   Punjab   SBOP   SAHAULI           Ludhiana
3184   Punjab   SBOP   AITIANA           Ludhiana
3185   Punjab   SBOP   TOOSA             Ludhiana
3186   Punjab   SBOP   RATTOWAL          Ludhiana
3187   Punjab   SBOP   KALSIAN           Ludhiana
3188   Punjab   SBOP   DADAHUR           Ludhiana
3189   Punjab   SBOP   KALSAN            Ludhiana
3190   Punjab   SBOP   BOPRAI KHURD      Ludhiana
3191   Punjab   SBOP   DHOLAN            Ludhiana
3192   Punjab   SBOP   SOHIAN            Ludhiana
3193   Punjab   SBOP   TALWANDI KALAN    Ludhiana
3194   Punjab   SBOP   TALWANDI KHURD    Ludhiana
3195   Punjab   SBOP   SALAMPUR          Ludhiana
3196   Punjab   SBOP   LOT LALU          Mansa
3197   Punjab   SBOP   BARNALA           Mansa
3198   Punjab   SBOP   MALAKPUR,         Mansa

3199   Punjab   SBOP   TARNKOT           Mansa
3200   Punjab   SBOP   AHMEDPUR,         Mansa
3201   Punjab   SBOP   KALIPUR           Mansa
3202   Punjab   SBOP   RAMPUR MANDER     Mansa
3203   Punjab   SBOP   ALAMPUR MANDERA   Mansa
3204   Punjab   SBOP   HAKAMWALA         Mansa
3205   Punjab   SBOP   AKBARPUR KHUDAL   Mansa
3206   Punjab   SBOP   SHEKPURA KHUDAL   Mansa
3207   Punjab   SBOP   KAHANGARH         Mansa
3208   Punjab   SBOP   ATTLAKALAN        Mansa
3209   Punjab   SBOP   SAMOAN            Mansa
3210   Punjab   SBOP   MATTI             Mansa
3211   Punjab   SBOP   BHOPAL            Mansa
3212   Punjab   SBOP   CHELAN WALI       Mansa
3213   Punjab   SBOP   DHINGAR           Mansa
3214   Punjab   SBOP   FATEHPUR          Mansa
3215   Punjab   SBOP   SARDULEWALA,      Mansa
3216   Punjab   SBOP   MIRPURKALAN       Mansa
3217   Punjab   SBOP   KUSLA             Mansa
3218   Punjab   SBOP   HIRKE             Mansa
3219   Punjab   SBOP   JHANDUKE          Mansa
3220   Punjab   SBOP   MANGEWALA         Moga
3221   Punjab   SBOP   THAMANWALA        Moga
3222   Punjab   SBOP   BAGHEWALA         Moga
3223   Punjab   SBOP   MOTHANWALI        Moga
3224   Punjab   SBOP   JAIMALWALA        Moga
3225   Punjab   SBOP   DHILWAN           Moga
3226   Punjab   SBOP   SEKHA KHURD       Moga
3227   Punjab   SBOP   TAKHTUPURA        Moga
3228   Punjab   SBOP   DHURKOT RANSINH   Moga
3229   Punjab   SBOP   KUSSA             Moga
3230   Punjab   SBOP   LOHARA            Moga
3231   Punjab   SBOP   NURPUR HAKIM      Moga
3232   Punjab   SBOP   KAILA             Moga
3233   Punjab   SBOP   DHOLE WALA        Moga
3234   Punjab   SBOP   SAID MOHAMAND     Moga
3235   Punjab   SBOP   FATEHGARH         Moga

3236   Punjab   SBOP   LOHGARH           Moga
3237   Punjab   SBOP   CHUGHA KALAN      Moga
3238   Punjab   SBOP   CHEEMA            Moga
3239   Punjab   SBOP   KOT SADAR KHAN    Moga
3240   Punjab   SBOP   KHELAN            Mohali
3241   Punjab   SBOP   SANGUDHON         MUKTSAR
3242   Punjab   SBOP   DOHAK             MUKTSAR
3243   Punjab   SBOP   ASPAL             MUKTSAR
3244   Punjab   SBOP   LAKLARWALA        MUKTSAR
3245   Punjab   SBOP   PEORI             MUKTSAR
3246   Punjab   SBOP   DHOULA            MUKTSAR
3247   Punjab   SBOP   GHAGGA            MUKTSAR
3248   Punjab   SBOP   KURAIWALA         MUKTSAR
3249   Punjab   SBOP   BADAIN            MUKTSAR
3250   Punjab   SBOP   CHOTTIAN          MUKTSAR
3251   Punjab   SBOP   SAHIBCHAND        MUKTSAR
3252   Punjab   SBOP   CHHATIANA         MUKTSAR
3253   Punjab   SBOP   RAKHALA           MUKTSAR
3254   Punjab   SBOP   GHUMIARA          MUKTSAR
3255   Punjab   SBOP   WARING KHERA      MUKTSAR
3256   Punjab   SBOP   FATHUTHIWALA      MUKTSAR
3257   Punjab   SBOP   TEPLA             Patiala
3258   Punjab   SBOP   NOHRA             Patiala
3259   Punjab   SBOP   RAM SINGH NAU     Patiala
3260   Punjab   SBOP   DHALPURA          Patiala
3261   Punjab   SBOP   RAMGARH BUTA      Patiala
                       SINGH WALA
3262   Punjab   SBOP   DHABL GUJRAN      Patiala
3263   Punjab   SBOP   CHUNGERA          Patiala
3264   Punjab   SBOP   GULHAR            Patiala
3265   Punjab   SBOP   KHANLWAL          Patiala
3266   Punjab   SBOP   HARIAYO KHURD     Patiala
3267   Punjab   SBOP   SHERGARH          Patiala
3268   Punjab   SBOP   SHADIPUR NOMIAN   Patiala
3269   Punjab   SBOP   SADHARANPUR /     Patiala
3270   Punjab   SBOP   NANHERA           Patiala

3271   Punjab   SBOP   FATEHOUR CHHANNA   Patiala
3272   Punjab   SBOP   BUJRAK             Patiala
3273   Punjab   SBOP   MAVI KALAN         Patiala
3274   Punjab   SBOP   KARHALI            Patiala
3275   Punjab   SBOP   CHARASON           Patiala
3276   Punjab   SBOP   NABHA RURAL        Patiala
3277   Punjab   SBOP   KHANG              Patiala
3278   Punjab   SBOP   PANJOLA            Patiala
3279   Punjab   SBOP   MARDANHERI         Patiala
3280   Punjab   SBOP   KASBA / RURKI      Patiala
3281   Punjab   SBOP   RAIPUR             Patiala
3282   Punjab   SBOP   RANBIRPUR          Patiala
3283   Punjab   SBOP   LACHKANI           Patiala
3284   Punjab   SBOP   JHINJARI           Ropar
3285   Punjab   SBOP   GAMGHIRPUR         Ropar
3286   Punjab   SBOP   NIKKU NANAGAL      Ropar
3287   Punjab   SBOP   DEHLIZ KALAN       SANGRUR
3288   Punjab   SBOP   JITWAL KALAN       SANGRUR
3289   Punjab   SBOP   BASSI ARK          SANGRUR
3290   Punjab   SBOP   KAPIAL             SANGRUR
3291   Punjab   SBOP   BATRIAN            SANGRUR
3292   Punjab   SBOP   BALAD KALAN        SANGRUR
3293   Punjab   SBOP   KAKARWAL           SANGRUR
3294   Punjab   SBOP   PUNNEWAL           SANGRUR
3295   Punjab   SBOP   BUGRA              SANGRUR
3296   Punjab   SBOP   JAHANGIR           SANGRUR
3297   Punjab   SBOP   RAJOMAJRA          SANGRUR
3298   Punjab   SBOP   HUSSANPUR          SANGRUR
3299   Punjab   SBOP   BAKHODA KALAN      SANGRUR
3300   Punjab   SBOP   BALRAN             SANGRUR
3301   Punjab   SBOP   KOTRA LEHAL        SANGRUR
3302   Punjab   SBOP   KHOKHAR            SANGRUR
3303   Punjab   SBOP   BAMAL              SANGRUR
3304   Punjab   SBOP   MANAK MAJRA        SANGRUR
3305   Punjab   SBOP   BAHADURPUR         SANGRUR
3306   Punjab   SBOP   KULAR KHURD        SANGRUR

3308   Punjab   SBOP             NAMOL               SANGRUR
3309   Punjab   SBOP             SANGTIWALA          SANGRUR
3310   Punjab   SBOP             GOBINDPURA JEJIAN   SANGRUR
3311   Punjab   SBOP             FATEHGARH           SANGRUR
3312   Punjab   SBOP             KANAKWAL            SANGRUR
3313   Punjab   SBOP             FALERA              SANGRUR
3314   Punjab   SBOP             CHAOBAS             SANGRUR
3315   Punjab   SBOP             HUMBALBAS           SANGRUR
3316   Punjab   SBOP             BALSHIWALA          SANGRUR
3317   Punjab   SBOP             NILOWAL             SANGRUR
3318   Punjab   SBOP             ROGLA               SANGRUR
3319   Punjab   SBOP             KHETLA              SANGRUR
3320   Punjab   SBOP             DIWANGARH(KAMPU     SANGRUR
3321   Punjab   SBOP             BIRKALAN            SANGRUR
3322   Punjab   SBOP             TOLEWAL             SANGRUR
3323   Punjab   SBOP             SATAUJ              SANGRUR
3324   Punjab   SBOP             BANARASI            SANGRUR
3325   Punjab   SBOP             BHULAN              SANGRUR
3326   Punjab   SBOP             BUSHERA             SANGRUR
3327   Punjab   SBOP             MAKRORSAHIB         SANGRUR
3328   Punjab   SBOP             RAMPURA GUJJRAN     SANGRUR
3329   Punjab   SBOP             KARNAIL             SANGRUR
3330   Punjab   SBOP             GHANAUR KALAN       SANGRUR
3331   Punjab   SBOP             GHANAUR KHURD       SANGRUR
3332   Punjab   SBOP             BADSHAHPUR          SANGRUR
3333   Punjab   SBOP             MAMODPUR            SANGRUR
3334   Punjab   SBOP             CHANGLI             SANGRUR
3335   Punjab   SBOP             TIBBA               SANGRUR
3336   Punjab   SBOP             QILA HAKIMA         SANGRUR
3337   Punjab   SBOP             HARIKE              SANGRUR
3338   Punjab   SBOP             RANGIAN             SANGRUR
3339   Punjab   SBOP             PANORI GOLA         Ttaran
3340   Punjab   SBOP             MUSE                Ttaran
3341   Punjab   SYNDICATE BANK   HEON                N SHAHR
3342   Punjab   SYNDICATE BANK   BHABOUR             Ropar
3343   Punjab   SYNDICATE BANK   ROHIRA              SANGRUR

3344   Punjab   UCO BANK   DHABA KOKRIAN     Ferozepur
3345   Punjab   UCO BANK   SHANWAL           Gurdaspur
3346   Punjab   UCO BANK   AUTHOLA           JALANDHAR
3347   Punjab   UCO BANK   BULANDPUR         JALANDHAR
3348   Punjab   UCO BANK   PAUDRA            JALANDHAR
3349   Punjab   UCO BANK   SHAHPUR           JALANDHAR
3350   Punjab   UCO BANK   HARIPUR           JALANDHAR
3351   Punjab   UCO BANK   GANNA PIND        JALANDHAR
3352   Punjab   UCO BANK   THALA             JALANDHAR
3354   Punjab   UCO BANK   DHANI PIND        JALANDHAR
3355   Punjab   UCO BANK   PANDORI           Kapurthala
3356   Punjab   UCO BANK   LALHERI           Ludhiana
3357   Punjab   UCO BANK   GHALOTI           Ludhiana
3358   Punjab   UCO BANK   MAKSUDRA          Ludhiana
3359   Punjab   UCO BANK   SANRALI           Ludhiana
3360   Punjab   UCO BANK   BARJA             Ludhiana
3361   Punjab   UCO BANK   MEHARBAN          Ludhiana
3362   Punjab   UCO BANK   JAHANGIRPUR       Ludhiana
3363   Punjab   UCO BANK   GOBINDGARH        Ludhiana
3364   Punjab   UCO BANK   DHURKOT           Ludhiana
3365   Punjab   UCO BANK   GHUNGRANA         Ludhiana
3366   Punjab   UCO BANK   SARHIN            Ludhiana
3367   Punjab   UCO BANK   SANGOWAL          Ludhiana
3368   Punjab   UCO BANK   BULARA            Ludhiana
3369   Punjab   UCO BANK   RANIAN            Ludhiana
3370   Punjab   UCO BANK   HANS              Ludhiana
3371   Punjab   UCO BANK   DALLA             Ludhiana
3372   Punjab   UCO BANK   BUDH SINGH WALA   Moga
3373   Punjab   UCO BANK   BUGHIPURA         Moga
3374   Punjab   UCO BANK   KALIE WALA        Moga
3375   Punjab   UCO BANK   SANNETA           Mohali
3376   Punjab   UCO BANK   KANSAL            Mohali
3378   Punjab   UCO BANK   BARA PIND         Ropar
3379   Punjab   UCO BANK   DARAULI           Ropar
3380   Punjab   UCO BANK   BRAHAMPUR         Ropar

3381   Punjab   UCO BANK        BHANNAM             Ropar
3382   Punjab   UCO BANK        BHALOJALA           Ttaran
3383   Punjab   UNION BANK OF   MEHTA               Bathinda
3384   Punjab   UNION BANK OF   BAJAK               Bathinda
3385   Punjab   UNION BANK OF   CHAK KHARAK SINGH   Bathinda
3386   Punjab   UNION BANK OF   MALWALA             Bathinda
3387   Punjab   UNION BANK OF   KHEMUANA            Bathinda
3388   Punjab   UNION BANK OF   JANDAWALA           Bathinda
3389   Punjab   UNION BANK OF   CHAK ATTER SINGH    Bathinda
3390   Punjab   UNION BANK OF   JEEDA               Bathinda
3391   Punjab   UNION BANK OF   PAKKA,              Faridkot
3392   Punjab   UNION BANK OF   MORRAWALI           Faridkot
3393   Punjab   UNION BANK OF   HABIB KE            Ferozepur
3394   Punjab   UNION BANK OF   ZAFFARWAL           Gurdaspur
3395   Punjab   UNION BANK OF   LEHAL               Gurdaspur
3396   Punjab   UNION BANK OF   PASSNAWAL           Gurdaspur
3397   Punjab   UNION BANK OF   BABRI NANGAL        Gurdaspur
3398   Punjab   UNION BANK OF   UDESIAN             JALANDHAR
3399   Punjab   UNION BANK OF   BULLOWAL            JALANDHAR
3401   Punjab   UNION BANK OF   BAGHELA             JALANDHAR
3403   Punjab   UNION BANK OF   MIANWAL             JALANDHAR
3404   Punjab   UNION BANK OF   UMEDPUR             Ludhiana
3405   Punjab   UNION BANK OF   BHUTTA              Ludhiana
3406   Punjab   UNION BANK OF   SHANKER             Ludhiana
3407   Punjab   UNION BANK OF   CHAPPAR             Ludhiana
3408   Punjab   UNION BANK OF   KHANPUR             Ludhiana

3409   Punjab   UNION BANK OF   THAKARWAL              Ludhiana
3410   Punjab   UNION BANK OF   RACHHIN                Ludhiana
3411   Punjab   UNION BANK OF   BHAMIPURA              Ludhiana
3412   Punjab   Vijay Bank      SANGHOWAL              Jalandhar
3413   Punjab   Vijay Bank      THUTHIAN WALI          Mansa
3414   J&K      EDB             Iskanderpora           BUDGAM      Khag         2482
3415   J&K      EDB             Shunglipora            BUDGAM      Khag         3628
3416   J&K      EDB             Nagbal                 BUDGAM      Khag         2619
3417   J&K      EDB             Kundrarorian           REASI       Reasi        2867
3418   J&K      EDB             Tarigam Devsar         KULGAM      Kulgam       2883
3419   J&K      EDB             Churath                KULGAM      Devsar       2944
3420   J&K      EDB             Watoo                  KULGAM      D.H.Pora     3543
3421   J&K      EDB             Tangmarg               KULGAM      D.H.Pora     3712
3422   J&K      EDB             Nandimarg              KULGAM      D.H.Pora     4925
3423   J&K      EDB             Yarikhah               KULGAM      D.H.Pora     3600
3424   J&K      EDB             Qasba Khull            KULGAM      D.H.Pora     4211
3425   J&K      EDB             Ahmadabad              KULGAM      D.H.Pora     4210
3426   J&K      EDB             Pahloo (Pirpora)       KULGAM      Pahloo       2463
3427   J&K      EDB             Malwan                 KULGAM      Pahloo       3263
3428   J&K      EDB             Brenilamad             KULGAM      Pahloo       6745
3429   J&K      EDB             Salia Panzalpora       ANANTNAG    Dachnipora   4140
3430   J&K      EDB             H. Kaithal/ Sofipora   ANANTNAG    Dachnipora   2265
3431   J&K      EDB             Larun Ganjipora        ANANTNAG    Qazigund     3859
3432   J&K      EDB             Cheerpora              ANANTNAG    Shangas      2057
3433   J&K      EDB             Kwarigam               ANANTNAG    Shangas      2194
3434   J&K      EDB             Hardtooru              ANANTNAG    Shangas      2639
3435   J&K      EDB             Buchoo                 ANANTNAG    Kokernag     2939
3436   J&K      EDB             Bahie                  ANANTNAG    Kokernag     4316
3437   J&K      EDB             Nagam                  ANANTNAG    Kokernag     2739
3438   J&K      EDB             Watnar                 ANANTNAG    Kokernag     3945
3439   J&K      EDB             Soaf Shali             ANANTNAG    Kokernag     4316
3440   J&K      EDB             Panzgam                ANANTNAG    Kokernag     2939
3441   J&K      EDB             Sundbrari              ANANTNAG    Kokernag     3891
3442   J&K      EDB             Loharsinzi             ANANTNAG    Kokernag     2526
3443   J&K      EDB             Deesoo                 ANANTNAG    Kokernag     3123
3444   J&K      EDB             Dandipora              ANANTNAG    Kokernag     3786

3445   J&K   EDB        Nowbugh               ANANTNAG    Kokernag    2203
3446   J&K   EDB        Gurridraman           ANANTNAG    Kokernag    2436
3447   J&K   EDB        Mathandoo             ANANTNAG    Kokernag    2067
3448   J&K   EDB        Reinarthar            ANANTNAG    Kokernag    2141
3449   J&K   J&K Bank   Khimber               SRINAGAR    SRINAGAR    2506
3450   J&K   J&K Bank   Dara                  SRINAGAR    SRINAGAR    3270
3451   J&K   J&K Bank   Saidpora Achhan       SRINAGAR    SRINAGAR    6859
                        (OG)- Ward No.30
3452   J&K   J&K Bank   Sangam                SRINAGAR    SRINAGAR    2859
3453   J&K   J&K Bank   Palapora              SRINAGAR    SRINAGAR    3023
3454   J&K   J&K Bank   Kreshibal             SRINAGAR    SRINAGAR    2138
3455   J&K   J&K Bank   Bakshipora Tengpora   SRINAGAR    SRINAGAR    2735
3456   J&K   J&K Bank   Takan Wari Pora       SRINAGAR    SRINAGAR    2056
3457   J&K   J&K Bank   Gund Hassi Bhat       SRINAGAR    SRINAGAR    3826
3458   J&K   J&K Bank   Malru                 SRINAGAR    SRINAGAR    2343
3459   J&K   J&K Bank   Balahama              SRINAGAR    SRINAGAR    4089
3460   J&K   J&K Bank   Zewan (OG) - Ward     SRINAGAR    SRINAGAR    8214
3461   J&K   J&K Bank   Shalla Bugh           GANDERBAL   Ganderbal   4191
3462   J&K   J&K Bank   Saloora               GANDERBAL   Ganderbal   2754
3463   J&K   J&K Bank   Wail                  GANDERBAL   Ganderbal   8660
3464   J&K   J&K Bank   Urpash                GANDERBAL   Ganderbal   2375
3465   J&K   J&K Bank   Haripora              GANDERBAL   Kangan      3467
3466   J&K   J&K Bank   Ussan                 GANDERBAL   Kangan      4133
3467   J&K   J&K Bank   Chater Gul            GANDERBAL   Kangan      7251
3468   J&K   J&K Bank   Arigori Pora          GANDERBAL   Kangan      2424
3469   J&K   J&K Bank   Palang                GANDERBAL   Kangan      2336
3470   J&K   J&K Bank   Kacha Nambal          GANDERBAL   Kangan      2933
3471   J&K   J&K Bank   Wangat                GANDERBAL   Kangan      6015
3472   J&K   J&K Bank   Berna Bugh            GANDERBAL   Kangan      2734
3473   J&K   J&K Bank   Akhal                 GANDERBAL   Kangan      3747
3474   J&K   J&K Bank   Cheerwan              GANDERBAL   Kangan      2875
3475   J&K   J&K Bank   Hayan Palpora         GANDERBAL   Kangan      2669
3476   J&K   J&K Bank   Thune                 GANDERBAL   Kangan      4323
3477   J&K   J&K Bank   Mamer                 GANDERBAL   Kangan      2983
3478   J&K   J&K Bank   Hari Ganiwan          GANDERBAL   Kangan      6125
3479   J&K   J&K Bank   Soraf Raw             GANDERBAL   Kangan      3028
3480   J&K   J&K Bank   Sumbal Bala           GANDERBAL   Kangan      2024

3481   J&K   J&K Bank   Fraw Haknar        GANDERBAL   Kangan     2999
3482   J&K   J&K Bank   Gund Sarsingh      GANDERBAL   Kangan     3396
3483   J&K   J&K Bank   Revil              GANDERBAL   Kangan     2498
3484   J&K   J&K Bank   Kolan              GANDERBAL   Kangan     3853
3485   J&K   J&K Bank   Porajat Gagangir   GANDERBAL   Kangan     2571
3486   J&K   J&K Bank   Chunt Valiwar      GANDERBAL   Lar        5541
3487   J&K   J&K Bank   Wata Lar           GANDERBAL   Lar        3459
3488   J&K   J&K Bank   Qasba Lar          GANDERBAL   Lar        3110
3489   J&K   J&K Bank   Rapore             GANDERBAL   Lar        2936
3490   J&K   J&K Bank   Anberwan           GANDERBAL   Lar        2591
3491   J&K   J&K Bank   Ara Hama           GANDERBAL   Lar        2004
3492   J&K   J&K Bank   Kur Hama           GANDERBAL   Wakura     2606
3493   J&K   J&K Bank   Yan Goora          GANDERBAL   Wakura     5035
3494   J&K   J&K Bank   Batvena            GANDERBAL   Wakura     3723
3495   J&K   J&K Bank   Dab                GANDERBAL   Wakura     2974
3496   J&K   J&K Bank   Poshkar            BUDGAM      Khag       6464
3497   J&K   J&K Bank   Hamchipora         BUDGAM      Khag       5238
3498   J&K   J&K Bank   Sugain             BUDGAM      Khag       2466
3499   J&K   J&K Bank   Sitaran            BUDGAM      Khag       2046
3500   J&K   J&K Bank   Chewdara           BUDGAM      Beerwa     2500
3501   J&K   J&K Bank   Ratsun             BUDGAM      Beerwa     4000
3502   J&K   J&K Bank   Ohangam            BUDGAM      Beerwa     2250
3503   J&K   J&K Bank   Aripanthan         BUDGAM      Beerwa     4750
3504   J&K   J&K Bank   Bonzanigam         BUDGAM      Beerwa     3500
3505   J&K   J&K Bank   Lalpora            BUDGAM      Beerwa     3300
3506   J&K   J&K Bank   Dooniwarui         BUDGAM      B.K.PORA   2308
3507   J&K   J&K Bank   Rakhshalina        BUDGAM      B.K.PORA   3607
3508   J&K   J&K Bank   Summerbugh         BUDGAM      B.K.PORA   3705
3509   J&K   J&K Bank   Wadipora           BUDGAM      B.K.PORA   4670
3510   J&K   J&K Bank   Pahroo             BUDGAM      B.K.PORA   4595
3511   J&K   J&K Bank   Kawoosa Jagir      BUDGAM      Narbal     3788
3512   J&K   J&K Bank   Kawoosa Khalisa    BUDGAM      Narbal     4763
3513   J&K   J&K Bank   Bundgam            BUDGAM      Narbal     2251
3514   J&K   J&K Bank   Russu              BUDGAM      Narbal     2274
3515   J&K   J&K Bank   Path Makhama       BUDGAM      Narbal     3541
3516   J&K   J&K Bank   Arath              BUDGAM      Narbal     2716
3517   J&K   J&K Bank   Gotapora           BUDGAM      Narbal     2224

3518   J&K   J&K Bank   Wahabpora           BUDGAM    Narbal      2050
3519   J&K   J&K Bank   Gopalpora           BUDGAM    Chadoora    2400
3520   J&K   J&K Bank   Bugam Butpora       BUDGAM    Chadoora    2860
3521   J&K   J&K Bank   Kanir               BUDGAM    Chadoora    2290
3522   J&K   J&K Bank   Ranger              BUDGAM    Chadoora    2011
3523   J&K   J&K Bank   Zohama              BUDGAM    Chadoora    2000
3524   J&K   J&K Bank   Dadompora           BUDGAM    Chadoora    2330
3525   J&K   J&K Bank   Surasyar            BUDGAM    Chadoora    2100
3526   J&K   J&K Bank   Jadden              BUDGAM    Chadoora    2380
3527   J&K   J&K Bank   Jabbed (Branwar)    BUDGAM    Chadoora    2000
3528   J&K   J&K Bank   Sogam               BUDGAM    Chadoora    2000
3529   J&K   J&K Bank   Negoo               BUDGAM    Chadoora    2000
3530   J&K   J&K Bank   Bonen               BUDGAM    Chadoora    2021
3531   J&K   J&K Bank   Bonyar              BUDGAM    Chadoora    2011
3532   J&K   J&K Bank   Shumnag             BUDGAM    Chadoora    2015
3533   J&K   J&K Bank   Bachroo             BUDGAM    Chadoora    2083
3534   J&K   J&K Bank   Sebdan              BUDGAM    Budgam      2080
3535   J&K   J&K Bank   Budina              BUDGAM    Budgam      2348
3536   J&K   J&K Bank   Gudsathoo           BUDGAM    Budgam      8144
3537   J&K   J&K Bank   Badipora            BUDGAM    Nagam       2808
3538   J&K   J&K Bank   Watakuloo           BUDGAM    Nagam       2773
3539   J&K   J&K Bank   Naripora            BUDGAM    Nagam       2527
3540   J&K   J&K Bank   Wangwars            BUDGAM    Nagam       3126
3541   J&K   J&K Bank   Chontinar           BUDGAM    Nagam       4013
3542   J&K   J&K Bank   Bradipathri         BUDGAM    Nagam       4914
3543   J&K   J&K Bank   Dalwan              BUDGAM    Nagam       3258
3544   J&K   J&K Bank   Hayatpora           BUDGAM    Nagam       2295
3545   J&K   J&K Bank   Gurwaith A          BUDGAM    Khansahib   2200
3546   J&K   J&K Bank   Parnewa             BUDGAM    Khansahib   3532
3547   J&K   J&K Bank   Bungroo             BUDGAM    Khansahib   2480
3548   J&K   J&K Bank   Arigam              BUDGAM    Khansahib   3538
3549   J&K   J&K Bank   Waragam             BUDGAM    Khansahib   2010
3550   J&K   J&K Bank   Raiyar Ich          BUDGAM    Khansahib   2231
3551   J&K   J&K Bank   Chandgam            PULWAMA   Pulwama     2769
3552   J&K   J&K Bank   Trichal             PULWAMA   Pulwama     2021
3553   J&K   J&K Bank   Gusoo               PULWAMA   Pulwama     2293
3554   J&K   J&K Bank   Naina               PULWAMA   Pulwama     2730

3555   J&K   J&K Bank   Gangoo             PULWAMA   Pulwama    2388
3556   J&K   J&K Bank   Panzgam            PULWAMA   Pulwama    3200
3557   J&K   J&K Bank   Dogripora          PULWAMA   Pulwama    2620
3558   J&K   J&K Bank   Padgampora         PULWAMA   Tral       2793
3559   J&K   J&K Bank   Satoora            PULWAMA   Tral       2360
3560   J&K   J&K Bank   Pastoon            PULWAMA   Tral       2112
3561   J&K   J&K Bank   Lalpora            PULWAMA   Tral       3674
3562   J&K   J&K Bank   Machama            PULWAMA   Tral       2893
3563   J&K   J&K Bank   Batgund            PULWAMA   Tral       2035
3564   J&K   J&K Bank   Midoora            PULWAMA   Tral       3341
3565   J&K   J&K Bank   Pinglish           PULWAMA   Tral       2517
3566   J&K   J&K Bank   Rathsuna           PULWAMA   Tral       2072
3567   J&K   J&K Bank   Saimoh             PULWAMA   Tral       2588
3568   J&K   J&K Bank   Amirabad           PULWAMA   Tral       2591
3569   J&K   J&K Bank   Amlar              PULWAMA   Tral       2946
3570   J&K   J&K Bank   Hariparigam        PULWAMA   Tral       3446
3571   J&K   J&K Bank   Noorpora           PULWAMA   Tral       5141
3572   J&K   J&K Bank   Charsoo            PULWAMA   Tral       3762
3573   J&K   J&K Bank   Pinglina           PULWAMA   Kakapora   3648
3574   J&K   J&K Bank   Gudoora            PULWAMA   Kakapora   2519
3575   J&K   J&K Bank   Inder              PULWAMA   Kakapora   2040
3576   J&K   J&K Bank   K.Parigam          PULWAMA   Kakapora   2558
3577   J&K   J&K Bank   Harigund           PULWAMA   Kakapora   2571
3578   J&K   J&K Bank   Pahoo              PULWAMA   Kakapora   2054
3579   J&K   J&K Bank   Lelhar             PULWAMA   Kakapora   2922
3580   J&K   J&K Bank   Nehama             PULWAMA   Kakapora   2108
3581   J&K   J&K Bank   Munipora           PULWAMA   Pampore    2062
3582   J&K   J&K Bank   Woyan Payeen       PULWAMA   Pampore    3015
3583   J&K   J&K Bank   Woyan Bala         PULWAMA   Pampore    2759
3584   J&K   J&K Bank   Konibal            PULWAMA   Pampore    2189
3585   J&K   J&K Bank   Sharshali          PULWAMA   Pampore    4622
3586   J&K   J&K Bank   Chandhara          PULWAMA   Pampore    3051
3587   J&K   J&K Bank   Patal Bagh         PULWAMA   Pampore    2139
3588   J&K   J&K Bank   Samboora           PULWAMA   Pampore    4267
3589   J&K   J&K Bank   Barsoo             PULWAMA   Pampore    3009
3590   J&K   J&K Bank   Trenz              SHOPIAN   Shopian    2387
3591   J&K   J&K Bank   Meemandar          SHOPIAN   Shopian    2920

3592   J&K   J&K Bank   Heerpora           SHOPIAN   Shopian      6579
3593   J&K   J&K Bank   Sedow              SHOPIAN   Shopian      3848
3594   J&K   J&K Bank   Arhama             SHOPIAN   Shopian      2338
3595   J&K   J&K Bank   Ramnagri           SHOPIAN   Shopian      3437
3596   J&K   J&K Bank   Reshnagri          SHOPIAN   Shopian      2267
3597   J&K   J&K Bank   Saidpora Payeen    SHOPIAN   Shopian      2229
3598   J&K   J&K Bank   Keegam             SHOPIAN   Shopian      2354
3599   J&K   J&K Bank   Pehlipora          SHOPIAN   Shopian      2472
3600   J&K   J&K Bank   Manloo             SHOPIAN   Shopian      2707
3601   J&K   J&K Bank   Zawoora            SHOPIAN   Shopian      3349
3602   J&K   J&K Bank   Rai Kapran         SHOPIAN   Shopian      2026
3603   J&K   J&K Bank   Barthipora         SHOPIAN   Shopian      2383
3604   J&K   J&K Bank   Awneera            SHOPIAN   Shopian      3276
3605   J&K   J&K Bank   Aglar              SHOPIAN   Shopian      2319
3606   J&K   J&K Bank   Turkwangam         SHOPIAN   Shopian      2098
3607   J&K   J&K Bank   Chitragam          SHOPIAN   Shopian      2208
3608   J&K   J&K Bank   Sangarwani         SHOPIAN   Keller       2800
3609   J&K   J&K Bank   Baghi Sangarwani   SHOPIAN   Keller       2300
3610   J&K   J&K Bank   Muradpur           RAJOURI   Rajouri      2190
3611   J&K   J&K Bank   Nagrota            RAJOURI   Rajouri      3540
3612   J&K   J&K Bank   Badhoon            RAJOURI   Rajouri      4208
3613   J&K   J&K Bank   Ladode             RAJOURI   Rajouri      2057
3614   J&K   J&K Bank   Behrote            RAJOURI   Thanamandi   2385
3615   J&K   J&K Bank   Rajdhani           RAJOURI   Thanamandi   2251
3616   J&K   J&K Bank   Hasplote           RAJOURI   Thanamandi   2827
3617   J&K   J&K Bank   Panghai            RAJOURI   Thanamandi   3064
3618   J&K   J&K Bank   Manyal             RAJOURI   Thanamandi   2368
3619   J&K   J&K Bank   Mangota            RAJOURI   Thanamandi   2186
3620   J&K   J&K Bank   Khablan            RAJOURI   Thanamandi   3486
3621   J&K   J&K Bank   Dodaj              RAJOURI   Darhal       6504
3622   J&K   J&K Bank   Thanamang          RAJOURI   Darhal       4593
3623   J&K   J&K Bank   Chowkian           RAJOURI   Darhal       3707
3624   J&K   J&K Bank   Ujhan              RAJOURI   Darhal       3954
3625   J&K   J&K Bank   Parori Gujran      RAJOURI   Budhal       2260
3626   J&K   J&K Bank   Gagrote            RAJOURI   Budhal       2413
3627   J&K   J&K Bank   Dhar Sakri         RAJOURI   Budhal       3634
3628   J&K   J&K Bank   Panihad            RAJOURI   Budhal       2020

3629   J&K   J&K Bank   Rehan              RAJOURI   Budhal       2774
3630   J&K   J&K Bank   Kandi              RAJOURI   Budhal       3457
3631   J&K   J&K Bank   Draj               RAJOURI   Budhal       3452
3632   J&K   J&K Bank   Mohra              RAJOURI   Budhal       2427
3633   J&K   J&K Bank   Hubi               RAJOURI   Budhal       2325
3634   J&K   J&K Bank   Sawari             RAJOURI   Budhal       5274
3635   J&K   J&K Bank   Jamola             RAJOURI   Budhal       2970
3636   J&K   J&K Bank   Khah               RAJOURI   Budhal       2626
3637   J&K   J&K Bank   Kanthol            RAJOURI   Budhal       3783
3638   J&K   J&K Bank   Ghondhu            RAJOURI   Budhal       2432
3639   J&K   J&K Bank   Bhela              RAJOURI   Budhal       2372
3640   J&K   J&K Bank   Gadyog             RAJOURI   Budhal       2838
3641   J&K   J&K Bank   Dalhote            RAJOURI   Kalakote     2004
3642   J&K   J&K Bank   Dali               RAJOURI   Kalakote     2176
3643   J&K   J&K Bank   Taredu             RAJOURI   Kalakote     4903
3644   J&K   J&K Bank   Hathal             RAJOURI   Sunderbani   2539
3645   J&K   J&K Bank   Kangri             RAJOURI   Sunderbani   5055
3646   J&K   J&K Bank   Bhajwal            RAJOURI   Sunderbani   6370
3647   J&K   J&K Bank   Dara Dullian       POONCH    Poonch       3782
3648   J&K   J&K Bank   Mangnar            POONCH    Poonch       2870
3649   J&K   J&K Bank   Chaktroo           POONCH    Poonch       2110
3650   J&K   J&K Bank   Shahpur            POONCH    Poonch       2649
3651   J&K   J&K Bank   Qasba              POONCH    Poonch       2391
3652   J&K   J&K Bank   Bandi Chachian     POONCH    Poonch       2965
3653   J&K   J&K Bank   Loran              POONCH    Mandi        8683
3654   J&K   J&K Bank   Sabjian            POONCH    Mandi        2548
3655   J&K   J&K Bank   Saloonia           POONCH    Mandi        2355
3656   J&K   J&K Bank   Azamabad           POONCH    Mandi        2157
3657   J&K   J&K Bank   Palera             POONCH    Mandi        2624
3658   J&K   J&K Bank   Bedar Balnoi       POONCH    Mandi        2803
3659   J&K   J&K Bank   Gagrian            POONCH    Mandi        3654
3660   J&K   J&K Bank   Arai               POONCH    Mandi        4905
3661   J&K   J&K Bank   Shein Dara         POONCH    Surankote    3703
3662   J&K   J&K Bank   Seeri Khwaja       POONCH    Surankote    3220
3663   J&K   J&K Bank   Seeri Chowana      POONCH    Surankote    2266
3664   J&K   J&K Bank   Hari Budha         POONCH    Surankote    3575
3665   J&K   J&K Bank   Kalai              POONCH    Surankote    2026

3666   J&K   J&K Bank   Marhote              POONCH   Surankote    6425
3667   J&K   J&K Bank   Kallar Kattel        POONCH   Surankote    2935
3668   J&K   J&K Bank   Mohra Bachhai        POONCH   Surankote    4128
3669   J&K   J&K Bank   Sanai                POONCH   Surankote    4360
3670   J&K   J&K Bank   Potha                POONCH   Surankote    3100
3671   J&K   J&K Bank   Samote               POONCH   Surankote    6501
3672   J&K   J&K Bank   Phagla               POONCH   Surankote    2890
3673   J&K   J&K Bank   Sangla               POONCH   Surankote    4128
3674   J&K   J&K Bank   Ganthal              POONCH   Surankote    3339
3675   J&K   J&K Bank   Faslabad             POONCH   Buffliaz     6382
3676   J&K   J&K Bank   Mahra                POONCH   Buffliaz     2548
3677   J&K   J&K Bank   Peshana              POONCH   Buffliaz     2379
3678   J&K   J&K Bank   Dogrian              POONCH   Buffliaz     3122
3679   J&K   J&K Bank   Murhah               POONCH   Buffliaz     3256
3680   J&K   J&K Bank   Ari                  POONCH   Mendhar      7320
3681   J&K   J&K Bank   Salwah               POONCH   Mendhar      5447
3682   J&K   J&K Bank   Schhugan             POONCH   Mendhar      3514
3683   J&K   J&K Bank   Gahlod               POONCH   Mendhar      7162
3684   J&K   J&K Bank   Bhera                POONCH   Mendhar      2290
3685   J&K   J&K Bank   Kalaban              POONCH   Mendhar      2992
3686   J&K   J&K Bank   Kallar Mora          POONCH   Mendhar      2298
3687   J&K   J&K Bank   Bhat Dhoriyan        POONCH   Balakote     2441
3688   J&K   J&K Bank   Naka Manjari         POONCH   Balakote     4215
3689   J&K   J&K Bank   Sangiote             POONCH   Balakote     3308
3690   J&K   J&K Bank   Devipur              JAMMU    Akhnoor      6420
3691   J&K   J&K Bank   Dhok Khalsa          JAMMU    Akhnoor      2717
3692   J&K   J&K Bank   Gurah Brahmna East   JAMMU    Akhnoor      2642
3693   J&K   J&K Bank   Gurah Jagir          JAMMU    Akhnoor      6097
3694   J&K   J&K Bank   Gandarwan            JAMMU    Akhnoor      3239
3695   J&K   J&K Bank   Pangiari             JAMMU    Akhnoor      3134
3696   J&K   J&K Bank   Maira Mandrian       JAMMU    Akhnoor      2688
3697   J&K   J&K Bank   Allah                JAMMU    Bishnah      3240
3698   J&K   J&K Bank   Phinder              JAMMU    Bishnah      2811
3699   J&K   J&K Bank   B. Qazian            JAMMU    R. S. Pura   2802
3700   J&K   J&K Bank   Chohalla             JAMMU    R. S. Pura   3800
3701   J&K   J&K Bank   Parlah               JAMMU    R. S. Pura   2035
3702   J&K   J&K Bank   Rathana              JAMMU    R. S. Pura   2862

3703   J&K   J&K bank   Makwal             JAMMU      Satwari    2124
3704   J&K   J&K Bank   Sunjwan (U)        JAMMU      Satwari    2780
3705   J&K   J&K Bank   Aithem             JAMMU      Dhansal    2028
3706   J&K   J&K Bank   Kana Chargal       JAMMU      Dhansal    2745
3707   J&K   J&K Bank   Keran              JAMMU      Bhalwal    3647
3708   J&K   J&K Bank   Raipur             JAMMU      Bhalwal    5200
3709   J&K   J&K Bank   Chak Bhagwan       JAMMU      Khour      2365
3710   J&K   J&K Bank   Bhandwal           JAMMU      Khour      2043
3711   J&K   J&K Bank   Chak Malal         JAMMU      Khour      2844
3712   J&K   J&K Bank   Dageir             JAMMU      Khour      2099
3713   J&K   J&K Bank   Dori               JAMMU      Khour      2437
3714   J&K   J&K Bank   Deharian           JAMMU      Khour      2242
3715   J&K   J&K Bank   Naryana Upper      JAMMU      Khour      2725
3716   J&K   J&K Bank   Naryana Lower      JAMMU      Khour      2943
3717   J&K   J&K Bank   Kot Maira Lower    JAMMU      Khour      2027
3718   J&K   J&K Bank   Mattoo             JAMMU      Khour      2734
3719   J&K   J&K Bank   Pallanwala Lower   JAMMU      Khour      3821
3720   J&K   J&K Bank   Panjtoot           JAMMU      Khour      2404
3721   J&K   J&K Bank   Sainth             JAMMU      Khour      3046
3722   J&K   J&K Bank   Troti              JAMMU      Khour      2212
3723   J&K   J&K Bank   Garnai             UDHAMPUR   Udhampur   2380
3724   J&K   J&K Bank   Hartaryan          UDHAMPUR   Udhampur   2688
3725   J&K   J&K Bank   Sunari             UDHAMPUR   Udhampur   2178
3726   J&K   J&K Bank   Battal             UDHAMPUR   Udhampur   2473
3727   J&K   J&K Bank   Chak Rahwala       UDHAMPUR   Udhampur   2262
3728   J&K   J&K Bank   Nagulta            UDHAMPUR   Chenani    2533
3729   J&K   J&K Bank   Sira               UDHAMPUR   Chenani    2482
3730   J&K   J&K Bank   Tander             UDHAMPUR   Chenani    2296
3731   J&K   J&K Bank   Chapper            UDHAMPUR   Dudu       2778
3732   J&K   J&K Bank   Pachound           UDHAMPUR   Dudu       2610
3733   J&K   J&K Bank   Bhatyari           UDHAMPUR   Ramnagar   2252
3734   J&K   J&K Bank   Dehri              UDHAMPUR   Ramnagar   2147
3735   J&K   J&K Bank   Khathil            UDHAMPUR   Ramnagar   2134
3736   J&K   J&K Bank   Kirmoo             UDHAMPUR   Ramnagar   2570
3737   J&K   J&K Bank   S.K.Bair           UDHAMPUR   Majalta    2059
3738   J&K   J&K Bank   Thalora            UDHAMPUR   Majalta    2439
3739   J&K   J&K Bank   Salalkote          REASI      Arnas      2844

3740   J&K   J&K Bank   Bahaga               REASI       Reasi       2070
3741   J&K   J&K Bank   Kotli Manotrian      REASI       Reasi       2396
3742   J&K   J&K Bank   Sheerwani Pora       BARAMULLA   Boniyar     3421
3743   J&K   J&K Bank   Bagna Noor Khah      BARAMULLA   Boniyar     2966
3744   J&K   J&K Bank   Paran Pillan         BARAMULLA   Uri         2017
3745   J&K   J&K Bank   Sultan Daki          BARAMULLA   Uri         2410
3746   J&K   J&K Bank   Gharkote             BARAMULLA   Uri         4285
3747   J&K   J&K Bank   Indergam             BARAMULLA   Pattan      2928
3748   J&K   J&K Bank   Sultanpora Khai      BARAMULLA   Pattan      6720
3749   J&K   J&K Bank   Matipora             BARAMULLA   Singhpora   7717
3750   J&K   J&K Bank   Ranbirgarh           BARAMULLA   Singhpora   3405
3751   J&K   J&K Bank   Qasba Malmoh         BARAMULLA   Singhpora   2690
3752   J&K   J&K Bank   Goom Ahmad Pora      BARAMULLA   Kunzer      3143
3753   J&K   J&K Bank   Dildar               BARAMULLA   Kunzer      2818
3754   J&K   J&K Bank   Roshanabad(Pinroo)   BARAMULLA   Kunzer      2504
3755   J&K   J&K Bank   Heewan               BARAMULLA   Baramulla   3535
3756   J&K   J&K Bank   Fatehgarh            BARAMULLA   Baramulla   2223
3757   J&K   J&K Bank   Forest Block         BARAMULLA   Baramulla   2333
3758   J&K   J&K Bank   Nowpora Jagir        BARAMULLA   Wagoora     3672
3759   J&K   J&K Bank   Jehangir Pora        BARAMULLA   Wagoora     2080
3760   J&K   J&K Bank   Khai Tangan          BARAMULLA   Wagoora     2135
3761   J&K   J&K Bank   Hib Dangerpora       BARAMULLA   Rafiabad    2833
3762   J&K   J&K Bank   Rawcha               BARAMULLA   Rafiabad    2164
3763   J&K   J&K Bank   DangerPora           BARAMULLA   Zainageer   7280
3764   J&K   J&K Bank   Sagi Pora            BARAMULLA   Zainageer   2394
3765   J&K   J&K Bank   Idi Pora             BARAMULLA   Zainageer   3979
3766   J&K   J&K Bank   Hardisho             BARAMULLA   Zainageer   5180
3767   J&K   J&K Bank   Janwara              BARAMULLA   Zainageer   2160
3768   J&K   J&K Bank   Brat                 BARAMULLA   Zainageer   2664
3769   J&K   J&K Bank   Hadi Pora            BARAMULLA   Zainageer   3178
3770   J&K   J&K Bank   Adi Pora             BARAMULLA   Sopore      2927
3771   J&K   J&K Bank   Ashtangoo            BANDIPORA   Bandipora   4275
3772   J&K   J&K Bank   Banakoot             BANDIPORA   Bandipora   7011
3773   J&K   J&K Bank   Garoora              BANDIPORA   Bandipora   3258
3774   J&K   J&K Bank   Kehnusa              BANDIPORA   Bandipora   3967
3775   J&K   J&K Bank   Malangam             BANDIPORA   Bandipora   6703

3776   J&K   J&K Bank   MangiPora          BANDIPORA   Bandipora    3006
3777   J&K   J&K Bank   Mantri Gam         BANDIPORA   Bandipora    5353
3778   J&K   J&K Bank   Unagam             BANDIPORA   Bandipora    3917
3779   J&K   J&K Bank   Sumlar             BANDIPORA   Bandipora    4982
3780   J&K   J&K Bank   Shah Gund          BANDIPORA   Sonawari     6630
3781   J&K   J&K Bank   Gund Jehangir      BANDIPORA   Sonawari     4712
3782   J&K   J&K Bank   Chandargir         BANDIPORA   Sonawari     2478
3783   J&K   J&K Bank   Sodinara-A         BANDIPORA   Sonawari     7560
3784   J&K   J&K Bank   Mukhdamyari        BANDIPORA   Sonawari     3220
3785   J&K   J&K Bank   Gund Prang         BANDIPORA   Sonawari     3301
3786   J&K   J&K Bank   Markundal          BANDIPORA   Sonawari     2919
3787   J&K   J&K Bank   Sodnara-B          BANDIPORA   Sonawari     3954
3788   J&K   J&K Bank   Vijapora           BANDIPORA   Sonawari     2487
3789   J&K   J&K Bank   Shilvat            BANDIPORA   Sonawari     2780
3790   J&K   J&K Bank   Rakh Shilvat       BANDIPORA   Sonawari     3346
3791   J&K   J&K Bank   Ghadkhud           BANDIPORA   Sonawari     2104
3792   J&K   J&K Bank   Badwan(Wampora)    BANDIPORA   Gurez        3215
3793   J&K   J&K Bank   Tulail             BANDIPORA   Gurez        21000
3794   J&K   J&K Bank   Chingam            KISHTWAR    Inderwal     4957
3795   J&K   J&K Bank   Inderwal           KISHTWAR    Inderwal     5778
3796   J&K   J&K Bank   Kuchhal            KISHTWAR    Inderwal     4488
3797   J&K   J&K Bank   Sigdi              KISHTWAR    Inderwal     6147
3798   J&K   J&K Bank   Drubeel            KISHTWAR    Inderwal     2803
3799   J&K   J&K Bank   Tagood             KISHTWAR    Inderwal     2525
3800   J&K   J&K Bank   Mulchitter         KISHTWAR    Inderwal     2880
3801   J&K   J&K Bank   Rahalthal          KISHTWAR    Inderwal     2465
3802   J&K   J&K Bank   Sounder            KISHTWAR    Dachhan      3489
3803   J&K   J&K Bank   Loharna            KISHTWAR    Dachhan      3224
3804   J&K   J&K Bank   Lapara             KISHTWAR    Dachhan      3489
3805   J&K   J&K Bank   Palmar             KISHTWAR    Kishtwar     7765
3806   J&K   J&K Bank   Filler             KISHTWAR    Kishtwar     3958
3807   J&K   J&K Bank   Lachdayaram        KISHTWAR    Kishtwar     3535
3808   J&K   J&K Bank   Hidyal             KISHTWAR    Kishtwar     2359
3809   J&K   J&K Bank   Trigam             KISHTWAR    Kishtwar     3704
3810   J&K   J&K Bank   Karool             KISHTWAR    Drabshalla   3820
3811   J&K   J&K Bank   Balgran            KISHTWAR    Drabshalla   2095
3812   J&K   J&K Bank   Patnezi            KISHTWAR    Drabshalla   4663

3813   J&K   J&K Bank   Bhanga             KISHTWAR   Nagseni   2807
3814   J&K   J&K Bank   Dool               KISHTWAR   Nagseni   4257
3815   J&K   J&K Bank   Charji             KISHTWAR   Nagseni   2144
3816   J&K   J&K Bank   Yoordu             KISHTWAR   Marwah    1871
3817   J&K   J&K Bank   Rinaie             KISHTWAR   Marwah    1892
3818   J&K   J&K Bank   Qadera             KISHTWAR   Marwah    1887
3819   J&K   J&K Bank   Chanjer            KISHTWAR   Marwah    2079
3820   J&K   J&K Bank   Deharna            KISHTWAR   Marwah    1896
3821   J&K   J&K Bank   Affani             KISHTWAR   Padder    2696
3822   J&K   J&K Bank   Ligri              KISHTWAR   Padder    2774
3823   J&K   J&K Bank   Pallali            KISHTWAR   Padder    2593
3824   J&K   J&K Bank   Ishtiyari          KISHTWAR   Padder    2748
3825   J&K   J&K Bank   Mahoo              RAMBAN     Banihal   2349
3826   J&K   J&K Bank   Mangat             RAMBAN     Banihal   2680
3827   J&K   J&K Bank   Tetahar            RAMBAN     Banihal   4077
3828   J&K   J&K Bank   Pogal              RAMBAN     Ramsoo    8686
3829   J&K   J&K Bank   Trigam             RAMBAN     Ramsoo    5139
3830   J&K   J&K Bank   Bohar Dhar         RAMBAN     Ramsoo    3506
3831   J&K   J&K Bank   Sena Batti         RAMBAN     Ramsoo    2127
3832   J&K   J&K Bank   Dhan Masta         RAMBAN     Ramsoo    4675
3833   J&K   J&K Bank   Paristan           RAMBAN     Ramsoo    2128
3834   J&K   J&K Bank   Bangara            RAMBAN     Ramsoo    2050
3835   J&K   J&K Bank   Hochak             RAMBAN     Ramsoo    2395
3836   J&K   J&K Bank   Panchal            RAMBAN     Ramsoo    2456
3837   J&K   J&K Bank   Shagam             RAMBAN     Ramsoo    2121
3838   J&K   J&K Bank   Bojj Masta         RAMBAN     Ramsoo    6969
3839   J&K   J&K Bank   Chachawa           RAMBAN     Gool      2286
3840   J&K   J&K Bank   Dalwah             RAMBAN     Gool      4207
3841   J&K   J&K Bank   Dharam Kund        RAMBAN     Gool      2741
3842   J&K   J&K Bank   Dheeda             RAMBAN     Gool      2089
3843   J&K   J&K Bank   Gundi              RAMBAN     Gool      2550
3844   J&K   J&K Bank   Thatharakan        RAMBAN     Gool      2419
3845   J&K   J&K Bank   Ganote             RAMBAN     Ramban    2097
3846   J&K   J&K Bank   Parnote            RAMBAN     Ramban    2428
3847   J&K   J&K Bank   Dhan Darath        RAMBAN     Ramban    4349
3848   J&K   J&K Bank   That Gali          RAMBAN     Ramban    2174
3849   J&K   J&K Bank   Champa             RAMBAN     Ramban    2425

3850   J&K   J&K Bank   Dalwas             RAMBAN   Ramban         3114
3851   J&K   J&K Bank   Kalingasar         DODA     Bhallesa       2256
3852   J&K   J&K Bank   Alinigungota       DODA     Bhallesa       2335
3853   J&K   J&K Bank   Changa             DODA     Bhallesa       2055
3854   J&K   J&K Bank   Chaka              DODA     Assar          4518
3855   J&K   J&K Bank   Dhandal            DODA     Bhagwah        5639
3856   J&K   J&K Bank   Gaddi              DODA     Bhagwah        2210
3857   J&K   J&K Bank   Paryota            DODA     Marmat         2597
3858   J&K   J&K Bank   Roat               DODA     Marmat         2339
3859   J&K   J&K Bank   Dhara              DODA     Doda           2564
3860   J&K   J&K Bank   Arnora             DODA     Doda           2700
3861   J&K   J&K Bank   Kulhand            DODA     Doda           2215
3862   J&K   J&K Bank   Barath             DODA     Gundana        2304
3863   J&K   J&K Bank   Pershalla          DODA     Gundana        2344
3864   J&K   J&K Bank   Dugli              DODA     Bhaderwah      2059
3865   J&K   J&K Bank   Sarara             SAMBA    Ghagwal        3097
3866   J&K   J&K Bank   Kartholi/ Meen     SAMBA    Parmandal      4671
3867   J&K   J&K Bank   Sadrota            KATHUA   Lohai-Malhar   2248
3868   J&K   J&K Bank   Badnota            KATHUA   Lohai-Malhar   2524
3869   J&K   J&K Bank   Thall              KATHUA   Lohai-Malhar   2591
3870   J&K   J&K Bank   Malhar             KATHUA   Lohai-Malhar   3060
3871   J&K   J&K Bank   Najot              KATHUA   Lohai-Malhar   2039
3872   J&K   J&K Bank   Lawang             KATHUA   Banni          2576
3873   J&K   J&K Bank   Kanthal            KATHUA   Banni          2133
3874   J&K   J&K Bank   Preta              KATHUA   Basohli        2428
3875   J&K   J&K Bank   Thana              KATHUA   Basohli        2173
3876   J&K   J&K Bank   Plahi              KATHUA   Basohli        2419
3877   J&K   J&K Bank   Falote             KATHUA   Barnoti        2593
3878   J&K   J&K Bank   Marhoon            KATHUA   Billawar       2033
3879   J&K   J&K Bank   Baggan             KATHUA   Billawar       4780
3880   J&K   J&K Bank   Dhar Duggan        KATHUA   Billawar       3085
3881   J&K   J&K Bank   Kilyal             KATHUA   Billawar       3651
3882   J&K   J&K Bank   Thara Kilwal       KATHUA   Billawar       2558
3883   J&K   J&K Bank   Surara             KATHUA   Billawar       2008
3884   J&K   J&K Bank   Malti              KATHUA   Billawar       2106
3885   J&K   J&K Bank   Dharamkot          KATHUA   Billawar       2271

3886   J&K   J&K Bank   Maila                 KATHUA    Hiranagar   2041
3887   J&K   J&K Bank   Kharote               KATHUA    Kathua      3146
3888   J&K   J&K Bank   Chak Desa Singh       KATHUA    Kathua      2226
3889   J&K   J&K Bank   Mindyan               KUPWARA   Kralpora    3913
3890   J&K   J&K Bank   Patrin                KUPWARA   Kralpora    2423
3891   J&K   J&K Bank   Dard Pora             KUPWARA   Kralpora    2749
3892   J&K   J&K Bank   Dard Hari Khar Gund   KUPWARA   Kralpora    2843
3893   J&K   J&K Bank   Guzriyal              KUPWARA   Kralpora    2914
3894   J&K   J&K Bank   Warsuri               KUPWARA   Kralpora    4694
3895   J&K   J&K Bank   Dard Sun Reshi Gund   KUPWARA   Kralpora    5260
3896   J&K   J&K Bank   Kacha Hama            KUPWARA   Kralpora    3801
3897   J&K   J&K Bank   Meelyal               KUPWARA   Kralpora    2467
3898   J&K   J&K Bank   Farkan                KUPWARA   Kralpora    2577
3899   J&K   J&K Bank   Ration Pora           KUPWARA   Kralpora    2803
3900   J&K   J&K Bank   Shoolora              KUPWARA   Kralpora    2118
3901   J&K   J&K Bank   Gungloosa             KUPWARA   Trehgam     3610
3902   J&K   J&K Bank   Zurhama               KUPWARA   Trehgam     3722
3903   J&K   J&K Bank   PoshPora              KUPWARA   Trehgam     2253
3904   J&K   J&K Bank   Chunti Wari           KUPWARA   Kalaroosa   2628
3905   J&K   J&K Bank   Khurhama              KUPWARA   Wawoora     4582
3906   J&K   J&K Bank   War Now               KUPWARA   Wawoora     6213
3907   J&K   J&K Bank   Kuhi Gam              KUPWARA   Wawoora     4403
3908   J&K   J&K Bank   Maidan Pora           KUPWARA   Wawoora     5272
3909   J&K   J&K Bank   Putushy               KUPWARA   Wawoora     2794
3910   J&K   J&K Bank   Sori Gam              KUPWARA   Wawoora     4342
3911   J&K   J&K Bank   Drooch Wari           KUPWARA   Sogam       2451
3912   J&K   J&K Bank   Chandi Gam            KUPWARA   Sogam       2533
3913   J&K   J&K Bank   Dahama                KUPWARA   Ramhal      2583
3914   J&K   J&K Bank   Hafrada               KUPWARA   Ramhal      3749
3915   J&K   J&K Bank   Jagar Pora            KUPWARA   Ramhal      2028
3916   J&K   J&K Bank   Halmat Pora           KUPWARA   Kupwara     5226
3917   J&K   J&K Bank   Bumhama               KUPWARA   Kupwara     2443
3918   J&K   J&K Bank   Nagrimal Pora         KUPWARA   Kupwara     3762
3919   J&K   J&K Bank   Bramri                KUPWARA   Kupwara     2868
3920   J&K   J&K Bank   Kigam                 KUPWARA   Kupwara     2363
3921   J&K   J&K Bank   Khawar Pora           KUPWARA   Tangdar     2508
3922   J&K   J&K Bank   Nowangabra            KUPWARA   Tangdar     4801

3923   J&K   J&K Bank   Okay Kulgam         KULGAM     Kulgam        2856
3924   J&K   J&K Bank   Nilow               KULGAM     Kulgam        2694
3925   J&K   J&K Bank   Behibagh            KULGAM     Kulgam        2021
3926   J&K   J&K Bank   Munandguphan        KULGAM     Kulgam        2493
3927   J&K   J&K Bank   Poniwah             KULGAM     Kulgam        2654
3928   J&K   J&K Bank   Bogund              KULGAM     Kulgam        2530
3929   J&K   J&K Bank   Qasba Devsar        KULGAM     Devsar        2094
3930   J&K   J&K Bank   Sopat Tangpora      KULGAM     Devsar        2693
3931   J&K   J&K Bank   Zongalpora          KULGAM     Devsar        2268
3932   J&K   J&K Bank   Akhran              KULGAM     Devsar        2183
3933   J&K   J&K Bank   Mandhole            KULGAM     Devsar        2143
3934   J&K   J&K Bank   Waltengo Kund       KULGAM     Devsar        2631
3935   J&K   J&K Bank   Ashnoor             KULGAM     D.H.Pora      2106
3936   J&K   J&K Bank   Boh                 KULGAM     D.H.Pora      3820
3937   J&K   J&K Bank   Chimer              KULGAM     D.H.Pora      3534
3938   J&K   J&K Bank   Nagam               KULGAM     D.H.Pora      3063
3939   J&K   J&K Bank   Mirhama             KULGAM     D.H.Pora      2068
3940   J&K   J&K Bank   Badijehlan          KULGAM     D.H.Pora      3070
3941   J&K   J&K Bank   Pahloo              KULGAM     Pahloo        2050
3942   J&K   J&K Bank   Redwani             KULGAM     Qaimoh        5821
3943   J&K   J&K Bank   Kujar               KULGAM     Qaimoh        2027
3944   J&K   J&K Bank   Takiya Bahramshah   ANANTNAG   Achabal       2009
3945   J&K   J&K Bank   Bon Dialgam         ANANTNAG   Achabal       2499
3946   J&K   J&K Bank   Kamad               ANANTNAG   Achabal       2343
3947   J&K   J&K Bank   Doonipawah          ANANTNAG   Achabal       2050
3948   J&K   J&K Bank   Monghall            ANANTNAG   Achabal       3100
3949   J&K   J&K Bank   Hanjidantar         ANANTNAG   Achabal       2050
3950   J&K   J&K Bank   Hutumurah           ANANTNAG   Khoveripora   2136
3951   J&K   J&K Bank   Bonnambal           ANANTNAG   Khoveripora   3175
3952   J&K   J&K Bank   Sirhama             ANANTNAG   Khoveripora   4718
3953   J&K   J&K Bank   Hapatnar            ANANTNAG   Khoveripora   2897
3954   J&K   J&K Bank   Batkoote            ANANTNAG   Khoveripora   2670
3955   J&K   J&K Bank   Guree               ANANTNAG   Dachnipora    3051
3956   J&K   J&K Bank   Waghama             ANANTNAG   Dachnipora    4097
3957   J&K   J&K Bank   Opzen               ANANTNAG   Dachnipora    2122
3958   J&K   J&K Bank   Mahind              ANANTNAG   Dachnipora    4010
3959   J&K   J&K Bank   Panzath Wanpora     ANANTNAG   Qazigund      4274

3960   J&K   J&K Bank      Nussu Badragund      ANANTNAG   Qazigund     3378
3961   J&K   J&K Bank      Sangran              ANANTNAG   Qazigund     2174
3962   J&K   J&K Bank      Munda                ANANTNAG   Qazigund     2371
3963   J&K   J&K Bank      Nipora               ANANTNAG   Qazigund     2504
3964   J&K   J&K Bank      Furrah               ANANTNAG   Qazigund     2047
3965   J&K   J&K Bank      Nowgam Kuthar        ANANTNAG   Shangas      4432
3966   J&K   J&K Bank      Kutheer              ANANTNAG   Shangas      2693
3967   J&K   J&K Bank      Brah                 ANANTNAG   Shangas      2221
3968   J&K   J&K Bank      Telwani              ANANTNAG   Shangas      3089
3969   J&K   J&K Bank      Khundroo             ANANTNAG   Shangas      3225
3970   J&K   J&K Bank      Chaklipora           ANANTNAG   Shangas      2922
3971   J&K   J&K Bank      Deethoo Ranipora     ANANTNAG   Shangas      2747
3972   J&K   J&K Bank      Sadoora              ANANTNAG   Larkipora    3794
3973   J&K   J&K Bank      Fatehpora            ANANTNAG   Larkipora    2598
3974   J&K   J&K Bank      Hiller               ANANTNAG   Kokernag     2100
3975   J&K   J&K Bank      Kanidwara            ANANTNAG   Kokernag     2857
3976   J&K   J&K Bank      Kharpora             ANANTNAG   Kokernag     2237
3977   J&K   J&K Bank      Bindoo Zalangam      ANANTNAG   Kokernag     2237
3978   J&K   J&K Bank      Adigam               ANANTNAG   Kokernag     2243
3979   J&K   J&K Bank      Wandevalgam          ANANTNAG   Kokernag     9325
3980   J&K   J&K Bank      Kheriti Iqbal Pora   ANANTNAG   Kokernag     2502
3981   J&K   J&K Bank      Larnoo               ANANTNAG   Kokernag     3060
3982   J&K   J&K Bank      Hakura Badasgam      ANANTNAG   Kokernag     6660
3983   J&K   J&K Bank      Nowpora              ANANTNAG   Devsar       2621
3984   J&K   J&K Grameen   Fatehpur             RAJOURI    Rajouri      5529
3985   J&K   J&K Grameen   Kote Dara            RAJOURI    Rajouri      2281
3986   J&K   J&K Grameen   Saranu               RAJOURI    Rajouri      2965
3987   J&K   J&K Grameen   Dehri Relyote        RAJOURI    Manjakote    2380
3988   J&K   J&K Grameen   Gambhir (Muglan)     RAJOURI    Manjakote    4515
3989   J&K   J&K Grameen   Galuti               RAJOURI    Manjakote    2369
3990   J&K   J&K Grameen   Channi               RAJOURI    Sunderbani   3035
3991   J&K   J&K Grameen   Hari                 POONCH     Surankote    6831
3992   J&K   J&K Grameen   Taranwali            POONCH     Buffliaz     2345
3993   J&K   J&K Grameen   Kasbalari            POONCH     Mendhar      3554

3994   J&K   J&K Grameen   Uchhad            POONCH   Mendhar    2433
3995   J&K   J&K Grameen   Chahjjlan         POONCH   Mendhar    5566
3996   J&K   J&K Grameen   Gahni             POONCH   Mendhar    2977
3997   J&K   J&K Grameen   Kaller Mora       POONCH   Balakote   2012
3998   J&K   J&K Grameen   Laswara           JAMMU    Bishnah    2966
3999   J&K   J&K Grameen   Sehoura           JAMMU    Bishnah    2334
4000   J&K   J&K Grameen   Akalpur           JAMMU    Marh       2158
4001   J&K   J&K Grameen   Kana chak         JAMMU    Marh       2005
4002   J&K   J&K Grameen   Bhour (East)      JAMMU    Satwari    2829
4003   J&K   J&K Grameen   Bhour (West)      JAMMU    Satwari    2080
4004   J&K   J&K Grameen   Hakal             JAMMU    Satwari    3618
4005   J&K   J&K Grameen   Bamyal            JAMMU    Dhansal    2338
4006   J&K   J&K Grameen   Chibba            JAMMU    Dhansal    2665
4007   J&K   J&K Grameen   Dhan              JAMMU    Dhansal    2443
4008   J&K   J&K Grameen   Kanyalla          JAMMU    Dhansal    3278
4009   J&K   J&K Grameen   Panjgrian         JAMMU    Dhansal    2724
4010   J&K   J&K Grameen   Sagoon            JAMMU    Dhansal    2451
4011   J&K   J&K Grameen   Tarah             JAMMU    Dhansal    2940
4012   J&K   J&K Grameen   Amb               JAMMU    Bhalwal    4277
4013   J&K   J&K Grameen   Baran             JAMMU    Bhalwal    5272
4014   J&K   J&K Grameen   Ghaink            JAMMU    Bhalwal    2023
4015   J&K   J&K Grameen   Patoli Brahmana   JAMMU    Bhalwal    2988
4016   J&K   J&K Grameen   Ranjan            JAMMU    Bhalwal    3089
4017   J&K   J&K Grameen   Seri Panditan     JAMMU    Bhalwal    2727
4018   J&K   J&K Grameen   Bardoh            JAMMU    Khour      2700
4019   J&K   J&K Grameen   Battal            JAMMU    Khour      2024
4020   J&K   J&K Grameen   Bhalwal Mullo     JAMMU    Khour      3525

4021   J&K   J&K Grameen   Gigerial             JAMMU       Khour       3120
4022   J&K   J&K Grameen   Gurha Manahasn       JAMMU       Khour       2733
4023   J&K   J&K Grameen   Kharah               JAMMU       Khour       2134
4024   J&K   J&K Grameen   Mallaha              JAMMU       Khour       2947
4025   J&K   J&K Grameen   Samwan               JAMMU       Khour       3805
4026   J&K   J&K Grameen   Sarwal               JAMMU       Khour       3231
4027   J&K   J&K Grameen   Serh                 JAMMU       Khour       2028
4028   J&K   J&K Grameen   Limber               BARAMULLA   Boniyar     3361
4029   J&K   J&K Grameen   Pahlipora            BARAMULLA   Boniyar     2787
4030   J&K   J&K Grameen   Bimyar               BARAMULLA   Boniyar     2021
4031   J&K   J&K Grameen   Salamabad Dachhna    BARAMULLA   Uri         2828
4032   J&K   J&K Grameen   Dhani Saidan         BARAMULLA   Uri         2600
4033   J&K   J&K Grameen   Hardu Kamal Koote    BARAMULLA   Uri         2215
4034   J&K   J&K Grameen   Nambla               BARAMULLA   Uri         6042
4035   J&K   J&K Grameen   Siri Wara Pora       BARAMULLA   Pattan      3268
4036   J&K   J&K Grameen   Rakh Doslipora       BARAMULLA   Singhpora   2214
4037   J&K   J&K Grameen   Dewarya Khman        BARAMULLA   Singhpora   3542
             Bank          Pora
4038   J&K   J&K Grameen   Chanbal              BARAMULLA   Singhpora   2130
4039   J&K   J&K Grameen   Nowlari              BARAMULLA   Singhpora   2337
4040   J&K   J&K Grameen   Abraqpora(Mercham    BARAMULLA   Singhpora   2034
             Bank          er)
4041   J&K   J&K Grameen   Chukar               BARAMULLA   Kunzer      3696
4042   J&K   J&K Grameen   Mamoosa              BARAMULLA   Kunzer      3720
4043   J&K   J&K Grameen   Shitlu               BARAMULLA   Rohama      2543
4044   J&K   J&K Grameen   Chiji Hama           BARAMULLA   Rohama      2159
4045   J&K   J&K Grameen   Sherwani             BARAMULLA   Baramulla   3012
             Bank          Abad(Biner)
4046   J&K   J&K Grameen   Chaklu               BARAMULLA   Baramulla   3200
4047   J&K   J&K Grameen   Reshi Pora(Othura)   BARAMULLA   Wagoora     2633
4048   J&K   J&K Grameen   Harwan               BARAMULLA   Zainageer   2408

4049   J&K   J&K Grameen   Hasmat Pora(Hath     BARAMULLA   Zainageer      3629
             Bank          Langu)
4050   J&K   J&K Grameen   Said Pora            BARAMULLA   Zainageer      2291
4051   J&K   J&K Grameen   Chuntimullah         BANDIPORA   Bandipora      2434
4052   J&K   J&K Grameen   Konan(Babagund)      BANDIPORA   Bandipora      2461
4053   J&K   J&K Grameen   Achoora Chorwan      BANDIPORA   Gurez          2535
4054   J&K   J&K Grameen   Lahari               KATHUA      Lohai-Malhar   2167
4055   J&K   J&K Grameen   Draman               KATHUA      Basohli        2521
4056   J&K   J&K Grameen   Sandar               KATHUA      Basohli        2194
4057   J&K   J&K Grameen   Danbrah              KATHUA      Basohli        2532
4058   J&K   J&K Grameen   Kahuag               KATHUA      Billawar       2114
4059   J&K   J&K Grameen   Tehr                 KATHUA      Billawar       2704
4060   J&K   J&K Grameen   Dungara              KATHUA      Billawar       2629
4061   J&K   J&K Grameen   Dara Pora            KUPWARA     Kralpora       4466
4062   J&K   J&K Grameen   Warnaw               KUPWARA     Kralpora       6213
4063   J&K   J&K Grameen   Lone Hari            KUPWARA     Kralpora       2930
4064   J&K   J&K Grameen   Panzgam              KUPWARA     Kralpora       9198
4065   J&K   J&K Grameen   Bud Nambal           KUPWARA     Kralpora       2290
4066   J&K   J&K Grameen   Heri                 KUPWARA     Trehgam        4864
4067   J&K   J&K Grameen   Hundi                KUPWARA     Trehgam        2059
4068   J&K   J&K Grameen   Seevar Jhendi Pora   KUPWARA     Wawoora        4711
4069   J&K   J&K Grameen   Gagal                KUPWARA     Wawoora        4599
4070   J&K   J&K Grameen   Voora                KUPWARA     Wawoora        2485
4071   J&K   J&K Grameen   Teki Pora            KUPWARA     Sogam          5472
4072   J&K   J&K Grameen   Krosan               KUPWARA     Sogam          2214
4073   J&K   J&K Grameen   Chirkoot             KUPWARA     Ramhal         2553
4074   J&K   J&K Grameen   Dowlat Pora          KUPWARA     Ramhal         3775
4075   J&K   J&K Grameen   Lachi                KUPWARA     Ramhal         2370

4076   J&K   J&K Grameen   Gushi              KUPWARA     Kupwara      3042
4077   J&K   J&K Grameen   Ander Hama         KUPWARA     Kupwara      4950
4078   J&K   J&K Grameen   Dildar             KUPWARA     Tangdar      3074
4079   J&K   PNB           Dodasanbala        RAJOURI     Thanamandi   4405
4080   J&K   PNB           Saaz               RAJOURI     Thanamandi   3137
4081   J&K   PNB           Degwar Maldyalan   POONCH      Poonch       2136
4082   J&K   PNB           Ambaran            JAMMU       Akhnoor      3048
4083   J&K   PNB           Harsa Dabbar       JAMMU       Bishnah      2597
4084   J&K   PNB           Ratnal             JAMMU       Bishnah      2074
4085   J&K   PNB           Kharian            JAMMU       R. S. Pura   2595
4086   J&K   PNB           Jagti              JAMMU       Dhansal      3239
4087   J&K   PNB           Bhatyari           JAMMU       Dhansal      2518
4088   J&K   PNB           Bhagani            JAMMU       Bhalwal      3216
4089   J&K   PNB           Dhanoo             JAMMU       Bhalwal      2927
4090   J&K   PNB           Jandiyal           JAMMU       Bhalwal      5284
4091   J&K   PNB           Sarote             JAMMU       Bhalwal      2988
4092   J&K   PNB           Ladha              UDHAMPUR    Chenani      2098
4093   J&K   PNB           Satyalta           UDHAMPUR    Chenani      2335
4094   J&K   PNB           Dhandal            UDHAMPUR    Ghordi       2573
4095   J&K   PNB           Hartaryan          UDHAMPUR    Ghordi       2368
4096   J&K   PNB           Nalaghorian        UDHAMPUR    Ghordi       2661
4097   J&K   PNB           Jandrore           UDHAMPUR    Ghordi       2959
4098   J&K   PNB           Sheri Narawaw      BARAMULLA   Baramulla    3129
4099   J&K   PNB           Trigam             BANDIPORA   Sonawari     3659
4100   J&K   PNB           Chareel Lamber     RAMBAN      Banihal      3571
4101   J&K   PNB           Chamalwas          RAMBAN      Banihal      6030
4102   J&K   PNB           Koti               DODA        Doda         2180
4103   J&K   PNB           Dhar Jhankar       KATHUA      Basohli      2347
4104   J&K   PNB           Bhortian           KATHUA      Barnoti      2140
4105   J&K   PNB           Juthana            KATHUA      Barnoti      2043
4106   J&K   PNB           Forlain            KATHUA      Barnoti      5389
4107   J&K   PNB           Zangli Kasheera    KUPWARA     Kupwara      2798
4108   J&K   PNB           Gudder             KULGAM      Pahloo       2440
4109   J&K   PNB           Homshalibugh       KULGAM      Qaimoh       2313
4110   J&K   PNB           Qammar             ANANTNAG    Larkipora    4052
4111   J&K   PNB           Ahlam Gadole       ANANTNAG    Kokernag     9476

4112   J&K   PNB   Lisubrannard          ANANTNAG    Kokernag     2008
4113   J&K   PNB   Rainchogund           ANANTNAG    Kokernag     3450
4114   J&K   SBI   Chhatra Hama          SRINAGAR    SRINAGAR     3042
4115   J&K   SBI   Khal Mulla            GANDERBAL   Ganderbal    2895
4116   J&K   SBI   Seh Pora              GANDERBAL   Wakura       2173
4117   J&K   SBI   Rabtar Gundi Roshan   GANDERBAL   Wakura       2096
4118   J&K   SBI   Kanihama              BUDGAM      B.K.PORA     5852
4119   J&K   SBI   Shankarpora           BUDGAM      B.K.PORA     4815
4120   J&K   SBI   Jawalapora            BUDGAM      Budgam       4618
4121   J&K   SBI   Waterhail             BUDGAM      Khansahib    2262
4122   J&K   SBI   Koil                  PULWAMA     Pulwama      3850
4123   J&K   SBI   Panj Grien            RAJOURI     Manjakote    4694
4124   J&K   SBI   Kakora                RAJOURI     Manjakote    2368
4125   J&K   SBI   Targian               RAJOURI     Budhal       3010
4126   J&K   SBI   Kewal                 RAJOURI     Budhal       2712
4127   J&K   SBI   Rajnagar              RAJOURI     Budhal       4361
4128   J&K   SBI   Dandote               RAJOURI     Budhal       2301
4129   J&K   SBI   Gundi                 RAJOURI     Budhal       2488
4130   J&K   SBI   Chowki Handan         RAJOURI     Nowshehra    3368
4131   J&K   SBI   Nonial                RAJOURI     Nowshehra    4417
4132   J&K   SBI   Kanuyan               POONCH      Poonch       2899
4133   J&K   SBI   Bhainchh              POONCH      Poonch       2076
4134   J&K   SBI   Khanater              POONCH      Poonch       6376
4135   J&K   SBI   Darhana               POONCH      Mendhar      2765
4136   J&K   SBI   Banola                POONCH      Mendhar      2082
4137   J&K   SBI   Sungal Lower          JAMMU       Akhnoor      4619
4138   J&K   SBI   Sungal Upper          JAMMU       Akhnoor      2318
4139   J&K   SBI   Palwan                JAMMU       Akhnoor      2393
4140   J&K   SBI   Khour                 JAMMU       Bishnah      2400
4141   J&K   SBI   Gangochak             JAMMU       Marh         2011
4142   J&K   SBI   Dhindey kalan         JAMMU       R. S. Pura   4514
4143   J&K   SBI   Rakh Gadigarh         JAMMU       Satwari      2066
4144   J&K   SBI   Chowdi                JAMMU       Satwari      6422
4145   J&K   SBI   Rattno Chak           JAMMU       Satwari      4861
4146   J&K   SBI   Katal Batal           JAMMU       Dhansal      2308
4147   J&K   SBI   Badsoo                JAMMU       Dhansal      3208
4148   J&K   SBI   Kote                  JAMMU       Bhalwal      9022

4149   J&K   SBI   Bakore            JAMMU       Khour      2790
4150   J&K   SBI   Man Chak          JAMMU       Khour      2447
4151   J&K   SBI   Meer              UDHAMPUR    Panchari   2526
4152   J&K   SBI   Ladda             UDHAMPUR    Panchari   4250
4153   J&K   SBI   Chulna            UDHAMPUR    Panchari   2757
4154   J&K   SBI   Panjar            UDHAMPUR    Panchari   2191
4155   J&K   SBI   Sangur            UDHAMPUR    Chenani    2034
4156   J&K   SBI   Balli             UDHAMPUR    Chenani    2748
4157   J&K   SBI   Karlah            UDHAMPUR    Chenani    2034
4158   J&K   SBI   Mada              UDHAMPUR    Chenani    3786
4159   J&K   SBI   Marta             UDHAMPUR    Ramnagar   2827
4160   J&K   SBI   Tapper Waripora   BARAMULLA   Pattan     4339
4161   J&K   SBI   Baharabad         BANDIPORA   Sonawari   4417
4162   J&K   SBI   Asham             BANDIPORA   Sonawari   4153
4163   J&K   SBI   Kishtwar (B.T.)   KISHTWAR    Kishtwar   8695
4164   J&K   SBI   Lack khazana      KISHTWAR    Kishtwar   2361
4165   J&K   SBI   Matta             KISHTWAR    Kishtwar   4120
4166   J&K   SBI   Dooligam          RAMBAN      Banihal    5030
4167   J&K   SBI   Gund Adolkot      RAMBAN      Banihal    2578
4168   J&K   SBI   Sujmatna          RAMBAN      Ramsoo     4200
4169   J&K   SBI   Sarbagni          RAMBAN      Ramsoo     2618
4170   J&K   SBI   Sombar Barhog     RAMBAN      Ramsoo     3949
4171   J&K   SBI   Seri              RAMBAN      Ramban     2922
4172   J&K   SBI   Balakote          RAMBAN      Ramban     2518
4173   J&K   SBI   Chirota           DODA        Assar      3162
4174   J&K   SBI   Bigarni           DODA        Bhagwah    5230
4175   J&K   SBI   Behota            DODA        Marmat     3024
4176   J&K   SBI   Mangota           DODA        Marmat     2752
4177   J&K   SBI   Jodhpur           DODA        Doda       2170
4178   J&K   SBI   Jatheli           DODA        Gundana    2072
4179   J&K   SBI   Malwana           DODA        Gundana    2480
4180   J&K   SBI   Phagsoo           DODA        Thatri     2224
4181   J&K   SBI   Chilla Danga      SAMBA       Samba      2142
4182   J&K   SBI   Surjan            KATHUA      Banni      2569
4183   J&K   SBI   Plakh             KATHUA      Basohli    2461
4184   J&K   SBI   Muthi Hardu       KATHUA      Barnoti    2280
4185   J&K   SBI   Makwal            KATHUA      Billawar   2145

4186   J&K   SBI             Chelak               KATHUA     Hiranagar        3763
4187   J&K   SBI             Dinga Amb            KATHUA     Hiranagar        2501
4188   J&K   SBI             Mangloor             KATHUA     Hiranagar        3045
4189   J&K   SBI             Harsaath             KATHUA     Hiranagar        2484
4190   J&K   SBI             Janglote             KATHUA     Kathua           6594
4191   J&K   SBI             Hayan                KUPWARA    Trehgam          3338
4192   J&K   SBI             Mani gah             KUPWARA    Kupwara          6245
4193   J&K   SBI             Sundoo Kulpora       KULGAM     Qaimoh           2869
4194   J&K   SBI             Tulinowpora          KULGAM     Qaimoh           2209
4195   J&K   SBI             Bhan                 KULGAM     Qaimoh           2005
4196   J&K   SBI             Krewan Chadder       KULGAM     Qaimoh           2939
4197   J&K   SBI             Ranbirpora           ANANTNAG   Khoveripora      4615
4198   J&K   SBI             Kathsoo              ANANTNAG   Khoveripora      2587
4199   J&K   SBI             Chatisinghpora       ANANTNAG   Khoveripora      2005
4200   J&K   SBI             Veeri                ANANTNAG   Dachnipora       2164
4201   J&K   SBI             Hardsachin           ANANTNAG   Shangas          2598
4202   J&K   SBI             Budroo               ANANTNAG   Qaimoh           2179
4203   J&K   SBI             Lever                ANANTNAG   Qaimoh           2203
4204   J&K   SBI             Kapran               ANANTNAG   Larkipora        2219
4205   J&K   SBI             Halsidar             ANANTNAG   Larkipora        2935
4206   J&K   SBI             Damhal               ANANTNAG   Kokernag         2205
4207   J&K   SBI             Takiya Magam         ANANTNAG   Kokernag         3494
4208   J&K   SBI             Breenti Batpora      ANANTNAG   Kokernag         3977
4209   HP    CBI             Raja Khas            Kangra     Indora           2030
4210   HP    CBI             Misarwala            Sirmaur    Paonta Sahib     4027
4211   HP    HP State Coop   Shampur Gorkhuwala   Sirmaur    Paonta Sahib     4071
4212   HP    HP State Coop   Kando Dugana         Sirmaur    Kamrau           2615
4213   HP    IDBI Bank       Aima                 Kangra     Palampur         2465
4214   HP    PGB             Samleu Uperla        Chamba     Dalhousie        2185
4215   HP    PNB             Khatehr              Bilaspur   Bilaspur Sadar   2049
4216   HP    PNB             Dhar Tatoh           Bilaspur   Bilaspur Sadar   2895
4217   HP    PNB             Sarol                Chamba     Chamba           2212
4218   HP    PNB             Darogan              Hamirpur   Hamirpur         2084
4219   HP    PNB             Dhamrol              Hamirpur   Bhoranj          2396
4220   HP    PNB             Mohtali              Kangra     Indora           2503
4221   HP    PNB             Katholi              Kangra     Jawali           2311

4222   HP   PNB    Bhapoo               Kangra     Indora         2144
4223   HP   PNB    Sidhpur Ghad         Kangra     Jawali         2371
4224   HP   PNB    Dugrain              Mandi      Sundarnagar    2162
4225   HP   PNB    Bhaur                Mandi      Sundernagar    2196
4226   HP   PNB    Kumi                 Mandi      Mandi          3525
4227   HP   PNB    Basal                Solan      Solan          2196
4228   HP   SBI    Jhabola              Bilaspur   Jhanduta       2459
4229   HP   SBI    Amarpur              Bilaspur   Ghumarwin      2246
4230   HP   SBI    Aweri                Kangra     Baijnath       2471
4231   HP   SBI    Tyawal Manpur        Shimla     Rampur         2994
4232   HP   SBI    Pataliyon            Sirmaur    Paonta Sahib   3606
4233   HP   SBI    Sharli Manpur        Sirmaur    Kamrau         2103
4234   HP   SBI    Jakhera              Una        Una            2438
4235   HP   SBI    Malahat              Una        Una            2289
4236   HP   SBI    Raipur Sahoran       Una        Una            3954
4237   HP   SBI    Sanauli              Una        Una            2161
4238   HP   SBI    Chatra Khas          Una        Una            2195
4239   HP   SBI    Badhera              Una        Haroli         3807
4240   HP   SBI    Baliwal              Una        Haroli         2813
4241   HP   SBI    Pahalkwah            Una        Haroli         4507
4242   HP   SBI    Pubowal              Una        Haroli         2807
4243   HP   SBI    Polian Beet          Una        Haroli         2163
4244   HP   SBI    Bitan                Una        Haroli         2548
4245   HP   SBI    Lalehri              Una        Haroli         3272
4246   HP   SBI    Nangal Khurd         Una        Haroli         2385
4247   HP   SBI    Nangal Kalan         Una        Haroli         2713
4248   HP   SBI    Bathri               Una        Haroli         2225
4249   HP   SBOP   Marhana              Bilaspur   Haroli         2315
4250   HP   SBOP   Barota               Bilaspur   Haroli         2100
4251   HP   SBOP   Lehri Sarail         Bilaspur   Haroli         2376
4252   HP   SBOP   Manpur Dewrqa        Sirmaur    Paonta Sahib   2732
4253   HP   SBOP   Gundahan             Sirmaur    Shillai        3354
4254   HP   SBOP   Thana                Solan      Nalagarh       2031
4255   HP   SBOP   Arniala              Una        Una            3779
4256   HP   SBOP   Tatera               Una        Amb            2077

     List of Villages with Population of 1000 to 2000 in Himanchal Pradesh

S.      State               Bank Name             NAME OF THE VILLAGE        Service Area      POPULATI
No                                                                           details             ON
1       HP                  ALLAHABAD Bank        Kajlot (340)               D/SALA              1026
2       HP                  CANARA                Arla Khas (203)            CANARA - MANDLA     1698
3       HP                  CANARA                Bhangiar (264)             MARANDA             1715
4       HP                  CANARA                Kasba (871)                BHAWARANA           1691
5       HP                  CANARA                Basoli Nichli              CANARA UNA          1650
6       HP                  CANARA                Tabba (211)                CANARA UNA          1058
7       HP                  CANARA                Rakkar Kaloni              CANARA UNA          1998
8       HP                  CANARA                Malahat (206)              CANARA UNA          1539
9       HP                  CANARAA               Phallan (30/66)            CANARAA - KULLU     1104
10      HP                  CBI                   Daruhi (47/29)             CBI - HAMIRPUR      1130
                                                  Samthana Kalan
11      HP                  CBI                   (34/100)                   CBI-DHANGHOTA       1220
12      HP                  CBI                   Tangroti (494/7)           CBI-YOL             1078
13      HP                  CBI                   Padar (512)                CBI-CHAMUNADA       1373
14      HP                  CBI                   Thandol (669)              CBI-PAHRA           1096
15      HP                  CBI                   Ladoh (701)                CBI-PAHRA           1456
16      HP                  CBI                   Shillihar (35/83)          CBI- BHUNTAR        1432
17      HP                  CBI                   Sosan (40/102)             CBI- MANI KARAN     1840
18      HP                  CBI                   Sai (3)                    CBI                 1294
19      HP                  CBI                   Dharanda (1)               CBI                 1780
20      HP                  CBI                   Dewni (143)                CBI                 1482
21      HP                  CBI                   Surajpur (134)             CBI                 1077
22      HP                  CBI                   Amargarh (136)             CBI                 1210
23      HP                  CBI                   Amar Kot (97)              CBI                 1235
24      HP                  CBI                   Nihal Garh (96)            CBI                 1111
                                                  Mohkampur Nawada
25      HP                  CBI                   (106)                      CBI
26      HP                  CBI                   Kuthari (5)                CBI Khadrala        1275
27      HP                  CBI                   Dhandari                   CBI BHAIRA          1120
28      HP                  CBI                   Charuru (166)              CBI BHAIRA          1308
29      HP                  CBI                   Diyara (172)               CBI BHAIRA          1660
30      HP                  CBI                   Bhera (174)                CBI BHAIRA          1704
31      HP                  CBI                   Hamboli Upperli (175)      CBI BHAIRA          1283
32      HP                  CBI                   Baruhi (1/5)               CBI BHAIRA          1423
33      HP                  CBI                   Rampur (209)               CBI UNA             1595
34      HP                  CBI                   Bhadauri (468)             CBI HAROLI          1130
35      HP                  HGB                   Khandwal (30)              HGB - VARANDA       1289
36      HP                  HGB                   Lagor (163)                HGB- CHOGAN         1058

37   HP   HGB   Hatli (169)             HGB- CHOGAN       1340
38   HP   HGB   Paral (64)              HGB-MILWAN        1088
39   HP   HGB   Dalhrian (52)           HGB-MILWAN        1572
40   HP   HGB   Maira (28)              HGB- SULYALI      1114
41   HP   HGB   Basa (469)              HGB - BHEDWAR     1667
42   HP   HGB   Kuthehr (267)           HGB - BHEDWAR     1683
43   HP   HGB   Dudhamb Khas (302)      HGB-CHARRI        1176
44   HP   HGB   Dhar (342)              HGB-DARI          1050
45   HP   HGB   Bagli (410)             HGB- MATAUR       1298
46   HP   HGB   Sohara (418)            GANGA             1867
47   HP   HGB   Natehr (438)            GANGA             1399
48   HP   HGB   Ghurkari Khas (452)     HGB-MATAUR        1351
49   HP   HGB   Kholi (459)             GANGA             1689
50   HP   HGB   Tanda Kholi (457)       GANGA             1008
51   HP   HGB   Har (555)               HGB-BAROH         1084
52   HP   HGB   Harsi (931)             HGB-SANGROLI      1545
53   HP   HGB   Chauki (262)            HGB- BHUNA        1112
54   HP   HGB   Badghawar (276)         HGB-BHAWARNA      1499
55   HP   HGB   Sughar (86)             HGB BHUANA        1323
56   HP   HGB   Kothi (823)             HGB-BIR           1586
57   HP   HGB   Ghartholi (1023)        HGB-BAIJNATH      1385
58   HP   HGB   Ustehr (875)            HGB-BAIJNATH      1420
59   HP   HGB   Gunehr (1033)           HGB-BIR           1243
60   HP   HGB   Soil (23/41)            HGB - HARIPUR     1660
61   HP   HGB   Dunkhri Gahar (30/65)   HGB- BHUTTI       1394
62   HP   HGB   Pichhli (31/69)         HGB- BHUTTI       1335
63   HP   HGB   Bhalyani (33/75)        HGB- BHUTTI       1894
64   HP   HGB   Bhumtir (33/76)         HGB- BHUTTI       1087
65   HP   HGB   Kharihar (34/81)        NALA              1635
66   HP   HGB   Shat (38/98)            HGB- SARSARI      1444
67   HP   HGB   Chong (38/96)           HGB- SARSARI      1576
68   HP   HGB   Jallu (38/97)           HGB- SARSARI      1665
69   HP   HGB   Ratocha (38/95)         HGB- SARSARI      1181
70   HP   HGB   Chakurtha (1/2)         HGB-BALI CHOWKI   1242
71   HP   HGB   Thati Bir (5/18)        HGB-BALI CHOWKI   1343
72   HP   HGB   Ratwah (6/21)           HGB-BALI CHOWKI   1036
73   HP   HGB   Khabal (8/24)           GADAGUSHAINI      1623
74   HP   HGB   Mohni (8/25)            GADAGUSHAINI      1492
75   HP   HGB   Beongal (25/79)         HGB-DALASH        1773
76   HP   HGB   Koti (16/44)            HGB-ARSU          1085

77    HP   HGB         Dethoa (16/46)         HGB-ARSU           1533
78    HP   HGB         Sargha (17/47)         HGB-JAGATKHANA     1381
79    HP   HGB         Kushwa (17/48)         HGB-JAGATKHANA     1330
80    HP   HGB         Bari (18/52)           HGB-ARSU           1160
81    HP   HGB         Sohach (18/54)         HGB-ARSU           1475
82    HP   HGB         Thachwa (17/50)        HGB-JAGATKHANA     1134
83    HP   HGB         Parain (50)            HGB-JNR            1071
84    HP   HGB         Suja (3)               HGB-JNR            1530
85    HP   HGB         Chauk (7)              HGB                1284
86    HP   HGB         Alsu (76)              HGB                1259
87    HP   HGB         Ghangal (14)           HGB                1261
88    HP   HGB         Nichli Bahli (11)      HGB                1023
89    HP   HGB         Tihri (408)            HGB-KATAULA        1157
90    HP   HGB         Janed (106)            HGB-RANDHARA       1095
91    HP   HGB         Sakroha (294)          HGB-GAGGAL         1548
92    HP   HGB         Gora Gagal (214)       HGB-GAGGAL         1165
93    HP   HGB         Behna (210)            HGB-GAGGAL         1814
94    HP   HGB         Jhiri (508)            HGB-NAGWAIN        1480
95    HP   HGB         Shil Mashora (511)     HGB-NAGWAIN        1101
96    HP   HGB         Takoli (510)           HGB-NAGWAIN        1354
97    HP   HGB         Parwara (82)           HGB-BAGSAID        1251
98    HP   HGB/HPSCB   Somgad (634)           HGB/HPSCB          1115
99    HP   HGB/HPSCB   Rahi (610)             HGB/HPSCB          1016
100   HP   HPSCB       Sainj (145)            HPSCB              1069
101   HP   HPSCB       Gata Mandwach (158)    HPSCB              1003
                       Sainwala Mubarakpur
102   HP   HPSCB       (151)                  HPSCB
103   HP   HPSCB       Toka Nagla (125)       HPSCB              1288
104   HP   HPSCB       Kunja (111)            HPSCB              1519
105   HP   HPSCB       Dubri (60)             HPSCB              1619
106   HP   HPSCB       Banor (38)             HPSCB              1318
107   HP   HPSCB       Sakhauli (12)          HPSCB              1245
108   HP   HPSCB       Kanti Mishwa (216)     HPSCB              1191
109   HP   HPSCB       Kando Bhatnaul (230)   HPSCB              1987
110   HP   HPSCB       Gawali Pashmi (237)    HPSCB              1150
111   HP   HPSCB       Manal (238)            HPSCB              1734
112   HP   HPSCB       Manan (189)            HPSCB Shillaru     1032
113   HP   HPSCB       Kiterwari (7)          HPSCB Dodra Kwar   1493
114   HP   HPSCB       Dhandarwari (8)        HPSCB Dodra Kwar   1284
115   HP   HPSCB,      Kothi (15/1)           HPSCB, PEO         1184
116   HP   ICICI       Jhikli Barol (365)     ICICI -D/SHALA     1255
117   HP   OBC         Rihal Pura (448)       OBC-KANGRA         1165
118   HP   OBC         Halehr Khurd (445)     OBC-KANGRA         1588
119   HP   OBC         Khas Kachhiari (455)   OBC-KANGRA         1394
120   HP   OBC         Barahar (34/80)        OBC-KULLU          1271

121   HP   OBC               Bharjwanu (9)            SUNDERNAGAR       1543
                             Ganguwala Jamniwala
122   HP   OBC               (123)                    OBC
123   HP   PGB               Tikri Khas (458)         PGB-NAKROD        1004
124   HP   PGB               Suala (487)              PGB-NAKROD        1090
125   HP   PGB               Goli (68)                PGB - DEVIDEHRA   1081
126   HP   PGB               Baror (234)              PGB-JADERA        1200
127   HP   PGB               Haripur (283)            PGB-BHADRAM       1668
128   HP   PGB               Kyani (286)              PGB-RAJNAGAR      1463
129   HP   PGB               Rupan (288)              PGB-RAJNAGAR      1125
130   HP   PGB               Chaklu (305)             PGB-RAJNAGAR      1148
131   HP   PGB               Bhanauta (14)            PGB -CHANED       1394
132   HP   PGB               Sach (20)                PGB-OBERI         1475
133   HP   PGB               Ran (196)                PGB-SAHO          1299
134   HP   PGB               Prauta (226)             PGB-SAHO          1102
135   HP   PGB               Suai (140)               PGB-GEROLA        1140
136   HP   PGB               Palan Pulan (45)         PGB-LAHAL         1074
           PGB/PNB/COOP/BH                            PGB/PNB/COOP/BH
137   HP   ANJRARU           Sanwal (315)             ANJRARU           1045
           PGB/PNB/COOP/BH                            PGB/PNB/COOP/BH
138   HP   ANJRARU           Shakar (416)             ANJRARU           1143
139   HP   PNB               Kot (339)                PNB-HATWAR        1856
140   HP   PNB               Ghandalwin (281)         PNB-HATWAR        1023
141   HP   PNB               Pandtehra (345)          PNB-HATWAR        1438
142   HP   PNB               Rohan (473)              PNB-HARLOG        1328
143   HP   PNB               Solag Jurasi (107)       PNB-PANJGAIN      1140
144   HP   PNB               Chalera (311)            PNB-BAKLOH        1292
145   HP   PNB               Jangal Khas (64/16)      PNB-JANGAL BERI   1303
146   HP   PNB               Basaral (17/43)          JAUNA             1226
147   HP   PNB               Batran Khurd (18/10)     PNB-BHUMPAL       1248
148   HP   PNB               Bela (19/38)             PNB - NAUDAN      1856
149   HP   PNB               Chauki Kankari (42/52)   PNB- TAL          1255
150   HP   PNB               Amned (42/50)            PNB- TAL          1225
151   HP   PNB               Chamned (45/45)          PNB -LAMBL00      1150
152   HP   PNB               Sathwin (34/60)          PNB-MAHARAL       1076
153   HP   PNB               Dhirar (43/30)           PNB - BHARARI     1113
                             Mundkher Genda
154   HP   PNB               (42/110)                 PNB - JAHU        1223
155   HP   PNB               Bhalwani (43/71)         PNB - JAHU        1227
156   HP   PNB               Badehr (43/65)           PNB-BHARARI       1783
157   HP   PNB               Garsahr (43/53)          PNB-BHARARI       1062
158   HP   PNB               Paplah (43/50)           PNB-BHARARI       1286
159   HP   PNB               Bhadroya (1)             PNB-DAMTAL        1323
                                                      PNB-RAJA KA
160   HP   PNB               Nerna (375)              TALAB             1061

                                       PNB-RAJA KA
161   HP   PNB   Garan (311)           TALAB               1019
162   HP   PNB   Larth (324)           PNB-RAHAIN          1172
                                       PNB-RAJA KA
163   HP   PNB   Bari (319)            TALAB               1976
                                       PNB-RAJA KA
164   HP   PNB   Talarah (297)         TALAB               1383
165   HP   PNB   Beli Mahanta (1)      PNB-DAMTAL          1485
166   HP   PNB   Serat (4)             PNB-DAMTAL          1209
167   HP   PNB   Chanaur (39)          PNB- INDORA         1616
168   HP   PNB   Sanor (37)            PNB- INDORA         1200
169   HP   PNB   Ghandran (36)         PNB - GAGWARI       1546
170   HP   PNB   Palakh (77)           PNB - GAGWARI       1407
171   HP   PNB   Jagnoli (111)         PNB-DHAMELA         1345
172   HP   PNB   Samkar (198)          PNB-DHAMELA         1626
173   HP   PNB   Khatiyar (241)        PNB-DHAMELA         1546
                                       PNB-RAJA KA
174   HP   PNB   Harnota Khas (96)     TALAB               1056
175   HP   PNB   Ladhiar (46)          PNB-LUBH            1209
176   HP   PNB   Samkaher (4)          PNB-LUBH            1639
177   HP   PNB   Kardial (20)          PNB-LUBH            1065
178   HP   PNB   Dhan (23)             PNB-LUBH            1636
179   HP   PNB   Katora (467)          PNB-N-SWRIEN        1362
180   HP   PNB   Rihlu Khas (52)       PNB - SHAHPUR       1332
181   HP   PNB   Dughiari Khas (274)   PNB - GAGGAL        1197
182   HP   PNB   Baidi (275)           PNB - GAGGAL        1139
183   HP   PNB   Nagan Pat (316)       PNB-GAGGAL          1260
184   HP   PNB   Rakar (379)           PNB-SIDHPUR         1181
185   HP   PNB   Abdulla Pur (435)     PNB-KANGRA          1706
186   HP   PNB   Gagal Khas (414)      PNB-GAGRET          1356
187   HP   PNB   Kohala Uprehr (469)   PNB-KANGRA          1124
188   HP   PNB   Halehr Kalan (441)    PNB-KANGRA          1416
189   HP   PNB   Sunehr (589)          PNB-KANGRA          1257
190   HP   PNB   Mundla (588)          PNB-N-BAGWAN        1031
191   HP   PNB   Buner (529)           PNB-N-BAGWAN        1204
192   HP   PNB   Kawari (606)          PNB-N-BAGWAN        1153
193   HP   PNB   Ulharli (614)         PNB-N-BAGWAN        1175
194   HP   PNB   Ludret (464)          PNB- N SURIAN       1380
195   HP   PNB   Dhanotu Balla (149)   PNB-HAMIRPUR        1044
196   HP   PNB   Garh (171)            PNB-BANKHANDI       1491
197   HP   PNB   Har (173)             PNB-JWALAMUKHI      1065
198   HP   PNB   Dhanot (352)          PNB-ADDE DI HATTI   1015
199   HP   PNB   Muhal (647)           PNB- KATHOG         1436
200   HP   PNB   Rakh (23)             PNB- PURBA          1284
                                       PNB- ASC
201   HP   PNB   Menjha Buhla (62)     PALAMPUR            1256

202   HP   PNB   Bheth Jhikli (817)     PNB-PAPROLA     1455
203   HP   PNB   Khatrehr (824)         PNB-PAPROLA     1051
204   HP   PNB   Dhang (879)            PNB-PAPROLA     1808
205   HP   PNB   Sakri Khas (892)       PNB-MAHAKAAL    1033
206   HP   PNB   Dharehr (866)          PNB BAIJNATH    1071
207   HP   PNB   Sapni Khas (13/1)      PNB-KARCHAM     1078
208   HP   PNB   Pichlihar (29/64)      PNB-FOJJAL      1478
209   HP   PNB   Dobhi (28/61)          PNB FOJJAL      1911
210   HP   PNB   Sari (26/51)           PNB - KULLU     1753
211   HP   PNB   Malana (24/44)         PNB-JARI        1101
212   HP   PNB   Kalwari (4/12)         PNB-BANJAR      1409
213   HP   PNB   Tarangali (6/20)       PNB-BANJAR      1026
214   HP   PNB   Tandi (9/28)           PNB-BANJAR      1351
215   HP   PNB   Bihar (11/33)          PNB-BANJAR      1471
216   HP   PNB   Nore (15/43)           PNB-BAGHI PUL   1333
217   HP   PNB   Shili Kote (16/45)     PNB-NIRMAND     1918
218   HP   PNB   Shilhi-Himri (20/61)   PNB-NIRMAND     1226
219   HP   PNB   Tawar (19/55)          PNB-NIRMAND     1347
220   HP   PNB   Nishani (19/56)        PNB-NIRMAND     1047
221   HP   PNB   Kasholi (18/51)        PNB-NIRMAND     1018
222   HP   PNB   Bharyara (67)          PNB-CHAUNTRA    1061
223   HP   PNB   Chauki (140)           PNB-THONA       1010
224   HP   PNB   Shiwa (437)            PNB-PANDOH      1298
225   HP   PNB   Riur (122)             PNB-REWALSAR    1276
226   HP   PNB   Bushaihr (194)         PNB-NER CHOWK   1054
227   HP   PNB   Mandal (202)           PNB-NER CHOWK   1393
228   HP   PNB   Ratti (193)            PNB-NER CHOWK   1255
229   HP   PNB   Dadaur (225)           PNB-NER CHOWK   1119
230   HP   PNB   Mandar (236)           PNB-BAGGI       1307
231   HP   PNB   Dhaban (237)           PNB-BAGGI       1286
232   HP   PNB   Bhiarta (239)          PNB-BAGGI       1181
233   HP   PNB   Malahanu (274)         PNB-BAGGI       1120
234   HP   PNB   Rathoa (212)           PNB-BAGGI       1062
235   HP   PNB   Pali (518)             PNB-AUT         1092
236   HP   PNB   Kota Dhar (520)        PNB-AUT         1638
237   HP   PNB   Sanarli (415)          PNB-KARSOG      1162
238   HP   PNB   Sarahn (598)           PNB-KOTLU       1234
239   HP   PNB   Sawanh (142/1)         PNB Kumarsain   1026
240   HP   PNB   Kumhar Sain (99)       PNB Kumarsain   1347
241   HP   PNB   Pamlahi (12)           PNB Kumarsain   1034
242   HP   PNB   Parhech (63)           PNB G/hatti     1418
243   HP   PNB   Chaunri (144)          PNB G/hatti     1148
244   HP   PNB   Saryanj (312)          PNB Piplughat   1199
245   HP   PNB   Ratyor (71)            PNB Nand        1477

246   HP   PNB   Bhanglan (72)           PNB Dhabhota   1122
247   HP   PNB   Majra (97)              PNB Dhabhota   1280
248   HP   PNB   Bhatian (86)            PNB Nalagarh   1678
249   HP   PNB   Rajpura (128)           PNB Dhabhota   1718
250   HP   PNB   Ram Nagar               PNB AMB        1182
251   HP   PNB   Kanshi Pur              PNB AMB        1471
252   HP   PNB   Sanghanai (137)         PNB GANESI     1401
253   HP   PNB   Ambota (139)            PNB GANESI     1667
254   HP   PNB   Shiv Bari               PNB GAGRET     1026
255   HP   PNB   Kaloh (145)             PNB GAGRET     1478
256   HP   PNB   Baroh (147)             PNB GAGRET     1444
257   HP   PNB   Oyal (148)              PNB GAGRET     1642
258   HP   PNB   Loharli Nichli          PNB PANJAWAR   1134
259   HP   PNB   Badhera (169)           PNB PANJAWAR   1432
260   HP   PNB   Pratap Nagar            PNB AMB        1740
261   HP   PNB   Heera Nagar             PNB AMB        1074
262   HP   PNB   Adarsh Nagar            PNB AMB        1012
263   HP   PNB   Mairi Khas (56)         PNB JOWAR      1323
264   HP   PNB   Khud Khas (181)         PNB PANDOGA    1148
265   HP   PNB   Bheli Khud              PNB PANDOGA    1000
266   HP   PNB   Ispur Upperla           PNB PANDOGA    1026
267   HP   PNB   Ispur Tanda             PNB PANDOGA    1948
268   HP   PNB   Bhadsali Har            PNB SALOH      1147
269   HP   PNB   Bhadsali (197)          PNB SALOH      1188
270   HP   PNB   Tholian                 PNB SALOH      1124
271   HP   PNB   Kuriala (452)           PNB UNA        1267
272   HP   PNB   Vishna Nagar            PNB UNA        1169
273   HP   PNB   Thakar Dawara           PNB UNA        1204
274   HP   PNB   Kasba                   PNB UNA        1964
275   HP   PNB   Raisari Upperli (192)   PNB UNA        1657
276   HP   PNB   Jhalera (193)           PNB UNA        1505
277   HP   PNB   Lal Singhi (200)        PNB UNA        1784
278   HP   PNB   Bharolian Kalan (217)   PNB BEHDALA    1072
279   HP   PNB   Pekhu Bela              PNB UNA        1277
280   HP   PNB   Chaukhyal               PNB NANGRAN    1116
281   HP   PNB   Nangran Upperla (222)   PNB NANGRAN    1683
282   HP   PNB   Ban Garh (461)          PNB MEHATPUR   1956
283   HP   PNB   Jairi Mehatpur          PNB MEHATPUR   1190
284   HP   PNB   Bhatoli Upperli (231)   PNB MEHATPUR   1351
285   HP   PNB   Khanpur (226)           PNB NANGRAN    1138
286   HP   PNB   Majara (248)            SANTOKHGARH    1728
287   HP   PNB   Kangar (462)            PNB SALOH      1980
288   HP   PNB   Dharampur (463)         PNB SALOH      1889
289   HP   PNB   Saihnsowal (464)        PNB SALOH      1071

290   HP   PNB             Kutharbeet (524)         PNB KUNGRET         1781
291   HP   PNB,            Ghangret (8)             PNB, CHAMBI         1063
                           Mawa Kahola Upperli
292   HP   PNB,            (126)                    PNB, GANASI         1626
293   HP   PNB,            Amboa (125)              PNB, GANASI         1015
294   HP   PNB,            Nangal Jariyalan (129)   PNB, GANASI         1160
295   HP   PNB,            Deoli Jamwalan           PNB, GANASI         1069
296   HP   PNB,            Deoli Minahasan (136)    PNB, GANASI         1070
297   HP   PNB/PSB         Khas Khalet (263)        PALAMPUR            1257
298   HP   PNB/PSB         Lohna (224)              PALAMPUR            1689
299   HP   PNB/SBI/HPSCB   Tikri Musehra (54)       CHAUNTRA            1346
300   HP   PNB/SBI/HPSCB   Pasal (6)                PNB/SBI/HPSCB       1117
301   HP   PNB/SBI/UCO     Dhelu (65)               PNB/SBI/UCO - JNR   1339
302   HP   PNB/UCO         Manali (21/26)           PNB/UCO MANALI      1800
303   HP   PSB             Bhanjal (134)            PSB MUBARKPUR       1283
304   HP   PSB             Andora Nichla            PSB AMB             1596
305   HP   PSB             Andora Upperla (144)     PSB AMB             1958
306   HP   PSB             Kuthera (85)             PSB AMB             1900
307   HP   PSB/PNB         Dadh Jhikla (12)         PALAMPUR            1302
308   HP   SBI             Panol (456)              SBI-AUHUR           1272
309   HP   SBI             Naghiar (6)              SBI-TALAI           1597
310   HP   SBI             Samoh (199)              SBI-AUHUR           1752
311   HP   SBI             Delag (155)              SBI-KANDROR         1218
312   HP   SBI             Sirha (184)              SBI-BILASPUR        1099
313   HP   SBI             Bandla (194)             SBI-BILASPUR        1257
314   HP   SBI             Maura (102)              SBI - SALOONI       1217
315   HP   SBI             Khanora (269)            SBI-SOMOT           1095
316   HP   SBI             Jasur (277)              SBI-SIHUNTA         1026
317   HP   SBI             Garnota (293)            SBI-SIHUNTA         1116
318   HP   SBI             Motla (316)              SBI-SIHUNTA         1020
319   HP   SBI             Dulahar (265)            SBI-CHAMBA          1018
320   HP   SBI             Udaipur Khas (16)        SBI-PAREL           1730
321   HP   SBI             Rinda (22)               SBI-PAREL           1017
322   HP   SBI             Chari (63)               SBI-MEHLA           1049
323   HP   SBI             Phagri (65)              SBI-MEHLA           1117
324   HP   SBI             Jangi (160)              SBI-MEHLA           1016
325   HP   SBI             Anu Kalan (47/28)        SBI HAMIRPUR        1485
326   HP   SBI             Jajri (34/47)            SBI-CHAKMOH         1737
327   HP   SBI             Bhalun (50)              SBI - KOTLA         1064
328   HP   SBI             Baduhi (54)              SBI- JASSUR         1534
329   HP   SBI             Khani Jhikli (56)        SBI- JASSUR         1185
330   HP   SBI             Tikri (13)               SBI-BHRMER          1179

331   HP   SBI   Tahara (417)           SBI-GANGATH       1131
332   HP   SBI   Kandor (337)           SBI-KANDOR        1661
333   HP   SBI   Katlahar (313)         SBI-BHRMER        1093
334   HP   SBI   Surajpur Uperla (13)   SBI-DAMTAL        1318
335   HP   SBI   Surajpur Jhikla (14)   SBI-DAMTAL        1370
336   HP   SBI   Barot (71)             SBI- FATAHPUR     1480
337   HP   SBI   Hara (99)              SBI - GANGATH     1791
338   HP   SBI   Khairian (41)          SBI- SEONI        1794
339   HP   SBI   Amlela Khas (481)      SBI- GHARJAROT    1674
340   HP   SBI   Saknara (472)          SBI- N - SWRIEN   1293
341   HP   SBI   Spail (483)            SBI-N SWRIEN      1003
342   HP   SBI   Balah (219)            SBI-JWALI         1560
343   HP   SBI   Dargela (66)           SBI - RIAT        1643
                                        SBI KUTCHERI-
344   HP   SBI   Panjlehr (357)         D/SALA            1179
345   HP   SBI   Thehr (375)            SBI - RIAT        1718
346   HP   SBI   Karah Pura (530)       SBI-YOL           1016
347   HP   SBI   Kalaid Khas (460)      SBI-YOL           1084
348   HP   SBI   Hatwas Khas (619)      SBI-GHORAV        1103
349   HP   SBI   Gathutar (459)         SBI NANDPUR       1148
350   HP   SBI   Guler (457)            SBI NANDPUR       1567
                 Bhatoli Phakorian
351   HP   SBI   (454)                  SBI-BHATOLI       1206
352   HP   SBI   Ram Nagar (111)        CHOWK             1002
353   HP   SBI   Ghiyori (151)          SBI-BADALTHORI    1867
354   HP   SBI   Darang (376)           SBI-JAWALIMUKHI   1037
355   HP   SBI   Kachhal Jagian (923)   SBI-JAISINGHPUR   1155
356   HP   SBI   Banuri (229)           SBI-ALHILAL       1098
357   HP   SBI   Majheran Khas (779)    SBI-PANCHRUKHI    1198
358   HP   SBI   Dawara (22/34)         SBI KATRAIN       1337
359   HP   SBI   Bhullang (35/86)       SBI-BHUNTAR       1576
360   HP   SBI   Neol (35/88)           SBI-BHUNTAR       1870
361   HP   SBI   Hat (36/90)            SBI-BHUNTAR       1896
362   HP   SBI   Rote-I (42/107)        SBI-SAINJ         1885
363   HP   SBI   Kanon (1/3)            SBI - SAINJ       1297
364   HP   SBI   Dhaugi (1/4)           SBI - SAINJ       1848
365   HP   SBI   Dusharh (2/5)          SBI - SAINJ       1269
366   HP   SBI   Manyashi (2/6)         SBI - SAINJ       1043
367   HP   SBI   Sachen (2/7)           SBI - SAINJ       1544
368   HP   SBI   D.P.F. Dhawal (236)    SBI-SLAPPAR       1158
369   HP   SBI   Bhatwara (245)         SBI-SLAPPAR       1008
370   HP   SBI   Bhangrotu (221)        SBI-NER CHOWK     1422
371   HP   SBI   Ghanduri (132)         SBI               1284
372   HP   SBI   Bhawai (142)           SBI               1859

373   HP   SBI           Bir Bikramabad (145)    SBI            1264
                         Ambwala Sainwala
374   HP   SBI           (120)                   SBI
375   HP   SBI           Bharapur (157)          SBI            1196
376   HP   SBI           Rampur Majari (156)     SBI            1666
377   HP   SBI           Rampur Banjaran (154)   SBI            1027
378   HP   SBI           Palhori (169)           SBI            1362
379   HP   SBI           Tokion (152)            SBI            1370
380   HP   SBI           Byas (142)              SBI            1009
                         Puruwala Kanshipur
381   HP   SBI           (139)                   SBI
                         Kiratpur Bhagwanpur
382   HP   SBI           (140)                   SBI
                         Muglawala Kartarpur
383   HP   SBI           (90)                    SBI
384   HP   SBI           Danda (32)              SBI            1645
385   HP   SBI           Amboa (33)              SBI            1450
386   HP   SBI           Nagheta (43)            SBI            1156
387   HP   SBI           Tatyana (219)           SBI            1720
388   HP   SBI           Pab Bokala (241)        SBI            1002
                         Kandon Cheyawag
389   HP   SBI           (250)                   SBI
390   HP   SBI           Baonda (59)             SBI Sarahan    1734
391   HP   SBI           Kalai (60)              SBI Sarahan    1361
392   HP   SBI           Ranwin (58)             SBI Sarahan    1067
393   HP   SBI           Parali (53)             SBI Jubal      1257
                                                 SBI GONDPUR
394   HP   SBI           Nakroh (132)            BANKERA        1295
395   HP   SBI           Kalruhi (141)           SBI AMB        1104
396   HP   SBI           Dhamandri (444)         SBI BASAL      1278
397   HP   SBI           Sasan (221)             SBI MEHATPUR   1185
                                                 SBI/ADB -
398   HP   SBI/ADB       Mahadev (55)            PALAMPUR       1097
                                                 SBI/ADB -
399   HP   SBI/ADB       Tanda (261)             PALAMPUR       1776
                                                 SBI/ADB -
400   HP   SBI/ADB       Samula Khas (60)        PALAMPUR       1838
                                                 SBI/ADB -
401   HP   SBI/ADB       Saloh (202)             PALAMPUR       1700
                                                 SBI/ADB -
402   HP   SBI/ADB       Biara (752)             PALAMPUR       1141
                                                 SBI/ADB -
403   HP   SBI/ADB       Tanda Parla (257)       PALAMPUR       1379
                                                 SBI/ADB -
404   HP   SBI/ADB       Bharmat Uparli (228)    PALAMPUR       1245
                                                 SBI/ADB -
405   HP   SBI/ADB       Tarehal (758)           PALAMPUR       1582
406   HP   SBI/UCO/HGB   Garoru (339)            SBI/UCO/HGB    1735
407   HP   SBOP          Taraun (274)            SBOP-BHARARI   1327
408   HP   SBOP          Bhapral (317)           SBOP-BHARARI   1264

409   HP   SBOP   Chamboh (43/86)         SBOP- AWAHA DEVI   1553
410   HP   SBOP   Palahri (147)           SBOP-LADORI        1008
411   HP   SBOP   Sheikhupura (26)        SBOP-KANDRORI      1811
412   HP   SBOP   Dah (23)                SBOP-KANDRORI      1044
413   HP   SBOP   Uprer (359)             SBOP-D /SHALA      1920
414   HP   SBOP   Ghana (423)             SBOP-SIDH DARI     1057
415   HP   SBOP   Baghni (390)            SBOP-SIDHPUR       1281
416   HP   SBOP   Darati (41)             SBOP-PALAMPUR      1385
417   HP   SBOP   Badgran (22/37)         SBOP PATLIKUHAL    1631
418   HP   SBOP   Jandor (26/54)          SBOP- KULLU        1922
419   HP   SBOP   Pekhri (13/36)          SBOP-GUSHIANI      1338
420   HP   SBOP   Chippni (14/38)         SBOP-GUSHIANI      1875
421   HP   SBOP   Shilhi (12/35)          SBOP-GUSHIANI      1045
422   HP   SBOP   Mashyar (14/39)         SBOP-GUSHIANI      1441
423   HP   SBOP   Kalaihad (27)           SBOP- SNR          1577
424   HP   SBOP   Bijan (368)             SBOP-MANDI         1044
425   HP   SBOP   Bhiuli (371)            SBOP-MANDI         1378
426   HP   SBOP   Majhethal (226)         SBOP-NER CHOWK     1252
427   HP   SBOP   Sakra (137)             SBOP-TATAPANI      1214
428   HP   SBOP   Chokkar (6)             SBOP               1103
429   HP   SBOP   Bhatanwali (129)        SBOP               1623
430   HP   SBOP   Kishan Pura (128)       SBOP               1239
431   HP   SBOP   Bhuppur (118)           SBOP               1412
432   HP   SBOP   Gojar Arian (53)        SBOP               1044
433   HP   SBOP   Kota (211)              SBOP               1422
434   HP   SBOP   Milla Magnal (192)      SBOP               1700
435   HP   SBOP   Koti Utrou (221)        SBOP               1037
436   HP   SBOP   Ashyari (220)           SBOP               1434
437   HP   SBOP   Borar (177)             SBOP               1316
438   HP   SBOP   Naina (185)             SBOP               1266
439   HP   SBOP   Rasat (187)             SBOP               1850
440   HP   SBOP   Loja Manal (188)        SBOP               1010
441   HP   SBOP   Nao Panjaur (190)       SBOP               1166
442   HP   SBOP   Halan (189)             SBOP               1114
443   HP   SBOP   Jhakandon (182)         SBOP               1732
444   HP   SBOP   Man (439)               SBOP Kunihar       1084
445   HP   SBOP   Bikrampur (451)         SBOP Dumaher       1781
446   HP   SBOP   Hat Kot (467)           SBOP Kunihar       1781
447   HP   SBOP   Uncha Gaon (468)        SBOP Kunihar       1097
448   HP   SBOP   Dattowal (137)          SBOP Nalagarh      1288
449   HP   SBOP   Khera Nihla (150)       SBOP Nalagarh      1548
450   HP   SBOP   Kishan Pura (163)       SBOP Nalagarh      1896
451   HP   SBOP   Bhud (188)              SBOP Manpura       1319
452   HP   SBOP   Haripur Sandoli (206)   SBOP Baddi         1868

453   HP   SBOP   Makhnu Majra (190)      SBOP Nalagarh    1086
454   HP   SBOP   Gularwala (194)         SBOP Baddi       1175
455   HP   SBOP   Jhar Majri (215)        SBOP Baddi       1298
456   HP   SBOP   Kunjahal (216)          SBOP Baddi       1553
457   HP   SBOP   Tipra (195)             SBOP Kasauli     1003
458   HP   SBOP   Dhar Ki Ber (763)       SBOP Dharampur   1790
459   HP   SBOP   Marwari (2)             SBOP DAULATPUR   1514
460   HP   SBOP   Prithipur Upperla       SBOP DAULATPUR   1262
461   HP   SBOP   Bhadar Kali (123)       SBOP DAULATPUR   1834
462   HP   SBOP   Dangoh Khas             SBOP DAULATPUR   1955
463   HP   SBOP   Babehar (118)           SBOP DAULATPUR   1012
464   HP   SBOP   Chalet Upperla (124)    SBOP DAULATPUR   1425
465   HP   SBOP   Chalet Nichla           SBOP DAULATPUR   1432
                  Kuthera Jamwala
466   HP   SBOP   Nichla                  SBOP GAGRET      1360
467   HP   SBOP   Kotla Kalan Nichla      SBOP UNA         1346
                  Kotla Kalan Upperla
468   HP   SBOP   (204)                   SBOP UNA         1435
469   HP   SBOP   Ajnoli (203)            SBOP UNA         1174
470   HP   SBOP   Dangoli (202)           SBOP UNA         1664
471   HP   UBI    Bastori (26/52)         UBI - KULLU      1459
                  Charatgarh Upperla
472   HP   UBI    (225)                   UBI MEHATPUR     1588
473   HP   UBI    Raipur Nichla           UBI MEHATPUR     1386
474   HP   UCO    Kothi (424)             UCO-GUMARWIN     1292
475   HP   UCO    Chhat (236)             UCO-BERTHIN      1715
476   HP   UCO    Sandyar (234)           UCO-BERTHIN      1887
477   HP   UCO    Bari Majherwan (405)    UCO-GHUMARWIN    1203
478   HP   UCO    Sunhani (207)           UCO-BERTHIN      1866
479   HP   UCO    Badgaon (212)           UCO-BERTHIN      1585
480   HP   UCO    Behran (121)            UCO-JHANDUTTA    1750
481   HP   UCO    Jangla (184)            UCO-GHERWIN      1043
482   HP   UCO    Baihna Jatan (180)      UCO-BILASPUR     1265
483   HP   UCO    Dharot (348)            UCO-BASSI        1037
484   HP   UCO    Deoli (108)             UCO-BERI         1280
485   HP   UCO    Siyohla (35)            UCO-JUKHALA      1019
486   HP   UCO    Niharkhan Basla (32)    UCO-JUKHALA      1106
487   HP   UCO    Utpur (62/21)           UCO - UHAL       1042
488   HP   UCO    Dungri (44/83)          UCO - BHORANJ    1048
                                          UCO - TIBETAN
489   HP   UCO    Sokani Da Kot (377)     LIBRARY          1368
490   HP   UCO    Majhetli Uperli (641)   UCO-MALAN        1127
491   HP   UCO    Moien (134)             UCO GARLI        1134
492   HP   UCO    Yangpa (30/6)           UCO -KATGAON     1222
493   HP   UCO    Dharmaling (91/1)       UCO-TAPRI        1066
494   HP   UCO    Punang Khas (90/1)      UCO-TAPRI        1006

495   HP   UCO   Bandrol (27/56)          UCO- RAISION     1168
496   HP   UCO   Ranphua Jabrog (150)     UCO              1051
497   HP   UCO   Dhar Taran (204)         UCO              1289
498   HP   UCO   Barwas (23)              UCO              1117
499   HP   UCO   Kuhant (225)             UCO              1450
500   HP   UCO   Bandli (232)             UCO              1553
501   HP   UCO   Shiri Kyari (226)        UCO              1300
502   HP   UCO   Bela (233)               UCO              1214
503   HP   UCO   Bali Koti (236)          UCO              1696
504   HP   UCO   Khaneri (106)            UCO RAMPUR       1038
505   HP   UCO   Ladsa (128)              UCO RAMPUR       1448
506   HP   UCO   Dhenda (5/80)            UCO Chakkar      1302
507   HP   UCO   Piran (183)              UCO Junga        1053
508   HP   UCO   Charauli (149)           UCO Nerwa        1524
509   HP   UCO   Hira (148)               UCO Nerwa        1252
510   HP   UCO   Manjholi (159)           UCO Kupvi        1195
511   HP   UCO   Up Mahal Nerua (89/1)    UCO Kupvi        1469
512   HP   UCO   Araihla (13)             UCO Baghi        1056
513   HP   UCO   Arhal (74/1)             UCO Rohru        1017
514   HP   UCO   Sunda Bhoura (41)        UCO Chirgaon     1500
515   HP   UCO   Thali Jangla (13)        UCO Jangla       1093
516   HP   UCO   Khasha Dhar (120)        UCO Chirgaon     1210
517   HP   Uco   Kanswala (201)           Uco Darlaghat    1308
518   HP   Uco   Rauri (200)              Uco Darlaghat    1175
519   HP   UCO   Karsoli (4)              UCO Jogon        1178
520   HP   UCO   Baglehr (50)             UCO Jogon        1102
521   HP   UCO   Dhang Nichli (90)        UCO Manjholi     1017
522   HP   UCO   Sanerh (84)              UCO Ramshehr     1033
523   HP   UCO   Mandhala (190)           UCO Barotiwala   1425
524   HP   UCO   Siri Nagar (441/1)       UCO Kandaghat    1874
525   HP   UCO   Chatehar Buhal           UCO THATHAL      1060
526   HP   UCO   Kathiari (158)           UCO THATHAL      1514
527   HP   UCO   Nandpur (163)            UCO THATHAL      1248
528   HP   UCO   Ladoli (155)             UCO THATHAL      1130
                 Goindpur Tarf Bula
529   HP   UCO   (529)                    UCO DULEHAR      1312
                 Goindpur Tarf Jaichand
530   HP   UCO   (530)                    UCO DULEHAR      1178
                 Singa Urf Sur Kalan
531   HP   UCO   (531)                    UCO DULEHAR      1942
532   HP   UCO   Deothi Majhgaon (5)                       1196

                                           ANNEXURE II (A)

                                SCOPE OF SERVICES TO BE OFFERED

1.      The Service Provider will provide the following services.

        (a) Business Correspondent (BC) activities:

a. Enrollment of customers, including collection of biometric and other details, provide card(ID Card,
Debit Card, Credit Card), PIN

b. Provide transaction facility
                     (I) Deposit of money in an account with any bank
                     (ii) Withdrawal of money from an account with any bank
                     (iii) Remittances from an account with a bank to an account with the same or any
                           other bank
                     (iv) Balance Enquiry and issue Receipts/ Statement of Accounts.
c. Disbursal of credit facilities to borrowers involving small amounts strictly as per the instructions of
the Bank.

        (b) Other activities:

            a. Identification of borrowers and classification of activities as per their requirements.
            b. Collection and prima facie scrutiny of loan applications including verification of
               primary data.
            c. Creating awareness about savings and other products offered by the Bank and
               education and advice on managing money & debt counseling.
            d. Preliminary scrutiny of data and submission of applications to the Bank for its review.
            e. Promotion, nurturing, monitoring and handholding of Self Help Groups and/or Joint
               Liability Groups and/or Credit Groups and others.
            f. Facilitating the repayment of dues owed to the Bank by its customers/guarantors.
            g. Sale of third party financial products

2.      The above services are in respect of the following.

        (a) To be offered at the CSP (BC activity):

            a.   No Frills Savings Bank accounts
            b.   Recurring Deposit Accounts
            c.   Remittances
            d.   Fixed Deposit
            e.   Overdraft/Retail loans
            f.   KCC/GCC
            g.   Third party financial products

        (b) Sourced for the bran ch (as permitted by RBI in Business Facilitator guidelines)

                 Some of the products are:

            a.   Loans against TDR/NSC/ KVP etc.
            b.   Gold Loans
            c.   General purpose Credit card (GCC)
            d.   Kissan Credit Card (KCC)
            e.   Current Account
            f.   Savings Bank account (other than No Frills Account)

           g.   Term Deposits
           h.   Recurring Deposits
           i.   Mutual funds on a referral basis
           j.   Insurance (Life and Non-Life), Pension and any other third party financial product

(c) Subject to meeting the eligibility criteria mandated by RBI, the BC/BCA shall be engaged as
Recovery Agent and separate agreement( s) may be signed by each bank with SP/BCA.

3. Cash Management: Banks will not be responsible for any cash management at the CSP. The
SP/BCA may, however, apply for an overdraft facility from Banks on the usual commercial terms and
conditions and the Banks shall have the discretion to sanction or reject the same.

4. The above scope of services would be subject to revision from time to time with mutual consent
and depending on the need of the banks.

                                           ANNEXURE II (B)


A. Logistics at the BC / C SP outlets -

    a. Display of signage as approved by the Bank.
    b. Display of BC certificate as an authorized Bank s BC.
    c. ID card for BC and BCA to be issued by the Bank and BC respectively.
    d. Ensure availability of required Stationery Account opening forms, loan application forms,
       check lists, publicity materials / pamphlets / job cards for banking products.
    e. Display of Phone numbers of Help line, Bank officials (link Branch / Channel
       Manager/Regional Office)
    f. Maintenance of Registers:
             ü Records of customers enrolled;
             ü Account opening forms sent to link branch;
             ü Account opening forms pending to be sent;
             ü Customer contact register;
             ü Applications received and disposals register; and,
             ü Visitors/Bank officials visit register.
    g. Name of grievance redressal official and contact no to be displayed.
    h. Ensure provision like box, almirah for safe upkeep of finger print scanner / device etc and
       other stationery registers.
    i. List of Do s and Don ts for customers to be displayed.

B. Image building and trust -

    a.    BCs to create awareness about the channel among the public.
    b.    BCs to market the banking products and a pull for the customers.
    c.    BCs to do due diligence for CSP selection.
    d.    Arrange mass enrollments to reduce cost.
    e.    Arrange for training of CSPs.

C. Technical Requirement -
    a. Safe upkeep of frontend device viz. PoT / PoS, Mobile, PC Kiosk.
    b. Keeping the device battery charged / in ready mode for providing services.
    c. Maintaining help line number of technology / device provider.
    d. Downloading the updated versions of the frontend applications.
    e. Uploading the transactions on daily basis.
    f. Downloading the card summary / account balances on the device as per the process which
       may differ channel to channel.
    g. Keeping the PIN / CSP cards secret to obviate any possibility of unauthorized use of the
       technology device.
D. Operational Requiremen t
    a. Approval from the Bank for establishing a CSP outlet at any centre.
    b. Account opening form filling up and collection of required KYC documents / photograph of the
    c. Enrollment of the customer as per the process approved by bank.
    d. Digitization of customer details within 2 days of customer enrollment and transmission of data
       to the bank.
    e. Sending account opening forms to the link branches.
    f. Coordinating with link branches for expedite verification and upload of customer data in CBS
       for account creation.
    g. Distribution/delivery of card / CBS account number to the customers after account creation in
       bank s CBS.
    h. Arranging removal of objections raised by the link branches in account creation.
    i. Maintaining secrecy about customer account information.

   j.  Maintenance of sufficient balance in the BC settlement account to support customer
       transactions and fund settlement with the bank.
    k. Expedite increase of BCA electronic limits to ensure continuity in customer services.
    l. Arrange for availability of sufficient cash at CSP outlets.
    m. BCs will ensure replenishing / collection of surplus cash from the CSP outlets.
    n. BCs will ensure to regul ar payment of remunerations to the CSPs.
    o. BCs will ensure availability of consumables like printing paper etc at the CSP outlets.
    p. BC will arrange for reconciliation of customer account balances with the bank.
    q. BCs to ensure issuance of PoS / technology device generated receipt to the customers on
       successful transaction.
    r. To define dispute resolution mechanism
    s. Forwarding any feedback / complaint received from the customers to the bank.
    t. Risk mitigation process in operations
    u. Arranging insurance for cash and devices at the CSP outlets.
    v. In case of temporary / permanent termination of CSP at any outlet, BC to make alternate
       arrangement to ensure continuity of banking services to the customers.
E. Legal Requirement
    a. Persons / BCAs engaged by BC shall not be the employees of the bank and the bank shall
       not be responsible in any manner for payment of wage remuneration nor payment for PF,
       EPF due to such persons.
    b. BCs will have to enter into an agreement with the bank.

                                                  Annexure III (A)

                                            TECHNOLOGY SERVICES


a) The Technology will include providing and maintaining devices (laptop computers, hand-held
   devices, mobile phones, etc.)

b) Devices should have capability to connect directly to Bank s system in the mandated standard

c) For customer enrollment, including biometric capturing, devices must support ISO templates
   generation and verifications as per standards mentioned at technical specification in Para 8

d) Devices must have capability for making transactions, using Bank s central biometric
   authentication/any other central authentication system, through switch of National Payment
   Corporation of India (NPCI) or any other agency approved by the Banks.

2. The solution should

            a. Conform to open standards.
            b. Provide multichannel support (Biometric POS, Internet operated devices, Mobile,
            c. Have standard interface capabilities (standards like ISO, XML, web services).
            d. Multiple backend systems interfacing capabilities.
            e. Be on open architecture i.e. multiple OS and hardware supported, i.e. Windows/
                Linux/Unix; Database Oracle/My SQL
            f. Be capable of supporting transactions in on line mode with CBS systems of the
            g. Have necessary software, with common Key Management System(KMS) one or
                multiple banks to support minimum of following banking products
                     i. cash in /cash out
                     ii. Basic Saving Bank Account with built in Overdraft
                     iii. Recurring Deposit/Fixed Deposit Account
                     iv. Remittance Module
                     v. Credit module
                     vi. KCC /GCC
                     vii. Overdraft
                   viii. Retail Loans
3. The front end devices should support magnetic stripe cards and non card operations with central
biometric authentication. The cards would be issued by the respective banks.

4. The SP shall arrange for Printing, Supply, personalization and delivery of Smart Cards or any other
identify card as per the requirement of each bank to the customer if required.

5. The Service Provider shall also provide direct connectivity between the PoS device and Bank
Server. Customer account, including biometric details, shall reside on CBS server of the Bank and not
at the backend of the SP.

6. Provide central platform for digitization of data for account opening by the BCA.

7. Solution should provide facility of

             a) Business Correspondent /Agent Maintenance
             b) Biometric authentication for agent and customer
             c) Audit trail of all administrative/ transactional activities

            d) POS/ other terminal authentication
            e) Role based access - Service level restriction for agents Centralized financial
               parameters (or limits) maintenance.
            f) Centralized non-financial parameters maintenance.
            g) BCA limit management
            h) Online transaction posting
            i) Voice acknowledgement in various languages for the customer ( if Delivery Channel
               can play it)
            j) Capability to levy variable /fixed , different types charges on the customer
               transactions on the basis of customer type, transaction type, geographies, general or
               restricted manner, various plans of charges.
            k) Log of all transactions.
            l) Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) mode of communication.
            m) Report of all transactions processed during the day (filtered by BC, user and date).
            n) Scalability.
            o) Holding the entire customer profile, user profile, access rights, authentication
               methods, rules etc.
            p) Centralized application management
            q) Customized MIS as per banks requirement

8. Technical Specifications: The technology should be compatible with UIDAI Standards on Micro
ATM/biometric and support inter-bank interoperability through NPCI switch. The Indian Bank s
Association (IBA) and Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology (IDRBT) have
come up with Open Standards for Smart Card Based Solutions for Financial Inclusion (hereinafter
called The Standards ). The version 1.2 of The Standards have been published and are available on
the internet at & The technology solution proposed by the technology
service provider must meet the standards as mentioned above.

        Technology should also meet standards defined by NPCI/ IBA/ any other agency acceptable
to the Banks, for interoperable transactions between the Banks based on Bank level authentication
other than UIDAI.

The Service Provider should upgrade the technology, at its own cost, to meet the standards as may
be set by IBA and/or IDRBT or RBI in future.

        The scope of services may be expanded by individual banks at mutually agreed terms and

Every bank shall have its own intermediary server / middleware and the service provider shall have to
integrate their devices with the intermediary server / middleware of the bank in such a way that the
authentications / transactions emanating from the front end devices directly hit the bank s
intermediary server / middleware on real time basis.

In case a Bank has a technology solution, service provider / agents may use the same for delivery of
service using front end devices as per technology solution. Bank and service provider will have to
enter a separate agreement for use of the technology and fee for technology payable by service
provider to the Bank will be decided with mutual consent. Devices should be able to use application
software provided by the Bank or service providers own applications meeting all standards as
mentioned in the document. Front end Devices will be supplied and maintained by the service
providers at their cost.

                                          ANNEXURE III (B)



This section applies to the Technology Based Financial Services to be rendered by the Service
Provider to Public Sector Banks comprising the following

2. The business correspondents may use any or all the undernoted frontend device based on the
technology channel opted by them in view of type of level / type of connectivity available in the area of
operation of the BC / BCA.

    i. Biometric PoS device in combination with Smart / Plain Plastic Card
    ii. Internet operated device, printer and FP capturing machine.
    iii. Mobile device with biometric identification.

The obligations of the technology service provider under this agreement are

Biometric PoS/ Mobile based / Internet operated-

SP shall make available a set of equipment for carrying out transactions at the PoS/ mobile/internet
enabled device by the BCA at the direction of the Bank. It would be the responsibility of SP to keep
the equipment in working order ensuring an overall uptime of 98% on a quarterly basis (Taking into
consideration the uptime of all equipment in the field) and an uptime of 95% on a quarterly basis for
individual sets of equipment in the field. To attain this uptime, SP would store adequate number of
spares at convenient Nodal Points and arrange to replace and make operational the set within 4-12
working hours from the time of reporting depending upon the distance of the CSP outlet location from
the Nodal Point. SP, however, shall not be responsible for the apparent non-functioning of the
equipment due to non-availability of connectivity.

Incident Management -

SP shall provide a 12x7 help desk with adequate numbers of phone lines for incident management.
On finding an equipment to be not functioning, the BCA would advise on the pre-designated number
of help desk regarding the same. SP Help Desk representative would then issue a ticket number to
the BCA which he will quote in all subsequent communications till resolution of the issue. The
defective part of the equipment would be replaced by a representative of the SP under a sign off from
the equipment operator.

Maintenance and Support

 At the time of operationalizing the PoS/ technology channel, training is to be provided to the
Operators clearly delineating the Do's and Don ts and Best Practices for maintaining the equipment. It
would be the responsibility of the SP to ensure that the equipment is handled carefully. However, SP
would provide 12x7 active Help Desk facilities for reporting of all such field incidents. For the passive
hours there would be a facility to log the call on an IVR. However, the time for turnaround would be
counted from the time the Help Desk becomes active next time.

Software Management

In order to provide more and better service, the Banks may require an upgrade in the software.
However, all newer versions of software for the frontend device should be released with the prior
permission of the Bank. These releases would be informed to the Headquarters of the SP through
release notes for further dissemination to the BCAs. The Bank shall prepare, in consultation with the
BC, a schedule for upgrade on the field and the BC would be obliged to ensure download and
installation the new version at each CSP outlet connected to that Bank. BC helpdesk would be
available to assist in the scheduled implementation and overseeing of the upgrade.


The BC would maintain sufficient inventory of Consumabl es at each district headquarters in the State.

Centralized Monitoring

BC would have a dedicated team of minimum two resources who would be monitoring the uptime,
problem resolution and consumable requirements of all the BCAs.

Help Desk

              BC will set up a Help Desk on its own or through its Technology Service Provider. All the
              BCAs would register their requirements and problems between 8 am and 8 pm everyday
              (including Sundays and Holidays). Helpdesk would register the request and issue a
              ticket. The Helpdesk would also provide a timeline in which the problems would be
              attended to. All problems reported should be resolved within 24 hours of reporting.

MIS reports

SERVICE PROVIDER should provide reports as desi red by the bank concerned.


                                              FIXED CHARGES

Fixed Charges to be paid to the Service P rovider

       For the activities mentioned in Column 1 below, Service Provider will be paid remuneration at
       the following rates.

       Activity                                            Remuneration

       Customer mobilization (for BC activities)

       Savings Bank Account opening                        Rs. 20per account

       Recurring Deposit account opening                   Rs. 5 per account

       Fixed Deposit                                       Rs. 5 per account

       Overdraft/Retail Loans/KCC/GCC                      0.5% of loan amount sanctioned subject to a
                                                           minimum of Rs. 25 and maximum of Rs. 5,000
       3 Party financial products like Insurance           25% of the commission bank earns
       (Life and Non-Life), Pension etc. (subject
       to regulatory approvals and the product
       not being sold by the bank)

       SHG and JLG

       For formation and promotion including               Not exceeding Rs. 1,000 per SHG/ JLG
       credit linkage                                      formed and credit linked with the Bank in
                                                           stages as under.

       For stationary and overhead expenses                Rs. 300
       after saving linkage of SHG

       4 months after saving linkage of SHG                Rs. 300

       Immediately after credit linkage of SHG             Rs. 400

       Non cash transactions

       Remittance/Fund transfer                            Rs. 10 per transaction

       Balance Enquiry                                     Nil

       Follow up and Recovery (subject to meeting regulatory requirements)

       Repayments in standard assets (payment              Term Loans: 0.5% of amount recovered
       will be effected only if the account remains
       standard )                                          Cash Credit/Overdraft:     1%    of   interest

       Recovery of NPAs                                    Substandard: 1% of amount recovered

       (Subject    to   meeting regulatory                 Doubtful: 2% of amount rec overed
       requirements, the SP/BCA will be

       responsible for recovery of all NPAs in the            Loss & Written off: 10% of amount rec overed.
       area of operation, both sourced by the
       BCA as well as others The banks will
       appoint the SP/BCAs as recovery agent
       strictly as per the guidelines of RBI).

There will be an increase of 10% in the above remuneration after 3 years. In case the contract is
extended beyond five years from the date of signing in terms of Para 3 of the RFP, the fixed charges
would be increased by another 10% over the level prevailing at the end of five years.

In addition to these charges, the Service Provider will be paid fixed charges @ Rs.2, 500 per month
for each outlet for a period of six months from the date of activation of each outlet. The date of
activation would be the date of first transaction. The fixed charges will be paid subject to the condition
that the BCA records at least 25 transactions (enrolment of new accounts or transactions in existing
accounts) during each month.

List of services and Products offered by the Banks may be added from time to time with mutual

Cap on Business/Commission: Reserve Bank has expressly prohibited sourcing of Bulk deposits,
NRE/NRO FCNRB deposits, and deposits from Public Sector Companies/Government Departments
by this channel.

                                           ANNEXURE V


I. Entities eligible to be appointed as Business Correspondents/BCAs:

         The Service Provider would be required to appoint from among the following as the Business
Correspondent/BCA. This list would be revised from time to time based on Reserve Bank of India

       1. NGOs/MFIs set up under Societies/ Trust Acts

       2. Cooperative Societies registered under Mutually Aided Cooperative Societies Acts or the
       Cooperative Acts of States/ Multi State Cooperative Societies Act.

       3. Section 25 companies.

       4. Post Offices.

       5. Retired Bank employees

       6. Ex-Service men.

       7. Retired Govt. Employees.

       8. Individual owners of kirana/ medical/fair price shop owners.

       9. Individual Public Call Office (PCO) operators.

       10. Agents of small savings schemes of Government of India/ Insurance Companies

       11. Individual who own petrol pumps.

       12. Retired teachers.

       13. Authorized functionaries of well-run Self Help Groups (SHGs) linked to banks.

       14. Individual members of Farmer s Clubs.

       15. Individual operators of Rural Multipurpose kiosks/ Village Knowledge Centers

       16. Individuals/ proprietors/ owners who manage Agri. Clinics/ Agri Business Centers.

       17. Retired Post Masters.

       18. Individuals such as auto dealers, tractor dealers and FMCG stockists.

       19. Insurance agents including of private insurance companies (IRDA certified) and postal

       20. Individuals operating Common Services Centers (CSCs) established by Service Centre
       Agencies (SCAs) under the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP).

       21. Any other individual considered suitable by the banks.

       22. Companies registered under the Indian Companies Act 1956 with large and wide spread
       retail outlets, excluding Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs).

       23. Identified Business Correspondent s and BCAs should not have been defaulters to any
       financial institution.

       24. Identified Business Correspondents should not have been blacklisted by any bank in the
       last two years for deficiency of service.

II.     While appointing Business         Correspondent Agents          (BCAs),    following   general
guidelines should be followed by BC:

       i.     It is better to appoint an existing entrepreneur as BCA so that it is an additional
       income to him/her. This will improve the viability of BCA.

       ii.     While approving location of CSP, the place should be such that it is easily accessible
       and be preferably the place of weekly local Haats .

       iii.   The selection of BCA must be done by the SP with the consent of the concerned
       Branch Manager in whose service area the CSP is located. Preference should be given to
       such persons who are already doing some activity in the village.

       iv.     The device to be given to BCA should be interoperable through the gateway of NPCIL
       so that the customer can access to any bank by using the device. The device must have
       biometric facility plus card or password plus card. The BCA must have on-line connectivity.

       v.       The BCA must be responsible to receive and pay money, to transfer money from one
       to another. Each BCA must necessarily be appointed as Business Facilitator (BF) for all
       activities permitted by the RBI. BCAs may also be used for deposit mobilization and as
       recovery agents as per the terms and conditions laid down by RBI for this purpose. Where a
       BCA has to work as a recovery agent, a separate agreement for this purpose shall be entered
       into by individual PSB.

       vi.     The BCA will also be acting as an extension staff for micro insurance, animal
       insurance, crop insurance and micro pension. The banks will ensure coordination with the
       agencies, viz., LIC and other agencies dealing with these products.

       vii.     An officer of the concerned branch of the bank will be visiting the CSP once in a week
       on a fixed time and day and will use this visit to collect application for opening account, loans
       of all types, recovery follow-up and any other banking issues. This will install greater
       confidence among the customers and facilitate increased banking transactions through BCAs.

       viii.  The BCA must be responsible for routing all transactions of all villages in the
       assigned villages so that effective marketing and follow up, can take place.

       ix.     It is necessary to ensure that there is a continuous improvement in the quality of
       services through the BCAs. There should be regular training and capacity development
       programmes of the BCAs.

                                            ANNEXURE VI

                                       TECHNICAL BID FORMAT

    A) Financial Strength:

Please give the information about the bidder in the following format:

    a) Name of the entity

    b) Main Line of activity

    c) Financial Statements for the past 3 years:
           ü If an individual, please furnish Income Tax returns for the past 3 Financial years
           ü If a Company/firm, please furnish audited Financial Statements (Detailed Balance
               Sheet and Profit & Loss Statements)

    d) Turn over year wise during the last three years (Please attach certificates from a Chartered

         In case of a wholly owned subsidiary company, audited financial statements for the past 3
         years as per Para (c) above and turnover (year wise during the last three years) of
         parent/holding company duly certified by a Chartered Accountant also be furnished.

    e) If the bidder is a Company, please confirm that the Memorandum and Articles of Association
       do not prohibit the Business Correspondent activity (also attach copies of Memorandum and
       Articles of Association).

    f)   In case of a Company, please furnish data on share holding pattern, names of main
         promoters and names of Directors.

    g) Please furnish data required for getting report from CIBIL on the Company, promoters and

         (B) Technical capabilities:

Any bid not satisfying the technology requirements as mentioned in Annexure III (A) and Annexure III
(B) are liable for rejection.

The proposed technology solution to be provided:

i) Mobile device with FP biometric identification, printer and Magnetic Stripe reader
ii) Biometric PoS device in combination with Magnetic Stripe reader
iii) Internet operated device, printer, Magnetic Stripe reader and F P capturing device.

(C) Technical Solution

The Bidder is required to describe the proposed Technology Solution in this section. Following should
be captured in the explanation:
    ü Clear articulation and description of the understanding of the scope of work and technology
        solution proposed by the bidder
    ü Extent of compliance to requirements specified in the scope of work (Annexure III-A and
        Annexure III-B)
    ü Areas of non-compliance.
    ü Strength of the Bidder to provide services including examples of similar work completed.
    ü Adherence to best practices prevalent in the industry.
    ü Disaster recovery facility.

(D) Details of Experience of the Bidder     Please provide information on the similar assignments
    implemented in the past.

   a)   Name of the client
   b)   Name and contact details of the dealing official of the client
   c)   Nature of project
   d)   Size of the contract (Order value Rupees in lakh)
   e)   Present status of the project
   f)   Narrative description of the project (highlight the services involved in the project which are
        similar in nature to the services to be rendered in this RFP).

(E) Please give information on Key business and technology personnel:

   a)   Name of the Staff
   b)   Designation
   c)   Educational qualification
   d)   Experience
   e)   Area of expertise

                                          ANNEXURE       VII

                                         COMMERCIAL BID
                                       INDICATIVE FORMAT

        1. The Service Provider would be entitled to receive the fixed charges mentioned at
Annexure- IV for the various services listed therein. The Service provider would also be entitled to
receive the charges (Cash Handling Fee) for the other services involving cash transactions at its
Customer Service Points. The Service Provider is required to quote his offer as a percentage of the
total amount of cash handled for deposits and withdrawals.

         2. Rate quoted should be presented as per the format given below. The rate quoted must be
in percentage, inclusive of all taxes, levies, etc., except Service Tax, wherever applicable. Service
Tax will be paid by the banks on actual basis. Please note that L1 price will be selected on the basis
of rate quoted for the cash handling services in this Annexure.

         3. The rate quoted should hold good for the period of the contract subject to an increase of
10% in the fixed charges listed in Annexure IV to this RFP as well as cash handling fee after 3 years.
After the end of 5 years, in case the contract is extended for a further period of 2 years with mutual
consent, there will be a further increase of 10% in both fixed charges and cash handling fee referred
to above.

        4. The prices contracted should not be affected by exchange rate fluctuations, changes in
import duty and other taxes etc.

Cash Handling Fee

  Particulars                                Unit for quotation                 %

  Cash handling (Cash-in and Cash-Out)       Percentage of the total amount
  The rate should be quoted on the basis     of cash handled. Quotation
  of cash handled during each calendar       should be up to two decimals.
  month, i.e. on a monthly basis.



The Dy. General Manager
Punjab National Bank
Financial Inclusion Division
Head Office: Atma Ram House,
1, Tolstoy Marg New Delhi

Sub: Request for Proposal (RFP) for appointment of Business Correspondent Services

Dear Sir,

         We have examined the RFP and we offer to extend Business Correspondent Services in the
habitation listed in Annexure I of the RFP as per the terms, conditions and scope of services spelt out
therein, and in accordance with the schedule of prices indicated in the Commercial Bid and made part
of this Bid.

2. While submitting this Bid, we certify that:

         a. Prices in the Bid have been arrived at without agreement with any other Bidder of this RFP
for the purpose of restricting competition.

         b. The prices in the Bid have not been disclosed and will not be disclosed to any other Bidder
of this RFP.

         c. We have not induced nor attempted to induce any other Bidder to submit or not submit a
bid for restricting competition.

        d. We agree that the rates / quotes, terms and conditions furnished in this tender will also be
applicable to all the banks.

3. We certify that the information/data/particulars furnished in our RFP are factually correct. We also
accept that in the event of any information/ data/ particulars proving to be incorrect, Leader Bank will
have the right to disqualify us from the bid.

4. We undertake to comply with the terms and conditions of the RFP. We understand that the Leader
Bank may reject any or all of the offers without assigning any reason whatsoever.

Yours faithfully,
(Name and Designation)

For and on behalf of _______________________



This agreement made on ______ date of ___________ __.

Between xxx, constituted under the xxx Act, 19xx having its Central Office at xxxx, hereinafter
referred to as The Bank , which expression shall unless repugnant to the context or meaning thereof
shall include its successors & permitted assigns of the First Part


______________________-, incorporated under Companies Act having its registered office
_________________________- and principal place of business __________________ _______-
hereinafter referred to as Service Provider (SP) which expression shall unless repugnant to the
context or meaning thereof shall include its successor & permitted assigns of the Second Part.

WHEREAS the Bank is desirous of availing services to facilitate its business growth and the SP has
offered to provide services as may be required by the Bank.

NOW THEREFORE this agreement witneseth as under:

1. Scope of Services:

1.1 The SP agrees to provide the services as per Schedule A, as per instructions and as may be
required by the Bank from time to time, in the habitations specified in Schedule B.

        1.2 SP shall ensure that its agents/employees,

                (a) are properly trained to handle with care, their responsibilities particularly aspects
                like soliciting customer, hours of calling, privacy of customer information and
                informing the correct terms and conditions of the products offered etc.

                (b) adhere to extant instructions on Fair Practices Code for lending as also their own
                code for collection of dues or in the absence of such a code at the minimum adopt the
                IBA s code for collection of dues and repossession of security. It is essential that they
                refrain from action that could damage the integrity and reputation of the Bank.

                (c)     Shall not resort to intimidation or harassment of any kind either verbal or
                physical against any person in their debt collection efforts, including acts intended to
                humiliate publicly or intrude the privacy of the borrowers family members, referees
                and friends, making threatening and anonymous calls or making false and misleading

1.3          SP shall adhere to the performance standards in respect of services and products as
detailed in Schedule A hereunder written, which forms part & parcel of this agreement. The Bank
reserves the right to change / vary / the contents of Schedule A by advising the same to SP in writing
and upon such advise, the amended Schedule A shall become effective.

1.4 The list of entities from which the SP can engage Business Correspondent Agents and the
general guiding principles for the same are given in Schedule C.

1.5 The technological service standards for the services to be offered are in Schedule D.

1.6 The performance of the Service Provider will be reviewed, CSP wise, by a committee comprising
of Lead Bank and select banks in the district every month initially, and thereafter at such intervals as
the banks may decide.

1.7 It is expected that BCAs are engaged and are activated in the villages listed in Annexure I of this
RFP within six months of award of contract.

1.8 It is also expected that each BCA will enroll at least 25% of target households in the catchment
area allotted within six months of starting the activity. Each BCA should enroll at least 300 accounts in
the first year of operation.
Shortfall of more than 20% in achieving these targets (enumerated in paragraphs 1.7 and 1.8 above)
will result in the services being treated as unsatisfactory .

2.          Maintenance of Records by SP AND Monitoring / Inspection by the Bank.

 SP specifically agrees to maintain all records accounts including registers / documents etc. as per
instructions of the Bank from time to time and ensure safe and proper custody of all records, accounts
including documents etc.

 SP specifically agrees that the Bank shall be entitled to inspect and audit the records maintained by
SP through its officers/employees or agents / auditors as may be decided by the Bank at its sole
discretion and SP hereby undertakes to promptly produce all records and information required for this
purpose / for the purposes of inspection and audit. SP shall provide access, to the officers /
employees / representatives / agents or auditors of the Bank to the premises / places where such
records are kept / maintained. The Bank shall have a right to obtain copies of any audit report, review
reports and findings made on the SP in connection with the services performed by SP for the Bank.

Further, SP specifically agrees that it shall allow access to Reserve Bank of India (RBI) or persons
authorized by RBI or its employees/officers or other persons to inspect and access the documents,
accounts, records of transactions and all necessary information in possession of, or stored or
processed by the SP within a reasonable time. The persons authorized by RBI shall have right to
obtain copies of the records, information etc. in possession of SP. SP further agrees that in case
access is not allowed to the persons authorized by RBI for the purposes of inspection which results in
imposition of supervisory fees by RBI upon the Bank, and the Bank is required to pay such
supervisory fees to RBI, SP shall be liable to reimburse to the Bank such fees including any penalty,
interest levied and recovered by RBI.
                      ü SP specifically agrees that the Bank has full right to monitor and assess the
                          performance of services by SP and wherever the Bank discovers any
                          deficiency or non-performance of the services up to the mark, the Bank shall
                          instruct the SP in writing and SP agrees to rectify the deficiencies or to
                          ensure compliance of the instructions of the Bank.

                     ü      SP agrees to prepare and produce (by xx 2012) a `Business Continuity
                           Plan for the purposes of ensuring continued rendering of services
                           undertaken by the SP to the Bank or latest within one month from the date
                           of execution of the agreement. SP agrees to make necessary changes to
                           the Business Continuity Plan or Contingency Plan as per instructions /
                           directions given by the Bank after examination of the plan submitted by the

3.      Confidentiality:

        3.1 SP is aware that all information disclosed to the SP by the Bank and all records,
        accounts, documents maintained by SP are confidential in nature and having regard to the

      sensitive nature of the information and records, specifically agrees to maintain secrecy and
      confidentially of all the information and records, accounts in respect of the outsourced
      services in the same manner & degree of care as SP would ensure for its own confidential &
      sensitive information.    SP shall ensure that appropriate and suitable undertaking /
      agreements are obtained and maintained from its employees, agents and representatives as
      the case may be to ensure compliance with confidentiality obligations of SP.

      3.2 SP agrees to indemnify and hereby keeps the Bank indemnified against all actions,
      claims, loss, damages, Costs, Charges, expenses (including Attorney / Advocate fees and
      legal expenses) which the Bank may suffer or incur on account of breach of confidentiality
      obligations as per clause 3.1 above by SP or its employees, agents, representatives. SP
      further agrees to make good the loss suffered by the Bank upon first demand by the Bank
      which shall be final, conclusive and binding on SP.

      3.3    It is agreed between the parties that all the data and other information supplied to the
      SP during the course of engagement is proprietary information owned by the bank and the
      SP shall not have any claim or right or ownership over such information.

      3.4   SP specifically agrees that the confidentiality obligations of the SP in terms of this
      agreement shall survive termination of this agreement

      4.1 It is specifically agreed that the SP shall act as independent service provider and shall not
      be deemed to be the Agent of the Bank except in respect of the transactions/services which
      give rise to Principal Agent relationship by implication.

      4.2 Neither SP nor its employees, agents, representatives shall hold out or represent as
      agents of the Bank. None of the employees, representatives or agents of SP shall be entitled
      to claim permanent absorption or any other claim or benefit against the Bank.

5.   Compliance with Laws by SP.

      5.1 SP hereby agrees and declares that it shall be the sole responsibility of SP to comply
      with the provisions of all the applicable laws, concerning or in relation to rendering of services
      by SP as envisaged under this agreement.

      5.2 SP shall procure and maintain all necessary licenses, permissions, approvals from the
      relevant authorities under the applicable laws throughout the currency of this agreement.

      5.3 SP shall be solely liable & responsible for compliance of applicable Labor Laws in respect
      of its employees, agents and representatives and in particular Laws relating to terminal
      benefits such as Pension, Gratuity, Provident Fund, Bonus or other benefits to which they
      may be entitled and the Bank shall have no liability in this regard.

      5.4 SP hereby represents and warrants that it has full authority to enter into this Agreement
      and render the services as envisaged under this agreement and all Corporate or other
      necessary approvals have been obtained for entering into this Agreement with the Bank.
      Further, the persons executing this agreement on behalf of the SP have full authority and
      power to execute this agreement and bind SP.

6.   Fees, Taxes, Duties, Payments and Penalty:

      6.1 SP shall be paid fees and commission in the manner detailed in Schedule E hereunder
          written subject to deduction of income tax thereon wherever required under the provisions
          of the Income Tax Act by the Bank.

        6.2 All other taxes duties and other charges which may be levied excluding service tax shall
            be borne by the SP and the Bank shall not be liable for the same. Bank will reimburse
            service tax at actuals.

        6.3 All expenses, stamp duty and other charges expenses in connection with execution of
            this agreement shall be borne by SP.

        6.4 Without prejudice to the banks right to terminate the agreement, for any defective service
            or inability to provide the service for any reason or for non-functioning of the CSP for any
            reason, beyond 10 (ten) working days continuously, a penalty @ Rs. 1,000/- per day
            (from the 11 day onwards) will be charged for each of the Customer Service Point from
            the Service Provider.

     7. General Indemnity
        SP agrees and hereby keeps the Bank indemnified against all claims, actions, loss, damages,
        costs, expenses, charges, including legal expenses (Attorney, Advocates fees included)
        which the Bank may suffer or incur on account of any deficiency in services rendered by SP
        or any acts of Commission / omission on the part of employees, agents or representatives of
        SP. SP agrees to make good the loss suffered by the Bank on first demand made by the
        Bank in this regard which shall be final conclusive and binding on SP.

8.     Term and Termination

        8.1 The agreement shall be valid for a period of five years from the date of its execution and
            may be renewed for further period of two years on the existing terms and conditions or
            the modified terms and conditions as may be mutually agreed between the parties.

        8.2 The banks reserve the right to terminate the contract at any point of time if,

            a. The services are found to be unsatisfactory;
            b. There is a consistent failure to maintain the customer satisfaction;
            c. Desired levels of output by the Service Provider are not met;
            d. There is a discrepancy found in the accounts maintained by the Service Provider and
                 the records of the Bank;
            e. The customers serviced by the Service Provider complain to the Bank that the Service
                 Provider is inefficient;
            f. There is fraud in the accounts handled by the Service Provider; or
            h. Any other reason which in the opinion of the banks is not conducive to the continuation
                 of the Services of the Service Provider.

                 However, before terminating the contract, the concerned bank will give a written
                 notice specifying the defects in services to the Service Provider and ask him to rectify
                 the defects within a period of 30 calendar days. In case the defects are not rectified,
                 the concerned bank would be authorized to terminate the contract with the Service

        8.3 In the event of termination of the agreement, all records, information including
            documents etc. shall be returned by SP to the Bank as per instructions of the Bank.

        8.4 The Bank shall have a right to terminate the agreement immediately by giving a notice in
            writing to SP in the following eventualities :

            a)       If SP applies to the Court or passes a resolution for voluntary winding up of SP or
                     any other creditor / person files a petition for winding up or dissolution of SP.

            b)       If any Receiver/Liquidator is appointed in connection with the business of the SP
                     or SP transfers substantial assets in favor of its creditors or any orders /
                     directions are issued by any Authority / Regulator which has the effect of
                     suspension of the business of SP.

             c)      If SP is unable to render the services up to the mark as envisaged under this
                     agreement upon a reasonable assessment of the circumstances by the Bank
                     which affect rendering of the services by SP as envisaged under this agreement.

             d)      If any acts of commission or omission on the part of SP or its agents, employees
                     or representatives, in the reasonable opinion of the Bank tantamount to fraud or
                     prejudicial to the interest of the Bank or its customers.

             e)      If SP is owned/ controlled wholly/ partly by any other bank operating in India

             f)      If any officer/ employee/ director of SP or their relatives as defined in section 6 of
                     the Companies Act, 1956 becomes a director/ officer or employee of the Bank.

        8.5    In the event of the termination of the agreement by the Bank pursuant to clause 8.3
hereinabove, SP shall be liable and responsible to return all records and information in its possession.

       8.6    The Bank will have exclusivity at the Customer Service Points of the SP for the
BC/BF arrangement.

9.    Governing Laws & Jurisdiction :

          9.1    The agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the Laws of
          Republic of India.

          9.2    The parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the appropriate court in India in
          connection with any dispute between the parties under the agreement.

10.      Notices:
                Any notice, invoice, approval, advice, report or any other communication required to
                be given under this Agreement shall be in writing and may be given by delivering the
                same by hand or sending the same by prepaid registered mail, telegram or facsimile
                to the relevant address set forth in Schedule F hereof or such other address as each
                Party may notify in writing to the other Party from time to time. Any such notice given
                as aforesaid shall be deemed to be served or received at the time upon delivery (if
                delivered by hand) or upon actual receipt (if given by telegram or facsimile) or fifteen
                (15) clear days after posting (if the addressee is outside the country of posting).

11.      Miscellaneous:

             11.1         Any provision of this Agreement may be amended or waived, if, and only if
                 such amendment or waiver is in writing and signed, in the case of an amendment by
                 each party, or in this case of a waiver, by the Party against whom the waiver is to be

             11.2        No failure or delay by any party in exercising any right, power or privilege
                 hereunder shall operate as a waiver thereof nor shall any single or partial exercise of
                 any other right, power of privilege. The rights and remedies herein provided shall be
                 cumulative and not exclusive of any rights or remedies provided by law.

             11.3        This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties with
                 respect to the subject matter hereof and supersedes all prior written agreements,
                 undertakings, understandings and negotiations, both written and oral, between the
                 Parties with respect to the subject matter of the Agreement. No representation,
                 inducement, promise, understanding, condition or warranty not set forth herein has
                 been made or relied upon by any party hereto.

           11.4       Neither this agreement nor any provision hereof is intended to confer upon
               any person/s other than the Parties to this Agreement any rights or remedies

           11.5        The SP shall execute and deliver such additional documents and perform
               such additional actions, as may be necessary, appropriate or reasonably requested to
               carry out or evidence the transactions contemplated hereby.

           11.6          The invalidity or unenforceability of any provisions of this Agreement in any
               jurisdiction shall not affect the validity, legality or enforceability of the remainder of
               this Agreement in such jurisdiction or the validity, legality or enforceability of this
               Agreement, including any such provision, in any other jurisdiction, it being intended
               that all rights and obligations of the Parties hereunder shall be enforceable to the
               fullest extent permitted by law.

           11.7        In case of any change in applicable laws in India that has an effect on the
               terms of this Agreement, the parties agree that the Agreement may be reviewed, and
               if deemed necessary by the Parties, renegotiated in good faith.

           11.8        The captions herein are included for convenience of reference only and shall
               be ignored in the construction or interpretation thereof.

           11.9      If this Agreement is signed in counterparts, each counterpart shall be
               deemed to be an original.

           11.10        The Service Provider shall not assign or transfer all or any of its rights,
               benefits or obligations under this Agreement without the approval of Xxxx Bank. Xxxx
               Bank may, at any time, assign or transfer all or any of its rights, benefits and
               obligations under this Agreement.

           11.11        The SP agrees that they shall not use the logo, trademark, copy rights of
               other proprietary rights of the opposite party in any advertisement or publicity
               materials or any other written communication with any other party, without the prior
               written consent of the Bank.

           11.12        This Agreement shall not be construed as joint venture. Each party shall be
               responsible for all its obligations towards its respective employees. No employee of
               any of the two parties shall claim to be employee of other party.

           11.13       The SP shall have a transparent agreement with the BCAs about
               remuneration for the services rendered by the BCA. Payments to the BCA shall be
               effected at regular intervals and through the account of the BCA maintained at the
               branch to which he/she is linked.

12. Force Majeure

       12.1     The Service Provider or the Bank shall not be liable for default or non-performance of
       the obligations under the c ontract, if such default or non-performance of the obligations under
       this contract is caused by any reason or circumstances or occurrences beyond the control of
       the Service Provider or the bank, i.e. Force Majeure. For the purpose of this clause, Force
       Majeure shall mean an event beyond the control of the parties, due to or as a result of or
       caused by act of God, wars, insurrections, riots, earth quake and fire, revolutions, floods,
       epidemics, quarantine restrictions, trade embargos, declared general strikes in relevant

industries, satellite failure, act of Govt. of India, events not foreseeable but does not include
any fault or negligence or carelessness on the part of the parties, resulting in such a situation.
In the event of any such intervening Force Majeure, either party shall notify the other in writing
of such circumstances or the cause thereof immediately within five calendar days. Unless
otherwise directed by the Bank, the Service Provider shall continue to
perform/render/discharge other obligations as far as they can reasonably be attended/fulfilled
and shall seek all reasonable alternative means for performance affected by the Event of
Force Majeure.
In such a case, the time for performance shall be extended by a period(s) not less than the
duration of such delay. If the duration of delay continues beyond a period of 180 days, the
Bank and the Service Provider shall hold consultations with each other in an endeavor to find
a solution to the problem. Notwithstanding above, the decision of the Bank shall be final and
binding on the Service Provider.


Details of specific Services & Products to be rendered by BCA

        As per Annexure II (A) and Annexure II (B) of the RFP


Details o f the number of Habitations to be covered by the Service Provider

As per Annexure I of the RFP



As per Annexure V of the RFP



As per Annexure III (A) and III (B) of the RFP



A. Fixed Fee:

As per Annexure IV of the RFP

B. Cash Handling Fee:

        Cash handling fee will be paid at the rate of xx% of the total amount of cash handled.

C.      There will be an increase of 10% in the above rates after 3 years. In case the contract is
extended by a further period of 2 years after the expiry of the initial period of five years, these rates would
be increased by a further 10% at the end of five years from the signing of the contract.

D.      Cap on Business/Commission: Reserve Bank has expressly prohibited sourcing of Bulk
deposits, NRE/NRO FCNRB deposits, and deposits from Public Sector Companies/Government
Departments by this channel.


Address for communication to be stated under Schedule F

   1. The xxx General Manager              2.Director
      Xxx Bank                        __________________

        Corporate Centre      ___________________

        Xxx                           _______________

        Xxxx                            _______________________

        xxxx                         _______________________

   IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Parties hereto have executed this Agreement the day and year first
   hereinabove written.

   For xxxx                                    For M/s ___________

    (Bank)                                         (Service Provider)

  Witness                                               Witness

   1.                                   2.


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