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									Lake Links                                                                      Spring ‘08 Edition
     The Newsletter of the Valparaiso Chain of Lakes Watershed Group, Inc.
Our mission is to protect and maintain our lakes and surrounding environs through education, conservation, pollution
monitoring, research, and invasive species control. We are committed to waste reduction, recycling and the use of best land-
use practices to ensure that our lakes remain quality habitats for fish, wildlife, and human recreational use.

Congratulations to Susan Swarner, new VCW Secretary

Susan, daughter of highly respected conservationists Bonnie Swarner and the late Dr. John Swarner, has
accepted our unanimous nomination to fill the secretary spot on our board. Susan has been active with the
Porter County Wildlife Management Board, the Moraine Ridge Nature Preserve. She leads the Puppet
Ministry at First Presbyterian Church on Bullseye Lake Road. A Butler graduate, Susan is currently
working toward a master’s degree at V.U. Please join us in welcoming and thanking her for taking on this
much needed responsibility.


Valpo Chain of Lakes Minutes March 17, 2008
Introduction of attendees

1.Carol Kuznicki - Good Government Group                            10. Nancy Satterlee - Flint Lake
2. Rick Wheeler - GGG                                               11. Bonnie Swarner – Wauhob, Loomis Lakes
3. Shirley Patrick - GGG                                            12. Phil Doolittle - Long Lake
4. Linda Knopic - Wheeler                                           13. Jim Cullen - Silver Lake, Christ Lutheran
5. Rich Herr – Silver Lake                                          14. Kevin Breitzke – County Surveyor
6. John Hodson, Kankakee Valley Historical Society                  15. Tom Banaszak – Long Lake
7. Walt Breitinger- President                                       16. Kim Ferraro – LEAF
8. Susan Swarner - Secretary                                        17. George Smolka – Lake County
9. Jim Rowe- Vice President

Rich motioned to approve previous minutes, Jim seconds, previous minutes approved.

Treasurer's report: Warren absent, Walt reports $1485 came from Winter Fund Drive.

Election of secretary: Nancy nominates, Kevin and Jim second nomination, Susan Swarner
officially elected as secretary.

Valparaiso University Earthtones interested in working with VCW, "Our Treasured Chain of
Lakes" book, find college intern, Samantha Cornwell to take on as project.

Kankakee Valley Historical Society: Update on group's activities from John. Main project is
restoration of Collier Lodge,
Upcoming events: April 29 at Lake County Library - Archaeological video, talk by Dr. Schurr.
Monthly Programs at Kouts Library: March 25th, 6:30, Jim Sweeney, President of Friends of the
Kankakee, presentation on status of wetlands
Silver Lake/Vale Park Road: Good Government Group and Jim from Christ Lutheran, rezoning
requested from Valpo Redevelopment Commission discussed. Walt and Rich met with Church's
attorney John Hughes to discuss rezoning, both parties interested in keeping open space.
Redevelopment Commission wants to change R1 to C1, want to rezone along Fishers street from
R1A to R1. Storm water management of area is less than ideal, storm water putting silt into Silver
Lake. Main goals are to keep area as open space, not commercial, and to reduce run-off.

Wetland filling of Silver Lake by Clifford Stone: Phil Doolittle- dumping into wetlands continues,
Kevin said to call Army Corps of Engineers/IDEM
Jim Cullen- satellite photos over Silver Lake
Phil - Pamphlets about development structures for containing run-off. (This brochure is available
on the website and created as a collaboration between NIRPC EMPC and Porter County
Plan Commission with Kevin's direction and Coastal Advisory Board sponsorship for printing.)
Erosion Control Manual - Kevin said just published and about 1000 pages available on-line on the
IDEM web site.

Roger's Lakewood Park newspaper article: Regrettably, swimming has been closed permanently
for reasons which include high bacteria count.

BP Permit/Operation Canadian Crude: Several people attended hearing including, Kim Ferraro,
George, Bryant, Rich, and Walt, all of whom received national publicity. Adequate time to read
the permit (over 6,000 pages) was not given before the public hearing.
For more information, visit

Flint Lake: Continuing problems at both North Hampstead and Cumberland Crossing:
        Tom - city gave approval to eradicate two wetlands at North Hampstead, retention system
inadequate, developers did not install proper run-off control.
        Good Government Group: North Hampstead, when development was initially approved, it
was only a concept. Coolman was told to wait until permit was signed, but instead he stripped the
land before the permit was issued. Political connections were noted by G. Smolka.

        On a separate issue, attorney Kim Ferraro is working with the VLACD Attorney
Hollenbeck to institute measures to relieve flooding in a neighborhood west of Flint Lake. Kim
will point out North Hampstead problems as well. Needs money to hire experts.

Phil motions to end the meeting. Rich seconds the motion.

Coming Events

Earth Day, April 19th at Sunset Hill Farm, Bonnie and Jim running booths, volunteers: Rich,
Brian, anyone else interested.

Native Plant Sale - May 3rd through May 9th at Nancy's Warehouse, 3103 Cascade Dr., Valparaiso.
Plant sale and 3 seminars to raise money for LEAF

HEC Forum, May 10th at Camp Lawrence in conjunction with VCW. Incorporate Living with
Lakes Seminar. (see flier attached).

Starbucks: Phil said that Starbucks will give their coffee grounds away for free for composting.

Next Valpo Chain of Lakes meetings will be held at Porter County Administration Building, 6:30
PM on 3rd Monday of July, September, and November. Invite your friends!


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