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 Southern Oregon Occupational
  Safety & Health Conference

     OCTOBER 18 & 19, 2006
Supplemental workshop on October 20 (see insert)
      A joint effort of the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE), Southern Oregon
      Chapter, and the Oregon Occupational Safety Health Division (Oregon OSHA)
Founded in 1911, the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) is
the world’s oldest and largest professional safety organization. With
more than 33,000 members, ASSE has 147 chapters and 60 student
sections nationwide.
The Southern Oregon Section was formed as a part of Eugene’s
Cascade Chapter in 1990. In October of 1993, the section obtained chapter status.
It is active in enhancing the role of safety professionals in Southern Oregon.
The Southern Oregon chapter offers safety professionals, safety personnel, and safety
committee members high-quality safety-and-health training in the form of conferences
and workshops and monthly chapter meetings that feature an educational presentation
on the latest workplace safety-and-health issues. The chapter offers many networking
opportunities with members of the safety community, speakers, and professionals from
the state and national arena.
ASSE mission: to foster the technical, scientific, managerial, and ethical knowledge,
skill, and competency of safety, health, and environmental professionals for the protec-
tion of people, property, and the environment and to enhance the status and promote
the advancement of the safety profession.
For additional information on membership in ASSE’s Southern Oregon Chapter, please
contact Pamela Ahr, (541) 857-4203, or

  Oregon OSHA
Oregon OSHA administers the Oregon Safe Employment Act (OSEA).
OSEA authorizes enforcement of federal and state occupational-safety-
and-health regulations and provides consultation, educational opportunities,
technical assistance, and creative programs to assist employers and employees in
Oregon. Oregon OSHA is committed to reducing occupational fatalities, injuries,
and illnesses, thereby reducing human suffering and workers’ compensation costs.
For technical assistance, training opportunities, or information about conferences,
please call (503) 378-3272, or, toll-free, (888) 292-5247, option 1. For consultative
services, call (800) 922-2689 or our Medford office, (541) 776-6030.

     Southern Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Conference
  Table of Contents

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Invitation from ASSE .....................................................................2
Invitation from Oregon OSHA .....................................................3
Conference information & services
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       Registration ..........................................................................4
       Refunds ................................................................................4
       Lodging ................................................................................4
       Continuing education credits ...............................................5
       Smoke- & alcohol-free policy ...............................................5
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       Map to the Smullin Center ...................................................5
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Session descriptions
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     Southern Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Conference

                                           Invitation from ASSE

The Southern Oregon Chapter of the American Society of Safety Engineers
(ASSE) invites you to attend our 16th annual Southern Oregon Safety and Health
Conference. This year’s theme is “Taking Safety and Health to New Heights.” The
programs that we are presenting are a springboard to help you get there.
The conference provides a wide variety of speakers from the pacific northwest and
beyond. Their primary goal will be to excite and inform you on the latest trends
and best practices in the areas of safety and health management. You can count
on this conference to be the best networking opportunity of the year for southern
Oregon and northern California. Please join us in welcoming some of the brightest
and most sought after safety presenters in the business. While at the conference,
you will have ample opportunity to visit the vendor area where you can see, and
speak to, the suppliers of safety equipment and services in our area. We strive to
make this conference affordable to all, and have registration fees that allow you to
attend from a half-day, to two full days, with lunches included.
We promise to inform, energize, and reward you for your attendance at this
conference. Our dedicated planning committee has worked all year to make this a
rewarding and enjoyable experience for all attendees.
On behalf of the Southern Oregon Chapter of the ASSE and all of our very gener-
ous corporate sponsors please allow us to show you how to “Take Safety and
Health to New Heights.”

  Jeff Smith
  American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)
  Southern Oregon Chapter

     Southern Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Conference

Invitation from Oregon OSHA

    It’s a great time to be in the safety and health profession. Participation in the
    Southern Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Conference continues to
    expand, reflecting the region’s commitment to promoting growth while doing so
    safely. It is a goal expressed in this year’s conference theme, “Taking Safety and
    Health to New Heights”
    Southern Oregon benefits from growth in the health care and manufacturing sec-
    tors, creating many new opportunities. But with opportunity comes challenges.
    Preventing injuries in health care and construction will require stronger partner-
    ships, innovative education and creative thinking to meet a 21st-century chal-
    lenge. We cannot do tomorrow’s job with yesterday’s tools if we are to continue
    to do our part in making Oregon workplaces the safest in the nation.
    The Department of Consumer and Business Services, Occupational Safety and Di-
    vision (Oregon OSHA) has teamed up once again with Southern Oregon Chapter
    of the American Society of Safety Engineers to present the 2006 Southern Oregon
    Occupational Safety and Health Conference, October 18 & 19 at the Smullin
    Center in Medford. Conference organizers have developed classes to address
    your ongoing safety training needs, and a focus on emerging health and employee
    wellness issues that will affect more employers in the years ahead. Please join us
    - it is time well spent.

      Michael Wood
      Oregon OSHA

 Southern Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Conference

               Conference Information & Services

Who should attend                                     All parts of the registration
All those responsible for the prevention              form must be completed. If not,
of injuries and illnesses in the workplace,           forms will be returned for you to
including safety-and-health professionals,            complete before we can process
safety committee members, managers,                   your registration.
supervisors, employees, owners, and other             For additional information about the confer-
interested persons.                                   ence, call the Conference Section at
                                                      (503) 947-7441, (503) 378-3272, or toll-free
Registration                                          in Oregon, (888) 292-5247, option 1.
Registration for some sessions is limited,
so please register early. Registrations will          Refunds
be accepted by mail and by fax. If you are            If you need to cancel your registration,
faxing registrations, be sure to fax both sides       please submit your request in writing for
of the form. Faxes will be accepted only if           review by the conference planning commit-
accompanied by credit card information. If            tee. Substitutions are permissible.
space is available, you may register at the
conference.                                           Lodging
                                                      Attendees are responsible for making their
The fee for the full conference (Wednesday            own lodging arrangements. The motel offer-
and Thursday) is $120. One-day (Wednesday             ing a special conference rate is listed below.
or Thursday) registration fee is $80. Half-day        You will need to mention that you are calling
(Wednesday or Thursday) registration fee is           for the Southern Oregon Conference room
$50. Registration fees include speaker-hand-          block. Specify your preference for a non-
out materials, refreshment breaks, and lunch          smoking or smoking room. All reservations
on the days you are registered.                       received after October 1, 2006, will be
A separate registration form must be com-             accepted on a space-available basis.
pleted for each person registering. If more                      Comfort Inn South
than one person from your company will                           60 East Stewart
attend, photocopy the registration form for                      Medford, Oregon
each person and use a credit card or issue a                     (541) 772-8000
check for the total amount.                                      Rate: $99 plus tax
Complete the enclosed registration form
and send it with your check or fax it with            For a list of other local motels, call
credit card information to (503) 947-7462.            the Medford Chamber of Commerce at
Make check payable to:                                (541) 779-4847.
    Southern Oregon Conference
    PO Box 5640                                              Pre-registration deadline
    Salem, OR 97304-0640                                        October 12, 2006

      Southern Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Conference

Continuing education                               Smoke- & alcohol-free policy
credits                                            In keeping with the purpose of the confer-
                                                   ence and our commitment to occupational
If you need CEUs to keep certifications or          safety and health, all meeting rooms and
licenses current, complete the form pro-           conference activities are smoke-free. No
vided in your on-site attendee packet. This        alcoholic beverages will be provided at any
form will be proof of attendance at sessions       conference event.
you wish to submit for accreditation. Submit
your form — with required signatures,              Accommodations for
program descriptions of applicable sessions,       disabilities
and speaker biographies — directly to your
                                                   Smullin Center is wheelchair accessible.
accrediting organization, and keep a copy
                                                   Information about additional services for the
for your records.
                                                   disabled is available at the Smullin Center
                                                   reception desk.
Map to
Smullin Center                                                             N

                                               Siskiyou Boulevard
                              Black Oak        Garage            Center  Murphy
                                  Drive                  Smullin Drive   Road
        Exit 27

                         Barnett Road
         Smullin Center                                           Medical
         2825 E Barnett Rd.                                       Center
         Medford, Oregon

Co-sponsorship of this conference by the Southern Oregon Chapter of the American Society of
Safety Engineers and Oregon OSHA does not necessarily constitute endorsement or approval
of the content of programs. Employers and employees should review applicable rules and
regulations to ensure that the information they have received is appropriate to their specific
worksite and work situation. ASSE is financially responsible for conference arrangements and
     Southern Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Conference

                                   Schedule at a glance

                      Wednesday, October 18
6:45 a.m.             Early-Bird Walk
7:30 a.m.             Registration and continental breakfast
7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.   Exhibit open (Wednesday only)
8-8:15 a.m.           Welcome
8:30-9 a.m.           Keynote: Who is Responsible for Safety
9 a.m.-12:30 p.m.     SESSION 1
                • Increasing Supervisor Effectiveness
                • Managing Workplace Ergonomics: Adding Value
                  Through a Systematic Approach for Risk Reduction
                • Safe Excavation: Don’t Dig Your Own Grave
                  (9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.)
                • Work Vehicles and Safety Requirements
                • Safety Committees for Success
10:30-11 a.m.     Break; exhibits open
12:30-1:30 p.m.   Lunch (provided)
                  Prize drawing; exhibits open
1:30-4:30 p.m.        SESSION 2
                    • Safe Excavation: Don’t Dig Your Own Grave
                      (continued from 9:30 a.m.)
                    • Smoke and Mirrors: The Truth About Safety Incentives
                    • Chemicals in the Workplace — Turning Mystery Into
                    • Stress and Crisis Management (2-part session)
                    • Hazard Identification and Controls to Reduce
                      Workplace Hazard
2:45-3:15 p.m.        Break

    Southern Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Conference

 Schedule at a glance

                      Thursday, October 19
7:30 a.m.             Registration and continental breakfast
8 a.m.-noon           SESSION 3
                  •   How to Replace Workplace Negativity with Enthusiasm
                  •   Accident Investigation and Analysis Overview
                  •   Human Resource Topics (2-part session)
                  •   Advanced Fall Protection (8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.)
                  •   Working Safely Around Utilities (2-part session)
                  •   Public Health Topics (2-part session)
                  •   Forklift Safety
9:30-9:45 a.m.        Break
12:30-1:30 p.m.       Lunch (provided) and Awards Presentation
1:30-4:30 p.m.        SESSION 4
                  • Advanced Fall Protection (continued from 8 a.m.)
                  • Effective Safety Accountability Systems for
                    Safety Excellence
                  • Hazardous Waste Management: Avoiding
                    Costly Mistakes!
                  • Lockout/Tagout: The Most Important Safe
                    Workplace Practice! Developing an Effective
                    Lockout Program Can Save Your Life!
                  • Hoisting and Lifting Safety for Cranes and Rigging
                  • Meth and Southern Oregon
                  • Behavior Based Safety — Monitoring Employee
                    Behaviors for Positive Safety Results
2:45-3 p.m.         Break

    Southern Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Conference

                                           Session Descriptions

                         Wednesday, October 18

6:45 a.m.
Early-Bird Walk
Continuing the tradition that began in 2004,
                                                     SESSION 1
this pre-conference sunrise stride starts at         9 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
the conference center promptly at 6:45 a.m.
Walk ends at approximately 7:30 a.m.                  Increasing Supervisor
7:30 a.m.                                             Effectiveness
Registration and continental                         This program is for anyone who has workers
breakfast                                            reporting directly to them and those who
                                                     supervise those frontline leaders. Making
7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.                                  sure that every worker follows safe work
Exhibit open (Wednesday only)                        procedures can result in everyone going
                                                     home every day without injury. Carl trains
8-8:15 a.m.                                          and coaches hundreds of supervisors every
Welcome                                              year. Attend this presentation and find out
                                                     how increasing supervisor effectiveness can
   Jeff Smith                                        affect your safety culture.
   ASSE Southern Oregon Chapter                      Learning objectives:
   Michael Wood                                      • Understand the safety responsibility of the
   Administrator, Oregon OSHA, Salem                     frontline supervisor
                                                     • Learn how to hold workers accountable for
8:30-9 a.m.                                              following safe work procedures
Keynote: Who is Responsible                          • Become motivated to go back an increase
for Safety                                               supervisor effectiveness
Who is responsible for safety? Executives?              Carl Potter
Supervisors? Safety department staff? Or                Potter and Associates International, Inc.,
you? Why is it important to know the an-                Tulsa, Oklahoma
swer to that question? After all, everybody,
at every level, talks about working safely. In
this presentation the audience learns how
to take personal responsibility and why it is
important to them.
  Carl Potter, PhD
  Potter and Associates International, Inc.
  Tulsa, Oklahoma

      Southern Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Conference

  Session Descriptions
 Managing Workplace                                  Safe Excavation: Don’t Dig
 Ergonomics: Adding Value                            Your Own Grave
 Through a Systematic                                (9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.)
 Approach for Risk Reduction                        Key provisions of a competent person’s
Features of successful workplace ergonom-           standard of care and an employer’s best
ics programs are that they are effective, ef-       management practices regarding excava-
ficient, compliant and sustainable. Principles       tion and trenching operations are reviewed.
of continuous improvement provide a                 Emphasis is focused on the elements of an
systematic approach for planning, manag-            effective excavation safety program and the
ing, and tracking changes to work environ-          skills and knowledge necessary to be desig-
ment and tasks that reduce ergonomic                nated a competent person by an employer.
risk factors. Planning and implementing             Participants gain understanding of compe-
strategic program elements are critical for         tent person duties and responsibilities, soil
the continued support and effectiveness             mechanics, protective systems, selected
of the tactical activities of ergonomics risk       excavation standards, common excava-
assessments and solutions at large and small        tion hazards, and knowledge of available
organizations.                                      resources for safe excavation.
This presentation provides illustrated                Harvey C. McGill, BS
steps of an integrated system for manag-              President
ing safety and productivity benefits with              PAC PRO Safety & Health Services,
proven improvements to the bottom line                Gresham
of an organization. Elements of the ap-
proach provide a roadmap that will guide
program managers through a logical and
comprehensive approach to establish new
or improve an existing ergonomics process.
Risk identification and assessment tools are
demonstrated. Application of this approach
and all process elements are discussed. The
model is transferable and can be applied as
a method for integrating and systematically
managing other aspects of a occupational
health and safety program.
  Walt Rostykus, MSPH, CPE,
  Vice President
  Humantech, Beaverton

     Southern Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Conference

                                           Session Descriptions
  Wednesday continued
 Work Vehicles and Safety                         Safety Committees for Success
 Requirements                                    This interactive workshop is designed for
This session provides an overview of what        owners, managers, supervisors and commit-
Lane County and ODOT Motor Carrier               tee members who want to improve accident
Transportation Division are doing to lower       prevention programs, improve communi-
the risk of vehicle related accidents. Topics    cations among committee members and
include: a discussion of Lane County’s fleet      get all workers involved. Learn the duties,
mission, specifications, safety equipment,        responsibilities, and authority of committee
pre-operational equipment safety checks,         members. Attendees will benefit from the
operator qualifications, skills/knowledge,        practical approach to committee develop-
coaching, fleet accident response, and            ment, delegation of responsibilities, and an
management fleet policies. Also provided          interactive process to re-enforce employee
is a brief description of the Federal Motor      involvement. This program is designed to
Carrier Safety Regulations including: gen-       meet your committee training requirements
eral requirements and information, driver        while developing a plan of Best Practices to
qualifications, driving of commercial motor       reduce workplace injuries.
vehicles, parts and accessories, hours of            John Graham, BSBA
service, and inspection, repair and mainte-          Senior Consultant
nance, and ODOT’s No-Zone campaign.                  Liberty Northwest Insurance, Medford
  Ron Jones
  ODOT/Motor Carrier Transportation              10:30-11 a.m.
  Division, Salem                                Break; exhibits open
  Steve Nichols                                  12:30-1:30
  Safety Coordinator                             Lunch (provided)
  Lane County Public Works, Eugene
                                                 Prize drawing; exhibits open

      Southern Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Conference

  Session Descriptions

                                                     Chemicals in the Workplace
SESSION 2                                            — Turning Mystery Into
1:30-4:30 p.m.
                                                    Do you really understand the hazards of the
Safe Excavation: Don’t Dig                          chemical products used in your workplace?
Your Own Grave                                      Do you feel confident in your ability to
(Continued from 9:30 a.m.)                          understand and communicate about chemi-
                                                    cals? Can employees explain chemical
                                                    health effects and do they demonstrate their
 Smoke and Mirrors: The Truth                       knowledge of risks and precautions? How
                                                    proficient and effective are supervisors and
 About Safety Incentives                            managers at explaining chemical hazards to
Through consulting with utilities across            workers? What is the status of your hazard
the nation, a common thread runs through            communication training program, and
these organizations. Executives and manag-          overall industrial hygiene system for chemi-
ers want to know why their employees                cal management? Is your safety committee
continue to take risks and have lost time           assessing the effectiveness of workplace
incidents. Often they talk about their              chemical product information and training?
incentive programs and the unsustainable            If these questions have left you scratch-
or poor results they are getting. Research          ing your head, join us to review chemical
and observations in the industry show               classifications and their hazards. Gain
that these programs don’t work. Some                understanding of the various effects of
companies seem to put them in place as a            chemicals on the body and how to more
silver bullet. There is no silver bullet when       easily communicate those hazards. Learn
it comes to workplace safety. Instilling a          how to effectively interpret information con-
culture where safety is a top priority takes        tained within labels and material safety data
four things: management leadership and              sheets, where to go for more details when
employee involvement, worksite analysis,            your material safety data sheets are lacking
hazard recognition and control, and train-          or you’re not getting what you need from
ing. Without a proper recognition of all four       them, and what to consider when setting
of these areas, no safety incentive program         up a practical industrial hygiene chemical
will work. When safety is built into the            management system.
overall organization culture with recognition
that there must also be a focus on quality,           Dede Montgomery, MS, CIH
professionalism and production, then safety           Occupational Safety and Health
performance will improve.                             Specialist
                                                      CROET at OHSU, Portland
  Deb Potter
  Potter and Associates International, Inc.,          Fred Berman
  Tulsa, Oklahoma                                     Toxicologist and Veterinarian
                                                      CROET at OHSU, Portland

     Southern Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Conference

                                          Session Descriptions
  Wednesday continued

 Stress and Crisis Topics                         and the elements of an effective crisis plan.
Part 1: Stress Management                             Curt Crichton
(1:30-2:45 p.m.)                                      Safety Superintendent
                                                      Johnny Cat, Inc., Jacksonville
This session assists each participant in
identifying stress and its impact on the body         Marian M. Owens, EMT-P
and mind, in developing positive coping               Vice President/Owner
skills to prevent and minimize distress and           A&M Transport, Inc., Glendale
burnout both at home and in the workplace.            Andrea Woods, MS, LMFT
It also explores the link between stress and          EAP Manager
maladaptive cognitive-behavioral patterns.            Asante Counseling Services, Medford
  Esther Goldberg, MS, LPC                         Hazard Identification and
  Senior Counselor                                 Controls to Reduce Workplace
  Asante Counseling Services, Medford              Hazard
                                                  Does your safety inspection process need
Part 2: Company Crisis — What                     improvement? This interactive program
to do When the Sky Starts                         identifies workplace hazards, exposures,
Falling (3:15-4:30 p.m.)                          and how the interaction results in accidents.
A crisis can be caused by a number of             Managers, supervisors, committee mem-
events including a major accident, environ-       bers, and employees conducting inspec-
mental spill, and workplace violence. Hope-       tions will benefit from this workshop. This
fully, you or your company will never have        program provides an opportunity to meet
to deal with a crisis. But if you do, are you     Oregon OSHA training requirements while
prepared? When a crisis occurs, response          reducing workplace accidents. Attendees
personnel are barraged with a number of           receive inspection process guidelines,
situations to deal with all at once. How a        sample forms and resource information for
company or individual will deal with a crisis     the development of best practices for effec-
is assisted by the preparation of the Emer-       tive inspection processes.
gency Action Plan and the training of the             John Graham, BSBA
Emergency Response and Corporate Crisis               Senior Consultant
Teams. This interactive program will discuss          Liberty Northwest Insurance, Medford
the emotional effects of dealing with a crisis
                                                  2:45-3:15 p.m. Break

     Southern Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Conference

  Session Descriptions
                           Thursday, October 19
7:30 a.m.
Registration and continental                       Accident Investigation and
breakfast                                          Analysis Overview
                                                  This session provides an overview of basic
SESSION 3                                         accident investigation techniques and prin-
                                                  ciples. It is designed to assist companies and
8 a.m.-noon                                       safety committees establish and implement
 How to Replace Workplace                         basic accident investigation programs and
 Negativity with Enthusiasm                       principals or improving existing ones. This
                                                  session provides some tools for developing
Learn how to replace apathy with energy,          the skills needed to conduct an effective ac-
pessimism with optimism, and doubt with           cident investigation, analysis and follow-up.
confidence. Apathy, pessimism, passive             It will look at discovering causal factors on
resistance and conflict are symptoms of            various levels, developing effective change
workplace negativity and can sap a team’s         to prevent similar accidents in the future
will to succeed. Learn to find the underlying      and protecting company interest. Reviews
causes of negativity, turn negative people        various aspects of:
into supporters, find ways to use positive         • Creating an investigative tool kit
reinforcement to build a winning attitude,        • Initial response and controlling the scene
recognize in yourself the signs of negativity,
and enhance your ability to motivate people       • Gathering, documenting, and
to embrace change.                                    analyzing data
                                                  • Writing accident reports
  Dave Wright
  Regional Manager for Oregon/SW                     Ken Greenhill
  Washington                                         Safety and Loss Prevention Consultant
  Dale Carnegie Training, Portland                   Associated General Contractors, La Pine

      Southern Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Conference

                                           Session Descriptions
  Thursday continued
 Human Resource Topics                             “When Generations Collide” by Lynne C.
Part 1: Employer-at-Injury                         Lancaster and David Stillman. Participants
Program/Preferred Worker                           analyze workplace vignettes and explore
                                                   the dynamics of four generations co-existing
Program: Exceptional Resources                     in the workplace.
for Oregon Employers and
Workers (8-9:30 a.m.)                                  Tamara Nordin
                                                       Vice President of Human Resources
Discover how these unique programs can                 Pacific Retirement Services
turn a potential liability into profit. Discover        Rogue Valley Manor, Medford
how hiring preferred workers (or re-employ-
ing your own preferred workers) provides
financial incentives AND guarantees a                Advanced Fall Protection
worker who is risk-free from additional             (8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.)
workers’ compensation claims for up to
three years.                                       This program covers the major elements of
                                                   fall protection including “passive” methods
  Heather F. Grogan                                such as guardrails, barricades and catch
  Reemployment Consultant                          platforms. Also includes a comprehensive
  Workers’ Compensation Division;                  discussion on the use of Personal Fall Arrest
  Preferred Worker Program, Medford                Systems (PFAS) and a basic coverage of
                                                   post-fall rescue. This interactive and fast-
Part 2: Bridging the Generation                    moving course uses examples of real-life
Gap — When Generations                             situations, accident investigations and uses
Collide (9:45 a.m.-noon)                           hands-on exercises and animated demon-
Generational issues are the newest form of
diversity to hit the business scene, affecting         Curt Charley
recruiting, retaining, managing and motivat-           Safety Director
ing employees. Today, four generations                 Timber Products, Medford
may be sitting at the same conference table
creating confusion and conflict as each gen-
eration acts from it’s own view of the world.
Generational conflicts are called “clash
points.” Learn how you can diffuse and
even capitalize on the differences between
the generations. The session describes
traditionalist, baby-boomers, generation X-
ers, and millennials, (Gen-Y’s), and discusses
new diversity issues based on the book,

      Southern Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Conference

  Session Descriptions

 Working Safely Around Utilities                       Part 2: Natural Gas (9:45 a.m.-noon)
Part 1: Electrical (8-9:30 a.m.)                       This session covers basic information of the
                                                       properties of natural gas including:
Using a three-dimensional, high-voltage
demonstration board, Marc explains the                 • Regulations for pipeline and natural gas
basic properties of electricity; how it is gen-             companies
erated and distributed; and how to work,               • Related codes and standards that govern
play and live safely around it. In addition to              the industry.
a general discussion of electric safety, this          • The Impact of Third Party Damage - Statis-
program addresses the hazards specific to                    tical Data
contractors and others working out of doors            • The “Now What Do I Do!” When a Gas
with equipment that may contact overhead                    Line is Damaged. Controlling the release of
and underground power lines.                                natural gas
  Marc Zurcher                                         First responders and natural gas emergen-
  Line Foreman                                         cies. What is expected and asked of our
  Pacific Power, Medford                                public service agencies when a natural gas
                                                       line is damaged.
                                                         Tom Jannings
                                                         Safety and Health Specialist
                                                         Avista Corp, Spokane, Washington

         Awards Presentation
        Thursday, October 19
        12:30-1:30 p.m.
        Smullin Center Auditorium
        This is an occasion for ASSE to recognize safety excellence
        and improvement and to thank our corporate sponsors for
        supporting efforts to provide health-and-safety-education
        opportunities in Southern Oregon.

      Southern Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Conference

                                         Session Descriptions
     Thursday continued
 Public Health Topics                            Forklift Safety
Part 1: Bird Flu and Other                      With more than one million forklifts operat-
Pandemics (8-9:30 a.m.)                         ing in the U.S. today, safe operations and
                                                effective operator training are top priorities.
Participants learn about avian influenza and     This workshop introduces participants to
why it presents a serious threat to our com-    OSHA’s powered industrial truck standard
munity. The session explains the history of     and includes an in-depth review of opera-
previous world-wide influenza pandemics.         tor training. Program discusses safe work
Our local emergency preparedness plan is        practices and other topics not specifically
discussed including the role of the business    addressed in the standard, including center
community and other citizen groups.             of gravity, fulcrum point, and seat restraints.
  Jim Shames, MD                                Variable-reach (rough terrain) forklifts and
  Health Officer                                 skid steer loaders (Bobcats) are also be
  Jackson County Health and Human               addressed.
  Services, Medford                                 Craig Hamelund
                                                    Education Specialist
Part 2: Everything You Need to                      Oregon OSHA, Portland
Know About Community Right-
to-Know; Hazardous Substance
Reporting (9:45 a.m.-noon)                      9:30-9:45 a.m. Break
This presentation provides the overall his-     12:30-1:30 p.m.
tory of Community Right to Know require-        Lunch (provided) and
ments including why the requirements were       Awards Presentation
established and their purpose. The session
includes a detailed review of the reporting
requirements in Oregon including how to
complete the hazardous substance informa-
tion survey. In addition, the presentation
discusses the hazardous substance posses-
sion fee and how it is assessed based on the
information submitted on the survey. It also
explains who the information is available to
once it is submitted and how it is used.
  Chris Kuenzi
  Planning Liaison, Community Right-to-
  Know Services Unit
  Office of State Fire Marshall, Salem

     Southern Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Conference

  Session Descriptions

SESSION 4                                   Hazardous Waste Management:
1:30-4:30 p.m.                              Avoiding Costly Mistakes!
                                           Learn the minimum requirements under
Advanced Fall Protection                   the law that all facilities must comply with
(continued from 8 a.m.)                    in order to identify, store and dispose of
                                           hazardous waste in Oregon. Understand
                                           key similarities and differences between the
 Effective Safety Accountability           DEQ and EPA; DEQ’s own air, water, and
 Systems for Safety Excellence             land quality programs; and the overlap with
                                           Oregon OSHA and the State Fire Marshall.
This session is designed for the business  Get all the information needed to avoid
owner, manager, and safety professional    costly mistakes!
who wants to develop a highly effective
safety-accountability system in their organi-    Lisa Freeman
zation. Topics covered:                          Hazardous Waste Technical Assistant
• Setting clear and attainable activity and      Department of Environmental Quality,
    results-based safety goals                   Medford
• Communicating safety objectives at all
    levels of the organization
• Developing a behavior-based safety
    program that incorporates safety objectives
• Creating a culture of accountability through
    positive feedback
• Incorporating safety into the performance
    evaluation system
• The role of progressive discipline in the     ���������������������
    accountability system
• Safety-incentive systems that “really work” �����������������������������
    in reinforcing the accountability system
    without discouraging reporting of injuries           ����������
   Kirk Jacobson
   Regional Human Resources Manager
   Timber Products, Medford

     Southern Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Conference

                                         Session Descriptions
   Thursday continued
 Lockout/Tagout: The Most                        Hoisting and Lifting Safety
 Important Safe Workplace                        for Cranes and Rigging
 Practice! Developing an                        This session covers the basic safety issues
 Effective Lockout Program                      for hoisting overhead loads with cranes on
 Can Save Your Life!                            a jobsite. This is an excellent program for
                                                site supervisors or key safety individuals
Severe injury and death from uncontrolled
                                                to attend and get an overview of the many
energy sources can be prevented through
                                                complex components that make up a safe
an effective hazardous energy control
                                                lift. Topics covered include how accidents
program. This session explores the practical
                                                occur, training & certification requirements,
elements used to create and administer a
                                                basic crane setup, hazard clearances,
successful program and emphasizes how
                                                required inspections, understanding load
clear and precise machine-specific proce-
                                                chart ratings, what are load handling deduc-
dures can increase the acceptance and ef-
                                                tions, lifting quadrants, cribbing & blocking,
fectiveness of your lockout program. Topics
                                                the three capacity components of a lift, the
covered include: Oregon OSHA’s Div 2/Sub
                                                lift plan, what are critical lifts, and basic
J 29 CFR 1910.147, the Control of Hazard-
                                                load handling safety.
ous Energy; lockout and tagout devices;
periodic inspections; training requirements;        Ron Overton
and energy control procedures including             President
color coded/symbol orientated machine               Overton Safety Training, Inc., Aloha
specific procedures. Examples of written
programs, periodic inspections, and training
tools are provided.
  Craig Hamelund
  Education Specialist
  Oregon OSHA, Portland
  Jim McNeil, BSIM, MSIR
  Safety Risk Manager
  Swanson Group, Inc., Glendale

     Southern Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Conference

  Session Descriptions

                                                     Behavior Based Safety —
 Meth and Southern Oregon
                                                     Monitoring Employee Behaviors
A panel of experts in the area discuss their         for Positive Safety Results
involvement in the Meth Task Force and
what is being done to curb the tide of meth         This session teaches the elements of
in our valley. Topics include:                      monitoring employee work practices and
                                                    provides various techniques for offering
• The meth crisis and its effect on our             positive feedback. Research shows that
     community                                      more than 90% of workplace accidents are
• Drug manufacturing and it’s effects               caused by unsafe behaviors. This is a result
• Warning signs                                     of system weaknesses including lack of
• Drug testing                                      clear direction and policy by management,
• Effect of drugs on performance and                encouragement to take shortcuts or work
     absenteeism                                    quickly, failure to train employees, lack of
• What to do if you suspect a user                  a safety accountability system, failure to
• Treatment resources and success                   promote positive safe behaviors, etc. Giv-
     of treatment                                   ing positive feedback for safe work habits
                                                    provides longer reaching impacts on the
   Graham Lewis                                     employees. This session is very interactive
   Southern Oregon Drug Awareness                   and uses real life work environments via
   (SODA), Central Point                            video technology. Participants will learn the
   Rita Sullivan, PhD                               process of monitoring both safe and unsafe
   Director                                         behaviors, documenting those behaviors
   OnTrack, Medford                                 and learning to provide positive as well as
                                                    negative feedback. Participants will view
   Howard W. Shoemaker, MD                          a series of videos, make observations, and
   Medical Director                                 provide feedback.
   Asante Work Health, Medford
   Hank Collins                                       Dave Challburg
   Human Services Director                            Loss Control Consultant
   Jackson County, Medford                            SAIF Corporation, Bend
   Lt. Tim George                                     Scott Brown
   Commander, Operations                              Loss Control Consultant
   Support Division                                   SAIF Corporation, Bend
   Medford Police Department, Medford
                                                    2:45-3 p.m.         Break

     Southern Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Conference


Southern Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Conference

                                                   insurance designations of Associate in Risk
FRED BERMAN                                        Management (ARM). He has a bachelor’s de-
  Director                                         gree in business administration from Oregon
  Toxicology Information Center                    State University and a bachelor’s degree in
  CROET at OHSU                                    occupational safety and health from Central
  3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Road, L606              Washington University.
  Portland, OR 97239-3098                          Topic:     Behavior Based Safety
Fred is a toxicologist and veterinarian and is                — Monitoring Employee
director of CROET’s toxicology information                    Behaviors for Positive Safety
center. The center a special use resource                     Results
library of toxicology and occupational safety
information for use by scientists and the
public. Fred works in education and outreach       DAVE CHALLBURG
at CROET as a consultant to healthcare profes-
sionals, government agencies, and the general        Loss Control Consultant
public, who have questions about the chemi-          SAIF Corporation
cal and other agents they may be exposed to          20370 Empire Avenue, C8
at work and in the home.                             Bend, OR 97701
Topic:     Chemicals in the                          (541) 383-2211
           Workplace — Turning             
           Mystery Into Management         
                                                   Dave is a loss control consultant for SAIF
                                                   Corporation’s Bend customer service team.
SCOTT BROWN                                        He works with central Oregon businesses to
                                                   eliminate job-related injuries. Dave places a
  Loss Control Consultant                          high value around the concept of zero dam-
  SAIF Corporation                                 age to people. Dave joined SAIF in 1986 as a
  20370 Empire Avenue, C8                          field investigator, transferring to loss control
  Bend, OR 97701                                   in 1988. Prior to joining SAIF, Dave served in
  (541) 382-2134                                   Vietnam with the US Army Infantry in 1968                                  and 1969. He worked for nearly 20 years                                         for a large intrastate railroad where he was
Scott is a loss control consultant for SAIF        responsible for safety and investigation. Dave
Corporation’s Central/Eastern region customer      is a licensed general lines insurance agent. He
service team. He helps Oregon policyhold-          is also an elected member of the American
ers reduce job-related injuries or illnesses by    Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE). Dave has a
tailoring individual risk management strategies    degree in air traffic management from Mt. San
for their businesses. Prior to joining SAIF in     Antonio College.
1993, Scott was a risk management consultant       Topic:     Behavior Based Safety
with St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance for                   — Monitoring Employee
five years. He has earned the professional                     Behaviors for Positive Safety

      Southern Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Conference

CURT CHARLEY                                            CURTIS CRICHTON
  Safety Director                                        Safety Superintendent
  Timber Products                                        Johnny Cat, Inc.
  PO Box 1669                                            PO Box 89
  Medford, OR 97501                                      Jacksonville, OR 97530
  (541) 618-3621                                         (541) 899-4494                 
Curt has been a safety professional and risk        Curt worked in heavy highway construction
manager for more than 18 years. Before his          for more than 25 years, the last seven as safety
safety career, he spent 10 years as a fire de-       manager for two different companies. In the
partment paramedic. He served as the safety         past 30 years Curt witnessed three on-the-job
manager for several prominent northwest             fatalities.
construction companies. In 1999 he started
his own safety consulting and training firm          Topic:      Company Crisis — What
specializing in crisis preparedness and fall                    to do When the Sky
protection. He has handled a number or                          Starts Falling
company crisis situations during his paramedic
career, safety career, and as a volunteer with
the trauma intervention program in Portland.             LISA FREEMAN
He gained experience in fall protection in the
high-rise construction industry and as a pri-            Hazardous Waste Technical
vate consultant. Curt currently serves as safety         Assistant
director for Timber Products Company.                    Department of Environmental Quality
                                                         221 Stewart Avenue, Suite 201
Topic:     Advanced Fall Protection                      Medford, OR 97501
                                                         (541) 776-6010 ext. 239
HANK COLLINS                                   
  Human Services Director                           From 1992 until 2002 Lisa worked for the Or-
  Jackson County                                    egon Military Department in Klamath Falls at
  1005 E. Main Street                               Kingsley Field’s Air National Guard base. She
  Medford, OR 97504                                 managed the hazardous and solid waste pro-
  (541) 774-7801                                    grams which received the Governor’s Award                        for toxic use and hazardous waste reduc-
                                                    tion. Kingsley Field became the first federal
Hank received both his baccalaureate and his        facility to become a charter member of EPA’s
masters in public health from the University        performance track program for environmental
of Tennessee. He worked in various capacities       excellence and received DEQ’s green permit.
at both local and state health departments in       Lisa was appointed to the Klamath county
North Carolina prior to becoming the Jackson        solid waste advisory committee and served
County health and human services director
in 1987.
Topic:     Meth and Southern Oregon
      Southern Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Conference

for five years. She also served on the board         ESTHER GOLDBERG, MS, LPC
of directors for the Keno Water Company and
was the company’s water quality analyst. For          Senior Counselor
the last two years, she has provided hazard-          Asante Counseling Services
ous waste technical assistance to businesses          2630 East Barnett Road
for the Department of Environmental Quality.          Medford, OR 97526
Topic:     Hazardous Waste                            (541) 789-4236
           Management: Avoiding             
                                                    Esther has been a mental health professional
           Costly Mistakes!                         in Jackson, Josephine and Siskiyou Counties
                                                    since 1993, where she has worked in both the
                                                    public and private sectors. She has consider-
LT. TIM GEORGE                                      able experience working in the school system
  Commander, Operations                             with children and families, as well as with
  Support Division                                  adults and couples presenting a broad variety
  Medford Police Department                         of mental health issues. Esther currently
  41 W. 8th Street                                  works as an EAP counselor and trainer for
                                                    Asante Counseling Services and is completing
  Medford, OR 97501                                 her CEAP credential. She is also a licensed
  541-774-2270                                      psychotherapist in private practice in Grants                       Pass and Medford.
Tim has been a police officer in Medford for
more than 29 years. He has a bachelor in            Topic:    Stress Management
criminal justice/criminology from Southern
Oregon Sate College. Tim graduated from the
FBI National Academy, with more than 4,500
hours of training. He currently supervises
investigations including the Gang Street Drug
Unit. At Southern Oregon University, Tim
teaches about the consequences and dangers
of substance abuse to those who violate
university rules/regulations. He is currently a
candidate for Jackson County Sheriff. Tim is
also the host of a monthly local call-in show
where the public can ask questions to police
Topic:     Meth and Southern Oregon

      Southern Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Conference


JOHN GRAHAM                                       been a presenter at the Governors’ Occupa-
                                                  tional Safety & Health Conference (GOSH),
  Senior Consultant                               Snake River Safety and Health Conference,
  Liberty Northwest Insurance                     Central Oregon Occupational Safety & Health
  925 Town Centre Drive, Suite C                  Conference, and Mid-Oregon Construction
  Medford, OR 97504                               Safety Summit. He is an OSHA outreach
  (541) 772-1931 x 228                            trainer for construction. Prior to moving to               Central Oregon, Ken developed and taught                            the construction management safety course
John has been a senior consultant with Liberty    for Portland Community College. Ken had
Northwest Insurance in Medford for the            the honor of receiving the Safety Professional
past 13 years. He started in safety and loss      Award at the Governor’s Occupational Safety
prevention more than 30 years ago working         and Health Conference in March 2003.
in the utility, transportation, construction
and insurance services industries. He brings
                                                  Topic: Accident Investigation and
                                                             Analysis Overview
a full range of experience to help businesses
reduce and eliminate hazards that lead to
worker injuries and occupational disease. His         HEATHER F. GROGAN
interactive workshop provides a common                 Reemployment Consultant
sense approach to accident reduction while             Workers’ Compensation Division;
improving profitability potential.                      Preferred Worker Program
Topics: Safety Committees for                          1840 Barnett Road, Suite C
           Success                                     Medford, OR 97504
                                                       (541) 776-6032 x269
           Hazard Identification              
           and Controls to Reduce            
           Workplace Hazard                       Heather has a bachelor’s degree in psychol-
                                                  ogy, and has been a certified rehabilitation
KEN GREENHILL                                     counselor since 1990. She is a member of the
   Safety and Loss Prevention Consultant          American Society of Safety Engineers. Heather
   Associated General Contractors                 has attended numerous ergonomic training
   PO Box 1858                                    programs. Prior to joining the Preferred
   La Pine, OR 97739                              Worker Program, Heather worked for six years
                                                  as a mediator/arbitrator for the rehabilitation
   541-836-8444                                   review unit of the Oregon Workers Compen-                             sation Division. She has 17 years experience
Ken has worked at various levels in the con-      as a vocational rehabilitation counselor,
struction industry including field production,     assisting injured workers to return to gainful
supervision, and management for more than         employment. For the past four years, Heather
25 years. The last 15 years he has worked in      has worked for the Preferred Worker Program,
construction related safety. He is currently      which provides return-to-work benefits to
a safety and loss prevention consultant with      employers and injured workers. Her area
the Associated General Contractors. Ken has       of expertise is worksite modification. She

      Southern Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Conference

has provided modifications for a variety of             KIRK L. JACOBSON, ARM,
industries. She has extensive knowledge and            ALCM
experience in analyzing job tasks and how
they relate to a worker’s physical limitations.          Regional Human Resources
Topic:     Employer-at-Injury Program/                   Manager
           Preferred Worker Program:                     Timber Products Company
           Exceptional Resources for                     PO Box 1669
           Oregon Employers and                          Medford, OR 97501
                                                       Kirk is the regional human resources manager
                                                       for Timber Products Company in Medford.
CRAIG HAMELUND                                         Prior to that he was a loss-control consultant
                                                       for SAIF Corporation. Kirk began his safety
  Education Specialist                                 career providing loss-control services to agri-
  Oregon OSHA                                          culture employers in Oregon. Prior to joining
  1750 NW Naito Parkway, Suite 112                     SAIF, Kirk was a loss-control consultant for a
  Portland, OR 97209-2533                              multi-line insurance carrier, Royal-Sun Alli-
  (503) 229-5910                                       ance. In addition to a bachelor’s in business                           administration, Kirk has earned an associate’s
Craig graduated in 1993 from Ferris State              degree in risk management and loss control
University in Big Rapids, Michigan, with a             management. He has extensive experience
bachelor’s degree in industrial and environ-           and training in the areas of human resources,
mental health management. Before moving                ergonomics, behavioral safety, safety manage-
to Oregon, Craig was a safety compliance               ment systems, and OSHA regulations. Kirk
officer for South Carolina OSHA. He began               takes great pride in delivering training with
his career with Oregon OSHA in 1995 as a               real-world application.
safety compliance officer in Medford. In 1998,
Craig joined Oregon OSHA’s Public Educa-               Topic:     Effective Safety
tion Section conducting safety and health                         Accountability Systems
workshops and training sessions for Oregon’s                      for Safety Excellence
employers and employees. Craig became
Oregon OSHA’s Internal Training Specialist in
2006 providing safety and health training to
all Oregon OSHA staff.
Topics: Lockout/Tagout: The Most
           Important Safe Workplace
           Practice! Developing an Ef-
           fective Lockout Program Can
           Save Your Life!
           Forklift Safety

      Southern Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Conference

TOM JANNINGS                                           CHRIS KUENZI
   Safety and Health Specialist                         Planning Liaison, Community
   Avista Corp                                          Right-to-Know Services Unit
   1411 East Mission
                                                        Office of State Fire Marshal
   Spokane, WA. 99220
                                                        4760 Portland Road NE
                                                        Salem, OR 97305-1760
                                                        (503) 373-1540 ext. 214
                                                   Chris has worked at the Oregon State Fire
Tom has worked in the gas industry for 35          Marshal office since 2001. Since February
years. His experience includes pipeline and        2004, Chris has worked as a Community
distribution contracting, field technician for a    Right-to-Know planning liaison, providing
liquid natural gas transmission pipeline, gas      hazardous materials planning and response
construction design, gas engineering specialist    training assistance to emergency response
for codes, standards and regulations, district     personnel around the state. Prior to this, Chris
manager for gas operations in Washington           worked as a hazardous materials informa-
and Idaho, gas worker safety, and a certified       tion specialist for the Fire Marshal’s office.
pipeline welding inspector.                        Previously, Chris worked for the Marion Soil
Topic:     Working Safely Around                   and Water Conservation District, providing
           Utilities                               technical assistance to landowners on con-
                                                   servation issues. He also worked for Waterlab
                                                   Corporation as a laboratory technician. Chris
RON JONES                                          graduated from Oregon State University in
                                                   1998 with a bachelor’s in environmental
  Manager                                          science.
  ODOT/Motor Carrier Transportation
  Division                                         Topic:     Everything You Need to
  550 Capitol St. NE                                          Know About Community
  Salem, OR 97301                                             Right-to-Know; Hazardous
  (503) 373-1979                                              Substance Reporting
Ron has 33 years of commercial motor vehicle
safety experience. In his current position
he manages four field offices staffed by
professional commercial motor vehicle safety
investigators. He also manages Oregon’s
commercial motor vehicle/drive roadside
inspection program.
Topic:     Work Vehicles and Safety

      Southern Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Conference


GRAHAM LEWIS                                      He is presently the owner of PAC PRO Safety
                                                  & Health Services which specializes in safety
  Southern Oregon Drug                            and health training services.
  Awareness (SODA)                                Topic:     Safe Excavation: Don’t Dig
  604 S Second Street                                        Your Own Grave!
  Central Point, OR 97502
  (888) 608-7632
Graham served for five years as an Air Force       JIM MCNEIL, BSIM, MSIR
officer in Los Angeles, and then remained
there to earn his master’s in counseling            Safety Risk Manager
psychology from University of Southern              Swanson Group, Inc.
California. He is a licensed Marriage Family        2695 Glendale Valley Road
Counselor. Graham was one of the first to            Glendale, OR 97442
be a certified Employee Assistance Program           (541) 832-1647
professional by National Institute of Alcohol
and Alcohol Abuse in 1976. He is a certified       Jim has managed safety programs for several
as a trainer by the National Institute of Drug    large wood products companies over the
Abuse (1977). Graham was a member of the          past fifteen years. He currently has eleven
development team for supervisor trainings for     safety committees meeting monthly; including
managing behavior problems in the workplace       sawmill, plywood, veneer, trucking, logging
for Worksystems, Inc.                             and administrative divisions. Jim has experi-
Topic:    Meth and                                ence in certification of both the Voluntary
                                                  Protection Program (VPP) and Safety and
          Southern Oregon
                                                  Health Recognition Program (SHARP) pro-
                                                  cesses. He received a bachelor’s in industrial
 HARVEY C. MCGILL, BS                             management from Akron State University
                                                  and a master’s in industrial relations from the
   President                                      University of Oregon.
   PAC PRO Safety & Health Services
   660 NW Bella Vista Drive                       Topic:     Lockout/Tagout: The Most
   Gresham, Oregon 97030                                     Important Safe Workplace
   503-666-6693                                              Practice! Developing an Ef-                                       fective Lockout Program Can
Harvey has presented a wide variety of tech-                 Save Your Life!
nical occupational safety and health training
programs during the past 20 years for numer-
ous public and private organizations. He has
an extensive background in construction and
general industry workplace environments. He
has worked as a safety inspector, safety man-
ager, training manager, and safety consultant.

     Southern Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Conference


DEDE MONTGOMERY, MS,                             a member of the National Safety Council,
CIH                                              American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)
                                                 Cascade Chapter, and American Public Works
  Occupational Health &                          Association. Steve is also past president of the
  Safety Specialist                              local ASSE chapter and currently the safety
  CROET at OHSU                                  coordinator for Lane County Public Works.
  3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Road, L606            For the past 25 years, he has been responsible
  Portland, OR 97239-3098                        for managing a wide variety of safety and
  (503) 494-4090                                 health programs.                              Topic:     Work Vehicles and Safety
Dede is a certified industrial hygienist with                Requirements
twenty years experience developing and
improving workplace safety and health
programs. Dede currently works in educa-             TAMARA NORDIN
tion and outreach at CROET (Center for
Research on Occupational and Environmental           Vice President of
Toxicology) at OHSU. She previously worked           Human Resources
as a consultant providing safety training and        Pacific Retirement Services / Rogue
developing programs on a variety of safety           Valley Manor
and health topics including hazard communi-          1200 Mira Mar
cation, emergency response and HAZWOPER              Medford, OR 97504
and respiratory protection.                          (541) 857-7620
Topic:     Chemicals in the Workplace      
           — Turning Mystery Into          
           Management                            Tamara has been vice-president of human
                                                 resources for both Pacific Retirement Services
                                                 and Rogue Valley Manor for sixteen years.
STEVE NICHOLS                                    She holds a master’s in business manage-
                                                 ment from Southern Oregon College, and is
  Safety Coordinator                             certified as a senior professional in human
  Lane County Public Works                       resources by the Society of Human Resource
  3040 N. Delta Highway                          Management. She is an adjunct instructor for
  Eugene, OR 97408                               Northwest Christian College and Southern
  (541) 682-6904                                 Oregon University where she teaches human                    resource management and organizational
Steve has been involved in the safety and        development courses.
health profession since 1981 in private and      Topic:     Bridging the General
government organizations. He is currently                   Gap — When
                                                            Generations Collide

      Southern Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Conference


RON OVERTON                                               County Traffic Safety Commission, a founding
   President                                              member of ACTS, and was appointed by the
                                                          governor to serve on the traffic safety com-
   Overton Safety Training, Inc.                          mittee that advises the Oregon Department of
   PO Box 6297                                            Transportation Safety Division.
   Aloha OR 97007-0297
   866-531-0403                                           Topic:     Company Crisis - What to Do
   503-531-2595 fax                                                  When the Sky Starts Falling
Ron is a past president and current board                 CARL POTTER
member for the National Association of Crane
and Rigging Professionals (ACRP). Overton
                                                            CEO, Principal Consultant
                                                            Potter and Associates International, Inc.
Safety has done training for Coast Crane,                   6238 S. 89th E. Place
and Star Rentals and Sales in Oregon and                    Tulsa, OK 74133
Washington, and all PapÈ material handling                  (800) 259-6209
locations in six western states. Overton Safety             carl@potterandassociates
has been providing professional operator and      
trainer programs for crane, forklift, aerial lift,        Carl and his firm work with organizations that
loader and rigging professionals since 1991.              want to put safety first on the minds of their
Topic:      Hoisting and Lifting Safety                   employees. His goal is to increase the trust in
                                                          organizations so more individuals will accept
            for Cranes and Rigging
                                                          personal responsibility for their own safety
                                                          as well as the safety of others. Carl spent 17
MARIAN M. OWENS, EMT-P                                    years with Central and Southwest Services,
                                                          a large electric utility. Since 1993, Carl has
   Vice President/Owner                                   worked with hundreds of organizations to
   A&M Transport, Inc.                                    help create a safer workplace. He holds a
   PO Box 310                                             bachelor’s in technical management and is a
   Glendale, OR 97442                                     board certified safety professional and certi-
   (541) 832-2183                                         fied management consultant. His experience
   Fax (541) 832-2096                                     as a frontline leader qualifies him to help
One of Marian’s roles in the family-owned                 supervisors, crew leaders, and foremen accept
business is safety issues, including motor                responsibility for those who report to them.
vehicle crashes and on-the-job injuries. She is
an emergency medical technician-paramedic                 Topics: Keynote: Who is
and has more than 32 years as a volunteer for                        Responsible for Safety?
Glendale Ambulance. Marian has a focus in                            Increasing Supervisor
traffic safety. She is a past member of Douglas                       Effectiveness

      Southern Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Conference


DEB POTTER, PHD                                       WALT ROSTYKUS, MSPH,
   Potter and Associates International, Inc.          CPE, CSP, CIH
   6238 S. 89th E. Place                               Vice President
   Tulsa, OK 74133
   (800) 259-6209
                                                       14055 SW Maverick Court
                                                       Beaverton, OR 97008
                                                       (503) 680-6521
Dr. Deb Potter works with organizations that
want to put safety first in the minds of their
employees. After 27 years in the electric         Walt is vice president and ergonomics engi-
utility business, Deb joined Potter and As-       neer for Humantech. He is a certified safety
sociates International. Through her presenta-     professional, industrial hygienist, and profes-
tions and consulting, she spends her time         sional ergonomist with more than 24 years
bringing frontline organizational experience      of experience with occupational safety in a
to companies that want to improve the align-      wide variety of organizations. Prior to joining
ment of their goals with their organization’s     Humantech, Walt held several leadership
practices and structure. She has authored         positions in environment, health, and safety
numerous research studies in safety culture,      at Agilent Technologies, Hewlett-Packard,
emotional intelligence in the workplace and       and Compaq Computers. Walt received a
organizational design. She is also the editor     bachelor’s from Washington State University
of the Safety Spot News and other safety          and a master’s in public health from the
publications and educational materials. Deb       University of Washington.
completed her PhD at Capella University and       Topic:     Managing Workplace
is continuing her research in organizational                 Ergonomics: Adding Value
assessment to promote safety cultures in high-               Through a Systematic
risk industries.                                             Approach for Risk Reduction
Topic:     Smoke and Mirrors: The
           Truth About Safety                         JIM SHAMES, MD
                                                       Health Officer
                                                       Jackson County Health and Human
                                                       1005 East Main
                                                       Medford, OR 97504
                                                       (541) 774-7885
                                                  Dr. Shames has been a practicing physician
                                                  in Oregon for more than 30 years. He is a
                                                  member of the county’s emergency prepared-
                                                  ness team.
                                                  Topic: Bird Flu and Other Pandemics
      Southern Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Conference


HOWARD W. SHOEMAKER,                                since 1984. OnTrack is a large non-profit sub-
                                                    stance abuse treatment program offering a full
MD                                                  compliment of services including: residential
  Medical Director                                  treatment for pregnant and parenting women
  Asante Work Health                                with their children, custodial father’s and their
  781 Black Oak Drive, Suite 102                    children and adolescent residential; outpatient
  Medford, OR 97504                                 services for youth and adults, family therapy,
                                                    domestic violence reeducation, HIV support,
  (541) 789-4236
                                                    affordable drug and alcohol free housing.
Dr. Shoemaker is a 28-year veteran of oc-
cupational medicine starting his career in the      Topic:     Meth and Southern Oregon
corporate world as a medical director for US
West. He then went to hospital based oc-
cupational clinics in Colorado and Idaho. He        ANDREA WOODS, MS, LMFT
received his medical degree at the University
of Miami School of Medicine. His residency            EAP Manager
training in occupational medicine was                 Asante Counseling Services
completed at the University of California, San        2630 East Barnett Road
Francisco. He also holds a Master’s in health         Medford, OR 97504
sciences from the University of Colorado, and         (541) 608-4238
is currently is medical director of Asante Work
Health.                                             Andrea is a mental health professional who
                                                    has provided services in mental health,
Topic: Meth and Southern Oregon                     substance abuse, dual diagnosis, and EAP,
                                                    since 1985. She has help many positions in
                                                    her career, including therapist, supervisor,
RITA SULLIVAN, PHD                                  manager, consultant, educator, and clinical
  Director                                          director. Andrea has worked with diverse
  OnTrack                                           issues in clinic, school, university, hospital,
  220 W Main Street                                 and private-practice settings. She holds MFT
  Medford, OR 97501                                 licenses in California and Oregon and is
  (541) 772-1777                                    completing her CEAP credential.
Dr. Sullivan earned a doctorate in clinical psy-    Andrea manages Asante Counseling Services
chology in 1985 and is an Oregon licensed           and Employee Assistance Program in both
psychologist, licensed marriage and family          Jackson and Josephine counties. At Asante,
therapist, certified addictions counselor, and       Andrea conducts psychotherapy, supervises
holds a certificate of proficiency from the           staff, provided administrative management
American Psychological Association in the           of the program, and is the lead trainer and
treatment of alcohol and other substance use        consultant to more than 35 client companies.
disorders. Dr. Sullivan has been with OnTrack,      Topic:     Company Crisis — What
Inc. since 1979 and has directed the agency                    to do When the Sky
                                                               Starts Falling

      Southern Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Conference

DAVE WRIGHT                                             MARC ZURCHER
  Regional Manager for Oregon/                         Line Foreman
  SW Washington                                        Pacific Power
                                                       925 South Grape Street
  Dale Carnegie Training
                                                       Medford, OR 97501
  9900 SW Greenburg Road, Suite 150
                                                       541-840-9870 (cell)
  Portland, OR 97223
  (503) 968-7711
                                                    Marc has worked for more than 30 years as a
                                                    field operations employee for Pacific Power.                           His responsibilities are for building and main-
Dave’s studies in business management, and          taining overhead and underground power
his background in sales, led him directly to        lines with voltages ranging from 120 volts to
the Dale Carnegie® organization where he            500,000 volts. Marc has 22 years’ experience
has continued to lead individuals and groups        instructing the public on safe behavior around
to success for more than 20 years. During his       electricity. In 1983, he realized that his two
time with Dale Carnegie®, Dave has received         young boys knew little about electric safety
ongoing international recognition for personal      so he set about teaching them. This led to
sales production and team sales production          teaching elementary school students, fire and
and is one of the top rated trainers nationally.    police departments, ambulance crews and
Dave is certified in numerous Dale Carnegie®         state and federal forest fire crews.
Courses and has conducted over 2,500 ses-
sions. Dave has delivered in-house training         Topic:     Working Safely Around
to both the employees and management of                        Utilities
various companies.
Topic:     How to Replace
           Workplace Negativity
           with Enthusiasm

      Southern Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Conference

Planning Committee

Phil Beavers                             Mary Hoskins
Oregon OSHA                              SAIF

Robert Calkins                           Lisa Jacobson
City of Medford                          City County Insurance

Tim Capley                               Carl Lukens
Oregon OSHA                              Asante

Maggie Carrico                           Danna Kell
Liberty Northwest                        Asante/Smullin Center

Curt Charley                             Joan Majeski
Timber Products                          Providence

Karen Chase                              Chuck McFarland
Oregon OSHA                              Oregon OSHA

Nancy Clay                               Jim McNeil
Oregon OSHA                              Swanson Group

Curt Crichton                            Debbie McQueen
Johnny Cat                               Asante

Linden Crouch                            Pamela Nickeson
Concentra Integrated Services            FV Martin Trucking

Debbie Dill                              Laurie Phillips
SAIF Corporation                         Liberty Northwest

Connie Gibbs                             Brenda Potwin
CertainTeed Corporation                  BOC Edwards

Heather Grogan                           Jeff Smith
Preferred Worker Program, Workers        Adroit Construction
Comp Division
                                         Deb Wilson
Dan Hayes                                Medford Water Commission

Chris Hill
SAIF Corporation

   Southern Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Conference

Southern Oregon Occupational
 Safety & Health Conference
PO Box 5640 • Salem, OR 97304-0640

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