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									Dear Family, Friends and Neighbors,

       I hope this letter finds you in good health and with much happiness! Every
day I realize how essential it is to be surrounded by people who are important to
me. You are one of those people!

       Did you know that three million women are living with breast cancer -- and
one third of them don’t even know it? Even more startling, breast cancer kills
approximately one woman every 13 minutes, robbing us of our mothers and
grandmothers, our sisters, and our best friends. No one knows what causes breast
cancer or how it can be prevented and there is currently no known cure.
Survival for men with breast cancer is similar to survival for women, when their
stage of diagnosis is the same.

       Men at any age may develop breast cancer, but it is usually found in men
between 60 and 70 years of age. Male breast cancer makes up less than 1% of all
cases of breast cancer. Also, men’s breast cancer is sometimes caused by
inherited gene mutations, and a family history of breast cancer can increase a
man’s risk.

       Knowing these statistics and since cancer has unfortunately touched my
family, I feel even more compelled to do something to bring us one step closer to
finding a cure. This October 16th and 17th, I will join thousands of others in the New
York City area to walk about 40 miles in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

        As part of this commitment, I have agreed to raise at least $1,800 for the
Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Crusade but I hope to reach my personal goal of
$3,000. Since 1992, the Crusade has raised and awarded more than $525 million
for the cause. That money is used for medical research, clinical care, support
services, education and early detection programs. While researchers have made
significant progress in the last few years, there’s still more that needs to be done.

        I know that the journey I’m about to take doesn’t begin to compare with the
challenges that cancer patients and their families endure. So, for each step I take
and for every time I think I can’t possibly go any farther, I’ll be humbled…
recognizing the small sacrifice I’m taking on behalf of millions of women
everywhere. I’ll think of those who have lost the battle and of those who fight
fearlessly everyday. Victory for me will be crossing the finish line and surpassing
my fundraising goal, and I hope you’ll be a part of it. Please take this opportunity to
honor the women you love by donating to the cause. Give whatever you can. I am
willing to walk the walk, but I need your financial support to make that happen.
Every dollar helps!

      I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your support and
encouragement in this big undertaking. When I hit the road, I’ll know that you were
a special part of my journey and of the journey of so many others along the way.
      If you would like further information on the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer,
please visit


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